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Full text of "Testamenta eboracensia; or, Wills registered at York, illustrative of the history, manners, language, statistics, &c., of the province of York, from the year 1300 downwards"

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VOL. V. 

^ttblb^eb for iljt Somtg 



At a General Meeting of the Surtees Society, held in Durham 
Castle on Tuesday, June 5th, 1888, Mr. Booth in the chair — 
it was 

Resolvbd, That a fifth volume of York Wills should be edited for 
the Society by the Secretary. 

James Baine, 



Afteb an interval of nineteen years, the Surtees Society 
issues a fifth volume of Wills and Inventories from the 
Eegistry at York. Four of these have been prepared 
by the Editor. There is ample room for others, and it 
is to be hoped that the series will be continued. No 
pubhcations of the Society create a greater interest, and 
none are so widely and carefully studied. 

In these five volumes more than a thousand Wills 
and Inventories have been printed, either in their en- 
tirety or to a very considerable extent. In the opinion 
of some, a large portion of each Will ought to be pub- 
lished. The resources of the Surtees Society are quite 
unable to satisfy this demand. Few persons have any 
idea of the vast number of Wills preserved at York, 
and it has been thought best to give a selection from 
these documents, which it would be impossible for any 
Society to print in eatenso. 

In addition to the Wills and Inventories printed by 
the Society, the Editor has made extracts from some 
thousands of similar documents from the same reposi- 
tory, containing matter which is more or less deserving 
of consideration. All matters of local or gentilitial 
history, all things illustrative of learning, religion. 



architecture, and commerce, have been carefully ex- 
tracted, together with all the curious words which 
throw so much light upon the old Northern English. 
It may be thought desirable to publish these notes on 
some future occasion. They are well worthy of being 
brought out in this way. 

A printed index of the Wills at York would be a 
great boon to literary enquirers, and of much service 
to the officers of the Registry. It is to be hoped that 
some means may be discovered of carrying at least a 
portion of this scheme into effect. 

The Editor begs to thank his old friend, Mr. Hud- 
son, for his kindness, as in by-past years. The mantle 
of Registrar, so long and worthily worn by Mr. Egerton 
Harcourt, has very properly been placed upon Mr. 
Hudson's shoulders. May he long wear it 1 

J. Raine. 



[Beg. Te«t. viii. 11-12.] 

May 1 9, 1 509. Elisabeth Haitfeld * de Hedon, vidua. Sep. in 
cboro eecl. par. de Skeclyng juzta Stephanum Haitfeld, maritum 
memn, nuper ibidem sepultum. Stepbano Potter capellano^ 
ut oret pro anima mea & animabus maritorum, iij s. iiij d. 
Stepbano, Willelmo, et Thorn© Haitfeld, generosis, (cuilibet) 
yj 8. viij d. Matildsd Constable, filiolss mese, j par de weshyng 
toweles de diaper. MatildsB Constable de Thometon abbay j 
federbed. Sorori meae Helenorse Foster, suppriorissae de Non- 
appleton, yj s. viij d. Q-errardo Welles, meo proprio cajiellano, 
xlj li. accipiendas de mea lamina vocata silver^latey ut celebret 
pro me, etc., in eecl. de Skeclyng pro xj annis. Fratribus 
GarmeL de Hull j calicem arg. post dicti xj anni sint celebrati 
et expirati, et boo tempore remanebit cum capellano meo qui 
pro tempore erit. Ymagini B. M. in eadem domo j par precu- 

* The widow of Stephen Hatfield, esoheator of Holdemess, who died in 1492. 

Die JoviB p. 1 Assump. B. M. 30th Hen. VL Robert Haitfeld, of HatefeUl, 
esq. Sep. in cap. S. Elenae de Haitfeld. Stephano et Thomas fiUis meis tres 
togas, viz. onam de scarlett fnrratam cum martes, aliam de blake of lyere 
fnrratam com martes^et tertiam blodii coloris fnrratam com cropes del martes. 
Bern, to Matilda my wife and John mjr son. My brother Stephen sapervidor. 
[Pr. Feb. 1.] (Reg. Test. ii. 240 b.) 

1492, June 18. Stephen Hatefeld, par. Skeklyng, armiger. Dan. Margaret, 
24Z. Cousin Joan, ad maritagiom, 4/. Res. to wife Eliz. — She ex*. Nepos 
The. Gower supervisor. [Pr. 4th July.] (Reg. Test. v. 412.] 

1505, Dec. 3. Antonius Hatfeld de Withomewike, gen. Sep. in choro eecl. 
B. Albani Martyris de W, Fabrioas eecl. S. Blenaa de Hatefeld j qu. f ruraenti 
etc. Stephen, Wm. and Thos. H. Res. to wife. She ex*, and Mr. John H. 
supervisor. (Reg. Test. Capit. il. 54 a ) 

1619, Nov. 17. Adm. Margaret H. of Sigglesthome to Anne, w. of Ralph 
Ckmatable of Catfoss. (Reg. Test. ix. 150 a.) 

1620, Nov. 30. Adm. Tho. U. of Drypool, gen., to Dor. H., his widow. (Id. 
143 a.) 

VOL, V. B 


larium arg, cum j cruce superpendente. Elisabet Gudeknape 
de Hull j broch auri. Johanuse Menvel, filiae sororis mese, j 
federbed, etc. Elisabeth Lyd5erde, filiae Robert! Lyd5erde de 
Anle3by gen. et filiolse mese, j federbed. Willelmo Constable, 
filio Marmaducis Constable militis, half a dozen qwyasynges 
colons blodii. Exec, prsedicti Willelmus Constable et Robertus 
Lydyerd de Anlesby. Johannes Haitfeld de Magna Haitfeld 
anniger supervisor. 

Praedicto Johanni Haitfeld arm. et uzori susb ad opus 
Agnetis Haitfeld, filiae suae jun., xl s. Elisabeth Lydserd, 
famulas Thomae Grymston arm. quondam famulae meae, pro ser- 
vicio suo, iij s. iiij d. Uxori Thomae Haitfeld generosi j feder- 
bed. Matildas Constable, uxori Willelmi Constable arm. et 
filiae Johannis Haitfeld arm., j zonam arg. et deaur. optimam, 
colons nigrL Eccl. par. meae j area-bed^ ea intentione quod 
quolibet anno die obitus mei cooperuerit super sepulcnim 
meum et mariti mei, et ad omamentum sepulcri Domini tem- 
pore Paschali et Sacramenti, dum valet et durabit.* 

[Pr. 6 June, 1609.] 

[Beg. Test. yiii. 14 a.] 

May 13, 1509. John Alayn, of Osset. My saule to God 
Almightie, our Lady Sent Mary, & all ye fair feliship of hevyn. 
My l^st gud to be my mortuary. It is my wyll that my wyff 
be content with her fefinent & her third parte of all my 
boght landes. It is my wyll that John my son abyde styll 
upon my feder's hows with my fader ; and it is my wyll that 
William my broder be ther husband, & that thei do well to 
him for his labmr. It is my will that my fader & John my 
son gif to Alison my doghter xx** nowbuls unto her mariage, 
and that she be with my suster Alyson, for she will teche hir 
sume gude. It is my will y* Robert my broder have at har- 
vest half a quarter rye. Also it is my will y* Elisabeth my 
suster be well seen to amanges youe. Also, fader, if ye have 
any trowbuU for my boght land, go to M. Sottell, & pray 
hym to be gud m. to my son and youe, and lett hym have ye 
ferme of Hammond iij yere. And, father, if my wif be with 
an other childe, ye must mende her sumwhate. And all other 
thynges I leve with Grod & youe, as my trist is in youe. 
The residue of all my gudes shal be at ye disposicion of John 

* This use of ornamented beds was common in Hull and its neighbourhood. 


my son, father, by your oversyght : and John my son shal be 
myn executor; and for Gode's sake, rule all wisely as I have 
done, & 3e shall have moch menske * thereof* 


[Beg. Bennet, at Somerset House.] 

May 14, 1502. Dame Elizabeth Graystocke,! widowe, late 
the wyfe of Sir John Vavasour knyght. To be buried in the 
chapeU of our Lady, in the north side of the same chapell, as 
nygh unto the ymage of our Lady as conveniently may be, in 
the church and monastery of Sainte Elyne w^in Bisshoppesgate in 
London. To the high auter in the parisshe churche of St. 
Elyn, where nowe I am parisshener, xxs. A preest to say 
daily Masse, in our Lady chappell for x yeres for my soule, 
betwene our Lady Masse & the High Masse, &, after he hath 
saide Masse, to say a commemoracion of our Lady & of 
Requiem w* De profundis, for my soule, my fathir & mothir 
soules & all 'Christen soules. I bequeth my silver bacyn & 
ewer to the Priores and Covent of Sainte Elyn, & they to doo 
Dirige & Masse of Requiem ons every yere for my soule for 
X yeres ; & aftre the said x yeres, they to saye for me a lowe 
Dvrige and a lowe Mdsae of Requiem for ever, I bequeth 
my tablet of golde to our I^y of Lincoln, & duringe the x 
yeres to have for Dirige & Masse iiij d. I bequeth my 
pece & cover of silver & gilte with okyn levys & xl s. to 
the Priour & Covent of Thomhara, to pray specially for my 
soule. To their high awter vj s. viij d. To the abbey of 
Kyme xl s., to th'entent that they pray specially for my soule 
& my fether & mother soules, whose bonys resteth there w* 
theyin. To my brother, Bobert Tailboys, iiij mark. To my 
suster Ma'wde Turwit my cheyne & crosse of gold. To my 
cosyn Agnes hir doughter my colour of golde & xx mark to 
hir manage. To Anne Constable, to hir manage, xx mark. 
To Sir John Aston my pece w* the cover silver & gilte havinge 
in the bottom a shelde enamelled w* iij owles. To Kateryn 
Hawte X mark. My housholde stuflfe to be solde, & the money 
& the residue of my good to be dispoased for my soule & all 
Cliristen soules in doynge of Masses, acquitinge of pouer pri- 
soners oute of prison, relevinge of ympotent people, blynde, 

♦ i^., hoDoor, or credit. 

t A daughter of Sir Bobert Talboys of Kyme and widow of Sir John Vava- 
sour, Justice of theC. P., whose will is printed in Test. Ebcr. iv. 89. 

B 2 


and lame, & in other dedes of mercye & charitie. Ex**. Sir 
John Aston, preest, Kateryn Hawte, & (blk.\ & Maister Priour 
of Thomeolm supervisour. 

[Pr. 16 July, 1609.] 

[Reg. Test. Dec. & Gapit. Ebor. ii. 82.] 

July 6, 1509. Alison Clark of the Citie of York, wedow. 
My bodie to be buried wHn the cathedral church of Sainct 
Petur of York befor the ymage of our Blissed Lady, betwix 
Sainct William tombe and Haxay gray, als nere my husband, 
William Clark, as may be conveniently. I wooU that the 
seggerstons have for a solempne peill reyngynge acoreding to 
the discrecion of my executours. — ^To the parich church of 
More Munkton xzvj s. viij d. to by a chalys w^, and a fyne cur- 
chiflF for a corprax, yj yeredes lyne choth of iiij d. the yerd for 
oon albe, and a vestiment, the price of xiij s. iiij d. ... To 
Margaret, my doghtor, a pare of beddes of corall of cxxxxx w* 
gawdys of silver and gilted, a fore basyn of mystiltyne, a stand- 
ing peice of silver di. gilt w* a coverynge, a silver salt w* a 
coveryng, and my grett masour. To my newoy, Sir Thomas 
Pilley,* to his exhibucion, fyve marc. To my son Hugh a pece 
that M. Guye Willistrope laid me in pleige. I wit to Sir John, 
my prest, y* singes for me, iiij yerdes cloth to a gown. To 
Sir Thomas Pilley iiij yerdes of violet to be hym a gowne, y* 
is in my hous. To Mr. William Wright the younger my whit 
nut w* the coveryng. I wit to Wheldrak kirk a cowe price 
viij s. I wit my best beddes of corall w* silver gawdies ^ted 
to Corpus Cristi sheren to be an onowrment yerunto ; and I 
giff the bruche of gold at the same beddes to Sainct William 
hed. Also I wit an old noble to be disposed abowt the onowr- 
mentes of the holy man, Buschop Scrope. I wit to a preist to 
syng for my soull, my husbandes' and my childers' souUys, for 
a yere sold, vij marc To everie closter of the iiij orders of 
Freers v s. And I will thay come w* thar crosses to my buriall 
before me. I will have on obbit in the cathedrall church of 
York for my soull, for the soullis of William Clark, William 
Doddington,t Alison that was his wiff before me, and for the 

* He was a priest at Rotherham. 

t 1 Apr. 1492. Willelmus Dodyngton, naper apparator domini Arohiepiscopi 
Bbor. Sep. in ecd. S. Mich, de Berefrido prope sepalcram Alicise nnper uxoris 
mea. Quataor Ordinibus Fratram Mendicantiam dv. Ebor. duas petras casei ; 


saullis of Herry Potter and my childer and his. Also I will 
have my Derege in my house, and yerto be had comfettes, 
sugir plattes, and suckittes, and I will my nebours frome Stane- 
gait ende to Bothome bar be at my Derige and at dener ; and 
at Mr* Perot be at the same dener ; and at tharbe skallapis of 
mayne breid, and at the poore be well and honestly served as 
the richar to the valour of x s* ; and at xx s. worth of fiirding 
breid be delt to poore pepell. Also I will have my obet Maee 
solemplely songe and at yt y^ Maae be of the gloriouse Assump 
cion of our Ladie. And I wit to evere prest being at my said 
Jdasae and Derige iiij d* and to evere clark in surples ij d., and 
to the parich clark and onder clark y' full wages. Also I will 
have the day of my buriall a trentall of Masses wHn my parich 
church, if preistes may be gottyn theder, and els in other plaisses 
wher it may best be done. Also I will that yer be a hoU brew- 
ing of ale yeiven to my customers after the quantitie of thar 
tonnyng in a woke. To the personage a standing peice of ye 
valour of xl s. I wit to Sir Bichard mownk of Mowntgraice oon 
of the best of the iij alter clothes. To our Ladie gild vj s. viij d. 
To Sainct Nicholas and Sainct Kateryn gildes vj s. viij d. Also 
I woll that a peice be delivered to Sainct Leonard y* is in 
pleige for xx s. and thay for to syng for my souU Masse and 
Derige. I wit vj s. viij d. to help to pave the cawse be side 
Sainct Antony's in the HorsfEire. To Margaret, my dowghter, 
my brewin wessell. To Sir Robert Stoxley a ringe of gold. 
To Sir Thomas Pilley my wedding ringe and a overse bed. To 
Sainct Antoin iij s. iiij d. And to the Mowntgraice, to the 
beilding of a glasse window, x s. To Sir John, my chapleyn, 
a bed to lie in. Also I will have a thorgh ston of marbill to 
be laid uppon my grave and als nere as it may be to my hus- 
band, William Clark, grave, and it to have his name and myne 
set in it grawyn in metalL 

Mr. William Wright,* yonger, notarie, my son Hugh Hulley, 
and Sir Thomas Pilley, my newoy, executours. 

[Pr. 7 Aug. 1509.] 

ct domibns Leprosoram in snburbiis Ebor. Jobanni Robinson unom Primariom. 
Bes. Aliciae nzori mess. (Beg. Test. Dec. ic Cap. ii. 11.) 

* William Wrigbt of Torke, tbe elder, notarie. To be buried in our lAdjr 
where of Belfray as neighe mywiffe__tumbe_as may be. To Mr of Corpus 
Chri^ti gild xij d., and tO eveiyoh of the kepers vj d. if so be that thay come 
to my buriall Messe. I wit my Pascall caundall to the kepers of our Lady 
light according to a draught in pauper drawen of lait of my awn hand. I wit 
Nane to good Mr Metcalf and his wiff & ten marc' 1 wit to hir,and I will thay 
have it & frely I gyve hit to thame. To Mr John Metcalf a gold ring plegid 
to me for ziij s. iiij d. To Emy on hart of gold of xx s. price or nigh. To my 
cosyn Mauld Metcalf a pare of corall beides. To my oosyn Sir Edmund Met- 
calf the best booke that I have at his chesing : and the best booke next to my 


[Reg. Test. viii. 176.] 

July 23, 1509. Alison Sothill* of parish of Dewsbmye. 
First, gif my saule to God Almyghtye, our Lady Saynt Mary, & 
all the feir compauye of hevyn, & my body to be buried in the 
kirk or the kirke yerd, & my best whik goode to be my 
mortuarie. To my son Thomas a gold ryng that hath Jhesus 
graven in hyt, & an other ryng with a diamond in hit, & a long 
chist of cipresse tre, & a cupeburde that standes by hytt in my 
parlor. To my doghter-in-lawe Margery his wiflF an other 
cubbord. To my god-doghter, Elisabeth Sothill, a broch oi 
gold and my litill girdill. To my sonn-in-lawe William Amyas 
a lityU goblett of silver with a coveryng, ij of my best sylver 
spones, a ryng of gold havyng Sent John Baptist graven in hit. 
To my sonn. Sir Henry Sothill, ij of my best silver spones. 
To my son Robert Sothill f ij silver spones. I will that every on 
of my sonnes-in-lawe, Peter Barston, Johii Beamond, Thomas 
Sey veil, have ichon of theme a sylver spone to pray for me. 
To my doghter, Jenet Trigott, an Englishe boke of oure Lady 
& Sent Barnard. To my doghter, Elizabeth Amyas, a gilted 
gyrdyll that hath a cheyne at hit. To my doghter Margarete 
Barston my brodest gilted girdill. My doghter Alise Beamond 
to have my third blake gowne. To my doghter Efikme Seyvell 

cosyn Martyn, To Janet Metcalf zij d. & to Barbera, bir mother beides an<l 
the secund belt that was laid in plege be Thikpennj to me. To John Wright 
my land at Skipwith — rem. to Edward my sone. To John my sone my land 
at Bqshopthorp, k Edward to have tharin a competent Ivging both at Skip- 
with & Bnshopthorp. I charge my ex", as thay will answer afore €K>d, that 
tliay suffer all such powr folke as awe to me come and money. [Pr. 10 Jan. 
1522-3] (Reg. D. & C, ii, 135,) 

♦ This is the widow of John Sothill of Dewsbuiy, who died in 1600. (Test. 
Ebor. iv. 168.) 

t This is, I conjecture, Robert Sothill of Haslewood, lawyer, whose Will 
was proved at York on June 22nd, 1526. " I make my wife, Wm Babthorp 
gen., & Thos Sotehill gen. ex". My body to be beried in Tempill churche 
emonge my fellowys there. Where my wif is nowe with childe, if it be a son, 
to have xl 11. : if a doughtour, xl markes, proviso that if she marye agayne, or 
refuse this saide Will, that then she be expulsed of this saide Will & the 
exempsion therof, & every of my saide daughtours to have xl markes. The 
said William Babthorpe to have all my bookes, my sattan dublett & a layer 
of silver. To the said Thomas my best geldyng. To Richard Palmes my 
gowne lyned with chamlett. To Edmund, the pothecary his man, my olde 
furryd gowne. Sir Wm Myddilton. Sir Wm Myddilton knt supervisor. 
Witness George Candishe, Richard Pollard & Ric. Palmes gentilmen & Wm 
Babthorpe." (Reg. Test. ix. 342.) 

George Candishe must, be George Cavendish the gentleman- usher and bio- 
grapher of Cardinal Wolsoy. 


my best violet gowne. My doghter Dame Kateryn Sothyll to 
have a chafer that belonges to my parlom*. I ^nll that those 
wymen that shall wynde me have every on of theyme viij d. 
wether thei be ij or iij. Also I will that every on of those iiij 
men that shall beyre me to the kirke have iiij d. I make 
Thomas Sothill, William Amyas my son-in-lawe, & Sir Henre 
Sothill my son, the vicar of Birton, myne ex". I will that 
Peter Barston have my termys in the tyth of Dewsburye I 
will that peny dole be dalt the day of my beriall, & a trentall 
of Messes to be saide the same daie, and a dyner for gentilmen 
and prestes ; & the residue of my godes unbequest to have a 
prest to syng for mee as fare as it will stretche. For the 
tythinges that I have forgotten, xx d, 

[Pr. 21 Aug, 1609, adnu to ex".] 

[Reg. Test, viii 186.] 

August 20, 1609. William Barton of the citie of Yorke. 
To be beryed in the kirke namyd Crisechurch, nere unto the 
holy water fett, as it may best be. To the hye awter one awter- 
cloth of viij d. a yerde, with on wasshyng towell. To Mr Wil- 
liam Wright, my broder in law, on stott. To Thomas Abnay 
& hys wif one pakkyng of white, & my bow & arrowes, 
with on dagar which he gaf me. To William Jameson on 
of my swerdes that he will chose. To Bichard Fosgrave, my 
feloy, on bag of blue tuke. To the rode lyght ij s. iiij d. to 
make up xiij s. iiij d. of the xj s. that remaynys in my handes 
of the stok of the saide rode lyght. To the boy that I fynd of 
almos for Grod sake xiij s. iiij d. with on competent reyment, to 
be put to a crafte, if he will go therto. To lytyll Byly Malson a 
cote & a peire of showne. The residue to Agnes my wiflF. 

[Pr. 80 Aug.] 

[Reg. Teat. Till. 63.] 

Oct. 27, 1509. Humfray Maners* of Yorke, gentilman. 
To be buried in the Mynster afor the ymage of Seint Gregory 

* I cannot conneot this g^tleman with the baronial house of Manners, to 
which he was probably allied. There are some notices of other persons in 
York with the same surname in the Register of the York Corpus Christi 


of Pytye, if it may be hadde, paing therfor vj s. viij d. I be- 
qnieth v li. wax to be made in v feergies to brynne about my 
herse the day of my buriall, to be bom with my body unto the 
Mynster dore, & then iij of theym to go w* the curate of my 
parish chirch there to remayn, & the oder ij to remayn still in 
the Mynster. I will that the maister of Corpus Chiisti gilde 
& kepars of the same be at my buriall, & the maister to have 
vj d. & every kepar iiij d. To Sibill my wiflF a standing pece 
covered dymy gilt, and oon coverd salt of silver demy gilt of 
my porcion ; &, if she spare the pece unsold, I will that John 
my Sonne have hit after hir decesse. To Janet my doghter 
XX s. & XX marc according to her fader's (sic) Will. To John, 
my Sonne, a pece which I had of Thomas P^elton of Hull in 
partie of payment of certeyn dett : and, if he borow the said 
pece, then I will that John my sonne have my best coverd salt 
of silver, or els the money that it lyyth fore of my porcion. 
To Thomas Maners, my broder, my best gown next my mor- 
tuary. To Agnes, my sister, a gown, or els yj s. viij d. To 
John, my sonne, ij ringes of golde, that is to say a hoope price 
xlvj s. viij d., and anoder with a saphire ; and all my hames. 
The residew to Sibill my wiflf & John my sonne, whome I 
make my executours, & Mr. William Nelson alderman & 
William Tesh supervisours. 

[Pr, 14 Feb, 1510-11, adm, to ex«.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 276.] 

Nov. 14, 1509. Henry Vavasour oflf Hessellwode, esqwyer.* 
To be buriede in the chappell of Hessellwode nye the tombe oflf 
my wifife, whos soull God assolle : and iff it happen me to de- 
cesse in Lincolnshier, then I will my body be buriede in the 
abbay off Louthe parke, afore an s^mage of our Lady, wher iiij 
prestes be syngyng, and foundede by myn auncestres, that I, 
my wiffe and my childeren may be praede for for ever. To 
Sajrnt Peter warke at Yorke vs. I will that thare be a m* 
Messez saide for my soull and my wiffe souUe, as shortly as may 
be after my decesse. I will that ther be xx li. of money des- 
tribute to poore pepull the day of my beryall, and that there 
be xiij gownes of blake clothe gyven to xiij pore men to pray 
for my soull the same day. I will that ther shalbe a thrugh 

♦ A «on of Sir Henry Vavasour of Haslewood, whose will has been already 
given. He married Elizabeth dau. Sir John Everingham of Birkin. 

Mr. Vavasour died on the dlst of October, 1515, leaving John Vavasour, Esq., 
his Bon and heir, aet. 21. 


stone oflF marbell, of the price of iiij markes, laide uppon the 
tombe of my wiffe. I will that the chappelle of AUhallowes 
in Estbume be beylded with my goodes by myne executors, of 
viij postes, conveniently with a chambre in the ende, and that 
all the leede and stuffe tharoff goo towarde the beldyng of the 
same. I will that all my servantes, the whiche abide w^ me at 
the tyme off my decesse, shall have all ther wages that I aught 
theym ; and, over that, every yoman to have vj s* viij d., and 
every ploughman v s., to pray for my saulle. And iff it happen 
me to be in dett to any persone or person3 at the day of my 
decesse, than I will that my feoffe3 shall suffer myn executors 
to have off th'issu3 of my lands as myche monney as shall con- 
tent all my saide dettes which cane be dewly and trewly 
provede that I ought tx) any man. To ychone of my executors 
fyve marcs. The residew to be devydede emonges my children 
by the discrecion of myn executors. I make William Farfeut, 
swyer, sergant at the lawe, William Scergill knyght, John 
Gylliott knyght, Thomas Everyngham sone off Jhon Everyng- 
ham knyght, George Evers, Thomas Farefax of Walton squier, 
James Roos of Dyghton esqwier, Christofer Preston squier, 
Bryane Stapylton off Wighall squier, Johne Lake, Henry But- 
teler, Sir William Byngley preste, and William Warde to be 
myn executors ; & William Gascoign squier, son of Sir William 
Oascoyng knyght, surveyor. 

[Pr. 28 Feb. 1515-16, adm. to William ScargiU and Thos. Fairfax kts., Chr. 
Preston esq. Qeo. Even not. pabl. Hen. Buttler and Wm. Bynglej, exn.] 

[Beg. Test. viU. 88 a.] 

Dec. 10, 1 509. Marmaduke Thenge ♦ of Rotesse. To be 
buryed in the parish chirch of Hooton. To the werke of the 
seid chirch, for reparyng and making of new stalles theryn, 
xxyj 8. viij. I wit to the seid chirch warke for iij seargies of 
a li. a pece for to bum for ever w4n the seid chirch upon the 
hooly daies in service tyme xxvj s. viij d.; oon afore the crucifix ; 
oon afore our Lady of pytie ; and the oder afore Seint Andrew. 
To the Trinite gilde iiij quarters malte. I wite for oon canopie 
to the high aulter iij s. iiij d. For wax to be brynde at my 
buryall xviij d. I wit v yerdes of lyn cloth for ij aulter-clothes 
in the chapell at Bottese. To the same chapell, for a Messe- 
buke and oder omamentes, xl s. To a preist to sing for my 

* The Thwengs have left very few memorials of themselves in the York 


sonle by oon hole yere in the seid chirch & ij daies in the woke 
in the chapell at Eotese, iiij IL To Elsabeth Thwynge a silver 
spoon. To Sir William Thwynge, my sonne, oon yong gray 
hors stoned. To Bichard, my soone, oon horse-myin, the helme 
tymber, my male-hemes, my best salet, oon bille. To the 
Priour of Crissebrugh on he swan. To Bichard, my son, a pare 
of swanes. To Sir Bobert Cunstable knyght a pair of swanes* 
To Sir Marmaduke Constable knyght oon he swan. To Alison 
my doghter iij silver spoones. To Bichard, my son, a pair of 
corall bedes, my best bonet wt a rose of silver. My clooke w* 
ringges to Bichard Sampson. To litle Elsabeth my sleveles 
jacket. To my sister Matilde iij s. iiij d. To Alison my suster 
a crucifix of silver. To Issebell my suster a silver ryng. To 
Elsabeth my suster a kurchif. The residue, soothly, to Bar- 
tholomewe my son & Diones my doghter. They ex". 

[Pr. 19 Apr. 1610.] 

[R^. Test. viiL 59 a.] 

Dec. 14, 1609. I John Watton* makes my witworde in 
this maner. First, I wit my soul to Almyghtie Grod, our Lady 
Seint Mary, and all the company of hevyn ; my body to be 
buried in the chapell of Terryngton befor Kyng Kerry. I wit 
my best goode to my corse presand. I gif to Lanslay, my son, 
all my arament for my body, except divers close which I will 
gif w* myne oune hande. I wit to the seid Lannslot a kist 
w* all buckes and thinges therin, and his hole childe parte 
w*out enny trouble. To Agnes, my wiff, yj silver spoones for 
terme of hir liff, and, after hir decesse, to Lannslot and Jenet 
Bekwith. I wit x s. for Seint Gregory trentall to be said for 
me : also vij Messes of Seint Gilles and v of the Hooly Goost. 
I wit for forgetten tithes xij d. Also I will that a herse be set 
upon me and a sergh to be lighted everey Sonday for the space 
of vij yere. To the chapell that I lye in xx d. To the covering 
of the font xx d. To Boger Bekwith a gown cloth price vj s. 
viij d. To Jenet Bekwith my part of the good. I make Agnes 
my wiff and Lannslay my son to be my trew executours, and 
Kerry Beckwit supervisor. Also, a hoole in the brigge toward 
AUerton to be mendid on my cost. To the Freres of AUerton, 

* The simple and instructive wiU of a oonntryman. His mention of • Kyng 
Hcrry * at Terrington is a touching allusion to the popular worship of Henry 
VI. lasting into the time of the Tudor kings. 


Richmund, and Yarom, ich of theym xij d. to doy Dirige and 
Afesse for me. To Margaret Goislie of hir oune good ij 8. Thes 
witnes Sir William Smyth, Sir William Bark^, and George 
Smyth, w* oder. 

[Pr. 16 Nov. 1610, adm. to ex".] 

[Beg. Test. viiL 28 a and 230 b."] 

Dec. 22, 1509. John Coplay* of the parishe of Batlay. 
To be buried in the church garth of Batlay nye my fader & 
moder. To on vyse makyng on Estur daie in the momyng to 
the sepulcre iij s. iiij d. All the landes which my fiidir Lionell 
Coplay hath given to my too breder, Richard & Herry, with 
my consent & grant, them to have it duryng their lyves. To 
my wif her joyntre with her dowrie duryng her lyff. To William 
CJoplay, my yonger son, Warmefeld, Snydall, Hillome, and 
Potirton duryng hys liflf. To the manage of ich of my iiij 
doghters, Anne, Jenett, Isabell, and Elisabeth, c marc, so that 
the marie & be guyded after the feoflfers & myn executores. 
To Jane Portyngton, doghter of John Portington my sonne in 
lawe, XX li. To Mr. Thomas CJoplay, my broder, an ambelyng 
horse which I rode upon myself. To my broder Richard an 
ambelyng horse. To my broder Herry f on gray trottyng horse. 

♦ A few notices of the family of Copley of Batley may be of value. In 
▼ol. iv. pp. 46-60 are the wills of the testator's gpcandfather and uncle. 

Lionel Copley, the testator's father, according to the Visit" of 1584, married 
Joan dau. John Thwaites of Lofthouse ; or, according to Mr. Hunter, Jane 
d. Thos. Thwaites of Denton (South Yorkshire, i. 61). On May 26. 1508, the 
will of Lionel Copley of Batley, esq., was proved (not copied) at York, and 
adm. was granted to Henry Copley, his ex'. (Reg. Test. vii. 87 a.) 

The testator married Agnes, dau. of Sir GeofPrey Pigot of Clotherham near 
Bipon, and she and her children are mentioned in the wills of her mother 
(Test. Ebor. iv. 6) and of her brother (Ibid. 213). The testator made a 
f eofiEment of his estates on Dec. 20, 1st Hen. Vm., which is appended to his 
will. The feoffees were "Thomas Wortlay knyght, John Norton th'elder, 
knyght, John Norton the yonger, esquyer, Herry Vavasor of Hesilwod, Thomas 
Lynlay of Lynlay, Thomas Sothill, Christofer Eltoftes of Bishworth Sc 
Herry Seyvell esquyeres, 8c Bichard Coplay and Bobert Herrison gentilmen.'* 
The directions are already specified in the will. 

f On Dec. 15, 1611, he makes his will : — Herry Coplay, gentilman, par. Batley. 
To be buryed in the kirk yerd of Batley at the feet of my brother, John Coplay, 
lately departyed, neyr my fader Sc moder, of whos soulys God have mercy. 
My best horse, on saddill, etc., oon swerd, for my mortuarie. To Wm Copley, 
my nevew, oon rede satten dublet. To my neyce Anne Copley oon fether bed. 
Bawf e Savell. I will y* aU such goodes, as rystes in my lady my suster's handes 
of myne uncle William's bequestes, go to the ezecucion of my will. To my 
nece Agnes Flem3mg oon girdill. To my broder Bichard my chalice. My 
nevew John Copley, my brother Bichard Coplty, and John Browne my ex'\ 
[Pr. 22 Apr. 1512.] (Beg. Test. viii. 91 a.) 


To my wiff all my goodes here & att Thorpe Awdlay. To 
John my son viij oxen & iiij kie, if he be of good demeaner 
unto my wif & the feoflFers, &, if the mater go forth betwixt 
me & Sir Richard Wodrof, I will that all such goodes as Sir 
Thomas Wortlay awes me I gif it to my iiij doghters' mariage. 
I make myn executours Annes my wiff & William my son, at 
her pleasur. 

[Pr. 9 Jan., adm. ex".] 

[Reg. Test. yUL 82 b et seqq.] 

Dec. 28, 1509. John Gilliot,* knyght & alderman of the 
citie of York. I bequeth & commend my saule to Almyghty 
God my Saviour, and to the prayers of the glorious Virgyn 
S&jnt Mary His modir, Sainct John Baptist, an all holy 
Seyntes, Apostylles, Martirs, Confessours, & Virgyns, to pray 
for me. -^d I bequeth my body to be buried in a chapell of 

* A wiU abounding with good and charitable gifts, which wiU be read with 

The testator was a most distingnished citizen of York. He was scm and he!r 
of John Qilliot, Lord Major in 1464 and 1474» and became Chamberlain of the 
city in 1482 ; Sheriff in 1484-5 ; on May 22, 1487, he waA elected Alderman ; 
M.P. for the city Oct. 1487, and Lord Mayor in 1490 and 1503. In 1500-1 be 
received the very high honor of being created a Knight of the Bath ; and in 
July 1503 he took a conspicnouB part in entertaining the Princess Margaret 
when she passed through York on her way to Scotland to join her royal husband. 
King James lY. 

In 1485 and 1486 and in 1500-1 Sir John was Master of the Merchants' 
Company ; on Jan. 15, 1488, he founded an obit in the church of St. Leonard^ 
Hospital, and it is plain to see from his will and other evidences that he was 
the most conspicuous person in York of his time. 

His first wife was a lady whos^ Christian name was Catherine ; his second was 
Maude, dau. of Sir Henry Yavasour of Haslewood. 

Sir John Gilliot does not lie beside his father in his own parish church, bat 
in the neighbouring church of St. Saviour, to which he was a noble benefactor. 
His last will is given at full length, and is a striking picture of the man, his 
religious feelings and life. 

The inquisition after his death was taken on October 2, 1510, from which it 
appears that he died on February 22 previous, seized of lands in Bishopthorpe, 
Fulford, Towthorpe, Yapham, Meltonby, and Kelfield, and that Wm. GiUiot/ 
.was his son and heir, being of the age of twenty-one. l^ — —^■'^-^ 

Sir John^s father, John Gilliot, merchant, was free of the city in 1439 ; 
Chamberlain in 1446 ; Sheriff in 1452-3 ; Lord Mayor 1464 and 1474. In 1442 
he was adm. into the Merchants' Guild on a payment of 30«., of which con- 
fraternity he became the Master in 1459^60, and 1476. On Deoember 30, 
1474, whilst he was Mayor, Archbishop Lawrence Booth allowed him to have a 
private oratory in his house. (Beg. L. Booth, 167.) 

John Gilliot mar. Joan dau. of John Lancaster. Will d. 17th pr. 27th Sept. 
1480. To be bur. in the high choir of his par. church of All Saints on the 


new to be beildyt in the parishe kyrk of Sainct Saviour in the 
citie of York w* the body of Dame Mawde my wiflfe, where myn 
executours thynkes most expedient I bequeth for my mortuarie 
as the custome of the citie is ; and to the parson of All-halows 
uppon the Payment, for my forgotyn tithes, iij li. And to the 
parson of Sainct Saviour kyrk, for my forgotyn tithes, iij li. I 
bequeth vij dosan wax to be made in vij serges to bime about 
my body the day of my beriall, & soe dayly to bime about 
my herse xxx daies, by all which xxx daies I wille Masse and 
Dvrigie be done w* note w* xiij preistes where my body lieth, and 
ichon of those prestos to have every day iiij d« I bequeth viij 
dosan clone wax to be made in xiij torchys to bim abowt my 
body duryng the said xxx daies in time of Messe and Dirige ; 
and myn executours to agre w* the parson of Saynt Saviour's 
kirk for the wax« I bequeth xiij gownes to be made of gud 
blak & lynyd w* white, & in every gown w* a hoode iiij yerdes, 
to be yeven to xiij pore folkes that shal beyre the said torchys ; 
and to every of theym v d. for every day, & they and evere 
of theym to say fyve tymes our Lady Sawter w*in the dale & 
nyght evere of those xxx daies. To the parishe preist of Al- 
halows iij s. iiij d. : to the parish clerc xij d. : to the undirclerc 
yj d. : and to every othir preist of the same kirk, to pray for my 
saule, xij d. and to every parish preist seculer in every kirk and 
chapell w4n the citie of York and subarbys of the same, to do 
a Dirige and a Messe w* note, w* ryngyng of bellys, the mome 
next aftir my beriall, every parish preist yj d. & evere othir 
prest iiij d. ; & to every parishe clerc for ryngyng iiij d, ; & to 
every undir-clero ij d. to pray for my soule, the sardes of my 
fEtdir, my modir, of Katerine & Mawd my wifes, & of my childre 
sanies & all Gristen sanies ; and to the parishe clerc of Sainct 
Saviour's kyrk duryng the said xxx daies for ryngyng at Dirigie 
& Messe evere day iiij d. ; & to the undir-clerc ij d. ; & I charge 
myn executours to offer every day in the honour of the Fadir, 
the Sonne, & the Holy Gost, iij d. duryng the said xxx daies. 
To be yeven to pore folk the dale of my beriall & at my viij 
day XX li., & more money, if nede require. To every man and 
woman in evere masyndew w4n the said citie & suburbys of the 
same, ij d. To every man & woman in the foure leper howsys 
iij d. To every prisoner w*in the said citie, to pray for me, iij d. 
To every man & woman lieng bedreyn & may not goo iij d. I 
bequeith fyvescore blak gownes & lynyd w* white, and in every 
gown iij yerdes, to be yeven to fyvescore pore men & women of 
my cost, where most nede & charitie is. I bequeth fyvescore 
lyn & herdyn shertes to be yeven to fivescore pore men & women 
bedreyn, & othir poure folkes of ye citie & cuntrey, where most 


nede & chaiitie is. To the Grey-freris, to syng ncx Messes for 
me & all my frendes' saules, that is to saie the first x de nomine 
Jhesuy the secund x de quin/pie wlneribua Jheau Chrietiy the 
thrid X de Corpore ChrUt'L (BUc.) To the Freres of the Toftes, 
to syng likewise xxx Messes of All Seyntes, Apostyls, Martyrs 
& Gonfessours, xl s* To the White Freres, to syng xxx Messes 
of our Lady, the Virgyns and Angels, xxxvj s. viij d. To the Freres 
Austens to syng xxx Messes of our liidy, the Apostyls,& Requiem 
xxvj s. viij d. To the Priorisse & Covent of Clementhorp to 
syng a Meaee & a Dirige w^ note x s. : soe that non of thees places 
aforenamyd for their Messes leyve not thyre Messes of charge 
which they er bound to. To the Priour & Covent of Seynt 
Andrews to syng xxx Messes de Spiritu SanctOy xxx of our Lady, 
and xxx de Requiem xxvj s. viij d. To the Prior and Covent 
of Mountgrace to syng for my saule and all Cristen saules xxx 
Messes of Requiem xx s. To the Priour & Covent of the 
Charterhows of Hulle to syng xxx Messes of Requiem for my 
saule and all Cristen saules xx s. To the Covent and other 
mynystres w*in the kyrk of the hospital of Seynt Leonarde's in 
York, to syng Dirige & Mease w* note and Ixxxx Messes of 
Requiem^ liij s. iiij d., to be dividit emonges theym aftir the 
discrecion of myn executours, & to the sisters of the same 
hospital yj s. viij d. To be yeven in mete & drynk w4n the 
space of iij^yeres to the prisonners in the castel of York iij li., 
y* is to saie evere yere xx s. : and to the prisonners in the bisshop 
prison xl s., that is every of those iij yeres xiij s. iiij d. I bequeth 
fyfty beddes to the porest men & women wHn this citie where 
most nede is ; and evere bedde to have a new matres, ij new 
blankettes, ij new shetes, and a new coverlet, price of every 
bedde x s. To xl pore madyns toward their mariage, to every 
madyn vj s. viij d. To be yeven to pore weddit men and women 
kepyng hows wHn the fraunches of this citie, where most nede is, 
X li. To the gilds of Corpus Christi, Sainct Christofre & Sainct 
George, & Sainct John Babtist, each vj s« viij d. To the gild of 
Sainct Antony x s. Towards the reparacion of the gDd of the 
Trinitie in Fosgate xl s. To Brian, my servannt, c s. To John 
Marshall, my prentise, xl s. To Kateryn Anlaby, toward her 
mariage, xl s« To Agnes Spensar v marc. I bynde & charg all 
my landes, etc., in Fosgate, to paie yerely to Sir Leonard Wadee, 
chauntree preist of the chauntre at Seynt Thomas awter in the 
kirk of Alhalows uppon the Pament, & to his successours for 
ever, by way of augmentacion of ye same chauntre, iiij marc, & 
charges myn heires with the payment of the same as they wHle 
answar therfore afore God at the day of dome. To my sonne 


Peter * the said landes, etc., to paie the foresaid yerely rent ; 
my gret hows in Coppergate & my landes, etc. in the parish of 
Alhalows upon the Pament to hym & his heires — to remayn to 
my Sonne I^urence Gilliot & his heires — to remayn to my sonne 
William Gilliot & his right heyres. To my sonne Lam-ence 
Gilliot my gret place in the Middle Water lane w^ all my landes, 
etc, wHn the parishe of Sainct Mari in Gastilgate, A two tene- 
mentes in Fishergate, my landes, etc., in Stayngate ; two tene- 
mentes in Gonyngstrete ; a tenement in Monkgate ; two tene- 
mentes in Griste's parishe, othirwise callyd Tnnitie parish in 
Curia Regis, & all my garthyns in Hundgate. I bequeth cccc li. 
or more, in money, as nede shal require, to myn ezecutours to 
purches furth of an abbey or odir sufficient place oon annuitie 
of yj li. by yere, or ellys to purches othir arrable land, medew 
& pastur, to the valour of vj li., to be yven to an abbey such as 
hath sufficient auctoritie of the kyng to take Mortemayn : and 
if they canne fynd no such abbey nor othir place, then myn 
executours to purches the landes & hit to make as sure as the 
canne; and thereof to funde a chauntre in ye new chapel in 
Seynt Savour kirk, where my body lith, for a chauntry preist to 
syng for my soule, the soules of my fedir & moder, Kateryn and 
Mawde my wiflFes, the sanies of my childre, and al Cristen saules ; 
and every yere to make an obit for theis foresaid saules of a 
Dirigie and a Mease w* note of xiij preistes ; and every preist 
to have iiij d., the parishe preist yj d., the parishe clerc iiij d., 
the undir-clerc iij d. & ye belman, for proclamacion yerelie of 
ye same obit, iiij d. ; and the said chauntre preist to paie al 
theis, and to fjmd yerely ij serges of ij lb. weight to stand and 

* July 1625. Petir Gilliott, oitezen and marchaimte of the citie of Yorke. 
To be beried within the parishe church of Sancte Sayioor of Yorke in the 
hyghe where, ny unto my fader and moder. To a preiste, to sing for my sa'ill 
ther, iiij li. ziij s. iiij d. for thre yeres. I will ther shalbe a trantall of Messes 
salde and doyn for my saide sanll within my parishe chnrch of Alhalonse oppon 
the Payment the day of my beriall or before. To the iiij Orders of Freres of 
Yorke, to pray for me t to bryng my body to be beried, xiij s. iiij d. To the 
chnrche wardens of Bancte Saviour's xiij 8. iiij d. of an annnall rent out of mj 
landes, for an ^^nnnft.!! obite for my saull k those of my fader Sc moder, in 
givyng brede, chese, spise, and wyue to the parishynners ther so far as the saide 
xiij 8. iiij d. wiU extende. To Alide my wif my landes, etc., in Yorke, paying 
by yere tjve marc to Matild Oilliott my doughtour k heire ; she to have the 
charge of her. My tenemente in the saide parishe of Alhallouse in the holdyng 
of Nicholas Dicson, harbour, to my wif. My fader in lawe Petir Jackson, alder- 
man. My broder in lawe John Hogeson marchaunte. Mawde Sc Agnes Cbamer 
my wif doughtours. Nece Bliz. Dawson. To Roberto & Maw^ Ctilliott^ my 
broder's childer , xl g^ To the churchwarke of AIhallOT356""3a s. To Margarete 
Jackson, my moder in lawe, ij riaUes of golde. My sister Marg* Charlsby. 
Bit), in lawe Petir Robynson my best gowne bot oon, & my swerde & buckler. 
Broder William Wakefield my wark day gowne. To my cosyn Miles Newton, 
the writter herof, xiij s. iiij d. The res. to my wife and dau. Wife ex. (Rog. 
Test. U. 324). 


birne ovir the herse in tyme of Di/rigie & Mease of ye said 
yerely obite. I charge myn executours to accompUish & fynnyshe 
this chauntrie in manner aboune said w4n iij yeres next aftir 
my decease, w^nte an opyne & reassonnable cause of lettyng. 
And in case myn executours cane not purches the kinge's 
licence for Mortmayn for this land, nor odirwise cannot fynd 
an abbey nor place havyng sufficient auctoritie to receyve such 
landes in Mortmayn, then I wille y^ the said some of money be 
imploed, as long as it wille last, to the fyndyng of thre preistea 
to syng for my saule, the saules of my fietder, my moder, my 
wyffes, my chUdre, & all Cristen saules : two of the said preistes 
to syng at Thomas awter in Alhalows of ye Pament, & the 
thrid to syng in my chapel at Sainct Saviour kirk when it is 
beildyt, & in the mean tyme he to syng in the same kirk at a 
side awter : ichon of the said iij preistes to receyve for his 
stipend every yere c s. I wille that William my sonne & his 
heires be ye vers and patrons of the chauntre,if it may be foundyt 
at Sainct Saviour lark — in defiaut, it to remayn to my sonne 
Laurence— my sonne Petir — my dowghter MaiKdz^-my dowgh- 
ter ^^diucg^ret— to the parson of the said kirk, and to iiij of the 
best m^^fthat parishe, I wille that my sonne Peter & his 
heires be yevers & patrons of a chaimtre that Sir Leonard 
Wade hath at Sainct Thomas awter in the kirk of Alhalous« 
To emendyng & makyng of hie waies abowt Yorke, where most 
neid is, xx marc. To William Grilliot, my sonne, xx U. To 
Laurence and Peter my sonnes (each) xxx li. & they & my 
doghtours to have their partes holl bisides my legaces. I 
charge myn executours to content & (paie) to oon Newby of 
Fenton in recompence for that my fader & I haid certeyn land 
of his fadir's in morgage by certen yeres, to pray for our saules, 
xl s. I wille that the iiij ordirs of Freres of the citie come w^ 
their crossys and coventes the daie of my berial & bryng my 
body to the kirk, & for y* I bequest to every of their places 
X s. To Sir John Faceby preist x s. To Deynis Brokden, 
John Craven, & John Dicson (each) vj s. viij d. I yeve to by a 
tabil of alblaster to the high awter in Sainct Saviour lark 
V marc. To the same kirk two oopys of russet cloth of gold, 
sortable as nye as may be had to a vestiment & a cope of cloth 
of gold which were yeven by on Bracebrig. To Sir Leonard 
Wade vj s. viij d. To John Broun, my servannt, xx s. To 
Richard Anlaby, my cosyn, x marc & to my cosyn John Anlaby 
xl 8. I wille that ichon of myn executours, survers, preistes, 
& servantes have blak gownes the daie of my beriell, of my 
charge & cost. To ichon of myn executours, for their labur, x 
marc ; to ichon of the surveyers of my testament viij marc } .'i 


their reasonnable expensys & costes. To ichon of my iij sonnes 
& two dogbtours a standyng pece gilt w* the covering, ichon to 
have the chose aftir their age. To my sone William my best 
chyne of gold. To either of my two doghtours, Mawd & Mar- 
garet, toward their mariage, xx li. To my cosyn William Anlaby 
xl 8. To Thomas North, tailor, x s. To Elisabeth Eichardson, 
my s^vamit, yj s. viij d* To James Bratwhait, child of my 
kitchyn, iij s. iiij d. To John Pepir & Robert Butre, chirch- 
wardens of Sainct Saviomr kirk & their successours, to the ex- 
hibicion & angmentacion of the parishe clerc their & of his 
wages, fyve tenementes in Staynbow-lane. I wille that myn 
executours paie daring xx yeres aftir my decesse to the preistes 
of Allhalow kyrk on the Paiement iij s. iiij d, every yere, & to 
the parishe clerk vj s. viij d., soe that they kepe & syng our 
Lady Messe in the ssune lark every Setterday dnryng the said 
tyme. I make John Langton of York, draper, tutor to my 
donghter Mawde to she come to lawful age ; & Greorg Evers 
tutor to my sonne Petir ; & William Huby of York tutor to my 
donghter Margarete. I make my sonne William Gilliot my 
principal executour, & Sir Robert Wilberfosse preist the othir of 
myn executours. I make John Langton draper, Georg Evers, 
William Hoby & Sir William Shirbum, preist, supervisours. 

[Pr. 4 March, adm. to ex'«.] 

[Beg. Test. viii. 46 «.] 

Feb. 8, 1609-10. William Amyas* of Horbury. To be 
buried within the parish chirch of Wakefeld, in the qwere of 
Seint Nicholas, afore my fader and moder. To the aulter of 

♦ A son of Ralph Amjras of Horbuiy, gen.» who died in 1491. There is but 
little known of this family, and I throw together some notices of members 
of it. 

1419, Aug. 12. John Amyas. Sep. in cem. eccl. S. Mich, de Thomhill juxta 
crucem. Filio meo, Priori de Bredon, j mappam et j manuterginm. Ricardo 
fiUo meo 20 marks. Willelmo filio meo j cistam de Flaunder, j togam penu- 
latam cum grey, et optimum meum pese ooopertum. Johanni Amyas, filio 
Marjoriae servientis meae, unum librum qui vocatur Portus. John Amyas 
Prior of Bredon, Richard A. & Richard de Loyn ex". [Pr. 16 May, 1620.] 
(R<^. Bowett, i. 376 b.) 

1434, die 8. Joliani. Wm Amyas (par. Sandal). Sep. in eccl. S. Elenae de 
Sandal. Sons John k Robert k dau. Eliz. each a silver cup. Daughters 
Agnes Sc Margaret unum par precularium auri. Wife Joan. Summo altari 
et altari B. M. unum gausipe. [Pr. 26 Mar. 1436.] (Reg. Test. iii. 447 a.) 

1451, 3 Oct. Eliz. Amyas of High Melton. Sep. B. M. Fr. Carmelitaram 
de'^ \ncastre coram imagine B. M. Sons Robert k Ralph k dau. Katherine. 

VOL. V. C 



Seint Nicholas a vestment price xx s. To the reparacion of 
Horbury brig v s. To the belles of Horbury chirche xx s. To 
the stalling of the chauncell wHn the chapell of Horbury, & 
other ornamentes in the seid chapell, xiij s. iiij d. I will that 
oon preist sing by the space of oon yere for my soule, the 
soules of my fader and moder, M. Robert Frost, John Vincent, 
John Alan, Sir William Leysdale, & the soules of all my good 
frendes, & for all Cristen soules. I will that oon oder preist 
sing for the saule of Margret Whithed to the some of xxx s. be 
spent; & oon for the soule of myn awnte Kateryn Shaghe 
to xs. be spent. To Isabell my wif the thirde of my 
goodes, & xiij li. yj s. viij d. of myn owne parte, all her 
aparell, & ij gilte saltes terme of herlif, to remayn to Thomas 
my Sonne ; oon nut which John Alan g^e to her, ij gobbletes 
of silver, oon chales, & a Masse booke. To my son Thomas 
Amyas oon standing pece covered parcell gilte, a cheyn of gold 
& a silver salt covered ; my terme of yeres in a close called 
Parson-flatt at Wakfield. Also where I have mynles & certeyn 
closes at Dewsbury to ferme for terme of yeres of the lese of 
the Dean & Chanons of Seint Stephyn's * by there chapiter 
seale, & the seid mylnes & dammes new reparyd by me at my 
grete costes & charges, I will that they shall have yerely 
vj 8. viij d. oute of the seid mylnes & closes of more yerly rent, 
over & beside a close at Hertished, the which I g^e to 
amende there fermehold there, the which I mended by the 
reason of marling, to the valew of xiij s. iiij d. To either of my 
doghters unmaried, for their porcion, xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. My 
Sonne William & myn oder yonger sonnes, if God fortune me to 

Capellsa B. M. de High Melton 6 s. 8 d. Son Balph, John Alejn goldsmith of 
London, & Dan Richard Rawlyn chaplain exrs. (Rc^. Test. ii. 278-9.) 

] 467, 6 Jaly. John Amyas. Sons Thos. & Roger & dan. Eatheiine. To the 
high altar of Thomhill 6 s. 8 d. (Reg. Test. iv. 238 a.) 

1469, 28 Apr. John Amyas par. Sandal. Sep. in portion 8. Elenss de 
Sandall. Wife Katherine ex«. [Pr. 3 June.] (Reg. Test. iv. 133 b.) 

1485-6, Jan. 17. Robert Amyas of York, merchant. Brother Ralph A. 
Wife Katherine. [Pr. 8 Apr. I486.] (Reg. Test. v. 279 a.) 

1491, Die Sabb. p. f. 8. Andrew. Ralph Amyas of Horbury, gentilman. 
Sep. in eccL de Wakef eld ex parte boriali cancelli. Roger A. & his children. 
Thos. A. & his children. John A. Fabricsa ecclesiaa de Alta Melton pro anima 
Eliz. matris meae 6 s. 8 d. Res. to wife Alice & son Wm., ex". Robert Froste 
and Roger A. supervisors. [Pr. 13 Jan.] (Reg. Test. v. 404 h.) 

1499-1500, March 10. Roger Amyas of Sandal. Sep. in oem. ante crucem 
ex parte australi eccl. par. S. Elenae de Sandall Magna. John Thurgurland 
jun. & Thos. Blakker, the husbands of my two daughters. Beatrici, filiae meae 
junior!, x1. marcas ad maritagium. Res. to Alice my wife & John A. jun. 
my son — they ex". Mr Robert Froste, clerk, chancellor of Arthur Prince 
of Wales, & Wm Amyas, supervisors. [Pr. 23 Apr. 1500.] (Reg. Test. iii. 
314 b.) 

♦ i.e. at Westminster. 


have eny, to have my terme of the seid mylues & closes, after my 
Will performed. To my doghters, Alyce & Anne, vj L xiij s. iiij d. 
(each), & to my cosyn William Froste xs. yerely during my 
terme, out of the seid mylnes & closes. My lese of the 
maner of Hollewell by the Prior & Convent of Seint Oswalde's 
to my wif for her lif, to remain to William my sonne. My 
doghters Johan & Elsabeth. My wiff & William Froste 

To the Priour & Covent of Monkburton yj s. viij d. to sing 
Dirige & Mease for my soule. I relese and forgif the Priour 
of Bolton all my fee that he oweth me, to pray for my soule. 
I will the Abbot & Covent of Selby shall have xiij s. iiij d. to 
doe a Dirige & a Masse for my soule, & the Priour & Covent 
of Seint Oswalde's vj s. viij d. I will that the Priour & Covent 
of the Trinite's in Yorke have to do a Dirige & a Masse for my 
soule xiij s., the which Shafton of Holebek besides Ledes oweth 
me. I will that the Abbot & Covent of Roch abbey shall have, 
over & beside that I have giffen to theym, oon olde noble & 
ij gilt spoones to the valew of a silver pece gilte, or nygh the 
valew, on agrement w* the seid abbot to pray for my soule, the 
soule of my moder, w* all her auncetours. I will that the Dean 
& Chanons of Seint Stepheyn's shall have xl s. to remitte & 
forgif me all conscience & bargaynes, if ther eny be, from the 
begynnyng of the worlde to this day, & also to all the college 
there xxvj s. viij d. for a Dirige & a MessSy & to pray for my 
soule. I will that olde Watson wiff shall have hir right, if she 
eny have, or els noon. To Holme wiff oon quarter ry. To 
Elsabeth Butler v s. which my fader bequest her, & I will she 
shall have xxd. & a relese of a croke that I boght for her at 
London. To John Amyas of Horbury & his wif (each) vj s. viijd. 
Also myn awnte Alen at London shall have a tablet of gold for a 
token, in recompense of a ring that she sent to me, & to forgif in 
conscience of all thing, as she hath doon afore. To Persivall 
Amyas a gold ring w* a stoon in hit. To Isabell my wiff a 
wrethyn ryng of gold, & ij horses, the oon is rede & the oder 
stonyd, if the vicar refuse theym, & my litle mare. To Sir 
William Gascoyng, knyght, a yong horse in his oune parke, if 
the vicar of Wakefeld refuse hym, upon this condicion that he 
shal be good maister to my wiff & suffer her to occupy the 
Abbot felde for the yerly ferme, as I pay now. To John Anne 
th'elder my best cow that I had at Howell & a bow that he 
gafe me. To Rauf Normavell a pecid bow. To William Frost 
my rede mare at Howell & my blake furred gown w* shankes ; 
& my servantes to be rewarded after there deservettes. To 
Sir William Woderuf knyght xiij s. iiij d., to discharge me of 

r 2 


all conscience. I will, if Hawselyn wiff of Thome make eny mater 
after my decesse & have eny right, that she be recompensed after 
the discrecion of mynexecu tours. To Thomas Soteli, e8qmer,my 
yonger horse that I had of Mr Scargill. To Richard Birkhed my 
yong horse that I bought of William Neckall. To William Grene 
a gray horse of myn that he has in hie occupacion. I will that 
xij d. shal be disposed for the soule of hym that aght a Primar 
that I fande, & that iij s. iiij d. shal be disposed for the sonle of 
Pagman. To my cosyn Elsabeth Alan a ring of golde. To the 
Abbot & Covent of Cristall yj s, viij d. to do a Dirige^ & a 
Masse for my soule. 

[Pr. & adm. to widow.] 

[Reg. Test. viii. 68 &»] 

1610. John Clarvax.* To 'be buried before our Lady at 
the qwere doore in the abbey chirch of Kyvax, if it please my 
lord abbot and his convent. I wit my bedes of awmer of 1, and 
iiij nobles of monay to my lord to pray for me, & xl s. to the 
convent to pray for me. I will that a preist of good name & 
demeanour sing at our Ladle's aulter in the body of the chirch 
for the soules of my fader, my moder, and myn, and for all 
Cristen saules xyj yeres, havyng yerely vij marc of lefuU monay. 
I will ther be dalt in penny dole the day of my burial xl s. I 
bequeth my ring of gold w* a ruby and a dyamond in hit 
to our Lady, and it to be kept imto our Lady. To the iiij 
order of Frereres & the Nonesse of Nesam, to everyplace vj s. 
viijd., to pray for the soules above-writen. To my sonne 
Henry Clarvax v markes of monay, a gown, a dublet & a horse. 
To John Swale a gown, a dublet, & a horse. To my doghter 
Alice Swale my silver bedes w* berall bedes & ij of my best 

* Probably an unnoted son of the house of Clervaux of Croft. 

Another Clerraux occurs in the York Registers. He was connected with 
St. Mary's abbey, York. 

1612, Oct. 8. Richard Clarvax of Overton. To be bur. in the parissh 
churche of Overton. To Jane my wiffe my best furred gowne. To Umfrey, 
my brother, vj s. viij d, I will that my broder be foundon of my goodes 
during hir {sic) liffe. To my corse presannt my best horse wyth my saddeU, 
th'appareU therunto belongyng, & all my hamesse complete for my body. 
My landes, etc., within the lordship of Rypon to be sold after the deth of my 
wiSffe, & the money devided emonges'my children. The rentes of such landes 
as I have of my fader-e-law John Shupton for yeres, two partes to my 
children, the third to my wif. Where my good lord abbot of Saint Marie 
abbay hayth latten me the tieth corns & hay of Shupton for certayne yeres, 
Jane my wyfe to occupye the same. My wife, Richard & Harbart my sonea, 
ex^. (Reg. Test. viii. 89 a.) 


kye. To my doghter Alison ij ky, & to Richard Peper hir 
husbond ij oxen. To Jenet Hakfurth a cow. To Jenet Fed- 
derstanhaugh a cow, & to her doghter & myn xxs. To William 
Flento & his wiff all the com at Brakenhell, & to Marget & 
Isabell ther doghters, either of theym a why. To Berling- 
ton abbey, to assoile my fader, moder, & me, vj s. viij d. 
To Seint Agasse abbey, to assoile me, yj s. viij d. And I 
wit my bedding to almus beddes, & who so be my servannt at 
that tyme to have part of my arament. To the chirch wark & 
forgettyn tithes v s. And I writ w* myn oune hand, and make 
myn ezecutonrs. John Borton, abbot of Sivaz, my chief execu- 
tour & suviour, & my sonne Herry Clarvax, & Richard Pepper, 
my sonne-in-lawe, oder my executours. And in fulfilling my 
Will I leve w* my Lord Abbot all my goodes, whik and deede, 
w^ fermes, dettes & all other goodes at Brakynhill, Cowton, or 
enny oder place. And the residew of my goodes to be disposid 
for the well of my soule & the soules abovesaid, as my trust is 
in theym. 

[Pr. 9 May, 1611, adm. to ex".] 


[Reg. Test. viii. 48 a.'] 

May 14, 1510. William Sheperd of Milnthorp. To be 
buried afore the ymage of our Lady in the parish chirch of 
Coknay. I will that John Maltster, & bis sonne after hym, be 
fefte in all my landes & tenementes, etc., in Milnthorp & Car- 
barton, to th'entent that the rent, etc., go w' the increse of 
X** shepe, the which I have giflfen to make a stok to find a 
preist to sing at our Blessed Lady in the said chirch of Cok- 
nay ; & myn executours to guyde hit after their discrecion as 
long as hit pleas God that it may endure. Item it is my will 
that my seid executours take other iiij" shepe to make an 
oder stoke, to th'entent that the encrese therof may here the 
chargies of poor people of the parish of Coknay at all tymes 
when they shuld pay a tax, wage men, or eny other thyng the 
which the king shall charge the lordeship w*. And if hit so 
happen that the said stoke of x" shepe at eny tyme will not 
pay the preist, then I will that the stok of iiij** shepe here w* 
the oder stoke for the tyme so that the preist be fonde. I 
charge myn executours that my wiflf be honestly fundon of all 
my hoole goodes during her Uf, if sho lif after me, & that is 
booth her will and myn. 

[Pr. 3 July.] 


[Reg. Test. Dec. 8c Cap. ii. 95.] 

19 August, 1510. Maureis Biront of York, organe maker.* 
To be bur. in oure Lady where w*in my parich church of Belfrey. 
I wit to the persone for my cors presand my best gowne. For my 
tethis forgotten vj d. To Sanct Peter wark vj d. I wooU have yj li. 
wax to byme abowt my body the tyme of my Dirige and Mease. I 
wool! thatall the torches of every gild that I be brother of be borne 
afor my bodie light to the church, and thai so to bume to I be 
buried. I wooll have an honest priste, that canne synge both 
plane song and prik song, to syng at our Lady alter wher as my 
body is buried, and at he attend every holy day both at Matyns, 
Messe and Evynsong in the said church, to help to mayntynd 
God service, by the space of thwo yeres next after my deth, and 
I wooll he have for his sellarie the said ij yeres xiiij marc. 
Also I wooll that my wiflF have the use & occupacion of my 
best salt of silver w* the cover during hir liflF, and, immediately 
after hir decesse, then I wooll the said salt be maid in oon 
chalesse which I giflf unto the said alter, thar to remayne for 
ever. I wit to Margaret Stampe j sylver hamest girdill whuch 
my first wiflF gave unto hir at hir last day. I wooll that my 
wiflF have the house . . that I of lait haith purchaised in 
Thursday Markit . . for hir liffe . . & then to be sold . . 
and the money applyed in charitable deddes for the weill of 
my sauU & of my wiflFes' saullis, Katerin and Agnes, Richard 
Pie sauU, and all Christyn saullis. Also I wooll that my wiflF 
fynd on taper of wax be the space of on yere to bume at the 
service of the holie dais afore Sant Blase, Sanct Erasmus, et 
Sanct Cite w4n my said parich church. To sir John Brian 

* There was a sncceseion of organ-builders of York from earlj times. 

* John Gyse, organe maker,' free of the city, 10th Hen. VI. 

* Win NyveU, organ maker,* free, 1446-7. 

In 1463-4 ♦John Roos, f rater Ordinis Praedicatorum,* took up the freedom 
of the city of York as an •oiganista.* Previous to this, in 1467-8, he is men- 
tioned as repairing some organs in the Minster. (Fabric Rolls, 71.) 

In the 17th of Edward IV. Wm. Hall 'orgen maker alias mercator,* k 
Edward Boyse * orgen maker,' were free of the city. 

The testator, as * Moras Biran, organ*/ was free in 1485-6 ; k John Hugh as 
* orgon-raaker * 1488-9. 

•Jacobus Demps, organ maker,' free 1526-7. 

* Guillelmus Treasourer, orgen maker,* free 1540-1. 

John Heweson, parish-clerk, son of John H, organ maker, free 1545-6. 

How many other cities can show, like York, a list of freemen from 1272 to 
the present day ? In this list any person who practised within St. Peter's 
Liberty would not necessarily appear. 


prist my Htill masour of silver after the death of my wifF, & to 
Alice Brian my greit masour, iiij silver spomies, & j pare of 
beeddes such as my wiff pleases to giff hir. The res. to my 

[Pr. 30 Sept. 1510.] 

[Reg. Test. viii. 67.] 

Sep. 8, 1510. Edward Redeman.* To be buried in a 
chapell w*in the chirch of Harwod called Redeman chapel). 
It is my will that my wiff shall have during hir liffe all man- 
ners, landes, etc., except xx li. yerly out of landes, etc., in Har- 
wod parish, which shuld grow to Richard Redeman my sonne 
& Elsabeth his wiffe & t'heires male of his body laufully be- 
gotten. I will that Thomas Stray & Herry Dikes make a 
laufull joynctour according to the covennantes of the indentur 
made betwixt Sir William Gascoing knight and me for the 
mariaige of my said sonne Richard & Elsabeth doghter to the 
said Sir William. I will that the said maners, etc., after the 
decesse of my wiffe, remayn to my soune Richard & his heires 
male laufully begotten — for defaute to come to Magdalene 
Redmayn my doghter & t'heires male3 of hir body laufully be- 
gotten by any of the sonnes of oon William Redeman of Twis- 
hnton. For defaut of such issew to come to th'use of Joan 
Redeman doghter to my sonne Herry Redeman & to t'heires 
male3 of hir body laufully begotten by any that hight Redeman. 
For defaut — to remayn to my nevow Thomas Preston & his 
heires male3. To my doghter Alice Redeman an anuytr' of xx 
markes. I make my wiff & my sonne Richard myn executours. 
To my household servauntes a certayn of my moveable goodes 
at the sight of my wiff & my sonne Richard. Also I desir my 
broder. Sir John Huddilston, to be good broder to my wiff and 
good maister to my servauntes, & desir hym to have the over- 
sight to the perfourmaunce of my will. 

♦ The will of Sir William Redman of Harwood may be found in Test. 
Ebor. iii. 280-1. The testator was his brother and heir. There is a pedigree 
of the family in the Yorkshire Visitation for 1684-5. The anxiety shown by 
the testator to have his name perpetuated can be well understood. 


[Beg. Test. viii. 51 ab.] 

Nov. 14, 1510. Georgias Esekes,* major civitatis Ebor. 
Sep. in chore eccl. par. meae sub eodem lapide marmoreo subter 
quo uxor mea primseva fiiit humata. Lego pro mortuario meo 
optimum indumentum cum leripipio de velvet, et unum le 
tach argenti et deaurati. Lego xiiij marcas exhibitioni j capel- 
lani ad eel. per ij annos pro anima mea, Johannse uxoris mese, 
etc. Johanni Chapman fj togam de violet lined cum le3 satan 
de Sipers, j dublet de le3 chaungeable sarceenet, et j annulum 
aureum, le3 knagid. Matildse filise mese, uxori suae, j cocliar 
arg. et deaur. quod erat quondam domini Willelmi Todde militis 
defuncti, et j parvum annulum aureum. Johanni Tomlin- 
son, servienti meo, j librum vocatum Nicholes Burdit, et 
alium vocatum Belton. Residuum Annae uxori meaa et liberis 
meis, Mr Wm KnoUes supervisor. 

[Pr. 8 Aug.] 

[Reg. Test, viii. 9C-1.] 

1511. Kichard Banys.J To the well of my parishyng iij s. 
iiij d., condicionally that my body may be humate byfore the 
v tapurs under the crucifix. To the alter of Sainct Petir in 
Ledes xij d. I will that my wif & my childre have my take in 
my fermhold in Kendale & my closse callyd Frey Bank in 
Kendale. I make Alison my wif, George my sonne, & Petir 
Brame executours. I make William Marshal supervisor, pray- 

♦ George Essex, grocer and apothecary, was free of the city of York in 
1474 ; Chamberlain in 1494; Sheriff, 1600-1; Alderman, 1506; Lord Mayor, 
1509-10. Anne his widow made her will on Aug. 14, 1610 [pr. 1612], de- 
siring to be buried at St. Cruz, near her husband. ( Reg. Test. viii. 86.) 

t John Chapman wiU occur afterwards. Sir William Todd's will is in 
vol. iv. 

X A name of long continuance and respectability in and about Leeds. 

1617, Aug. 12. Brian Baynes of Leeds. Wife Jennet. Bro'. Wm. B. 
Children. [Pr. 16 Sept. 1618.] (Reg. Test. ix. 70 b.) 

1636, 3 Sept, Wm Baynes of Leeds. Bur. in churchyard. Wife Agnes. 
Son Adam B. Brother John B. [Pr. 10th Mar. seq.] (Id. xi. 223.) 

The name of Adam carries us forward to Adam Baines, the Parliamentary 


ing hym to be good kynsman to myself, y* is to say my saule, 
& my wif and childre. Also I pray you, my lord th'abbot 
of Cristall, to be good lord to hys pore kynswoman my wif and 
her childre for Goddy's sake [as tbay may pray for you and 

[Reg. Test. viii. 87 a.] 

In Dei nomine Amen, the xj day of Juny, the yere of our 
Lord God m^ccccc and xj, I Humfrey Hercy, esquier,* of a hole 
and perfeyte mynde, make my testament or last will in this 
maner foloyng. First, I bequeyth my soule to God Almyghty, 
to Hys blessid mother our Lady Sanct Mary, and to all the 
gloriose company of hevyn ; and my body to be buried in the 
qwere or chancell of the churche of the Invencion of the Crossef 
of Grove : and my mortuarye I will be assingned after the laud- 
abill custom of the churcbe. Also to the high alter, for tithes 
forgotten, xl d. Also I will that iflf the goodes that I have 
giffen and delivered to my doghter Katerine be not suflScient 
to fynde her honestly the terme of her lifife, then sche to have 
her lyffeing the residew of hir liffe of my landes. Also I woU 
that if ther be any man or woman of right can aske any dett 
or dewty, that it be paid and restorid. My sepulture and 
buriall with all other thinges to be done to the laude and 
honor of God for me for my sawle, I pute to the discrecion 
and disposicion of my sone Humfrey Hercy,J qwome I make 
my executor. Wittness theron Maister Robert Nevill parson 
of the same churche of Grove, and Sir Thomas Elton his parishe 

* The bead of one of the most ancient of the Nottinghamshire families. 

t Sometimes called the church of St. Helen of Grove, both dedications 
falling on the same day. 

{ 1620, Sept. 6. Umfray Hercy of Grove, esquier. To be ber. in the 
chaancell of the Invencion of the Grose of Grove. To ychon of my doughtours 
ther childe*s parte, St, if they wil be avised Sc conseld by my wif & my son 
John, & by my ex" in ther mariage, than it to be made ij hundreth markes. 
To my son Thomas & his lawful heres of his body vj 1. xii] s. iiij d. yerely out 
of purcbesed landes, by the assignment of my son Sc here, & vice of my ex". 
The residue to my son John, Sir Thomas Elton parson of Grove, Wm Rosell & 
Tbos Denman— they ex". The Abbot of Rughtforth & the Prior of Wirsope 
supervisors. [Pr. 13th Oct.] (Reg. Test. ix. 119 b.) 

Sir John Hercy, this gentleman's only son, had eight sisters, who became 
his coheirs. To the fifth of them, Barbara wife of George Neville, he be- 
queathed the estate of Grove. 


[Keg. Test. viii. 76 J.] 

August 26, 1511. Thomas Saintpoole* of Wentbrig. To 
be buried in Baddisworth church. To our Lady chapell in 
Wentbrigg iiij s. and the better of my ij trees lying in the new 
close. I giff my ij cotagies liing under oon ruflfe, standing on 
the marsh, at the est ende of our Lady chapell in Wentbrigg, 
w* a garth liing at the est ende of a horse myln, to Richard 
Wilkokes, John Arthur, Thomas Paget, Thomas Tuthill, 
Cristofer Rasby & John Tumour, & their heires for ever, to 
th'entent that the said two cotagies and garth be for fynding 
and upholding of oon almus house with a bedde to logge poore 
folkes for Godde's saike : and they to be ordered by the said 
men abore rehercyd. Also I will that every yere j d. be taken 
of the same cotagies & giffen to our Lady standing in Smeton 
church to the upholding of hir light. To Margret & John 
Saintpole (each) vj s. viij d. The residew to be disposid for the 
helth of my soule by the advyse of Alison my wifif, whome I 
make my full executrice. 

[Pr. 18 June.] 


[Reg. Test. Dec. & Capit. Ebor. ii. 100.] 

March 16, 1511-12. Edmundus Hanson,t Sacrse Theologiae 
doctor, ac eccl. cath. Beate Marise Lincoln, praecentor. Sep. 
infra eccl. praedictam cathedralem. Summo altari dictse eccl. 

♦ There is very little known about the old Yorkshire family of St. Paul. 

1391. Wm Sayntpaule de Tatewyk. Sep. in monasterio de Rupe. Ex" Sir 
William Melton knt, Sir Edmund Perpunt knt, John de Gay t ford, Mr Wm 
Stanley rector of Totewyk, Dom. John Roderham monk of Roche my cousin, 
Fr Tho Pensay my cousin & John son of Richard Anstan. The Abbot of 
Roche supervisor. (Reg. Test. i. 27 a.) 

1434-5, Feb. Ifi. Thomas Sempall of Campsall Esq. chore B. M. in 
eccl. mea par. The res. to Mary my wife & Brian my son — they ex". [Pr. 
2 May seq.] (Reg. Test. iii. 417 b.) 

1463, May 8. Admin, of Thos Sainepaule of Cawood to Wm S. of Don- 
caster & John S. of Cawood. (Reg. Test. ii. 683.) 

1479, Apr. 26. Brian Sampall of Finningley. Sep. in cem. eccl. 8. Trin. 
dc Fynnyngley. Wife Agnes and John Raynforth ex" for the good of my 
cluldren. [Pr. 14 June seq.] (Reg. Wm. Booth.) 

t Prebendary of Fenton at York, 1480-1512 (Le Nftve, iii. 184) ; also 
prebd' of Welton Ryvall at Lincoln, 1604-7 ; of Empingham in the same 
church, 1507-12 ; k Precentor there, 1506-12. (Le Neve, ii. 85, 148, 234.) 


xl 8. Fabricae dictae eccl. xl s. Eccl. coll. S. Trinitatis de 
Tateshall pro obitu meo faciendo, secundom diRpositionem can- 
torum dictae eccl., c s. Praefato collegio meam cimbam. Lego 
pro exequiis meis faciendis infra eccl. cath. Lincoln, inter 
canonicos, vicarios portantes habitum, caeterosque ministros, 
X 11., viz. cuilibet canonico resident! x s. ; custodi altaris S. Petri 
V 8. ; cuilibet vicario iij s. iiij d. ; cuilibet capellano portanti habi- 
tum xvj d. ; cuilibet pauperi clerico vj d. ; cuilibet choristae vj d. ; 
sacristae xvj d.; clerico suo yj d. ; clerico capituli viij d. ; clerico 
communi viij d. ; clerico suo, iiij d. ; clerico fabricae, viij d. ; princi- 
pali vigili viij d. ; cuilibet virgario praesenti viij d. ; janitori viij d. ; 
duobus vigili(bu)8 tumbae S. Hugonis, inter se, xij d. ; celebranti 
Missam xvj d. ; diacono et subdiacono, inter se, viij d. ; et puls- 
antibus, inter se, pro pulsatione et factura sepulturae, v s. Cui- 
libet nepoti meo et nepti meae xx a. Cuilibet servienti meo, 
ultra sua stipendia pro quibus deserviunt, stipendium unius 
quarterii anni. Residuum . . Magistro Henrico Homeby 
S. T. D., Magistro Johanni Fotehede, et Domino Thomas Erie, 
quos intuitu caritatis supplico, ordino, et constituo fore meos 
executores, ut ipsi disponant pro salute animae meae, prout eis 
videbitur melius expedire, et specialiter pro fundatione unius 
cantaristae infra ecclesiam par. B. Michaelis infra Cantibrigiam, 
pro anima mea et benefactorum meorum celebraturi imper- 
petuum. Item lego cuilibet executori meo pro me ministranti 
Ixvj s. viij d. Hiis testibus W™** Smyth legum doctore et archi- 
diacono Lincoln, Domino W™** Gask capellano, Ricardo Laverok 
et aliis. 

[Pr. by the D. & C. of Lincoln 25 June, 1612 ; & by the D. & 0. of York, 

27th Aug.] 

[Reg. Test. viii. 86 J.] 

March 20, 1511-12. George Danby,* gentilman. To be 
buried in the parish conventa churche of the Freres Prechours 
in London. To the high aulter of the churche of Well in the 
con tie of York, for my tithes & oblacions forgotten, xij s. To 
the high aulter of the churche of Danby Forest xij d. To my 
Lord Latymer a white ambeling mare marked w* an home on 
hir buttock. To John Bagthwait, my servaunt, a trotting stag, 
blak, w* a rache in the face. To my broder James my tawny 
gowne lyned w* chamlet. To my broder Eobert my tawny 

♦ A younger son of Sir James Danby, Knt. Of. Test. Ebor. iv. 122. For the 
will of his brother Sir Chr., see under the year 1517-18. 


gowne furred with white bogy. To George Musgrave my swerd. 
To my broder Anthony x s. To my suster Anne an ambeling 
mare of iiij yere age marked whithe an home on hir buttock. 
To Marget, my suster, an amling horse of iij yeres old, Powishe 
graye. To Thomas Bayne my weyker bow. The residew to 
my executors, James Danby my broder, Margaret Danby my 
suster, and George Musgrave. I make dame Agnes Danby, 
my moder, overseer, & beqweth hir for hir labour a white 
ambeling mare called Stokdale. 

[Pr. 8 Aug. 1612, k adm. to James Danby.] 



[Reg. Test. viii. 123 a.] 

In the name of my Lorde God, Amen. I, Henry CamebuU,* 
preist, late Archidiacon of Yorke, as a trwe Cristen man fast in 
the faith of Crist and His church, now, thogh sikk in my body, 
yet in good mynd and memorye, thanked be the same my 
Saviour, the xijth day of July, the yere of oure Lord God a 
thousand ccccc xijth, mak and orden this my present testament 
and last will in maner and fourme foloing. First and principally 
I recommend, gyve, and bequeth my sinfull soill to Hym that 

♦ One of the chief assistants of Archbishop Rotherham in the management 
of the diocese of York, and himself a man of great munificence and piety. 
His will must be read with that of his lord and master, Rotherham. 

In the cathedral of York CarnbuU held, in succession, the prebends of 
Friday thorpe, Wetwang and Masham, and the archdeaconries of Cleveland, 
East Riding, and York. 

On Jan. 19, 1484-6, he was coll. to the mastership of the hospital at Ripon, 
which he resigned in July. On March 5, 1486-7, he was coll. to the prebend 
at St. Martin's altar at Beverley ; and on April 7, 1492, he was inst. to the 
rectory of Northby in North Collingham, Notts. On August 18, 1494, he was 
coll. to the prebend of Norwell at Southwell, which he resigned in 1607, re- 
ceiving a yearly pension of iOl. On August 25, 1499, he was coll. to a pre- 
bend at St. Andrew's altar, Beverley, which he resigned in 1602-3, receiving 
from it a similar pension. 

In 1477 and 1478, etc., he was prebendary of Stow Longa and Leighton 
Manor at Lincoln. [Le Neve, ii. 177, 214.) 

On February 27, 1481-2, Archbishop Rotherham granted an indulgence of 
40 days "cunctis presbyteris qui Missas in capella ssdificata in honorem 
Jliesu Salvatoris infra ecclesiam S. Andreae de Wych, dioec. Worcester, cele- 
braverint, et ceteris qui audierint, et ibidem Orationem Dominicam cum Saluta- 
tione Angelica pro animabus Henrici CamebuU ac Thomae Warker ac par- 
ent um dicentibus, et conferentibus ad fabricam." 

The adoration of the Sacred Name filled a conspicuous part in Cambuirs 
devotions and in those of his master. CarnbuU was ordained deacon at York 
on May 20, 1486, and priest on June 13, 1489— late in life. 


creatid and redemyd the same, Crist Jhesus, beseching in my 
moost devowt and loliest maner Allmyghtj God, Father, the 
Sonn, and the Holy Gost, thre personns in Trinyte, and on God, 
to have mercy of me, synfull creature, prayng also His Godhed 
to pyte me, and of His mercy infenite to put His excellent 
passion betuene my said soill and His rightwes jugement ; and 
wher for my manyfold synnes and trespacis I have not maid 
confession, contricion, and satisfaccion, as I oght to have done, 
for drede of wordly shame, I axe Them now grace and forgy ven- 
ues therof, mekely beseching remission of all my synnes that 
ever I committid sithe I was borne, beseching also that moost 
gloriose Virgin, His mother Mary, with all the Angells, Arch- 
angelhs, Evangelistes, Apostellis, Martirs, Confessors, Virgins, 
and all the Celestiall Cityzeins of heven to be my advocates, 
and to pray for me to God for forgyvenes of my synnes, and that 
my soill may be savid and cum to the blisse that is ordeyned 
for all mankynd which never shall have ende. Also knoyng 
myself sone to departe owt of this worlde at the plesour of God, 
as if hit shall happen to be at Jhesus College in Rotherham 
now at this tyme, I will then my body be buried in the church 
of Eotherham in thechapell callid Jhesus chapell, laid low 
imder foote afore the alter ther, coverid with a marbill stone 
conteynyng this epytaphie ; Orate pro anvmahus Reverend- 
issimi i/n Chrieto patria et domvni, dorrivni Thomce Rotherham 
quonda/ra Archiepiscopi Eboracensia^ et Henrid Camebull aui 
Archidiaconi Eboracensis in EccleaiaEhoracenaiy parentv/mque 
auorurrij et benefactorum, ac familiarium eorv/ridemy necnon 
pro animabua omnium fidelium defunctorum; qui^ quidem 
ffenricua obiit decimo die mensis Augusti, anno Domini 
MiUe&imo ccccc^ xij^. Forthermore, for the rather purchasing 
me of grace and the souner obteygnyng of hevenly rest for my 
soill, when it shall departe from my body, I will that, immediatly 
aftur my said disceysse, a Diryge and Massea be songyn for my 
soill ; and my body to be buried. I will also that the seven 
nyght day at next aftur my said decesse and buriall that myn 
executours doo me to have an obbett in the church of Rother- 
ham, wher I will my body be buried. And I will that every 
prest, as well seculare as religiose, cummyng therunto, singing 
and saing for my soill Dirige and MaaaeSf shalbe given viij d.; 
to every clerk cummyng, syngng & saing, as is afore rehersid, 
iiij d. : and every poore man, woman, and childe asking almes be 
gyven for Godd's sake a peny, wyth owt any excessive chalange 
or objection maid ayenst any of them. For the executing of 

* These dates have been filled in afterwards, before the will was proved. Cf. 
Hunter's South Yorkshire, i. 16. 


this my testament and last will I orden and make Mr John 
Lyly,* prebendary of North Kelsay in the Cathedrall church 
of Lincoln and vicar of Botherham, & Mr John Sympson pre- 
bendary of Sepulcur chapell in the Cath. church of Yorke and 
parson of the same ; & that thei dispose my goodis meveable, 
as thei shall seme best for the helth of my soill, wythowt lett or 
interrupcion of any person or persons, & to see all sooche lyve- 
loide as I have purchasid in Botherham, Grresbruke, Baynfelde, 
Wentworth parich, or in any other placis wher I have purchasid 
with my penne, that it may be applied for my soill ; and therby 
that my said soill may have the rather moo praers, my mynd is 
that all sooch lyveloid as I have pmrchasid in placis afore namyd, 
or in any placis it may be foimde, that it may be applied and 
put to the use of Jhesus College in Botherham founded by my 
said late Lord Botherham, whos soill God assoyle, and thereby 
that his said soill, my soill, faders' and moders', may have per- 
petuall prayers as by a preist ever more to sing and say for us, 
having of the same lyveloid yerly owt of the said howse x marc, 
if hit may be borne ; and, if nay, then I will that myn executors 
see surely that I may have a yerly obbett to the value of vj 
marc, to be gyven to prestis, clerks & poore folks, as thei shall 
seme best. Moreover of this my last will I make and orden to 
be surviour of the same, to soporte, socoure and assiste my said 
executours, my singulare good Lord, George, of Shrowesbery, be- 
seching hym of his goodnes to helpe them as well in making 
sure all such lyveloid as I have purchasid in places byfore 
namyd or ellis wher, as in levyeng of my dettes ; and for hys 
good lordshipe and labur herin I wyll that he have Bassingthorpp 
bysides Botherham, of myn own belding, purchased of John 
Hynkersell, to hym, my Lord Fraunces, and ther heyris for ever ; 
and that my said executours deliver to his said lordship all sooch 
evidencis concemyng that purchase, as my trust is in them. 
And for as mych as in my days I have byfore this tyme made 
diverse testamentes, I will now they all be admittid and stand 
as voyd wher so ever thei be founden or shalbe shewid. And 

* 1513. John Lillie, vicar of Rotherham. To be buried within the chorche 
of Rotherham, within our Ladie*s qwere, nygh to my fether, Richerde Lilly. 
Item the day of my buri>ng a Dirige and a soUenne Messe to be done for my 
saule, and, ferthermore, the moneth mynde and my yere's mynde, as may be 
borne of my poure substance. I will that the great cloth of arres y* hangeth 
in the hall in the vicarege be yevenne in the worship of Gk>de to serve afore 
the heigh awter. To the garneshing of our Ladle's tabernacle within the 
churche of Rotherham xl s. To Robert Guyll, my brother, all such money as 
is due to me by the reason of Mr Mild for the personage of Londisfort ; and 
also a certaine duetie of Robert Wilkinson concerning the same personage, 
which personage was assigned me by the forsaid Mr DucUay in part of payment 
of one annuity of 20^. 


I will that this Will, begonne and endid, as is aforesaid, sealid 
with my seale, stannde in strength and vertu. Finally I 
shew to all Christen men that in the passion and wondis 
of Criste, and in the Sacramentes of His Church, I put only my 
holp and helth of soole, and that I dowbt not nor never dowbtid 
in any articulis of the feath, nor in any thing that shuld be 
repungnant to the feath of Criste's church, for a true Cristen 
man I am, and so I covet, desire, and pray to my Saviour I 
may dye. In whitnes wherof, and bycause I may not use 
my hand wyth my penne as I am wont to doo, albehit sealid 
wyth my seale, therefore I have required Mr Eobert Cutler 
Provost of the College of Jhesu in Botherham, John Towne- 
rawe prest and felow of the said College, Sir Thomas Grene 
our Ladie's preest in Rotherham church, Richard Hawson, 
John Sentwary, Nicholas Yngherham and Ric' Broyle to testa- 
fie the premisses. Yeven the day and yere abovesaid. 

[Pr. 14 Aug. 1612, adm. to ex".] 

Codicil. July 14, 1512. Henry CamebuU, preiste, late 
Archedeacon of Yorke, lyeng full seike in the College of 
Rotherham I consider that there wilbe many worship- 
full men, and therfor I will my saide executours order that and 
nay vij*^ day aftir there discretions with all other thynges as 
they seme best. Item I will my sade executours do make me 
an obite at RufTord abbay that my lorde abbott and my brether 
there may pray for my saull. Item I will that my saide ex- 
ecutours make for me a worshipfull obite in the church of 
Yorke after my degre. Also I will and bequeath unto my 
altar of Jhesu in Rotherham, where my body shall lye, a crucifixe 
with Mary and John. Item ij candlestickes parcel! gilte. Item 
a marcy chales al gilted and inameld. Item I will they have a 
lesse chalis for warke dayes. Item I will and gife therunto a pax 
of sUver and gilted. Item I gife and bequeath unto Maistir John 
Lille prebendary of Lyncolne, one of my executours, xx li. Item 
I gife and bequeath unto Maistir John Symson, prebendary in 
Sepulcre chapell, an other of my executours, xx li. Item I be- 
queath to my singler good lorde my lorde Shrouesbury, super- 
visour of my testament, a large standdyng cop with a cover all 
gilted which I bought of Sir Humfray Savage, weyng Ivij unc. 
And I will my said executours delyver the same withe theire 
owne handes. Item I bequeath to my lady his wif xx li. in golde. 
Item I bequeath unto Maistir Magnus a standyng cop all gilted 
with a cover with dropes oppon it. I bequeath unto Maister 
Robert Cutler, provest of my Lorde Rotherham College, xl li. to 


fynd hyme at the Universitie. Item I bequeath unto Maistir 
Thomas Eeasby xl s. Item I bequeath unto George Palmer 
X 8. Item I bequeath unto Maistir Herryson, the lemed man, 
XX s. Item I bequeath unto George Palmar wif xl s. Item 
I bequeath to the iiij orders of Freres in Yorke, to pray for 
me, xxvj s. viij d. Item I will that vj li. xiij s, iiij d. be 
delivered to the factours of Rawmarshe caucey which is nowe 
sore decaide. Item I bequeath unto Richard Hawson, my ser- 
vaunte, a horse, bridil, sadle, with al thynges belongyng hym. 
Item I will that he have nowe a yere wage for this yere past. 
Item I will that he have half this yere wage afbir my deith w* 
his yere borde, or els iiij marc to borde hymse selfe. Item I will 
that he have at his departour, to his rcTOrde, iij li, vj s. viij d., 
my best bede with all thynges belongyng therunto with too 
pare of sheites, . . a cope with a cover, . . a flate boule with 
sex silver spones. Item I bequeath unto my servaunte Nicholas 
Ingram to his mariage xxvj s. viij d., a horse, bridle, sadle, with all 
thynges belonging to hym, a yere wage now, and this yere wage 
aftir my death, with his borde or iiy marc ; my secunde bede, 
etc. ; & a rewarde at his departour, a flatt boule with sex silver 
spoynes. Forthermore, remembring in my minde that if ther 
be any man or woman that wolde aftir my deith make clame of 
any gifle, bequest, or other, if the clamers be not nowe in 
possession of . . . nor in this my last will, nor my forsade 
testamente, I nowe revoke al suche. Item if any person or 
persons make pretense or chalance to any pledge nowe beyng 
in my handes at my makyng this present will, I playnly nowe 
declare that I have none pledges of man or woman bot only 
such as I have trulie boughte with my peny to the most valour 
that the owners sett them to. Their wittenes Maistir Thomas 
Cutler provest of Rotherham, Sir Thomas Townerawe fellowe of 
the same, George Palmer, Robert Hertley, Robert Ljllye, Nicholas 
Yngram, with other. And by cause I may not write nor sub- 
scribe this my last Will, therefore I have sette myne aune scale 
the day and yere above reherced, 

[Reg. Test. viii. 96 b.] 

July 18, 1512. I, William Holbek,* e8quyer,and merchant 
of the Stapill at Callys, with a hole, perfyt mynd ordand & 

* The testator's father, "William Holbeck, merchant of the staple, was free 
of the city in 1425; Chamberlain, 1437: Sheriff, 1439-40: Lord Mayor, 1449, 
1458, 1470, and 1471. Will d. 9th May 1477, pr. 9th Oct. To be buried in 


hatb writtyn thys my last Will with my owne handes. Fryst, I 
beqneyth my soule to God, and our Lady Saynt Mary, and to all 
Hys &ynte8 : and my body to be bmied at my parishe churche 
thare as it shall piece to God to take me to Hys mercy. With 
owte eimy contract of symony to gyve for my bnriall, I will that 
thare be yeve frely unto the mayntenyng of the churche thare 
I am buried xx s. ; & zx s. to be yevyn to preistes and clerkes ; 
and other costes, as breid and drynke, to powre clerkes, and 
part of the same money as fer as it will goo. I will thare be 
done for my soule, my father and my mother soulys, and my 
fether-e-law, William Chymnay, soule, John Alstmore soule, & 
Agnes hys wyfe soule, and all Ciystyn soulys, with all the soulys 
that I am bowid to pray for, iij c Messys, as sone after my de- 
partyng as may be done, be suche priestes as is good and onnest 
and of good name, and that be not bowid to other cherges 
witch is thare dewty to kepe. I will that thare be yevyn for 
thes iij hundreth Messys iij hundreth grotes, eumTna v li., frely, 
without enny contract or cowit of symony. I will that thare be 
disposed for relesyng of pore presoners, that lyes for dett or 
feys, XX 8. Item to be yeven to suche as be sore or seyke, that 
ma not helpe thame selfe, xx s., to be gevyn where most neid 
requyreth. I will that thare be gevyn ij clothis whytes, of 
xxiiij y erdes long, emonges powre men and women whareas most 
neide shall requyre. I will that William Holbek, my son, have 
my chyne of gold weyng ij unce. I yeve & grantes hym all 
my landes & tenamentes within the cytye of Yorke after he 
comme to the yeres of xxiiij yere of age — and suche persons as 
shall forton to have gyding of hym to fynd hym to the scole 
or to such besynes that he shalbe most appte to have a onnest 
and trew lemyng by. I will that Edward, my yongar son, have 
all my landes, etc., withowit the Citie of Yorke, in the subbarbys, 
to hym and hys ayres for ever, in likwise to enter as hys elder 
broder dois ; and both to have like estat in all causis consemyng 
to same. I will that Marye, my wyflFe, have the rewle of hir 
chyldren & myne, with all landes, goodes that to thame be 
longes during thare non age, & my greit howse in Mykilgate 
during hir liffe, so she will remane and dwell tharein hyrselfe ; 
or eUys to occapie to the use of William Holbek, as afore is 
rehersid. To Edward Holbek my syngnet weing iij quarterons 
of a unce. To Dorathe, my dowther, my ryng withe the dya- 
mond weing an olde noble. I will that every servant in my 
howse have ig s. iiij d. to pray for me, over and above thare wages, 

the church of the Friars' Preachers. He marr. Agnes dau. of John Alston* 
more, alderman of York. 
The testator was a wealthy and generous merchant. 
VOL. V. V 


I will that my goodes be prasyd by suche as be onest and con« 
BcienBt meSy and hath knolege what the valow of every thyng 
is worth ; and to be swome to dow trewly to thare knolege that 
my wiffe and chylder may have thare partes indeferently that 
to thame be longes. I will that William, my son, have my 
coit of fence covered with chamlet that my fader gave me, 
John Storke, and the code-pece of plate, and sallet : and at 
Edward, my yongar son, have my swerd and bowe. Here I 
orden & stablish that my fader, John Storke, be my prynsepall 
executor, and my broder, Thomas Beverlay, a other of myne 
executors, and John Cokket of Hull a oversear to helpe my 
wyffe in the besynes. And I will that my &der, John Storke, 
have for hys labor to be god fiider to my wiflfe and chyldren ij 
buttys of malvessy. To my broder Beverlay my gowne of violet 
ftirryd, & John Storke my dublet of velvet. 

Thys is the bequestes : a vestment to Saynt John kyrke 
within Yorke and vj s. viij d. to the same. Item a blake gowne of 
shankes to Herry Stokke. Item a pewder box of sylver to Alys 
Beverlay. Item a forke of sylver to Alyse Storke. Item to 
Saynt Mary Apchurch in London iij s. iiij d. Item James Duffeld 
a blake bonet with a crosse of gold & stones. Item to every 
servant within my fader's howse xij d. Item to John Lameman 
of Yorke a blake gowne lyned with servet. Item to George 
Swenow a dublet of blake sattan. Item to John Storke a 

[Beg. Test. viii. 85 a.] 

July 26, 1512. Sir Thomas Taylour of Pomfret, preist. 
To be buiyed in the parishe kirke 3erd of Allhalows in Pomfret, 
uppon the est-syde of the kirk-porche. To the bying of a table 
conteynyng the passion of Jhesu to the hy alter of Allhallows 
aforesaid iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. To a discrete preiste, to synge for my 
sawle, etc., for iij yeres, xxj marc. To the vicar of Normanton 
ij volyms of Vincent. To Sir Thomas Hutchon a boke called 
Sermones Magdalense. To Sir Boger Gybbon a lummyd Sawter 
and a Catholicon duryng his lyff, &, after his decesse, to 
remayn to the parishe kirk of Allhallows. To Bichard Austwyk 
a Portesse of Sarum. To Bobert Wakefeld a boke callyd Precian 
Major. To Cutbert Yoyll a Doctrinall in prynt w* iiij partes of 
Grammour conteyned in the same. To Sir John Nelsthorp a 
boke called Manipulus Guratorum. 

[Pr. a Aug.l 


10 SEP. 1612. 

[Ex Grig, penes Dec. et Capit. Ebor.] 

The Chammer over the shopp. Sum 51. 178. lOd. An oyer 
chammer, 148. 6d. The chammer over the parlor, 41. 16d. 

The Halle. The hallynges vJ8, viijd. Item ij basyns of overse 
warke w* ij lawars iiij 8. A jak & a salet, a gorffet, ij gus8ette8, 
a napron, and iij gauntlettes yj 8. iiij d. Item ij batell axis & ij 
oyer axis xxij d. A byll viij d. Item ij swordes and a dager and 
a hynger iij s. A bukler xvj d. Summa Iv s. yd. 

The Parlor. Item ij ponched basyns w* ij lavers iij s. iiij d. 
A plane bas^-ne xxd. Item iij holow basyns iij s. yj d. Item 
iiij candilstekes ij s. iiij d. Item v dosen weght basyns, lavers & 
candilstekes xij s. Summa xxx s. vj d. 

BvMre. Item \j sylver sponys xiij s. iiij d. Item vij dosen 
& iij** pewder xxix s. Item xj** weght of layth metell ij s. iiij i. 
8umm>a xlvij s. vj d. 

The Kechyn. Inprimis ix dosen weght of pannej xxixs. 
Item xyj dosen weght & iij" of pottes, xly s. vj d. Item iiij 
spittes & a broche iy s. Item ij rakkys, a par of cobyrens and 
a rost yeme iij s. iiij d. A brandreth, a fiying pane, ij par pot- 
hyngynges xiiij d. Item ij fleshe crukys, a knyflf, and a sclyse 
iiij d. A bawk of yeme> iiij crokes, a par cogges, a scomer, a 
yeme pestell, xxij d. A par bellous and a water cane viij d. A 
dressyng borde ij d. A brew-ledde viij s. Item iiij standys & 
yj tobbs y s. viij d. A knedyng troughe, a soo, & ii cyhys xij d. 
A ladill ij d. A ste and a galon iiij d. A stone morter viij d. 
Summa, iiij li. xiiy s. x d. 

The Shoppe. A haly water fatt & a par 8ensor3 iij s. iiij d, 
A par of sen8or3 nn gamyshed xij d. A cbawfyng dishe xyj d. 
Item vij lavers v s. Item xj candilstekes of vij s ware v s. Item 
xv small candilstekes iij s. A tabar dishe \j d. Item iiij 
sacryng bellys xij d. A dosen ladilles and scommere3 v s. Item 
ij sensour fette viij d. Item xvij candilsteke flour5 tmned 
xvijd. Item xij dosen metall of weshe & thrawyng xij a. Item 
xxvij dosen hukshankes xviij d. Item x fylys, greate & small, 
xviij d. Item ij rowners ij d. Item yj hake hamers x d. Item 
iiij clynch hamers yj d. A par of clamej ij d. A greate hamer 
& ij lesse, yj d. Item ij shavyng knyfifes viij d. Item iij 
pykys viij d. A par of compase iij d. Item ii ryne spyndilles 

* The Inventory of the woijting gear and stock in trade of a York founder 
or moulder, "which gives us no small insight into his position and work. 

His wiU is dated on Oct. 14, 1511, bat it contains nothing of moment bat 
the fact that * Wm. Thoaites, squier * was a witness. He was of Marston. [Pr. 
9 Sept. 1612.] (Beg. Test. Dec. & Capit. ii. 101 a.) 

n 9 


xij d. Item ij par 8here3 xx d. Many small instnimentes zvj d. 
Item iij lathe3 ^ ^* I^^ ^ kystes i^j s. iiij d. Item shelfifes iij d. 
Summa iiij li. vij s. vij d. 

The Workhusae. Inprimis cccc weght, save viij*, metall 
iij li. xviij s. viij d. Item ij dosen & vij ware patrons 'vj s. viij d. 
Item V grete fete patrons & iiij floxire3 iij s. Item iij dosen 
smal patrons yj s. Item xxj ladill and scomer patrons vij s. Item 
iij dosen and v flowre3 patrones iij s. vj d. Item iiij belles & a 
lytill bell & a pyke xij d. Eynges & stapiU patrons ij d. A yeme 
bauke ij s. viij d. A lesse yeme bauke yj d. A noyer Ijrtill bauke 
iiij d. A weght of laton of vj ". 'vj d. Item iiij staoe of led 
weghtes, xviij d. Item ii crose heddes of led uj d. A kulyng- 
tune ij s. viij d. Item Ix sane, ij mawrelles iij s. Item xxiiij 
dosen & iiij ** ieren gere xs. Item yj dosen old ieme xviij d. Item 
xxiiij spyndillesy iiij latyn, ij s. The moldes xv s. iiij d. Item 
vj dosen chaufer spyndilles xij d. Item xxiij pottes for meltyng 
iij s. iiij d. A barell w* white erth xij d. Item x baukes over ye 
fome3 XX d. A lode of erth iij d. Mayd erth vj d. A tour stole 
w* all thynges pertenyng iij d. Siimrrui vij ". xiiij s. iij d. 

[Reg. Test. viii. 106 a.] 

Jan. 1, 1512-18. Thomas Yong. To be buried in the 
churche of Eetforde in the Lady qwere. I bequeith twoo 
qwarters malte to be dalte & yeven at Rampton to powre folkes, 
& ij quarters malte and j quarter rye to poore folkes at Betford 
after the discrecion of the iij bayles. To Mr Hercy my grene 
crosbowe with the rake, to be good m' to my wife, yflFe enny 
man wolde doo hir wrong. To Bauf Rasebie a litill crosbowe 
and a home. To my broder John my bigge crosbow w* the 
rakke of it whitche is at Mr Lewys. To the Prior of Wyrksope 
with the Convent a rakke for a crosbowe with a booke whiche 
he hath in hys handes at this tyme, to be good m' to my wyfe. 
To Eichard Leche my hawke. To Mr Ric' Lacelles my best 
bonet, my long bowe and my arowys. To my cosyng, George 
Eyre, my hynger & my bucler. To my cosyng, Nicholas 
Denman, an arke. My wyfe Jane ex* ; Mr Hercy, Rafe Reresbe^ 
& Mr Ric Lacelles supervisores. 

[Reg. Test. viii. 98.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. Tertio die of the moneth of Feb- 
ruarie, the yere of our Lord God m'occcc and xij, I Jayne 


Harper/ late the wyfie of John Harper late alderman, and sume 
tyme mares of the Citie of Yorke, beyng of hoill mynd, seyke 
of body, feryng fhour of deth, of such goodes as it pleasith 
Almyghtie Jeh(8)u to send me I mayk my testament and last 
will in forme folowing. Frist I bequeith my saule unto my 
Lord God and Creator of all the world, to our Blissed Lady, 
and to all the hoill company of hevyn, and my body to be 
buried in the midd alye, at my stale end, within my parishe 
churche of All Halous of the Payment within the said citie of 
Yorke. Item I bequeith to the hie alter for my forgottyn 
tithes v] s. viij d. And I bequeith for my cors presand my 
best gowne after the maner and custome of the citie of Yorke. 
Also I bequeith ziiij wez in vij seriesse to be maid and brynt 
about my body the dale of my buriaU. And of the said vij 
seriesse, oon to be brynt and leght every daie frome the daie of 
my buriall imto my eghtyne day, to be maide new, and als 
mych wax in tham as was at my biriall day. Also I bequeith 
xiij torches of ij s. peice to be bought and brynt about my 
body the daie of my buriall and viij*** daie. Also I bequeth 
xiij white gownes to be maid and yiflFen to xiij power men, 
evere gowne contenyng foure yerdes, which poore men shall 
bere the said torchys abount, and evere oon of thame iiij d. the 
daye of my buriall. Also I bequeith unto the kirkwarkes for 
my buriall vj s. viij d. Also I will that my Deryge and Masse 
be song the day of my burial] on our Lady, and that evere preist 
of my parishe churche to have viij d. to pray for me. And the 
same daie oon trentall of Measses to be doone for me. Also I 
will have oon trentall of Measses to be song for of my eghtyn 
day. And I will have Dergy and Meaase song the same viij^ 
daye of Requiem, likewise as at my buriall day. And I be- 
queth to evere prest of the churche then beyng at Dergy and 
Measse the same daie viij d. Also I bequeith xl s. in spice and 
wyne, breid and aile, and xl s. for to make a denere to siche 
persons as myn executors will call therto with my hoill parish- 
yog ; and xl s. to be distribute emonges poor people the same 
day. Also I bequeith Ixyj s. viij d. to be spent in oon Dergy, 
in spice and wyne to the Mayre and his breder. Mares and hyr 
sasters, and the hoill parishing, and foure poundes to the dener 

♦ The testatrix was the widow of John Harper of York, merchant, who was 
free of the city in 1471 ; Chamberlain in 1478 ; Sheriff in 1481-2 ; Lord Mayor, 
1489. He was adm. with his wife into the Merchants' Guild in 1473 ; and was 
Constable in 1476, and Master in 1482. By his will d. 11th Dec. 1496 and pr. 
15th Apr. 1496 he desired to be buried in his parish church of All Saints on the 

The testatrix was a daughter of Thomas Brouneflete, Sheriif in 1457-8. She 
was a great benefactress to her parish, which still enjoys the fruits of her 


upon monie after, and iiij pound to be dalt to poor people by 
the discrecion of myn execut*. Also I bequeith unto the foure 
Orders of Frejrs within the eitie of Yorke xx s. equally to be 
devided emonges thame, to pray for my saull and all Qrystyn 
saulis. Also I bequeith to evere prisoner in the Castell, Kid-* 
cot and Bysshop pryssons j d. Also to evere man and woman 
in the Masyndews and Spittell houses within Yorke and 
suburbes of the same j d. Also I will that myn executors fynd 
flesh and breid evere Sonday to the valour of v d. to be had 
unto the prysoners of Castell by oon hoill yere after my de- 
ceasse. Also I bequeith unto Sir William Metcalfe preist^ if 
he be unpurvid of oon sold after my deceasse, syng for me 
at Fancte Kateryne alter within the churche of AUhalous in 
Ousegate the space of foure yeiys, evere yere vij marc, to pray 
for my saule and all my good doers saules, and langar, yff my 
executor may doo it. Also I bequeith all such landes and 
tenementes as William Nelson alderman and Yorke had by 
deid of gift of John Custance th'elder, bakar, in the towne and 
feldes of Skirpynbeke and Yolethorp in Countie of Yorke, 
which the said William Nelson haith yifiyn state unto the 
kyrk maisters of All halloo church abovesaid, unto the use 
and behove of the same churche, according unto certayn con- 
dicions contened in certayne indenture tripertid, of the whiche 
indenture tripertid oon parte remanes in the chawmer of Yorke, 
seeunt parte with said kirkmasters, and the thyrd parte of thame 
with the said William Nelson and his heyrs. Also I bequeith 
unto the house of Kileston oon superaltar, a Messe buke in 
prynt, a pax brede with towe ymages, oon of Saynt Katerine 
and the other of Saynt Cristofer, with the alter clothes belong-^ 
yng unto the said alter, in my parlour, to remane and belong 
unto our Lady alter of Silston for ever more. Also I will that 
suche glasse wyndous whiche (sic) and tooke and removid &o 
the house of Saynt Leonard, where I wont, be restored agayn, 
if God call me now to His mercy, with the litill buttree of 
wajniskott which was afore in the said. Also I bequeath unto 
th'abbay of Marton a fedder bed with bolster and oon cover of 
a bed, a pott of brasse, oon greit baissyn latton, a rostyron, and 
xxvij s. in money which they awe me, a pair of lyn shettes and 
the curtains blewe bukeram, two pilloo coddes with the 
valandes, under this condicion that the Prior and Covent of the 
same doo evere yere duryng fy ve yeres a Messe of Raquiem 
and Dergy for my saule and all my goode frendes' sanies. Also 
I bequeith unto Jennet Helay two gownes, iiij yerdes hardyn, 
a bed, and oon latton pan. Also I bequeith unto Agnes 
Kater a littill masoer standyng and gilt w*out frounce, at the 


discredon of m jn executors, a spjimyng wheile, a par of cardes, 
a rok and oon reill, two dishes, two sansers. Also I beqneith to 
Thomas Kater viij sylver spones and a par of silver bedes con- 
tening iij" and xiij, to be sold, and the money therof to be 
spent upon hym in rayment or othir thyng necessane. Also I 
bequeith to Rychard Russell, my cosyn, a pair of sylver bedes 
contenyng iij" vij, to helpe hym with. The residew of all my 
goodes unbequest, my dettes paid and funerall expenses ful- 
fillid, I gyffe unto Alan Staveley, alderman of the citie of 
Yorke, and Robert Clifie, whome I make myn executors, to dis- 
pose for the well of my saule and all Cristyn saules as thay 
shall thynke most expedient and necessarie. And I make Mr 
Kirke alderman and Mr William Nelson supervisors of this 
my testament and last will. And I bequeith to ather of 
myn execmtors for ther labors xxs. and atlier of my said 
supervisores other xx s. for thar good counseall to be had in 
fulfillyng of my last will. Also I bequeith unto Robert CliflFe 
the reversion of yeres of house which I have in my house I 
wonne in. Hiis testibus Roberto Cheston, notario publico, 
domino Antonio Mason capellano, et Thoma Yorke« 

[Reg. Test. viii. 106 a.] 

Apr. 12, 1513. Elizabeth Gamer,* wedow, lat wyfe of 
Robert Gamer, alderman of Kyngeston upon Hull. I geve 
my sawle to God Almyghtie Wiche creatid it and redemyd, to 
the glorius Virgyn Seynt Mary, and to all the Seyntes beyng 
in the celestial! colege of hevyn ; my body to be buried in 
Trinitye churche of Hull. To dayn Margaret Selby, nonne 
of Swyne abbay, xx s. I will that my best standyng maser 
duble gilt with a covereng, and my best salt duble gilt with a 
coveryng remayne evermore for heyerlomys to the heire male 
of the forsaid Robert Gamer, and never to be solde for noo 
necessite, buto evermore succede the bloed and name aforesaid 
from heyer to heyer. I will that my plate (be) in the churche 
of ye Holy Trynyte within the towne aforesaid, & there lye in 
a chiste in the revestrye, to be kepte to the behove of (my) iij 
sonnes, Peter, Robert & John Gamer, I will that Peter Gar- 
ner, myn eldest son, enter unto all my husholde as heier male, 
& he to be bounden in conscience to do a yerely obytt for the 

♦ Will d. Sept. 20, 1505, Robert Gamer, alderman of Hull. I wyll that my 
wyffe make a glasse wyndowe for her Sc me in Swyne abbay clostere of the 
northe syde. My wyffe to have my pnrchest and my wedsett land in Clyffe, 
Danthorpe, & Sportlay. (Reg. Test. vi. 205 a,) 


sawles of my husbonde and myn, for the sowles of Henry Selby 
& Katerine hys wyflFe, Sir John Casson & Mawde hys moder^ 
Robert Welton & Jenet hys wife, with all our benefactors, as 
for on alderman; & (after the deaths of my children) the 
churchemasters to do it, & the mayre of the towne for the tyme 
beyng to oSre the Messe penny. And the said obite shalbe 
regestryd in the Mesne bok in the said churche as strongly as 
it can. 

[Reg. Test. Dec. & Cap. il. 97.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Anno Domini m^ quingentesimo 
decimo tertio, I Gerard Wanseford* of the Gyte of York, 
stacionar, trubylyd w* bodyly seyknes bot hoole of mynd, mak 
my testament or last will in this maner. First I giff my sowU 
to Almyghty Gode, to our Lady Sanct Mary, and to all y* 
company of hevyn, & my body to be buryed wHn ye church of 
Sanct Alargaret of Lennm Bishop by fore ye chapell of y* Holy 
Trinite. And I giflf to ye said church for my buriall vj s. viij d. 
Also I require for ye luff of Jhesu Crist for to be on broder of 
ye Trinite gyld kepyd yer : and to pay yerfore as y® custome of 
ye gyld requirith. Item I bequeth & giff to Agnes, y* doghtter 
of James At y* See at Brydlyngton in Yowrkshyr, in mony 
iij li. vj s. viij d. and on gold ryng wt tokyns gravyn yeron 

^K S. P. I. Item I bequest to Banff Polan of York goldsmyth 

j worstyd blak jakkytt lynyd w* blak lambe & on oversee porse 
w* y* gyrdill. Item I giff to my brother Frederik Wanseford 
all my other clothes at York. And also I giff hym on paire of 
corrall beydes gawdied w' silver which be in ye kepyng of y* 
said Banff Polan. Item I bequeth to Bicherd Watterson of 
London xl s. to ye which Bichard Mr Wynkyn de Word can 
informe yow : Item I giff to ye said Mr Wynkyn xl s. which I 
howght hym. Also I giff to Valentyn, my broyer son, my scarlytt 
cape. The residew of my goodes not bequest, my dettes fbrst 
paid, I putt to ye disposicion of myn executers, whome I maike 
my said broder Friderik Wanseford of jowrk, Banff Polan of 
ye said 3ork, & Mr Mayner Weywyk of London, y* thei 
dispose my said goodes for y* well of my sowU as it shall seme 

* The greater part of the carious will of this early York printer was given 
by me to the late Mr. Davies, and was printed by him in his Memoir of the 
York Press. 

2 Nov. 1610. CJomm. to Frederik Wandisford, alias Frese, of York to 
collect the goods etc. of Garrit Wandisford, alias Frese, of York dec*, & to 
render an ace*. (Reg. D. & C. ii.) 


thame best to plese God & profyt my eowU. Ye dayte at 
Lenum befom sayd, ye day & y* ^er beforne writtyn. Wytnes 
Mr John Whytyng M*" of y* College of Lenum, Sir Thomas 
Spicer prest yer, and Luttkyn Smyth, y*. which Luttkyn I make 
gupervisor of y^ my last will & I giflf hym for his labour xl s., & 
for mor soorte y* sayd wytnes hath putt to yer sealles. 

[Pr. 24 Oct. before Wm. Raddyff, Official of the liberty of the town or borough 
Lenum Episcopi, in the chapel of the Hospital of 8t John Baptist there, Sc 
adm. to ex'* : Fr. at York k adm. to Frederick Wanseford.] 

[Reg. Test. viii. 120 b.'\ 

June 10, 1513. Agnes MeUers,* widow and voiesse. To be 
buried in the parich church of Sent Marie in Notingham, in 
the same place where the bodie of my hosband, Richerd Meller?, 
lieth buried. To Thomas, son of John Widerlay, x marc, &, if 
he departe before he is bownd apprentice, the said z marc to be 
imploid to the use of the free scole which I have fowndid in 
Notyngham. To William, son of William Mellers late of La- 
cester, x marc — (to remain to John his brother — Agnes d. Robt 
M my son — Wm s. Wm English V To Sir fiicherd Mellers, my 
son, a chales, vestyment, w' all tninges to them belonging. To 
Agnes, doghter of Sobert Sussell, a little maser with a buid of 
silver and gilde. To the reparacion of xx^ of the porist churchis 
where my hosband maid any bellys, to every church yj s. viij d. 
At the tyme of my buriall and vij*** day myn executors shall 
dispose zx 11. to the poorist people by them knowen. I will that 
xij gownis to xij poore men shalbe parte, and yerlie at my 
anniversarie or yeresday x gownis to x poore men during the 
space of iij yeris, over and above that sum of xx s. which for me 
shalbe donne by the chambre of this towne. I will that the 
mayre and burgesis of the town of Not' shall have to them & 
their successors for ever on mease sett in the side of the church 
yerde of Sent Petur in Notingham, iij chamburs in the said 
church yerd now in the holding of Sir John Hunt, Sir Sichard 
Morley, & another vacant, & on other mease in the Bridelsmyth 
gate, a garden in Berwardgate, a garden in Sent Nycholas 

* Widow of Richard Mellers of Nottingham, bell-founder, etc., whose will, 
dated Jan. 7, 1603-4, was proved Aug. 2, 1515 (Reg. Test. ix. 18 b). He leaves 
to Agnes, his wife, a mansion opfKisite the Dolphin. After her husband's 
death Agnes Mellers took the vow of perpetual widowhood. 

She was a generous benefactor in various ways, especially in founding a 
school in Nottingham. Her son Bobert Mellers, M.?., befriended the same 
public institution. 


parich & a garden in the same parich, to & for the edification 
& suppoitacion of the said free scole, which I have erected to 
be kept in parich of Sent Marie in Not', according to sooch 
constitucions and ordinannces as I therof have maid a note and 
draght — & also all my meases, etc., held by leas, and a mease 
in Ancaster boght for me by my son William Inglisch. My 
sons Robert MeUers & William Englisch ex". Willmm Kirkbye 
and William Caswell supervisors. Thes witnes John Eoos mayre 
of Not', John Williamson, John Cost, Thomas Mellors, Thomas 
Wiloghbye, aldermen and justices of the peace. 

[Pr. May 12, 1614, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Bainbridge, 140 ^.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. The xij''* day of Julii, ye yere of 
our Lorde m* ccccc"** xiij"***, I Cuthbert Place,* person of Budebe, 
hole of mynde and seke in body, ordyneth and maketh this my 
last will in maner and forme folowing. First I bequeth my 
soule to Almyghti God, to the Blisside Virgjme our Lady Saynct 
Marie, and to all hole company of hevyne, my body to be buriede 
with in the parish kirke of All Halows of Rudebe before the 
hie awlter. Also I will my mortuarie be gifen after the custome 
of the contree. Also I will that at the day of my buriall every 
prest present have viij d. and every clerke ij d. and parish clerkes 
iiij d. and penny dale to all the poore ; and forthermore after 
discrecion of my executours. Also I bequeth xiiij U, to a honest 
prest to sing for my saule, my fader's and my moder's, and all 
my goode frendes' saules the spaice of iij yere in the saide church 
of Rudbe. Also I beqweth to the said church xls. therwith to 
be bought a vestment after the mynd of my executours. Also 
I bequeth to every chapell depending to Rudbe vj s. viij d. ; and 
to every prest being servande to me at the saide chapelles vj s. 
viij d. Also I bequeth to Sir William Paicoke xxvj s. viij d. ; 
also to Sir Christofer x s. Also I bequeth to WilUam Belte, 
my servande, iiij li. and a hors. Also to Richerde Asqwytt his 
hole yere waiges and xiij s. iiij d. Also to my hyndis ther hole 

♦ A younger son of Rowland Place of Halnabj, Esq., and his wife, Margery, 
dau. of Sir John Conyers of Hornby. 

His father died on May i in the 8th of Henry VII., leaving John Place his 
son and heir, then of the age of 24. 

This will is a pleasing picture of the ttatu4 and feelings of a somewhat 
wealt hy ecclesiastic. 


yere waiges. Also to my women servandis ther hole yere waige 
with a levarie. Also to my coke laydes yj s. viij d. Also I 
beqweth to Gralfirid Dod worth x IL ; and to my suster his moder 
iij 11. vj 8. viij d. Also I bequeth to my suster Marjorie Suites * 
the pressour the which I dide lende hir on a pleige* Also to 
my cosyn William Conyers yj s. viij d. Also to Leonard his 
broder vj s. viij d. Also to John Saier xx s. Also to Sir Laurence 
Wrigh xiij 8. iiij d. Also I bequeth to the Freers of Richmund 
XX s. ; and to the iiij Freris* Orders besides x s. Also to Sir 
Sobert Blakston a oxe. Also to James Bays xxyj s. viij d. Also 
to my suster in lawe vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Also to Bolande Place 
iij li. yj s. viij d. Also to Bamarde Place iij li. yj s. viij d. Also 
to Robert Place iijli. yjs. viijd. Also to Eicherde Copper 
yj s. viij d. Item to the reparadon of Sudebe brigg xxyj s. viij d. 
Also I beqweth to the mariege and help of my broder dowghter 
xl li. Also I bequeth to my Lorde Connyers a goblet, w^ my 
best hors after my mortuarie to be taken : and to my maister 
his Sonne xl s. to by hym a nage with. Also I bequeth my 
broder, John Place, xiij li. yj s. viij d. ; and to my cosyn John, 
maister of hospital!, x li., which twoo I make and ordineth my 
executours. This my last will fnlfillid, I will that residew of 
my goodes be disposid after the mynde of myn executours for 
the well of my saule and the helpe of my broder John children. 
Writen the day and the yere abovesaide, thes beringwitnes. Sir 
Robert Blakeston, Sir William Paicoke prestes, John Saier, 
Christofer Connyers, Leonarde Connyers, with many moo, the 
which I have subscribide with my hande and setto my scale. 



[Reg. Test. viii. 114 J.] 

July 28, 1513. Alexander Passelewe, f esquier. To be 
buried in Saint Laurence qwere within the churche of Binglay. 
To the vicar my best beist in the name of my mortuarie. To 

* This most be the lady, hitherto without a surname, who married Thomas 
Surtees, Esq., of Dinsdale. Her hnsband died in Nov. 1510, and his onlj sister 
and heir was the wife of John Place, the testator's nephew. 

f Eldest son of Thomas Passelew, of Kiddlesden, Esq. 

1486, Aug. 19. Thos Passellew de Redelesden arm. Sep. in choro eccl. 
Omn. Sanct. de Byngley, subtus lectrinam. My mother Joan wife of Adam 
Brome. Alexander my son and heir, a minor. Dau. Isabel 40/. My sisters 
Joan and Elizabeth. Bastard son Arthur. My wife. Sir Thos Tempest knt, 
Wm Beckw» knt, John NeviU knt, & Thos Lacy Esq. ex". [Pr. 26 Jan. 1487-8.] 
(Reg. Test. ▼. 322 *.) 


the alter of Saint Laurence in the said churche a vestment of 
chamlett. To the alter of our Ladie of KighLiy a gowne of 
blake cloth furred with fichus. Also I bewit a dublet, the one 
half of cloth of golde and the other half of blake velvett, to be 
made in corporaxes, and to be disposede at the sight of Sir 
Miles Hertley and Sir John Scott preistes. Eesidew, forsothe, 
of all my goodes, I gif to Mawde my wif and Stephen my son, 
whiche I ordeyne my executors, that thei the same goodes well 
and truelie dispose as them shall think best for to spede, by the 
oversight of Sir John Passelew th'abbot of Whalley, and Johne 
Lacie esquier. 

[Beg. Test. ix. 22 J.] 

Aug. 27, 1613. John Holme*. For as myche I intende 
with the grace of God to precede to this joumay to doo the 
Kyng service, and . . . yf it so be that any thyng fortime 
me but goode, as God knawes, I mak my will. My body to be 
graven in Christen beryall, iff it pleasse God. To a poor prest, 
beyng out of service, to syng a trentall of Messes in Felkyrk, or 
ells wher I was borne, for my sawU, etc., x s. Besidewe to Alys 
my wyffe & my childeren, that is to say I will that my wyff, 
my m*" being hir good maister as my specyall trust is upon his 
good maistershipe, 1 beyng in his service, if any thyng fortune 
to me, as God knawes, that she shall occupye all my goodes to 
the use of hir and my childer ; if so be that she kepe hir un- 
raaried, as I trust she will, consideryng hir great charge. And 
for as mych as I have a special I mynd to John & Edwarde 
Holme, my sonnes, to have theym well ordered'e, I will that my 
wyffe kepe to the scooU opon my hoU goodes unto such tym 
that thay be of lawfull age. And if thay do the contrary to this 
ray will, and be nott well disposede, nor will nott attende theyr 
lemyng, but spend theyr tyme and my goode in wast, than I 
will that all such costes as is spent oppon theym for theyr borde, 
they beyng frome their moder, shall be taken upon ther parte 
whic belonges too theyme. And, forther, of my will yf any 
travesse be, I hav shewed my mynde unto my brother, vicar of 
Huston, and he to recorde it, if nede be, to my m*", whome I 
besuch too be their good maister, for they have no helpe nor 
succour but your good maistershipe. I mak my brother the 

♦ I am unable to state to what family the testator belonged. He was 
probably on his way to the war against the Scot*. He was, seemingly, one of 
1 he Holmes of Paul Holme. His brother was vicar of Ruston* and there this 
will was made. 


vicar of Buston & my gone Richarde sapervisours, to oversee 
my goodes to the behove of my childre that be not at lawfull 
age. At Suston. 

[Pr. 8 Nov. 1616.] 

[Beg. Te8t.ix.31».] 

Aug. 28, 5th Hen. VHI. (1513). Thomas FytzwUUam • of 
Aldewarke, esquier. My body to be buried in the Freers at 
Tykhill, if please Allmyghty Grod I may come home frome the 
felde agaynste the Scottes. I bequeth to my mortuarie my 
beste horsse. My feoflFees Thomas Wentworthe esquier, Thomas 
Stree, and Nicholesse Boswell to be seassede in all my maners, 
landes, etc., to th'entent that they sufifer my ezecutours to take 
the proflFettes to such tyme as they have payde my dettes & 
receyved ccc*** markes to the mariage of Alice my doghter. I 
will that they stand seassed of the maner of Therfelde in the 
countie of Harteford to the use of John Fytzwilliam, my yonger 
sone, for the terme of his ly fie, & then it to come to my ryght 
heyres. If my doghter Alyce dye afore she be mariede, the said 
iij« markes to be disposede by myn executours in charytable 
dedes for fhelth of my soull. I will that myn ezecutours make, 
or cause to be maide, a tombe over my father wher he liethe 
buried at the Freers at Tykhill, and another over myselfe, yf it 
happen me ther to be buriede. The residewe to Anne my wyffe, 
Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth, Thomas & Nicholesse Bos- 
well, whome I make myn executours. 

[Pr. 20 May, 1616, adm. Anne wid.] 


[Reg. Test. Ix. 2.] 

1613. Johannes Hamertonf de Wiglesworth, armiger, 
causa itineris ad bellandum contra regem Scotise pro defensione 

* The testator and his brother John Fitzwilliam were killed at Flodden. 
The wills of his father and grandfather are in Test. Ebor. ill. 246, etc. Of. 
Banter's South Yorkshire, ii. 66. 

The testator left two sons and two daughters. The latter married into the 
family of Foljambe, and carried Aidwark with them. 

+ The testator seems to have been a son of Sir Richard Hamerton, Kt., who 
died in 1480. (Test. Ebor. iU. 258.) 

The Scottish camptdgn on which he was going ended in the great victorj 
at Flodden. Did he die there ? 


regni Anglise, condo testamentum meum. Sep. in capella B. 
M. V. infra eccl. de Preston in Craven ex parte australi, ubi 
corpora antecessorum meorum jacent et sunt sepulta, animas 
quorum et quarum Deus perducat ad seternam lucem. I^go 
meum optimum equimi cum cella, frseno et aliis omamentis, 
sicut ego solebam equitare et frequentare in vita mea, nomine 
mortuarii. Elisabeth, uxori meae, unum ciphum arg. stantem 
cum cooperamine, et unum equum ambulantem. Stephano, 
filio meoy omnia armatura mea. Item volo quod prseidictus 
Stephanus recipiat et percipiat omnia jocalia vulgariter dicta 
harelomsy et ea habere, etc., ut patet plenius per ultimam 
voluntatem Eicardi Hamerton militis defuncti, ut descendant 
hseredibus masculis. Lego eidem Stephano unam tabulam 
alblasturam, j calicem, j Missale cum omnibus aliis omamentis 
capellae mese apud manerimn meum de Wiglesworth. Lego x li. 
ad aedificandum et reparandimi dictam capellam ad finem orien- 
talem dictse eccl. de Preston. Annse, filise mess, partem suam 
filialem de bonis meis.' Yolo quod quando contigerit Sicardum 
filium meum obire, tunc sua pars sui annualis redditus, quem 
dedi ei pro termino vitae suae, remaneat Stephano filio meo 
prsedicto et hseredibus suis masculis. Et sic volo de Laurentio 
et Thoma quando contingat eos mori. Residuum uxori meae et 
Stephano filio meo, quos constituo executores, ad intentionem 
et ex{>editionem maritagiae Annae filiae meae. Hiis testibus 
Johanne Norton, Johanne Gaterall, Kicardo Chew, Ricardo 
Banck, et Boberto Sevyl capellano. 

[It. 2 Jan. 1614.15, adm. to Stephen H.] 

[Reg. Test^viii. 117 a.] 

June 5, 1513. Bobertus Birdesall (de Tadcastre) proponens 
Franciam visitare cum nobilissimo domino domino Henrico 
Perce, comite Northumbriae. Corpus ecclesiasticae sepulturaa 
ubicimque Deus disposuerit. Lego omnes pannos quibus usua 
fuero tempore mortis meae sibi qui corpus meum fecerit sepeliri, 
ad distribuendum pauperibus. Wife & children. 

[Pr. 9 Feb. 1613-14.] 


[Reg. Test. yiU. 118 ».] 

Sept. 1, 1513. John Gower knyght.* My body to be 
buried wher it shall please God. I will and wit the Prior of 
Marton to have my best hors with a sadle and an hames of 
velvit. To every house of the iiij orders of Frears of Yorke x s., 
to pray for me and my saull. I will that my feoffees incon- 
tynent after my deith maike an estaite to the yerely valew of 
iiij li. to every of my yonger sonnes, that is to say to John, 
George, Bobert, Waiter, & to litell Thomas, for terme of 
their lyves. Also I will that every dowghter that I have shall 
have a resonable fynding to the time that the money for their 
manege may be goten of my landes, & each of them to have 
to their manege xl li., that is to say Elisabeth, 'Anne, Jayne 
and Margarete. I will that my susters, Isabell and Margerie, 
have, either of theym, xl marcs according to my fader's will. 
To Heyne, my bastard suster, vj I. xiij s. Iiij d. I will that myn 
feoffes seile a patent or maike a relesse to William Constable 
of xl 8. be yere terme of his lif, & he therfor to se the courtes 
holden of my landes. Also I will my dettes be paiede of such 
gudes as I have incontynent after my deith. Also I will that 
my wif se that aU my servauntes be content and paide ther 
wagies to the day of my deith, and every of them to have a 
quarter of a yere waige after my deith : whom I ordeyne and 
maike myn executrix of this my last will. This being witnese 
Sir Thomas Burtonne prior of the Austyne Freers of Newcastell, 
William Constable, and Thomas Laurence, with mony other. 

[Pr. 11 March 1513-14, the will having been made at Newcastle, whilst the 
testator was going in the king's army against the Boots.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 17 b.] 

Dec. 18, 1513. Bicharde Dowghty of Kyngeston upon Hull, 
merchaunte, beyng of an hoUe mynde, in good lyfe, consideryng 

* Another victim of Flodden, Sir John Gower of Stittenham, who seems to 
have made his will in the house of the Austin Friars at Newcastle, where he 
was probabl7 lodging on his way northwards. For an account of his family 
see the Visitation for 1584-5. 

On May 16, 1486 Adm. of Sir Thos. Gower of Sheriff Button, knt. (father 
of the testator), was granted to Thos. Gower his (second) son. (Reg. Test. 
Y. 282 a.) 


the mutable estaytt of man, and what chaunce issueth daly in 
every age for the inconstant demeanour of man, provydyng all- 
way that wisdame is a man allway to be redy and prest when 
he shalbe callede upon. To be berriede in the church of Saynct 
Mary annext to the grave of my £suier and mother. To the 
makyng of the hye alter xxvj s. viij d., or elles an holle clothe 
of whitte. I gyve all my landes, etc., in Hull to Agnes my 
wyflFe duryng hir lyflFe, whome I make my soolle executrix. After 
her decesse I will that Elizabeth Gamer, doghter of Jennett 
latte the wife of William Gramer, have my dwellyng howse — to 
remeyn to my cosyn Roger Bushell. To the church of oure 
Lady the dwellyng howse wherin now Richarde Meykly dothe 
dwell, after the decesse of my wyflFe, to be prayed fore, and all 
my good frendes* sawlles ; owt of which howse I will that x s. be 
payde, that is to say iiij s. for an obitt in the sayd church yerly as 
the same day I do departe upon, iij s. iiij d. to the obytt, and vj d. 
to poore men, & iij s. iiij d. of the saide x s. to the Holy Trinite 
church for an obytt. The resedew of the x s. to be payde to 
the Augustyn Freers for an obitt and Messe. To the Whitt 
Freers in Hull a tenement next adjoynyng to Saynt James 
Masendewe to belong unto my hede house wherin I dwell, 
commandyng my executrix that the said tenement shalbe a 
bedehowse for ever. To Ricard Meykly, my tennante, that 
gowne which was gyyen me latly by Georg Mahew, mayr of 
Hull, furred with black lambe. My cosyn Roger Bushell & 
John Langton my brother supervisors. 

[Pr. 27 June, 1515, adm. ex«.] 

[Reg. Test. Dec. & Capit. Ebor. ii. 108.] 

Feb. 10, 1513-14. Eobert Rayner • of Est Drayton, hooll 
in mynd and of good remembraunce, loued be my Maker. To 
be bur. afore the quere dore in the church of Est Drayton. I 
will that vij lb. wax be maid in xiij candils, to be burned abowt 
my body in the day of my obbet & vij day. I wooll that my 

♦ The Rayners were landowners in East Drayton in the reign of Henry IV., 
and one of them was Sheriff of the County and proclaimed Charles II. at the 

8 Oct. 1518. Thomas Rayner of Est Drayton. To be bur. in the church. 
To the buylding of the north Ue xl s. Johannet Air my dau. Eliz. my wife. 
Richard, Johan & Nicholes, Agnes Bell, Emmot, Eath., & Ellis my childer. 
[Pr. 16 Dec. 1618.] (Reg. Test. Dec. & Cap. ii. 119.) 

26 Apr. 1524. Pr. t. Bmmott Rayner of Est Drayton & adm. to Wm k 
Edmund R. her children & ex"". (Id.) 


executores deell in meike almuse the day of my buriall, to 
every person, singlerly, being thare present, j d. To the sus- 
tentacion of an onneste prest for to sing and say for the weyll 
of my sauU, by the space of an hooU yere, within the church 
of Est Drayton, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. To every of the iiij Orders 
of Freers w* whome 1 am broder, singlerly, x s., for the whuch 
I besuche the brother of every of the said places of thar 
charitie to doo a trentall of Messes for my saull. To the 
edifying of a portche to the church of Est Drayton xx s. To 
the makeng of the north yle in the said church, at such con- 
venient tyme as the parochans shal begyn the same, xx s. To 
the hie awter in the chappell of Darlton xx d. To the repara- 
cion of brigges & wais in Est Drayton yj s. viij d. John Lyllie 
& Agnes my doghter (his wife) : sons Thos, Wm, Edmund. 
My lands in Est Drayton, Darlton, Carlton, Kyngesmore and 
Dunham March. Wife Emmot. A speciall obbet yerely to be 
done for the well of my saull, Emot my wiflF, John Eayner 
and Alice my fader & my mother, & all Cristyn saulles, iiij s., 
yerely, to be done on the Friday nex afore Palme Sonday, to 
the vicar, the offerand, the dark, & the remanet to be wared in 
bred and heryng to pore people. 

[Pr. 12 Oct. 1615.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. viii. 121 a.] 

1514. John Huyk,* parich clerke, of Hull. To be buried 
in the wedding kirk porche byside my wief ; and the hoill table 
to be at my burialL I bequeth iij s. iiij d. to a place namyd 
Sent Andrue's in Fischergate in Yorke, to have Dirige and 
Mease done for my soill. To the childers' light in Sent 
Mighellis church in Yorke xx d. I bequeth all my songes, 
and bokes, to kepe serves in the highe quere, and for keping of 
owr Lady Messe. To Symond Harper my best clarycordis, 
wyth all my small bokes, unvameschid. 

[Pr. 3 May, 1614.] 

* A parish-clerk in HuU who had come from York. The mention of his 
music books and claricords is carious. 

The wedding church porch or door is often mentioned in old Wills. The 
greater part of the marriage-ceremony took place near the western door. 
The Wife of Bath says : 

"Husbondes at chirche dore have I had five." 
At York the parish-clerks constituted one of the guilds of the city. 
VOL. V. E 




[Reg. Mainwaring at Somerset House.] 

March 7, 5th Hen. VIU (1513-14). EUsabeth Lady Scrop ♦ 
of Upsale & Massam, wedow. To be bur. in the Black Friers in 
London beside my lorde my hosbonde, Thomas late lorde Scrop 
of Upsale & Massam. And if it so be, that I die in London, or 
nere unto London, so that I may be caned unsered con- 
venyently unto the said Friers ; &, if I cannot, then I will my 
body to be buried unserid in the parishe churche ther as it 
shall hapen me to die. If it shall hapen me to be buried at 
the said Black Friers, than I woU that five tryntalles of Massis 
be song there on the dale of my buryall for my soule, & for 
my saide lorde my husbondis' soule, and for the soule of Alls 
his doughter & myne, for Sir Henry Wentworthis' soule, & 
for the soule of my lorde my father John Marques Mountagiie,t 
& of my lady IsabeU his wif, my mother, & for aU Christen 
soulis. To the saide Friers, for Dirige and Masse at the daie 
of my buriing, v roarkis.' I will that my ex" laie over piy 
grave, in as shorte space as thei conveniently can or male, a 
stone w^ iij ymages, that is to saie, the one of my saide lorde 
my husbonde, the other of myself, the thride of my saide 
doughter, and our armys in the saide stone and scripture 
making mencion what we were, to the value of x li. I will 
that myn ex" shall make a tombe over Sir Henry Wentworthe 
knyght,J late my husbond, lying buried in N«wson abbey in 
the coimtie of Lincoln, to the value of xxlL I will that 
my ex" shall make a tombe over my saide lorde my father & 
my lady my mother, lying buried in Bursam abbey in the 
countie of Barkshier, to the value of xx li. To the Priour of 
the Crossid Friers in London x li., & he to saie or cause to be 
saide Seynt Gregori's trintall for my soule & all Cristen soulis, 
& to him & his covent v markis, to say Dvrige & Masse on the 
daie of my buriall. To Sir John Benson & Sir Henry Trewman, 
my chapleynes, to sing for me by a hole yere, x markes, 

* Elizabeth, daughter of John Neville, Marquess of Montagu, and widow, 
in succession, of Thomas Lord Scrope of Masham (see Test. Ebor. iv. 72 for 
his Will) and Sir Henry Wentworth. 

f 1472, 12 Aug. Admon. of Sir John Neville, ** nuper Marchionis," to John 
Langston, Chaplain. (Reg. Test. iv. S6 a.) 

J There is a note of his Will in the Test Vetusta, p. 439. Sir Heniy died 
in 1500. 


(each). To the saide Priour my beadis that I were usuell by my 
side gaudid w* golde. To Katheren Polen, my gentilwoman, 
for her good service, xx li. To Mary Sulyard, an other of my 
gentilwomen, for hir good service, xx markes. To Mastres 
Margret Bygod, to praie for me, x markes. To Katherjrn 
Clyfton, my servaunt, for hir good service, & to Dorathe Danby 
(each) XX markes. To everyche of my other servauntes a hole 
yeris wages over & above that shalbe owing unto them. To 
dame Margret Scrop, nunne of the honse of Barking, my gilt 
cup & the cover gilt to the same cup, which is my litill gilt 
bolle, with a cover gilt, w* a cros reng upon the myddis of the 
cover, and a roos upon the top of the reng. To Mary, doughter 
in base unto Thomas Grey marques Ders', my bed that the 
saide Lorde Marques was wont to lye in, & all the parcell that 
belongithe therto, & all the aparell of the same chamber. To 
Lady Lucye, my suster, my bioke, that is a Premer, & a Sawter, 
which boke I had of the gifte of the most excellent princes 
King Henry the Sevenythis' mother ; and one of my cuppis, 
which shall like hir beste, except my cup of golde, upon this 
condicion that she do cause my nece Lucie, her doughter, after 
my decease, to be put in indeferent keping that she maie be 
weU kepte & broughte forthe vertuously so that she shall 
never disagre unto the manage to be had & solempnised be- 
twene her & John Cutte, the sonne of Sir John Cutte knyght ; 
for and she do disagre, then hir parte is small, or none, of my 
londes, etc., because of the bargayne made betwene the said 
Sir John Cutt^ & me for the said mariage : and therfore I do 
give my fall power & auctorite unto my saide suster Lucie, 
and I do charge hir, as she is very mother of my saide nece, and 
as she will answere before God, to se the suere welthe of my 
saide nece, & that my saide nece do never disagre unto the 
sslde mariage. My dettes to be paide oute of my londes, etc., 
within the counties of Cambrige, Essex, & Yorke, & of my 
parte, purparti, & porcion of annuite of v*' markis paiabiil 
yerly in the kinge's receite of his eschequer. Exrs Sir John 
Cutte knyght, my nece Lucye Brown, William Bowry Priour 
of the house of the Holy Cros Friers in London, Edwarde Sul- 
yarde esquyer, & John Pateshale gent ; & Thomas Grey Marques 
Dorsett,* overseer. And thei so doing I give to Sir John 
Cutte two of my silver pottis and gilt ; to the saide Priour, 
Edward Sulyarde, & John Patishale, x markes each ; & to the 
Lorde Marques Dorset xx li. The residue to my nece, Lucie 
Brown. My exrs to dispose for me in dedis of marcy, charite & 

« Cf. Test Vetusta, p. r.r.l. 
K 2 


pitie, as in releving & helping pouer people, as thei shall 
thinke beste and moste to Goddis' pleasure, x markes, for me 
to have the more marcy of our Lorde Jhesu Criste of myne 
oflFensis by me to Hym doone. 

Feoffment. I have enfeoflfed persons of my lands co. Cam- 
bridge d. 14 Sep. 3rd Hen. VIII., & confirmed by my Will for 
lands d. 7 Mar. seq. My feoflFees to give the next avoydance of 
the best of the three saide chauntries to such person as Sir 
John Benson shall name; ano*^ as Sir Hen. Trewman shall 
appoint, with advise of my son Sir Henry & his counsel. Con- 
firms annuities. The s* Sir John Cutte to take Francis Ful- 
boum into his service, & pay him an ann^ of 40 s. till he have 
provided him " an honeste lyving in some place of religion." 

[Pr. 9 Dec. 1521, adm. Lucy Brown alias Cutte.] 

[Reg. Test, ix, 6 a.] 

May 20, 1514. Thomas Gargrave * de Alverthorpe. To be 
buryde in the parrishe churche in Waikfelde, coram ymage of 
Saint Georg, nere the place wher my mother was burede ; my 
best beest for my mortuarie. I maik myn interly beloved wyfe, 
Margaret, myn executrice. I will that my doghters, which ar 
unmariede, yche of theym have a childe's parte of my goodis as 
they shall deserve, and as they doo pleasse their mother. I 
will that my said wyfiFe sumwhat help my sone George a yere 
or ij, that God send hym connyng by the which he may help 
hym selfe. I will that myn executrice fynde a well disposede 
prest for my sawU and all my good frendes' saulles, to say Messe 
in the churche of Waikefelde at Saint Nicholesse aidter by the 
space of half a yere, yf the residew of my parte of the said 
goodes will extende therto. It is my will that my beare shalbe 
covered with a new blake woUen cloth that will largely cover 
the saide beare, and at eyther syde of yt., and at bothe th'endes, 
a scotchen of myn armes to be tachede on with a thred ; and, 
when I am buryde, than, incontinent, the said clothe shalbe 
gyven to a pore man, to maik him clothyng thereof. I will 
that my executrix deall to pore pepill brede after hir discrecion, 
& as may be performed, beside hir charge ; & I will that, the 
day of my buryall, she maik an honest dynner to my frendes 

♦This must be the father, or grandfather, of Sir Thomas Gargrave of 
Nostell, the real founder of that unhappy family. 


and neyboors. AUso I will that the parrysh prest and the 
parrysh clerke have their dewty qb they by custome have hadde 
aforetyme, AUso, over that, I will that every other prest 
weryng a surplice at my Dirige and Masse have iiij d., and 
every scoller weryng a surplice their, j d. This is of me the 
said Thomas Grargrave, writtyn with myn owne hand, the day 
and yere above wryttyn, 

[Pr. 13 Feb. 1614-16, adm. to ex».] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 8 J.] 

June 6, 1514. Thomas Wortley,* knyght. To be buried 
in the parich church of Hemmysworth, wher I am a parichin- 
nar, afor the hie auter. I will that my executors provyde an 
honest prest, of sade and honeste conversacion, that is to say. 
Sir Roger Frikley, to singe and pray for my saule within the 
said churche by the space of vij yeres, having for his salarie 
yerly vij marc. To John Wortley,t ^^ kynge's servaunt, v li. 
To Bichard Wortley, for vij yeres, every yere xxvj s. viij d. To 
Hugh Wortley xx s. To William Boswell, my eistre's sonne, 
Iiij 8. iiij d. I woU that every on of my servauntes, beyng with 
me at the tyme of my deceas, have halfe on yere wagis, over 
and abowe theyre dutie to them due at my.dethe, and to be 
farther rewardyd aftre the discrecion of my executors. The 
residue I giflF unto my sone Thomas ; my executors to dely ver 
the same unto hym at his full age of xxj yeres ; he then to dis- 
pose the same till his owne profite and honor after his discre- 
cion. To Percyvell Wortley, gentilman, a yerly estate of my 
measse & landes in Hymmysworth to the valor of xxvj s. viij d. 
for the terme of his lyff, uppon this condicion, that he be of 
gud demeaner and behavor as by discrecon of my executors 
shalbe thorogh and honeste. I will that all and singler per- 

* Thifl is the celebrated Sir Thomas Wortley of Wortley, a mighty hunter* 
and famous for his hospitality. An excellent account of him will be found in 
Mr. Hunter's South Yorkshire. For the Wills of his father and mother, see 
Test. Ebor. 11. 135. 

t 1626, 10 Nov. John Worteley, the Kynge's servaunte. To be bur. in the 
churche of ThomehiU. To cure Lady in the northe where, oremysyn velvett to 
make her a mantiU, k, clothe of golde of my garded cote to gard it with. 
My broder, Mr Bicharde Worteley, parson of Hemmysworth, 20s. My suster, 
Mrs Jane Worteley, & my broder Hugh W. 20s. each. Percyvall W. 208. 
To Sir Thos. Wentworth Knt, to be good to my ex', 20s. The res. to wife 
IsabeU— she ex*. Supervisors Sir Thos. Wentworth knt, k James Longley 
gen. [Pr. 20 Nov.] (Reg. Test. ix. 356.) 


persons that nowe be or hereafter shalbe seassed to my use of 
& in any other maners, landis, etc., shall stonde seassid of and 
in the same, to perceyv th'issues of the same, imtill my sonne 
Thomas be of the age of x'xj yeres ; they therwith to purchas 
landes, etc., & ordur the same to my sonne, & make estate of 
the same to hym when he shall cum to his said age. I make 
executors Thomas Wortley my sonne, Henry Everingham, Sir 
John Everyingham clerke and parson of Sprotburgh, Sir Thomas 
Wentworth knyght, and Koberte Mowntney esquier. Witnes 
Sir Bauffe Witeflfeld* parich prest of Tankerley, Thomas 
Trigot esquier, and William Copley. 

[Pr. 12 March, 1514-16, adm. to Sir Thos. Wentworth, K*., the rest renouncing.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 16*.] 

Jan. 19, 1514-15. John Saynct-qwyntyne f of Harpham, 
esquier. To be buriede in the church of Harpham, in the 
north ylle of our Lady. To the high alter an holle suytt of 
vestements of greyn damask, with a cope therto belongyng. 
To the chauntre ij vestmentes, one of whitt, & another greyn, 
both damask. I bequeyth viij li. yerly to be paede to ij prestes, 
to syng, one of them for the sawUes of my father and mother, 
and th'other for my sawll, unto myn next eyre come to full age. 
I bequeyth a stone of blew marbill to be layde uppon my father 
and me, and I to lye on the right hand of my father. To my 
brother, Walter Saynct-qwyntyn, yj li. xiij s. iiij d. To my 
broder, Edmund, yj U. xiij s. iiij d. To Harbert vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
To my broder James vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To myn unckyll, William 
Saynt-qwyntyne, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Robert Warde xl s. To 

♦ 18 June, 1617. Sir Rauf Whitfeld, parsone of Tankersley. To be beried 
in the where bifore Sancte Petir of Tankersley. I sett & gyve to every god- 
child within my parishe iiij d. To the house of Sancte Petir of Myllen in 
Pontefract xij d. Ex" Sir Miles Whitfeld, Nicholas & Alexander Whitfeld. 
Mr Thomas Gargrave suvervisor. [Pr. 30 Oct. 1627.] (Reg. Wolsey, 160.) 

t A young Yorkshire squire, the head of one of the oldest families in the 
county. He was the son of another John, whose Will runs thus : — 

August 20, 1509. John Saynt Quyntyne of Harpham, esquier. To be 
buryed in the yle of our Lady withyn the church of Harpham. To xiij. beyd- 
men xiij white gownes, to hold xiij. torchis the day of my beryal. To every 
person that wil take almose that day, to help my saule by their praier, j d. I 
bequeth to my v sons, accordyng to myn afore made estate, to every one of 
them iiij li. by yere. To my broder, William Saynt Quyntyn, iij of the best 
horsis that he wil chose. To Henry Vavasour, my wiflfe's kynsman, a horse. 
The residue to Elionor (my wife) & John my son & heyre (a minor)— they ex". 
[Pr. 6 Sep., adm. ex".] (Meg. Tcbt. viii. 21 b.) 

fifiORACENSU. 55 

mjm awnt, Elisabeth Warde, xl s. To Agnes Saynt-qwyntyne xl s. 
To Maistres Beyll Sotheby xx s. To Sir William Hoggerde, my 
chapleyD, xl s. To our Lady in the north ylle iij s. iiij d., to 
maik a searge to be upholden as longe as the ij preystes doth 
syng. To Kobert Constable, my JSrother in lawe, my bay 
horse. I will that all my bretheryn have all the land which 
my fiuier did gyve theym. I mayk Margery my wyflfe & 
Walter & Edmunde Saynt-qwyntyne, my broder, my executors, 
& Sir Eobert Constable, my fader-in-lawe, supervisor, & theyr 
for I bequeyth to hym vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Witnes William 
Sayntxjwyntyne, esquier, Eobert Warde, gentillman. Sir John 
Browne parryshe preyst, Sir William Hoggede chapleyn, etc. 
withe other moo. 

[Pr. 10 May, 1615, adm. to Walter & E. St. Quintin, res. to widow.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 13 J.] 

Jan. 22, 1514-15. Rauf Bygod,* knyght. To be buryed 
before ye ymage of our Blyssed Lady, at the sowth ende of the 
hygh ault^r in the parich church of Settryngton. I wit my 
best hors w* my best hemes in the name of my mortuary. To 
prestos, clerkys, and other pore peple, commyng to ye churche 
the day of my buriall, x li. I will that upon my herse that 
same day vij tapres contenyng viij li. shall burne aftre thys 
ordur ; iij in the honor of the Blyssed Trinite, w* ij mo in lyke 
maner to them in the honor of the v blyssed woundes of our 
Saveour, with ij moo to them, wiche accomplishith the hole 
nombre of vij, in the distruccion of the vij dedely synes ; and, 
duryng all the service tyme that day, all vij to byme ; and so 
frome thensforth vij to stand upon my hersse the space of 
an hole yer, and to byme aftre thys ordur ; that is to say, 
every holy day, at Evynsong, Matens, Masse, and latter 
Evynsong, iij of them to byme contynually duryng all 
the service tyme, and at every High Masse of feryall days on 
of them to byme, and at every Antem on of them to byrne. 
I will that my executors, incontinent aftir my detbe, fynd a 
weU disposyd prest and vertuos to syng at the hye aulter in the 
pariche churche of Settryngton aforesaid for my saule, the space 
of vij yeres next aftre my deth, gifiyng hym yerly iiij li. xiij s. 
iiij d. To every hous of the iiij Orders of Frers in Yorke, Don- 

♦ The Wills of several members of this illustrious family have been already 
printed. This makes a valuable addition to the series. 


castre, Richmund, Allerton, Scardeburgh, Beverley, Kyngston- 
uppoD-Hull, and Hertilpole vj s. viij d., to pray for my saule, my 
fader's, my moder's, and all my childryn saulles. To the hows of 
the Observauntes in Newcastell-upon-Tyne, every yer dmyng 
vij yers after my dethe, a beyflf and vj s. viij d. To the beilding 
and upholdyng of the parich churche oflf Settryngton, ij fowder 
of lede, & V 11., in the full performans of the Willys of bothe my 
wyflFes, Margaret and Alice, late departyd. I will that Arthur 
Bygod, basterd, be, by the syght of Agnes my wiflF and Sir 
Eawfe Eury knyght, put and bondyn prentesse at a crafbe in 
London, & then to have v 1. to make hym a stoke of, & the 
encreasse to remayn to his awn use. I will that John Bygod, 
basterd, be at the same rule, & have in lyke maner iij li. vj s. 
viij d. Wheras I and my sonne John Bygod, whos saule God 
pardon, & our executors, standen bounden unto John Gower 
knyght & Agnes my wiflF in an obligacion of an m^li., to 
suffer an recovery by wryt of entre in the post to be had 
agaynst me befor the fest of the Nativite of our Lord Jhesu 
Criste, in the fyfte yere of the regno of kynge Herry the viiith, 
of and in the manners of Birdsall & Wheteley, to the use of 
my wiff for terme of hir lyff, wich obligacion we forfite in so 
mych that we sufferd not the same recovery; wherfor, in 
alowance of the forseid maner of Whetley, I will that 
my wiffe have my maners of Birdsall and Helaugh in 
Swaledale duryng hir lyff. I will that Sir William CJonstable 
knyght, Petir Bygod esquier, Thomas Constable, William Con- 
stable of Settryngton, Sir Thomas Franke clerke, John of 
Lecestre, and William Wod peasable enjoy theyr fees. I will 
that myn executors kepe my hows the space of an half yere 
afbre my deth, & that they giffe to every of my servauntes, 
wich shalbe in waiges at the day of my deth, and that will 
abyde in howshold the said halfe yere aftre my deth, havan yer 
wages, to th'entent that every of them may provyde and 
purvey for hymselff w4n the said halff yer. I will that yff any 
person or persons can purvey after my dethe, befor my 
executors, that I in my lyff have att eny tyme wronged hym or 
them in eny cause, then I will that my executors agre and 
recompense them for the well of my sawle. I will that wheras 
I have founden on of the bredren of the howse of Walsyngham 
to syng ther befor our Lady for me, that yf eny of the said 
hows can prove befor myn executors that I have not content 
and paid to the said house all suche duties as I promest for ye 
same, then I will that myn executors shall content all suche 
duties. My feoffees to make a sufficient estate, to the yerlie 
vallew of V li., to Rawffe Bygod, the yonger sonne of my sonne 


John Bygod, for terme of his lyff, I will that wheras I have 

graunted the next advocacion of eny churche in my gyfte to Sir 

William Spiers Prior of Gysbum, and Sir Rauff Eury knyght, 

that the shall giff the same accordyng as it is expreste in the 

said grannte. And thys ys my last Will : I will and charge my 

feoffes and myne executors to performe and fulfill thys my 

testament and last will as is abowe writyn,as they will anweswar 

for befor God. I make Agnes my wyfiF, Sir Rauff Eury knyght, 

Thomas Constable, and William Constable, of Settryngton, 

gentilmen, my executors, and Thomas Lord Darcy supervisor, 

to order and dispose my gudes for the well of my saule, as my 

speciall trust is in them. Thyes beyng witnes, Mr Thomas 

Frank uotarie, Edward Grower esquier, James Aslaby gentil- 

man, w* many other moo.* 

[Pr. April 7, 1615, adm. to Thos. and Wm. Constable ; power reserved to 

the rest.] 


[Beg. Wolsey. 139 >.] 

Feb. 4, 1514-15. I, Stephyn Elys,t parson of Bolton nere 
Boland, hole of body and witt, and in perfite mynde, dreding 
the sodan and uncertaigne our of deth, makes my testament 
and will in this fourme folowing. Firste, I bequeth my saule 
to his Maker and Creatour, and to the Blessed Virgyne our 
Lady Saynte Mary, and to my gloriouse patrones Saynte Petir 
and Saynte PauU, and all the blessed company of heven, my 
body to be buried in the comen church yerde of Bolton, if I 
departe there, and all other dueties that belonges to the 
ordynaunce of holy church according to my degre. And, farther, 
I will that 1 s. be geven to v weldisposed prestes, of the moste 

• Feofft 10 Jan. 6 Hen. VIII. Feoffees Wm Emy knt, Edw^ Gtower esq. John 
PuUeyn, Thos Constable, Wm C. of Settrington, gentlemen, John Bakbouse cap. in 
castr. sive domin. de Malgraye. Manor of Seton, lands Sec. in Malgrave, Seton, 
Lythe, Estbaruby, Westbaruby, Hatton, Mykkilby, Sandeshead, Goldesburgh, 
Scalyng, Barroby, Hynderwell, Ryneswik, Stathes, Westow, Dnggleby, Hund- 
manby, Baynton, Lokyngton & Wheitley juxta Doncastre — to fulfill my will, 
James Backhowse Sc Thos Oromb yomen to be attomies. 

4 Mar. 1515-6. John Backowse cap. Sep. in choro eccl. par. de Lithe. 
Yolo qnod zx 11. qnas Johanni Stackhows commendavi, et v li. quas Mro 
JcdSd Frost commendavi cedant in partem solut. xj li. litigios. inter Mr Hugh 
Asbton Sc the s' Mr John Frost. Bes. Mr Thos Franok not. publ. k James 
B. my bro', they exrs. [Pr. 12 June 1616.] 

t The testator was inst. to the rectory of Bolton in Bowland on June 10, 
5107, on the death of Dan Wm Pudsay. He was a kinsman of Henry Pudsay 
Esq. who presented him. t 


honeste and clene conversacion, that will take the said money, 
for to say v trentalles of Masses w* the Placebo and Dirige and 
CornrnendacioUy as hastely as possible may be saide aftir my 
departing frome this world, and the vj trentall to be doone the 
daie of my buriall, if there be copie of prestes ; and, if not, as 
hastely as goodly may be incontinent aftir, to pray specially 
for my saule and sanies of my fadir and moder, breder and 
susters, and all Cristian sanies. I bequeth to the Priour and 
Covent of Bolton x s. ; and to the Abbot and Convent of Salley 
X s. ; and to th'Abbot and Covent of Whalley x s. ; and to the 
iiij Ordours of Freres xxyj s. viij d. To Bichard Harling and 
his childre iij s. iiij d. To Sir John Elys, my sonne, ail my 
bookes except oone called Sermones DiscipvMy the which I gif to 
the parish church of Bolton. And I will that a cope of blewe 
velvet, w* ij tonakles of satan according to the same, be boght 
and gifen to the said church. I gif to the said Sir John Ellys 
iij li. yj s. viij d., w* a bedde of clothes. Also to the childre and 
brether of my bredir and susters, every oone iij s. iiij d. Item 
I gif to every household w*ynne my parishing vj d. Also I will 
that Sir Giles Scott have vij marc, and to sing an hooll yere 
for my saule, and the sanies of my fadir and modir, and al 
Cristian saules, at Bolton ; and, if he wil not, an other preste 
to have it in like fourme. Also all such goodes as Thomas my 
brother delyvered to me of Johane Lyndsey, I wiU that she 
have it ; and, over that, iiij marc to her mariage. Myn 
executours I make Sir John Ellys, and my brether John and 
Thomas, and I will that John and Thomas have to their 
rewarde, eyther of theyme iij li. ; and what as remaynes un- 
bequethed, I put to the grettest almouse that they can 
thynke. Mr. John Hamerton owes to me iiij li. vj s. viij d., and 
I have of his a dubler of silver and a dishe of silver. And as 
for all the dettes of myne in the parishing, I will that no poer 
man that owes to me any goodes, owdir for tendes, or odirwise, 
that they be never stressed nor troboled by no lawe, if they 
will pay in resonnable tyme ; and if they be very poore, that it 
be clerely forgyven to theyme. Item I bequeth to the brigge 
at Bolton towne ende viij marc, x s. for warkmanship w* a 
rewarde, and xxxv s. to by lyme w*, if it be sufficient. Wittenes 
Sir Giles Scot the parishe preste of Bolton, Sir Myles BiUington 
preste, and Sir Richard Shawe preste, Thomas Wiglesworth, 
w* other moo. 

[Pr. H March, 1515-16, adm. to Sir Jolin, John, & Thos. Ellis.] 


[Reg. Test. viii. 122 J.] 

March 10, 1514-15. William Vase of Doncastre, alderman. 
To be buried within the church of Sent George in Doncastre. 
I will that my ij measis in Francisgate, which I boght of John 
Pigbum, that the rent of them hoill be disposid aftur this my 
Will. Inprimis, I will that a priiicipall obbet be done in the 
church of Sent George, the value of v s. every yere, in the thrid 
day of Junii, for my soill and my ij wyfes, and for all Cristen 
soyles. I will that M. of the burthe of Doncastre for tyme 
being to see it kepid, having for his laburs every yere xij d., 
& the sargiantes, at that tyme to wait on M. Mayre, viij d. 
bitwix them both. Of the said xij d. M. Mayre to ofire a hed 
masse peny at the said obbet, & ether of the sergiant to offire 
an ob. A yearlie obbet to be done for evermore at the Freres 
Mynors, according to the order above rehersid, of v s. by yere. 
To the reparacions of the Freris Mynors' brigge, & the Marye 
brigg (each) vj s. viij d. yerlie. I will the rent of the meise, 
that I purchasid of Bichard Fulwood prest, to the reparelling 
of my said ij meases. To William Bawson iij acres of medues 
nygh the Ewns lane. The rest to my wief. She ex*. Thomas 
& William Bawson supervisors. Thes witnes, Bobert Denton 
parish prest, M. Edward Cuke mayr, Bobert Strey prest. 

[Reg. Test. ix. 28 a.] 

March 20, 1514-15. Jacobus Boos,* armiger, videns 
michi mortis periculum imminere. Sep. in alto choro eccl. 
par. de Kyrkdighton, ex parte boriali ejusdem chori juxta 
murum, sub ymagine S. Georgii, viz in eadem sepultura qua 
Catherina Boos, mater mea, erat sepulta, cujus animse propitie- 
tur Deus. Volo quod ubi Badulphus Scroope Dominus le 
Scroope de Upsall et Masham, Brianus Stapilton, Thomas Far- 
fax, Willelmus Malliverer, et Willelmus Middylton de Stok- 
kelde, milites, cum Johanne Scroope nuper defuncto, feoffati 
existunt de maneriis de Yngmanthorpe, Dyghton et Femham 
et Dogeloftehous, ad intentionem quod c marcae leventur ad 

* Several Wills of members of the fine old family of Roos of Ingmanthorpe 
near Wetherby have already occurred. This is a valuable addition to them. 


maritagium Annse Roos, unius filiarum meanim ; volo quod 
levabunt, et dabunt xl li. singulis tiliabus meis, ad eorum mari- 
tagia. Besiduum levabunt, secundum usum et intentionem 
quarumdam indenturarum de maritagio Roberti Roos, filii et 
haeredis apparentis mei, et Mariae unius filiarum Jacobi Strang- 
weys militis. Et volo quod sesiti existant de reversionibus 
terrarum, etc., in Fernham et Kyrkstanley ann. val.xz marcarum, 
quae Robertus Roos defunctus, avunculus mens, nuper tenuit ad 
vitam suam, pro solutione debitorum meorum, etc., et deinde ad 
usum hseredum meorum. 

To Robert Roos, my sone, a standyng pese maid in Pikeryng, 
& a standyng peice coverede callede Pykeryng ; a silver salt 
coverede with the myddell coblett oflf the nest uncoverede; 
sex sylver sponnes; all such anomamentes as belong to the 
chappell, excepte one vestement which as Anne my wyflFe shall 
chusse to be at hir ordir ; & my signett of golde, to leve it to 
Robert his sone. To Robert Roos, sone of Robert my sone, a 
crosse of golde wherin is clossede a parte of the Holy Crosse. 
To Mary, the wyflFe of the said Robert my sone, a Salter booke 
of Laten and French e, & a cooppe coverede, of blew glasse. 
To Frances, my sone, an horse, saddyll, and brydyll, or xx s. 
towardes byng of an horse. To William, my sone, a stagg 
whiche I promisede to hym what tyme he was a yong foolle 
under his dame. To Thomas, my sone, a stagge to make hym 
an horrse oflf. To Anne, my doghter, a tablett oflf golde. To 
Elesabethe, my doghter, a Matyns booke, borderde, with a redde 
coveryng. To dame Jane Roos, my doghter, to pray for me, 
X s. To my brother, doctor, parson oflf Southdighton, a long 
dagger gyven to me by Sir Thomas Newporte, commander off 
Rybston. To Petyr Middilton, my godeson, one off the sones 
off my brother Sir William Myddilton, a book written off 
Littillton Tenours. To Sir Thomas Sander, than beyng paroche 
preste off South-Dighton, a par bedes off threede with a ryng 
off golde at theym, the which was yeven to me by the Priour 
off the Mountgrace than beyng. To Sir William Jonson the 
finest bonett off puyk that I have. To John Roos, sone of my 
brother William Roos, xl s. Residuum Annse, uxori meae, 
quam ordino executricem, ad supervisionem Briani Stapilton de 
Wighall et Willelmi Middylton de Stokelde, militum. Hiis 
testibus, Briano Stapilton milite, Roberto Roos, filio meo et 
haerede apparente, Johanne Pulleyn de Kyllynghall, Willelmo 
Johnson capellano, et Thoma Lece. 

[Pr. 8 March, 1615-16, adm to ex«.l 



[Test. Ebor. ix. 89J.] 

April 22, 1516. Bartram Dawson,* alderman of the citie 
of Yorke. To be buriede wSn my parishe kyrke of Criste in 
cnria Regis, in our Lady's qwhere. I witto sex of my brederen 
the aldermen, that berys my body to the kyrke, every of thejrm 
viij d. To Bawmeburghe kyrke in Northumbrelande a veste- 
mente w* all thynges perteynyng, to the price xxvj s. viij d. 
In brede to the pore pepuU the day of my buriall xx s., and in 
oder necessaries expenses iij li. I witto the doctonr that shall 
shewe the worde of God at my 6yght day iij s. iiij d. Allso I 
will that ther be done in expenses the same day yjli. To 
Jennett, my wyffe, a tenement lying in Petirgatte, & of the 

» A taflor and draper in Yorke. He was Chamberlain of the city in 1491, 
Sheriff 1 406>7, and was elected Alderman in 1507. He was free of the city in 

Like many others, he was obliged to prove his nationality. His Northum- 
brian accent, no doubt, made it believed that he was a Scot. I print the ensuing 
document entire as a fine specimen of old Northern English : — 

To all trew Cristen people this present wrytyng seyng, redyng, or heryng, 
George th*abbot of the monastery of our Lady of Alnewyk, Sir Eauf Gray of 
Chelvyngham w*in the countie of Northumbr', Knyght, Sir Ric* Brown vycar of 
Heddon & CJommyssary of ye sfiyd countie, Sir Robert Crofton M. of the towne 
of Bamburght, Sir Ric* Davyson vycar of Ellyngham, Nycholas Forster, John 
Forster, Bartilmew Bradford, John HaU constable of the said town of Bam- 
burgbe, Rauf Carre of ye Newlande, Edmund Craucester constable of Dun- 
stanebuiight, Harry Fenkyll & Thomas Fenkyll, w*in the said countie. gentil- 
men» Harry Kendal, William Fenkyll, Edmund Person, John Fenkyll, John 
Bell, John Shell, & Thomas Francke wHn the said contie, yomen, gretyng in 
oar Lord Gode Everlasting. Unto whome it apperteigneth due ic humble recom- 
mendadon. Be it known to your universiteg that where we be enformed y* 
oon Bartrame Dawson, of the citie of York, drapour, is senysterly defamed 
that he shulde be a Scottysshman borne, whereby he is grevously hurt in his 
name k, goodes; and for so muche as meretory and medful it is to record k 
testyfie y* treuth in every matter duely required, that for the concelement 
therof prejudice be not ingenered to the innocent ; we, therefore, testifies & 
recorder y* the said Bartrame Dawson was gotten & borne in the town of War- 
meden in the pariche of Bamburght, & Cristened w»in the pariche churche of 
the same, havyng to his godfaders Ric' Craucester, of the town of Craucester, 
gent., and Bartrame Fenkyll of the town of Newham yoman lately deceassed, 
& to his godmother Margaret Hudde of Shoston deceassid ; wherfore we besech 
k desyre youe & yche oon of youe to admyt, repute, & take the said Bartrame 
as an Ynglesman, not yevyng oredennce to suche defame & detraction in 
hurtynge the same person in l3s good name & goodes, and at this our recorde 
emonges youe that he may be intreated accordyng as he ought to be. And 
for the more recorde of treuth of this our present Testimoniall, we have, whose 
names afore er reherced, sette our sealej;. Yeven the v"» day of Octobre, in 
the 2crij** yere of our sovereigne lorde Kyng Harry the vij"* after the conquest, 
of his reign. (Records of Corporation of York, A. Y. 340 b.) 


comer of Gyrdeler gatte, for lyflFe — after hir decease — to the 
kyrke wardens of Christe in curia Regis — to cause Messe of Jhesu 
every Fryday to be songe with prike song, & x of the cloke, 
upon payne of dedely syne ; the prest to have viij s. viij d. by 
yere ; the parishe clarke, for ryagyng oflF the greatt bell a quarter 
of an hower to the said Messe, by yere, iiij s. ; & I will ther be 
a pounde wax made in a searg to bume of the altar ende every 
Fryday in the Messe tyme for ever. An obbett to be done 
yerely in the said churche for the helth of my soull and Jennett 
my wyflfe's, our childeme, and all Christen sowlles. To Jennett, 
my wyfiFe, a tenemente in Howsgatte & Nesgatt, of the comer,* 
with a tenemente of Cargatte lane ende, for lyffe— 7thefn to 
Thomas Dawson, my son, for lyflfe — etc. — then to th^ kyrke 
wardens of Saynt Michaell kyrk at Howse brygg ende — (on the 
same terms as at Christ church). 

[Pr. 20 Nov. 1516.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 24 a."] 

June 3, 1515. Steven Luttonf of Hundmandby. To be 
buride in the church of All hallowes in Hundmandby before 
the ymage of our Lady of Pitie, yf I depart in the paryshe. I 
witt my best beest to my mortuarie. I witt fyve pound wax, 
to be bumte abowt my body the day of my sepulture & vij^^ 
day togeder. I witt x s. to cause a trentall of Messes Saynt 
Gregorie to be said for my sawU, and all the sowlles of whos 
goode} or lande} I have hade any releyve by. I witt to 
every of the iiij moder kyrkes iiij d. To the curatt and pro- 
cmratour of Hundmandby, for tythes forgotten, vjd. To 
Elsabeth, my doghter, Gode3 blissyng and myn, and a littill 
counter that was Cottes' of Hundmandby, and a fedder bed 
that was my Mr Trotter's, to pray for theym and me. I witt 
my father a battell axe, and a sallett, & my broder Forde 
my sark of mayll and a battell axe ; my broder Thomas Lutton 

* I have seen a drawing of this old timbered house. It bore the testator's 

t The Luttons of Knapton were a fair East Riding family for many 
generations. They take their name from Bast or West Lutton in that 

24 Sept. 1457. Wm Lutton of Lutton. Sep. in cem. S. Andrea; de Wyver- 
thorp. Dau. Isabell half of my goods. Bro' Thos L. & John Warde, parson 
of Heslerton, ex". [Pr. 7th Dec.] (Reg. Test. ii. 357 b.) 

10 June, 1462. Adm. Sephen Lutton of West Lutton to Mary his widow. 
(Id. ii. 467 a.) > 


my sworde and a buckler ; and my brother Robert Lutton my 
hanger with wodhefte. To William Koxby a gamyt callide a 
jackets I ordayn Jayn, my wyff, to be myn executrix, or 
whom she will assigne in hir name, and to distribut the rever- 
sion of my goodes, as she thynckes best, for the helht of my 
sowll, the which I besek Allmyghty God, when Hym pleasse, 
taik to His mercy, Wherof witnesse3, Sir William Hardyng, 
Sir Saulf Norham, Eobert Pardo, with many other. 

[Pr. 6 Nov. 1616. adm. to ex«.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 29 a.] 

Aug. 6, 1515. In Dei Nomine, Amen. I Raulfe lee 
Scroope,* knyght, the Lorde Scroope of Upsall, beyng of holle 
mynde and stedfest beleve, and strong in the faith of Almyghty 
Gode, at Upsall aforesaid, make this my present testament and 
last will in maner and forme foUowyng. Firste I bequethe my 
saulle to the Holy Trinitie, to our Lady Seynt Marie, and to 
all the Sayntes in heven, and my bodye, whensoever it shall 
please God to call me to His mercye from this present lyffe, I 
bequethe to be buride afore our Lady of pytye in Ryvax. Also 
I gyve and bequeth my best horse, after the custom of the 
countre usede w* men lyke oflF my honour, in the name of my 
mortuarie, to the curate of the paroche churche wher I shall 
fortune to decesse. To the curat of the paroche churche off 
Kylvyngton, for tithes & oblacions necligently forgotten, and 
to pray for my sowll, xl s. To the churchwardens of the 
saide paroche v markes, to be bestowede and imploede for 
reparacions and anomament3 of the churche ther as they shall 
thynk moost necessarie and convenient. To th'Abbot and 
Convent of Ryvax xx li., the which I have delivered in golde 
to th'abbot then beyng, wherof my mynd and will is that 
every preste off the said monasterie, beyng there the day of my 
buryail, shall have paide vj s. viij d. to pray and syng for my 
soul], & all the reside w I give to the abbott to pray & syng 

♦ The head of one of the younger lines of this great family, numerous 
memorials of which will be found in the earlier volumes of these Testa- 

The testator married Eleanor dan. of Andrew Lord Windsor, but left no 
issue. She re-married Sir Kdw. Neville, knt. The testator died on Sept. 17, 
1515. Cf. Scrope & Grosvenor Roll, ii. 137. 


for my soulL AUso my mynd and will is that myne executrix 
contente and agre withe the deane of the kynge's chappell as 
reason requirethe, iflf there be any dame maide by hym or in 
his name for any mortuarie or dewty of right belyngyng unto 
hym after my decesse. Allso all my goodes I bequethe to be 
orderde to the honour oflF Gode to maik payment oflF all my 
trew dettes, and just satisfaccion to every Christen man (if) it 
cane be provede that I have any thyng wrongfully taken, and 
the trew perfourmance oflF this my testament. I will that all my 
servaunte3, beyng in service and wage5 with me the tyme off 
my deceasse, shall have severally an holle yeres wage3 of ray 
free gifte, lyke as they be then in retinewe with me, to helpe 
to fynd theym unto they may gett other service, and to have 
me in remembraunce, and pray for my soulle. I will that 
James Marshalle, Eicharde Kyng, Thomas Bryson, & Eicharde 
Eobynson have severally all such office3 and annujrties as I 
have grauntede unto theym for the terme off theyr lyffes, as 
appearethe by my suflScient wryttyng theroff maide by me 
delivered under the sealle off myn armes. Allso wher John 
Burgethe5 knyght Lorde Barnes, Richard Nevell knyght Lord 
Latymer, William Blont knjght Lorde Mountejoye, Thomas 
Darcy knyght Lord Darcy, Andrew Wyndsour knyght, Georg 
Wyndesour esquier, & all other my feoffes, stande & be seassede 
in the maners of Upsall, Stillton, Kylvyngton, Thomeborught, 
and Driffelde co. Yorke, Carelton Scroope co, Lincoln, Whagh- 
ton CO. Northumbr', Muscham co. Notyngham, Harborrow and 
Bowden co. Leycestre, Neyland co. Sussex, Fyvefelde co. 
Essex, Powlles Cray and DirwoUe co. Kent, to the use of me * 
and Alianour my wyffe in the name off hir joyntour, I will 
that my said feoffes stand sty 11 seased to the said use ; and iff 
it fortune us to decesse without yssue, they to stande seassede 
of the saide maners, etc., to the use of Gefferey Scrope clarke, 
my brother & next heyre, for terme of his lyff onely, & then 
to the use of the right heyres for ever according to myn aun- 
cient evidence theroff hertofore maide. And of all other 
maners of Masham, Ecclesall, West Alyngton, Southoresby, 
Dryffelde, & Carelton Scroope co's Lincoln & Yorke, & of all 
other my maners, landes, etc., they to be seasede of theym to 
the use of me & my heyres ; in defaut, to the use of the further 
performannce of this my will ... of Geoffrey my brother for 
terme of his lyffe ... to the use of my right heyres. I will that 
all myn ancient evidence3, charters, escripe, and munimente3 
concemyng myn enherytance shalbe surely putt, be left and kepte 
in (blank) duryng the lyffe of Gefferey my said broder, and 
after his decesse to the use of the right heyres of me the said 


Lorde Scroope for ever* Allso I wyll there be provydede for 
me the day of my beryall xiij torches, price of every one of 
theym iiij s. ; ix 8earge3, every one of them oonteanyng di. li. ; 
and xiij*** gownes of whitte with hoodes lyke unto hannyte3, 
and other thyng necessarie for my said beriall ; whiche xiij 
poore men shall have to here the said torches withe beedes in 
theyr handes. Allso I will that Sir Brian Beyn, my chapleyn, 
do syng for me yerely after my decesse at my maner off Upsall, 
& for my ancestres and all Christen sowUes, by the space of 
XX** yeres, and I will that he have yerely by the handes of 
dame Alianour my wyffe x marcs. Allso I woll thare be dis- 
tributed and disposede for me the day of my bury all penny 
dolle to seculers and preestes, that is to say every one of theym 
iiij d. I make & ordeyn the said dame Alienour, my wyff, my 
sooU executrix. Thies beyng present Sir Christofer Danby 
knyght, Sir Rauffe Rookesby, Sir Brian Beyn chapleyn, James 
Marshall gentyllman, Henry Low, and Baynalde Beyn, wit- 
nes8e3 of the premisses and therto caltede. 

[Pr. 18 March, 1515-16, adm. to ex* in the person of Mr. John Chapman, 
her proctor.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 37«.] 

Aug. 7, 7th Hen. VIII. (1515). Roger Eyre * oflF Holme in 
the countie of Darby. If it fortune me to decesse at Holme, 
then I will my body be buried in the parishe churche of 
Chesterfelld, att the sowth syde of Saynt Kateryn alter. Iff I 
decesse att Lenton abbey, I will my body be buried in the 
tombe before the fiood. To every Tauten f man ther dwellyng 
iiij d., to pray for my sowll. To Saynt Marie house in Coventre 
xij d. To Saynct Chadd house in Lytchefelde xij d. To Isabell, 
my wiff, all my stuff of & in my howse at Lenton (excepe my 
plait), of the which plait I give her the gilted goblett that I 
hadd of Arthur Freshwell ; a gilt goblett that my Lady Scroope 
did giffe hir ; a pleyn whitt peisse that I hadd of Thomas 
Alister ; sex silver spones, & a gilt spoone ; allso my ij demy 
saltes, duryng hir liffe, with the cover. To my son Edward 
my stuffe & implementes of housholde at Holme, & my best 

• The Byres of Holme, co. Derby, were a rich and ancient family, closely 
connected with the West Riding of Yorkshire. Lenton Priory is close to 

t Tanten men are St. Anthony's men, i.e. inmates of some hospital or 
alroshonse connected with that Saint. 
VOL. V. F 


Btandyng cuppe, ij gilted saltes with a cover, a pleyn pesse & 
sex sUver spones of the beste, thes parcelles of plaitt to be 
heyr lomes. To my wiffe sex kye of the best & iiij oflF the 
best heffers, xl wedders, xl ewes & xl sheipp hogges, my best 
horse & my beste mare. To my son Christofer a standyng 
cuppe pouncede with a cover, & iiij silver spounes. To Wil- 
liam Selioke my box of silver for powder, with the spone 
belongyng therto, for a remembramice for hym & his wiflFe, to 
pray for my sauU. To my doghter Luce, if she marrie by 
th'advisse of my wiflFe & my sone Edwarde, xx li. My feoflFes 
to be seassede of my landes, etc., in Chesterfeld, Newbolt, 
Capton, Brynyngton, Spetyll, Hoslande, Brampton, Aston, 
Overlevercare, and Helmesfeld, to the use of my son Edward 
& his heyres maile lawfully begotten — for lake, to my sone 
Christofer, etc. — for defaut, to my broder Philyppe, etc. To 
my wifFe, yerely, duryng hyr lyflFe, xxiiij markes, in contenta- 
cion of hir joynter & dowrie. My feoflFes to be seassed of my 
landes, etc., in Halomeshier, Kykyngton, Bromeley, Beyghton 
and Stubley to the use of my sone Christofer, & hys heyers 
malle, lawfully begotten-:— for lake to my sone Edward. To 
my sone Edward my feane and leasse at Holme. To my son 
Sir Michaell, prest, fyve marke every yere till he have a bene- 
fice of XI** marke by yere. To my son Edward my leasse of 
the tithe of Helmesfelde. To every childe of my childeren a 
cowe & viij sheipe. To my sone Christofer my stuflFe & im- 
plementes of howsholde at Heynyngton. To Sir Robert Eyre, 
my kynnesman, yj s. viij d. yerely duryng his lyve. To Nidio- 
lesse Denmane xxvj s. viij d. To the Prior of Lenton abbey a 
fooder of lede to the use of the howse. To th'abbott of Bea- 
cheflFe an other fooder of lede, to the use of the sayd howse. 
To my wiflFe my ferme at Arnold©. To Edward Eyre, the sone 
pflF my broder Philipe, my tacke & leasse that I have of the 
gilde of Dronfelde. I make my wiflFe, Edward my sone, & 
Robert Eyre prest my trewe executours, & Antone Babyngton 
& William Selioke oversears. To Christofer, my sone, my 
leasse of the ferme of Leeke in the countie of Nottyngham, & all 
my yren att John Selioke smethes, &all my interest Uiere, & all 
my wodde at Brownforth the next fell. To my sone Edwarde my 
smethes at BeacheflFe abbey, & my colle in Huwode. I will that 
my executours and overseers mske a treatie & agrement with 
Mr Whittyngton for my land att Spittyll to the valour oflF 
XX li., or xl markes, as they thynk best. To Christofer Cook, 
every wheyke this twelmonthe, a stake of come. To my 
wenche Alys xxyj s. viij d. to hir mariege. I will that Clater- 
cothes, my servande, take up of one callede Jewes viij li., & 


gyve to Elesabeth Cramwell ; & the residew of the money to by 
his charter with, & to hym & his wifife, to pray for me. To 
the Whitt Freers of Nottyngham x foder lede, & xl days 
warke of a mason. To the Convent of Lenton lij s. rent at 
Baseworthe for ever, for an obytt yerely. 

Witnesses dane Thomas Nottyngham, suppriour of Len- 
ton etc 

[Pr. 9 Oct. 1516, adm. ex".] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 81 J.] 

Sep. 5, 1615. Thomas Nawton* of Eddylthorpe, esquier. 
To be bur. in the quere of Westowe afor the ymage of our Lady. 
For a corspresant, I bequeath all that owth to be hadde of 
dewty. The day of my buryall, I bequeath to my cosyn, 
Prioresse, x s. ; to my suster vs.; & to every suster xij d. ; & 
to my cosyn, Mr. Wenseldy, xxvj s. viij d. Wher Sir William 
Bnlmer knyght, & oder his coeflFeoflFe3, be seasede in, of & upon 
my maner of Eddylthorpe, & my landes, etc, there & in Nawton, 
Grymston, Yarom, & ellswhere — they to suffer William Nawton, 
my broder, to tacke th'yshues of my landes, etc, in Eelyngton, 
terme of his lyff, accordyng to my dede ; & Nicholes Nawton, 
my broder, the ysshues of my landes, etc., in Norton, to the 
yerely valour of xl s., for terme of his lyffe. Dame Elesabeth 
Nawton, my suster, to take of my landes, etc., in Yarom yerely, 
for terme of her lyff (auw. omitted)^ & of my ferme of my 
fyshynges in Yarom I give her ij salmons yerely. The Prioresse 
of Neisham to taike the issues of Nawton and Nawtondaill 
unto the tyme that she have receyvede xx** merkes, that she & 
hir susters yerely pray for my soull. I will that Sir William 
Buhner k* have the custodie & mariege of Henry Nawton, my 

♦ 14 Oct. 1446. John Nawton gen. Dan John de N. my son k his mother. 
Wife Margaret. Daughters Alice &, Margaret & son k heir Robert N. 

13 Dec. 1477. Wm Nawton of North Grimston, arm. Sep. in cap. B. M. !n 
eccl. 8. Nic. de Orymston. Son Brian N. Son k heir Thos N. k Philip(>a his 
wife. Lands in Swinton, Malton, Norton, Langton, Eenythorpe, Berrythorpe 
k Bast Wharram. Wife Kath. k Robert Forster, her father. Bro' Richard N. 
Father Wm N. Guy Fairfax knt, Richard York of York merchant, Robert 
Forater of Howsham k my wife ex". [Pr. 26 July 1478.] (Reg. Test. Dec. k 
Capit. i. 340.) 

Jan. 20, 1482-3. Adm. Marg* Nawton of Wharrom in Strata to Beatrix N. 
her dan. (Id. 363.) 

Nov. 22, 1487. Adm. of Robert Nawton of Berrythorpe gen. to Wm Taylor 
of Bugthorpe. (Reg. Test. v. 318.) 

For a pedigree of Nalton (Nawton) of Wcstow see Glover's Visitation, p. 

F 2 


Sonne & heyre, and of Kateryn, my doghter, according to his 
wrytyng, for the which mariege I will that he have of my 
landes, etc., in Edymston xiij li. xiij s. iiij d. by me gyvyn for 
ther fyndyng unto they be mariede. The residewe to my son 
& heyre, and, if any thyng come at hym but good, than it to go 
to my doghter Kateryn ; and, after hir decesse, to my broder 
WilJiam & my suster dame Elesabeth. Sir John Bulmer kt, 
my broder Eaulfe Westthorpe esquier, & John Symson ex". 

[Pr. 10 May, 1619, adm. ex".] 

[Penes Dec. & Capit. Ebor.] 

Funeral Exspenais. Payd to vj men yat bare hyme yat 
was infecte, ij s. To a prest for v Messys, be ys dysyer, xx s. 
For wax for hys Mes x s. For bred v s. For v pottys of ale 
vij d. For ryse & almondys for hyme yj d. For malvase ij d. 
Payd romna ij d. For suger, & mas, & clowys iij d. For not- 
megys j d. In oblasyon at hys Mes j d. For candyl yj d. To 
ij wemen yat kepe heme ij s. iiij d. For befe & motune vj d. 
For feely to yame iij d. To the clarke, for regyng for hyme, 
vj d. For melke ij d. For wesyng ye schetys & oder fulkere 
vj d. To on woman for makeyng clene chamber ij d. To ij 
women, for beryng hys stuffe fro the chamber to hys howse, 
iiij d. For beryg the coles in to the howse ij d. For beryg 
the wod in ij d. 


[Ex Orig. penes Dec. & Capit. Bbor.] 

Inprimis in auro et argento inventis in bursa xj li. xiiij s. 
In auro, in custodia Domini Boberti Mason, cvij s., xiij s. iiij d. 

* A poor creature who seems to have died of the plagae circa 1615. This 
is the bill for burying him. 

f A proctor in the Court of York, who had a fair array of law-books in his 
library, and a few historical works as well. 

22 July, 1615. Johannes Underwode (in legibus bacc, curiae Ebor. ad^o- 
catus, decedens infra coll. S. Willelmi). Sep. juxta tumbam 8. WiUelmi. 
Margaretae Car, filiae sororis meje, xx li. Margaretae Blaxton, sorori meae, iiij 


In auro, in custodia Magistri Johannis Sympson, xxxix li. xv. . . . 
SuTiima clix li. vj s. 

In Camera. Inprimis a old keveryng in tapster werke, 
vj s. A coverlet, whit and blewe, vj d. A coverlett, redde and 
yolowe, xij d. On paire of fustian blankettes iij s. A fether- 
bedde w* a bolster xijs. A mattres ijs. Item ij pecys red 
saie ij s. viij d. A seller, a tester w* iij curtans, xij s. A cownter 
iiij 8. Item ij charys xij d. A litle forme iij d. Item ij peloys 
with there berys xij d. A old sarcenet typett viij d. A bonett 
xij d. A candilstyk ij d. A vevery comme vj d. A dager j d. 
A broshe j d. A sarcenett tippett ij s. iiij d. A chamlet jakett, 
xiij 8. iiij d. A syde gowne of medley tauny w* blake lynyng 
xiij 8. iiij d. A nother gowne of dyverse colers w* blake lynyng 
X s. A old gowne dyed tauny, lyned w* saten of Sypres, viij s. 
A nother gowne dyed tauny w* a brod coler x s. A shorte rydyng 
gown of violett iiij s. A chamelett dublett xx d. A tynne 
botell ij d. A male wyth ij male bandys xx d. A pece of lede 
ij d. Old chiste xij d. Item ij litle pelow berys iiij d. Item 
iij lynne shetes ij s. vj d. A cofiFer w* a round lyde xij d. A 
gardyvyans xvj d. A stoned horse, graye, xx s. A nother horse, 
graye, xx s. Item ij sadylles w* ij brydilles ij s. A spone, 
silver and gylte, iij s. viij d. Item iij loode hey ix s. A pare 
beades of corall w^ a small broche xiij s. ii\j d. An old cloke 
w^ a swerde iiij s. iiij d. Summa ix li. xij s. x d. 

In Studio, Libri. Inprimis Mandagud super Electionibus 
viij d. Item Decreta, sec. fo. fteHa, vj s. viij d. Decretales, 
sec. fo. {blcmk\ iij s. iiijd. Sext' cum Clementinis, iiij s. Do- 
minus Abbas super Decretalibus, cum Repertorio, in iiij®"^ 
voluminibus, x s. Dominicus super Sexto iij s. iiij d. Decisiones 
RothsB iij s. Sabrellus super Clementinas iij s. iiij d. Johannes 
de Emula super Clementinas iij s. iiij d. Dominicus super 
Sexto ij 8. Historia Josephi Flavii, sec. fo. Sic enim^ ij s. 
Alpabetum Aureum, viij d. Baldus super Codice viij s. Bar- 
tholus super flf. veteri Codice et novo xij s. Ordo Judiciarius 
. . . cum processu Belliall, xx d. Bartholus super Extravagan' 
ij 8. Postilla super Epistolis x d. Liber Decretorum scriptus 
X8. Johannes Athon in script' cum textu, xijd. Specidum 
Jndioiale xij d. Decretales ij s. Unusi liber vetus de Diversis 
Tractatibus ij s. Vetus liber Enforciatus xij d. Instituta cum 
parvo volumine xij d. liber Gerochiae, sec. fo. Vita brevis, 
xijd. Liber de Instructione Principis xijd. Regimen Sani- 
tatis, sec. fo. {blank)y xijd. Reperfcorium domini Johannis 
Mylys xij d. Bedas in Hystoriis xij d. Super Magistro Senten- 

old nobils. Johanni Blaxton xl s. Res. Johanni Blaxton et Margaret^e u^ori 
sua. LPr. 28 July, 1515.] (Reg. Dec. & Capit, ii. 107.) 


tiarum zij d. Vita S. Thorn® Cantuariensis zij d. Psalterinm 
iiij d. Liber Practicarum iiij d. Consilium Constancise iiij d. 
Vita de Job iiij d. Miracula S. ThomsB ij d. Statuta vetera 
Regia ij d. Statuta CurisB Ebor., iiij d. Summa iiij li. xiij s. x d. 
Summa totalis ciiij ". xiij **. xj s. xj d. 


Magistro Paule xlj a. ij d. Lotrici, viz uxori Tarte, iij s. 
Prseposito CoUegii, pro camera sua, xs. Vicariis choralibus, 
pro stabilo suo, ij s. In expensis miade aboute M. Underwod, 
tyme of his sikenes, xviij s. iij d. Summa iij li. xiiij s. v d. 

Surmna totaUa oranium bonorv/m defuncti^ deductis 
debitiSy c iiij ". ix". xvij s. vj d. 


TURJS. Pro cista ij s. iiij d. Pro panibus pauperibus distribu- 
endis xiij s. iiij d. In le maynbrede, tempore exequiarum, ij s. 
Serevicia eodem tempore xviij d. Pro ij li. le cumfettes x\'iij d. 
Pro j li. le Dergy yj d. Pro malvese xxj d. Pro red wyne viij d. 
Pro claret wyne xij d. Pro x lb. cersB v s. x d. Soluti magistro 
gildae Corporis Christi et aliis presbyteris, clericis, et pueris, 
X s. X d. Soluti to iiij old men, and the beddill of Corpus Christi 
gild, for beryng of the torchys, x d. To the parich clerke, for 
rynging of the howlord * bell, iiij d. In oflferyng y d. To ij 
women that wond hym iiij d. To the secarstens, for rynggyng, 
ij 8. For makyng of y* grave xij d. To Colson wyf, for watchyng 
w* hym iij nyghtes, xd. Johanni Richardson iij s. iiijd. To 
the presoners in the castell xvj d. To the kydcotte and the 
masyndew viij d. To the bishoppe prison, and other bedemen, 
vj d. Expensse factae in octavo die, ut patet per billam in hcV 
(bUmk). Summa iiij li. xvij d. 

[Beg. Test. ix. 30 J.] 

Sept. 10, 7th Hen. VIII. (1616). John Nevell,t esquier. 
To the iiij Orders oflF Freers, every of theym xl d. To every 
Freer oflf the Blake Freers, Toftes, being preest, & beyng at 

* Spoken of, I think, in another fragmentary inv. as the howloyde beU at 
the Minster. 

t According to a pedigree Sn Dodsworth, v. 112, the testator was a aon of 
(Sir Thomas) NeriUe of PickhaU and RoUeston, by (Elizabeth) dan. of Sir 
Wm. Babington. He mair. Anne dau. and coheir of . . Malberthorpe of Sleght, 
CO. Lincoln, by whom he had two daughters and coheirs, one of whom marr. 
John Newdegate, serjeant-at-law, and the other Geoige Stapleton of Bempston, 


my buryall, iiij d. And every novesse ij d. And in likewise to 
every of the Gray Freers in York, if I deceasse at Yorke. To 
the eremettes of Saynt Leonerde's at Yorke xld. To my 
doghter, Margarett Stapilton, vj goblettes of silver with a cover, 
my signett of golde with the prent of the tnishe which was 
hir &der's, and my flower oflF golde with stones, which my wyff 
bought of my sone Newdegatte. The residew to my right 
welbelovede doghter, Amfelice Newdegate, wiffof John Newde- 
gate, which Jofm Newdegat I make my soUe executour. To 
Mary Thwayttes my lesse mantell which was hir moder's. In 
the presence of Bichard Mayson Prior of the Freer toftes, Sir 
Thomas G-arton supprior of the same place, my confessor* etc. 

[Pr. 26 Apr. 1516.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 40.] 

Nov. 3, 1515. Hugh Awstwyke, of Pontefract, marcer. To 
be bnr. in the church of Allhallowes in Pontefract nye unto the 
sepultur of my fether, John Astwyke. To the monasterie of 
St John th' Apostle in Pontefract a lyttyll standyng masere, 
to have Placebo & Dvrige^ and one Saull Masse of Requiem at 
the day of my buryall, & to be assoUde in theyr chapiter 
howse, and that their breviter may be sende w* my name to all 
suche howses of there religion as they be wonte to go after the 
decesse of any of there bretheren. A chambre to Jhesus gilde, 
& ij landes to our Lady's service in Allhallowes churche. Wife 
Margaret. Sons Sir Richard, Hugh, John, & Geo. A. Dau. 
Isabell. To my cosyn Denys on candilstike with sex Georges. 
Wife & son, Sir Bichard, ex"^. 

[Pr. 26 Nov. 1616.] 

[Reg. Wolsey, 14L] 

Nov. 16, 1516. Sir William Jowkyn, perpetuall vicar 
of Eodington. To be bur. in the chauncell of Flawforth. I 
gif that wax, that I have, bume aboute my body, and ij hives 
of bees to upholde of the light before our Lady of Pietie at 
Flawforth. I gif xl s. to the parish churche of Preyse, where I 
was borne, to by halflf a fowdour of leede to cover the newe 


porche w*all. To my cosigne, John Beyly, that kepeth my 
house, X shepe, etc., if she have lif and scape this plage* that 
now reyneth ; and it pleas God to take her at this tyme, I will 
that my ex" bye an Antiphonar for my parish church, to serve 
God w* all, & iij s. iiij d. to make the newe brigg w* all where 
I was borne ; & v s, to mende the payment in Prisse in the 
gate to the churche. 

[Pr. 14 Feb. 1516-16.] 

[Beg. Test.ix. 30>.l 

Apr. 1,1516. Be it knawne too all Christen pepull that I John 
Amyas of Milthorpe, at Arthyngton abbey, hath maid my last 
will and testament afor Mr Henry Ardyngton esquier. Dame 
Alice Hall Prioresse of the same abbey, Sir Robert Bamby, 
parson of Crofton, William Folyfate preest, and oder. My body 
unto the kyrke yerde where I die. The residewe to Agnes, 
my wyflFe. I give a cowe with calve unto the monasterie of our 
Lady of Ardyngton, & the Prioresse to have the governance 
theroff, gyflfyng to the sacristen iij li. wax yerely to bume afor 
our Lady. My wiflFe to have in kepyng my evydences durying 
hir lyffe, & then it to be dely vered unto my broder, vicar of 
Pennyston, Sir Eawlfe Amyas, and unto my iij systers & ther 
y8sue3. To the monastery of Ardyngton iij acres of lande lying 
at Wakefelde's towne's ende. 

[Pr. 21 Apr. 1616, adm. to ex«.] 


[Reg. Holder at Somerset House.] 

Apr. 25, 1516. John Yong*, Master of the Rollys and Deane 
of the metropolitan churche of Yorke. To be buried in the 
chapell of the Rollys, there as the organs nowe doth stond. 
Item I will that a tombe be made over the place of my sepulture. 

* The plague, or the sweating sickness. 

t John Young, Master of the Rolls and Dean of York, the friend and patron 
of learning, himself a scholar, and dear on that account to Erasmus, who 
dedicated to him one of his books. I shall not enumerate here his numerous 
preferments, or his services to the State. He is buried in the Chapel of the 
Rolls in Chancery Lane, where his monument still remains. 


To my Lord of Canterbury a salte of gold, & my two gay 
saltes clene amelyd, & two billes of dette, besechyng his 
lordship to be good lord mito my frendes, &, namely, to my poore 
servauntes. To my Lorde Cardinall a stonding cupp w* a cover 
clene gilt, besechyng his grace to be good lord unto my frendes 
& servauntes. To the Newe College of Oxford vj gylt goblettes. 
To the Newe College of Winchestre vj gylt goblettes. To John 
Pers, to his wyflF & their iiij children, vj c marke, that is to 
knowe, to every of them c marke. To John Pers & his wyff 
zl li. in plate. To John Lambard xx li. To the ij children 
whiche the steward hath xli. To the making of the cundite in 
Bye c li. I woll that a prest syng for me x yeres in the 
chapell of the Rollys, & he to have yerely x marcke. I woll 
that Maister Grocen * shal have his plate delivered unto hym 
whiche I have nowe in pledge, w*oute any maner of redempcion. 
To my servauntes, John Sutton, Thomas Laward, John Tomson, 
John Graye, & John Story, every of them, x li. I wol that 
John Crowe be allowed for his costes into the West Cuntrey 
Iv 8., & I gyve him in rewarde Iv s. To Chr. Godwyn vij li. 
which I have of his, & other vij li. To all my servauntes 
their lyvere & a hole yeris wagys. To John Pers & his wytF, 
& the heires of their ij bodies, my house at Stepneyth. Ex'* 
Mr John Taylour doctour, Maister William Throkmarton 
doctor, Mr William Shragar, & Mr. William Skynner; & I 
humbly beseche my Lord of Caunterbury to be oversear. The 
residue to my exrs, to dispose them in dedys of charytie, after 
ther discrecons, for the welth of my soule & all Christen 

fPr. 17 May, 1616, adm. ex".] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 38 a.\ 

In Dei nomine, Amen, June 4, 1516. I Eicharde Peke of 
Wakefelde, gentilman, of an holle mynde and memorie, with 
fre will and good deliberance, makes this my testament and 
last will in maner and forme followyng. First, I commend 
my soulJ to God Almyghty, to our Lady Saynt Marie, and to 
all the Sayntes in heven, my body to be buried in the paroch 
ehurche of AUhallowes in Wakefelde, in the qwere of Saynt 
Nicholesse, in the myddes of the loweste goyng, even enens 

* The celebrated scholar, whom Young befriends. 

t A Will of striking interest, written by the testator himself, and full of 
information about Wakefield, and his own family. See Glover's Visitation, 
p. 347. 


my stall, when God pleasse to call me to His mercy ; and for 
my mortuarie my best qwyke good. And to the hie alter I 
bequeth iiij marke, to by a vestement flowede with myn armes 
and my wyffe's demellede togedder theruppon : and my lyght 
abowt my corse to be taken of the vicar, yff they be convenient, 
or eiles my wyffe to make iiij tapers of iij pownd weght ; and 
then they to be the vicar's; and a pryncypall candell with 
iiij lightes spryngyng of hitt ; that candell with those lyghtes 
to stand liffht every day at the parishe Messe to the utas day, 
and then the stumpe to be put in on tapere with more stuffe 
in ytt, & so it to stande lyght every day at the parishe Messe 
duryng the yere followyng. And to sex pore men that can say 
our lady's Psalter & holde a torche, and Dvrige and Messe^ 
every of theym ij d. and his dynner, & to the torches of was 
for vj lyghtes duryng the servyce that day, ij s. : and to every 
prest iiij d. : to the clarke iiij d. ; the underclarke ij d. ; to the 
bellman all his dewties of the kyrke, & to all other clarkes 
that kepes daly ther where ij d. : and, to all oder, pence, that 
do any servyce in the kyrk and can say the vij Psalmes and 
Latyne, and so to say it and have j d. And to every lymytor of 
the iiij Orders of Freers for a Sail Messe in theyr places, to be 
done to theyr brederen, xx d. to every place. And to the gilde 
of Saynt Christofer in Yorke for a Messe xx d. And to the 
ancres at Saynt John's, for hir prayer, iij s. iiij d. And to our 
lady's gyld at Boston all the arerege dewe therunto both for 
me and for my wyfiFe : our entre therto was in the yere oflF our 
Lorde God m^ccccc xij ; and I to have a Salle Messe done at there 
ScaZa Cceli. And for pilgrameges nott done, I bequeth to 
paviment in Northgatte in Wakefelde vj s. viij d. ; and iij s. 
iiij d. wher itt is moost nede, by the discrecion of Sir William 
Joys preste, to ament a fowll hoUe abowt the brige. And all 
thies parcelles above written, I desier my wyffe to be performed 
and delivered, as shortly after my buryall as canne be con- 
veniently made, by the oversight of John Anne, supervisour of 
this my last will. Also I will that a %toDe be laid upon my 
grave within a yere ; and, if they make an ymege of Saynt 
Nicolesse in the parish church, then I assigne therto iij s. iiij d., 
and requier them to gyve the old to Saynt John kyrke. AUso I 
bequeth to the gildyng of Saynt John, now newe made in the 
kyrke of Saynt John in Wakefelde, vj s. viij d. 

Also all such dewtyes as I, the said Richard Peke, gyves with 
my handes, or oppenly bydes gyve theym, to stand ferme and 
stabill, or ells nott but by the discrecion and mynde of my 
supervisour and Elesabeth my wyffe, whom I signe to pay to 
William Pallmer and Margarett his wyffe iiij markes in money, 


or elles in suche convenient pennyworth as they will taike for 
the said money, iflf any theroflF be owyng at the day of my 
bmiall ; which dewtie I agrede to give to them when I lay seke 
and att the mercy off God, att the instances and myndes of 
. Master Thomas Knolles subdeane of thecath. churche of Yorke, 
of John Anne of Frikeley esqnier my fader in lawe, and John 
Peke my sone, Thomas Grene, & Sir Robert Skelton 
prest, whiche Sir Robert Skelton wrott the said agre- 
ment & will of me the said Richard Peke for my iij 
doghters, for Margarett Palmer liij s. iiij d. which hir husband 
& she wer fully agrede to for hir fuil parte ... & they agreid 
to Tecejye the said liij s. iiij d. and to make aquytance generall 
to me & my executors for hir childe's parte for ever. And, in 
lyke maner, and afor the said subdeane, withall thies oder 
gentillmen, I, the said Richard Peke, agrede to gyve to Anne 
Bolles, my doghter, for hir parte, fyve markes in full conten- 
tacion theroff, and ... to Henry Brodeley & Isabell his wiff, my 
doghter, vj li. xiij s« iiij d : • . moreover, the said Henry Brodeley 
is agrede to make a sure & sufficient surrender in the court of 
Wakefelde of and in the bowses sam (sic) beldede wherin he 
now dwellethe, next adjoynyng to the kynge's bakhows, to 
Isabell his wyff for terme of hir lyff, and to the heyres betwixt 
theym begotten, for ever. And that my prest immediatly and 
fnrthwith after my decesse & buryall say a trental of Messes 
for me. And the prest, which by the grace of God shall happe 
to ministre to me the Sacrement with the suflBrage, to have 
xij d. And, ferthermore, by good deliberacion and free mynde, 
I assigne and gyve to John Peke, my sone, all my cottes of 
fence of manse body which I have to doo the kynge's servyce 
withall ; and, in lyke wysse, he to leyve them to hys heyres, with 
my bowes and arrowsse whiche I have as yett, except one cotte 
covered with chalkede fustian of Henry Brodley's, yt to be 
delivered to hym. Allso I gyve to the said John Peke my best 
dublett with my long rydyng knyffe, with my bookes, one 
borddede, and ij off I^we, the Statutes, with the booke of my 
fermys. Also I gyve to myn unkell, Robert Peke, if he survy ve 
me, a dublett of bukscyns, a jackett, hoos, shoos, and bonnett ; 
and I desyer John Pek for hym. And I gyve to every one of 
my maneall servantes, that tyme dwellyng w* me in bowse, ther 
wages, trewly to be contentede, and every one of theym xij d. 
in rewarde : and every God chUde that I have iiij d. ; and to 
Briane Brounhede one of the iij jackettes. And as yett I, the 
said Richard Peke, cannott iynnyshe this perfytely after my 
mynde, for by cawse of such persones as ar frome home, and of 
such dewties as is awyng to me, and allso that I owe ; but yff 


awght shuld come to me, the said Richarde Peke, nowe in good 
mynd and free wUl, desyers and assignes Elesabeth my wyffe to 
be myn hoU executrice of this my last Will, to content and pay all 
the parcelles above wrytten conteyned in this my last Will. And 
to the said Elesabeth, my wifiFe, I gyve all my goodes, both w*in 
my howse and w*owt my howse, come, hay, and pasture dewe to 
me by way of agrement, worde, or jugementt, or oder ways as 
det to me att this day, or herafter may growe or come to me by 
any means or ways of truthe. And I, the said Eichard Peke, 
fynyshes this my last Will, and to have this wrytten and fynishede 
firfter the tenour and efiFecte of this written with myn own handes. 
And Elesabeth my wyffe I make my holle executrice of all my 
goodes, as ys above said, frely, withowt any accomptes. And, 
ferthermor, I specially and feithfully desyers Maister Thomas 
KnoUes, our curate, and subdeane of the cath. church of Yorke, 
and John Anne, hir fader, to gyve to hir ther best mynde and 
cownsell, and to se that she be nott wrongede. And to thos 
parcelles, gyven and assigned as heyrelomes afor them, and 
wrytten by Sir Eobert Skelton to be as heyrlomes, and no moo, 
w*owt she gyve ytt on hir good will and mynd without vexacion 
or trowble of the said John Peke as he will have my perpetuall 
blyssyng, and no ferder to mell nor hurtt hir : and he to labour 
for my moder goodes, who hadd all the heyrlomes, and as yett I 
never hade none of theym. And, ferther, I charch hym nott to 
mell with any of my goodes. In witnes wheroffe, I, the said 
Richarde Peke, wrott and fynyshe the tenour and effect of this 
my last Will with myn owne handes, the day & yere above 
saide. Thies beyng witnesses John Peke gentillman, Sir Robert 
Skelton preste, and Thomas Bayly, with many oder moo. 

[Pr. 28 Oct. 1516, adm. ex«.] 


[Reg. Wolsey, 142 b.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Thomas Strickland,* de Fier- 
sard de Kendall, persona de Lowther in Westmerland in the 
dioces of Carlile, hoole of mynde, of remembraunce, discrecion, 
and myne undirstanding, I love God of His grace, ordeyns and 
makes my Will and testament in this maner and fourme. In 

* The testator seems to have heen a younger son of Sir Thomas Strickland 
of Sizergh. He was rector of Qosford, in Cumberland, as well as of Stone- 
grave, in Yorkshire. 


the firste I bequeth my saule to Almyghtie Grod, and Soyne, 
nnto OUT Lady Saynte Marye and Soyne, unto all the holy 
courte of heven, and my body to be buried in Kendall kirke in 
Saynte Kateryne's quere in the same kirke, at the left hand 
of the aulter in the same quere. Item of this my will and 
testament I ordeyne and makes Sir Thomas Par, my nevewe 
Water Strikland,* and my brother G-ervase Strikland, conjunc- 
lira et diviavrOj my executours cf this my will and testament 
tmely, as my speciall trust is in theyme, that this my said will 
be fulfilled. Item I will that my nevewe, Water Strikland, have 
xl U. for such dueties as John G-runnell, his servaimte, knowes 
of. Item I will that my maister Sir Thomas Par have the best 
hors that I have fro the kirke served first. Item I will that 
my nevewe Strikland have xl s. for his labour, and my brother 
Gervas Strikland, for his labour, to have xl s. Item I will that 
my sustour Johan have my gowne lyned w* cipars and xl s. of 
money. Item I will that my servauntes all be truly content and 
paid all there wages that is served and ron uncontent. Item 
I will that ilkon of my hynes be rewarded over theire hire xx d. 
Item I will that Thomas Lamberte have my grey trotting mere 
and her fole. Item I will that John Loncastre have my grey 
horse which was Bagley's. Item I will that Sir Miles, my 
preste, syng for me oone yere at Saynt Kateryne's aulter in 
Kendall kirke, and he to have vij marc therfore. Item I will 
that ilkone of my servauntes, that wates and tendes on me, to 
have iij s. iiij d. to rewarde be their wages that is served. Item 
I will gif to Kendall kirke xx s. Item I bequethes to my for- 
said executours all the residue of my goodes, moveable and not 
moveable, that my said executours ordour and dispose theyme 
as thynkes moste expedient, most pleasing to our Lord God, 
and most heale for my saule, as my moste trust is in theyme in 
all my nedes. In to the wittenes herof, to this my present 
Will and testament I inscribe myne awne name w* myne awne 
hand ; and recorde herof. Sir Roberte Tideman, and Sir Nicholas 
Cartar, Thomas Lamberte, and other mo. Yeven in the Naty vy tie 
of Saynte John Baptiste, in the yere of our Lorde God Jhesu 
Crist m* dxvj**». 

[Pr. 10 Aug. and ad. to Walter and Gervase Strickland, coex".] 

♦ Apr. 26, 1610. Grant to Sir Richard Cholmeley and Eliz. his wife, widow 
of Sir Walter Strickland, of the wardship of Walter, son and heir of Sir Walter 
Strickland, on surrender of the patents d. 9 June, 22 Hen. VII., and 9 Aug. 
23 Hen. VII., granting the same to the said Elizabeth and Wm. Pennington. 



[Reg. Wolsey. 161.] 

Sept. 10, 1516. I, Maister Thomas Shawe,* Maister of the 
Hospitall of the Holye Trinytie in Fossegate. I witt my saule 
to Ahnyghtie Grod my Maker, to our Lady Saynt Marye, and to 
all the Blessed Company in heven, my body to be buried where 
it pleas Almyghtie God, Also I witt my bookes to distribute 
emonges my lovers and familier acquentance in Gambrige or 
other place abiding, beseching theyme to have me in remem- 
brance ; of the which Mr Ridley shall chose oone hole werke 
or booke, wether it pleas hyme best : also Mr Staynebank, in 
like wise, next: also Mr Robert Powell the same: also Mr 
Wayham the same : also Mr Roberte Garrett the same : also 
Mr Staveley of Saynte Marie Abbey the same. And these 
having there election, if there be any other prestes or scolers of 
my familier acquentance in Yorke, or oute of Yorke, seculer or 
religiouse, as Sir William Robynson of Saynte Leonarde's in 
Yorke, or Sir Thomas Blithman, some tyme my servaunte, to 
whome the bookes left maye profitt in studie, I glad that, after 
the above named, they shulde chose in like wise. Also I witt 
to Sir William Pynder my violett gowne w* the hudde. Also I 
witt to Bettrys Smyth a blak nut that (was) his mother's, w* the 
cover. Also to John Kirkby, her son, a pare of awmer beades 
and XX s. Also Margarete Kirkby a silver pece that was George 
Smyth. Also to Sir William Robyson of Saynte Leonarde's a 
foldyng spone of silver. Also to Agnes Covell vj s. viij d. of 
lent money, and a pare of awmer beedes gawded w* silver, to 
remayne after her decesse to Isabelle her doghtour, to the which 
Isabell I witt a brasse potte and a panne and xl s. toward her 
mariage. Also to John Shawe, prentise to my fader, one fether 
bedde w* a bolster and pelowe, one pare of blankettes, ij pare 
shetes, one pare of my daily occupied shetes, & the other pare 
of ij bredes not occupied, ij coverlittes, and the coveryng 
w* an antlop hanging w* a castell on his bakke, and fyve marc 
in money. Also to Elisabeth, his sustour, the coveryng that 

♦ The testator was inst. to the mastership of Trin. Hospital, Fossgate, on 
Jan. 26th, 1612-13, on the pres. of Wm. Wright governor of the Merchants 
Company and Thos. Abbey and Thos. Kytchyn, constables. 

He was a son of John Shawe, merchant ; Chamberlain 1483, Sheriff 1486-7, 
Lord Mayor 1510. He died in Jan. 1615-16, and was bur. at St. Crux. 

The testator was a sdiolar and had been educated at Cambridge. The 
Master Ridley is either Nicholas Ridley, the reformer, or Robert his brother. 


lieth upon my bedde, w^ a gold ryng enameled ; also hir hus- 
band zx s. Also to Elyn Jacson, servaunte and kynneswoman 
unto my modir-in-lawe, xls. Also to Jenet, servaunte and 
felowe w* her, iij s. iiij d. Also to Agnes Shate, vj s. viij d. 
Also to Thomas Gerike, my servaunte, his fynding and scole 
hire, to the yeres be rynne, that he may (be) suflSciently lemed 
and made preste, if he be disposed to be preste ; and to have 
for his firste wage vij maro to sing for me ; and to continue 
longer if my executrix be plesed and he unpurved. The resi- 
due of my goodes, my dettes paide, my Will fulfilled, and 
fonerall expenses doone, I witt and gif to Maid Shawe, my 
moder-in-lawe, whome I make my sole executrix, to see this 
my Will be perfourmed, praying her for the luf of God, by cause 
I cannot call all to remembrance I wold as my poer kynnes- 
folkes and acquentance, that she of her charitie remember 
theyme w* somme tokyn of remembrance after her discrecion, 
when they come to her w* such not fulfilled in my fader testa- 
mente. In wittenes herof to this my present testamente my 
seale I have put, the daie and yere above written, thies being 
witenes, Sir Thomas Seton preste, Saufe Langley, and James 
Thome, w* other. 

[Pr. 18 Ang. 1620.] 

APPRAISED NOV. 12, 1516. 

[Bx Grig, penes Dec. & Gapit. Ebor.] 

The Wircyng Chambre. Item yj dossen spyndylles xij d. 
A towre stull & ij crukes vj d. Item iij formys iij d. Item in 
burddes iiij d. In yeme spyndylles xvj d. Item iiij" eyrth pottes, 
xij s. Ayne olde hoggshede ij d. Summa xv s. vij d. 

The Schoppe. Inprimis cc copper xliiij s. In wesshe & 
thrawe xxvij dossen xliiij s. iiij d. In messelyng xxv dossen & 
ix li. Ij s. yj d. In whitt eyrth ij s. viij d. Item xvij wayre 
patrons iij s. iiij d. Item ij greytt playttes, xyj d. Item xiiij 
small playttes & yj floure patrons iij s. iiij d. Item x ladylles 
and scomers patrons v s. In castyn wayre iij s. A ryght dyshe 
xij d. Item iij layttes vij s. Item xx huke shankes xvj d. 

* 9 May, 1516. John Tenand of the pariche of Senct Elene in York. To 
be beryed w*in ye kirk g^rth before ye crosse. To William Gnke my bowe. I 
wit to be done for my saull & all Cristyn saulles the day of my beryall ▼ Meuet 
of ye y wondee of our Lord Jhesa, v Me$te» of Senct Gregory, ic on Messe of 
Beqviem, To Sir Robert Swynbom bis horde as langes to the quarter. The 
residewe to Agnes my wiff. [Pr. 6 Nov. 1516.] (Reg. Dec. U Capit. ii. 113.) 


Item ij rowmers ij d. Item ij payre clammes iiij d. Item ij 
payre scheyrrys viij d. Item ij long fyllys & ij shortte fyllys 
yj d. Item a payre pynsoDs, iij graytors, & ij hande bumyshaxs 
viij d. A greytt stethe, iiij d. Item ij small stedys viij d. 
Item ij laytin hamars iiij d. Item iij hake hamars iiij d. Item 
V eleynche hamers & a pyke hamer xij d. A chafiFyng dyshe 
xiiij d. A ladyll iiij d. A candylstyke funtte v d. Item ij 
small feytte & vj-flomrys x d. A kyste xij d. Item ij shelffys 
iiij d. In whett stonnys vj d. Item xlvj manderelles ij s. viij d. 
A gryndstone & cmke x d. Item ij spayddy s & a shulle yj d. 
Item j li. & di. latonweghttes iij d. A stone weghtt of d. e. iiij d. 
In Yorke moure eyrthe xx d, A yerth burde iiij d. A bauke 
& scayllys ij s. viij d. Summa ix li. vj s. viij d. 

The Meltyng Howse, In eyrth mulddes yj s. viij d. A furnell 
& wheser ij s. iiij d. In charke collys iij a. Item ij watter 
pannys vj d. Item ij stullys & a tubbe iij d. Other trache 
xd. A brayng morter & pestell yj.d. The fosse vij s. In old 
yeme, as furnell, tenges, & wheser iiij s, Summa xxxv s. j d. 

[Reg. Holder at Somerset House.] 

In camera ven. viri Mr Guy Palmes, servientis ad legem, 
infra Sergeauntes' Inn in Flete strete. 

13 Nov. 1516. Guy Palmes,* one of the Kinge's Ser- 
giaimtes at the la we. To be bur, in the churche of the. White 
Freres, yf I decesse in TiOndon. I will that myn ex" lay a 
stone of my grave, and that an ymage of our Lady be sett of 
the sam^, & an ymage of my self be made kneling under her.- 
To every of my wife's doughters by hir first husbonde a rynge 
of xiij s. iiij d. To my brother's wife, & every of my sust^rs a 
ryng of x s. To every of my brother sonnes vj s. viij d., & to 
every of his doughters a ryng of vj s. viij d. To Elisabeth, my 
doughter, to hir mariage, ccxxv marcs, so that she be maried 
by the advise of m}^! ex", or by the more part of theym; which 
money is nowe in the keping of Johane my ,wife. After my 
funerall expenses & other charges doon, all suche summes of 
money as I have, to be dispoased amonges my sonnes George, 
Guy, Leonard, Stephyn, & Fraunces, by the discrecion of my 

* A younger son of William Palmes of Nabtim, Esq., and brother of 
Brian Palmes of the same place. He married a rich wife, the diloghter of a 
Bristol merchant, and realised a large fortune through her means and his own 
lepTil ability. 

Guy Palmes died on Nov. 10th, 1516, leaving Brian his son and heir. 


wife, my brother Brian Palmes, John Dowman d' of lawe, & 
John Rudstone. Where I have bought of Sir Thomas Farefax 
k^ the manage of Nicholas his sone & heire apparant, & the 
covenauntes of the parte of the said Sir Thomas be not per- 
fourmed, if he doo not, betwixt this & Ester next comyng sJter 
the date herof, then my doughter Jane to be maried by my 
ex" where as they shall seme most convenient, & she to have 
cc li. to her manage ; & my don. Elis. to have as mych as shall 
make up ecc marcs. To my nevewe, John Heslerton, my best 
gowne furred w* fox ; & my nevewe, George Scalby, my gowne 
lyned with chamlet. Where the right reverende fader in God 
& my most singular good lorde, Bichard Bisshop of Wynchester, 
at tny pouer instance & desire, is contented to take the payn 
upon his good lordshipp to be surveyour of this my testement, 
my ex" to resort & repaire unto him. Ex" my wife, my 
brother Brian Palmes, Maister John Dowman d' of lawe, & my 
cosyn John Rudston, citezein & draper of London. The residue 
to Johane my wife, trusting that she will be loving to my 
soule, & kynde & loving to my childem. I wille that all suche 
plate that was bequethed to me & my wife, to the summe of 
c marcs, by John Drewes, be in her occupacion during her lyfe, 
& then to be equally devided emonges my childre & Nicholas 
More childre, then being on lyve. 

Will for Land. 13 Nov. 1516. Wife Joan my manor of 
Broughton, co. Wilts, & lands in Overton & Guydhampton co. 
Southampton for life — rem. son Brian & h" — rem. son Geo. & 
h" — ^rem. son Guy & h" — son Leon* & h" — son Stephen & 
do — son Francis & do. She, whilst unm**, to have my lands &c. 
in Hesyll co. Hull ; if she marry, Leon**, Stephen, & Francis to 
have them. Sons Geo. & Guy lands to val. of x marks each per 
ann. late bought of Sir Henry Long. Son Brian, when 22, my 
manors of Ashwell co. Rutland & Whitton co. Lincoln, my lands 
late purch* of Morgan Cowdrey, & my lands in Andover — ^rem. 
son Geo, etc. Son John lands in Efiforde val. 10 1. per ann., 
my manor of Bentworth co South". 

[Pr. 4 Deo. 1616.] 

VOL. V. 



[Beg. Test. ix. 66 h.] 

March 4, 1516-17. William Fytzwilliam of Sprotburrowe, 
esquier. To be buryd in the hye quere of our Lady of Sprot- 
burghe, next unto my fader. To an honest prest, to syng for 
my soull, and those that I am bound to pray for, 1 marcs, for 
vij yeres ; he to syng the yere in the churche of Sprotburrow. 
To John Colyn, my servant, v markes, & all suche fees as I 
have grauntede to hym by patton under my seall and signe 
manuell for terme of his lyffe, to pray for my soull. I be- 
queath my blake satteyn gowne furredd w* blake bugge to the 
church of our Lady of Sprotburgh. To myn uncle, Thomas 
Suthill, my blake damaske gowne furrede with foynes, to pray 
for my soull. To every of my servandes, beyng w* me in house 
and howsholde at the tyme of my departyng to Grod All- 
myghty, xiij s. iiij d. for a quarter of a yer, to ther fyndyng, to 
they may provyde theym of a service, to pray for my sovll ; and 
ther wages. I will that William Lord Conyers and all oder 
hys feoffes, named in a dede berynge date xxvij* Februarie vij*** 
Herry VIII*, shall suffer Thomas Suthill, & oder myn executors, 
yerely to take th'yssues, etc., owt of the manors of Emley, 
Haddylsey, & Derryngton, unto syche tjme as all bequestes, 
dettes, etc., be trewly content. To Umfrey Fytzwilliam, my 
servant, xl s. To William Tyas, my fermer of Sprotburgh, x] s. 
My feoffes to be feoffed, after my dettes paide, etc., of the 
maners of Emley, Darryngton, and Haddylsey, to the use of 
Thomas Suthill and Margery his wife for terme of ther lyffes — 
then to the use of Elesabeth Suthill (ther) doghter, terme of 
lyffe — then to my right heyres. To the said Margery xl li., & to 
Elesabeth hir doghter xl li., to pray for my soull. My feoffes 
to make a yerly rent to the valour of xl s. unto George Went- 
worth, terme of his lyffe, owt of Daryngton & Haddylsey, & a 
yerly rent of iiij li. owt of them to Umfrey Fitzwilliam, terme 
of his lyffe ; — of iiij li. to William Eiddesley, terme of his lyffe ; 
— of iiij li. by yere unto Cecile Tyas, terme of hir Ijrffe ;— of 
the Parke milne in Emley parke to John Page, for terme of 
his lyffe. To my cosyn, Thomas Wentworth, my tawny chamb- 

♦ The last of the Fitzwilliams of Sprotborouph about whom there is much to 
be found in the earlier volumes of Wills. Thomas Sothill was the testator's 
unrle by marriage, whose only daughter, Elizabeth, married Sir Henry Savile 
of Thornhill and Richard Gascoigne. 


let gowne forrede with buggy, to pray for my sowll. The 
residew to Sir Robert Drury knyght, Thomas Kokeley knyght, 
Thomas Suthill esquier, Thomas Wentworth esquier, and Hugh 
Boswell clarke, parson of the churche of DerflTelde, myn execu- 
tors. Thies beyng present John Everyngham churke & parson 
of Sprotburgh, William* Copley, John Fytwilliam, Sir Thomas 
Sylles preste, William Tyas, William Fytzwilliam, & many oder. 

[Pr. 29 April, 1618, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Teat. ix. 48 a.] 

IVfay 11, 1517. Jacobus Malliverey de Semer, gen. Sep. 
in choro capellse S. Martini Episcopi et Confessoris de Semer. 
Willelmo Belt meum galbanum li^tum ostro, meam tunicam 
prseliariam, quae dicitur a coU of plait, j gantdettj et j falcem 
prseliariam, et gaUem. Willelmo, filio Johannis Kobynson, mea 
alba anna prseliaria, j par splenteSf j gauntleitj j timicam 
prseliariam quas dicitur a cott of plait, et j falcem prseliariam. 
AnnflB, filiae mese, j aureum quod vocatur a rialL Domino 
Kadulpho, filio meo, j annulum aureum. Willelmo, fratri meo, 
j togam pennulatam penula alba agnorum. Willelmo Robyn- 
son, femulo meo, j par sotularium quae dicuntur stertuppea. 
Besiduum Johannse, uxori mese. 

[Pr. 28 June, 1517, & adm. to the wld. & ex».] 

[Test. Ebor. ix. 59 a.] 

July 23, 1517. Thomas Langton * of Huddylston, esquier, 
beyng & intendyng to be and continewe the servand of 
Almyghty God. I bequeath my sowll to Almyghty God, 
besuchyng our Blyssed Lady Saynt Mary, His moder, and 
all the gloryous company of heven, through ther holy prayers, 
to conduc and convey the same unto His most hye mercy 

♦ The pedigree of the Langtons needs reconstrnction. One or two of 
their Wills are printed in this series. Their representation afterwards merged 
in the house of Danby. 

The testator died on Dec. 21, 1517, leaving Thos., son of John Langton his 
son, his heir, aet. 24. 

Tliere is a monument to one of these Langtons in the church of RiccaU. 

o 2 


& celestiall glorie, ther to remeyn. To be buryd in such 
place of the paroch church of All Sayntes in Shirbume as it 
best shall seyme by myn executours. I will that Sir William 
Myre prest syng for my sowU in the paroch churche of Shir- 
bume by the space of on yere. To the vicar, for my tythes 
and ofiferyng forgotten, iij s. iiij d. To the lyght standyng 
afor the Holy Rood xiij s. iiij d. To the upholdyng of the 
lyght in our Lady's chappell vj s. viij d. Towards the uphold- 
yng of the torches to be made by the inhabitantes of Shir- 
biune xiij s. iiij d. To the torches to be maid by the inhabi- 
tantes of Wilforth vj s. viij d. I have (given) and delivered unto 
the service of our Lady Saynt Mary, to the maynteynyng of the 
same within the chapell of our Lady, at Shirbume, xxx** kye 
& sex qwyes, on t'hous beldyde, w* all fharbege of Fursefelde & 
Lanerton carres, now in my take of Thomas archbuschope of 
Yorke ; & the profectes to be orderd & distributede as I have 
devysede & ordeynede by on composicion tripartyte beryng 
date Apr. yj, 1514. I wyll that the vicar & churchwardens for 
the tyme beyng schall have the lattyng of the said kye with 
arbege to ferme ; & the residewe of the money that shall yerly 
com unto the stok, all charges paide,they shall make an oppyn 
accompte afor my son Thomas Langton, av4i the Lady preste, 
& all the parichoners that shalbe ther. To my son, Thomas 
Langton, & Alienor his wyffe & his heires maille, all my landes, 
etc., in Collyng & Connandley. To Thomas Langton, son 
& heyre of John Langton, & to Eaulfe Awnger my full power 
in all maner accions, etc., ayenste th'executors of dam Beatrice 
lady of Graystoke. To my doghter, Esabell Birkhed, iij kye, 
iij whies, xx ewes, & xl s., of hir beryng. To every manys & 
womans servand waged by yere that now is in my serves, & 
contineweth in the same duryng my lyflFe, ij s. And bycause I 
knawlege tarn that I have receyvede of the landes of my 
doghter Jennet Yonge's feofifment the sum of xl li. more than 
I have payd for hir mariege, and by cause also of the great 
payn that she hath tayken of long season in the kepyng of my 
house, I therfor give and bequeath unto Thomas Langton, my 
son, & to the said Jennet, my doughter, whom I make myn 
executors, the residew of my goodes. I will that my executors do 
maike no vij*** day for me, but the remanent of my buryall be 
disposede emonges poore folkes. Allso I will that Richard 
Awnger and Nicholesse Awnger be rewarded at the syght of 
myn executors. 

[Pr. 20 Feb. 1617-18. adm. to ex".] 


[Reg. Test. Ebor. iz. 136 a.] 

Sept. 6, 1517. Henry Poudesey,* th'elder, of Bolton nye 
Bolland, esquier. To be beried in the chirch of Seynt Peter 
and Paule of Bolton. To Thomas, my son, & to his heres 
malles, ij saltes gilted, one of them coverhed, a notte gilte w* 
a cover, and a pese gilted with a cover. To the right worship- 
fdll Maister Brian Higdon, deane of the metropolitan church 
of Yorke, the best horse that I have next unto my mortuary, 
with all thynges belongyng to hym, for his owne saddell. To 
every one of my sonys and sonys-in-law a horse, & to every 
one of my doughtours and doughtours-in-law a mare. To 
every one of ther childer a cow. I have revoked & cassat al 
my testamentes. The residue to my nevey, Sir Henry Han- 
serd, parson of Bolton, & Ambrose, my son, whome I ordene 
executours, & my lord Dene of York supervisour. 

[Pr. 1 March, adm. to ex".] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 67 a.] 

Dec. 30, 1517. Thomas Staunton f of Staunton, esquier. 
To be buride wHn the paroch churche of Stanton. To the 

♦ The head of the ancient house of Padsay of Bolton. He left a large 
family behind him, and the Will of his son, Ambrose, follows after a short 

t The Stauntons of Staunton represented, if it were possible, the oldest 
family in Nottinghamshire and famous as well in antiquity as in achievment. 

29 March, 1447. Thos Staunton, Esq. of Staunton. Sep. in oem. eccl. 
B. M. de S. in capella S. Laurentii. Marg* his wife & Thos S. his eldest son 
ezecntors. [Pr. 4 May.] (Reg. Test, ii 156.) (The grandfather of the 

13 Aug. 1485. Thos Staunton de S. arm. Sep. in capella B. M. infra eccl. 
de S. Qeorgio. Filio meo meam cathenam auream et cist am meam Flandream. 
Elizabeths Byngham, filiae meae, unum craterem arg. et sex coclearia arg. 
Margaretae Tapton, filise mete, unum craterem arg. et sex coclearia arg. The 
res. to Wm S., my son & heir, & George S., my son. They exrs. Wm Sleford, 
of Kirkby Laynethorp, gen., supervisor. [Pr. 20 Apr. I486.] (Reg. Test. v. 
280 a.) (The father of the testator.) 

1 July, 1497. Wm Staneton of S. arm. Sep in eccl. par de S. Son Wm. 
(under 20) 20 1. Wm S. clerk, my bro' & heir. Wife Kath. & Richard Dysnay 
exrs. [Pr. 12 Oct.] (Res?. Test. v. 505.) (The elder brother of the testator.) 

23 Sep. 1504. Wm Stanton, rector eccl. de S. Sep. infra cancellam eccl. 


church xxvj s. viij d., to by a crosse w*. To the makyng of the 
deskes in the said church xl s. To the battelyng of the same 
XX 8. To the church of Kilvington, the chapelis of Flaborrowe 
& Stanton (each) yj s* viij d., to by a crosse cloth w*. A good, 
discrett prest to syng in the church of Staunton by the space 
of a yere, & to have v li. I will that my feoffe3 be seassede of 
my maner of Staunton to the use of me & Anne my wyfiFe, for 
terme of our naturall lyffes, & then to the use of my right 
h eyres, & they to suflTer my wiffe to have of the rentes, etc., 
in Dalington, Flaburrow, & Awfreton, & ij messe3 in Staunton, 
unto such tyme that she have recey ved cvj li. xiij s. iiij d. To 
Millicent, my doghter, xl markes. To Elesabeth, my doghter, 
xl. markes. To Annas, my doghter, xl markes, when they are 
mariede by th'advysse of my wyfife & hir counsell. To my son 
John xl markes. The residewe to my wiflTe, whom I make soil 
executrice and ordinarie of this my last Will. Sir John Mark- 
ham, knyght, supervisor. Witnes Eobert Molyneux, esquier, 

[Pr. 28 April, 1518, adm. to ex\] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 72 a.] 

March 16, 1517-18. Christofer Danby,* knyght. To be 
bur. at my paroche churche of Leeds wHn the highe quere. My 
beste horse & hames to my mortuarie. To the said churche 
my gowne of cr3rmsen velwett. To a preste, to syng for my 
souU & all Christen sowlles within the chapell of our Blissede 
Lady of Walsyngham, duryng an holle yere next after my de- 
cesse, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. For myn expenses fiinerall the day of 
my buryall, xxx li. I will that all suche landes as laitt wer putt 
in feofifement by my fader, Sir James Danby, & by Dame 
Agnes Danby, my moder, to & for the mariege of my susters be 
employede to the same use, all such maners, etc., wherin Sir 
John Nevill, Sir George Darcy, knyghtes, with oder, ar en- 
feofifede in only excepte. Wheras I have laitly enfeoffede John 
Nevyll, George Darcy, knyghtes, with dyvers oder, in certeyn 
landes &c., co. Yorke, I will they maik estait to Dame Margaret 

de S. Thos S. etc. Hen. Bozon esq. supervisor, & Mr Simon Yates, Richard 
Smith of Kilvington clerk & Robert Pecok ex". [Pr. 5 Nov.] (Reg. Test vi. 
112.) (A brother of the testator.) 

♦ The pedigree of this family is very well known. For the Will ^of Sir 
James Danby, the testator's father, see Test. Ebor. iv. 122. 


Danby, my wyffe, for terme of lyflFe, of landes, etxj., in Farneley 
to the yerely valor of xiij li. yj s. viij d., accordyng to covennauntes 
of mariege of Christofer E^nby, my sod, & hi« wyflF, betwix 
my Lorde Latimer & me laitly maid. Wher the said John 
Nevyll, & Oder, ar infeoflFede of my landes as well of Ferneley, 
as Oder, myn ex" to receyve xx li. to the performaunce of my 
will and the payment of my dettes. Wher I have putt in 
feoffement to my Lorde Latymer Hallfelde, Scmton, & Exilby, 
contrary to my promjsse, whiche wer in feoffement afor the per- 
formance of my fader's will & my moder's, I will that the said 
John Nevill, and oder, maik astaite to the said Lorde Latymer 
of the resydewe of my landes in Ferneley, with all oder which 
my saide feofe3 ar enfeoffede in, to the said valour of the said 
Halfeilde, Scmton, & Exilby. The residewe to Dame Margery 
my wyff, Christofer Danby my son, Thomas Langton, & Jambes 
Danby, my broder — they exrs. Witnesses Sir John Henry son. 
Sir John Bamarde, chapleynes, Eoger Doddesworthe gentyl- 
man, with dy vers oder. 

[Pr. 16 Nov. 1618, adm. to ex'.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 65 a.] 

March 19, 1517-18. Sir Eobert Browne, prest. I be- 
queath my souU to the mercy of AUmyghty, to His moder our 
Lady Saynt Mary, and to all the holy company of heven ; my 
body to be buride within the chappell of Heptonstall, foundede 
in the honour of God & Saynt Thomas of Canterbury ; & 
my better gowne for my mortuarie. To the said chappell, for 
trespasses & offences that I have done in hitt or in the yerde 
of the same, in fyndyng or takyng away any goodes ayens the 
pleasur of Almyghty, and health of my soull, xx s. To the ex- 
ecutours of Mr Kichard Symx, sumtym vicar of Halifax, for 
any goodes of his wrongfully hadde, xx d. To Doctor Thomas 
Brant, late vicar of the said Halifax, xvj d. To my lorde 
th'archbushope of Dublyn, & nowe vicar of the said Halifax, 
XX d. To th'executors of Sir Ed' Lache, sumtym vicar of Kyrk- 
ham, for any goodes of his wrongfully hadd, xx d. To th'ex- 
ecutors of Sir William Huddylston, late vicar of the said Kirk- 
ham, for suche thynges, xx d. To the nether Rode of the said 
Kyrkham, iiij d. Also wher as I dyd make the light of Saynte 


Lowe, if I hadd any more money than I spent in the makyng 
thereof, xyj d. To the Freers of Knaresburgh, for to be broder 
to thejmoL, and to have their privelege and pardon, vj s. viij d. 
To the Fratemite of Sayntes Christofer and George at Yorke, 
vj 8 viij d. To our Lady in the See, w*in the dioc' of Ely, xx d. 
To the Freers of Dancastre, that wer attoumeys for the Univer- 
site of Patbmos, ij s. It is my will to have iiij yerdes of new 
lynyng cloth boght at my decesse to be wonne in. AUso to be 
offerd at my decesse xvj d. I will that every prest beyng at 
my Dirige and Messe have iiijd., and every clark that can 
^y^Sy J ^* Allso I will that ther be but dispendyd and dalt at 
my buryall, in brede, ayll, and meytt, xl s. To the chappell of 
Heptonstall a coppe of velwet, and that my soull, my fader's 
soull, and my moder's soul be upon the bedrowll, to be praid 
for ever more, the price of the same xx^ nobilles. Allso to 
the said Kyrkham a vestment, upon the condicion that my 
soull, my fader's, moder's, & oder goode frendes' soulles be 
upon the bede-rooll, to be praid for ever mor, the price of the 
same vestement xx** nobilles. Also to Preston churche 
anoder vestement in the same wysse. Also I will that a prest 
do syng for my soull, my fader & moder soulles, & other good 
frendes' soulles at the said Kyrkham, ij yeres ; in lyke wysse 
at Preston ij yeres, & to have xx li. 1 will ther be a trentall 
of Saynt Gregorie said and song at Heptonstall for my soull 
& the soulles of Laurence Bentley & Jennet his wyflfe, & the 
prest to have x s. To the makyng of Sourbridge * v merkes. 
Witn. Sir W™ Cocroft, curate of Heptonstall. 

[Pr. 29 March, 1518.] 



In Dei nomine. Amen. I Marmaduce Constable,! oflf Flayn- 
burgh, knyght, holle of body and mynde, the firste day of Maii, 

* i.e., Sowerby bridge. 

t The head of the house of Constable of Flamborough. * Little Sir Mar- 
maduke * he was called in an old pedigree, but he was great in courage and 
martial achievements, and a trusted servant of several kings. He was twice 
married : first, to a daughter of Lord Fitzhugh ; second, to Joyce, daughter of 
Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton, by whom he had many children. 

In 1513, when 70 years old, Sir Marmaduke had the honour of being joined 
with Sir Edmund Howard in the command of the third division of the English 
army at the great battle of Flodden, or Brankston Field. Cf. Athenae Can- 
tabr. i. 22. 

Sir Marmaduke*8 Will is in itself a very interesting document, but it be- 


in the yere of onr Lord God a thowsande five hunderth and 
xviij^, and of Kyng Henry the viij*^ the x*^ yere, makes my 
testament and last will in maner and forme as hereafter fol- 
loweth. First I give my soull unto Allmyghty God, and to His 
blissede moder our Lady Saynt Mary, and to all the Sayntes in 
hevyn, and ray body to be buriede wheresoever it may please 
God to disposse for me ; and, for my corps present, as custom 
requiers. Allso I will that my executores fynd and give exhi- 
bicion to one poore preste vij yeres ; and that he be chargede 
to syng and praye for my fader and moder souUes, my ij wyffes' 
Boulls, and, allso, generally, for all Christen sowUes, and specyally 
for all thos soulles that I have hurte in body or goodes in any 
maner wyse, in recompence ; and for the wellfere of all my 

comes still more so if we read it in connection with his epitaph graven on brass 
and preserved on the north side of the altar in Flambro' church, from which I 
took it, althoogh it is known from other sources. The letters in italics have 
been omitted in the original to meet the exigencies of the sculptor, and are 
indicated on the brass by a short line above the omitted letter. I grieve to 
Bay that the famous rood-screen at Flambro* has been removed, and the 
portions of it which are preserved are appended to the west wall of the 
church. A fragment of the ancient residence of the Constables is in a field 
contiguous to the church, and just under the sea-bank. In this a long suc- 
cession of knights and gentlemen resided, with the roll of the waves of the 
sea continually in their ears. The very name of Constable is now scarcely 
known in the place. 

I give the most interesting epitaph of the testator : — 

Here lieth Marmaduke Cunstable of Flaynborght Enyght 
Who made aduentowr into France for the right of the same 
Passed our with Kyng Edwarde the Fourthe y» noble Knight 
And also with noble Eling Herre the Sevinth of that name 
He was also at Barwik at the winnyng of the same 
And by Kyng Edward chosyn Capteyw there first of any one 
And rewllid & gouemid ther his tyme without blame 
But for all that as ye se he lieth under this stone. 

At Brankistow feld wher the Kyng of Scottys was slayne 

He then beyng of the age of thre score and tene 

With the gode Duke of Northefolke y* jomey he hays tayn 

And coragely auancid hywt self emong other ther & then 

The King beyng in France with g^te nomber of Y/tglesh me» 

He nothyng hedyng his age ther but jeop^rde hyw as on 

With his sonnes brother saruantt and kynnismen 

But now as ye se he lyeth under this stone. 

But now all thes tryumphes ar passed & set on syde 

For all worldly joyes they wull not long endure 

They are soune passed and away dothe glyde 

And who that puttith his trust in them I call hym most unsure 

For when deth strikith he sparith no creature 

Nor gevith no warnyng but takith thew by one & one 

And now he abydyth Godis mercy & hath no other socure 

For as ye se hym here he lieth under this stone. 

I pray you my kynsmew louers and frendis all 

To pray to cure Lord Jhesu to have marcy of my sowll. 


childeren, kynne, and frend that be lyflFyng. And that he be 
resident and abydyng styll in Cambrige all the said vij yeres, 
there to attende his lemyng to be a elerke, and to have every 
yere viij merkes. Allso I will that if any man comme to my 
executors and shewe any wrong done to hym by m6, or if I have 
takyn any goodes frome hym or them unlawfully or agaynst 
conscience, I will that they be recompensede as fere as my goodes 
will streche. Allso I will that my howse that I purchased in 
Wighton of one Cartwright, wherein I have enfeoflfede my broder 
nowe deane of Lyncoln, John Walleys of Holme, and oder, bothe 
of Holme and Wighton, to th'entent to fulfyll my will in that 
behalfe, be guydede and orderede as I have maid my will afore 
tymes, and as appereth by indenturs maide and tripartytede ; 
wherof one parte xremeyns in the kepyng of the churchmasters 
of Wighton ; anoder part w* the churchmasters of Holme ; the 
thirde parte with the Prior of Wartre ; and in lyke wyse as it 
is sett and ordeynede there, I will that it so continewe for ever. 
Allso I will that the person of Ergham have all his tithes of come, 
woolle, and lambe, and allso of all maner catall that goeth upon 
the grounde there ; and allso his closse of xx^ acre3, the whiche 
I assignede to hyme, in recompence of his gleibe londe belong- 
yng to his personage when it was a towne, so that my heyres 
be not incombrede w* the same tithes and gleibe lande as my 
fader and I have bene. Allso I will that every servyngman in 
my howse have in rewarde, over and besydes his wages, for his 
trewe and diligent service done, that is to say, every preste and 
gentillman xx s., every yoman xiij s. iiij d., every grome and 
oder ser vaunt es in my howsholde vj s. viij d. And so I will that 
my howseholde be kepte still and all my servauntes togedere one 
yere full after my decesse in my place at Holme, to th'entente 
that they may have leysor to provyde and see for them selfe. 
And this to be at my costes and charg, and there wages to be 
content at ther quarters, lyke as they were in my daies. Allso 
I will that the churche of Yorke have to ther warkes x s.; the 
churche of Lincoln to there workes ther x s. Allso I give and 
bequeathe to my eldyst sone all my beddynges, hyngyng and 
napry, sheyttes & pillewes in the kytchin, larderhouse, bake- 
house, brewhouse, both at Flaynburgh and Holme, the pottes, 
pannes, speyttes, fattes, leaddes, tubbes, barelles, and other 
utensylles belongyng the same howse3 and the berehowse at 
Flaynburgh, with the coppre fattes, and all oder vessell belong- 
yng to the same, he to have all this stuffe of my gifte. 
Allso I give to my sone William, of Hatefelde, xx li. in money 
or plaite, & all my fermeholdes at Crome, & all my sheipe 
there goyng. • . . To my broder, Doctor Constable, Deane of 


Lincoln, my powder box of sQver, for a remembraunce. To my 
broder, Sir William Tmwhitt, my best gilt goblet w* the cover- 
yng, & v". of gold therin, for a remembraunce. To my doghter 
Percy one basyn and eware of sylver, for a remembraunce. To 
my broder, Sir William Constable, my best silver goblett with 
the coveryng. I make thies to be myn executors, my broder 
Doctor Constable, my broder WilUam Turwhitt, my sonnes 
Marmaduce Constable of Everyngham, William Constable of 
Hatefelde, knyghtes, & my sone John Constable, esquier. 
To each of my said iij sonnes an hunderth merkes in plaite, & 
to my Sonne John all my sheippe at Tibthorpe, that is to saye, 
iij hunderth sheipe as they goo upon the grounde ; the which 
grounde I gave unto hym for terme of his lyfiF afore tyme. To 
William Hilton, stewerde of my bowse, vj 11. xiij s. iij d. in 
money in rewarde, besyde his wages, for his diligent service 
done and to be done after my decesse. To Robyn Antony, for 
his diligent service, x pounde. AUso I will that all the residewe 
of all my goodes, my will and witt worde fullfylled, and my 
dettes paid, as come, catall, sheippe, and nowte, at Flaynburgh, 
Holme, Erghom, & Bartondaill, Somerby, or any oder place 
both in Yorke shyer and Lincoln shyer, my wooUe, plaitt, 
jewelles, shipps and shyppyng, and all oder good by lande or by 
see, imgiflFen and unbequethed, I will that myn executours 
and ministers disposse for me as I have appoyntede in the 
last ende of this will, by the syght & oversyght of my said 
broder. AUso I will that as sone as it shall please God to calle 
me owt of this transitorye lyffe, and my body colde, than, 
withowt callyng of frendes, or any oder solemnytie, or any oder 
feast or cerymonie, my said body to be buriede, hadde to the 
churche, and pute into the erth, as soune as it conveniently may. 
Allso I will that upon the day of my buryall, or upon the mome 
next after that, therbe kyllede of myn iiij beyffes, and allso 
takyn of my come vj querters, wheate or rye ; and this foresaide 
beififes and come to be gififyn to the poorest folkes, that is to 
saye, in Flaynburgh to the nowmbre of iiij** persons and xij, 
Sewardby xx, Bridlyngton xl persons, Bukton xx, and Benton 
XX**, that is to say to every poore householder w4n the same 
townes on peise of beiffe, one peke of come, and j d. in silver. 
And iflF I be buriede at Holme or Sommerby, the foresaid beiffes 
and come to be in lyke maner unto v or vj townes next ad- 
joynyng, by the discrecion of myn executors. And for bycause 
I will ther noo daile be maide nor giffyn for me, callede penny 
dolle, nor enny almesse delte nor giflFen under that maner and 
forme, I will that every towne and paroche within Dyckeryn^, 
Herthill, and Bucrosse, Owse and Darwent, Howdenshyer, Hoi- 


demes, and parte of Lincolnshiere, have both almesse and 
releiflFe as I have appoyntede in viy bylles to this my will and 
testament annexede ; the whiche bylles I wilbe putt in execu- 
tion as sone as is possible after my decesse ; that is to sSy to 
begynne upon the mome next after my deathe, and somme of 
my trusty servantes of my howsholde, or oder substanciall, trewe 
men, to ryde furth with the said billes, and to delyver to every 
towne, paroch church, or chappell, the money to theme so 
lymytt and assignide in the same billes, and the same billes 
jdlso; to th'entente to pray for my sowUe, and all Christen 
sowUes, accordyng to th'entent which appereth in the same 
billes playnly expressede. And I will that the same intent be 
playnly shewede and declarede oppenly in every kirke and 
paroche accordyng. Allso I will that one of my most trusty 
servauntes be sent to all the abbeys, prioris, & nonnreis, lymyt- 
tede & appoyntede, as well wHn the Northriddyng as in the 
Est, & he to aske theme forgiffnes in my name of all maner of 
trespase3 that I have done to theme in hurtyng ther liberties 
& fraunchesses, there lyvelode, tennantes, churche}, & bowses, 
as well when I was sheriffe of the shyer, as conamissionere in 
assessyng of aides, benivolence3, and oder imposicions by the 
kynge's commaundement, to the hurt of them, ther lyvelode & 
tennantes, &, allso, ther houses : and to give every place, to 
the convent ther, the money assignede and lymytede in the 
said billes, desyryng theme in the waye of charitie to forgive 
me & absolve me in their chapitour house ; and allso to pray 
for me, consideryng the sentence and censurs of the churche 
ar dredefuU and many waise unadvisedly a man may fell and 
trespasse therin, as I fere me that 1 have done ; provided all- 
wais, as is aforesaide, that no dolle be maid nor aJlmes giffyn at 
the day of my beryall other waise than 1 have appoyntede in 
this my will and testament: and at the daye of makyng of this 
my last will and testament I stande furthe off dett, excepte 
fermes, when dayes commys ; and, if any dett shall happen to be 
ine herafter, or dettes owyng to me, they shalbe annexede in a 
scedull to this my will & testament as case shall requier her- 
after. And, over this, I will that iff any of my servantes, or 
breder, or yet any oder person that I have bequeathede, givyn, 
or assignede any parcell of my goodes unto in this my will afor- 
said, doo claym or demaunde any parte or parcell of my goodes 
by the waye of dewtie, or any oder cause, or any oder maner of 
cause contrarie to this my testament, or elles by any oder 
meane • . or lett any parte of this my foresaid will to be full- 
fill ede, than I will that he or they shall forfaitt all such thynges 
SLS is bequeathede to hym or theme afore in this my foresaid 


will and testament, and that same so forfaittede to be devjdede 
emonges all myn exeoutours, they to disposse it at therpleasur. 
Alls0 I will that my lordeshipe ofiF Holme in Spauldyngmore 
in the countie of Yorke, and allso my lordeshipe of Somerby in 
the conntie of Lincoln, w* all the reveneus and profettes be- 
longyng the same, be orderde and receyvede by myn execu- 
tours, accordyng and to th'ententes to fullfyll my wyll in that 
behalve, lyke as I have appoyntede by my dede indentede for 
certeyn yeres as more playnly is expressede in the same, Allso 
I will that the Whyt Freers and Grrey Freers io Scarburghe, 
the Blak Freers in Beverley, & Anstyn Freers of Grymesby, 
in the countie of Lincoln, thies iiij places, to have, every quarter 
in the yere, xxij s. ix d., that is to saye, iij d. by the day ; for 
the which iij d. every day one preste, that day bounde to no 
oder charge, shall syng a Messe for me & all Christen sowlles ; 
&, specially, for thies soulles that I have done any hurte or 
wrong unto, and knawes not how to recompense them satisfac- 
torie but only by prayers ; and the said Freers and preste to 
have ij d. that day, & so to chaunge daly frome preste to preste 
that all the convent may fare the better therby ; and, besydes, 
that every day the odde penny to go to the amendement of the 
pytaimce of the said Freers ; and thus I will it continewe after 
my decesse iij yeres full, in suche maner lyke as I have putt it 
in execution in my days. And all the residewe of my goodes, 
this my last will and witworde fulfiUede in every poynt and 
article, & allso the oder parte of my last will, which is indentyd 
betwixt myn executours and me, for fowndyng of certeyn scolers 
in Cambrige,* and oder thynges, fullfiUede & done by myn 
executours in every poynt & article, in like maner as is afore, 
I will it be disposede emonges myn executours att there will & 
plaisur, & for there owne profectes, as them shall seme best. 
And thus I commytt my soull to the mercy of oure Lorde Gode, 
Amen. Datyde at Holme. Witne88e3, Christofer Ormesby 
preste, William Hilton, & Robert Wiske. 

[Pr. 27 Apr. 1520 ; adm. to Mann. C. of Everingham & Wm. C. of Hatfield 
kts., & John G. Esq., power reserved to Mr. John C, Dean of Lincohi, &, Sir 
Wm. Tyrwhitt, kt.] 

♦ By deed d. 11 July, 1627, the executors founded four scholarships at St. 
John's College. They also gave 100^. for the foundation of a fellowship to be 
held by a priest who was to pray for the soul of the testator. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 70-1.] 

July 4, 1518. Brian Stapilton,* of Wighall, knyght. To 
be bur. in the chapell of our Lady, in the north ylle of the 
paroche churche of Wighall. My best horse for my corspresaunt. 
To Chr. Stapilton, my son & myne heyre, my cheyn of golde 
weyng xx** unce} of fyne golde, & he to fynd a prest to 
syng in our Lady's chapell, wher my body lyes, vij yeres, for 
my fader's soull, my moder's soull, my wiffe's soull, and myn, 
with all good Christen sowUes. To the said Christofer, my son, 
a basyn and an ewer of silver, & it to remeyn to his heyres 
ever after ; & all my chapell stuffe, as my fader lefte me ytt. 
To Alice, my doghter-in-lawe, a rynge of golde with a diamond 
in yt. To every on of my iiij yonger sonnes a yong horse, 
riden or able to ryde. To Jane Conyers, my doghter, a ryngof 
golde graved with fedders, which was the last token betwixt 
my wyffe & me. To Elinor Wharton, my doghter, a ryng of 
golde with a stone in hit callede a turkes. To Margaret, my 
doghter, a crosse of golde with a crucifix of the one syde, and 
the five woundes of the oder syde, with a small cheyn of gold 
belongyng to ytt. To dame Isabell Stapilton, my doghter, 
X s. To Sir John Carbot, my chapleyn, x s. To the church 
of Wighall my tawny damaske gowne, to make a coppe or 
a vestement, which is thoght more necessarie. I bequeath 
my crymisen satten dublet, to the orfrayng of a coppe or 
a vestement, or both, of a gowne of argent damaske, the 
which my wyff gave to Wighall church. To every house in 
Wighall, to pray for my soull, iiij d. I will that myn ex", 
the day of my buryall, deall penny doll ; to prestes iiij d. ; to 
parishe clerkes ij d. ; & the parishe clerke of Wighall xij d. I 
will that myn ex" cause an hunderth Messes to be done for 
my soull the viij**^ day of my buryall ; & sex torches (price 
iiij s. each) to bume about my body & to remeyn to the 
churche. I bequeathe xiij tapers, xij of theme a li. a peice, in 
the worshipe of the xij Apostilles, & the xiij*^ of iij li. in the 
worshipe of the Fader, the Son, and the Holy Ghoyst, and it 
to be bumede afore the Sacrement of the alter whilles it will 
last. To Brian Stapleton, son and heyre to Christofer Stapleton, 
my son, a flatt cooppe covered silver & gilte w* the talbottes 
on hitt ; & yt to remeyn to his heyres. Ex" Chr. Stapilton, 

♦ Eldest son of Sir Wm. Stapleton of Wighill and Jane his wife. Cf . Test. 
Ebor. iv. 221,273. 


my son & heyre, & William Stapulton, my yongest son. Sir 
JoLn Carbot to syng for my fader's souU, etc,, vij yeres, if God 
leve hym lyfe therto, paying by yere iiij li. vj s. viij d. 

Codicil. Wheras John Stapulton esquier, Nich. Bonney 
gen., John Carbot chapleyn, & Rob* Hawkyng yoman hath 
recoverede the thirde part of the maner of Farlyngton by a 
writt entre — & hathe given the same to me in fee symple ; I 
hath enfeoffed the right worshipfull Henry Machell doctor of 
both lawes & commissarie to my lorde Cardinall of Yorke, 
Thomas Pooll clerke & parson of Kyrkby Overblaues, Henry 
Typlady chapleyn, John Norton son & heyre to John Norton 
of Norton knyght, John Aske son & heyre to Robert Aske of 
Aghton knyght, Jamves (sic) Ros of Yngmanthorpe esquiere 
late departede, & John PuUeyn of Kyllynghall gen., upon the 
whiche feoffement I declares my will thus. My said feoffe} to 
make an estate to Brian Stapillton clerke, Launcelotte, Milles, 
& William Stapilton, my yonger sonnes, every of them xxziij s. 
iiij d. by yere, terme of their lyves, out of Ferlyngton, over 
& besides an estate maid by deide of v markes by yere to 
them by William Bulmer and Robert Aske knyghtes, with 
oder, as appereth by covennandes of mariege betwixt me and 
William Aske esquiere. If my son, clerk, be promotede by 
reason of prebende, or benifice, or oder promocion to the valor 
of X li. or above by yere, his parte shall remeyn to my right 
heyres. My feoffes to make an estate of vj s. viij d. by yere to 
dame Isabell Stapleton, for terme of hir lyffe, (to cease) if she 
be callede by the grace of God to be prioresse of the house of 
our Lady of Synnyngthwayt. 

[Pr. 26 Sep. 1618, adm. ex«] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 71 h.] 

July 5, 1518. John Cowper, butcher, par. Criste Church in 
Connyngarth. I will that Margaret my wyff, or another, ride 
or goo pilgramege * for me, that is to say to oure Lady of Burgh, 
to oure Lady of Kerlell, to Kyng Henry of Wyndesour, and to 
the Eoode of Dancastre at the brigge end, after my dethe, if 
I do it nott, nor cause it to be done before my dethe. 

♦ There is room for an interesting volume on the English places of pilgrimage. 
Much may be learned about them from these volumes. Foreign antiquaries 
are before us here as in almost every other point of antiquarian research. 
The work of MM. Sivry and Champagnacon ♦* P61erinages Anciens et Modernes, 


[Beg. Test. ix. 78 a.] 

Sept. 2, 10th Henr. VIII. I Martyn Boynton,* esquier. 
My goodes to be devydede in iij partes ; my wyffe to have one 
parte ; my son Henry Boynton an oder. The residewe for the 
well of my soull, payment of my dettes, etc. To my lady, my 
god moder, the rewle & gnydyng of my sonne duryng hir 
lyfife, whome I besuche humbly to talk hym as hir sonne & so 
to use hyme. To the use of Rowesby chappell xl s. To every 
of my three nevoyes, Mathewe Boynton, Marmaduk Tunstall, 
& Brian Tunstall, a stagg. To my suster Boynton, wyffe unto 
my broder Thomas Boynton, my beste amblyng horse. Ex" 
my broder Thomas Boynton, Sir Thomas Franke, & Sir William 
Pynder. To ychone of them iij li. yj s. viij d. & ther expenses. 
My M"" Sir William Bullmer, my moder Dame Margarett Boynton, 
my suster Dame Isabell Tunstall, & my broder Thomas Tempest 
supervisors, to every of whome I bequeath iij 1. vj s. viij d., 
beseechyng all theym myn ex" & surveyors to doo for me and 
my soull as myn especiaU truste is in them most of creatures 

[Pr. 16 Mar. 1618-19, adm. to ex«] 

[Reg. Wolsey. 146.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen, xij "*» die Septembris, anno Domini 
millesimo quingentesuno decimo octavo. Ego, WiUelmus Aike- 
rode,t sanus mente, senex et debilis corpore, condo testamentum 

et des Lienx de Devotion/* appears in M. Migne*8 celebrated series. Bat mach 
may be added to it. 

6 Aug. 1521. John Hewett of Friston-saper-aqaam. I bequeath a penny 
to be offerid at Brantingham, a penny at Sent Saviour's, a penny to our Lady 
of Bell Crosse, a penn? at our Lady of Doncastre, a penny to Sent Sebastian. 
To the Freres of Fontefract a wyndle of barlye malte. (Reg. Test. iz. 172 a.) 

* A younger son of Henry Boynton and Maigaret, daughter and coheir of 
Sir Martin at Sea. 

The Wills of his brother, his mother, and his sister, Dame Isabel Tunstall, 
will follow in due course. 

t A son of Richard Akroyd, of Hebden Bridge; inst. rector of Long Marston 
near York, June 13, 1477. 

It will be seen that he puts his lands, etc., in trust to maintain a scholar at 
Oxford or Cambridge. This trust is still running, but in a somewhat altered 
form, and now produces a large sum annually by which several scholars are 


memn in hunc modum. In primis lego Deo Omnipotenti 
animam meam, Beatse Mari^ Virgini, et Omnibus Sanctis, 
corpusque meum sepeliri in cancello meo de Marston, alias 
Hoton Wandesiey, juxta corpus matris mese. Item lego opti- 
mum meum animal reverendissimo in Christo patri et domino, 
domino Thomse Cardinali Bomae, titulo SanctsB Ceciliss, atque 
archiepiscopo Ebor., sive alteri illam sedem habenti canonice, 
nomine mortuarii mei. Item lego idoneo presbytero septem 
marcas bonse monetae Angliae, ut oret pro anima mea, et anim- 
abus parentum meorum, et omnium benefactorum meonim, per 
spatium unius anni in prae&ta ecclesia. Item lego duas torchias 
dictae ecclesiae, et unum Gradale, et duas quarterias siliginis iiij^ 
ordinibus Fratrum in civitate Ebor. inter illos dividi. Item 
lego duas quarterias brasii de ordio pauperibus parochianorum 
meorum. Item volo quod M. Henricus Aikerode, et Edmundus 
firater ejus, habeant omnia tenementa mea, quae emi a Thoma 
Sothell et ab Edwardo Copley, in eorum exhibitionem, dum 
continuant, vel eorum alter, Cantibrigiae vel Oxoniae, scolis 
vacando et addiscendo, si exhibitionem non habeant. Insuper 
volo quod praedictus Henricus Aikerode, et Edmundus firater 
ejus, cum Henrico Draper, et aliis feoflFatis meis, qui occupabunt 
terras et tenementa mea, unum scolarem Oxoniae vel Cantibrigiae 
custodiant, usque ad finem mundi, et quod ille sit michi pro- 
pinquus in sanguine et mei nominis, Aikerode, etiam aptus 
addiscere bene ; et, si non fuerit aliquis nominis mei habilis, 
eligant Henricus Aikerode et Edmundus frater ejus, cum 
Henrico Draper, unum habilem in sanguine michi propinquum 
alterius nominis: et cum ille scolaris qui ibidem fuerit sit 
beneficiatus ad valorem decem marcarum, feoffati mei alterum, 
et ibidem custoditus in expensis suis ad valorem vj marcarum 
yj s. viij d., per annimi, et non ultra, ne denigens fiat ; et si 
non sit aliquis habilis de sanguine meo, eligant feoffati unum 
de Marston, sive de Hoton, qui est habilis, sic quod unus sit 
semper ibidem, et oret pro me, parentibus, consanguineis meis, 
pro patronis, parochianis, et benefactoribus meis imperpetuum. 
Et lego omnes libros M. Henrico Aikerode et Edmundo firatri 
ejus. Item lego omnibus presbyteris in exequiis meis vjd. 
Sesiduum vero omniimi bonorum do et lego M. Henrico 
Aikerode, Edmundo firatri ejus, et Henrico Draper, ipsosque 
ordino et constituo executores meos, ut ipsi bona mea ordinent 

assisted to the TJniTersity, Batley Grammar School receives a considerable 
pecnniarj gift, whilst the residue, amoonting to some hundreds of pounds 
yearly, is paid over to the Leeds College of Science. 

The surname, Akroyd, is common in the West Hiding. It signifies the 
r9yd or riddi-ng in the oak wood. 

VOL. v. H 


et disponant ut eis melius videtur Deo plaeere et aninue mese 
proficere ; et Magistnim Robertum Wada, in Sacra Theologia 
bacealarium, ordino supervisorem praesentis mei testamenti. 
Hiis testibus, domino Johanne Tailour, Johanna Shan, Thoma 
Acom, et aliis. Datum die et anno supradictis. 

[Pr. 16 Oct. 1518, & adm. to Edmund A. & Henry Draper coex" ; power 
reserved to the other.] 



[Reg. Dec. & Cap. ii. 118.] 

Feb. 2, 1518-19. John Perot,* chaunter of the Metro- 
politane church of York. To be buried in the church of Sanct 
Peter of York, if it pleas God that I departe my lyflFe in theis 
parteis. To a prest to sjmg for my saull in the chappell over 
the bodie of my lait lord the Buahop Savage, & for my said 
lorde's saull & all Crist en sauUis, eght markes, for thre yeres. 
To Antony, Thomasyn, & Elez. Eden, children to my nece the 
wifif of John Eden,t to every oon of yame, fyve marces. To 
my servaundes, Michaell Williamson, Myles Pereson, Richard 
Newman, John Cooke, Thomas Corwell, John Loksmyth, & 
John Wilbame, xxs. each. The res. to my ex", the right 
worshipfull Mr. Thomas Dalby Archdecon of Richmund, & 
John Eden, my nevewe-in-law. Witnes Mr Thomas Donnyng- 
ton subtresourer of the church of Yorke, Sir Cristofer Seel 
subchaunter of the Vicars chorall, Sir John Lounesdall. 

[Pr. 12 Feb. 1518-19, adm. to ex".] 

♦ There is little known about John Perot, Precentor of York, 1503-19. 
Perhaps he was possessed of a roar, et praicTca nihil. 

We learn from Newcourt that he was a B.D. and a prebendary of London 
before he came to York. Archbishop Savage was his patron, upon whose flat 
tomb was placed the altar at which the Precentor was prayed for. 

t Feb. 3, 1520-1. Johannes Eden. Sep. in cath. Ebor. in arcu boriali 
juxta sep. Mr. John Perote & Alex*" Foster. 15 h to a priest to sing for my 
Boul k those of Archbishop Savage, Mr John Perot, my parents, etc. Willelmo 
Harington j togam ranestellam, pellatam cum agninis pellibus nigris. Res. 
Agneti ux. k Wm Cure— they ex".— My Master, Mr Hugh Ashton, supervisor, 
to whom I leave * unam magnam cratheram stantem cum auriato coopertorio, 
qu8B nuper pertinuit Magistro Johanni Perote.' [Pr. 18 Apr. 162).] (Reg. 
Test. D. & C. ii. 121.] 


[Reg. Test. Bbor. ix. 80 a.] 

March 16, 1518-19. Willelmus Brokden. Sep. infra eccl. 
S. Andrese de Gargrave. Lego jus tenementi mei uxori meaa 
et Ricardo, filio meo, — cum Kcentia domini abbatis, always 
besuchyng my lorde and his bredeme to have in remem- 
braunce what great besynes and trowble I have hadde for my 
fermeholde ; and how I was promysede by my Lorde Pict^, 
and Sir Thomas Tempeste, with the suJBFeraunce of my Lorde 
of Northumberlande, a sufficient take, to me and myn, of the 
sayd fermeholde; and that I shulde have byldyde certeyn 
chambre and house}, and as yet not done, wherin I besuch 
theym to be good to my wyflF and my childeren. And where 
my tytill is in a fermholde callyde Elynthorpe, eyther to have 
the fermhold or xl s., I will that Nicholes, my broder, have my 
titill, and to give to my wyflF and my son Richard xl s.; or elles 
the tytill to retume to my wyff and my sone, and they to 
agree w* the lorde as easely as they may. AUso I will tlmt if 
alede that is in Preston, for the which I have paide and hadde 
great besines, may be hadd to my wife and my sone, I gyf y* 
theme : and, if nott, I put it to ther consciance that deneys it. 

[Pr. 10 Apr. 1519.] 


[Reg. Test Dec & Cap. Ebor. li. 121.] 

July 3, 1519. Brian Wensdaill, of the citie of Yorke, 
notarie and procuratour of the courte of Yorke. To be 
bur. wHn the cath. church of Yorke, or w4n the where of 
our Blissed Ladie w4n Sanct Martyn church in Conyngstrete. 
I will that thar be spent abowt my bodie bringing fowrth in 
brede, aill, wyne, & other expensis the day of my buriall xl s., 
wherof the same day I will thar be spent for the saing of on 
trentall x s. Item I will, after this, thar be oon other trientall 
said for me, after the forme of Sanct Gregorie trientall. My 
&ther & mother. To my suster Elez. at London a crose of 
gold and enamelid. To my suster Wighell on gdd ring w* a 
stone in it. To my brother at Camebridge a dublet & a jaket. 
To my brother Eichard a curse gowne, etc. To ather of my 

H 2 


sust^res att home a gold ring. To Mr John Metcalf a litill 
buyk, viz Dicisions of Root. To Mr Robert Cheston a litill 
buke, viz. Mandagot. To Mr William Wright a litill booke, 
viz. Mandagote. To Mr Richard Bower a litill buyke, to the 
valour of ij s. I will that the Ix li. that I shuld have hade in 
manage by my wiff, and hir porcion besides, be departid in iij, 
wher of my parte to content my dettes, the secund parte to 
my wyffe, the therd partt to my child, if God send hir on ; and, 
if that she have none child, then I will she have hir partt 
hooU and my part to content my dettes. The residewe ... to 
Dorithe my wifF, & to Janet Wensdale, my 'mother, whome I 
make myne executrices, so that thay may thame ordre and 
dyspose as thay shall thinke best for the helth of my saull, 
after the mynd of Mr Thomas Dalby, th'archedecon of Rych- 
mound whome I desier to be supervisour. Witnes Sir Thomas 
Ovington the vicar of Sanct Martyn in Connyngstret, my curate, 
Mr John Bateman of the citie of Yorke, notarie, Sir John 
Moselay, prest, and Robert Hogeson, scolar, w* other. 

[Pr. 23 July, 1519.] 

[Reg. Test. Dec. & Cap. ii. 119.) 

July 15, 1519. I John Fox, clarke. To be buried w*in 
the where, nyghte to the lavatori, w^in the chapell of our Lady 
funditt in Topclif church erth. And I bequeith for my mor- 
tuarie my best gode according to the accostome. To everie 
prest being wHn the parich of Topclif, and being at my Derige 
& Mesasy vj d. And to the ij® parich clarkes, for the bellis 
ringing and singing at Mese and Dcrigisj ather of thame vj d. 
And to all other prestes, every on of thame iiij d., and to 
scolares of the parich of Topclif, evere on of thame j d. Item 
I bequeith ij lb. et di. of wax to be bumyd in v sergez the day 
of my buriall abowt my herse, and vij*** torches, which lyes in 
my chawmer at the chauntree house of Topclif. And I be- 
queith to vij*** poer men that holdes the said torches, every on 
of thame j d., sayng our Ladie Sawter for my saull. Also I 
bequeith xiij s. iiij d. to be spent the day of my buriall at 
denare of thame that offer3 w* me. And I gyve to evere howse 
w*in the parish of TojKjlif j d. I wit to William & Ric* Fox, 
my bredren children, xij*^ sylver spones, to be devidid betwixt 
thame equally — to remayne from here to here. To the iiij 
Orders of .Freers of Yorke for saing Derige and Mease for my 


Baoll, every Ordre iij s. iiij d. To the Freers of Sanct Eoberte's 
of Knaresbnrgh, for saing Derige and JUeaae in like maner, as 
afore is said, iij s. iiij d. To Margaret Byndlous, my suster, 
and to hir ij** doghters, all my bedding, raymentes and clothe3, 
and other hustilment of houshald. I bequeith xij li. of money 
to Sir Thomas Raper prest, to syng and pray for my saull, the 
space of iij yeres wMn Topclif church, evere yere iiij li., and to 
helpe to mayntene God service thar, and the said Sir Thomas 
haith occupied and entred into the said service seth Sanct 
John day of Beverlay in May. Also I bequeith xx s. for on 
obbet, to be done in the said church, evere yere during the said 
iij yeres, vj s. viij d. Also I ordyr & make3 executours . • Sir 
Richard Fox, Sir John Settill, clarkes, to whome I bequeith 
xiij 8. iiij d. for thar labour and besynes herin ; and the residew 
• • • ., to dispose it emonghtes my frendes for the helth of my 
saull. Witnessith Mr Andrew Newman, vicar of Topclif, etc. 

[Pr. 13 Sept.] 

[Test. Bbor. ix. 84 J.] 

Aug. 8, 1519. Thomas Robson, preste. To be bur. in the 
church of the Holie Trinitie in Micklegate, before the image of 
our Lady of Pity. To Jambes Feme a pryntede booke . callede 
Sermanea Diadpuli. To Eliz. Baildon a tache enamyllede. 
I wyt a payntede cloth of th'ymage of our Lady, with her Son 
sowkyn on hir breste, with a similitude of a preste knelyng, to 
be honge in the churche of the Holy Trinitie in Mykkylgate. 
I wit an ymage of Saynt Kateryn, to be hunge in the chappell 
of Saynt Kateryn without Walmbegate barr. 

[Reg. Test. ix. 87.] 

Oct. 15, 1519. John Tockettes * de Stanghowe par. Skel- 
ton. Sep. in ecclesia monasterii B. M. de Gisbume, coram 

* The ancient family of Tocketts of Tocketts in Cleveland has been long 
extinct. There is a pedigree in the Visitation of Yorkshire for 1584. The 
following extracts will extend it : — 

Sept. 20, 1430. Jacobus Tocottes. Sep. in cem. Canonicomm de 
Gysbum joxta corpus patris mei et matris mese. Eliz. oxor, Lawr. Baxby, 
Bic. Bank & Tho. Colvill cap. executores. [Pr. 6 Nov.] (Reg. Test. ii. 637). 


altari Jesu Christi crucifixi, ex parte boriali, ubi Willelmus 
Tokottes, pater meus, et uxor ejus sepulti sunt, si placita sit 
Domino Priori et Conventui ; pro qua lego j bovem. Monas- 
terio, pro absolutione mea, ij boves. Willelmo Tockettes, fratri 
meo, vj 8. viij d. Eogero Tockettes, fratri meo, vj s. viij d, 
AlicisB Tockettes, sorori mese, xx s. Pauperibus de Tokcottes 
iij s. iiij d. Capelke de Tockettes, pro vestimento sacerdotali, 
yj s. viij d. Willelmo linns totum meremium lignorum per- 
tinens iiij helmis. Besiduum Bogero Tockettes, & Johanni 
Granger capellano, executoribus. Wm. T. supervisor. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 107.] 

Oct. 15, 1619. Antony Middleton,* of the Citie of York, 
marchaund. To be beried in the south side of the qwhere of 
my parishe churche of Seynt Michaelle's, ny to the body of 
Maister Eobert Johnson, f alderman. In abnes to the Castell, 
Bishop-prisons, Kidcottes and Lacer housses, to every person, 
beyng poore folke or prisoner, j d. I bequeath on trentall of 
Messes to be downe at Kirkby Londesdaill for my soull, my 

Oct. 25, 1461. Prob, test. Jacob! Tocote, decanatus Clyveland, arm., & 
adm. to Eliz. his wid. & ex'. (Id. ii. 466.) 

Apr. 6, 1626. Wm. Tocottes (de Tocottes) in paroohia B. Nlch. de Gi»- 
borne, arm. Sep. in eccl. mon. B. M. de Gisbume. Priori de Gisbume opti- 
mum menm le stag. Conventui xls. Coilibet filiolo meo, per Bogerom, 
fratrem meum, bene noto, xij d. Volo quod executores mei persolvant et 
performent ultimas Tolnntates Bogeri Tocottes militis, avunculi mei, et 
Boberti T., fratris mei, in omnibus. Aliciie T., sorori mese, 3l,6s.Sd, EUza- 
bethffi, uxori meae, j le stag. Bogero, fratri meo, unum equum, et filio suo, 
Eogero, j equam. Bes. uxori Eliz. et Bogero, fratri— they ex". [Pr. 30 July.] 
(B^. Test. ix. 346.) 

* The testator was probably a member of the ancient family of Middleton 
of Middleton in the parish of Kirkby Lonsdale, who settled in York as a mer- 
chant. There is nothing known about him except what this document tells 
us. We have a picture of St. Michael's church and parish, of which the Editor 
is the rector. The master, and, no doubt, kinsman of the testator, Oliver 
Middleton, lived in the same parish, and died a few years before. 

Jan. 19, 1604-6. Oliver Middilton, of York, merchaunt, seying ye un- 
stableness of this dissayvable warld. To be buried in ye hy wher of my parich 
church of Saint Michaell, nyght ye body of Maud, my wyf . To the mariage 
of iij pure maidens x s., ilkon on tham xl d., of which on is dwelling w* me. 
To Sir Edmund Middilton, to sing at Bipon by an hole yere for my saule, my 
fader and moder saules, etc., vij^'' marks. To my suster Margarett, to pray for 
my sail, vij s. To Antony Middilton, my servaunt, vj li. To my neghburs, for 
a recreadon emong tham when thai please, ij s. To Jane, my wif , ij tene- 
mentes in Bipon, for terme of her lyf . Son Symon. Broders John & Bobert. 
[Pr. 16 Feb. 1606-6.] (Beg. Test. vi. 130.) 

t Cf . Test. Ebor. iv. 180. 


father sauU, and all Cristen sauUes, x s. To the Somer-game * 
lyghi in my parishe chirche ij s. To our Lady's lyght in the 
southe side ij s. To Seynt Agnes lyght xx d. To the lyght 
that the childer fyndys in the said chirche xxd. To my 
neborows, in the way of recreacion, to make mery w* all at ther 
pleasure, vj s. viij d. To John M. tanner, & Raynold M. 
kapper, iij li. Eich^ M**. wif. To Sir Edmunde M., for that 
at he has downe for me in tyme past, and to dispose as I have 
commandett him to do, xxx li. To my broder, Symond M's 
childer, whos names is Miles and Antony, iiij li. To my sister, 
Sibell Burroe, xx s. To my sister Batclif & hir childer xx s. 
The residue to Johan, my wif, John my son & Sir Edmunde, 
my brother, to ther owne propre behovys. 

[Pr. 20 June, 1520, adm. to ex".] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 90 J.] 

Oct. 31, 1519. In the name of the Fader, the Sonne, and 
the Holy Goste, our Blissede Lady Saynt Mary, & all the holy 
company of hevyn, I Bryan Palmes, Sergeant at the lawcf To 

♦ The Summer-game was a mediasval pastime, popular and gay. Here and 
there a light in a church kept up its name and connected it with religion. 
By Will d. Jan., 3rd Edw. IV. Richard Askam of Kirk Deighton left **lumini 
vocato Somer-game light iij bu3. brasei ordei." (Reg. Test. iii. 288.) 

In ] 438 John Belvas, clerk, of Wistow, left " Lumini ^stivali in eadem 
ecclesia v s." (Id. iii. 398). There is a suit in the Ecclesiastical Court at York 
from Wistow, in 1469, which gives a novel and charming picture of this 
summer festival. A witness, named John Gafarer, aet. 26, says that *'die 
Dominico articulaio accessit cum Thoma Barker de Wistow et Margareta 
More, in regem et reg^am ipsius villas in ludo suo sestlvali, Anglice Somer- 
game, forte electis, cum nonnullis convlcinis suis, mimo sive histrione cum 
sambuca prseeunte, ad orreum cujusdam Johannis Dodman, prope et juzta 
coemiterium eccl. 'pBi. de Wistow, ubi Indus ille per nonnullos annos retroactos 
teneri solebat. In quo quidem horreo, ut dicit, loco adtunc vulgariter dicto 
8omer-hou8e, praodlcta Margareta More, a dicta hora duodecima, viz. meridie 
diei Dominicte, usque post solis occasum continue permansit, ludo ipsi aus- 
cultando, et jocundam se faciendo in eodem, honeste tamen, ut eidem con- 

One man says that he was seneschal ; another, butler ; and two, knights to 
wait upon the queen. A hundred persons were present. On the Sunday 
after, Barker was married at Sherburne, ** idcirco postea officium regale in ludo 
praedicto non exercuit.^' 

We have here one glimpse of the entirely unknown treasures contained 
among these Ecclesiastical Proceedings, which begin in the thirteenth century. 
I have made a hand-list of the cases for the first 300 years and more. 

f The head of the very ancient family of Palmes of Nabume. He was a 
wealthy and successful lawyer, like his brother Guy. He was thrioe married. 
His first wife, Eustachia, was, I believe, a Heslerton. His second was Ellen 
Acclom of Moreby to whom he had a licence to be married in the chapel 


be buryede in my paroche churche of Saynt George in the citic 
of Yorke, if I dye within the said citie or within the shyer of 
Yorke ; and, if I dye in any oder place, than I will my body 
be buriede in a place of Freers, next unto the place wher I 
dye. And as for expenses at my buryall, I will they shalbe 
maide at the discrecon of myn executours. Allso I will that 
myn executours cause Placebo and Dirige and Meaae^ to be 
done Bolemply, and belles ronge, in as convenyent tyme as they 
may after my deathe, at Wheldryke, Eskyrke, RykaJl, Styllyng- 
fleytt, Acastre-Malby, Bishopthorpe, and FuUforth ; and dis- 
posse to pore pepull in the same parishynges certeyn money in 
allmesse, as they shall thynke convenient. To the vicar of 
Saynt George, for tithes and oblacions forgotten, xl s. To the 
iiij Orders of Freers in the citie of Yorke, evynly to be de- 
vydede emonges theym, iiij li., ychone of theym to doo for my 
souU Placebo and Dirige^ and Mease of Requiem solemply with 
notte, and to meyt my body the day of my buryall at the crosse * 
betwix FuUfurth and Yorke, and bryng it to my paroche 
churche. Also I will that the Maister of Corpus Christi gilde 
and his breder come and receyve my body at Nabume, and 
ther to doo Mease and Dirige ; and so to goo with my body to 
buryall to my paroche church, for the which I will they have 
XX s. Allso I will that a trentall of Messes be done for me the 
day of my buryall. Also I will that a preste doo syng for me 
vij yeres, wherso my body fortunes to be buryede, or elles at 
Nabume, as shall seme best to myn executors ; and he to pray 
for the soull of me, my father and mother, Anastase and Elyn, 
my wyffes, and Anne Boos, and all Christen souU^s, and he to 
have yerely to his sellary duryng the said vij yeres, iiijli. 
xiij s. iiij d. Allso I will that all such persons as be seasede to 
my use of all such landes and tenementes as I did purcheys of 
John Acclom in Naburne, & of one Blyth, callede Bameby 
landes in Nabume, & of EltoflFes in Naburne, & of the heyres of 
Sir William Todde in Nabume and Gatefullfurth, be & stand 
seasede to the use of Nicholesse, my eldyste sone, and Johan 
his wyfife, and to the longer lyflfer of theym. And allso I will 

within the manor-hoose of Moreby on Nov. 1 6th 1493. His third wife was 
Anne dau. of Sir Thomas Markenfield, and widow of Chr. Conyers of Sookbum, 
Esq. His lineal descendants still hold Nabume, which has been in the posses- 
sion of the family at least from the time of King John. 

The will of his brother, Guy, has been already printed. 

Brian Palmes died on Dec. 1, 1519, leaving Nicholas his son and heir, 
set. 20. 

* The base and part of the shaft of this cross still remain. In the year 
1604, during the great plague, the country people used to bring hither their 
produce to sell to the townsmen. The money they received was first laid in 

EfiORACENSlA. 105 

that all suche persons as be seasede to my use of landes & ten*** 
as I dyd purchesse of Sir Henry Wyott Knyght in Pelyng (?), 
and of Aydame Tesedall in Aynderby-wighthe-Steple, stande 
seasede to the same nse. I will that all such persons as be 
seasede to my use of landes, etc., as I dyde purchas of Sir 
Henry Wyott k* in West Heslerton ; of landes, etc., I latly pur- 
chased in Thorp Bassett ; of all such landes, etc., as I have in 
the townshype of Eskirk, stande & be seasede to the use of 
William Palmes, one of my yonger sonnes, for terme of his lyff. 
My landes, etc., as late were Thomas Kyddall's in Huke; & 
those as I dyde late purchesse of John Burton of Yorke, gentil* 
man, in the townshipe of Northduffede ; & such landes, etc., in 
Bikall which lately were Jambes Cherleton's, and Hot solde nor 
assignede to any chauntrie there, to Bicharde Palmes, an 
oder of my yonger sonnes, for terme of his lyffe. I will that 
eyther of my yonger sonnes, William & Sicharde, have an 
bunderthe merces of my goodes. To George,* my yonger son, 
nowe persone of Sutton, xx li. & a standyng cuppe of silver with 
a cover percell gilte, which hathe a £ELyne in the knoppe of the 
cover, and an hande in ytt, in full recompense of his porcion, 
with oder costes & charges that I have susteynede, as well 
in gettyng of his Bulls as oderwysse. . I will that Brian, an 
other of my yonder sonnes, have his resonable porcion of my 
goodes, & that his moder have the guydynge thereof & of 
hym. The landes, etc., as I dyde purchese of Christofer 
Kltoftes in Holtby ; & those as I dyde purchesse of Sir John 
Cutte knyght in Elvyngton & Sutton ; and those that I dyde 
purches of Sir Henry Wyott knyght in Burythorpe and Bar- 
thorpe, to stand seasede to the use of me, & Anne my wyffe & 
the heyres of our two bodyes. I will that my said wyffe, & 
other myn ex", receyve the yssue} of my maner of Nabume, 
& of all my landes & tenementes in Nabume, afore not as- 
signede, except suche landes, etc., as Sir William Bulmer kt is 
infeoffede in to the use of my wyffe for terme of hir ly tife ; ex- 
cept allso my maner place & orcherdes as they be inclosed in w* 
a pale; & except my kylne house & suche how8e3 as per- 
teyneth to husbandry to the said place & grounde as they be 
closede in with hedges ; which place & odere afore excepte I 
will my wyffe have unto my sonne Nicoles come to the age of 
XXX** yeres ; and the issue} afore not excepte I will my wiffe & 
ex" receyve, unto Nicoles my sone come to the age of xxj yeres, 
towardes the fynding of my sonne}, William, Richard & Brian. 
My wiffe, yf she marye not, & oder myn ex", to have the 
rewle of my said 8onne5 to they thynke they be able to rewle 
♦ Archdeacon of York and confessor of Cardinal Wolsey. 


& guyde such thynges as I have bequeathed them. My 
housholde servantes, except such as gothe at my husbandry, to 
have ther holl yere wages, above that they have deservede at 
such tyme as it shall please God to call me to His mercy, and 
I will they have meat & drynke a quarter of a yere after my 
departure, if they ¥rill abyde. I will that my wyffe have aU 
such plaite as I hadde with hir, & all such stufife of householde 
as came from Sokbume, over and above hir porcion of my 
goodes. I will that myn ex" by a vestement & all thynges 
that longeth thertoo, of the price of xl s., & sett myn armes and 
Anne my wiflFe's therupon, & gifife yt to my paroche churche; & 
that they give xl s. to the churche maisters, to be spent in re- 
paracion of the chirche & omamentes for the same as herafter 
they shall nede. Where as my sonne in lawe, Sir Thomas 
Conyers knyght, awe unto me thre hunderthe merkes upon 
awarde & agrement maide betwixt us, I will that Nicoles Palmes, 
my sone, & his wyffe, suster to the said Sir Thomas, have an 
hunderth merce therof ; & an hunderthe merke to my son 
Brian ; and if the said Sir Thomas be contendede that thus be 
performede, than I will that he be dischargede of the residewe. 
I will that my ex" disposse x li. in amendyng of high wayes for 
seke and som' from Carr land gatt to Awesten flatt. I will that 
the rewlers of the chappell of Roclyffe besydes Burrowbrige 
have xijli., to purchas landes, etc., to the yerely valour of 
xiij 8. iiij d., towardes the fyndyng of a preste in the said chap- 
pell for ever, to pray for my soiill, Anne, Eustach', and Elyn 
my wiffes, and Dorothe & Anne Roose my doghters, & all 
Christen sowles. To ray doghter Normanvell, my doghter 
Skergill, & my suster Grene, ichone, a ryng of golde, price 
xiij 8. iiij d. To my sone Normanvill a bey meyre that cam 
frome Bynsell. To my sone Skargill a sorede meyre. To my 
doghter Babthorpe x li. To my doghter Margery a ryng of 
gold price x s. & xx s. in money. I forgive my broder, 
Thomas Heslerton,* all suche dewties as is betwixt hyme & 
me & I bequeath to hym myn owne bay horse that I ryde upon 
my selfe. To Guy Heslerton xiij s. iiij d. To Brian Heslerton 
my godson xx s. To my nevoy Bulmer wyffe a mylke cowe, & 

♦ Sept. 27, 1520. Thomas Eslerton, dominusde West Eslerton. Sep. in can- 
cello Omn. SS. de West Eslerton. Fabricae eccl. x s. Edmondo Eslerton, fratri 
meo, vj s. viij d. Roberto Nawton, fratri meo, vj s. viij d. Margaretae, sorori mese, 
vj s. viij d. Johanni Eslerton, filio meo, nisum meam, viz. meam goshawk. 
Guidoni Eslerton, filio meo, xiij s. iiij d. Willelmo, filio meo, xiij s. iiij d. BUe- 
none, filiae meae, j equam coloris albi. Annas, uxori meas, j mes. etc in Helperthorp 
ad t€rm. vitae suae. Res. Briano Heslerton & Margaretae H., filiis meis, qnos 
const ituo exec. meos. Test. Mag. Ric. Radclif rectore de West Ealcrton, etc. 
[Pr. 28 Oct., adm. to ex".] (Reg. Test. ix. 120.) 


a ryng of gold price vj s. viij]d. To my nevoy, John Heslerton, 
my tawney satten dublett & x s. To my nevoy, Brian Palmes, 
my newe dublett of velwett. To my suster his moder a ryng 
of gold price xiij s. iiij d. I name John Acclome, Guy Wils- 
trope, Eoberi^ Koos, and Nicoles Palmes esquires, & George 
Palmes clerke parson of Sutton to be feoflfe} of all suche landes, 
etc., whereoflF William Babthorp of Osgodby esquier is bounde 
to me by his obligacion to make a lawful astate. The residewe 
I will shalbe dispossede by Anne my wiflFe, Sir William Bulmer 
knyght, Sir Guydo Dawny knyght, Thomas Langton of 
Sickall gentyllman, Jambes Duffelde gentillman, Richarde 
Ellys clerke, & William Marshall, whome I make ex". 

[Pr. 11 Jan. 1519-20, & adm. to ex'*, save Langton and Marshall : res. to them.] 

[Reg. Test, ix, 94.] 

Feb. 14, 151 9-20. John Wallworth * of Ravynetoffe. To 
be buriede in the bodie of the church of Saynt Wilfride of 

♦ A family of consequence In the parish of Ripon for many years. 

July 16, 1437. Adm. Tho. Walworth of Ripon to John W. of Bishop 
Thornton. (Reg. Test. iii. 499). 

Jan. 16, 1468-9. Johannes Walworth de Thornton. Sep. in ecel. coll. B. 
Petri de Ripon. Summo altari iij s. iiij d. Fabricae eccl. 8. Rob. de Knares- 
borght y s. Roberto Sheripp, vicario, oraturo pro anima mea, xz d. Quatuor 
Ordinibus Fratrum Mendicantium civ. Ebor., oraturiB pro anima mea, iiij s. 
Volo quod Joh. W., filius mens, habeat quatuor juga bourn et sex vaccaslacteas. 
Volo quod Katerina, uxor mea, habeat medietatem omnium terrarum et tene- 
mentorum meorum in Thornton pro termino vitee. Res. to Wm,Tho8, & Heniy, 
my sons. Ex", my wife, John Birtley, & Chr. Kendale chaplains, & Wm W. 
my son. At Thornton. [Pr. 12 Feb. 1458-9.] (Reg. Test. ii. 394.) 

On March 10, 1458-9. The Archbishop desired the Abbot of Fountains to 
veil Catherine, widow of John W. of Thornton Wood. [Reg. Wm Booth, 206.] 

May 15, 1470. Domina Katherina W., vidua. Sep. in eccl. coU. B. Wilfridi, 
Ripon. Capellfls de Thornton vs. Eaterinas Laton, filiolse mese, v marcas, 
Matildse, fiUse meee, j vaccam. Res. Ricardo Goldesbuigh, filio meo, et Ricardo 
Frankisse & Margaretae uxori. [Pr.l8 Jan. 1470-1.] (Reg. Test. vi. 155.) 

May 4, 1521. Margarete Walworth of Raventoftes. To be beriedein the body 
of the Kirke of Saynt Peter and Wilfride of Rypon beside my husbandc. 
Greorge Gargrave and John Walworth, my sons, execu tours. I witto Margarete 
Walworth, my goddoughter, a prassour. To Jenet Walworth, th'onger, a 
silver spoyne. To Thometon chapell xxvj s. viij d.. to the byeng of a chales, 
with tMs condicion, if neighburs of the lordeshipe will be bond that what 
prest so ever thei have, that he sail syng Meue twhyse is a weike at 
Thometon chapell, to pray for my sail, and my husbande's ; and if it be so that 
this condicion be not performed nor fulfilled, it shalbe lefull, and it is my 
will that my executours shall cause a preist to syng at Rypon in my parish 
kirke for me and my husband, so far as that money wil extende and reiche at 
the sight of my executours. The residue— I witto my childer. I witt ij 


Kypon above the fonte. I witt, for my mortuarie, my best 
beist. I witt, for my buriall, to the vicars and ther ministers 
w* the chamitre prestos, xiij s. iiij d. And to every seculer 
prest, beyng at Mesae and Dirige^ iiij d. I witt to the monas- 
terie of Fountaunce iij li. vj s. viij d., to be absolvede from all 
maner of trespaces that ever I dyde to them, I witt to Saynt 
Eobert of Knaresbnrgh iij s. iiij d. I witt to a preste, to syng 
in Ripley chnrche for the soull of William Bekwith and myn, 
iij li. I wit to a preste, to syng for my soull and for the souUes 
of my fader and moder, iiij li., in what place it shall please myn 
executours to be done. I wit to John Games, my curate, to 
pray for my soull, yj s. viij d. I witt to Thomas Abbot, my 
chaplen, iij s. iiij d. I wittoo every man servant in my house 
xij d. and to every woman servant in my house ij s. To the 
makyng of the high alter in Rypon vj s. viij d. For forgotten 
tithes ij s. To Thomas Wallworthe wyflf vj kye to the bryng- 
yng up oflF her childeme. To Mararie, my doghter, childer 
every of them a whie. To Emmott, my suster, xl s., beside the 
reside we of that that is unpaide that my father wit to hir in 
his testament. Sisters Mary & Margaret. To Margaret, my 
wiflF, X marces for hir feoffement and hir thirdes, and she canne 
be so contente ; and if she cannott so be contentede, I will she 
have V marces for hir feoffement and taik hir thirdes as it shall 
fall, by the advyse of myn executours. Allso itt is my will 
that all the heyrelomes to my house belongyng shalbe kepte 
to the behoove of myn heyre by myn executours, and they to 
be dely verede to hym what tyme he commes to his full age. 
To John Wallworth, my son, my violett gowne furredde with 
shankes, and a chamblett dublett. To William Wallworth my 
best jackett. To George Gargrave my violet jacket cloth un- 
maide. To John, my broder, of Hornby, a ledder dublet and 
a pair whitt hosse. Allso it is my will that my fermeholde that 
I tooke of my Lorde Cardjmall for terme of yeres to me and 
myn assignes, that John Wallworth, my sonne, occupie and 
take the profyte thereof to the tyme myn heyre come to his 
lande, providede allway that the foresaide John Wallworth, my 
sone, shalbe swome to myn executours that he shall nott hurte 
nor harme myn heyre, nor make no ferther clame to the fore- 
said fermholde what tyme as myn hayre shall comme to his 
lande. Allso I will that all such landes as I stande in estate of 
to the use of Thornton chappell, that they shall goo towardes 
the fyndyng of a prest to syng on the warke day at Eavynstofte, 
and on the holyday at Thornton chappell, as haith bene usede 

whissjTiges to the hye altar and to my curate, Sir John Carver, iij s. iiJj d. 
[Pr. 8 May, 1522.] (Reg. Test. ix. 22 b.) 


afore tyme ; and that myn hejre shall have the dominacion 
and the rewU of the lande accordyng as I and myn auncytours 
hath bene usyde afore tyme, I make myn executoiu*8 Sir 
Ninian Markinfelde knyght. Sir Richerde Mallyverey knyght, 
William Danby, and Sir Robert Whixley prest. The resdewe 
of goodes, my dettes paide, and fdnerall expenses maide, I witt 
to Thomas Wallworth childer bryngyng upe, and to be devydede 
emonges them by evyn porcions. To everyone of my execu- 
tours xz s., which I ordeyn and constitute myn holle executours 
for the health of my soull. 

[Pr. 14 May, 1519.] 

[Reg. Test. Bbor. ix. 148 b.] 

May 4, 1520. Thomas Sutton,* knyght. To be beryed 
in the chirch of Seynt Wilfride of Averham, in the chauncell, 
betwixt my fether & Seynt Michaell. I bequeath, the day of 
my beriall, iiij torches, beyng bumyng abowte my body, & 
iiij poore men to here theym, and to have iiij gowneth, half 
white, half blake. Also I will that vij tapurs bume abowte 
my body the same day w* other small candilles, and al other 
thinges necessary I put to the discrecion of my executours. I 
wil diat my son & here have al my hames, as cotes, jakkes, 
saUettes, splentes, brigandyns, gestems, bills, bowes, arrows, 
swerdes, dagers, peces of white hames ; & ij peces of golde 
callyd suflFeraunce. To every of my (other) sonys xx li. To 
every of my v doughtours a hundreth markes, & every of them 
(to) be ordered in ther manage by the counsell and advise of 
my wif, Kateryn Sutton, my brother in law Richard Bassett 
knyght, & Henry Sutton, my son & here. I wil that Francys 
Talbott lord Talbott, John Biron, & other my feoffees be seased 
of the site & mansion of my maner of Averham, to the use of 

f The Sattons of Ayerham were one of the best of the Nottinghamshire 
families. The testator, a son of Henry son of Robert Sutton, man*. Catherine 
dan. of Thoe. Bassett of Fledborgfa. 

1416. Henricns de Sntton, dominus de Averham. Sep. in ecd. S Wilfridi 
de Averham. Margaret®, nxori mese, doas pecias argenteas. Johanni 
Biyggeford nnom panmm goblet argenti. Yolo quod Ricardas, filios mens 
primogenitas, vel aliqois alios fratrum snorom quern heredem meum esse 
contigerit, habeat, cum ad plenam setatem pervenerit, duas pecias argenti cum 
coopercnlis, totam armatoram, etc. Bectori de Averham togam meam de 
scarleto forratam cum calabre. Averham. (Reg. Bowett, 366). 

Oct. 13, 1468. Admon. Richard Sutton of Averham, Esq., to Wm. Cantrell 
(Reg. Test. iv. 64.) This was the testator's great-grandfather. 


Kateryn, my wif, for terme of hir lif, & she to have my landes 
in Kelom, etc. The residue to Kateryn, my wif, and Kerry, 
my son ; they executours. I make surviour the right honorable 
& my most singler good lord th'erle of Shrewesbury, besekyng 
his good lordship in the way of charite to se that my executours 
doo ther duety, and help theym — for the which my mynd is that 
my son & here shal doo such poore service to his good lord- 
shipe and his heres as his poore power will extend. 

[Pr. 20 Apr. 1621, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 251.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen, I Thomas Boynton of Rowsby, hoole 
of mynde and body, wherof I thanke my Maker, by this pre- 
sente makes this my testament and last will in forme folowyng. 
First, I bequeath my sauU to Almyghtie God, my Maker and 
Bedemer, and to our Lady Saynte Mary, His moost blisside 
moder, and to al the holye Saynctis in hevyn, and my body to 
be beriede there as my executours shall thinke moost con- 
veniente, with al duytes to the churche due and accostomede. 
Item I witto Hynderwell kirke x s. Item to Eowsby chapell 
xl s. And to the kirke of Acclome vj s, viij d. Item to the 
Freres of Growmount vj s. viij d. Item to the Monte Grace 
vj s. viij d. Item to the Observauntes Freres of New Castell a 
fatt ox. Item to the iiij Orders of Freres xx s. Item to the 
Frere Baker vj s. viij d. Item to the Priour of Gisbume vj s. 
viij d. Item to our olde M. an olde noble. Item to the Con- 
vente, xls. Item to Sir John Battersby xijd. Item to Sir 
Christofer Gierke xij d. Item to Sir Robert Newam ij s. 
Item to every howse in this parishe iiij d. Item to Robert 
Harlande vj s. viij d. Item to Adam Watson vj s. viij d. Item 
to William Gierke vj s. viij d. Item to Henry Brasse, iij s* iiij d. 
Item to every servaunte, hynde and made, viij d. Item to 
William Sawter iij s. iiij d. Item to John Sroalewod iij s. iiij d. 
Item to ichon of litill nevois a marc. Item to my broder. Sir 
John Bulmer, a gelddyng. Item to my sister Tunstall my reng 
with the blu stone. Item I witte to my son, Thomas Goldes- 
burgh, & his wif, xx li. if she lif to he come to age of xxi yeres, 
and that thei lye togedder ; and if anythyng bot good hap- 
pyn the said Thomas, as God forbede it shulde, than I will 

♦ A son of Henry Boynton, Esq. He mar. Cecily dau. of James Strange- 
ways of Sneaton. Other wills of members of the same family will follow. 


cc merkes be takyn by my executours of my landes and goodes to 
the helpyng of my said doughtour Jenet ; and if it please God 
to call the said Jenet to His mercy afore carnal knowlage hade 
with the said Thomas, then I will al suche sommys as my 
broder, Thomas Strangwais, shulde repaye to me, be disposid 
for the well of my saull, & to t'helpe of my nexte kynsfolkes at 
the discrecion of ray wif, my executours and supervisours. 
Item I witto them a feder bede and al suche stuf as longes to 
it at the sight of my wif ther moder. Also I witt my son 
Haldenby & his wif vj U. xiij s. iiij d. and al the feoffamente 
frome this day to be resayvede to ther use, and suche stuf to 
be bought withall, as ther moder my wif shall seme best for 
ther profitt* And if it please God to call my said doughtour, 
Anne, to His mercy, afore camall knowlage hade with hir saide 
husbande, than I will that al such summys as my broder, his 
&der, shulde repay to me, be disposide for the well of my saull, 
& to the helpe of the next of my pure frendes, at the disposi- 
cion of my wif, my executours, and supervisours. Item I witto 
them a feder bede and suche stuf as longes to it at the sight of 
my wif ther moder. Item I wit my son Matho my chene, if it 
may be sparide, and ray dettes paide. Item I witto hym al 
my hermes : Item I witto hym al my Englishe bookes. Item 
I witto hym a feder bede & al that longes to it, at the sight of 
his moder. Item I wit him viij of the best silver sponys, the 
standdyng salt, the coverde pece, the chales, & my Agnus of 
golde, and at al thes to be heire lomes, and his moder my wif 
to have the kepyng of thes to his use as long as she kepeth hir 
sole. And if it please God to take hyme, as ever I put hym to 
His wil & mercy, then I will that all thes my bequest to hyme be 
disposede as my wif thynkes, and other my executours and super- 
visours, to the use of my ij doughtours, and to the performans 
of this my last will. Item I witto William Genkell iij s. iiij d., 
which I lent hym. Item to James Backhowse m.y best bonnet. 
Item where certayn of my frendes standdith feoflBd in my landes 
for the performans of this my last will, as it appereth by ij 
dedes of feoffament sealede and subscribide with my hande, I 
hertely pray them to suflSr my wif and executours to resave the 
saide landes to al suche summys be paide as I have giffyn by 
bequest by this my last will. Also I will al my landes in Fox- 
holes and Bowthorpe to Sir William Pynder, terme of his lif, 
and he to resave them to his uses, prayeng for my fader, 
myself, and other my frendes, and to be with my wif as long as 
she kepethe hir sole, and els there where my bonys lies, at his 
pleasour ; and, this fulfilled, I will thei stande seassede to my 
next here, ever my wife thirdes excepte ; and if I have forget- 


tyn anythyng that shulde be for the well of my saull, I 
lieseiche my wif and my executours to remembre me as my 
verey trust is in them, and to se my dettes be paide I hertely 
pray them ; and ever I will my wif and my childer be at the 
gidyng of Sir William Bulmer and my moder, trustyng thei 
will gif to them ther best connsili for my sake, and soo hertely 
I ever beseiche them. Also I make my executours of this my 
last will and testament my wif, Sir Thomas Franke clerke, Sir 
William Pynder prest; and I give for ther labour to ichon of 
them iij li. vj s. viij d., ther expenses in my causes to be takyn 
of my goodes. Item al such summys as is unresavede of Sir 
William Bulmer for the manage of my sonne Matho, I will my 
wif & my executours resave them to th'use and performans of 
this my last will and testament. Item I will al my landes in 
Langtofte to my wif, to gif in almos to my son comme to his 
full age. And if any of my goodes remayne in my executours 
handes, my will and testament fulfilled, then I gif them to my 
wif, if she kepe her sole, which I put to hir discretion ; and, if 
she mary, than I will my other executours dispose it to my 
childer and for the well of my saull. Item I make supervisours 
of this my last will and testament Sir William Bulmer knyght, 
and my moder Dame Margarete Boynton, and I bequeath aither 
of them a horse and xl s., ever besechyng al my frendes that 
shall se this my poore will, to take it after this my intent, and 
amende it wher it shall stande nede, besechyng al them, my 
executours and supervisours, to do for me, and my saull, as my 
speciall trust is in them moost of creatours liffyng. In wit- 
tenes that this is my last will and testament, I have setto my 
seall and subscribed my name with my hande, the xiiij day of 
May, in the xij yere of our soveryng lord, Kyng Henry the 
viij***. Thes witnesses. Sir Robert Newam, Sir William 
Pynder, prestes, Adam Watson, William Taliour, with other. 

Also I gif to my son Mathew all my landes, the whiche I 
have of my moder gifte, that is to saye in York, Poklyngton, 
and Buttircram, besechyng my moder of the same as I may 
pray for hir. Item I will my sone Matho the thre obligacions, 
the whiche is not dew to me or eft my moder or my sister Sayer 
decesse, the whiche obligacions is for his mariage, and he to 
discharge my executours (and) resave the saide sommes to my 
behove. Item I wit Petir Percy xxs. Item to Cristofer 
Marton a gowne. Item to William W^iske a jakett. 

[Pr. 23 April, 1623, adm. to ex".] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 197.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. The xxiiij day of the moneth of 
Maje, the jere of our Lord God M' D. xx**, I Richarde Askewith,* 
myghty of mynde, and hoole of remembrance. I wit my sal to 
Almyghtie God, om* Lady Saynte Mary, and to al the Sayntes 
in hevyn ; and my body to be beried wher it please God. And 
my mortuary as the costome is. Also I gif and witto the hye 
alter of our kirke vj s* viij d. Also I witto th'Abbot of Biland 
XX 8., and to every monke viij d., and to the Freres August* 
iij 8. iiij d. Also I witto Henry, my son, my best horse, excepte 
my mortuary. Also I witto Cecilie, my doughtom-, vj marc 
land, which that my wif was content wyth all ; of the which, 
xlv 8. viij d. lyes in Muscroft, and th'oder in Beverlac. Also I 
witt my son Herry my best gowne, cott, gyrkyn of velvett. 
Also I witto William, my son, secunde rayment. Also I witto 
Kauf, my son, a tawne worset dublet, and a patlett of velvet. 
Also I witto William, my son, ij parties of my farmehold at 
Osgodby, and my office, by the licence of th'Abbot of Bilande 
and hys brether. Also I witto Richarde, my son, theird of my 
fieurmeholde at Osgodbe, and my farmeholde in Westerdaile. Item 
I gif and witto Rauf, my son, iiij markes lande in Silton, and 
the residue that ther is. To Richard, my son aforesaid, aJ my 
landes in Carleton and Bamby and Langton of Swale. Also I 
charge that my fader will be fulfillid. Also I gif to my sister, 
Jenet, a foole, and to my doughtour, Cecilie, a whie and a calf. 
Item I gif to Mr Roger Lassels xx s., to se that my will be 
fulfillid, and to be g(>od frende to my childer. Item I make 
my executours my wif, my son Hery, my broder Lawrence, 
and William, my son. Thes witnes. Sir John Dicson, Sir John 
Warderopper prestes, John Gill, & John Boynton. 

[Pr. 12 Dec. 1621.] 

♦ Tbe AskwithB of Osgodby. near Thirsk, are probably connected with the 
Askwiths of East Newstead, in Richmondshire. They held Osgodby by lease 
from the Abbot and Convent of Byland, and afterwards acquired the estate 
which they held until the close of the seventeenth century. 

VOL. V. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 117.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen, the iij day of the moneth of Junii, the 
yere of our Lord God M^ D. xx", I, Richard Wilflite, in King^n 
oppon Hull, maryner, beyng of a perfitt mynd and hoUe memory, 
maketh and ordeneth this my present testament and last will 
undir this maner and forme. First I gif and bequeath my 
saul to God Almighty, to our Lady Saynt Mary, and to al the 
celestiall courte and company of hevyn, &my body to be beried 
in the Trinitie kirke of Hull aforsaid. Item I gif, in the nayme 
of my mortuary, my best garment. Item I gif and bequeath 
to the Trinite chapell xx s. Item I gif to the kirke warke a tre 
worthe xxvj s. viij d., thay lowying in the tre I had of them, 
being in valour iiij s. Item I gif and bequeath for my tithes 
and oblacions forgettyn yj s. viij d. Item to the Sacrament of 
the hie alter xxd. Item to the shryne xxd. Item I will have 
a lighte founde before the Trinitie in the Trynitie chapell for 
me and my wif, the terme of bothe our liffes, and God sent hus 
to do w* all ; a nother before our Lady in the August' Freres, 
als long ; a nother before Seynt Kateryn in the said Freres, 
duryng the said tym ; and the fourte before the Roide of 
Dripoll, als long tyme. Item I gif and bequeath to the Holy 
Bloid of Welslayk iij s. iiij d. Item to our Lady of Walsyng- 
ham iij s. iiij d. Item I gif to William Pyvell a dubbill 
dukkett, prayng hym to be good frend to ray wif in hir neid. 
Item I gif to my brother, Symonde Turton of Wakefield, my 
geldjnag, w^ al pertenyng to hym. Item I gif to Elene, my 
wif sister, iij s. iiij d. and a gowne. Item I gif to Thomas 
Abbot my tawney dublett w^ stokkes of velvett and a velvett 
patlett. Item I gif to Thomas Grene a chamlett jakkett. 
Item to Elisabeth Abbot iij s. iiij d. Item I gif to iij of my 
madyns, ychon of them x\jd., and to Margaret viij d. Item to 
Rolland Pottes a yolow dublett, j jackett, and a pare of white 
hoose. To William Grene of the Well a worstett dublett w* 
sieves of chamelett. Item to Robert Wilde of York a hyngar. 
Item to William Michelson a swerd and a bukler. The residue 
of al my goodes undisposed I gif Agnes my wif, whome I make 
my ful executrix of this my present testament and last will, 
and she to dispose it for the helthe of hir sauU and myne as 
she thynkes best. In witnes herof I setto my seale. Thes 
witnes, Jamys Johnson, Arthur Wellys, Petir Roger, Herry 
Lamhley, and Thomas Wardell, with other. 

[Pr. r, Oct. 1520] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 124 a.] 

June 30, 1520. I, Sir Henry Thwaites,* of Lounde, knyght. 
To be bxir. in the church of Alhalowes of Lound, in the chaun- 
cell where Agnes my late wifif is buried. My best beest, aftir 
the church, for my mortuarie. To the buylding and upholding 
of the same church xx s. To the vicar for tithes, oblacions, & 
other dueties by me necligently w*holden, w*drawen, or forgoten, 
vj s. viij d. To every Ordour of the iiij Ordours of Freres of 
Beverley vj s. viij d., to pray for my saule. To every church of 
iiij moder churches w*yne Yorkeshire vjs. viijd. Unto the 
nonnes of Watton vj s. viij d., to pray for my saule. To the 
house of Wartre vj s. viij d. To Anne, my wifif, my cheyne of 
gold. To Frauncys, my doghtour, one device of golde w* 
V diamondes and dyverse perles in it. To Kateryne, my dogh- 
tour, one litill tablett of golde wt relickes, crisom lases, &, 
also, my crucifix of golde. To Elyn Killyngale,t my sustour, 
XX nobles. To Kateryne Povy xl s. To Jane Lancastre xl s. To 
Isabel 1 Chambirlene xxvj s. viij d. To Sir John Noble preste 
xl 8. To Davy, my shepard, iij li. vj s. viij d. To an hable 
preste, to syng & say Masses daily, when he may lawfully be 
disposed, w*yne the chauntery in tlae church of Lunde, by the 
space of vij yeres next ensuying aftir my deth, for my saule, 
the saule of Agnes late my wiff, the sanies of my fader & 
moder, & all mynauncestres, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. yerely. To every 
householder w*yn the towne of Lunde xij d., to praie for my 
saule. I will that at the daie of my buriall xiij poor men shall 
holde in their handes xiij torches bumyng aboute my hers 
duryng all the tyme of my Dirige & Masse of Requiem songen, 
unto whome I bequeth xiij blak gownes w* xiij blak hoodes. I 
will that xij li. wax et di. be made in xiij serges, & the same shal- 
be holden w* xiij childryne, havyng on theyme their rotchittes, 

* The wiU of the testator's grandfather, Edmnnd Thwaites, has been already 
printed (vol. iv. p. 175), Henry, son of Henry, son of Edmund Thwaites and 
Joan his wife, being the heir of Edmnnd, and est. 14 in the 15th of Hen. VII. 
There is but little known of the testator or his family save from these two 
wills. From a Feodary's book relating to the Percy estates in Yorkshire, which 
is now before me, I find that Frances, Sir Henry's daughter, was her father's 
heiress. She married Sir Thomas Gresham, and had Lund for her portion. Fr Jm 
the Greshams Lund went to Sir Henry Neville, and from him to the Remingtons. 

Beatrix Lady Greystock mentions her son Herry Thwaites k Agnes his wife. 

t She was probably the wife of William Killinghall, Esq., of Middleton Ht. 
George, co. Durham. He left a widow, Eleanor, living in lo26 (Surtees's 
Durham, iii. 222.) 

I 2 


aboute the saide herse the daie of my buriall, duryng the saide 
tyme, w* myne armes therupon. I will that every poer man & 
woman & childe being there have j d., to praye for my saule. 
To my cousyn, Sir John Constable knyght, my best gowne. To 
myne uncle, Peers Bigott, my blak, trotting gelding w* a white 
fote. My feoflfees Sir John Constable, Sir Marmaduke Constable, 
Sir Water Calverley knyghtes, Peres Bigott, Rauff Bigott, Kerry 
Savile, esquiers, of landes, etc., w*yne the countie & citie of 
Yorke, the Bushoprick of Duresme, & the countie of Lecestre, 
to stand seised of them to the use of me & my lawful! heres, & 
then to my right heres, & they to bryng up my ij doughtomrs 
to they come to full age. James Sandall, my servaunte, xxvj s. 
viij d. Thomas Covell xx s. John Vincent xiij s. iiij d. William 
Pereson xiij s. iiij d. John Tipping xxs. I will that Philipp 
Gibson, my servaunte, have, terme of his liff, the belywik of 
Lunde w* xxvj s. viij d. fee. My wating servauntes to have the 
fees standing for their service doone & to be done, for terme of 
their lyves. The residue to Anne, my wiff, & Frauncys & 
Kateryne, my doghtours. My wiflf. Sir Marmaduke Constable 
knyth & Roger Wilberfosse gen. ex" ; to each of theyme x marc. 

[Pr. 2 Aug. 1520, adm. ex".] 


[Reg. Tjst. ix. 121.] 

July 30, 1520. Robertus Roose* de Rudston. Sep. in 
eccl. Omn. Sanctorum de Rudstaine in deambulatorio boriali 
ex opposito fonti. Pro humatione mea ibidem iij s. iiij d. Lego 
optimum animal meum esse mortuarium. Cuilibet matrici 
ecclesise iiij d. Cuilibet ordini Fratrum iiij d. Ad celebrandum 
pro anima mea unura trentale Missarum x s. Capellano paro- 
chiali xij d. Lego xiij d. ad distribuendum xiij pauperibus. 
Lego dimid. quarterium ordii ad inveniendum lumen coram 
ymagine Omn. Sanctorum in eccl. de Rudstane. Ad depin- 
gendum ymaginem S. Jacobi ij s. Ad picturam B. M. de 
Bethr duos modios ordii. Lego di. quart, ordii in honore 
S:inct« Crucis, ut de ipsius pretio comparetur superpellex, 
habenda ad laudem et honorem Sanctae Crucis, dummodo ado- 
ratur in die Magni Veneris (sic). Lego quart, ordii ad emend' 
festa dulcissimi nominis Jhesu, viz. festum Transfigurationis, et 
festum dulcissimi nominis Jesu, festunique Visitationis B. M. 

♦ The will of a farmer or labourer at Rudston, near Bridlington, drawn up, 
proba>)ly, by the villape clergyman, vtore xtio. 


Lego unain terram granosam, jaxsentem super Speteykes, ad pavi- 
mentum chori. Lego Elisabeth Sharpe unam terrain granosain 
jacentem super le Slein dailies. Johanni Brown xij d, Johannaa 
Marshall xij d. Willelmo Roose xij d. Elisabeth Sharp unum 
quart, ordei et di. lapidei ponderis lanse. Aliciae Wilkynson ij s. 
Johanni Hedon iiij d. Thomas Hedon iiij d. Johanni Martyn 
unum modium ordii. Johanni Reede modium ordii. Ricardo 
Roose unum modium ordii. Elisabeth Sharp meam optimam 
togam. AlicisB Wilkynson meam russetam togam. Roberto 
Coke unam bigam cum duobus at'nis ferreis. Residuum— dis- 
positioni Ricardi Coke et Alicise Coke, quos ordino meos veros 
executores ut ipsi ordinent pro salute animsB mea3 — et Willelmum 
Rose, Johannem Brown, Johannem Marshall supervisores. 

[Pr. 9 Nov. 1520.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 210 *.] 

Oct. 14, 1520. Jeffray Threscrosse, marchaunte, of Kyngston 
oppon Hull.* To be beriede in the chirche of Sayncte Marye 
of Hull. To the makyng of the highe altar xvli. To the 
upholddyng of the steple of Trinitie chirch xli. To Henry 
Threscrosse xxli. To Isabell Threscrosse xli. To Maister 
Doctour Kellett of Yorke Mynster my howpe of golde that I 
were on my fynger. To the Freres Prechers of Thetffbrd xl s. 
To Jenet, my wif, my best note with the cover. To Thomas, 
my brother son, a dublet of sat tan. To the Freres Prechers of 
ThetflTord my white standdyng pece, to remayne in the place 
perpetually. Also if it please Maister Maior and his brether 
with the comenaunte to resayve of my executours ccli. in 
money and plate, and my howse that I bowghte of Maister 
Eland, after my wifif decesse, to fynde an able preste to syng 
for my saull and my frendes in the chirch of Sayncte Marye 
perpetualy, and the said maior and his brether to be boundon 
to my executours and their assignes, and to the Prior of 
Chartour house that now is & his successours, and they tr 
delyver the common scale to the said Prior, and thei to be 
boundon in ccc li. to the said Prior that this service be kepte 
perpetually — if not — than, if it please them, to resayve an c li. 
to the chamer, or to the common huche, and my best giltid 

♦ The testator was sheriff of Hull in 1517. His family was long connected 
with that place, and in the seventeenth century two or three members of it 
arose to some eminence in the Church. 


standyng pece to the honour of the Maioralte to go frome 
maior to maior yerely, for to have a preist to syng for me & 
my frendes the space of xx**. yeres ; and the other c li. to be at 
the disposicion of my executours to be disposid in dedes of 
pyety for the welthe of my saull ; and my wif to have my 
forsaid howse terme of hir Uf to kepe an obite for me yerelye ; 
and, aftir hir decesse, to goo to the proficte of Sayncte Mwye 
chirch for the yerely obite afore rehersed. The said Prior to 
over see that this service be duelye observed & kepte, and I 
will that he shall have my best whit standyng pece parcell 
gilte w* the cover, and oon which the cover is a coke, to hym 
& his successours. My wif & Henry Threscrosse executours — 
Maister John Eland and Edwarde Maderson marchauntes of 
the Staple, & Arthur Berebruer supervisours. In wittenes — 
frear John Oldman bachelare and prior of the Freres Prechers 
of Thetfiford, Simond Baxster my hospes at the syng of the 
Christofer, etc. 

[Pr. 26 Nov. 1622, adm, to ex".] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 123 a,] 

Oct, 19, 1520. Robertus Hansby,* de New Malton, bur- 
gensis, Sep. infra eccl. B. M. apud Old Malton. Pro mortuario 
meo meum opt. equum, sellam, frsenum, gladimn, et scutum, 
cum meis le} jake et salett. Fabricae pontis de Malton 
X ligna quarcina, similia duobus lignis quarcinis quae Robertus 
Balan dedit fabricae praedicti pontis. Fabricae pontis le Hew 
xij le3 swalles. Fabricae ecclesiarum sive capellarum SS. 
Michaelis et Leonardi in New Malton, ten. cum pert, duran- 
tibus terminis meis, hac conditione quod gardiani semel in 
anno faciant celebrari exequias meas. Duo ten. in Malton 
Willelmo & Johanni, filiis meis. Agneti, filiae mese, meam 
opellam in foro dictae Malton, et xx marcas. Cuilibet puerulo 

♦ A pedigree of this family appears in Flower's Visitation of Yorkshire. 

Oct. 1 2, 1522. Johannes Hanceby de New Malton, valectus coionse domini 
regis Anglias. Sep. infra eccl. B. M. V. apud Old Malton infra lej gemmer 
ibidem. Gardianis S. Mich, in Newmalton et successoribus suis, ad fundatio- 
nem j cantariae in cap. S. Michaelis ad altare B. M., tria bnrgagia in Malton, et 
XX li. Willelmus Wildon, filius mens, Sc Johanna uxor ejus, filia mea. 
Agneti, uxori mese, extra partem, xx marcas, vel x li. Gilberto H. j equum 
voc. Crukedikes. Jobannse Lokwod, sorori meas, iij s. iiij d. Margareta, 
filia mea. Bes. to wife, Bichd. my son k Kath. my dau. They ex". [Pr. 
nth Dec] (Beg. Test. ix. ^241). 

With Bichard Hansby the pedigree in the Visitation begins. 


AliciaB Flonders, sororis meas, iij s. iiij d. Cuilibet filiolo & 
filioke meis de Malton vj d, Marg. Brignell, sorori meae, x s. 
Res. Elenae uz. et puerulis meis, quos &cio executores. 

[Pr. 16 Nov.] 


[R^. Test. Ebor. ix. 136 h,] 

Nov. 9, 1520. Margaret Dodisworth, widdo, late wif of 
John Dodisworth. To be beried wHn the chauncell of 
Synnyngthwaite before the blissed Sacrament, if it may con- 
veniently be. I gif unto my corspresand, as the use and 
custome is. To the college chirch of Beverlay a kirchiflf for to 
make a corprai of. To the hie alter of Synnyngthwaite my 
best diaper clothe, for to make a alter clothe of, and a kirchifif 
to make a corprax of, w* a corprax case of gold of damask and 
purple velvett. To the parish of Watlows iij s. iiijd. To my 
son Wivell a ellen of yolow velvett w* a white hatte. To my 
doughtour Dorethe a gowne of cremesyn eged w* blake velvett, 
& a gowne of wiolett furred w* calaver, a blake velvett bonett 
w* a frontlett of leves of gold ; item, another frontlett of 
cremesyn velvett w* roses of gold, a girdle w* a pese of blake 
velvett and a pattelett of cremesyn velvett. To my doughtour, 
dame Margarett, a pare of corall beddes, a cofir, a caskett, etc. 
To dame Isabell Stapleton a cofir of every. To dame John 
Goldesburgh a pasc cloth. To Christopher Dodisworth a kirtill 
of blake chamlett. To Cecilie, his wif, a gowne of morrey in 
greyne eged w* blake velvett', w* a riban of orage colour. To 
my Lady Conyers a pare of corall beades w* gold gaudes. To 
Marjory Conyers a yolow ryban. To Cecilie Parkour a pattlett 
of purple velvett & a olde frontlett. To Edmunde Marshall a 
sufferan of golde. To Maister Chaxmceler of Beverlay a crose 
of golde ; whome I orden supervisor. The residue to my sons 
John & William, whome I orden executours. 

[Pr. 27 Feb., adm. to John & Wm. D.] 

* This must be the widow of John Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass, and an 
ancestress, therefore, of Roger Dodsworth, the antiquary. She seems to have 
been residing as a boarder in the little nunnery of Sinningthwaite near York, an 
abode which, it is evident, had not removed the old lady's liking fur the rich 
dresses and ornaments of her earlier life. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 271 «.] 

Nov. 15, 1520. Alexander Foster. To be bur. in the cath. 
church of Yorke nye my Ix)rde Savage. To my felowe, Hugh 
Barton, oon federbede with a sparver of white. To Lorde 
Deyne j U. fox skynys. To the parsones iij galons of clarett 
wyne, & to the vicars v galons of redde wyne & clarett, if thei 
feche me at my parishe church. To Mastres Evers x s., to 
drinke for my sauUe with hir frendes and myne. To Mr Vava- 
sour my crosse bowe w* rake. I will that I have a marble 
stone laide oppon my grave with a scripture of brase, le5 price 
xxxiij s. iiij d. 

[Reg. Test. Dec. k Capit. ii, 124.] 

Nov. 19, 1520. George Evers,* of the parishe of Sanct 
Michaelle's callid the Belfi^y within the citie of York, notarie. 
To be buried in the hie where of my said parishe church ; and 
I will that my executoures provide a stone to lie over me w* a 
scriptur tharopon convenient. I will thar be x lb. of wax maid 
in V serges to bume abowt my bodie the day of my buriall. 
To xiij powre men, to pray for me the day of my buriall, every 
of thame ij d. I will that a candell of wax of a lb. weght be 
maid and bume afor the ymage of Sancte Sithe in the said 
parishe church, and to be upholdin by my executoures by the 
space of twoo yeres next after my deceas. To the parsone o' 
my parich church for teithys forgotten yj s. viij d. To Sanct 
Peter warkes vj s. viij d. To the warkes of the College church 
of Sanct John of Beverlay v s. To the Priors & Convents of 
Bridlyngton & Guysburne, to pray for my soul, each x s. To 
the Prior & Convent of Wartre, to pray for me & to be dis- 
tribued emong thame by the discrecion of the Prior, vj s. viij d. 

* Maoy wills of members of the family of Evers o Eure have been already 
printed in these volumes. 

Jan. 9, 1514-16. Wm Evers cap. rector eccl. Omn. SS. in Marisco, York. 
Sep. in eccl. cath. jnxta sep. Mr Wm E. nuper praecentoris. Sister Joan Wil- 
kinson & her children. Sister Alice k her children. Nieoe Mary B. Brother 
George E. k Beatrix his wife. To Mr John Sympson j par precolariam de 
Cassaden*. [Pr. 1 July, 1615.] (Reg. Wolsey, 140 ft.J 

Some account of Wm. Eure or Evers, precentor of York, will be found in 
Te6t. Ebor. iii. 226. 


To the Prior & Convent of Hawtemprice, to pray for my saull, 
iij 8. iiij d. To the Priores of Nunnes of Swyne, to pray for 
me, iij s. iiij d. To the Priores & Convent of Keling, to pray 
for me, v s. To every of the foure Orders of Freeres in Yorke 
iij s. iiij d. To every persone being in the lepre howsses, in 
the Masyndews, and in the Common Prisons at York j d. To 
Beatrix, my wyflf, to hir use during hir ly ve, a standing peice 
sylver and gyltid, &, after hir deceas, to remajm to Marie, my 
doghter — also my best peice, to remayn to my doghter Cicilie. 
To Marie, my doghter, xij sijver spoimes of the best. To 
Cicilie, my doghter, a standing peice w* a cover silver and gylt, 
&, after the deceas of my wyflF, a salt w* a cover, sylver and 
gUt. To Sir John Coltman a furrid gowne, & to Agnes Colt- 
man a brod silk gjrdill, harnessed w* sylver. An honest & 
able prest to sjmg for my saull, the saiilles of my fader and 
mother, the soulles of my kynsfolkes, and all Cristen soulls, by 
the space of fyve yeres next after my departour, in my parich 
church, & he to be present in his surples Sondais & other 
Festivsdl dais at Messe, Matyns, and Evyn songes — to have 
seven markes yerely. Three tenementes and twoo closes lying 
in Bowthowme to be maid assure in writyng —to have a yerely 
obit in my parishe church doon for me & my wyflf for ever. 
To my wyff a tenement in Petergait in which I dwell. The 
tuicion of Marie & Cicilie, my doghters, to the right worshipfull 
Mr Brian Hygdon, doctor of law ande Dean of York, & Mr 
Edward Kellet. 

[Pr. 3 Dec. 1520.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 140.] 

In the name of God Amen. I, Sir Thomas Fairefax * of 
Walton, knyght, hoole of mynd, & in good memory, the xxvj 
day of Novembre, in the yere of our Lord God M* D*^ xx**, and in 
the xij*** yere of the reign of our soverayn lord Kyng Herry the 
viij*^, ordeneth and maketh this my last will in maner and 
forme folowyng. First I bequeath my saull to Almyghty God, 
to our Lady Seynt Mary, and to all the Sayntes of the holy 
company of hevyn, and my body to be beryed where it shall 
fortune me to dy, by the advice and discrecion of myn execu- 
tours. And I will my best good go for my mortuary accordyng 

* The eldest son of Sir Thomas Fairfax. He marr. Anne dau. of Sir Wm« 
Gascoigne of Gawthorpe. 


to the custome of the kyrke. Also I will that viij U. wax be 
burned aboute my body the daye of my beriall. Also I will 
that xij white gownys be gyflfyn to xij poore men that beres the 
torches at my berialL Also I bequeath xx s, to the iiij Orders 
of Freres, equally to be devydyd. Also I bequeath to my 
parish kirke of Walton, to the hy alter ther, for my forgottyn 
tithes, yj s. viij d* Also I bequeath to Thomas Bethum and 
his suster v markes, betwixt them, to be devyded. Also I will 
that Sir William Seton, my chaplayn, have vij markes in the 
yere duryng his lyf, which I have (given) hym on astate therof 
afore, to pray for the soull of me and myn auncetours at Walton. . 
Also where I have afore this tyme infeoflfyd my brother Robert,* 
and oyer, as more playnly apperith by the said dede of feoflfa- 
ment, to the use and performans of my last will, by this my last 
will, I, the said Sir Thomas, will that my said feoffes stand and 
be seased of and in my maner of Scalton with the appertenaunce 
wHn the countie of York, to th'use and behulf of my yonger sonys 
for terme of ther ly ffes, equally emonges tham to be divided, ex- 
cept xxvj s. viij d. goyng oute of the said mannour, graun^yd to 
Petir Saxton, for terme of his lif, accordyng to his patent 
yerof maid. Also I bequeath to my fowre doughtours, that is 
to say Anne, Elisabeth, Isabell, and Dorothe, cc markes to yer 
maryages, to be paid at the discrecion of myn executours. Also 
I will that my sisters beyng a lyve have that that was to them 
bequeathyd according to my fader's will, or els to have a 
sufi(ci)ent ly vyng of my landes and goodes duryng yer liflfes at 
the discrecion of myn executours. Also I will that my execu- 
tours at the day of my deth see me worshipfully brought furth 
of my goodes accordyng to my degre and havour, and to se my 
dettes paid accordyng to yer power. Also I will that my hous- 
hold servauntes have ther wages well and trulye paid, and mete 
and drynke a quarter after my deth, to provyd tham, if thay be 
disposyd to take it. The residew of all my goodes undisposyd, 
my dettes paid, and my fimerall expenses maid, I will that it 
be disposyd at the discrecion of myn executours, and I orden 
and make my executours Dame Anne Fairfax, my wif, Nicolas 

♦ July 12, 1526. Roberte Farefax, of Acaster Malbis, gentleman. Ber. 
church of Acastre in the hie where afore the stall where I use to sitte. Wif 
Agnes my fermehold junctely with Briane, my son. Thomas, my son, my ap- 
parell, bukes, bowes & shaf tes, etc. (A minor). Dau. Dorothy, ij half ponndes 
of wax to be found bumyng in my parishe churche, the on afore the Trinitie, 
the other the Coronacion of our Ladle, for iij yeres. To Jane, my dou., none 
of Synnyngthwaite, on macer with a bannd of silver and gilte, and a whie, 
to make a cowe opon, to the use of ther house, & they to pray for my sail. 
Ex" Agnes my wif, Thomas Farefax my sone, Richarde Yorke, my son-in-law, 
etc. Maister Nicholes Farefax of Gillyng Esq a supervisor. [Pr. 23 Sept. 
1628, adm. to widow & Ric. Yorke.] (Reg. Test. ix. 412.) 

EB0RACEN8U. 123 

Fairfax, my son and here apparent, Robert Fairfax, my brother, 
John Beilby gentilman, and Sir William Seton prest, to ordeyn 
and dispose for the well of my sonU as they shall thynke best. 
Also I will that where I have grantyd any fee to my servauntes 
afore tyme, I wyll thay have ther said fees accordyng to ther 
patentes yerof. Witnes herof Sir Thomas Dikson preist, George 
Frear, Richard Talbot, William Lelom, William Jacson, Thomas 
Adamson, and Roger Verty, w* oyer. 

[Pr. 11 Apr. 1521, adm. to Anne Fairfax k John Beilby.] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 133 ».] 

Dec. 14, 1520. William Normavile,* of the parishe of 
Kildewyk beside Watton, esqnier. To be beried in the closett 
of our Lady Seynt Maiy, in the north side of the parishe chirch 
of Kaldewyk. To the Prior of Watton my best beist for my 
mortuary. I will that my executours shal discharge my 
brother. Sir John Normaville,t of all dettes & legaces. I wil 
that an able prest syng for the seniles of my fader and moder, 
my broder. Sir John, & me, & all Cristyn sanlles, acordyng to 
the intente of a deyde wererin I haith infeofyd Christofer Bos- 
well, Richard Thomson, and John Scorbrught in certayn landes. 
I wil that my executours shall cause a convenient tumbe of 
marble to be maide over my body, with such a epitaphie as 
shal be devised by me or my executours. To the convent or 
monastery of religiose men and women of Watton xx s. To 
Dame Beatrix Stanebum, suppriores of Nun Appilton, to pray 
for my soull, vj s. viij d. I will that William Snanton and my 
sister Elisabeth his wife, & my sister Anne Darby be agreyd w* 
by the discrecioii of my executours. To John & Thomas Nor- 

♦ There is very little known of the ancient family of Normanville of Kiln- 
wick, at least of its early history. 

f May 19, 1620. John Normanvile of Kylnewyk, knyght. To be beried in 
the qwhere w*in the chirch of Eilnewik. I wil that my executours shal 
cause a convenient tumbe of marble to be maid over my body in the chirch, 
and my pictour to be gravyn oppon, w* such poses & scripture theroppon as 
sfaalbe thought good k convenient. A prest to syng within the said chirch 
for me, etc., for vij yeres, & he to have to his ftoude or salary, yerely, vij 
markys. To my susters, dompe Elinour, Anne Darbe, & Elisabeth Snaynton 
(each) V markes. To John Normanvile & Thomas Normanvile, my bast-by- 
gottyn sonnes, (each) v markes. To my cosyn. Sir Nicolas Fairfax, a bay geld- 
yng which I had of John Boynton. Ex" my wif, my broder William Nor- 
manvile, my cosyn Thomas Fairfax, Sir Richard BUys clerk, John Wright, & 
Bichard Clederowe. [Pr. 30 July, 1521, adm. ex".] (Reg. Test. ix. 114.) 


mavile, basterd sonnys unto Sir John, my brother, iiij li. — The 
residue I wil be at the disposicion of Sir Antony Ugtreght 
knyght, Sir Nicolas Farefax knyght of Seynt John's of Jeru- 
salem, Thomas Farefax lemed man, Maister Eobert Waid vicar 
of Hoton Crauncewyke, John Beilby gentilman, & Sir Eobert 
Cordwyner chaplayne, whome I make my executours. And, 
for ther labours, I wil Sir Antony Ugreght have a pece of har- 
nes called a shapeaw sett w^ sylver pynnys, & xl s.; Sir Nicolas 
Farefax xl s., over al reknynges betwix hym & me ; Thomas 
Farefax my furryd gowne w^-fownes; Mr Eobert Wade my 
gowne fiirrid w* fox etc. 

[Pr. 20 Feb., adm. to the ex" except Sir Nicholas Fairfax & Thos F., to whom 
power is reserved.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 154 a.] 

1520. Richard Wilcoke. My body to be tumulatt in the 
chirch or monastery (of) our Blissed Lady and Lord of Bolton. 
I giffes my best beast to God to be my mortuary. To the Prior, 
for to do service at my beriall, and to assole me, xiij s. iiij d. 
To the Covent, for a Mass with Placebo & Dirige^ xiij s. iiij d. 
To the sacriston, for my beryeng in the chirch, vj s. viij d. To 
be disposyd at the day of my beriall, iiij markes. To the house 
of Seynt Robert juxta Knaresburgh ij s. To every house of 
Freres in York xx d. To Sir Alexander Bland x li. that Robert 
Grynewod owe me, for (to) syng for my saull ij yeres. I gif 
V markes of brokyn sylver to the alter of Seynt John Baptest of 
the said monastery, to make a chalece of, for to pray for my 
saull. I gif a macer of sylver to the buttre of the said monas- 
tery. Mr Antony Clififord supervisor. 

[Pr. 16 May, 1521.] 



. [Reg. Wolsey, 154 J.] 

Feb. 1, 1520-L Rauf Babyngton,* parson and curate of 
the church of Hiclyng and Althorp, beyng wele of body, and 
stedfast in the faith of Criste, and servaunte of God. To be 

* A younger son of Thomas Babington of Dethick. 


bur. in the chauncell, streght before the high alter, so that my 
feete rest undir the preste as he standes at Masse in oone of 
my said churches, so that I dy w*ynne xx** myles of the same, 
I bequeth a corspresent according to the costome of the coimtrey • 
I bequeth to either of my churches above rehersed v markes 
sterlyng money, to be bestowed upon ij vestymentes, the one 
to have the pictour of our Lady on the crosse, and the odir w* 
the pictour of Saynte Michaell, havyng my armes and name 
sett ther upon. To either of my modir churches, that is to 
say, our Lady of Suthwell and our Lady of Lincoln, xx d. To 
the churches of DuflFelly and Ashover, either of theyme xx d. 
My cosyne, Thomas Babyngton, son of Amald B., a cowe. Wm. 
s. of Wm. B. To every of my bredir & of my sustours a 
riall in gold for a remembraunce. The daie of my buriall I 
will there be dalt for my saule penny dole, and to every preste 
being present to have viij d. to say Masse and Dirige for my 
saule. To my chapeleyne. Sir Thomas Hand, or who it shall 
fortune to be for me y* thyme, to have xiij s. iiij d, for to say 
the trentall of Masses w* Placebo and Dirige of Saynte Gregorie, 
and V Masses of the Wondes of our Lorde Jhesu ; also xx s. to 
pray for me, and my tawney gowne of fox fur. To Sir John 
Kem my blak gowne furred. I bequeth xv s. for one trentall 
to be song for my saule and all Cristyne saules at Scala Cceli 
in England. The residue to the ordour on myne executours, 
my broder Sir John Babyngton knyght of the Bodes, and my 
brodir, Roland Babington. My broder Sir George Chaworth 

[Pr. 4 Mar. 1521-2.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 102.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. I Rauf Either* in the countie of 
Yorke, knyght, of hole, good, and perfitt mynd, the xxvj day 
of Marce, the yere of our Lord God M' D. xx*^, ordens and 
makys my last will and testament in maner and forme folowing. 
First I bequeath my soul to Almyghty God, our Lady Seynt 
Mary, and to al the company of hevyn ; my body to be beried 
in the parish chirch of Rither. And I will that my funeral 
expenses be maid be the discrecion of my executours, here after 

* Cf. Test. Bbor. iii. 217-18. It is erroneously stated there that Sir Ralph 
was the last of his family. He had two sons, both of whom died without 
issue. The history of the family and the descent of the estates is full of a 
romantic and mournful interest. 


to be maid, in honeste maner. And I bequeath for my mor- 
tuary my best qwyke beist accordyng to accostome of the contre. 
Item I bequeath to the hie alter of Rither, in recompens of 
my prevy tithes not duly paid, xx s. Item I wil that x markes 
in money be delte to poore people the day of my interment in 
penny dowle, and more, if nede shall be, by the discrecion of 
my executours. Item I bequeath to the iiij Orders of Freres 
in Yorke xxyj s. viij d. equally to be devided, to cause iiij tren- 
tales to be said for me. Item I will that a convenient tumbe 
be maid over me where I shalbe beried, at the ordynyng of 
myn executours. Item I will that a prest do syng for me after 
my decesse iij yeres, and he to have yere(ly) vij markes for his 
salary. Item I will and bequest to my doughtour Elisabeth a 
hundrethe pownde, to be resa vyd and levyd her after my decesse 
of thes landes and tenementis be me put in feoffament for the 
performacion of my will, if she be not mareyd in my lif tyme, 
ne towardes hir marieg, and in recompense of hir porcion of hir 
childe's part of my goodes. And I will that my son and here, 
Thomas Rither, have all the herelandes, that ar knowen as 
herelandes, w*in this maner of Rither, w* ij draughtes of oxen, 
that is to sey, xvj oxen, and iiij marys w* ther drawyng gere for 
tillage, in ful recompense of any parte that he can or shall aske 
of my goodes after my decesse. Item I will and bewitt to my 
son, Herry Rither, xx li. in money, to be lowyd in convenient 
tym of my landys and tenementis in feoflFament, to be kept for 
hym by my executours to he be of convenient age, and than he 
to have it in ful recompense of his porcion and childe's part. 
Item I bequeath to my doughtour, Elyn Aske, vj kye and a 
bull, to be delivered by my executours. And I will that my 
dettes be holy paid and contented to my creditours accordyng 
to the true dett that I do owe unto them. And also I wil that 
my executoiurs have the order and kepyng of my son Herry to 
such tyme he cumme to the age of xviij*^ yeres, and they to 
calle and receyve the profitt of such landes as I have giffyn to 
the said Herry, to and for the fyndyng of hym to he come 
at the age of xviij^^ yeres. Item I wil that the Nunnys of 
Appleton have x s., to be distributed emong them, to pray for 
my sauU. Item I bequeath to my servauntes, such os be watyng 
servauntes, every on of them a quarter wage, over and beside 
ther wages dew. Also I will that my beademen be foundon in 
such maner and order as they have been in tymys past, and 
they to pray for my saull, and al my adversaries saiilles, and 
ther benefactours. And of this my will and testament I make 
and orden my executors Sir John Normavile knyght, Thomas 
Rither my son and here, Thomas Fairefax of Garforth Esquier, 


Thomas Beverlay, and Charlies Hedon, in whom is all my trust 
that they will do for me as I wolde do for theym ; to whome of 
every of them for ther labour in that behalf I bequeath xl s. 
and ther resonable costes when they do any thing concemyng 
the besynes abowthe this my will and testament ; and to the 
performans of the same I will that my executours have al my 
goodes moveable not bequeath, and also the ij hondreth pound 
of my landys and tenementes put in the feoffament. And my 
will fulfiUyd, and my dettes paid, I wil that my said executours 
have all the residewe of my goodes, and they to distribute it at 
theire diserecion for the welthe of my saule. And of this my 
will and testament I make the right honorable and singler good 
lord, my Lord of Northumbreland,* supervisour, besekyng his 
lordship to gif his good assistaunce to the performyng of the 
same ; to whos good lordship I bequeath a stage horse, to be 
takyn at his pleasure of my breide, such as I have. In witnes 
whereof hereunto I have sett my seall, the day and yere above- 
said. Thes witnesses Sir John Wilkynson parson of Either, Sir 
John Wates, George Thwaites, William Yrishe, and Edmond 
Hedon, with other. 

[Pr. 26 Apr. 1620, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 174.] 

Apr. 18, 1521. Thomas Stevynson, of Thriske, merchand. 
To be bur. in churchyard. To the steple beldyng xxs. To 
byeng of a paire of organnys, to be [at] our Lady Mease w* all, 
vj 8. ^^ij d., if the organys be bowght & go forward, or else the 
same vj s. viij d. to remayne to the steple. To the house of 
Newburgh, for clene absolucion, x s. To our Lady in the where 
iij s. iiij d. To our Lady in the porche, iij s. iiij d. and a 
fileyveles jacke. To St John alter a hangyng to be before hitt. 
I will my wif fynd a sherage f before Seynt Kateryn hir lif, and, 
after hir departyng, my son, William, to fynd it. 

♦ The Rythers were retainers of the Percies. The testator leaves to his 
f eadal lord a stallion which he had bred himself. 

In the Plumpton Correspondence (p. 106) there is a letter from the testator 
to his cousin, Sir Robert Plumpton, *prajinar you to give me ij cople of conyes 
to stocking of a litle ground that I make at Ryther.* To our ears this is a 
very modest request. 

t i.^., a serge or taper. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 168.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen, Die Sabbati proximo ante festum 
Sancti Georgii Martins (April 23) anno Domini m' quingen- 
tesimo, vicesimo primo, I, George Hardcastle,* hoole of remem- 
brance, maketh my wil in maner folowyng. First I wit my 
soull to God, our Lady, and to al the Saynt in hevyn, my body 
to be beryed in the chappell garth at Paithley brig, and my 
best beast to my mortuary. And I wilbe browght furth oppon 
the hoole goodes, and my dettes to be payd oppon t'hoole 
goodes ; and the reversion of al my goodes to be delt betwix 
my wif and my childer. And I desire and prays my Lorde of 
Fountance to be assoled, and he to be agreyd with therfore 
by my executrix, takyn my wif to doo for me as she semys the 
best. And I take it oppon of my saul I am not giltye of 
slayng the buke within my liOrde's warrant of Darby, wherfor 
I am dangered at Kirkeby. Thes witnes Christofer Hardcastle, 
and Ric' Brameley, and other. And it is my will that my 
eldest son shalbe taker of my ferme hold after my wif de- 
cesse, etc. 

[Pr. 16 May, 1521.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 178 b.] 

Apr. 26, 1521. Eobert Hertley. To be beried in the 
chirch of Alhalows of Rotherham, fast by my wif. To the re- 
parelyng of our Lady vestiment, iij s. iiij d. I gif my best 
candlestike, that I baud of Rogert Hardy, to hyng before the 
Roide in the Roide where ; and Laurence Ashton to have viij d. 
to hyng it in a poles. I wil that ther be maid for every flowre 
of the candlestike a tapur of wod, that theire may be ix sergeis 
of wax sett oppon, and iij pounde of wax to be in a serge ; and 
my serge that standith before Seynt Margaret shalbe taken 
downe and brokyn, and iij pounde to be takyn to make ix little 
serges to the said candlestike. Item of that serge a pounde to 
make betynges to Seynt Margarete lighte, and a serge of a 
pownde to Seinte Sebastian ; also an other serge of a pownde 

* The Hardcastles were an old Nidderdale family, tenants unier Fountains 
Abbey. The testator had been charged with killing a buck. Did he die of 


to Seinte Scithe. To onr Lady alter a vestiment that I bought 
of Roger Padley, with a superaltare and a sacring bell. To 
the pavyng in the layne goyng to Grresbruke iij s. iiij d., to be 
wand firome John Haryngton stable northward. To ychon of 
my broder sonys a sylver spoyne with cuttid starttis. I have 
ij mares w* foole, and, when they folyn, I gif the bettnr to 
Maister Mownforthe, To my wif, Alieie, my hoole bargan of 
Kymberworth mylne, & the Cotelar Whelle; and my walke 
mykie that I last maide. To the commyn's greflFys of Rother- 
ham iij s. iiij d. a yere duryng my termes. My mylnes to come 
to Hugh Yngram, my wif son. 

[Pr. 20 May.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 176 b.] 

April 26, 1521. Robert Goodyere of Stillyngflette. To be 
bur. in the ch. yard. I give xx d. to have a Dirige song for my 
sauU, & my nebowros, which doith honour God the day of 
my beriall w* oblacion, to comme home to my house, and take 
parte w* a potte w* ale, to pray for my sauU and al Cliristen 
sauUes. I gif a yong whye to Styllingflete kiik ?, and to the 
welle of the same towne. 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 214 ft.] 

May 5, 1 521 . Ambrose Pudsey of Bolton ny Bolland, gentle- 
man,* of a hoole mynd and good remembrance, makes this my 
testament and last will in maner and forme folowyng. First I 
bequeath my saull to God Almyghtye, to our Lady Sainte 
Marie, and to all t'holye company in hevyn. My body to be 
beriede wher it shall please God to visit me and so departe 
oute of this worlde of misery wher somever it be. Also I be- 
queath my best beast in the name of my mortuary after lawe 
and costome of t'holye church e. Also I bequeath my lord, 
John th'abbot of Whalley, and my broder, Thomas Pudsey 
esquier, ij of my best horses, next unto my mortuary ; and also 
my said broder, Thomas, to have the golde worme that was my 

* A younger son of Henry Pudsey of Bolton. Esq., who made his wiU in 
1517 (see p. 85). He was wealthy, and had probably been a retainer in 
some nobleman*8 honse. 

VOL. V. K 


fether's beste rynge, and my forsaide lorde to have on of my 
beete rynges next the which is my grete hope with A and P 
w* it, to pray for my sauU ; whome I do order to be my super- 
visours of this my laste wil and testament. Also I bequeath 
my Lady Florence Clifford * x li., the which I lent hir, and a 
golde ryng. Also I bequeath to my sister, Margarete Pudsey, 
the forsaid Thomas Pudsay wif, a ryng, and a crane colorede 
damaske gowne that was my fader's, and a booke that was my 
moder's. Also I bequeath to ther doughtours xx li. to mary 
them with. Also I bequeath to my sister Beckewith xx li., to 
mary hir childer with. Also I bequeath to my sister Wannys- 
forde XX markes, to mary hir childer with. Also I bequeath 
to my sistour Wynyngton c markes, to mary hir childer with 
and also to geite my broder e-law, hir husband, landes w*. 
Also I bequeath to my broder Henry cli., and my sister in 
law his wif, to mary ther childer with, and if he will make 
farther clame to have his childe parte, that then he to have 
non penny ne pennyworth, for my fader toke it oppon his 
charge he hade his childe parte and more then ather my fader 
or I. Also I bequeath to th'abbay of Whalley x li., for v tren- 
talles and v obites, to syng for my fader saull, my moder's, 
and myne. Also I bequeath to Sante Mary abbay of Yorke 
X li., for V trentales & v obitys, to pray for my saull and 
to assole me. Also I bequeath to th'abbay of Fontence my 
fader bequestes, the which was to th'abbot iij s iiij d., to every 
of his monkes at was preist iiij d., & xij d. for rengying, and to 
have of me x li. for v trentalles, to syng for my fader saul, my 
moder, and myn, and to assole hus al for charite. [The same] 
to th'abbay of Salley. Also I bequeath to th'abbay of Bolton 
in Chanons my fader bequestes, as is afor rehercede, & to have 
of me 1 s. for v trentales etc. {as before). Also I bequeath to 
the iiij Orders of Freres vj s. viij d., & Freres of Lancastre & 
Hartillpole to be ij of them. Also I bequeath to Monte Grrace 
V li., for V trenteles & v obites, to sing for my fader saull, my 
moder, and myne. Also I bequeath to a preist to syng at 
Bolton chirch ny BoUand for my fader saul, my moder, and 
myn, the space of v yeres complete, and the said preist to have 
paid every of the forsaid yeres iiij li. by 'thandes of my execu- 
tours, and that hoole sum is xx li. ; and if it forton me not to 
be beriede at Bolton, that then my executours do fynde a prest 
to syng for me the Messe of Requiem, what so ever it cost, and 
where I do lye. Also I bequeath a chales to Bolton chauntry, 
iij vestimentes, and a sute of vestimentes with a cope agreable 

* A sister of the testator, who was thrice married, selecting at each venture 
a noble husband. There were some strange stories current about her. 


onto them, to the same chirch, to pray for my fader sail, my 
moder, & myn. Also I bequeath to every one of my breder & 
breder e-law childera cowe. Also I bequeath to every on of my 
Grod childer a shepe. Also I bequeath to my cosyn, William 
Kirkby, iiij oxen that I lent hym. Also I bequeath to my cosyn, 
William Travers, ij oxon. Also I bequeath to my cosyn, Henry 
Kirkby, vj 1. xiij s. iiij d. that I lent hym. Also I bequeath to 
Robert Pleasyngton ij whies that I lent hym. Also I bequeath 
to my cosyn, Thomas Shirebume, and to my cosyn his wife xl s. 
Also I bequeath to Laurence Gierke, maister sellerar of th'abbay 
of Whalley, xl s., to assiste & to gif conseall to my exeeiitours, 
and to pray for me. Also I bequeath to Sir Giles Scott, parish 
preist of Bolton ny BoUand, xl s., to be my executour. Also I 
bequeath to Sir John Walbanke, chauntre preste of the same, 
xl s. to be my executour. Also I bequeath to Richarde Shire- 
borne, gentleman, my kynsman & servand, xls., to be my 
executour. Also I bequeath to Wiresdale chapelle a vestiment, 
and al thynges belongyng unto hit. Also I bequeath al my 
fcider*s rayment and myn, at is not silke, to be distributed 
emonges my executours and servantes — that is to wit. Sir 
John Walbanke, Sir Giles Scote, Richarde Sherborne, Christofer 
Newcome, and Ambrose Sotheron, my servauntes, every on of 
them to have that that is most accordyng and mete for them. 
Also I bequeath al my sylke raymant to be vestimentes, or any 
other omamentes, to Bolton chirch, & to the chaimtre of the 
same, for to pray for my fader saul, my moder, and myn. 
Also I bequeath to William Claton a whie and to his wif a 
shepe. The residue of all my goodes, moveable and unmove- 
able, my dettes and legaces paide, and fiinerall expenses downe, 
I gif and bequeath Sir Giles Scote parishe prest of Bolton afor- 
said, Sir John Walbanke chauntre preist aforesaid, and Richarde 
Shireboume gentleman aforesaid, whome I orden and makes 
my executours, thei t'order & dispose for fhelth of my father 
saull, my moder, and myne ; and to performe, & to mayntene 
the forsaid chauntre by the advise of my lord, John th 'abbot of 
Whalley, & my broder, Thomas Pudsay, esquier, whome I 
ordene & make supervisours of this my last will and testa- 
ment. In witness wherof this my last will and testament, I 
dide write it withmy owne hande, at Bolton Haull,in a chamer 
that goode Kyng Henry the Sexte ley in, and therfor it is 
called his chamer to this presente daye;* and haith sealed it 
w* my owne scale, the day and the yere above written. 

♦ A notice of remarkable interest. A boot, glove, and spoon, said to have 
belonged to this unfortunate monarch, are still treasured at Bolton Hall, but 
it required this evidence to convert assertion into something like certainty. 1 

K 2 


Memorandum that, the vij day of the moneth of Januaiy, 
the yere aforsaid, this present will and testament and last will 
was red afore the said Maister Ambrose Pudsay at Maister Hilton 
howse in Grenewich, in the presens of Walter Bathome, Henry 
Kirkby gentleman, Christofer Newcome, and Ambrose Sot heron, 
and many other, and the forsaid Maister Ambrose Pudsay was 
content with every article within the same. 

[Pr. at Lambeth 20 Feb. 1521-2, k at Yorke 22Dd Maich seq.] 

[Reg. Test. Dec. et Cap. Ebor. ii. 126.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The last day of the moneth of 
Junii, in the yere of our Lord Gode m® occccxxj, I Thomas 
Grenhude, the vicar of Langtoft,* of a hooU mynd, and of a gud 
remembrance, makes my will in this maner folowing. Furst I 
geve my saull to God and to our Ladie, and to M the holy 
company that is in heven, my body to be iDuried in .the where 
of Sanct Peter, my best gowne to my crospresand. Also I gyff 
to every prest, the day of my buriall, viij d. ; every parich 
clarke, iij d. Item to every unlemyd man j d. Also I gyff 
to the clarke of Langtoft, to help to by a table for the 
alter, xx^ lammes. Also I gyff to mending of the kirke royff 
IX** lammes. Also I will that a prest have vij marces, to syng 
for my saull & for the saull of Sir Eichard Greynhude. Also I 
gyffe to John Birdsall, my servaunt, two oxgange of come the 
whuch I had of William Dobill ; and I will that the said John 
pay the farme, vj s. viij d. Also I gyffe to Elezabeth, my 

remember well how joyfully the late Mr. H. A. Littledale, of Bolton Hall, the 
poetical chronicler of his family, welcomed this information, which it was in 
my power to give him. ^ 

About thirty years ago, during my residence in Newcastle-on-Tyne, I met 
with a small raedioeval Service-book which contained the births and deaths of 
various members of the family of Pudsay. It also contained what was of 
still greater interest, a hymn and some prayers addressed to Henry VL, whom 
the devoted Lancastrians turned into a saint. These notices formed the sub- 
ject of a paper in one of the earlier volumes of the Archseologia ^liana, ».«. 

* A little village on the Wolds, which was the corpus of a prebend in Yo^ 

1528. Thomas Mylner of Cottome. To be bur. in the church yerd of 
Sanct Petur of Langtoft. To the church half a quarter of barly. To the 
chappell of Sanct Petur of Cottome half a quarter of barly when Ghod sends it 
of the ground. To the church of Sainct Andrew of CoUome a met of barly. 
To the chappell of our Ladie of Sledmar, the church of Sainct Mychaell of 
Garton, the Trinitie gild of Great Driffeld, cure Ladie gild of the same towne, 
£c the church of All Hallowes of Killome, each a met of barly. To Sainct Ea* 
terine gild of Langtoft a met of barly. My sone. Sir John. [Reg. Test. Dec 
et Capit. ii.] 


broder dowghter, to hir mariage, Ix sheipe, and the oon half of 
my hushold stowf. Also I gyflfe to Elezabeth Lenton a cow, 
and all hir howshold stuff as it come to me ; and if it be any- 
thing parid, it shal be menddit of my cost. Also I wit to the 
said Elez. iij yerddes of rowsit. Also I witt to Sanct Peter of 
York iij s. iiij d. Also I witt to every howse of the Freers of 
Scarburgh iij s. iiij d. Also to Annes Beid twoogymmer lammes 
and a blake why. Also to Sir Robert Tepleyng a gowne, fowrid 
w* whit lame and blak. Also to the childer of Robert Petstan, 
every on of thame a lame. Also I witt to Robert Greynhude 
the elder a bras pot. Also I wit to Sir Robert Tipeleying the 
war cownnter. Also to my mother a blak furrid gowne, and 
all my shirttes. Also I witt to Sir William Marshall my cloth 
jakit and a dublet. And to Sir Robert Tiplyng a jakit and a 
dublet. Also I gyff to Sir William Whitlame my whit horse, 
the saddil, and the bridill. Also I gyff to Sir Geffray Greyn- 
hude my tawny furrid gowne and the velvit tippit. Also 1 wit 
to Sir Thomas Pereson and to Robert Petstane, ather of thame, 
XX 8. And I will that thay be my executours. Also I gyffe to 
the said Sir Thomas Pereson my best sayrsnett tippit and my 
chamelit jakit. Also I wit to Sir William Constable of Cathorp, 
knyght, xl s., and he to be my supervysour, if he pleas. The 
residew of my guddes, that is not geven, I gyff it to Alis 
Greynhude, my mother. Theis witnes Sir Robert Tippling, 
prest, John By ell, John Barton, Christofer Cooke, John 

[Pr. 30 July, 1621.] 

[Test. Kbor. ix. 169.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. The iij day of July, the yere of our 
Ix)rd God m^dxx^y, I Thomas Esheton, gentilman, in good mynd 
and remembrance, maketh this my testament and will in this 
forme folowyng. First, I bequeath my saul to God Almyghty, 
and to our Lady Saynt Mary, and al the company in hevyn ; 
and my body to be beried in the paryshe kirke of Mary Mag- 
dalane in Bessynby, before th'emage of our Lady. Also I 
bequeath at day of my beriall xv s., to be delte ; inprimis, to 
the preist that synges Messe xij d. ; and to ij diocons, aither of 
them viij d. ; and ij chauntters that begynneth chaunttangs 
and Psalmes, aither of them viij d. : item, to the parishe clerke 
iiij d. ; every preist w* all infra eacros iiij d. ; the residue of 


folkes a peny a pece ; item the residue of the said money to be 
delte emonges pure folkes, aftir the discrecion of them that 
mynystres for me. Item I bequeath and gif to my dough tour 
Jane, for makyng of her on nowie, vij 11. Item I owe to my 
Lord Prior of Bridlington of Pasehe evyn next ensuyng xi s. 
Item I bequeath and gif for th'erthe brekyng iij s. iiij d., and 
he that makes my grave xij d. Item I bequeath to the glide 
of Mary Magland iij s. iiij d. Item I will that every house of 
gresse men wHn the towne of Besynby have ij d. a pece. Item 
I bequeath my best beast for my mortuary. Item I bequeath 
to a preist to syng on quarter of a yere xx s. The residue of al 
my goodes I wit and bequeath, my dettes and my funeral 
expenses deduete, to Helene my wif, whom I ordene and make 
my executrix to dispose for me and t'helth of my saul as she 
thinkes best. Item I witto my brother, Marmaduce, super- 
visour of this my testament, vj s. vlij d. Witnes of this my wil 
Sir William Archey, John Cowton, Whilam Cowton, Thomas 
Senior, John Chapman, and John Bompton. 

[Pr. 31 Aug. 1521.) 

[Reg. Test. ix. 196.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The x day of July in the yere 
of our Lord God m^dxxi, I, John Tonge, balie of Bumeholme, 
of good and hooll mynd, maketh and ordeneth this my present 
testament and last will in this maner. First I wit, gif, and 
commende my saul unto Almyghty God, and to our Bllsside 
l^dy Saynt Marye, and to al the Sayntes in hevyn, and my 
body to be beried in the where of Bumeholme before our Lady. 
Also I wit and gif my best hors or my best {blank) in the name 
of my mortuary. Also I gif and witto the chirch of Bume- 
holme, to the honor of divine service, on vestiment, price 
xxvj 8. viij d. Also I gif for tithes forgettyn iij s. iiij d. Also I 
gif to the upholdyng of where, for my beriall, vj s. viij d. Also 
I gif to a honest preist to syng at Hynderskelfe on yere for the 
paulles of my Lord Graistoke and my Lady, and for my saull 
and my wiffes, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. Also I gif for a trentall of 
Messes to be said at the church of Bumeholme x s. Also I gif 
to my Lord Priore of Wartre, vj s. viij d. Also I gif to be dis- 
posid equally emong the brether of the said place xl s. Also I 
gif to my Lady Prioresse of Bumeholme xx s. and vj yowys. 
Also I gif to be divided eraong the sisters of the same place, 


that is to say to Dame Agnes Bobynson, Dame Margaret Craike, 
Dame CeciUe Thomlynson, Dame Margarete Somerby, and 
Dame Elene Harper,* vj s. viij d. and x yowys. Also I gif to 
the cathedral chirch of Yorke xij d. Also I gif to the iij college 
chirches, that is to say, to Bipon, Beverlac, and Southwell, iij s* 
Also I gif to Sir Thomas Londesdaile iij s. iiij d. Also I gif to 
my broder, Hugh Tong, iij li. vj s. viij d. Also I gif to my 
broder, Brian Tong, iij li. vj s. viij d. Also I gif to my sister, 
Margaret Hall, iij li. vj s. viij d. Also I gif to William Tong 
xl 8. Also I gif to the chirch of Bumby ij s. Also I gif to 
the chirch of Londesburgh ij s.; and to the chirch of Kil- 
wyke ij s. Also I gif to the placys of Montegrace vj s. viij d. 
Also I gif to Alicie Huby yj s. viij d. Also I gif to Margaret 
Jacson iij s. iiij d. Also I gif to Bichard Eobynson vj s. viij d. 
Also I gif to John Drew vj s. viij d. Also I gif to Sir 
John Holme iij s. iiij d. Also I gif to every on of my ser- 
vauntes xij d. Also I gif to Eobert Mylner ij s. Also I gif to 
Edwarde Stangter iij s. iiij d., w* on hoole hames w* a sallet 
and a bill. The residue of my goodes, not above giffyn, I gif 
unto Sir Bichard Willoughby, Jwin Kilbume, and thei to dis- 
pose, as shalbe thowght most necessary for the well of my 
saull and thaires bothe. Also I gif to Sir John Oly ver, vicar of 
Hayton, xiij s. iiij d. In witnes of makyng this present testa- 
ment. Sir Thomas Londesdaile, Sir John Holme, Edwarde 
Stangter, and William Baxster. Item I bequeath to Sir Eobert 
Moor xiij s. iiij d. Also to Sir William Jefirason xiij s. iiij d. 
Item to my brother, John Moor, x s. Item to Bichard Hall 
xl 8. 

[Pr. 6 Aug. 1621.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 200 ft.] 

July 24, 1521. Bobert Eland,t esquier. To be beried in 
the chirch of Wakefeld afore Alhallows. To my curate my 
best whike beast for my mortuary. I will that xiij men have 
xiij blake gownes for beryng and halddyng xiij torches abowte 
my body the day of my beryall, & every one of them iiij d. of 
sylver besydes. I will that Nicolas Eland have all my harnes 
except that at is due to God and the chirch, and a paire of 
brekenners with sallet and gorget t & shirttes of male langyng 
to the same, the which I will Bicharde Jenkynson have. To 

♦ We sec, therefore, that there were at Nunbui'uholme a Prioress and five 
nuns- -a very small establihhment. 
t See Flower's Visitation, p. 006. 


the chirch my blake sattan gowne to make ij tonakles of. To 
John Savile my canet gowne lynyd w* blake sarsenett & my 
best dublett. To Nicolas Eland my fox furryd gowne with my 
secunde dublett. Executours my wif & John Sayvile. 

[Pr. 17 Jan.! 

[Reg. Test. ix. 187 ft.] 

Aug. 1521. Eobert Arkesay, par. Hutton Cranswick. To 
the Prior of Watton xxvj s. viij d., desiryng hyme that I maje 
have absolucion, and be maide a brother of ther religion, &, if 
it please my lord to make me a brother, then I wil that 
the obiter have vj s. viij d. for the cariage of it through the 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 184 ft.] 

Aug. 10, 13th kyng Kerry VIII. (1521). Rauf Hyldreth * of 
Froddyngham. To be beriede w*in the cmrch of Froddingham. 
I bequeath for my funeral expenses, the day of my beriall, to 
them that ar moost mysterfull, xl s. To Sir fiobert Brandesby, 
to pray for my sauU, my fader, and my moder saulis, my Lady 
Grai stoke, and Maister Kobert Constable saulles, the saulle of 
Henry Lowike, the sauU of Jane Hildreth my laite wif, to syng 
for bus by the space of a yere, iiij li. vj s. viij d. To the Prior 
of Bridlyngton, to gif me clere absolucion, xl s. IVIy feoffees 
to be seasid in my landes, etc., in Walkyngton & Kenygraves to 
the use of Alicie, my wif, terme of hir Uf. 

[Pjr. 28 Nov., adm. to Richd. H. bod & sole ex'.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 223.] 

Sept. 5, 1521. Wm Turner of Nottingham, mercer. To 
be biu-. at St. Peter's. Toward a new tabernacle to the ymage 
of Saynte Petir in the hye where of Saynte Peter chirch vs. 

* Cf. Poulson's Holderness, i. 301-2. 


Toward costes of the firame for the bellys to be new hong 
xjij 8. iiij d. To my son Thomas v yerdes of clothe of his moder 
making, to make hym a gowne and a hode at such tyme as he 
shalbe preist, and, by the grace of God, syng his first Messe. 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. iz. 201 b.'\ 

Oct. 4, 1521. Giles Slatter in the parishe of Saynte Elene 
in Stanegaite, furriour. To be beriede in the chirch yerde, as 
nye my childer as may be. To Mr Vicar of Saynte Elene 
church ij dossons white lame skyns and a chare. To William 
Slatter a locor full of chankkes. To Eobert Newell a shithe w* 
my bekes, and a qwhartron of white lame skyns. To Thomas 
Exton a kippe of white lame. 

[Pr. 17 Jan.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. iz. 226 &.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Anno Domini millesimo quingen- 
iesimo, vicesimo primo, nono die mensis Octobris, Ego, Agnes 
Constable * de Withomewike, compos mentis ac sansB memorise, 
condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. Inprimis do et 
lego animam meam Deo Omnipotent], Beate Mariae, et Omnibus 
Stmctis Ejus; corpusque meum sepeliendum in angulo Beatss 
Mariae. Item do et lego, nomine mortuarii mei, optimum 
meum animal. Item do et lego, to amende the serges afore 
our Ladie, iij s. iiij d. Item do et lego Salvatori in choro unam 
vaccam quae vocatur Marygold, ut inveniret lumen imper- 
petuum coram Eo. Item do et lego to the fioode at Silston my 
best whie, to fynd lyght evermore. Item do et lego Beatae 
Mariae in porticu dimidium quarterium ordei. Item do et lego 
Beatae Mariae de Beverlaco my best gowne. Item do et lego 
Beat® Mariae de Hull my best reband. Item do et lego Sancto 

* A curiously worded will, with some interesting bequests. The testatrix 
was the widow of Charles Constable of Withernwick. 

1621, May 6. Karolus Constable de Withomewyke. Sep. in angulo B. M. 
de Withomwyke. Summo altari vjs. viij d. Sancto Albano iiij d. 6eat«e 
Mariae in angulo j vaccam quae vocatur Gossep. Beatae Mariae in porticu dim. 
quart, ordii. Willelmo Hadilsay sen. a le hawflyng with a pyed face. Res. to 
wife Agnes & dau. Barbara— they ex''. To Sir Wm. Constable two young 
mares, to be good master to my wife. [Pr. 24 May.] (Reg. Test. ix. 167 b.) 


Johanni de Bridlyngton my best beades and to Sainte John 
hede a herte of silver. Item do et lego domui de Bridlington 
a paire of lyne sheites, a basyn and a towell for to weshe ther 
fette in. Item do et lego choro ecclesiee iij s. iiij d. Item do 
et lego fabricsB ecclesise ibidem a quarter wheite. Item do et 
lego fabricae ecclesisB de Brandisbnrton a quarter barlye, et 
alium fabricdB ecclesisB de Withomewike, ut presbyteri orarent 
pro animabus Caroli Constable, Thomas Bolys, et Agnetis Con- 
stable, in the generaU beade rowlle ever. Item do et lego iiij** 
ecclesiis matrieibus, earum cuilibet iiij d. Item do et lego cuili- 
bet domui de Withornewike ijd. Item do et lego Eoberto 
Haknay iiij"'^ barbicas, duos bucculos, and a losyn sheirte. Item 
do et lego Francisco Gowsill a losyn sheirte. Item do et l^o 
Johannse Boid a sangwyn gowne and a kirtle. Item do et lego 
AlicisB Warde a cowe, a paire of sheites, and a white coverlett. 
Item do et lego Johanni Kirke a cowe, that she may helpe to 
bryng up hir childer to thei come to lawfuU age, a ston woll, ij 
yerdes lyn, and a feyng clothe. Do et lego summo altari xij d., 
et Sancto Albano v s. Do et lego Agneti Bolton a whie. Do et 
lego Katerinse Whit« a smoke. Lego AlicisB Proctour a smoke 
and an naperon. Lego Elisabeth Austwike a yowe and a lame, 
a new smoke, and a pettycoite. Lego to a Gode's love bede a 
feyng cloth. Lego Johanni Thirgett ij yowes w* ij lames. Lego 
domui de Nunkelyng vj pewter dishes and yj dublers. Lego 
Willelmo Herker a yowe lame, and a other to William Leman. 
Lego Domino Johanni Lytster a latyn basyn and a candlestike. 
Lego to by a baner clothe viij s. Lego Willelmo Bolton iiij d., 
et Johanni Proctour iiij d. Lego Willelmo Pacoke a sew. 
Lego Johannae Robynson a tawney gowne. Lego iiij** filiabus 
Thomse Cowton, cuilibet earum a dubler. Lego idoneo presby- 
tero xl 8. ut oret pro anima mea dimidium anni. Lego Thomse 
Cowton a tawne galbardyn ut esset supervisorem (sic) hujus 
testamenti. Eesiduum vero omnium bonorum meorum, supe- 
rius non legatorum, debitis meis solutis, et expensis funeralibus 
deductis, do et lego Ricardo Thirgott et Margaret® Dogeson, 
sorori mese, quos ordino et constituo meos executores, ut ipsi 
disponant melius pro salute animse meae, prout sibi melius vide- 
bitur. Hiis testibus Domino Ricardo Carter vicario, Johanne 
Litster capellano, Johanne Kirke, et Roberto Whelpedaill. 

[Pr. 16 Nov. 1622.] 




[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 217 a.] 

Oct. 16, 1521. Matilde Freman of Allerton by Water, 
widdoo, wbertfiill of mynde. To be beriede within the parishe 
chirche of our Lady of Kepaz. Unto a vaile to hang before 
the Rode lofte xviij yerdes of lyne clothe. To the maynteynyng 
of our Lady service in the said chirch of Kepaz, and to th'use 
of the same service, a cotage and a close callide Chapell Boide, 
with a laithe & sex acr* of arable land lyeng in th'est ende of 
Olton Crosse within the lordshipe and parishyng of Rothwell, 
to the entent that the preist shal pray for the saull of 
Kateryn Watson, my saull, & for all our good benefactours 
saulles, & for al Cristen sanlles, for ever more. I gif to the 
said service xxiij s. iiij d. which I lent Steven Lucas, & that he 
aw to me the day of the makyng herof. To the chirch of 
Kepax viijli. that the vicar and the chirchwardenes may by 
lande w* to make a yerely obite for my saull (etc. as before). 
To sex faderles childer, beyng with John Watson of Allerton, 
every on iij s. iiij d. To the tabernacle of Saynte John in 
Kepax chirch xij d. To the caucey at Swillington brige iij s. 
iiij d. To Thorobrige in t'hye strete iij s. iiij d. To John 
Watson a paire of whemys. 

[Pr. 13 Dec.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 217 ^] 

Oct. 31, 1521. Thomas Batley, capellanus. Sep. infra 
eccl. Omn. Sanctorum de Batley. Meum opt. bonum nomine 
mortuarii. Ecclesiae, propter reparationem librorum, yj s. viij d. 
Cuilibet presbytero existenti ad Missam et ad Exequias vj d. 
Presbytero idoneo, ut celebret j trentale pro me, & pro anima- 
bus pareutum meorum et omnium fidelium defunctorum, x s. 
In die anniversarii ad Exequias et ad Missam x s. Ad reparatio- 
nem cantarise, circa altare, vj s. viij d. I wil be brought forth 
with brede & ale like an honest preiste ; & specially to most 
poore people x s. in penny doile. I will that on honest person 
go for me to our Lady of Walsingham, & to our Lady of the 
See coobte, if I may not doo it myself; for his labour xs. 


Item vij nobles to on chales, or iiij markes, if it may be, to 
the chauntre, if my Lady gif non, or, els, to the parishe of Bat- 
ley. That this may be fulfilled and performed I gif sex sylver 
sponys to help towarde, with best of my rayment. Besidue to 
my maistres Mirfeld, Adam Harrop, my executours, to dispose for 
my saull as thei thinke best & spedfull in the name of Jhesa, 
vrithoute any charge. Item a candle of wax afore Saynte Eras- 
mus, if it may be on yere, x d, price. 

[Pr. 11 Feb. 1521-2.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 191 a.] 

In the name of God, Amen. In witnes that I, John Fyn- 
well, visited with sekenes, maketh my will and testament, in 
the yere of our Lord God M* dxxj. First that I wit my saull 
to Almyghtye God, and to our Blissed Lady Saynt Marye, and 
to all the courte and company of hevyn ; and my body to be 
beried in the Trinitie chirch yerde of Hull. Item I gif my 
best gowne for my corspresand. Item I gif ij s. for tithes for- 
gottyn. Item I gif to Maister Cokkett my best dublett« Item 
I gif to the Prior of the Whitte Freres my Lagantt Aure.* 
Item that I gif to Maister Prior of the Charttour hows my 
almous beddes with a knob of imperereill (eic). Item I gif 
Eobert Gierke, maister of the Mare John, my litle whistell. 
Item that I gif William Tyngaite my cardyd and my best 
compas. Item I make my wif Alison, and my iij sonnys, James, 
Thomas and Eobert Fynwell, and that at God sendes frewith 
of hir body of my behove, to be my executours. Item that I 
make Maister Cokkett supervisour, to se this will fulfilled. 
Item that I will have a trentall of messes of Scala Cceli at the 
Blake Freres. Item that she pay my broderhede of our Lady 
Gilde of Boston yerely. Eecorde herof Robert Gierke, James 
Anderson, and Thomas Watson. 

[Pr. 9 Nov.] 


[R^. Wolsey, 166.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen, Ego Willelmus Rokeby,t Archiepi- 
scopus Dublin, ac vicarius perpetuus ecclesise parochialis de 

♦ Le. Golden Legend. 

f The will of a distinguished ecclesiastic^ a scion of an old Yorkshire family. 

I find the following notices of Archbishop Rokeby's preferments in the 


Halifax, compos mentis, et sansB memoriss, vicesimo secnndo 
die Novembris, anno Domini millesimo qoingentesimo vicesimo 
primo, condo testamentum memn in hunc modmn. In primis 
I bequeth my saule to Grod Almyghtie, our Blessed Lady, and 
all the Sayntes in heven. Item I will that aftir my deth my 
body be emboweld, and my bowelles and herte to be buried in 
the church of Halifax * w*yn the quere ; and my body to be 
buried in the new chapell at Sandall, and there a tombe of stone 
to be made, aboute the same to be writen, Ego Willdmus^ 
DvMin. Archiepiacopv^y quondam rector istius ecdesicB. 
Credo quod Redemptor mens vivit^ etc., qui obiity etc., cujiia 
aniracB jyropidetur Deua. Item I will that a chapell be made 
in all convenyent hast at HalifEix, on the southside of the 
church, t aftir the discrecion of myne executours and church 

Begistera at York. On Dec. 15, I486, Wm. Bokeby of Kirk Sandal had letteii 
dimissory. On Aug. 4th, 1487, he was inst. to the rectory of little (or Kirk) 
Sandal. On Jane 18, 1498, being doctor of decrees, he was appointed warden 
of Sibthorpe hospital. On June 5, 1601 , he was inst. to the rectory of Sproatley, 
which he resigned in Feb. 1602-3, receiving oat of it a retiring pension of 4/. 
per ann. On June 1 3th in the same year he was ooU. to the &ee chapel of 
Ferrybridge, which he gave ap in 1512. On June 12, 160?, he was inst. to the 
rich vicarage of Halifax, which he held till his death. On Feb. 13, 1502-^, he 
was coll. to the stall of St. Andrew at Beverley. 

In 1496 he was coll. to the rectory of Thoipland, Norfolk, which he held 
daring his life. (Blomefield, vii. 99.) 

In 1607 Rokeby became Bishop of Meath ; from which see he was translated 
to Dublin in 1611-12. 

Two chapels, at Sandal and Halifax, commemorate him. There is an inter- 
esting account of the former by Mr. Hunter in his History of South Yorkshire, 
and for the latter my readers must be referred to Watson's Halifax, pp. 338-9, 
387. 602-3. See also Wood, Ath. Oxon. ii. 717-20 ; Cotton's Fasti EccL Hib. 
iL 18, iii 114 ; Cox's History of Ireland, i. 202, 208. 

Bokeby was a generous, noble-minded Torkshireman, one of a host who have 
loved their native county, and scattered tokens of their affection for it with a 
lavish hand. In the ' (Economia Bokebeiorum ' he is one of the most promin- 
ent figures. 

The Archbishop's &ther and mother died in the month of October, 1606, 
probably victims to some epidemic. Their wills — both very short — ^were proved 
on the same day. The following abstracts give every bequest they contain : 

5 Aug. 1606. Johannes Rokeby de Eizk Sandall, gen. Sep. in eccl. par. 
prsedicta. Lego pro mortuario meo, ut mos est. Summo altari pro declmis 
meis oblitis, ij s. Cuilibet filiarum mearum j ovem. Resid. Maigaretas uxori 
me» et Radulpho Bokeby, filio meo — ex". Test. Dom. Will. Whapelott, Dora. 
Bob. Clerk oapellanis, Tho. Bicarde de Haitfeld, et aliis. [Pr. 6 Oct. 1506.] 
(Beg. Test. vL 168.) 

13 Aug. 1606. Margareta Bokeby, nuper uxor Joh. B. de Sandal, vidua, 
fl^frota corpore. Sep. in ecol. de S. Pro mortuario, ut mos est. Bes. Magistro 
WiUelmo B., filio meo, quern ordino exec. Test. Dom. Will. Whapelott de 
Sandall cap.. Will Bekkett de eadem, et multis aliis. [Pr. 4 Oct. 1606.] (Beg. 
Teat. vi. 169.) 

♦ Watson, in his History of Halifax (p. 603), says * once, if not oftener, the 
little lead box which contained his heart and bowels has been dug up.' 

f This wish of the testator was carried out. 

By Will d. 12 Oct. 1633, Wm. Brig of par. Halifax desired to be buried in 


maisterSy and there a tombe to be made w^ myne image, and 
therupon writen, Hie jacet cor WiUelmi Rokeby^ nuper 
Dublin, Archiepiacopif et vicarii perpetui istiiia eccle^ic^ 
qui (etc.), credoj etc. Item where I did obteyne a pardon for 
the parish of Halifax and the parishinges yenmto adjojnyng 
pro lacticmvia in Quad/rdgeaima edendisy I will that myne 
ezecutours, at their discrecion, obteigne, avi plumbo^ the saide 
licence to be renewed, and the profite therof to be employide 
for a preste to syng at Halifax in my said newe chapell, as long 
as may be, by th'advice and discretion of my said executours 
and the churchwardennes. Item to my sustour at Sandall I 
beqneth a cop of silver in valour v marc, and to her husband 
sex silver spounes. Item her doghtour, Wicok wif, ten marc, 
but that at the discrecion of myne executours. Item to Thomas 
Bicard wiff xx marc, and to Banff Bameby and his wiff Ixx mare, 
XX marc therof to fynde hyme at Courte for iij yeres ; and, when 
he is XX** yere olde, other xx** marc, and the other xxx** marc 
whenne he and his wiff do sett up house, if he be well rewled, 
as shalbe thoght god by myne executours, and avoide evell 
company, and precede in his lemyng, and elles this legacie con- 
cernyng hyme to be voide. Item Edwarde Bameby to be founde 
at the scole and universitie, at the discrecion of myne executours, 
v yeres, 1 marc, and more at their discrecions. Item my best 
chales to the chapell at Sandall, and the secunde to the chapell 
at Halifax. Item I remytt to my brother Thomas all such 
dettes that he doeth owe me, viz xx li. I will also that he have 
a cop worth fy ve markes. Item to Doctour Bicard all my rynges. 
Item to Charles Downeley xx** markes. Item to my brother 
Bauf son a cupp that my said brother hath in his kepyng. 
Item to Boger Midilton xxxiij s. iiij d. Item to my poer kynnes- 
folkes, being to me in my degree and undir, to have xxvj s. 
viijd., or xxx s., or lesse or more, at the disposicion of myne 
executours, so that they be poer. Item to ij wemen that kept me, 
either of theyme, xl s. Item to th'erle of Kildare xx li. Irish. 
Item to Crist church xx li. Irish. Item to Saynte Patrike church 
XX li. Irish. Item at both the saide Cathedrall churches to have 
Maase and Dirige song, and the chanons to have xvj d., pety 
chanons and vicars viij d., other mynystres iiij d. Item to my 
successour cc markes Irish, with all such stones and stuff as I 
have redy in Ireland prepared for beilding, w* the tymbir, except 

the cbarch there 'before the alter of my channtre which I have founded in the 
north part of the chorche adjonyng onto on chapell lately edified Sl bnylded by 
the reverend fader . . . William Rokeby, lately the archbushope of Dublyn.' 
(Reg. Test. xi. 104.) 

This chantry, afterwards, seems to have been called the Wat erhouse chantry. 


such tymbir as the Tresaurour shall occupie in his beilding at 
Saynte Parike's, which I will he have as shalbe necessarie for 
hyme, so that he have not passe the half of the saide tymbre, 
and lesse, if lesse will serve : And if my successonr will gif a 
generall acquietance to myne execntoors, thenne he to have the 
saide legacie, and elles to hieive nothyng, and the said Treasaoroor 
to have, for his beilding at Saynte ftttrike's, lyme, as it com- 
meth firom the kilne, and, if he beilde at Dalymore, to have eolme 
of my coste, and somme help with eariage. Item to my steward, 
Nicholas Ricarde, I gif all the lande I boght of Quadreit being 
in Talent. Item I will that myne executoors diligently labour 
that Tamlyne Kilewell, and the benefice of Insula beyng voide, 
may be appropriated for the founding of iiij pety chanons 
and ij queresters, if it so may be, or for ij pety chanons and 
ij queresters ; and for that entente I bequeth ccc markes Irish 
to be in the custodie of myne executours unto such tyme as it 
shalbe expedient to lay forth the same at theire discrecion, by 
th'advice of the chapitour of Saynte Patrike's, to that use, 
pourpose and entent, and will that ther be but one maner of 
aile for the peti-chanons and queresters, and at the queresters 
have somme daily refeccion for brekefest aftir our Lady Masse, 
and drynk at iij of the clok and vij. Item, by the advice of 
the dean and chapitour, my successour to be fevourable, and to 
perfourme the propriacion of the said iij benefices, to have of 
the said ccc markes a convenyent rewarde, as the saide dean 
and chapitour shall thynke goode. Item to every of my ser- 
vauntes oone hole yere wages. Item to my brother Tresaurour 
XX li. Item I remytte to my brother Rauf xx li, of the xxxiij li. 
that he oweth me, and to Wycombe oone hole yere fee. Item 
I remytte imto Roberto Talbott v marc of the x marc he oweth 
me for fercolyn (sic) and cobbes. Item to Sir John Kussell I 
remytt ^nnr s. of the iij li, he oweth me. Item to my god 
doghtor, Isabell Rokeby, if she be found, x marc, and to her 
sister Serlby v marc. Item I will that a doctour in divinitie 
have xli. to be occupied in prechyng oone yere at Halifax, 
Kirkby, and Beverley. Item I will that vij sermondes be made 
at Fidkenham in Advent and Lent by some doctour or bacheler 
in divi(ni)tie, regular or secular, and he to have iiij or v marc at 
the discrecion of myne executours. Item to Crosley, for his fee, 
iiij li. X s. Item to my Lorde of Meth my best kirtell, habite, 
and best rochett. Item I will that myne executours fynde 
Bothomley at scole to he be preste, or elles provided of some 
service. Item I forgyve and remitte M. Wright of Yorke x H. 
of the money he oweth me. Item to Thomas Ricard xx li., and 
to my chapeleyne, James Shefi'eld, x marc, that they shall give 


myne executors advice, counsell, and assistance for the per^ 
formance of my will, whome I make supervisours of the same 
will and testamente ; and myne executonrs I name and make 
my brother Tresaurour, Sir fiichard Rokeby, fiauf Rokeby, 
Doctour Bicard, and Nicholas Ricard, willing that the said 
Doctour and Nicholas have the handling and disposicion of my 
saide goodes, and both my saide bretherne to help theyme in 
every mater as nede shalbe ; and to every preste of the parish 
of Halifax that goeth to Sandall to my buriall I gif vj s. viij d, ; 
and to other that tarieth behynde iij s. iiij d. ; and to my 
chapell at Halifax vestymentes, (and) oumamentis to the valour 
of X li. Item to Beverley, vestymentes to the price of x li. 
Item to Fakenham, for vestymentes, x li. To Kirkby, in vesty- 
X mentes, x marc. Item to Sibthorp xl s. To Sprotley xl s., or a 
vestyment. Item the preste that shalbe at Sandall to have 
markes, or x li., as may be spared. Item to John Lister xl s. 
To his wiflf XX s. Item to Pursell xl s. sterlyng. Item to Garland 
XX 8. Hiis testibus Willelmo Mayson capellano de Halifax, 
Johanne Paldon de eadem, mercatore, Bicardo Glewe de Eboraco 
mercatore, et Johanne NoUngham de Halifax, cum pluribus aliis. 

[Pr. 4 Feb. 1621-2, & adm. to Mr. John Ricarde 8. T. P. & Nic. Ricarde; 
potestate comm. Domino Rio. Rokeby mil. &. Rad. R. gen. reseirata.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 297.] 

April 1, 14th Henry VIII (1522). I, Thomas Wentworth, 
of North Elmesaull,* Esquier, To be beriede in my parishe 
kirke of Kirkby, in the northe side of the Lady's where, nygh 
where my wif lyeth. ... I will that there be disposide for me 
the day of my beriall xx marc. Also for an obite that tynie 
twelmonthe for me, and my wif, and al Cristen saulles, x marc 
To every servaunte in my house which haith doone me service 
yerely by the space of yj yeres, every of them xx s., over and 
besides ther duyte. To my other servauntes of household a 
quarter wage, over and besides ther wages duye to them. To 
the iiij Orders of Freres, and to the Priorisse and Convente of 
Hampole v li., that is to say xx s. to the Freres in Pontefret ; 
xxvj s. viij d. to the Grey Freres in Doncaster ; and xiij s. iiij d. 

* The head of the house of Wentworth of North ElmsaU, par. South Kirkby. 
Cf. Glover's Visitation, 378. 


to our I^dy Freres in Doncastre ; and xx s. to the Freres in 
Tikehill ; and xx s., residue of the saide c s., to the Priorisse 
and Convente of Hampoie. To xxiiij*** of the poorest hous- 
holdders within Kirkeby parishe xxiiij*** mettes of eorne, that is 
to say, to every house holder half a mette of whete and half a 
inette of malte ; and, in like maner, unto xyj*** of the poorest 
housholdders within the parishe of Baddesworth, to every of 
them oon mette of come, scilicet^ half of whete, and the other 
halfe malte. Where I have giffyn and granttid ... to William 
Ellis, Roger Wentworth, and other, oon mease with a garthing 
and a crofte in Altofles, nowe in the tenure of Roberte Bea- 
mounte, unto the yerely valour of x s. ij d. ; also . . . have sur- 
renderid certeyn landes & tenementes in South Elmessaull • . • 
to the yerely valor of vj s. viij d., and other landes and tene- 
mentes in the same com. ... to the yerely valour of xvj s. ; 
also oon mease with acre of lande within the towneship of North 
Elmessaull, to the yerely valour of x s. ; also landes & tenementes 
in South Elmesall ... to the yerely valour of xxvj s. viij d. ; 
also I have infeoffed them & other of a close cont. vj acres oppon 
the south side of Sirike rode in the towneship of Hemysworth in 
the yerely valour of vs. . . . forperformacionofthismywill . . . 
and that the isshus . . . shuldegooandbetotheuseof apreisie 
to celebrate and say Messe and other Divine service within the 
chappell of Sancte Margarete in North Elmessall, whan he 
therunto is disposid, for ever to pray for my saull, my wif saull, 
my fader and moder sauUes, for the saull of Waltere Hawkes- 
worth my sone in lawe, my breder and sisters saulles, and my 
childer saulles, and for al Cristen saulles, havyng for his wage 
and salary the isshues and profittes of all the forsaide landes 
and tenementes, the which somme will extende unto vij markes. 
Where I am at libertie to assigne landes and tenementes to the 
yerely valour of x marc for terme of xij*** yeres, which smnme will 
extende unto xx li., I wiU that my feoffes shall su£Sr my sone, 
Thomas Wentworth, to receyve yerely X marc . . . unto he have 
receyvid xl** marc ; & xl** li. unto the use of Koger Wentworth 
towardes the marriage of his doughtours ; & xx^ marc residue 
toOlyver Wentworth, my sone, towarde the manage of his dough- 
tours. I have infeoffed Sir Waltere Calverley knyght, Brian 
Hastynges, Richard Litster, John Portyngton, Thomas Lee 
Esquier, and Thomas Wentworth, my yonger sone, of & in al 

my maners, etc my executours to gif parcell of the 

summe of c li. towardes the upholdjmg and reparacions of the 
kirke and of the houses of Freres Observauntes in Newarke ; 
& other parte toward the upholdyng and reparacions of the 
kirke and other houses of the Freres Observauntes in New- 

VOL. V. L 


castell appon Tyne ; &the remanent . . . untoapreiste to say 
Messe and other Divine service for my sanll and al Cristen 
sauUes, My iij yonger sonnes, Koger, Thomas, & Oliver. . . . 
And, farther, if my saide son and heire, by hymself or by other, 
doo interrupte or lett this my last will to be executed by reason 
of any entre in any landes of takyng of my goodes, as is afore- 
saide, I besech God that the malediccion and curse of the Fader 
in hevyn, and myne, as far as God haith giflfyn me power, may 
descende and light upon (him) and his blode for ever. And if 
he do suflFre this my last will to be quietely executed according 
to the true intente herof, than I praye Gode that the benedic- 
cion of the Fader of hevyn, and myne, as far as God haith 
giffyn me power, may descende and light upon hyme and his 
blode for ever. The residue ... to Roger & Thomas Went- 
worth . . . they executours, whome I desire, and, farther, I 
charge them, as they will answer unto me before the hye 
Juge, to performe and execute this my last will, as they wolde 
I dide for them in like case, and to defend them with suche 
goodes as I have giffyn unto them. In wittenes wherof, I, the 
forsade Thomas Wentworth, to this my present (will) have 
subscribed my name and putto my seale, the day and yere 
above writtyn; and, for farther surtie, this will haith been 
opynly rede and declared in the presence of my goostly fader, 
the vicar of Kirkby, Robert Watkyn, John Norton, Adam 
Okeden, and William Dicson. 

[Pr. ID Nov. 1524.1 


[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 226.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The vj day of Junii, the yere 
of our Lorde God M* D.xxij^. I, Kateryn Smyth, with a hoole 
mjmde and a full mynde (sic) ordens and makes my will in 
this maner folowing. First I witt my sauU to Almyghtye 
God my Creator, and to the Blisside Virgin our Lady Saynte 
Marie, and to all the celestiall company of hevyn, and my body 
to be beriede in my parishe churche yerde of Saynte Nicolas. 
Item I wit for my mortuary my best garment. Item I wit 
iiij li. wax to bume abowte my body the day of my sepulture. 
Item I wit ij torches, price ij s. iiij d. Item I witto every on 
of my iij sisters a gowne and a kirtle. Item I witto Byggyng 
wif a violett kirtle and my blake gowne. Item I witto Sainte 
Nicholes kirke a lang towell and a kercheff" to be a corporax. 
Item I wit a pound and a half wax to be maid in iij kandeles, 


on to bume afore the Trinite, a other to burae before Saynte 
Sonday, the iij to bume before Sainte Katerine. Item I wit 
Bobert Pekeryng ij sarkes and iiij s. in money to lynde hym w* 
to his broder come over. Item I witto the Prior of the Trinite's 
a paire of clarecordes. Item I wit Maistres Mason a ryng 
which I was last mariede w^ Item I wit John Smyth wif a 
kerchef. Item I wit iij Messes to be downe the day of my 
sepulture. Item I wit to the iiij Orders of Freres, every on of 
them xij d. Item I witto the rowell in my parishe chirche 
iiij d. Item I wit Roger Verte wif a sameron sheite. Item I 
wit John Smyth wif a someron apparon, and a neckler ; to hir 
doughtour, a hardyn apperon. Item I wit William Howbanke 
a kercheff. Item I witto my curate, Sir John Pannall, iiij d. 
Item to M. Mason a chare and a whissyng ; and also the lor- 
visse to be giffyn to poore folke. The residue of al my goodes, 
my dettes paid and the funeral expenses maide abowte roe, I 
wit it be divided betwix my broder and my sisters. Item I wil 
Roberto Jenyng, my broder, be my executour, and Maister 
Mason to be supervisour, to se this my wil be fulfilled, and he 
to have for his labour iij s. iiij d. Thes beyng witnes, Sir John 
Pannall, Thomas MasoD, John Smyth, and other. 

[Pr. 12 Jnne. 1622.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 311.] 

June 15, 1522. Richarde Basset,* of Fledburgh, Knyght. 
If I dye within xx** myles of Fledburgh, my body to be beriede 
at the north ende of the hy-altar in the churche of Fledburgh, 
where the sepulcre is usid to be sett of Good Fridaye ; or els, 
if I dye not within the same space, to be beriede where it shall 
please God & my executours. I will that xx** torches be maide 
and bumyd aboute my body the day of my beriall, and the day 
of my moneth mynd, if I be beriede at Fledburgh, and that 

♦ The bead of another great Nottinghamshire family, about which there is 
comparatively little known. 

30 June, 1535. Ladie Elizabethe Bassett of Fledburgh, widowe. To be bur. 
at the north end of the high altare in the churche of Fledburgh, before Saincte 
Gregorie. Son John B., the elder, a chalice, the vestment, the altar-clothes, 
the snperaltare, and all thinges belongyng to the altare, w* the holie watter 
fatte, and a goblett, and a silver peice. To my dou. in lawe Bassett a blacke 
silke girdle, a paire of beades, and a golde ring. To Mr Edward Bassett 
ij swarmes. Dau. Agnes, and son Richard B. Sons John B. the younger Sc Geo. 
B. ex'*. Mr D' B. supervisor. [Pr. 7 Oct.] (Reg. Test. xi. 168.) 

L 2 


Buch poore men as bere and holde the saide torches the saide 
dayes have ychon of them a blake gowne to pray for my sauU. 
To every preist that cometh to my Dirige & beriall, at Fled- 
burgh, to pray for my sauU & al Clmsten saulles, viij d. ; every 
clerke ij d. ; & so in like wise at my moneth mynde. Also I 
will that there be disposide & dalte in almos the day of my 
beriall and of my moneth mynde peny dole, and otherwise as 
shalbe thought expedient to Gode's pleasonr, by my executours 
and by there discretions. Also I will if I owe any dettes, or 
other duety or dutie3,or have downe any wrong or injury to any 
persone which I am not remembered of, uppon a due prove 
maide therof afore my executours, that iche of them be paide 
and restored of my goodes accordyng to good conscience and 
right by th'advice of my executours. Also I wiU a convenient 
stone, with such scripture and armes as shalbe advised by me 
or by my executours, shalbe laide over my body, or my sepulcre. 
Also I will that a preist doo syng for my saull, my fiaider, my 
moder. Sir John Lisurys' saull,* al my frendes' saulles, and al 
Cristen salles in the saide churche afore the altar of oure 
Lady duryng vij yeres next aftir my dethe, and he to have 
• . • yerely for his wage vij marc iij s. iiij d. I will ther be 
giffyn yerely in Lent season to the iiij Orders of Freres in 
Lincoln, vij yeres next aftir my dethe, to every order vj s viij d. 
to pray for my saull, and for al the saulles that I am boundon to 
pray for, and for all Cristen saulles. And also in like maner to 
the ij Orders of Freres in Notingham,to aither order yj s, viij d. 
... to the Observauntes of Newarke ... to the prisoners 
in the castell of Lincoln ... & in the gaile of Notingham. To 
the church of Fledburgh, towardes the roode loft makyng, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To the church of Normanton, if they will 
make a steple there at any tyme within vij yeres next aftir my 
dethe, v li. sterlyng, or els, not. To my sone & my heire al 
my hames as brigerdyns, coottes of plate, gestrons, peces of 
whit hames, salettes, seniles, splentes, standerdes, Mies or 
foldes of maile, halbertes, axes, bowes & arrowse, and al 
other things belongyng or pertenjmg unto hames or artilory. 
To my household servauntes, everychon of them, an hoole 
quarter wage. I will that my too sonnes, John, yonger, and 
George, be kepte at the gramour scole unto they have con- 
veniently ther gramour, at the costes & charges of my wif. 
Also I will that aftir my saide sone John be expede suflSciently 
in his gramour, if he will study the common law of this land, 
than I will that yerely duryng xiiij*** yeres, if he will studyethe 
same lawe in Grey's Inne, that he have yerely for his exhibidon 
♦ The owner oMHedbrough in the reign of Edward Til. 


xij li. ; and if in case that he gyve hymself other wise, and will 
not study the saide lawe in the inne beforsade, than I will that 
he have yerely duiyng x yeres, aftir that he be spede of his 
gramoure, hot iiij li. Also I will that my yongest sone George, 
afUr he be expede sufficiently in his gramoure afUr the mynd 
of my execntonrs, be boanden apprentice to a marchaunte of 
the Staple ; and immediatly aftor sach tyme as he shall have 
served his apprentiship, if it be thought by my saide executours, 
or the moost parte of them then liffyng, that he is thryvyng, I 
will that he have c marc incontynently and without delay, and 
if in case that he gif not hym self to marchaunduse, and be 
bounden in maner and forme before specified, or if aftur that 
he come forth of his apprentiship, he be not thought by my 
saide executours, or the moost part of them, to be trustye, than 
1 will that he shall have bot iiij li. yerely during x yeres next 
aftir such refucell to be boundon, or aftir the comyng forth of 
his sade apprentishipe. Provided alway that if the saide John 
and George dye, or els be sufficiently avaunced by marriage to 
landes of the yerely valour of x li., or goodes to the valour of 
an hundreth poundes, before they have recey ved this my legacy, 
that by the deth or such avauncement of them aU that is be- 
hynd and not receyvid of the same shall uttirly from tbcDs 
forth cease and be not paide. To my sistiu*, Margarete Basset, 
yerely, viij*** yeres, iiij li. for the preferment of hir in manage ; 
and if case that she dye or els be professed in religion before 
th'ende of the saide viij yeres, all paymentes ... to cease. 
Where by deide bering date, 4th Oct. 22^ Kerry the vij^**, I 
have enfeoffed John Hussy, John Dunham, Thomas Sutton 
Knyghtes, John Dunham, George Chaworth, Eoberte Nevile 
Esquiers, Edwarde Bassett clerke, William Bassett my brother, 
JRichard Clerke, gentilmen, & John Coke in my manors, etc., in 
the counties of Notingham, Lincoln, Yorke, and Werwicke . . . 
to the use of my will. Where as my wif haith hir joyntour in the 
nianor of Normanton, & in Normanton and Stockome ; if she 
^rtll forgoo hir joyntour, she to have an annuytie of xl li. oute 
of my manor, etc., of Fledburgh, excepte the maner place and 
the scite of the maner, with all the houses therto belongyng, 
the foryerde, the new ortyerde with the gardyns, a close callid 
th'olde ortyerde, the cunyngry, and the Ley close. Elisabeth 
^J wif, John Bassett my sone and heire apparente, my broder 
Sir Edwarde Basset clerke, my broder William Bassett, and Sir 
John Hall clerke executom-s. Wittenes George Wastnes my 
sone in the lawe, Sir William Gabitas chaplayne, etc. 

[Pr. 11 May, 1526, adm. ex", res. to widow.l 




[Reg. Test. Dec. & Capit. ii. 131.] 

July 15, 1522. Powle Gillour,* maire and alderman of the 
citie of Yorke, faring many and dyverse perilles that oftyn 
tymes fallith to man, ordans & makes this my testament and 
last will, never hereafter to be chaunged. To be buried byfore 
ISanct Nicholes alter nex the doore of oure I^adis' where in my 
parisshe church callid Sanct Mychaell of the Belfray. To 
xij poore men xij gownes, and to a poore woman a white gowne, 
in the honour of our Blysside Lady ; and a candill of twoo pound 
wax to be borne after my herse. Item I will that my executrix 
bury my body worshipfully, & make an eghtjm day honestly 
for me and the weill of my sauU ; aganst which eghtyn day I 
will that fyve canndilles of two pund a piece shalbe maide and 
brynt. To the iiij Orders of Freers in York yj s. viij d. To 
the Maister & Company of Marchauntes of York, towardes the 
reparacions of Trinite Hall in Fosgait, iij s. iiijd. For a trent- 
all of Messes to be said wHn my parishe church by such prestes 
as haith moste neid of money x s. To an honest prest, to sing for 
my sauU and for the sauUes of Agnes and Issabell my latt wiffes, 
all my benefactores sauUes, and all Cristen saulles, by the space 
of an hool yere immediatlie after my decease, within my parishe 
churche, vij marces. I bequeith my shope in Malton to the 
churchwerdens and parishins of the church, yer as it lyith, for 
every, upon condicion that they shall put my name and the 
names of my said wyffes and children in the beidrowll of thare 
church, and prey yerely for ever for oure saulles emonges oyer 
saulles w* the Salme De Profundis. To Dame Agnes Gillour, 
my wiflF, my close in Monkgait; my interest in a measse in 
Connyngstret ; & my tenement in Bushopthorp,, to th'entent 
y* she shalbe good mother to my children : and, after hir de- 
cease . . . the premisis, immediatlie, w*owte any other lett 
[to] remayne to George GiUour, myn eldist sone. I bequeith 
to Yeldingham abbay a vestment as good as canne be bought 
for xiij s. iiij d., to pray for my saul and all Christen saullis. To 

♦ A distinguished citizen of York, who rose to the head of the city and died 
during his mayoralty. He was free of the city in 1496, Chamberlain in 1509, 
Sheriff 1514-15, elected alderman March 26, 1617, Lord Mayor 1622. 

His children in their old age fell into great want. On July 18, 1682, the 
Corporation agreed * that two of Mr. Paull Gilloth daughters called Isabel! 
Hoyser and Agnes Blaydes shall have, either of them, ij d. wekly towardes ther 


Gennat, my servaunt, hir wages, hir leveray, and also xiij s. iiij d. 
to by hir a wedding gowne with. • . I bequeith my son Thomas 
with his porcion to the custodie, rule and govemaunce of Mr 
Archdeken of Richmond, his godfather, if that it shall please 
hyme of hys goodnes to take hyme ; and, if y* he fall to lemyng, 
to order hyme as he shall think best. And, in like wyse, I 
bequeith William my sone, w* his porcion, to Mr Haistinges, 
parsone of Baynton church, his god&ther. And, in lyke manor, 
I bequeith my sone George, w* his full porcion, to Sir Thomas 
Diconson. Also I will y* my doughter Agnes shall serve hir 
maistres, Atkynson, according to the tenour of hir Indentoures, 
for ye terme of fowre yeres ; and, after the same iiij yeres ex- 
pired, I will y* my said executrix shall deliver hir hir full 
porcion. Also, in lyke maner, I bequeith unto Cristofer Wals, 
Isabell, my doughter, w* hir hooll porcion. And, in like maner, 
I bequeith Sithe and Kateryn, my doughters, w* thair full 
porcions, unto my said wiff, thair mother, and to thair next 
fiyndes. . . . The residew to my owne children. My wiff ex*. 
Thomas Burton & William Wright aldermen, and Thomas 
Clarke gentilman, supervisoures, & ichone of thame to have for 
thair deligence a blak gowne. 

[Pr. 28 July, 1522.] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. iz. 236 a.] 

Aug. 2, 1522. Thomas Eeirsby,* of Rotherham, gentleman. 
To be beried within the chirche of Rotherham, in the south yle. 
I woU that every preiste dwellyng in Rotherham shall have the 
day of my beriall xij d. ; and I woll that all other preistes of 
the countre beyng at my said beriall, every one to have vj d., 
and in lyke maner thei all to have at my sevynt and twelmonthe 
daye. To a preist, to say & syng for my sauU within the churche 
of Rotherham, by the space of one hoole yere immediatly after 
my decesse, viij markes, which priest I woll shall say wokele 
PlacebOf Derige with Coramendaciony & Messey iiij tymes in the 
^'^e. . . . Tt) my broder Raufe Reirsby xl s., & to every childe 
of his not here namyd vj s. viij d. ... To the chirch of Thri- 
}»rgh XX s. . • . To the commynaltye of Rotherham my messe 
iia Denyby, xxvij acres of arable landes, iiij acres of meddow, and 
iiij acres of pasture, which I of late purchest of Robert Wight- 
man of Deny by ; thei to make of half of the said messe & landes 

♦ One of the lieresbies of Thribergh. 


yerely for every one annaall obite in the chinch of Rotherham 
solenny to be done, for my sail, the saulles of my fader & 
moder, the saull of Mr Henry CamebuU, for all my frendes and 
benefactoors' saulles, and for all Gristen saulles ; the other half 
to be had & enploid to the commyn profitt and nedes of the 
said towne, after th'effecte of a deede of feoffament maide to 
Robert Westby gentleman, William Swift gent., to Rie' Oke, 
Roger Hardy, & to Robert Brownnell of Rotherham, beryng 
dayte x*** Mieiye, 6*** Henry viij. All my comes or granes to 
poore people. The residue I wolbe at the disposicion of Robert 
Nevile provost of the college of Jhesu in Rotherham, & of John 
Baxster of Bolton oppon Dem esquier, whom I orden my execu- 
tors, & Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth, esquier, supervisor. 

[Pr. 10 Sept., adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix. 244 b,] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. The fyfb day of Auguste, the xiiij^** 
yere of the reigne of Kyng Henry the viij^ (1522), I Robert 
Skirley,* of Scardeburgh, in good helthe and hoole mjmde, 
makes my Will as after folowith. First, I bequeathe my saull 
to Almyghtye God, and to our Blisside Lady, and to al the 
Saynctes in hevyn, to pray for me ; and my body to [be] beriede 
in Sayncte Marie kirke, beside Ellen my wif. I gif to the 
person, for my corcepresaunt, my best gowne. I make my 
executors, Robert Skirley my son, and my feder, William Percy. 
I gif unto Robert, my son, my land at Homsebeke, and my 
bowse at the Leid stowpe, that nowe wonnys in Alison Gilson ; 
and a howse that some tyme was Robert Waynmanse, that nowe 
wonnys in John Amonson ; and ij howses, that some time was 
the parson of Gissylle's,t be the sonne side of my fader poore 
howse ; and a howse that is called Mikell howse, of the other 
side of my fader poore howse ; and a grete sillour w* a loft a 
bowne that some tyme was Pers Perse's, a litle fix) the Smythe 

* A very interesting will for the history of Scarborough. The testator 
sprang from Hornsea, and was connected with shipping and fishing. 

1602-3, Jan. 20. Wm. Skyrlay, of Homesebek, fyschmonger. Sep. in eocl. 8. 
Nic. de Homse. Sons John Sl Robert S. Sc wife Joan ex". [Pr. 3 May, 1503.] 
(Reg. Test. vi. 61.) 

1512, Jan. 22. Joh. Skirlay, of Homesebek. Sep. in eocl. B. Nicholid de 
Homse. Wife Joan two houses in Northgate. Dau. Eliz. Bro'. Robt. 8. Matri 
mesB iiij lej Sperling nettes, et ij lej heryng nettes, et ij le newhalvers. Wife 
ex«. [Reg. Test. viii. 101.] 

t i,e. Goxhill. 

EB0RACEN8U. 153 

hill. Also I gif unto Robert, my sone, al my other moveable | 
goodes, and shyppyng, and cattell, excepte snche thynges I \ 
bequeathe to other foU:e8 ; and also to dispose for me, Margarety' 
and Ellen my wiffes. I gif to Jenet, my doughtour, the 
estermer litle howse in Fynkill Strete, that some tyme was 
Master Tonstalle's. And I gif hir a federbede, a bolster, a pare 
of sheites, ij coverlettes, an brasse pott, and xl s. I gif to 
Margaret, my doughtour, the westermer howse, and a litle 
howse and a garthe a gayns hitt, that I bought of James Robyn- 
son. I gif to her a federbede, a bolster, a pare of sheites, 
ij coverlettes, and a brasse pott, and xl s. in money. I gif to my 
&der Percy a golde ryng, that was the Archediacon's of Scote- 
land, and iij li, yj s. viij d. for his labour, to se for my sonny's 
right. I gif to my sone a golde ryng that [was] Beke's sonys, 
and the smalest golde ryng. I gif to my moder Percy, j blake 
worsted kirtle, and the gretter golde crokes, and a sereenett 
tippett, and a fyne kerchef. I gif to Bauf Bukton a golde ryng. 
1 gif to Anne Bukton a patlett of velvett and a kerchef. Item 
I gif to every oon of hir childer xx d. I gif to my sone the 
best girdle and the best bedes. I gif to Elisabethe Percy a 
bought bonnet, and a pare of crokes that was Margaret Hesler- 
ton. I gif to my gossope, Robert Fowler, a golde ryng, and 
xxvj s. viij d., and I pray him to be of consell withe my fader 
Percy for the profitte of my sone and the well of my saull. I 
gif to Luce Danby a pare of bedes and x s. I gif to Elene 
Danby a girdill with a silver hemes that was hir grandeham ; 
and to my sone a girdle that was his grandhamy's. I gif to the 
Abbot of Gristal and his breder, to pray for me, xx s. I gif for 
forgotten tithes xiij s. iiij d. I gif to the Gray Freres the 
keit3en and the garthe that is by ther howse, that I woyn in, 
up to the towne wall, payng to Master Whittes ij s. iiij d. by 
yere. If that my sone dye withoute ysshue, I will that the ' 
Grey Freres have that howse at the Leide stowpe that Alison 
Gilson wonys in, and they to do a Dvrige and Mease for our 
saulles, with the belman abowte the towne. And if he dye 
w*oute ysshue, I will that the bowses that was the parson's of 
Gowesele's, and the howse that was Robert Waynemanny's, and 
the taiffeme that was Perys Perce's, go to the upholdyng of 
the Keye, so that they every yere do the day afore Lammes 
even sonde the belman abowte the towne, and pray for the 
saulles of me, Margaret and Elen my wifes, and Riobert my 
son. I will have a preist syngyng in the hye kirke for me and 
my wifiFes ij yeres ; and at Homse, to syng for my fader and 
my moder saulles, and Elisabethe Skirley, a yere. And if that 
my son dye or he come at lawfuU age, I pray my fader Percy 


to bestowe part of suche goodes as I leif in deides of charitie by 
the consill of my gossope Foller. I gif to Jenet, my madyn, a 
rede kirtle and a kerchif, a new mattres, a pare harden sheittes, 
a eoverlett and a brasse pott. I gif to Robert Emmonde 
yj 8. viij d., and my fresid jackett, and a pare hose violetL I 
gif to Henry Hall a bay nag I bought at Boston. I gif to 
Robert Marton my worstett dublett, and my worstett jackett, 
and a gowne lyned w* sattan of Siperse, if he be like to thrive, 
or, els not, dispose them other wise. I gif to William Marshal 
wif a towney hat and the band that was my wife's. I gif to 
Laurence Foster my velvett jacket, to make his childer pat- 
lettes and cuyflfes. I gif to the Gray Freres ij s. whit rent that 
I bought of Henry Carthorpe that [blank'] Thomas Flecher 
xviij d., and of Robert Gierke, ankarsmyth, yj d., thei to do 
every yere a Dirige and Mease for me, my wif, and my sone. 
I gif to every house of Freres in the towne iij s. iiij d., to pray 
for me. I pf to Thomas Marssynygall the gowne that I were 
ever, w* blake freise lynjmg, to make his wif a kirtle. I gif to 
William Marshall an orege colour gowne, furred w* whit lame. 
I gif to Jenet, my doughtour, the howse that Margaret shulde 
have had. 

CoDiciLLUS. This addicion I make be cause of my discharge, 
and for to content the place of the Graye Freres in Doncastre 
where that it please Almightie God to call me to His gret mercy, 
not with standyng my last Will maide at home to stande in full 
strenght. And, beside fulfiUyng of this writtyng, by cause it 
is the good costome of the churche, where the body liethe to 
have a corcepresand, therfor I will the place aforesaid have my 
horse that I dide ride oppon, sadle and bridiQ; and for my 
grave in the churche yj s. viij d.; and for the Mease and Dirige 
vs.; and to the common well of the place xxs.; and to my 
confessor xvjd.; and to my chaplayn viijd.; to the woman 
that kepithe me, for hir labour, vj d. ; and to iiij childer xyj d. ; 
to the Convent xx olde lynges ; and, for a obite, to be beriede, 
xs.; and to every on of my chippores the last yere xyj d. for 
salt that I tuke up ; and to v men that goys in my bote, every 
oon of them a pilche. And I forgif Robert Panyerman sd 
rekennyngs betwix hym and me, saving iiij nobils. And I gif 
Robert Barell a wodmell slope, and a pare of breche of the 
same, and x s. of the dett he owithe me. And I gif to Rowl- 
land Huwod a wodmell slope and a pare of breche of the same. 
And I forgif Alison Taliour al the dettes she owe me, a horse 
my servand rides oppon. And I gif John Heslerton a blak mere 
that gois in Catton car. And I gif my feder Percy al my horses 
and meris that gois in Langdon. And I gif my feder Percy 


a jerkyn of chamlet, and a servand a jacket : and I desire my 
fader and Robert Fowler to se my shippyng to the behove of 
my sone. This fulfillid, al the residue of my goodes to the 
behove and profitt of my son. 

[Pr. 3 Oct.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 343.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. In the xiiij^^ yere of the reigne of 
oure soverayng lorde Kyng Henry the viij^ (1522), I, Thomas 
Strangwayes,* Knyght, the secunde daye of Septembre, with a 
hoole mynd, makes my will in maner and forme herafter fol- 
owyng. First, I gif my saull to Almyghtie God, and my bodie 
to be beriede at Mountegrace, where as the Prior of the same 
house thynkes best, or in suche a place where it shall please 
God to call me unto His mercy. Also I gif to my corsepris- 
aunce my best horse. Also I gif to the Montegrace, if it 
please God that I be beried there, on other horse. Also I gif 
to the saide house of Mountegrace, and to the brether of the 
same, for to pray for my saull, Ix s. Also I gif to my brother 
James xl li. Also I gif to ichon of my susters one pare of 
sheites. Also I will that ichon of my houshold servauntes have 
a quarter wage more than they have servyd for, to helpe them 
to gete masters with all. Also I will and giffes to Anne Mayn- 
man vj yowes, yj lames, too kye and ther calfes. Also I gif to 
Christofer Cuthberde a maire and a foile. Also I will that oon 
ride to Conturbmy for me in pilgramage, and ofiFer an noble 
unto Sancte Thomas for me : and he that shall ride, for to go 
by our Lady of Walsyngham, and there for to oflfer unto that 
Blissed Lady for me xx d. Also I gif to the White Freres of 
Northalverton, for to pray for my saull, xiij s. iiij d. Also I gif 
to the churche of Osmondderley yj s. viij d. Also I gif to the 
churche of Whorleton other vj s. viij d. Also I will and bequeath 
to a preist, that shall syng for my saull in Harlesay chapell the 
space of vij yeres, and to have every yere to his salarie wages 
durying the said vij yeres, iiij li. Also I gif unto my doughtour 
in la we a litle colar sett with stones, which was bequeathed her 
in my wife's will, if she demean hir self unto hir husband as she 
ought to do ; and if she do nott, it to be disposed to the per- 
formaunce of my will. Also I will that my executours paye my 

* A son of Sir James Strangeways, knt. He married a daughter of Lord 
Dacre, who predeceased him. 


dettes and my bequestes of my landes after, as they will extende 
or goo. And where as my lands will not extende therto, which 
as I have puttyn feoffamente for performaunce of the same, then 
I will that my goodes be takyn to fulfill the reversion of my 
said will and bequeste for performaunce of the same use. Also 
I will that the Prior of the Mountegrace have, for to pray for 
my saull and all Cristen saulles that God wold have praid fore, 
XX 8. Also I will that the Prior of Lannarcost and the Convente 
of the same house shall syng for my wife's saull, as they have 
done, unto Martynmes next commyng, and the said Prior to 
have iiij li. as my wif will was. Also I will that the preist 
that synges at our Lady chapell of Mountegrace shall syng there 
still for them that he synges for, for the space of iij yeres be 
commyn and gone, and he for to have unto his wages as he 
haith had before, that is for to say iiij li. in the yere. And if it 
forton the saide preist to die at any tyme within the said yeres 
or they be expireid and gone, then I will that a other preist of 
honestie and good discretion be waged in his rome to fulfill the 
said intente, and he to have unto his wages duryng the residue 
of the said iij yeres accordding to the rate of iiij li. by yere, and 
that the said preist that nowe is tell and enforme hyme that 
fortones to entre after hym the same charge that he haith that 
synges there nowe. Also I will that my rx)rd of Dacre shall 
have the oversight of James my sone and of his wif, unto such 
tyme that my saide sone James come to the age of xxj yeres. 
Also I will and bequeath unto my said sone James the reversion 
of all my goodes, moveable and unmoveable, my dettes and 
legacies accordding to th'entente of my last will be contented, 
fulfilled and performed. Also I will where the tennauntes of 
Drayton haith contend and paide unto me thre gressomes for 
th'occupacion of there fermeholds, duryng certen yeres, or for 
terme of lyf, which as yet unto them by no dimission is maide, 
bot if it fortone herafter at any tyme any dimission to be 
required uppon me by the said tenauntes, for terme of yeres, or 
for terme of my lif, if any of thos persones or person have inter- 
ruption or lett of occupacion of ther said fermeholdes, after the 
deith of me the said Sir Thomas Strangwais knyght, by my 
cousyng, Roger Lasselles, than the will of me the said Sir 
Thomas is that those tennauntes, whiche as is vexed or expulsed, 
and may have no occupacion accordding unto my graunte or 
lesse unto them made, they to be recompensed for the residue 
of there yeres which then be interrupted upon, accorddyng unto 
every manny's fermeholdes, for theire porcion. Also I make 
and constitute my brother James, my sone James, and James 
Canson to be my exeoutours, and they and every one of them 


to fulfill, content, and perform in every behalf all my legacies, 
dettes, and bequestes in this my will conteyned, to the utter- 
most of my entente herein deckured, os they and every of them 
will answer for in dischargyng my saull. Also I will that my 
Ix)rd of Dacre be supervisour of this my last will. 

[Pr. 8 Oct. 1525, adm. Jacobo S. juniori filio defuncti.] 

[Beg. Test. Ebor. ix. 242 a.] 

Sept, 26, 1522, John Baxster, of Bolton appon Deme, 
gentilman. To be beriede in the parish chirch of Bolton afore 
the ymage of our Lady of Pietye. My feoffes to suffer my ex" 
to resave the profittes of all suche landes, etc., as be comprised 
within ther feoffement, except vj s., viij d., parcell of the rent 
of xxs. which I late purchesed of Henry Coolbrond, goyng oute 
of his landes in Goldthorpe, to such tyme as they have paide 
my dettes, & that to be done in as breve & shorts tyme as 
can be possible — and then to resayve of them c markes to the 
marriage of £lisabeth, my doughtour, & vj li. xiij s. iiij d. to 
the beldyng of the stepill of Bolton church, & to fynd my 
childer to such tyme as Thomas, my sone & heire apparent, 
shall come & be of full age, & then they to make estate of all 
such landes in the countie of Yorke, which descended to me 
frome Thomas Baxster my fader and John my moder, to my 
saide sone Thomas & his lawfull heres — (failing them) to my 
sone Bauf. My landes, etc., in the parishe of Wath, Rawmarshe, 
& Rotherham, my landes, etc., in Melton nere Wath, in 
Bramton Birely, to my sone Bauf & his lawful heres, when 21. 
My sons, Thomas, Rauf, Robert, John, William, & Antony. 
My feoffes to suffir my chauntre prest of Bolton & the church 
wardens of the same to take the rent of \j s. viij d., yerely, to 
cause yerely to be done for ever oon solempne Dvrige the 
Thoresday in the fowrte woke of Lent, and a Messe of Requiem 
in the daye next folowyng, and so to continue yerely for ever. 
To Thomas, my eldest son,* a goblett of silver parcell gilt with 
a cover, a salt of sylver parcell gilt, and al my stuf in my haull. 
To Sir Thomas Wilkynson, my prest, my gowne lynyd with 
satan of Sypers. My wif, & son Thomas, ex". 

[Pr. 3 Oct. 1522.] 

* Aug. 12, 1637. Thomas Baxter par. Bolton super Deme, gen. Bur. ch. 
of B. To the staUing of the church 3«. id, 8on & heir Robert B. Dau. Lucy 
B. Bro' Robert Trigott. Brothers Ralph, Robert, John, & Wm. B. Ex'^. 
wife Jane B. and brothers, Ralph and John B. [Pr. 16 Sept.] (Reg. Test. xi. 


[Reg. Test. Ebor. ix« 236*.] 

1522. Isabell Westby, widdo. To be beriede at the Blake 
Freres, afore our Lady, at Mare Magdaleyn altar, if it please 
God to call me to His mercy here. To my chaplayn, Sir 
Robert Otway, to syng a yere for my saull, my husband saull, 
etc., iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. To my doughtour, Dame Margarete 
Westby, a golde ryng. To my doughtom-, Dame Johanne 
Westby, a gold ryng with ij stonys in it. To my doughtonr 
Isabell a flore of golde w* vij stonys in it, a violett gowne pur- 
feld with velvett. To my son, Richard Westby, a litle goblett 
of silver. To my son, Robert Westby, a little pece of sUver, & 
a yong horse beyng at Ro^ihall. To my doughtour Matilda a 
feder bed, etc. To my doughtour Mabell a feder bed, etc. To 
my sister Alycie vj s. viij d. To Gisbum kirke a chales, a 
vestyment, & a Messe buke. To my sons, George & Andrew 
Westby, a silver spoyne, each, etc., & I ordend them my ex", 
& bequeath to them for ther labours a litle cheyne of golde w* 
crosse of Sayncte Antony at it, & a done meire. To by a stone 
to ly appon my grave xxs. To be spendid the day of my 
beriall xls. & on my octave daye xx s. William Haryngton my 

[Pr. 4 Oct.. adm. to ex«.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 262.] 

Oct. 22, 1522. William Rede, merchaunte, of the citie of 
Yorke. To be beriede in Cruce kirke, or where as it shall 
please Almyghtye God. And I witt unto the kirke for my 
beriall in the kirke, and it please God I be beriede in it^ 
vj s. viij d. Also I witto my curate, for my mortuary, my best 
gowne, as costome is. To my curate, for my forgettyn tithes, 
ij s. To the Roode light within the kirke aforsaide xij d. 
Unto Alhaloo light xij d. Also I wit a howse at WTiitby, stimd- 
yng in Baxster gate, of viij s. in on yere ferme, the which 
howse my fader bowght of Sir Robert Tranmowr, unto the 
Cruce kirke aforsaide perpetualy, for this intent, the kirke 
maisters shall cause to (be) song or sade our Lady Messe every 
Weddensdaye throughoute the yere perpetualy after the pos- 


session be taken in the howse, as thei will answer for, for to 
pray for me and my wif, my feder and moder, and my uncle, 
Sir Henry Wyott, sauU, and all Cristen sauUes. Also I witto 
my broder, Cristofer Red, the howse which my fader dwelt in, 
in Baxtergate, and the best Primer, the which was my uncle, 
Sir Henry Wiott. Also I wit a shope at Malton, with the 
ground that it standith oppon, unto Sayncte Michael kirke in 
New Malton ; and thei to cause ther to be done for me and my 
wif an obit every yere perpetualy, os the day falles of my 
beriall; which shope I bought of Cristofer Dixson. Also I 
witto an able prest, that shall syng for me, and my wif, my 
fader, my moder, and my uncle. Sir Henry Wiott, sauU, and al 
Cristen saulles, the space of a hoole year, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. 
sterlyng money. Also I wit, the day of my beriall, a trentall 
of Messes for to be said for me, and every preist to have for 
sayng of Messe iiij d. Also I witto Whitby kirke a banner 
clothe, vj s. viij d. Also I witto William Baker, the which is 
his childer parte, iij li. vj s. viij d. Also to Robert Dixson 
xxiij s, iiij d. Also unto Margaret Dixson xiij s. iiij d. Also I 
witto Thomas Dixson for his childe parte, the which money I 
recoveryd of his fader in law, Thomas Clerke, xl s. sterlyng 
money, and al such costes as I have maide of the forsaide Cris- 
tofer, Agnes, Thomas, Margaret, and Robert, afore the day of 
makyng herof, I clerely acquiete them of it. Also I witto my 
sister, Elisabeth Stele, x s. Also I witto my wif v roodes of 
land lyeng in Heslyngton feldes, and a garth at Osbaldwike 
lyeng of the More side, in the holding of the Vicar of Osbald- 
wike. Also I witto to William Steile, my sister son, iij s. iiij d. 
Also I witto Jenet Steile, iij s. iiij d. Also I witto Rauf Baker 
iiij li. The residue of my goodes, my dettes paid, and my wit 
worde fulfillid, I gif unto Agnes Rede, my wif, whome I orden 
and makes my executrice, the day and yere aforsaid. Witnes 
herof Rauf Langley, James Thome, John Weddale, Rauf Har- 
botill, and Richard BossauU. 

[Pr. 16 Sept. 1523.] 

[Reg. Test. xi. 124 &,] 

Dec. 14, 1522. Roger Rokeley,* in the countie of Yorke, 
Esquire. My bodie to be buried in the chapell of Worsburght. 

♦ Roger Rockley of Rockley in the parish of Worsboroiii^h. For a charming 
account of him, see Mr. Hunter's South Yorkshire, ii. 295-6. 


I will that Thomas Gower, esquire, son of Sir Edward Gower 
knight, Banff EUekar, sone of Sir Banff EUekar knight, yonger, 
Banff Hungait, Franeisce Frobischer, Alexander (Sistillforthe, 
Wilfride Pigboume, gentilmen, stand seasid of the maner of 
Bokley, otherwise called Fawltwait, & my landes, etc., in 
Worsbnrght, Wentworth, Flokton, Thomell, Kexburght, Stan- 
burgh, Pille, Bolsterston, Bamesley, & Oxspring, etc., except 
all . . . wiche are the right of I^isabeth my wife, Bobert 
Bokley my sone, & Agnes Gower, to my use for life as is con- 
venaunted 12 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. . . . then two measses in 
Flokton to the use of Katherine Amyas, my suster, so that 
Boger Amyas have no profet therof •. . . & a measse in Kes- 
burght to the use of Issabell Pigboume, my suster, terme of 
hir lif • . . & of one water mylne in Worsbnrght to the use 
of Anne Castilforth, my suster, for terme of hir lif ... of 
Sawndre house in Worsbnrght to the use of Anne Hopton, myne 
awnte, term of her liff . . . My feoffees to have the maner of 
Faultwait, without making waste, except as much yren stone to 
be deli vend e in one wodd callid I«>eretaile as the coolewod of 
the same Freretaile & one wodd callid Braggerwodde shall 
neide for one faJle. I bequeth my beste beiste, in the name of 
my mortuarie. To the Priour of Monkbretton xx s. To the 
hye alters of Darfelde, Acworth, Pomfret, Worsborgh, Darton, 
Sancte Clemente's in Jjondon withowt Temple Baxre, Thorn- 
hill, Doncastre, Tankersley, and Silkstone, every of theme xx d. 
... To everie prest at Worsborgh x s. and three yearde^ of 
chamlet ; to Sir John Gilliot x s. and three yeardes of chamlett ; 
to Sir John Holingbrig x s. and three yeardes of chamlett. 
To Mastres Anne Frankishe three yeardes of clothe, every 
yearde xij s., and two yeardes of velvet ; to my awnt Burdett 
xij yeardes of chamlet and ij yeardes of velvet ; to every of my 
susters a peice of chamlet; to myne awnt, Anne Hopton, a 
l)eice of chamlet ; to Sir George Hombeloke, freare, his araie 
and over throughe holl. To the Gray Frears of Doncastre, 
every Fridaie for the terme of xv yeire, ij d. to ther dyner. To 
the White Frears of Doncastre, during xxxiij wekes, every 
Fridaie, to dyner, iiijd. To the Frears of Pomfret during 
xxxiij wekes, every Friday, iiij d. and every Freare within the 
saide houses to say every Fridaie one Pater noater and one Ave 
Maria in the honour of the passion of our Lorde, and the joies 
of our Blissid Ladie, as long as this almouse shall endure. To 
every maiden maried in Worsborghdaile at Worsborgh chapell 
during vij years, one whie v s. price, a brasse pott iiij s. price. 
To everie single woman maried at the said chapell a brasse pott 
of V 8. price ; to every single man ther maried a bonnet price 


iij 8.; to every godchild I hayex8.,& ittobewaridof a pottand 
panne to theire use, as they & theire firendes will answere 
before God ; & everie of theyme to saie one Ave Maria for my 
soule, if they be at age of discrecione. I will that th'aforesaid 
Edwaurd Hongate & his fellowes cause ther servauntes at the 
maner of Fawltwate to make one pot with potage, every Son- 
daie, with v pennyworth of beefe, and, in Lenton, every Sondaie, 
Ix herens, the first yeire aftre my decease ; the second yeire 
& other yeires during xv yeires, iij d. in beefe, & xxx herens 
in Lenton, & this to be given to poore peple. My sone Robert 
to have one basyng with one ewer of silver, one salte ; two 
peaces, one at Birthawait with cover, and one at Sokley ; the 
great chamber at Sokley, to have the great bedde with three of 
the best coverynges ; all brewing wessells, a brasyn morter, the 
standing pottes, thre great cbistes, all the almeres in the 
knight chambre, with the hordes in the hall, and other hordes 
and bedstokes and cobordes in everie place, one yron bundon 
chiste, a Messebooke, superaltare, vestimente & albe. Man*, 
cov** betw. Sir Edward Gower & me for the marr. of Robert my 
son & Agnes his dau. • . . to find 201. a year for it. To 
Mr. Henry Savell my ryng, one peice of satten xx s. price. To 
my cosyn, William Hungate th'elder, three ryalles of golde, one 
peice of chamlett, three yeardes of satten x s. a yearde ; to Mr. 
William Farhaire, doctour, two ryalles of gold, one peace of 
chamlett, a tippet of velvet of xx s. price : they supervisours. 
Edward Hungate, Francisce Frobisher, Alexander Castilfourthe, 
and Willfiride Kgebome executours. 

[Pr. 4 Jan. 1534-6.1 

[Beg. Test. Dec. k Cap. ii. 136.] 

Dec. 18, 1522. Willelmus Cure.* Lego animam meam 
Deo Omnipotenti, Creatori meo, Beatae Marise Virgin! sacratis- 
simae, Beato Michaeli Archangelo, glorioso Confessor! Sancto 
Nicholao, Petro, Paulo, et Johanni electis et sanctissimis 
Jhesu Christ! Apostolis, ac omnibus Sanctis Dei, corpusque 
meum sepiliendum in eccl. metrop. B. Petri Ebor. juxta se- 

♦ WUliam Cure, haberdasher, & * literatoB,* was free of the city of York in 
1503. He was Chamberlain in 1510; Sheriff 1511 ; on Jan. 12, 1516-17, he 
was elected alderman to the king's great displeasure, wherenpon he was dis- 
charged of the office March 26, 1517 ; bat he was re-elected April 1521. His 
second wife was Beatrice, dan. of Oeoige Evers. 

VOL. V. M 


pultnram Magistri Johannis Sayiiald, nnper magistri mei, si 
apud Ebor. me mori contigerit. Duobus idoneis presbyt^ris 
celebraturis per spatium septem annorum in prsedicta eccl. Ebor. 
ad altare prope sepulturam magistri mei praedicti, pro anima 
mea, animabus Alicise uxoris meae, Magistri Johannis Raynald, 
et domini Bicardi Dawson, ac animabus parentum meomm, et 
omnium fidelium defunctorum, Ixxli. Willelmo Man, et nxori 
suae, xl 8., et unam cratheram playne de argento, ac unam diploi- 
dem de blak velvet, Johanni, Thomse, et Michaeli Man tria 
cociiaria argenti. Quinque fiUabus dicti Willelmi Man, cuilibet 
j cocliar & vj s. viij d. Alicise Jennyng, sorori meae, xl s. Beatrici, 
uxori meae, unum le} nutte cum coopertorio de argento et 
deaurato. Nicholao Cure, filio meo, j magnam crateram stantem 
cum coopertorio de argento et deaurato. Michaeli Cure, filio 
meo, unum le salte cum coop, de arg. et deaur. Philippae Cure, 
filiae meae, unam crateram stantem cum coop, de arg. et in parte 
deaur. quae nuper pertinebat Henrico Marshall. Mariae Evers 
sex cociiaria de arg. cum le madynheddes. Ceciliae Evers sex 
cociiaria de arg. cum le lyon hedes. Christofero Conyers et 
uxori suae x s. Gildae S. Trin. in Fosegate xiij s. iiij d. Pro 
celebratione unius trentalis pro anima Thomae Ynce x s. Petro 
Cure, fratri meo, xl s. Priorissae et Conv. de Molseby xl s., ut 
conscribant nomen meum et nomen uxoris meae in libro suo qui 
vocatur le Martilege booke ; et eisdem, pro celebracione Placebo 
et Dirige cum Missa in die obitus mei, x s. Domino Roberto 
Rownesley x s., ut oret pro anima mea. Domino Johanni Colt- 
man, clerico fabricae eccl. cath. Ebor., unam murram stan- 
tem sine coop., et unum le3 jakett de tawny chamelet dupli- 
catum cum yolowe. Magistro Johanni Raysyng meam opti- 
mam diploidem de nigro velvit. Johanni Stevynson unam 
diploidem de tawny damaske. Jacobo Blaides unum le jaket 
de tawny chamlet duplicatum cum albo et blodio. Idoneae, 
sorori meae apud Boston, xxs. Miloni Man unum le whit 
ambling stagg unbroken. Volo quod executores mei inter 
pauperes ad domos suos proprios infina civitatem Ebor. divident 
decem marcas. Ees. Beatrici ux. meae, Mag. Johanni Chapman 
not. publ., et Nicholao Cure, filio meo, quos ordino exec. meos. 
Eidem Mag. Johanni Chapman, pro labore suo, x li. 

[Pr. 1 1 Apr. 1523.] 


[Reg. Test ix. 867.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesimo quarto die mensis Jannarii, 
anno Domini 1522^. I Isabell Warde* of North Dighton, widdo, 
hoole of mjnde, and of goode remembrance, makes and ordinetb 
this my testament and last will after this maner and forme 
folowyng. First I wit and bequeath my saull to God Almighti, 
and to our Lady Saincte Mary, and to al the Sanctes in hevyn, 
and my body to be beriede in the chapell, of the south side, 
within parishe church of SpoflForde. Also I wit and bequeath 
my best good in the name of my mortuary. Also I wit and 
bequeath yj torches to be bumyde at the day of my beriall, 
price every torche ij s. And I will that vj poore men here the 
saide vj torches, and every oon of them a whit gowne. And I 
will that iiij of the saide torches remayne in the church of 
SpoflForth, and the other ij torches to remayne to the parishe 
church of North Dighton. Also I will that every preist beyng 
at my beriall have vj d. ; and every scolar a peny. Also I will 
that every poore body beyng at my berial have cheis, brede, and 
ale, at the sight of my executours. Also I will that Sir William 
Dereluf prest syng for me furthe the yere that he hath enteride 
of. Also I will ther be laide of my husband and mee a marbill 
stone with our ymages porteride ther oppon, with scripture 
according. Also I will that an conveniente and honest vesti- 
mente with an albe and al therto pertenyng, at the sight of my 
executours, be giffyn and deliverede unto oon chauntre foundid 
at SpoflFord. Also I will that Sir William Hebden, and John 
Fitzthomas, and Elisabeth Sotehill, my doughtour, be my 
executours of this my last will and test amen te, and thei to se 
the same well and truly to be fulfillide according to my mynde. 
Also the residue of my goodes moveable and unmoveable, my 
beriall maide, and my dettes paide, I wit, gif, and bequeathe 
unto the aforsaide Hisabeth Sotehill, my doughtour, at the 
sight of the other ij of my executours toofore namede. Thes to 
wittenes Sir William Derluf, Thomas Curtas, and William 
Spynke, w* other. Giffyn the day and yere, etc. 

[Pr, 9 March, 1623-4.] 

* The testatrix was the widow of Nicholas Midelton of North Dcighton 
and of . . Warde. One of her daughters marr. Robert Sothill. 

M 2 



[Reg Test. iz. 267^ .] 

Feb, 10, 1522-3. Thomas Legh,» of Middilton, Esquier. To 
be beriede on the north side of the he where, wher my aoncet- 
onrs ar beriede, within the paroche church of Bothwell. • • I 
will that ther be xij power folkes to pray for my saull daylye 
duryng an hooleyere next after my decesse withe in theparishe 
church of Roothwell ; and every of them to have for ther labour 
a blake gowne & vj s. viij d, I will that tiber be giffyn to the 
church maisters of Rothwell, to the byeng of a omamente for 
ther chauntre which I have maide at Rothwell, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
To poore folkes, the next Lent after my beriall, to pray for my 
saull, & al Gristen saulles, xx s. To my cousyng, Sauf Hopton, 
my damaske gowne, for he will nott lightly forgett me* To my 
broder, William Legh, my chamlett gowne, & my best 
dublett. To my broder-in-lawe, Rauf Wentworth, my blake 
gowne lynyde with sercenet, & my gray nag. To my broder, 
George Wentworth, my tawney gowne ftmride with shankea. 
To my cousyng, Nicholas EUys, my dublet of cremessyn sattan, 
& my wodknyf whiche my cousyng Topclif gave to me. To 
my cousyng, Gilbert Topclif,t ij oxon & ij kye, to be frendly to 
my wif. To cousyng, Thomas Gargrave, a crosse bowe with 
rake & the arowes and all thinges perten)mg therto. To my 
godsone, Robert Gargfrave, iij U. vj s. viij d. to fynde hym at 
the scole. The residue of all my goodes, whike & deide, to 
my wif Elisabeth . . . she executrix : Sir Robert Nevill knyght, 
my broder Thomas Wentworth Esquier, & my cousyng Rauf 
Hopton supervisors. Witnesses Thomas Gargrave of Wakfeld 
gentilman, Gilbert Topclif, Thomas Wentworth, Sir William 
Gamyll, Sir William Dey, parishe preist of Rothwell. 

[Pr. 13 July, 1623, adm. to ex« ] 

* The Leghs of Middle ton in the parish of Rothwell came originaUy oat of 
Cheshire. The testator marr. Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. WentworUi, Esq. They 
had no children k the widow remarr. Henry Arthington. Cf . Qlover's Visitation, 
p. 45. 

t 13 Deo. 1527, Gilbert Topcliff, gentleman. To be bur. in chorch of 
Wodkirke nere the sepulcre of my fader. Res. to wife, Eliz"', to the exhibi- 
cion of my childer. She ex*, and to have for feoffment my mansion called the 
Hagh. [Pr. 18 Feb. seq.] (Reg. Test. ix. 386.) 


[Reg. Test. Deo. & Cap. ii. 13l(.] 

Feb. 13, 1522-3. Sobertus Johnson.* Sep. in eccl. S. Job. 
Bapt. de le3 Pick, coram altare S. Nicbolai. I gjwe to Sanct 
Peter for absolucion, if ever I offendit abowt his warkes, iij s. iiij d. 
Item I gyve my dowghter Alison xiij s. iiij d., so that she 
never maike my wiflF no besynes for, and she doo, I will shoo 
have nothing, and I doo bar noo wrong as my curate shall 
recorde the trewght, for she knowis well enewht that she is 
forth with hir part w* the better. Item I will that my wiflF 
have my dowghter £lzabeth and maike hir as hir awne, as my 
very turst is in hir, doing to hir as she thinkes best. Item I 
gyve my brother William on of my gownes, so that he have a 
whit for with it, to that entent that he be deligent and gude to 
my wiflF and help hir in hir right. The residew of my guddes 
that is not bequest I gyve to my wiflF, whome I maike my 
executrix, to bring me furth with, and dispose for my saull as 
she thinkes best. 

[Pr. 26 Feb. 1622-3.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 284.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The secunde day of Juny, in 
the yere of our Lord God m* D. xxiij*^, that I, William Wise, 
hustendman, of the parishe of Baynton, of hoole remembrance, 
orders and makes my testamente and last will in maner and 
forme folowyng. First I gif my saull to Almyghtie God, and to 
oure Blissid Lady Sancte Marye, and to all the company in hevyn, 
and my bonnes to be beriede in the kirke erthe of Sancte 
Andrew's in Baynton, and my beste horse for my mortuary. I 
bequeath to the hie altar a bushell of whete. I bequeath to 
the kirke of Baynton a mette of whete. I bequeath to the 
chapell of Neswike a mette of whete. I witto Thomas, my son, 
iij quarters of barlie. I bequeath to every on of my childer a 

* The testator had eyidentlj heen in the service of the Dean and Chapter. 
He died in the Minster close, in a house belonging to the College of Vicars. 

12 Feb. 1522-3. Christofer Homer, mason, myghtie of mynd and of a 
hooll myndfulnes. To be bnr. within the church of tfanct Michaell callid the 
Belfraie. I gyve to Sanct Petur warke all my tuyllis within the mason aighe. 
[Pr. 9 Apr. 1623.] (Reg. Test. Dec. k Cap. ii. 135.) 


quarter of barlye, beside ther partes. My dettes paide, and 
my fanerall expenses, I make my wif to be fall ezecutrice of 
all my goodes, and my childer to have their partes equaly in 
like. I bequeath to John my son xij d. to be overseer. Witte- 
nesses Sir John Wallyngton, Holland Foster, Bicharde Witte, 
Robert Estuby, and John Grarthome. 

[Pr. i July, 1624.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 352.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. I, Marmaduce Constable,* of North 
Clif in the countie of Yorke, esquier, of hoole mynde and p^ 
fitte remembrance, lovyng to God, the xxx day of Auguste, the 
yere of oure Lorde God m' D. xxiij, ordeneth, declare, and 
makes this my testament and last will in forme folowyng. First 
I bequeath my sauU to Allmyghtie God, to oure Blissid Ijadie 
Sanete Marie, and to all the holye company of Sanctes, and my 
body to be beried where it shall please God to call me to His 
mercy ; and my mortuary to be as the costome is there. Also 
I will that in no wise that there be maide for me any maner of 
dale the day of my beriall, nor at non other exequies to be done 
for me at any other daye, but oonlye to thies preistes that will 
saye a Messe of Bequiem for my saulle, and they to have 
therfor iiij d. And the parishe preiste to have for his Masse 
vj d. And the parishe clerke iiij d. Item I will that there be 
thre Messes speciall saide at Scala Coeli of thre well disposed 
preistes; and the first shall pray for the saulles of Eobert 
Constable, sargeant at the lawe, Dame Beatrice Ladie Graistoke, 
and me, Marmaduce, therefore ; the secunde preist shall pray 
for all the saules of my benefactours, good doers, and well 
willers, and for the saules of all my auncetours; the thirde 
preiste shal praye for the saulles of all them to whome I have 
done any wronges in my lyve, wittyngly or unwittyngly ; and 
every preist to have vj d. for his Messe, with this Psalme, De 
Profv/adis. Item I will that in every of thies parrishes folow- 
ing, that is to say. South Cave, North Cave, Hothome, Newbald, 
Wighton, Everyngham, Seaton, Holme in Spaldyngmore, be 
dalte vj s. viij d. to the most nedfiill poore people in the said 

♦ Son of Robert Constable of North Cliff, Sergeant- at-Law, who died in 
1601 (Test. Ebor. iv. 195). This wiU is of the testator's own making and does 
credit to his judgment and intelligence. 


townnes, that is to eaye, every house holdder iiij d. and to the 
ether ij d. Item I will that all and every poore bodye, within 
the parishe of Saunton and the towne of South Clif, have like- 
wise, and the householders iiij d., and the other ij d. ; and this 
to be dalte by the discretion of my executours. Item I bequeath 
xz s. to my parishe churche, to be bestowed of thing most 
necessary for the more honorable service to God, as shalbe 
divised by my wif and hir councell. Item I bequeath x s. unto 
the chapell of Clif, to be bestowid likewise ; and other x s. 
towardes the buyldyng of the said chapell. Item I bequeath 
to every of the iiij Orders of Freres within Hull et Beverlac 
iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeath to the Blake Freres in Yorke 
yj &• viij d., and they to sing a Messe of Requiem for al Cristen 
sauUes. Item I will that every prisoner within the castell of 
Yorke to have on penny to pray for all salles. Item I will 
that my executours fynde too tapours of wax, that on be for 
Allhalowse at Saunton, and that other at South Clif before 
Saint Leonard, and they to bume at all Matyns, Messes, and 
Evensonges one all the halidayes in the yere duryng all the 
nonage of my heire, and then my heire to be charged with all. 
Item I bequeath to aither of my too susters, Jane and Elisabeth, 
xiij s. iiij d. ; and on grote for on Messe to be said for my salle 
of on well disposed preiste there where it shall please them. 
Item I will that Roberte Hawtclif and John his broder have 1 s. 
betwyxt them, to be dalte by evyn porcions, for theire childes' 
partes which I had in kepjrng. Item I will .that Roberte 
Hawteclif have of ipy goothes, fother, a cowe, and x s. of money. 
Item I will that Roberte Cottes, Richard Colywell, and Thomas 
Warde have th'one half yere waiges, over and above theire 
wages due unto them at the hore of my deith, to pray for my 
saulle. Item I will that, at th'entre of my sone James to his 
landes, that my wif gyve unto my sone James thus moche of 
my goodes, that is to say, on silver pece with the cover, and 
sex silver spoynes, too my best fedder bedes with coverynges, 
sheites, blankettes, pillouse, with the best stand bede and 
hangynges therto belongyng, too mattresses with sheites, 
blankettes and coverlettes to them belongyng, ij meris, a yong 
horse, vj yong kye, a c shepe, a hole draght of cattail, that is 
to say iiij oxen and ij horses with wayne and plough and al 
maner geire for such a draight necessary. Item I bequeath 
hym my swerde and aU my hames, all my bookes, all kistes, 
coflFers, copbordes, ambries and tables, save ij chistes, a coffer 
and a caskett, which I will that my wif have, so that the yme 
chiste nor the newe chiste be non of them. Item I will that 
my sone and heire have al the bruyng vessell with half the 


kitchyne vessell and buttre clothes. Item I will that if my 
son James dye or he be of full age, onmaried and withoute ishue, 
that than my sone Soberte have al thies forsaid thinges to his 
broder afore bequeathed, when he is at ful age. Item I 
bequeath to my sone Boberte a c li. for and towardes his pro- 
mocion, and in the name of his childe's porcion, provided always 
that if he departe or he come to the age of zz^ yere8,unmaii€>d, 
and withoute ishue, then that childe's porcion to be divided in 
iij partes, of which that on parte shalbe nnto my wif, an other 
to my son James, the thirde unto my doughtour, and if aitiier 
of them ij die afore my sone Boberte, then that childe's parte 
to be divided evynly betwixt my wif and that that liveth. Item 
I will and bequeath c markes for and towardes the manage of 
my doughtour, Barbara, and in the name of hir childe's porcion ; 
and if it happen hir to die or that she be maried, then hir 
porcion to be divided betwixt my wif and them that liveth 
of my other childer. Item if it so hape that bothe my sones 
die afore the age of xxj yeres, and unmaried, so that my dough- 
tour prove my heire, than I will that my said doughtour be 
clerely excluded of al the profittes of hir brethers' partes and 
hir owne of my bequest, and that she nothing have salf that the 
which the lawe will gyve hir for hir childe's parte, after the 
rate of my inventary, and that my wif shall have all the rest of 
my thre childer porcions by me afore to them bequeathed ; of 
the which partes I will that she gy v xx li. towardes the beldingr of 
the chapell of Clif, with a vestyment of iij li. price, or more 
money. Item of the said childes' partes I will that she shall 
gyve a sorte of vestymentes, called a sute, with a cope, to the 
churche of Saunton, for my saull and hirs, to be praid fore. 
Item I will of the said partes all the eviU peces of wayes in the 
towne of North Clif, frome the north end to the south end, be 
maid able for al maner of passages, and other cariages, with 
gravell, sand, and stone, soo substantially as can be devised by 
my wif and hir councell. Item I bequeath to my brother, 
Boberte, my chamlett gowne with the furre, my secundary 
jackett of velvett, my dublett of cremysyn satayne, al my 
bookes of lawe, with certeyne obligacions concemyng bookes of 
lawe, and xl s. in money, for his councell and favour towardes 
my wif in all hir nedfull affairs. Item I will that my wif 
kepe my too sones at scoUes, there where it shal be devised by 
ray said brother and hir, save that I will not that my sone 
James be as a fellowe in the Innes of Courte, but under the 
tuicion of my broder or some other by his advise, onels that he 
will continue the lawe still ; and when my heire is of xvij*** 


yeres, whedder of my too sonnes that it be, than I will that he 

be put to my cosing, Sir Roberte^ if he lyve than, with yj 1. 

xiij 8. iiij d. for his fynding to he be of full age ; and, like wise, 

I will that my sone, Roberte, be putto hym, if that my sone 

James die at undre age ; and els I will that he shal continue 

scoles to he be xviij yeres, and than to be theire where my wif 

and my brother shall thinke best for his advauncement, to that 

he be brought to socour and promotion. Item I will that my 

wif shall kepe house at my maner of North Clif duryng all the 

nonage of my heire, who so ever it be, for the better enploy- 

ment of my goodes towardes the profitte of hir self and my 

childer, and for the performaunce of this my last will ; and if 

80 hape that all my thre childer happen to dye or they be of 

full age and with oute ishue, than I will that all and every 

bequest in this will specified, be performed to the uttermost 

opon my landes ; and for the better performance of the same, I 

will that than she shall have other x li. landes assigned of my 

landys to that all and every dett, payment, and bequest be 

performed, not rekenyng the x li. that I gave hir in feofiament 

to be of any parcell of this x li. assigned for the performance of 

my will. Item I will and makes my welbeloved cosing, Sir 

Roberte Constable knyght, and my broder, Roberte, supervisours 

of my testament and last will, with v markes of money to my 

said cosyng for his favour towardes my wif and childer as my 

special trust is in hym ; and xxvj s. viij d. to my broder over 

and above his xls. to hym afore bequeath for his favours 

towardes the same. The residue of all my goodes, afore not 

bequeathed, I witt and bequeathe unto my wif, to dispose at hir 

pleasour, as she shall thynke best, for the weU of my salle. 

Item I make my wif, James my sone, and James Cotes, my ser- 

vaunte, my executours of this my will. And I will, overmore, 

that James, my said servaunte, shall have his hole yere wage, 

over and above his wages due imto hym at the hore of my 

deith, with xiij s. iiij d. over and above his yerely wages accos- 

tomed, so that his fee extend no further but for the tyme of the 

nonage of my heire. And I will, besides this, that my wif be 

good and favorable to all my servauntes and tenauntes that 

went to the warre with me agayn the Scottes. And in wittenes 

that this my verey will and mynd I have written this present 

testament with myn owne handes, the day and yere above 

writtyn. Thies beyng wittenesses at the sealyng of the same, 

Antony Langdale of Houeton, esquier, my broder, Roberte 

Constable, Sir Roger Watson preist of Clif, Roberte Burton, 

James Cotes, the vicar of Saunton, and many other. 


Feoffment. — FeoflFees, Marmaduke Constable of Everyng- 
ham and William Constable of Hatef eld, knyghtes, Antony I^ng- 
dale, Nicholas Rudstone, and Roberto Lacy, esquiers ... in 
my manor of North Clif, & in all the landes in North Clif, New- 
some, Sledmer, Kirkby, Helperthorpe, Litle Barghe, Mekill 
Barghe, Amonderby, Swynton, and Hoveden, with the revercion 
of the manor of Browghton ... to the use of myself, for lyve 
. . . then an astate to the yerely valour of x li. of my manor of 
Newsome, and other landes in Helperthorpe, Litle Barghe, and 
Mekill Barghe, to Elisabeth, my wif, for terme of hir lif . . . in 
the rest, for the performance of my will and the use of my 
lawfull heires. 

[Pr. Hit. Feb. 1626-6.] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 272 <i.] 

Sept. 17, 1523. Dame Johanne Thurescrosse,* vowes, in 
Kyngeston oppon Hull. To be beriede in the churche of our 
Lady, in the north yle, as nere my last husband as I may. I 
gif for my corspresand my best scarlett gowne furride with 
greye. Towarde the byeng of a yestiment with the diacon and 
subdiacon, for our Lady church, xxx li. To the three glides in 
our Lady church, that is to saye, to Jhesus gilde, to Saynte 
James gUde, to Sancte Eleny's gilde, iij s iiij d. each. ... To 
the churche warke of our Lady xl s. To the beildyng of the 
steple of the Trinitie church xl s. I will that an boneste preist 
shall syng for my sauU and my iij husbandes, and for the saulles 
of my fader and my moder, and my sone Robert, w* all the 
sanies that I am specially bounde to praye fore, and for al 
Cristen saulles. Also I will that my executours shall see that 
the saide preist be honeste, and that he be able to mayntene 
the service of God, and specialy on the halidays, and on the 
wirkyng dayes to dispose hyme as he may to be at the Salve of 
our Blisside Lady ; also the saide preiste the haly dayes shall 
dispose hyme self to say his Messe before Mateyns begynne. 
And if it shall fortune hyme to be behynde with his servyce, 
that he cane not say his Messe before Mateyns begynne, then 
he to tarry till Mateyns be downe : And, on the werkyng daye, 
to dispose hym self at any hore conveniente. This prest shall 
syng for my sauU and my frendes' saulles in Sancte Anne 
chapell within the churche of our Lady aforesade, by the space 

* See p. 117. She is styled Vidua Velata, i.e, she had taken the yow of 


of sevyn yeres, he to have yere for his stipende v li. To Sancte 
James church in Grymesby xl s. To the house of Nonnes in 
Grymesby xl s., and thei to entre my name into their Mortilage 
booke, & so to pray for my saull, and al Christen saulles. To 
every house of Freres in Grymesby x s., to pray for my saull, 
& other of them to say a trentall of Messes for me. Towarde 
the beildyng of the churche of White Freres in Hull, iiij li., 
and to the Augustyne Freres xx s. to by a vestyment with all. 
To Sancte Giles church in Merflete x s. To every on of Maister 
Baron's childer xls. To my kynsman, William Lincoln the 
yonger, iij li. vj s. viij d. To Jane Manby my violett gowne 
furrid with graye ; & to hir sister a pare of corall beades of 
fyfty gawdys of sylver. ... To Dame Agnes Austyn, noon of 
Sixhill, XX s. To my god doughtour, Dame Johane Gatton in 
the same place, xx s. To my gode doughtour, Kateryne Smyth, 
xl s., and a paire of corall beades, and a silver haniest girdill 
giltide. To my commoder Smyth my musterdevilys gowne 
furride with shankkes, and a golde ryng, to the behove of hir 
doughtour Kateryne ; and if it shall fortune the said Katerine 
to dye or she be maryede, then I wil that hir parte be solde, 
and the money therof delyveride unto the churche-maisters of 
our Lady church in Hull, and they to by ther withall a white 
vestymente. To William Lincoln wif, the yonger, my best blake 
gowne reversed with velvett. To my commoder Vergoos my 
velvett firuntelett cloath & a golde ryng. To W^illiam Good- 
knap wif a Scarlett kirtiU; & to John of Lownde's wif 
a russet gowne furride with shankkes, & to hir sister Kateryn 
a sangwyne kirtill. To Henry Thuriscrosse a pece and a 
macer. To the menddyng of the hye waye betwix Beverlay 
yates & Anlaby xx li. To my godsone, Thomas Dalton, x s. To 
my broder's doughtour, Margarete Lincoln, dwelling in Home- 
castell, iij li. yj s. viij d. To every of William's childer, dwell- 
yng in Shatow, iij s. iiij d., and to every of them as moche 
clothe as shall m^e them a manerly garmente. To William 
Vicars, the sone of Eoberte Vicars, xx li. and iij macers & a notte, 
a standding pece with a cover parcell gilte, a flate pece with a 
cover parcell gilte, a sylver salte with a cover parcell gilte, xij 
silver sponys with the Apostils on the stalkys of them^ ij golde 
rynges, a coveryng of ares havyng the picture of our Lady 
ridyng into Egipte wroughte on it. If the said William dye, 
I will that my executours, with the xx li., by ij sylver candil- 
stikes for the hye altar of our Lady church ; and, with the for- 
saide plate, they shall cause to be made a goodly chales, and 
that remayne to our Lady church imperpetuum ; & the residue 
of his goodes to be solde and put in to the use of our Lady 


church. To mj godson, Thomas Langton, to helpe hym towarde 
his scole, xx s. To nunnys of Sancte Leonarde's in Grymesby 
xz s. a yere, till xij li. be pade, towarde the fyndyng of a preist, 
and they to kepe for me a solempne Obite the for forsade (sic) xij 
yeres, and, afterwarde, to pray for me as a sister of ther place. . . • 
To the Trinitie Massendew at Beverlay gattes a matres, a cover- 
lett, a paire of blankettes, a paire of hardyn sheittes. I will 
that at my daye of my beryeng, and at the vijth day, and at 
my twolmonthe daye, ther be dalte for my saull, & al Cristen 
saulles, penny dole to the poore people, and every prest and 
clerke to have iiij d., & every Ordre of Freres vj s. viij d. Also 
to have wax & other thinges as shalbe moost semely, with 
xiij^** beademen ; and every on of them to have a white gowne ; 
and xiij poore women, clothe to make every of them a white 
kirtell. Also I will that my executom*s shall cause a bawdkyn 
or a pell of blake velvett to be maide to covere the herse with 
all in our Lady church, and theroppon I will have an ymage of 
the Blissid Trinitie wrought with golde, and a ded man lyeng 
before Hym in a wyndding shete ; and at the sides I will have 
iiij anggels wrought with golde and nedill warke, with candil- 
stikkes in ther handes, as thought they gave reverence to the 
Trinitie ; and my name writtyn under the fette of the dede 
man, for a memoryal. I gif also to the church a coverlett & 
iiij whissyns, & thei to be occupiede at the marieng and at the 
churchyng, as wel of the porest man or woman as at the richest, 
I gif to the church a towell of xij yerdes long. ... To the 
howse of Sixhell a silver salte with a cover, and a good macer, 
to have my name writtyn on ther Mortilage booke, & to be 
praide fore as a sister of ther place. To Cristall abbey a white 
standdyng pece of silver parcell gilt with a rownde knope. To 
Gregge's Massendew xxs. To Elinor Studeley my sanguyne 
gowne reversid velvitt, & vj silver spones. To Hugh HaUes' 
wif a flate pece of silver, a hames girdill, & a paire of corall 
beades with gawdes of silver. To the Charterhowse a standing 
pece of silver. To my gossope, Thomas Smyth, a plege of xx li. 
The residue to Thomas Smyth, & Eoberte Vergoos, whom 1 
make my executours. 

[Pr. 22 Jan. 1523-4, adm. to ex".] 



[Beg. Test. ix. 417.] 

Oct. 14, 1523. Sir John Everyngham,* of Biricjn, knyght. 
My bodie to be beried where it shall please oure Lorde God. 
For my mortuary, my best beast, after the cosfcome. To the 
parsone of Birkyn, for my forgettyn tithes, or necligently with- 
oldyng, xiij s. iiij d. To the hie altar of the same churche 
iij 8. iiij d. To the iiij Orders of Freres within the citie of 
Yorke, and eveiych on of them, x s., to do on trentall Meaaea 
and IHrige for my sail and my firendes' salles. To the same iiij 
Orders, every Order, a quarter of wheate, or the price therof, to 
do and make on especiall obite for my ssJl and all Cristen salles 
this on yere. To the Freres of Tikhill, to do on trentall of 
Meases and Dirige for my sail and my frendes* salles, x s. To 
the Freres of Pontefracte vj s. viii d., to praye for my saH. I 
will that Henry Everyngham, my sone and heire, have my 
best yme bounde wayne and viij*** of my best ozon, and my 
silver salt, my gilt pece, my gilt girdle with roobuke-heddes, 
and xij**» of my best silver spones of the heirelomes whiche my 
feder left me. Item I will that the said Henry have for heire- 
lomes my grete stepefatte, my best bruyeng leede, iiij worte 
leedes, on maskefatte, on worte trough, ij gilefattes, on greate 
copar cawdrone, on grete potte called a standard, to be had 
and remayne for heirelomes to hyme and to the heires of his 
bodie lawftdly begottyn for ever ; and if it forton the said Henry 
to die withoute heires of his bodie lawfully begottyn (as God de- 
fend) than I will that the said stuf be seld and distributed to the 
nionasteries of Selby and Pontefracte by evyn porcions ; and that 
the said monasteries, and aither of them, yerely for the same to 
do and make on especiall Dirige and Mesae for my salle and my 
frendes* salles for evermore ; and to yeve wamyng to the heires of 

* The head of a well-known and ancient Yorkshire house. The will of the 
testator's father is in Test. Ebor. iv. 171. 

29 Oct. 1371. Gomm. to John de Monceanz, Nic. de Bveringham, k Thos. de 
Oarethorp to give adm. to the effects of Sir Edmund de Everingham knt., 
who died intestate. (Reg. Thoresby.) 

18 Kov. 1434. Comm. of adm. to Sir John E. of Birkin knt. to Wm E. his 
son k heir k Richard E., rector of Birkin, another son. (Reg. Test. iii. 399.) 

Die Dom. in crast. S. Nic. 1438. Ric. Everingham, rector eccl. de Birkin. 
^p. in ecd. de B. Eccl. de B. librom voc. Regimen Animarum et 
J P^teriom. Wm Conper cap. j librom voc Gospeler, k Thomae Baghill cap. 
]. librom voc. Parisiens*. Ad j fenestram de novo omandamcom vitro ex parte 
aostrali chori xiij s. iiij d. Res. to Wm E. k Rich* his son— they ex". [Pr. 
16 Jan.] (Reg. Test. iii. 559.) 


Birkyn yerely whan and what daye the said Dirige and Mease 
Bhalbe done. I will that Sir Roberte Aske knyght, Thomas 
Wyntworth of Elmesall, and other feoffes in my landes sufifre 
my ezecutours ... to take yerely • . . xl li. for the perfor- 
macion of this my last will ; and they to be & stand feoffes for 
the performance of this my last will ; and also for tiie perfor- 
mance and covenauntes of mariage betwixt Sir William Scargill 
and me, & Thomas Lyndley, esqnyer, and me. The residue to 
be equaly divided in iij partes, on parte to my executours to 
be dispose iot my sail ; an other parte to my wif ; and the thirde 
parte to my sone, Henry Everyngham. I will that every 
yoman, that is my servaunte and in my clothing, have vj s. viij d. 
besides his wages ; and every hynd servaunte, takyng wages, 
iiij s. besides his wages ; and eveiy boe in my house ij s. ; and 
every woman servaunte in my house iij s. Item I will that Sir 
Henry, my prest, or any other prest at that tyme beyng in my 
service at the tyme of my deith, have xiij s. iiij d., besides his 
wages. Item I will that on preist at the disposieion of my 
executours to syng in Birkyn ehurche for my sjdl by the space 
of vij yeres next imediatly after my decesse, vij marc for his 
yerely stipende. To John Watkynson an oxe, and to Jane his 
wife a cowe ; and to every on of the said John and Jane is 
childer on stott able to drawe. I witto the parson of Birkyn, 
Sir Ric' Huchonson, iij li. for a reward. The residue ... to 
Henry Everyngham my son, and to Sir Ric' Huchonson, parson 
of Birkyn, whome I orden and makes my executours. 

[Pr. 22 Oct. 1628, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 287.] 

March 4, 1523-4. Wm. Rosell of Est Retford. A pounde 
wax to the crosse candle in the church. To the pavyng of 
the church x s. I wil that my ex" cause a wynddoo* of thre 
lightes to be placed in the north ile ; and to lay oppon my 
body & Alicie my wif a conveniente thrughe of stone ; and the 
olde throghe to be taken away, or, els, to plaster and borde the 
iiij wynddous in the steple. Aii annual! obite of iij s. iiij d. to be 
downe in the church of Est Retford at the fest of Mary 

*8 Aug. 1520. Henry Aikryng of Bast Retford. To the kirke warke, to make 
ij wyndows in the northe yie, if the towne make the cost to heilde it new, xl 8., 
& more if it nede, hot to no other use els. 


[Reg. Test. ijc. 290 ft.] 

May 16, 1624. Boberte Nevell,* yoman of crone to the 
Kynge's grace. To be beriede within Uie church of Alhallouse 
at Wak^eld in our Lady where, afore our Lady; and my 
secnnde whike best^ to be my mortuary, to the vicar of Wake- 
field, curate of my saull ; and my best whike beast to the deyne 
of kynge's chapell, after use and costome of the kynge's courte. 
To John NeveU, my sonne, my dublett of clothe of gold. I 
bequeath my chamlett jackett, to make a vestymente to Sancte 
George altar; and it will make ij, an other to Sancte 
Swithune's chapell. To Sir Thomas Cokeson, to pray for me, 
yj 8. viij d. To Robert Graystoke my whit firese cote. To 
every beade woman in Godeswalles at Wakefeld, every persone 
iiij d. I bequeath at my beriall, that there be made cost for 
helth of my sauU for Dirige & other things that is necessary, 
vj 1. xiij s. iiij d. My wif and childer. Ex'* Thomas Sotehill 
Esquier, Isabell my wif, Robert Wilson of Newgate, & John 
Nevell my sonne ; & Sir Robert Nevile, overseer. I hertely 
desire Sir John Nevell, my broder, that he wold do so moch for 
me as to lett my ezecutours to have my farmehold, the Olde 
Parke of Wakefeld, to occupye it to the Annunciation of our 
Lady next ensuying, to the intente to paye my dettes with all, 
and I shall pray for hyme. 

[Pr. 2 June, 1524, adm. to ex'*.] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 288.] 

Li the name of God, Amen, the xxij*** daye of Maye, in the 
yere of our Lorde God m* d. xxiiij**, I, James Marley,t of wharte- 
full mynde and full remembrance, confirmes my testamente of 
this maner. In primis I wit my saull to God, and my bonys to 
beriede within the sanctuary grownde of the kirke of Sainte 
Cuthberte in Norham. Item I witto my eldest sone an oxgang 

* A younger son of Sir John Neville of Liversedge (Test. Ebor. iv. 198), and 
a brother of Sir John N. of Chevet near Wakefield. 

f A native of Wilton in Cleveland who had gone with bis master. Sir Wil- 
liam Balmer, to do military service at Norham on the Tweed, and there he 
seems to have died. The Buhners held office at this time in Norham under 
the Bishop of Durham. 


of land callid Bakus oxgang, the wynter and ware. Item I 
witto me doughtour half an oxgang of lande, the wynter and 
ware, with x^ yowes and ther lames. Item to the mother of 
the sayde child xls. Item to an other doughtour with my 
broder, Sir Richarde knowys where is, xl s. Item to Roberte, 
my broder, my gere that belongith to my body. Item to 
ychon of my broder ehilder ij yowes and ij lames. Item to my 
broder, Sir Ric' Marley, an oxgang of whete, to be supervisour 
of this my testament. Item to Sir Karolus Lowson v s. Item 
to Sir Cristofer Jacson yj s. Item to every house of the iiij 
Orders of Freres a bushel! of wheite. Item to the hye altar of 
Wilton half a quarter of wheite. Item to ij serges which I 
fynde in Wilton kirke ij poundes wax. Item I gif to Hewe 
Fetherston wif vj s. vig d., the which she aughte to me. Item 
to my wif moder half a quarter of wheite, and half a quarter 
malt. Item to William Yong xl s. Item to Roberte Haythyn 
ij bushelleu of wheite and ij bushelles of malte. The residue 
of my goodes, unlegated from my will, and dettes be payde, I 
gif to my wif, whome I make my executrice. Thes witnesses, 
William Hewerdyne, Umfraye Watson, Richard Keid, Peter 
Cowper, and Sir Charles Lowson preist. 

[Pr. 6 Oct. 1624.] 

[Beg. Test. iz. 335.] 

June 14, 1524. Johne Jacson of Bentley, yoman of the 
crowne. To be beried in the parishe church of Arkesay. To 
my broder, George Jacson, all his fermeholdes in Steleton 
duryng my termys, also a close callid Brakynhill, payng no- 
thing therfor bot that he shalbe baile, and overse and gather 
my wif rentes yerely ; & a dublett of bukukyns. I will that 
John Jacson, late son of my broder Edwarde Jacson, have xl s. 
yerely, to fynd hym at the scole, duryng xv*** yeres. . . To my 
broder Laurence a gowne of crayne colour furrid with white 
budge, and a stele bonett, a gesteron covered with bukeskyns. 
To my broder, Charles Barmby, a jackett of white sattan and 
grene, my best sallett, a standard, a pare gussettes, and a 
fold. To my cosyng, Bauf Barmby, a paire of Alman revettes, 
and a standard of stele. To John Greneside a gowne of 
London russett furrid with white lame. To Agnes Jacson, my 
servaunte, a cowe. To Henry Spencer a whie calf and a yong 
fely, if he wilbe ruled by my wif. To William Levett a salett. 


a gestron, which I bought of Nicholes Barton, a bowe of u, 
and a whyver of prikeshafftes. Agnes my donghtour. To 
Alicie, my wif, my house I dwell in at brig ende of Doncastre 
. . • that I have of Sancte Leonarde; & my copy whiche I 
have takyn of my lorde of Bentley. To the vicar of Arkesay a 
paire of grete almebre beades. To William Wentworth of 
Sprodeburgh a bay stag. The residue to my wif, whom I 
orden and make my sole executrix, to dispose for fhelthe of my 
saull as it shall please hir. And also I make Maister Strey 
supervisour of this my testament, and to have for his labour 
xxyj 8. viij d., and to be good maister and frend to my wif, if 
nede require, at hir costes and charge. 

[Pr. 26 Feb. 1626-6.] 


[Reg. Dec. et Capit. ii. 167.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen, the xiij** day of the month of July, 
1524, 1, Thomas Fome, subthesaurar of the church of York, of 
good mynde and memorie, ordyneith and makith my testa- 
ment and last will in maner and forme folowing. Furst I 
bequeith my saull to Almyghty God, to our Ladie Sanct Marie, 
and to all the holy company of heven, and my body to be 
buried in the south yle of the metropolitan church of York 
anenst th'alter callid Saynt Agatha alter. Item I bequeith to 
Sanct (Peter) warkes, for my buriall ther, xs. Item I be- 
queith to the reed arke xx s. Item I bequeith xx s. to be putt 
in to Sanct Peter stokke. Item I bequeith to Sanct William's 
hede xxs. Item I bequeith to the iiij Orders of Freres in 
York iiij li., that is to say to every Order xx s. Item to every 
masyndew house in Yorke iij s. iiij d. Item to every spittill 
house in Yorke iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeith to every one of i he 
brether of Sanct William's college in York viij d., and to the 
provest xij d. Item I bequeith to hym that is executor officii 
at myne obbet day xs. Item I bequeith to every chanon, 
being present at my buriall, iiij s. Item to every parson ij s. 
Item to every vicar, ij s. Item to every decon xij d. Item to 
the clerkes of the revestre xij d. a pece. Item to every sextan 
xij d. a pece. Item to every tribler and chorister viij d. a pece. 
Item I bequeith v poundes of wax to be bumyd over me at the 
day of my buriall. Item a dosyn hande torches. Item x pound 
of wax at myne obbett. Item I will that one throught of marble 

VOL. v. N 


stoyne w* my pathasie be laid opon me. Item I bequeith 
xli. to be distribute at the day of my buriall in penny 
dole emoDges poore people. Item other z 11. to be distribute 
emonge poore people in lyke maner at the day of my obbett. 
Item I bequeith to the buyldyng of Belfray church xx li., if it 
may be gettyn of th'abbot of Sanct Marie's w*owt Bowthome, 
which he doith aw unto me, and, if it can nott be gettyn, I be- 
queith V markis unto the said buylding. Item I bequeith to 
John King oflf Rouston in Holdemes and to his wiff xryj s. 
viij d. ; item I bequeith to Alison, John King wyff 's suster, 
xiij s. iiij d. Item I bequeith to every child of the said John 
ande Alison iij s. iiij d. a pece. Item I bequeith to the church 
of Mappleton yj s. viij d. Item to the church of Silston yj s. 
viij d. Item I bequeith to Mr John Coltman, chamberlayn 
of the church of York, my best gowne. Item I bequeith to 
Mr Thomas Water, regestre to the Dean and Chapitour of 
York, my seconnde gowne. Item I bequeith to Air John 
Sheffeld, prebendarie in Sepulcur's chapell, my third gowne. 
Item I bequeith to Sir Boberte Norham [my] iiij*** gowne with 
a sarsenett tippett. Item I bequeith to Beatrix Mell one gowne 
and xxvj s. viij d. in money. Item to Margaret Kirkby, my 
kynswoman, one gowne and xxvj s. viij d. in mone. Item I be- 
queith to a preist, to syng for me fy ve yere, xxxvj marke. Item 
I bequeith to JeflFray Franklyn's wyff agowne of musterdeveles. 
Item I bequeith to .Tefifray Franklyn one salt of silver w* a 
kever and half a dosyn silver spones w* knoppes. Item I be- 
queith to Thomas Franklyn, my godson, one litill pownnsid pece 
demye gilt. Item I bequeith to JefiVay wyflF an other pece 
gilt. Item I bequeith to Agnes Franklyn one goblett ungilt. 
Item I bequeith to every one of my felowes in my lorde's 
howse, better and warse, iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeith to my 
servaunte, Gawyne Yodaille, one brasse pott which he will chose 
emonges thre. Item the gretest kettill. Item a spitt. Item 
one pair of cobirons. Item one fedderbed w* a bolster, a pillow, 
one pair of blankettes, one pair of sheittes, one coveryng, one 
towell, one overse counter, half a gamyshe pewder vesseU, and 
a goblet of silver which Mr Sheffeld haith in custodie, to th*en- 
tent that he shalbe juste and trew to my Lord Dean and myne 
executours. Item I bequeith xl s. to be distribute emonges 
the poore people in the paroche of Topcliff. Item xx s. to 
be distribute to the poore people in the paroch of Wawen. 
Item to the kirk off Kirkby-opon-Wherff x s. Item I bequeith 
to my servaunt, Marmaduke, one pott, one kettell, one fedder- 
bed, one bolster, one pair blankettes, one pair sheittes, ij 
coverlettes, and xx s. in money. Item I bequeith to the son of 


William Bakster, my godson, iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeith to 
the right worshipfull Mr Brian Higden, Dean of the metro- 
politan church of York, one basing and ore of silver, and my 
best gelding. Item I bequeith to the ancresse in Yorke iij s. 
iiij d. Item I bequeith to Jeffray Frankljm's wyflF half a gar- 
nyshe of pewder vessell. Item I bequeith z li« to be bestowed in 
mending of high waies where myne executours shall thinke re- 
quisite or nedefuU. Item I bequeith to Marmaduke Vavasour 
the dune nagge which he gave unto me. Item I bequeith 
to Maister Chamberlane servauntes, to M. Sheffeld servaunt, 
and to Maister Water servauntes, and to every one of theym, 
ij s. Item I bequeith v li. to be distribute emonges poore 
scolars where as myne executours thinketh nedfulL Item I 
bequeith to the vicar of Kirkby opon Wharff x s. Item I be- 
queith to Sir Banff Norham my short gowne and x s. off money, 
to say a trentall of Masse3. Item I bequeith to my good son, 
Thomas Casseley, iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeith to Jeffray 
Franklyn's wyff ij pair of currall beedes. Item to Sir Thomas 
Fox a pair of aimer beedes of x, and a fyne napkyn. Item I 
bequeith to Mr John Coltman myne amysse. Item I bequeith 
to Sir William Bait my surples. Item I bequeith to Sir Thomas 
Bait my blake abbett. Item to Sir Thomas Lorymer a bonett. 
Item I bequeith to Jefifray Franklyn a musterdevelis gowne. 
Item I bequeith iiij score yerdes of sameron cloith to be dis- 
tribute to poore childer. Item I bequeith to John Gud x s., 
besydes his devident emonges his felowis. Item I bequeith to 
the vicar of Poklington my gowne y* lyeith at Thometon, and 
one snod off damaske. Of this my testament and last will I 
constitute, ordan, and make M. John Coltman chamberlayn of 
the church of Yorke, M. John Sheffeld, and Maister Thomas 
Water executors, they to dispose the rest of my guddes, unbe- 
quest, for the well of my saiill ; and I gyve imto every one of 
theym xl s. for their labores. And I doo constitute and maik 
M. Brian Higden, Dean of York, the supervisour of this my 
testament. Hiis testibus. Sir Christofer Cattail the vicar of 
Kirkby opon Wherf, Sir Rauff Norham, Sir Robert Norham, 
John Gocd, and Marmaduke Vavasour, w* other. 

[Pr. 12 Nov. 1533.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 306.] 

August 14, 1524. Richarde Tee oflf BoUome in the parishe 
of Clareburgh, To be beriede in the church of Sancte John 

N 2 


Baptest of Clareburgh* To the gilde of Saoote John Baptiste 
in Glareburgh a quarter barlye and a bushell of whete. To the 
Bowde light, oure Lady light, and the Ploogh light in Clare- 
burgh, to every on of them di. a quarter barlye. To the 
manteynyng of the light of Sancte Kateryne a pound wax, or 
els xij d. To Sancte Roche and Sebastian a pounde wax, or els 
xij d. To the gilde of Corpus Cristi in Est Betford di. a quarter 
barlie. To oure Lady and the Bowde gilde, and to the repara- 
cions of the brig there, to every one of them, xij d. To the 
reparacion of Haygate lane with the brigges there, a quarter 
barlie. I will that the toftstede lyeng [at] Lownd, called 
Barber thing, with iij acres land, and the medowe in the com- 
mon rich to the saide toftstede belongyng, go to Clareburgh 
church for an hundrethe yeres save oon for an annuall obite to 
be downe in the saide church for evermore, for my saull and 
John my wif saull, my childer saulles, and al Cristen saulles 
• . . that is to saye, to the curate viij d. ; to the clerke iiij d. ; 
and ij hedmespennes ; and for ichon of my frendes* saulles 
whos names be in the beade rowle an hedmespenny ; the 
overplus to remayne in the handes of the vicar and church 
maistirs, to the reparacion of the saide churche to it be beldid, 
& when it is beldyd sufficiently • • to be disposed among 
poore people. An other toftestede which I have in Lownd, and 
the land belongyng therto, to go to the chapell of oure Lady in 
Lownd for an hundreth yeres save oon, to have an annuall 
obite, to be downe yerely in the church of Sutton for evermore 
oppon Sancte Bartilmewe evyn the Dirigey and oppon morowe 
the MessSy for my saull and John my wiflf sail, my childer 
saulles, and all Cristen saulles, and the vicar . • to have for 
his labour iiij d., and iiij d. to be giffyn to the childer doyng 
service at the saide Dirige & Messe^ & xij d. to be delte in 
brede and ale to poore people ; the residue to go to the fyndyng 
of oure Lady preist by the vice of my executours. 

[Pr. 31 Jan. 1624-6.] 

[Eeg. Test, ix, 310 &.] 

Sept. 4, 1524. Thomas Willoughby of Notingham. To be 
beried in the church of Sancte Marie's in Notingham byfore 
oure Ladye's chapell nyghe unto my owne seate. ... I be- 
queath xxviij li. for a preist to syng for my saull in Sancte 
Marie's church by the space of sex yeres. I gif iij li. to my 


susier's childer beyng of lit To my dstnr, Margarete Bankys, 
every yere, a gennent of the pricje iij s. iiij d., as nede requireth, 
& a paire of shoys, a smoke, and a carchowe of viij d. price, & 
every quarter in the yere ij d., & a rowme in mj beade hoase like 
as other of my beade folkes have. To Isabell, my wif, my landes 
& tenementes in Notingham, Wodborowe & Badclif, duryng hir 
lif, if she lif sole • • • to remayne to my ij sonys Ric. and 
Thomas • • • my too donghtours Eliz. & Margarete. A dose 
in Fishergate & ij gardyns in Moltokgate to my bead house 
oppon Malyn hill. To my children xz L each, when xxi. To 
Johne Beckett, my doughtour, vij marc. To Hethbeth brigges 
iiij of my best peces of tymbour lyeng at the tile howsses. I 
forgif the Trinitie gilde yj s. viij d. of xiij s. iiij d. that the saide 
grilde owith me for palyng of the gardyn in Cow lane. Res. 
Elisabeth [sic] my wif . • . she ex. 

[Pr. 11 May, 1625, adm. to ex«.] 


[Reg.Test. ix. 318.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. • The xv*** day of Mail, the yere of 
cure Lorde God M* dxxiiij*^, I, Richarde Girton of Willoughby 
on the Wolde, husbandman, beyng in good mynde, make my 
will and testamente in this maner and forme folowyng. First 
I will and gif my sauU to Almyghtie Jhesu, to His moder 
Sancte Marie, and to al the holye company in hevyn ; and my 
body to be beried in the body of the church of Alhallouse in 
Willoughby. Also I gif my best good to my mortuary as the 
lawe requireth. Also I will ther be bumyd aboute me the daye 
of my beriall ij li. and a half of wax. Also I will and gif to every 
man and woman and childe of the contrie a farddyng loof. Also 
I gif to every preist beyng at my beriall iiij d., and to every 
clerke that can syng, a penny. Also I gif to the church of 
Wynsold a boshell of malte. Also I gif to the church of Dalby 
a boshell of malte. Also I gif to the makyng of the brig callid 
Willowford brig iij s. iiij d. Also I gif to the light called 
Sepulcre light a yowe and a lame, in Willoughby church. Also 
I will that Hery my sone have after the deathe of my wif his 
ploo with al maner of stuif that belonges to it to his owne 
behove. Also I gif to the saide Henry the hovell treis as thei 
stand after hir deith. Also I gif ij yowes and ij lames to fynde 
a light for ever afore oure Lady, of the stoke that commys of 


the said shepe, afore cure Ladye in the greves in Willougbby 
churche. Also I will that the grettist panne I have remayne 
to Elisabeth Girton, my donghtour, after the deith of my wif, 
and the almary to, and a coffer, and a mydlyng brasse potte* 
Also I gif a branddid [blanJc] of ij yeres olde to Roberta my 
son. The residue of my goodes, not giffyn, my dettes and will 
performyd, I will that they be at the disposition of A^rnes 
Garton, my wif, and Henry Garton, my son, whome I make my 
ezecutours, and that they dispose as maye be best thought to 
the pleasour of God and t'health of my sauU and al Cristen 
sauUes. Also I desire my broderj William Girton, and Roberton 
Girton to be supervisours, to se that my good be ordered 
accordyng to my will, and they for ther besynes to have tber 
costes borne over the hole : berying wittenes yerof Johne 
Thomson, vicar, and my curate, John ilawlynson, with other. 

[Pr. 11 May, 1626.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 829.] 

In the name of God, Amen. At Nether Bordley in Craven, 
the tend daye of Juny, in the xvj*^ yere of the reigne of our 
soveryng lorde Kyng Henry the eight [1524], I Geofl&uy 
Proctour,* beyng in good and hoole mynde, make my testa- 

* The shrewd and sensible will of a Craven yeoman, the chief person in a 
clan which bore his name. The Proctors were closely connected with Fountains 
Abbey, and by thrift and energy accumulated considerable wealth. 

Wm. Proktour de Eboraco. Sep. in choro B. M. infra eccl. S. Mich, do 
Belfray juxta sep. Agnetis Wherf. Roberto Wherf, filio Magistri Thomae 
Wherf, ad exhibioionem snam ad scolam, v marcas. Matri mes x marcas. 
TliomsB Procktour omnia terras & ten. mea in Bolland. Presb. eel. ij annoe 
in ecd. S. Andr. de Gargrave xiij marcas. Two daughters of Roger P. Sister 
Isabel Ratcliflf, towards her marriage, 6 marks. [ Pr. 1498.] (Reg. Test. v. 483). 

22 May, 1507. Tho. Proctour. Sep. in eccl. S. Andr. de Gargrave. Voloquod 
Stephanus filius habeat officium meum, si potent illud adveniri et requaeriri 
ox Abbate de Foumace. Voloquod Eden, uxor mea, et Stephanus, lilius meus, 
habeant firmarium meum de Frerehed, etc. They ex". My children. John 
Hamerton and John Horton Esq' ex". [Pr. 8 July, 1507.] (Reg. Test. ▼. 832). 

Die Paschevro, 1512. Radulphus Prokter. Sep. in eccl. S. Andr. de Gargrave 
ex australi parte prope sepulcrum patris mei. Dom. Joh. Acastre vicarinm de 
Gargrave 5c Rogemm Prokter, avum meum, facio exec. Mr. John Norton 
jun. Esq. superv. (Reg. Test. viii. 93.) 

24 March, 1616-17 Roger Proctour, of Coppercott. To be bur. within my 
paroche churche oflE Saynt Andrew of Gargrave, in the southe ylle, wher I was 
wont to knell and sytt. To every householde within Eshton and [blank] iiij d., 
or elles a bull at the chose of the said townshyppes, in dischargyng of my con- 
science for such hurtes and harmes as I have necligently done to theym. To 
Thomas, my son, my fermolde of Coppercotte, and to Robert, my sonc, my 
fermold of Newfelde. To Ifcabell& Mabell, ray dough ters, each vj li. xiij s iiij d. 
to be att the rewll and guydyng oflE Stephen Proctour of Frerhede. To Mr 


xnent and last will in maner and forme folowyng. First I be- 
queath mj saali to Almyghtie G-od, and to oiire Lady Sancte 
Mary, and to all the Sanctes in hevyn, and my body to be 
beried in the next parishe churche where it shall fortone me 
to departe oate of this present lif ; provided alwaye that if it 
fortone me to decesse within xx milys of my parishe churohe of 
Rilstone in Craven, than I wilbe beried there with my wif ; 
and my best beast to be delyvered there in the name of my 
mortnary. Item I will that my feoffes that I have enfeofifed in 
my landes, incontynente aftir my decesse, make a sure, suffi- 
ciente, and lawfuU astate in the lawe to such other feoffes as 
they shall thynke good, by th*advice of my sone Richarde 
Proctour, my cousynges Miles Staveley, and John Staveley, his 
sone, of all my landes and tenementes in Litton, Owlcoottes, 
Hawkeswike, and Scothorpe in Craven, in the countie of Yorke, 
to the clere yerely valour of iiij li., over and above al charges, to 
th'ase and entent to have a preist to say Masse and other divine 
service in the churche of Rilston in Craven aforesaid for ever- 
more ; and the said preist to praye for the saulles of me, my 
wif Kateryne, my fader and my moder, my said wif fader and 
moder, my son Henry, my son Roberte, my son William, my 
sister Alicie West, my doughtour in lawe Isabell Proctour, and 
for all Cristen saulles, and for all the saulles of them that I and 
ray said wif have had any goodes of: the saide preist, foi^ the 
tyme being, daylie to say Messe in the saide church of Rilston 
aforsaide, if he thereto be disposed, and to dispose hym self 
therto as far forth as he maye : that is to say ; every Sondaye, 
Messe of the Trinite ; of Monday, of ReqiLwrrij and, that day, 
after the Gospell, afore he goo to the lavatory, to praye for the 
saulles afore reherced, mevyng every man to say a Pater Nosier 
and a Ave^ and hym self De Profwridia ; every Tuysday, Messe, 
wherof he will ; every Weddynsday, De Vulneribtua Ghristi ; 
every Thuresday, wherof he will; every Fridaye, Messe of 
Jhesu ; every Satturday, of oure Lady, excepte tberbe a doble 
feste that must nedes be served, than that daye he to be 
excusid saying a memory of the same that he shulde have 
saide Messe of: and, daylie, vij Psalmes and Lataaiy with 
Suffragies; every Monday, Weddynsday, and Friday PiooeSo and 
Dirige with the Commendacion of All Saules ; every Tuysdaye, 

John Norton, for that he was good Mr to roe in my lyff tyme, and for that he 
shalbe favourable to my childerne, a yonge horae. To Mr Roger Tempest, for 
to be good Mr to my ij sonnes as his poore kynesmen, xs. Towarde the 
makyng of the northe ylle in GJargrare churche xx s. To a prest, to syng fore 
my soull at Wjmterbume chappell, xiij s. iiij d. My son Thos. and Stephen 
Proctour, ex". Sir Henry Clyfford Knyght, supervisour, [Pr. 22 Mar. 1515> 10, 
adm. to ex".] (Reg. Test. ix. 29.) 


Thursdaye, and Satturday oure Lady Psalter according to an or- 
dinaunce tripertited theroF to be maide : and at the saide feoffes 
enfeoffe other sex, or eight, or moo feoffes, in the saide landes, 
so that the said landes remane and be ever in feoffes handes 
that the saide preist at Bileston for the tyme beyng may have 
the renttes and fermes therof for evermore, and to kepe the 
saide landes ever in the feoffes handes for savegard of the same 
landes. Item I will that my saide sone Richard, doryng his lif^ 
shall have the nominacion of the preist that shall be at Riiiston; 
and, after his decesse, the same to be at the namyng of Greffray 
Proctour, the son of Robert Proctour, and his heires for ever. 
Item I will that my saide son, Richard, durying his lif, shall 
have the settyng, and to farme lettyng, and the orderyng of all 
the land that I have assigned to the prest that shalbe at Riliston 
as my chauntre preist there ; and, after hym, the chauntre prest 
for the tyme being, by th'advice of my feoffes, to have it for ever 
at his orderyng. Item I will that Eustace and Henry Proctour, 
sones of William Proctour, have all the rentes and fermes of 
all my landes, except above queathed and limited, equaly 
betwixt them to be divided, duryng the lif of the saide Richarde 
Proctour, my sone, to ther bryngyng upe and fyndyng at the 
scole, provided alway that the saide Richard Proctour, my sone, 
shall have the settyng, and to farme lattying, and the ordeiyng 
of the saide landes during his Uf, to the behove and profitte of 
the saide Eustace Proctour and Henry, as is afore saide • • • My 
feoffes ... to make astate in the lawe to Geflfray Proctour, son 
of Robert Proctour, of all my other landes • • • in Mallome, 
Kirkby, Calton, and Hawnelethe in Craven ... I will that my 
son Roberto childre have my good will of al my right and 
interest of the fermehold of Dalby, which he and I had of the 
graunte of th'abbot and Convent of Sancte Mary Abbey in 
Yorke. I will that my son, Richard, have all my other ferme- 
' holdes at Bordley, or elswhere within the countie of Yorke, 
with the fermyng of the benefice of Ameclif, durying his lif, soo 
that his wif have non of them after hym : and if my said 
sone Richard forton to decesse afor his wif, havyng no sone then 
of lif gotten with the saide wif, nor with non other wif, than I 
will that in any wise after his decesse Eustace Proctor and Henry 
Proctour, childer to my saide sone William, shall have all my 
farmeholdes at Bordley or els where, with the fermyng of the 
parsonage of Ameclif, to them, after the costome of the contree 
there, as far as in me is for ever. Farthermore, if it happyn 
the said Richard to decesse havyng non childer of his body 
begottyn, on lif, able to occupie the saide farmeholdes, than I 
wiU in no wise that his wif occupie tham, bott oon of my sone 


William childer, whiche as shalbe thought most able by 
th'advice of my executours and surviours. I will that the said 
Eustace and Henry have my best salte, with a cover of silver 
parcell gilte, xij silver spones, a goblett of silver with a cover 
parcell gilt, and a litle macer withoute a cover, equally to be 
divided betwixt them* Item I will that my son Eichard have 
six silver spones and the goblett of silver with a cover, and the 
salte of silver with a cover. Item I will that all myn apparell 
for my body be divided betwixt Richard, my sone, and Eustace 
Proctour, equaly. Item I will that Henry Proctor, son of 
William, have my best houpe of golde, and that Eustace have 
an other, and that Cuthberte Proctour have an other of golde 
that haith a septer oppon it. Item I will that my executours 
paye, or cause to be paide, to every of the iiij Orders of Freres 
in Yorke xx d. within oon yere after my decesse. Item I will 
that GeflFray Proctour, son of Eoberte, have my signeth of gold 
that haith an hynde gravyn in the printe of it. Item I will 
that my saide executours paye to the Freres of Sancte Roberte's 
beside Knaresburgh ij s« Item I will that my wif girddils, 
that ded is, be equaly divided betwixt Barbara Proctour and 
Dowsabell, hir suster. Item I will that a vestymente with all 
thinges to it belongyng be bought and delyvered to the altar of 
Fontance, where oure Lady Messe is dailye song at the ix*** 
altares theire, the saide vestymente to be of the price xx vj s. viij d. 
Item I will that every monke in Fontance, that kepith divine 
service theire day and of my nyght, have paide unto every of 
them within a yere after my decesse ij s., to th'entente that 
thei all shall pray for the saiUles of me, and my wif, and for 
the saules of my fader and moder, and my childre. Item I will 
that my son, or his heires, or other of my childer afore namyd 
that dwellith at Bordley in tyme commyng, have the challes, 
Messe buke, and al the vestymentes, and other omamentis 
belongyng to the chapell of Bordley ; and that thei shall, 
duryng theire lives, gif mete, drynke, and logying to a preist, 
continually mynystryng Divine service in the saide chapell ; and 
his wages, that will not be had of the inhabitantes w4n the 
lordship of Bordley, to be borne at the costes and charges of 
hym or them that shalbe dwellyng at Bordley aforsade for the 
tyme beyng, if he or thei be of habilitie and power soo to doo ; 
and the saide preist to saye Messe, according to the ordte' above 
appoyntted for the preist that shalbe at Riliston, and to pray 
for the saules of feder and moder, my wiflfe's fader and moder, 
and for the sauUes of me and my wif, my sones, Sir Henry, 
Koberte, and William, my suster Alicie West, and my 
doughtour in law Isabell Proctour, and for the saulles of suche 


other as I maide a bill of ther names and delyvered to Sir John 
Qrene the same bill. Item I will that my son Richard have my 
best fetherbed and oon cowntter poynte of tapstre warke. 
Item I will that Geffiray Proctour, son of Roberte, have 
the best cowntter poynte next it with on fetherbed. Item 
I will that the bull stirkis be giffyn, oon of them to the 
towneshipe of Kiliston, an other to Horton, and the other to 
the inhabitantes of Bordley. Item I will that Henry Proctour, 
son of the saide William Proctour my sone, have a goblett of 
silver withoute a cover, and a salte of silver with a cover, and a 
fetherbed with a cownter poynte. Item I will that my wif have 
all suche goodes as she had when I maried hir, and if any of 
it be expente or gone, soo that it may not be had, then she to 
be recompensed and agreid with at the sight of my execu tours 
and surviours. Item I will that my foraade wif have of my 
goodes sex keye, and yj score wedders, and an annuite of my 
landes aforsaide to the valour of Ixvj s. viij d. by yere duryng 
hir widdohed, trustyng that she wilbe good raoder to the chiider 
that I leve with hir, and soo that she will make no ferther 
clame to any of my goodes. Item I will that xiij s. iiij d. be 
gyven to the Priour and Convente of the Freres Augustyns in 
Yorke. Item I will that my executours have the orderyng of 
all the chiider of my sons, Roberte and William, and to se them 
orderyd and guyded as well as God will gyve them grace, and 
to make Alicie, my saide son Roberte doughtour, nune at 
Arthington, or elswhere, if she will therto assent, or els to 
helpe to marye hir with parte of hir fader and moder land, as 
hir moder Will was ; and that William and Richard, ther sonys, 
be fest prentices in London or some other place. Item I will 
that Gefiray Proctour, son of Roberte Proctour, be putto 
service to my singlar good lorde, my Lorde Percy, at such tyme 
as it please his lordship to take hym to his service. Item I 
will that all such good and cattell as I had of the goodes and 
cattell of my suster, AUcie West,* that er not disposed by me 

♦ 20 June, 1520. T, Alice West, of the parish of Ripon wer sallay [*«?]. To 
be beried in Seynt Peter and Seynt Wilfride chirch of Ripon kirke garth. To 
the makyng of the hie alter vj s. viij d. To Seynt Wilfride warke vj s. viiij d. 
To Jeffray Proctour chiider, to every on of them vj s. viij d. To the Freres of the 
Toftys xij d. To the [Freres] of Richmunde xij d. I wit Seynt Robert xx d. 
To Hugh Proctour chiider, every on of them vj s. viij d. To Agnes Dambruke, 
my sister, vj s. viijd., and to ychon of hir chiider vj s. viij £, To Elisabeth 
Gibson and Blen Francland, my sisteris, and to ychon of ther chiider vj s. viij d. 
To Sir Marmaduce Dawson xx s. To Sir John Kepas of Fontaunoe vj s. viij d. 
To every fire hous within Sallay iiij d. a pece. To Thornton chapell ij s. To 
Sir John- Wat son, my goostly father, x a. I wit my best belt to Seynt Wilfride 
shryne. I wit my best bedes to our Lady of Doncastre. I wil that every 
poore man and woman have a peny at my beriall. Also I will have Dirige and 
Hesse done at Ripon kirke with the vicars and ther mynystres and the 


in my lif accordyng to hir Will, that Bichard, my son, se it be 
disposed trulye accordyng to hir saide Will, and that he, as fer 
in hym is, compell John Daynbrooke in like to doo with such 
goodes and cattell as he had of my saide snster, accordding 
to hir Wil, so that in no wise he have it nott, nor any 
parte therof to his owne propre use contrary to hir Will. 
And, in like wise, I will that Richard endevour hym to the 
uttirmost of his power, and to gett the best helpe that he 
can or may, to compell th'abbott of Fontance to paye and 
delyver hym zx li. in gold, and the macer and vj silver sponys 
that my saide suster delyvered to his monke, John Kepas, to 
kepe, which xx ii., macer, and spones the saide John Kepas, 
monke, delyvered to the saide abbott, that it may be disposed 
to my saide suster Will. Item I will that the said Richard 
Proctour compell William Dauson, as the lawe will, to delyver 
unto hym ij girddils and beades that my saide suster delyvered 
to the wif of the saide William Dauson to kepe, and he to gif 
them to oure Lady of Doncastre, and Sancte Wilfidde of Ripon 
as my suster Will was. Item I bequeath to my sone, Richarde 
Proctour, Eustace and Henry, an horse, ij mares, vj kye or 
wheis of iij yeres olde, and vj score wedders (each). Further- 
more, whereas I was indentied to my saide son, William, whos 
saulle God pardone, in the sum of xl marc, which I recey ved of 
the isshues and profettes of his landes, I will that my executours 
shall delyver as moche of my goodes, to the valour of xx marc, 
to th'use of Dowsabell Proctour, daughtour of my saide sod 
William, if so be that I se not for hir afore my departour frome 
this presente lif- Moreover if it fortone me, the said Geffray, 
to departe this presente lif afore Barbara Proctour, doughtour 
of the saide William, be mariede, I will then that the saide 
Barbara shall have of my goodes to the clere valour of xl li. to 
hir mariage at the sight of my executours and surviours, if so 
be that she wilbe ordered by them in hir mariage, and also if 
my goodes will extende therto. Item if it happen that Dorothe 
Proctour, doughtour of the saide William, be not maried nor 
other wise brought to socour afore my departour this present 
lif, I will that she shall have of my goodes to the valour of xx li. 
at the devise of my saide executours, if my goodes will extend 

chauntre preistes, and they to have for ther labours ziij s. iiij d. at my 
twelmonthe day. Also, for my berial, to Maister Bakhous ij s. Also to the 
chauntres vj s. viij d. For syngyn to the graif ij s. Also to the vicars and 
minlstres, for Masse and Dirige, vjs. viij d. To Agnes Sherp abrassepott 
with a tyncler clowte. To Jeflfray Proctour, my brother Fon, a almery. To 
the hie alter a borde cloth of twill to a alter cloilC and my executours to cause 
it to be halowyd. Jeffray Proctour and John Dambruke ex". [Pr. 28 Sept, 
1520.] (Keg. Test. ix. 116). 


therto. Item I will that all my doughtour Isabell apparell,aiKi 
all hir beddyng and householde stuf be delivered to Barbara and 
Dowsabell, hir doughtours, by discretion of my ezecatours. 
Item I oiden and make surviours of this my presente testa- 
mente and last will Maister John Norton of Norton Esquier, 
Maister Antony Cliflford Esquier, Henry Marton, Bicharde 
Banke, John Lamberte, gentilmen,tni8tyng that thei and every 
of them will helpe to assiste, aide, and sapporte my executoors 
in executing this my testament and last will, and every of 
them to have of my goodes xx s. over and above all ther costes 
that thei or any of them shall susteyne in executyng of this my 
will. Item I will that William Proctonr, Kichaxde and Alicie 
Proctour, childer of my son Roberte Proctour, have of my 
goodes towardes theire manage, bryngyng upe, and helppyng 
them to service, or other wise, xx li., to be bestowed of and opon 
them as shalbe thought most expediente by my executours and 
surviours. The residue of all my goodes not bequeathed I gif 
and bequeath to my son Richard Proctour, my cousynges Miles 
Staveley and John Staveley, whome I orden and make my 
executours [to] pay my dettes with, and to orden and dispose 
for t'helthe of the sauUes of me and my wif, as they shall 
thynke most conveniente and expediente. In wittenes whereof 
to this my presente testamente and last will I have sett my 
scale and subscribed my name, the daye and yere above saide. 
Thies wittenesses Sir Olyver Judson, Sir Henry Hall, Sir Henry 
Garford, and Sir John Grene, preistes. 

[Pr. 6 July, 1626, adm, to the ex'\] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 293.] 

Oct. 2, 1524. William Greve, of the parishe of Pennyston. 

To be beriede in the kirke of Sancte John Baptiste of Pennjs- 

ton in oure I^aydye where. To the Lady service of Pennyston 

a cowe, and to the service of Sancte Erasme a cowe. To a 

preist, to syng for my saull a yere, iiijli. To Sir Thomas 

Greve, my sone, a sylver spone. I will that my feoffes make 

astate of iij s. iiij d. of the landes of Percivall Heliwell to Sir 

William Benson, for the terme of his lif, excepte he. have a 

service in any place that he may ly ve conveniently oon, and the 

sade Sir William shall every yere cause a mynnyng* to be 

rongyn, and oflFre j d. at Messe, and paye the clerke his duytie ; 

* A good old English word slgnifyicg an anniversaiy peal, in mind or 
memory of the testator. 


and than, after hid decesse, to tume to the service of Sancte 
Erasme, if the parishe will make it a service, or els to tume to 
our Lady service for ever. 

[Pr. 10 Nov. 1624.] 


[Beg. Test. ix. 299 ».] 

(Nov. 12, 1524.) I, William Bulmer,* of Skimnyngham, 
Esquyer. Where I have enfeoflFed by my dede, beryng date 
the [blank'] of Kyng Henry the viij^**, Edwarde Flechere, and 
oyer, of & in all my landes, etc., in Scardeburgh and Brotton 
. • . they to suflBr Elisabeth, my wif, for xv*** yeres next aftir 
my deith, to take the rentes, etc., to such use and behove as I 
have chained my saide wif with of hir consciencie betwixt hir 
and me • • • then the saide landes, etc., to the use of William, 
my sone, after the saide xv^^ yeres passith, & to th'use of the 
heire malles of his body. To Hilton church, for tithes for- 
gettyn, ij s. To the mon* of Gisbura vj s. viij d. To the 
Freres Observauntes of Newcastell oon wharte whete and a cow. 
To William Light, ij s. And, forther, I will that my wife do 
dele every Friday in the yere, for oon yere enter, for helth of 
my saull, and all Cristen saulles, in the honour of the Trinitie, 
iij d. And, forther, I will that James, my lorde Prior of Gis- 
bume, shall have the custody of such goodes as shal belong 
nnto my doughtours, Elinour and Anne, as in right of ther 
childe partes, to such tyme as by the frendes of the said 
doughtours be provided convenient manages or other succour 
for them for terme of theire lifes. And I forther will that my 
wif have the ruyle and custody of my sone William and my 
doughtour Margarete, and such partes as unto them shal belong, 
and afforme aftir my deith as in right of ther childe parties, 
provided that if my wif take a husband any persone aftir my 
dethe, that than afore such marage solemnysed, that if the 
husband that then shalbe will have the custody of my saide 
childer parties, he to fynde sufficiente surties for the delyvere 
of the saide goodes or partes to my saide childer at such tyme 
as by the frendes of my saide childer shalbe thought good. And, 
also, I will that my doughtour Jayne have delyvered to hir 

* The testator had married the widow of . . . Esh of Skimingham near 
DarUngton. That estate, after the death of Anthony Esh, who is mentioned 
in the will, went to the Nortons, one of whom married his daughter and heiress. 

The BnUners were a great house, about whioh we should like to know more. 
The testator, with the head of the family, had been in the Scottish wars. 

190 T£STAM£irrA 

fyve poundes which her grandefader did gif hir, and in my 
custody beyng. I will that non childe of myne have any 
childe's parte of my goodes saving thies childer here in my will 
namyd, excepte oon sum of x li. to th'use of my son Geoi^e, 
that is to say my sone William, Oliver Ashe my wif son, Jayne 
Ashe doughtour to my wif, Elinour Bulmer, Anne Bulmer, 
Margarete Bulmer : thies be the childer that I will have their 
childe partes of my goodes and non childer els. And I will 
that Edwarde Fletcher, my servaunte, for diligent service and 
paynes susteynyd with me, shall have xx s. And my servaunte, 
Stephen Cole, xiij s. iiij d. and also to Margarete Witton, for 
paynes susteyned with me, ij kye. And to Sir Thomas Franke 
clerke ij stottes. And, forther, I will that my lorde, the saide 
Prior of Gisbume, be supervisour of my will, and that my wif 
Elisabeth, my sone George, my doughtour Margarete, and my 
son William to be my executors and have full power in admini&- 
tracion of my goodes, and that althinges downe by them to be 
good soo that thay alwais doo and be orderid by th'advice of my 
saide lorde Prior of Gisbum, the supervisour of this my testa* 
ment ; and for his paynes theryn susteynyd, I will the saide 
Prior fyve marc, and, also, my gray stoned horse. Also I will 
my wif enyoye to hir owne use my nest of my goblettes, with- 
oute contradiccion of any persone, as that he shall have of my 
gift and legacy, which nest be parcell gilte. Also I commaunde 
and charge my executours to do as muche as in them is for the 
recovery of such dettes as be due unto me, and to declare to 
my saide executours such dettes as be due by me to any persone. 
Althinges accompted, I owe to Sir Bauf Salvan knyght, for 
suche goodes as I did by of hym and delyveryd by the handes 
of my lady his wif, xxj li. vj s. viij d. Item I owe to the church 
of Hawghton xj li., and to oure Lady gilde c s. ; and certen 
rekynnynges for my childer hordes where they were at borde 
and scole ; and for oon gowne cloith, velvett and lynyd, to my 
doughtour Kateren. And, forther, I will my executors pay to 
Antony Asshe, my sone, duryng his un age, for the revenoose 
and profittes of his landes coramyng, x li. ... they to delyver 
to him my damaske gowne, as that he shall have of my gift 
and legacy ; and in ratifyeng and prevyng of my gift maide to 
hym at my last gowyng towardes the Scottes. And I will 
that Sir William Bulmer th'elder, knyght, have oon of my best 
horses, and to chese hym among al my horses. Also I will and 
commande my executours, that duryng such terme of yeres as 
I have of and for my tenemente of Brotton, to me lattyn by 
William the laite lord Conyers, my saide tenemente beyng 
kepte in severalte, & enclosid as that nowe they ar, and so to 


be lafte at the ende of my terme, sfaalbe kepte in tillage, all 
and every parte of the same beyng in tillage duryng any of my 
yeres by me occupiede. Also I will that George Bulmer, my 
sone, duryng my terme I have of my saide late lorde shall have 
my saide tenemente of Brotton, with all th'appurtenaunces to 
the same belongyng, duryng such terme and yeres as I have of 
the saide late lorde ; and, to prove this to be my last will and 
testament, I gif full auctoryte to the saide persones above 
namyd to prove and ratifye this to be my will. Wittenessej 
Roberte Shirewood, stuarder of Wilton, Cristofer Conyers of 
Lincolnshyre gentilman, Johne Hudson yoman, Edwarde 
Fletcher yoman, Stevyn Cole yoman, and many moo ; at Gis- 
bume the xij*** daye of Novembre, the xyj*^ yere of oure soveryng 
lorde Kyng Henry the viij***, 

[Pr. 8 Dec. 1624, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 367.] 

December 15, 1524. I, John Marshall,* merchaunte and 
cityner of Yorke, beyng of hoole mynde, ordenys this my last 
will and testament in maner and forme here folowyng. First, 
I bequeath my sail to Almyghtie God, to our Ladye, and to 
all the Sanctes in hevyn, and my body to be beried afore on 
ymage of oure Lady of piety which standith in a clossett in 
our Ladye's churche in Castelgate. Also I will that the day of 
my beriall be done a trentall of Messes within the saide churche, 
and an other trentall within the churche of the Graye Freres. 
Also I will that there be disposed to poore folkes, as hospitales 
and massendewes Within the citie of Yorke, and in the suburbes, 
and within the parishes of the same citie, where most nede is 
to be done, iiij li. Also I will that viij serges of a pound a pece 
be burned aboute my body the daye of my berieng. Item I 
will that the daye of my beriall be maide on honest dyner to 
my frendes, at the sight of my executours, withoute pompe. 
Also I bequeath to the parsone of my parishe churche my best 
garment for my mortuary, and to the same parsone of the said 
churche, for forgettyn tithies, xs. Also I bequeath to on 
honeste preist suche as my executours shall thinke abill to 
syng for my sail, my wif sail, the sallys that I am bounddon to 

* Son of William MarshaU of York, merchant, and grandson of John 
Marshall, alderman, and Joan his wife, daughter of Richard Bnokden. 

The testator was free of the oitj in 1516, and was made a chamberlain in 
1521y sheriff in 1522-3. The wUl is a very corioas one. 


pray for, and al Cristen sallys the space of ij yeres in onre Lady 
chiurche in Castelgate, and on other at Sanete Michael churche 
for oon yere, and I will that ichon of them have vij markes« 
And I will that ichon of them saye iij tymeS in the weike Placebo 
and Dirige. Also I beqaeath to our Lady churche in Castell- 
gate, to the uppoldding of the churche warkes, xl s. Also I 
bequeath to the iiij Orders, to ichon of them an nobill ; and I 
will that ichon of the preistes of the Graye Freres say Messe of 
the V Woundes for me, and have iiij d., and every broder, beyng 
no preist, ij d., to say Dirige. Also I will that the prisoners in 
the Castell, in the Bishope prisone, for the space of ij yeres, 
have vj d. in the weike, to be wared in brede every Fridaye. 
Also I bequeath to the churche of Gawod, to the churche worke, 
a Messe booke and a chales. Also I bequeath to the Nons of 
Appilton, to sing Di/rige and Meaae for my sail, to the prioresse 
xij d., to the supprioresse viij d., and to every none ig d. ; and 
to the same place I bequeath a vestimente of chamlett, and a 
Legenda Aurea* Item I bequeath to Robert White's childer, 
to ichon of his soues xz s., and ichon of his doughtours x s. 
Item I bequeath toward the findding and exhibicion of ij scolers 
that be apte to leme, to praye for my sail, my wife's sail, for 
ichon of them xl s. Item I bequeath to the ancres in Yorke 
vj s. viij d. Item I bequeath to our Lady churche in Beverlac' 
XX 8, Item I bequeath to ichon of my servauntes vj s. viij d. 
besides theire wages. Item I bequeath to the churche of 
Sanete Michaell in Yorke vj s. viij d. Item to Sir Thomas 
Worall X s. Item I bequeath to amendyng of hie wais aboute 
Yorke, where as is nede, xl s. Item I bequeath v marc to pur- 
chase as moche land as will make an yerely obite perpetually 
in our Lady churche in Castelgate for my sail, my wife's, my 
fader and my moder soules, and al my good frendes salles, and 
all Cristen salles. Item I bequeath xx li., [with] whiche money I 
will that my executours do purchase, imediatly after my decesse, 
xxvj s. viij d. land by yere, which land I will it shalbe jonyd 
to a house and certayne landes of myne lyeng withm the 
parishe of Heroyngburgh ; whiche house and landes I gyve frely 
to Christofer Stapilton, Thomas Either, Walter Bradford, Sir 
Thomas Worall preist, for that intent, to performe my last will 
as concemyng a Messe that I will have daily within the churche 
of the Graye Freres in Yorke, with a solenne Meaae and Dirige 
ons in the yere perpetualy for my sail, my wif, my fader, my 
moder, and all my good frendes salles, and all Cristen salles, and 
I will have it after the forme of Maister Brian Roclife's Messe : 
and I will that the on half of the money that shall rise of the said 
landes be distributed emonges the breder that shall syng the 



Messe ; and the other half for my obite, & to the reparacions of 
the house, in the whiche obite I will that the warden have vj d., 
every broder beyng preist iiij d., and to every broder no prest 
ij d. : and I will that the belman have iiij d. for puplissing of the 
said obite. Item I will that William Wilson and his suster Anne 
have theire ehilder partes fully and irely without any charges 
or costes. Item I bequeath to Anne Wilson ij gownes, a violett 
furred and a murray furred, and a violet bonnet, a firontelett 
with a dimisynge girdill. Item I will that my ezecutours by, 
or cause to be maid, xiij matresses, as meny coverlettes, and a»-. 
many pare of shetes, which I will they gif to xiij^ yong poore A 
men that be begynners and haith litle to helpe them self with, y 
Item I bequeath to John Metecalf xl s. Item I bequeath to \ 
my broder, Christofer Conyers, ij bowses, on lyeng in Beverlay 
in the holddyng of on Guide, cowper, and on other in Hull in | 
the holdding of on Hewetson, shomaker, whiche I lately pur- ' 
chased of on William White, the sone of Johne White alderman 
and grosiour of Yorke. Also I bequeath to my said broder,j 
Christofer, in plate and money, x marc. Item to the samei 
Christofer the prophetes of all my landes in Cawod [&] Wistowe,'' 
excepte an annuitie of xxxiij s. iiij d. yerely, whiche I gyve to 
my suster. Dame Mary, for hir lif, and, after hir decesse, to 
retume to my broder, Christofer Conyers, for the terme of his 
lif, and, after his decesse, to goo to the right heires. Item I 
bequeath to Dame Mary a flate pece gilte with a roose in the 
bothome. Item I bequeath to Doctor Vavasour v marc and a 
gilted spone, to pray for me and all that I am bounde. Item I 
will that William Wilson [have] v marke and a scarlett gowne 
for a woman, beside his childe parte. Item I bequeath to the 
makyng of the hie altar in the Gray Freres xxs. Item to 
Wistoo kirke xiij s, iiij d. Item to Frere Thomas Slater x s. 
Item to my broder, Walter Bradford, a standding nutte with a 
cover, the shell paynted. Item to my unckl Gibson a gilted 
spoyne for a remembrance. The residue of my goodes, my dettes 
paid, and charges borne, I gyve to be divided betwixt my 
broder, Christofer Conyers, and my susters, Dame Mary and 
Anne Sampoll, at the sight of my unckle Gibson, whome I 
make my supervisour of my testament ; and Doctor Vavasour 
and Walter Bradford, whome, with my broder, Christofer Con- 
yers, I make my executours. In wittenes whereof is the parsone 
of Sancte Mary church in Castilgate, Sir Thomas Granger, and 
Sir Thomas Wirrell, the daye and yere afore rehersed. 

[Pr. 31 July, 1626-7, adm. to CJhr. Conyers, the other ex"., Mr. Wm Vavasour, 
S.T.P., Warden of the Friars Minors, Tork, and Walter Bradford, renouncing.] 

VOL. V. O 


[Reg. Test. ix. 334.] 

In the name of God, Amen, xyj*** daye the moneth of 
Decembre, yere of our Lorde m'dxxiiij^'*. I, John Rogerson, 
of Ry vail within the parishe of Helmesley, constant and perfitte 
in reason, makes my testament in forme folowing. First I 
bequeath my saull to Almyghtie God my Redemer and Saviour, 
to His gloriose moder Sancte Mary, and to all the holye com- 
pany in hevyn ; and my body to be beried within the churche 
of Alhallouse in Helmesley. Item I bequeath, for my mortuary, 
my best good. Item I will, immediatly after my dethe a 
preist sing in Helmesley church for my saull the space of an 
hoole yere. Item I bequeath to the monastery of Ryvall for 
MesaCy Dirige^ and A haolucH^my zx s., that is to say for Abso- 
lucion yj s. viij d., and to the Covente xiij s. iiij d. Item I be- 
queath to Rauf Saxton iij s. iiij d. Item I gif to Patrike my 
servaunte a whit jackett and a blake fustyan dublett. Item I 
bequeath to William Redhed childe my olde motley ooite. 
Item I bequeath to Stevyn Goodfellowe childe my godson an 
olde jackett. Item I bequeath to Brymley wif a paire hoise 
and a galberdyn. Item I bequeath to Sancte Alrede shryne* a 
paire beades. The residue of my goodes, not bequest, my 
dettys truly contente, I gif to Petir Saxton and George Sandwith, 
whome I make executours of this my last will. Wittenesses 
William Watson my curate. 

[Pr. 20 Feb. 1626-6.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 304 ft.] 

Dec. 25, 1524. Richarde Calverley,t gentilman. To be 
beriede in the hye where within the parishe church of Sancte 
Wilfride in Calverley. I make Robert & Nicholas Calverley, 
my breder, with Henry Thomhill, executours, & my cosjmg. 
Sir Watir Calverley, supervisour. To my nevoye, Sir Walter 
Calverley, x li. in golde, & to my lady his wif v marc. To my 
god doughtour, Anne Calverley, v markes, & a paire of beades 
of corall ; & to every on of hir sisters vj s. viij d. To Gilbert 

* At Rievaulx. The shrine of St. Aelred, who was duly honoured there, 
t A son of WilUam CalTerley, Esq. (Test. Bbor. iv. 157.) 

SB0RAGEN6U. 196 

Calverley & his broder Thomas Calverley xiij s. iiij d. To 
William Calverley, the yonger, xx s. with a gray amblyng nag. To 
my cosyng, William Calverley th'elder, a yoke of my best stottes 
in my draight. To my cosyng, Robert Calverley, & Thomas 
his broder, vj s. viij d. To my godson, John C, vj s. viij d. To 
every on of my brether John childer xl s. To Robert Calverley, 
my broder, xl s. To Sir Robert Yole iij s. iiij d., to pray for me, 
with half of the insight within my hoase at Esthaull. To 
Isabell Calverley a whie. To Agnes Vavasour a silver spoyne. 
To Thomas Harpar a gray nag. I bequeath vij marc to a 
preist, to pray for my saull & al my frendes saules for a yere. 
To my sistur Isabell an olde noble, with a paire of white every 
beades with faces, & to every on of hir sonnes a silver spoyne. 
To Nicholes EUys my bukler. I bequeath a cowe worth x s. for 
the church stoke. To William EUys, th'elder, a paire beades 
of ambour. I bequeath a sylver goblett in the custody of my 
lady Calverley duryng hir life, &, after hir decesse, to my 
doughtour, Anne. To Alicie Calverley an arke. To Thomas 
C. my wod knyf. To W" C. th'elder a new dagar. To my 
brother Vicar, for his labour, an olde noble. To my hospes 
Harpar an ambre. To my brother Roberto my fox furryd 
gowne, a sattan dublett, with the sidder of my chamlett 
jackett. To Gilberte Calverley my little crose of golde for the 
terme of his lif, &, aftir hym, to be an heire Tome to the 
progenye of the heires of Calverley. I will that all my pur- 
chaced lands in Calverley & Manyngham go to my broder 
Robert for terme of his lif ; to remayne to Sir Walter Calverley 
& his heres ; &, for the more surtye, I have maide a deide of 
feoffamente & putt yn thies feoffes, Thomas Tempest Esquier, 
Robert Meryng & John Meryng gentilmen. The residue to 
my ex" for t'helth of my saull & thairs, and, thus, Jhesu have 
mercy oppon me. 

[Pr. 22 March. 1624-6.] 

[Ez Orig. penes Deo. et Capit. Ebor.] 

Jan. 16, 1524-5. A Sancte John hede, ij s. A byrde cage 
w* a corde, ij d. 

* He made his will, Not. 24, 1624. John Grejm, of the dtie of Yorke, 
glover. To be beried in the church or church graith of that parich wher it 
Shan happen me to depart furth of this world, and my best garment for my 
mortoarie, after the coostome of ye citie of Yorke, if it fortone me to die 
thare. To Margaret, my wyff, my bowse in Walmegait. Daughters Agnes St 

o 2 


The shope. A dosen payr of gloves yjd* viij bagges iiij& 
xyiii parses ij s* A chyst xviij d. ij baUyngs xij d. \] formes, 
a horde w^ other huslament in ye sayme xij d. iig selves w* ▼ 
poykes xvj d, 

Summa, xj a. 

He owes to ye wyf at ye Bell at Doneaster xii^ d. Funerall 
expenses fyve marke^ 

[Reg. Wolsey, 167.] 

Feh. 8, 1 524-5. I, Sir Thomas Swifte,* preiste, as a true 
Christen man fast in the faithe of Griste and His Church, now 
beyng hoole in body and of good mynde and memory, make, 
orden, and declare this my testament and last will in maner 
and forme folowyng. First, I bequeath my saidl to Hym which 
creatid and redemede the same, Criste Jhesu, besechyng 
humbly AUmyghtie God, Sone, and the Holye Grost, Uire 
Persons and oon God, to have mercy of me synfull creature, 
praying also His Godhed to have pyte of me, and of His 
infinite mercy to put His moost excellent passion betwix my 
soull and His rightwise jugement; and if I for my manyfold 
synnes and trespaces have not maide true confession, dew 
contricion and satisfaccion as I ought to have downe, I therfore 
aske grace and forgy venes, mekely beseching the moost gloiiose 
Virgyn, oure Lady Sancte Mary, all Angelles, Archangels, 
Apostels, Evaungelistes, Marters, Confessours, and Virgyns, 
with all the celestiall citizens and gloriouse company of hevyn, 
to be my advocates, to pray for me unto God for remission of 
my synnes, that my saull may be savyd and comme to the blisse 
that never shall have ende. Item I will my body be beryede 
within the church of Rotherham before the doore of oure Lady's 
where. And I gif to the church warkes and nedes xx s. Item 
I will be giffyn for my mortuary accordyng to th use and 
costome of the contrey. Item I gif to the church of Wikersley, 
towarde the makyng of ther steple and hallowyng of ther hye 
altar, vij li« Item to Sir John Addy a fetherbede that he lyeth 
on, with bolster, tester, and sciller, with a gowne. Item I gif 

Margaret Greyn. To Edward Chawmar of Donyngton my blake horse being 
at Hinderskelf and my ladder dublet. My broder, Robert Greyn. (Pr. Dec. 
15, 1526.) [Reg. Test. Dec. ft Capit. ii. 139] 

» A eon of John Swift of 'Kinsley, and a kinsman of Robert Swift of 
fiotherham. Cf. Hnnter'e Sonth Yorkshire, i. 204-6. 


to the saide Sir John Addy, tx> syng eight yeres next aftir the 
date hereof for my sauU, for the saull of my maister Gefiray 
Symon,* for the saulles of my &der and mother, and al Cristen 
saulles, for every yere vij mare, which amounteth to the somme 
of xxzvij 11. vj 8* viij d., which Bomme I will shalbe kepte in the 
College of Jhesu in Botherham under the custody of the provest 
and felowys of the same, and they to pay to the saide Sir John 
Addy vij marc yerely, as is aforesaide ; and if the saide Sir John 
dye, than it be gyven in like maner to an other prest, electe 
by my executours. Also I will my saide prest shall sav iij 
tymes in the weeke Placebo, Dirigey and ComrnendcLciona. 
Also the same prest to say Messe in the weeke, one of the 
Trinitie, the secunde of oure Lady, the thirde of Requiem^ and 
in other days to say as he shalbe disposid. And I will the 
saide preste syng within the church of Rotherham beforsade 
the saide viij*^ yeres. To Thomas & John Swifte & Humfrey 
Walker, my god childer, to every on of them yj s. viij d. To 
Jane Walker sex sylver spones. To Alice Wade vj sylver spones. 
To John and William Swift, sonnes of William Swift, and to 
Anne Swifte ther sister iiij li. To my ij servauntes, Thomas 
and John, theire hole yere wages . . • To the churche of 
BumesauU, where I was parsone, c s., it to be taken of such 
dettes as ys owyng by my procuratour there. To the amendyng 
of the gate in Tynsley xls. To the chapell of the same a 
vestyment of bodkyn with pertinence, to th'entente my saull 
may be prayde for. To the monastery of Rufford a pare of 
greate saltes sylver with a cover gilte, for th'entente that thay 
for the same shall syng yerely aboute the day of my obite 
Placebo and Dirige with a Messe of Requiem the day folowyng ; 
and for performacion of the same I will th'abbott and Convente 
of the saide Rufford be boundon to my executours in an 
obligacion of xx** marc ; and, if they denye so to be boundon, 
than I will the saide saltes with the cover be otherwise disposed 
for my saull aftir the discretion of my executours. To my 
broder, John, yj sylver spones and xl s. To my lorde abbot of 
Rufford a velvett girdle with hames silver and gilt. To Jane 
Storke, my servaunte, . . . & xx s. for hir true labour and ser- 
vice downe to me. To Maistir Roberte Nevile, provost of the 
College of Jhesu of Rotherham, for his labours, my best gowne 
cremysyn furryd with marttrons, my best surples, a bag of blake 
velvett with ryng of sylver and gilt, a girdle hameshed with 
sylver and gilt having a flowre ou the bucle, and an other in 
the pendent. To Robert Swift of Rotherham a macer with a 

* Geoffrey Simeon, prebendary of Soath Cave at York, who became Dean 
of Lincoln. 


cover of sylver and gilt havyng a roo buke oppon it. The resi- 
due . . • to Maister Robert Nevile & Koberte Swifte, whome 
I orden executours . . to dispose them for t'helthe of my aaull 
and my saide maister saulle in good warkes and charitable 
dedes . . Wittenes Sir John Addy prest, Sir Nicholas Frankish 
prest, Sir Richard Bradshawe scole maistir, John Grene, and 
Thomas Swift, my servauntes, 

[Pr 23 Feb. 1624-6.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 305.] 

In the name of the Holie and Indivisible Trinitie, the Fader, 
the Sone, and t'holye Goost, Amen. I, William Nelson,* of the 
citie of Yorke, gentilman, hoole of mynde and clere memory, 
the xxj*^ daye of March, the yere of oure Lorde God m' d. 
xxiiijth, revolv3mg and thinking the freile astate and condicion 
of man, and also the incertitude of my last day, nyght and day 
revolvyng and thinking, and by the grace of God willing and 
purposyng the inconvenientes and accidentes therof to come, 
and a perfite remedy^ to provide and putte, maketh, ordineth, 
and disposeth this my testament, my last will therin contenyd, 
in maner and forme folowyng. First I witt and commende my 
sauU to Almyghtie God, my Creatour, and to that Blissid Mary 
Virgyn and Moder of Mercy, and to all the Sanctea of the 
celestiall courte of hevyn, and my body to be beried in the 
church of Holye Trinitie in Mekilgate in Yorke, nye the body 

* Thomas Nelson, merchant, was Chamberlain of York in 1442; Sheriff 
1447-8; M.P. 1452; Lord Mayor, 1454 and 1466. Will d. 4 Nov. 1478; pr. 
22 March 1483-4. (Reg. Test. v. 212.) Sep. in eccl. prioratus S. Trinitatis 
doram altare S. Thomae Martyris, jnxta corpus Eaterinse, uxoris mesa. Grand- 
Ron Geo. Wastenes, son of my dau. Agnes. Son & heir, Thos. N., 100 marks, 
and my lands, etc., in Hull, Cottingliam, Brantingham, Skelton near York, 
Doncaster, Bolton on Deme, Halifax, Fenton, East and West Lutton, and 
houses in York. Son Wm. N. 100 marks and houses in York, and lands in 
Riccall, Poppleton, and Sherburne. 

Alderman Nelson, according to Dmke, founded a chantry at the altar where 
he was buried, desiring that it should be called that of St. Thomas Nelson. 

ITie maker of the will now given, William Nelson, was his second son, and 
was Chamberlain in 1489; Sheriff, 1495-6. On Jan. 28, 1498-9, he was elected 
Alderman ; in 1500 he was Lord Mayor; and on Dec. 18, 1503, he was elected 
M.P., an honour which was repeated in 1509, 1511-12, and 1514-16. On Jan. 
16, 1616-17, being then a prisoner in the Fleet, London, he was again made 
Lord Mayor, to the *gret mervayUe and dyspleasour' of the king, who set the 
election aside. Mr. Nelson resigned his gown Aug. 6, 1517. He marr. Jenet 
or Joan, dau. John Norton, Esq., of Bilbrough. Christopher, his son and heir, 
died at Kiccall in 1554, where he had a lease of the prebend. 


of my fader ; and I wittx) the Prior of the Holye Trinitie the 
day of my beriall iij s. iiij d., and to every monke xx d. for 
Dirige and Mease, to pray for me ; and to the sacristane for 
lightyng candilles opon my grave by on hoole yere at Messe 
tyme, xij d. Also I witto my parsones for forgettyn tithes and 
oblacions vj s. vi\j d. Also I witt v li. wax in v serges to bume 
aboute my body to my parishe kirke. Also I witt x li. wax 
to be maide in v candils to bume aboute my body to my beriall. 
Also I will ther be wax fomid suflSciently to bume opon my 
grave at Messe tymes by a hoole yere next aftir my decesse. 
Also I witto my parishe kirkewarke vj s. viij d. Also I witto 
the iiij Orders of Freres within the citie of Yorke xx s., that is 
to say, every Order v s. for ther special prayers. Also I witto 
every leprose house within the suburbiis of Yorke vj d., and to 
every massendew iiij d. Also I witt v li. of money to be dis- 
tribute to every olde man and woman j d. : the residue by the 
discretions of my executours, and every man and woman lyeng 
bedryn, that may not come, j d. Also 1 witt xx s. to the uphold- 
yng of Use brig, so that it be expent oi)on the same brig, and 
in non other use. Also I witto the marige of poore madyns 
xl s., the lest iij s. iiij d., and the most vj s. viij d. Also I witto 
every man servaunte beyng with me the day of my beriall ij s., 
and to every woman servaunte xx d., over and besides ther wages. 
Also I witt X 8. for the sayng of a trentall the day of my beriall. 
Also I witto an honest prest iiij li. vj s. viy d., and his borde 
with my wif, to synge for my sauU and all Cristen sauUes by 
the space of ij yeres, and he to say daylie Placebo and Ihrige, 
and, aither yere, a trentall as the fe^tes come, and aftir every 
Messe to say this Psalme De Profundis with the Collecte 
Absolve, Also I witt and giffes Janet my wif my basyng and 
ewer of silver duryng hir lif naturall, and aftir hir decesse to 
Crist ofe r Nelson and^'illiana his sone, or els the on to by the 
other parte. Also I wilt and giffes the saide Jenet, my wif, 
a standyng pece of silver coverte and gilte with Sancte Nicholas 
of the cover top, and vj spoynes silver and gilte. Also I witt 
and giffes the saide Jenet. my wif, for terme of hir lif, al my 
landes and tenementes in Grymston, Bicall, Welehows, Kelfeld, 
Acastre, my chefe place in Yorke that I dwell yn with the tene- 
mente in Conyng-strete boght of Thomas Holgate, and the 
tenement that Kicharde Bossall and Cristofer Conyers wonnte 
in in the Trinitie parishe at the 8hamyll end, with the tene- 
mente bakeward aneynst Sancte Sampson kirke ; and she to 
paye yerely to T homas Nelson^ m y sone, iij li. at ij termes in 
the yere to he be "beneficed to the yerely valour of xli. And 
aftir the decesse of Jenet my wif, I gif and witt to William 


Nelson, my son, and tx)<ihe heires of his body lawfully begotten, 
the landes in Kieall, Welehowse, and landes bought of Gilliot 
in Kelfeld, and he and thay to pay yerely to his broder, Thomas 
Nelson, xxxiij s. iiij d. at ij times, as is aforesaide, to he be 
beneficed ; and Cristofer Nelson to pay yerely to the forsaide 
Thomas Nelson, his brother, xxvj s. viij d., in full contentacion 
of the forsaide iij li. aftir the form aforsaide. And after the 
decesse of Jenett my wif I will the tenementes in Conyngstrete 
. . & Newland title . . to William Nelson, son of Cristofer 
Nelson my sone • • and the tenementes that Richard Bossall and 
Cristofer Conyers wonnte in, and the tenement bakeward aneynst 
Sancte Sampson kirke • • to Peter, sone of William my sone • • 
And I gif and witto Cristofer Nelson, my sone and heire, a 
standyng pece covert silver and gilt with bretesynges, the grete 
cownter in the hauU, my best gilted salt coveryd and gilt, 
a giltid spoyne, with vj other spoynes of silver, and my erosse 
of golde, in full satis&ccion of his porcion. And also I gif and 
witto William Nelson, my sone, a standyng pece coverte with iij 
lyons silver and gilte, the cowntour in the parlour, the other 
gilt salt aftir his moder decesse, a giltid spoyne, with yj other 
spoynes of silver, in ful satisfaccion of his parte and portion. 
And I geve and witto Thomas Nelson, my sone, sex silver 
si)03mes with lyons opon the endes, a cowntour at Bicall, a 
pressour, a copburde of waynescotte that was Davelle*8, a bound 
kiste, with a bed of waynescotte, a federbed, a coveryng of a 
bed with ymagery, y coverlettes, ij blankettes, a paire of [£eites, 
ij pillows, and yj whissynges with hertes, in full satisfaccion of 
his parte and porcion. To William Nelson, Cristofer sone, my 
doble cowntour in the side of the haull, that was Davell's, and 
a giltid spoyne. And I gif Richard, his brother, a gilt spoyne 
and the cowntour in my bed chambour. And I gif Peter Nelson 
a giltid spoyne and the cowntour in the chapell chambour. 
And I gif to William, his broder, a giltid spoyne, and the 
cowntour in the parlour that the mensey ettes oppon. To every 
doughtour of Cristofer and William Nelson, vj s. viij d. To 
Kateryn Grascoign, my doughtour, yj s. viij d. And I wit Rauf 
Gascoign and William, his broder, aither of them yj s. viij d. so 
it come not in ther fader handes. Also I wit Isabell Gascoigne 
a smale girdle, the hames silver and gilte, that was hir moder 
wedding girdle, and vj s. viij d. To Jenett Langton, my 
doughtour, vj s. viij d. and to Fraunces, hir sone, vj s, viij d. 
Also I wit Margarete Aire, my doughtour, vj s. viij d., and a 
standyng pece coverte, silver and gilte, worth v marc, which I 
delyvered hir at the xviij*** day of February last past, and 
X marc in stuff or money in amendeyng of hir porcion so that 


John Eire, hir husbande, make acquietance for bir porcion, or 
els wbich he and she haith receyvid of me to be cast in hir 
porcion, and to take that that right will he have. To Martyn 
and Dorothe, hir childer, aither of them yj s. viij d. To 
Margarete Gamett vj s. viij d., and Jenet, hir doughtour, iij s. 
iiij d. I wit William Nicson one of my gownes, which my wif 
will, and iij s. iiij d. I witto Sir John, my curate, iij s. iiij d., to 
pray for me. To Sir John Symson yj s. viij d. I witto the 
Trinite gilde in Fossegate iij s. iiij d. To Sancte Cristofer and 
Sancte George gilde iij s. iiij d. To Corpus Cristi gilde xx d. 
The residue . . to Jenet my wif & Cristofer, my son, whom I 
orden • • ezecutours, to fulfill my will and dispose my goodes 
in warkes of marcy for t'helthe of my saull, and I make and 
ordend William Colla preist supervisour of my testament, to se 
my wil be fulfilled, and goodes well and vertuosly disposed. 
And as for Richard Langton, I have acquietance of hym. And 
as for William Gascoign haith had of me above reason in money, 
rayment and dynner, with other charges, a hundreth marces of 
lawfull money, and in money, when he went to the Scottishe feld, 
iiij li. and more ; and, to make his wife a feofiamente, xl marces, 
and he entrid to his landes at xvij* yeres of his elde to my hurte 
and damage xx li. and more. Also oxen, kye, horses, bounde 
Waynes, crisom laces, fyne pillows, with beddyng and stuf oute 
of mynd, to the valour of xx li. and more. In wittenes hereof 
to this my present testamente and last will therin contenyd I 
have putto my scale, the daye and yere above written. Thies 
wittenes8e3. Sir John Miklay, curate, Thomas Staveley, William 
Pulley, Henry Mason, and other. 

[Pr. 12 Apr. 1526.] 

[B^. Test. ix. 313.] 

Apr. 7, 1523. Dame Elisabeth Scargill, widdo, late wife 
unto Sir William Scargill knyght* late departed. To be 
beriede w*in sanctified grownde whereso it please Almyghtie 
God that I shall departe. To my curate my best whik good in 
the name of my mortuary. To the hye altar in Ledes, to helpe 
to bye an omamente, iij s. iiij d. Also, to the church warkes of 
Ledes vj s. viij d. To Mr Robert Scargill a horse or xl s. To 
Maistres Coplay a cowe. To Sir John Evers vj s. viy d. To 

* There is very little known about the Scargills, who lived at Lede Grange. 


John Preist ij s. " To Sir Symond Hawe, my chaplayn, vij marc 
in a yere duryng vij yeres, to pray for my saull and for my 
husband saull, Sir William Scargill, and al my good freindes 
saulles. To my madjm of my chambre a cowe and vj s. viij d. 
To Elisabeth Scargill, my doughtour, my ambling gray horse, 
I orden Eliz., my doughtour, my fill executrix of this my testa- 
ment. The residue • • • to her, to hir mariage and to dispose 
for my saull afbir hir best mynde. Thes beryng wittenes 
Maister John Coplay, Sir John Vevers, etc. 

[Pr. 5 May, 1525, adm. to er«.] 



[Reg. Test ix. 866.] 

In nomine Individuae Trinitatis, Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus 
Sancti, duodecimo die mensis Aprilis, anno Domini millesimo, 
quingentesimo, vicesimo quinto. Amen. Ego, Robertas Haly- 
treholme,* clericus, rector ecclesise parochialis de Bidenham in 
comitatu Bed', compos mentis ac sanae memoriae, condo testa- 
mentum meum in hunc modum. In primis legoanimam meam 
Omnipotenti Deo, Beatae Marise Virgini, Sancto Jacobo Apostolo, 
et Omnibus Sanctis caelestis curiae, corpusque meum (si con- 
tingat me mori apud Bidenham) ad sepeliendum in ecclesia 
Sancti Jacobi praedicta de Bidenham, in cancello, subtus lectri- 
iiam. Item lego [in] unum Antiphonarium cum nota pro 
ecclesia praedicta, v li. vj s. viij d. Item reparationi pontis de 
Bidenham vj s. viij d. Item lego reparationi ecclesiae de Lin- 
coln iij s. iiij d. Item lego Abbatissae et Conventui de Denney 
in comitatu Cantabrigiae sex cocliaria argentea, et in moneta 
XX 8., pro Exequiis et Missa celebrandis inter eas solenniter pro 
anima mea, et pro animabus parenlum et fratrum et sororum 
meorum, etc. Item do Agneti Mayne unum cocliar argenteum 
et iij 8. iiij d. Item lego Fratribus Minoribus iij s. iiij d. Item 
lego Roberto Popley, Fratri Minori, filio meo spiritali, vj s. viijd. 
Item lego fabricae ecclesiae Sancti Botulphi in Cantabrigia ij s. 
Item lego Fratribus Prajdicatoribus de Beverlaco, ut int^rsint 
sepulturae meae, et celebrent Exequias et Missam, vj s. viij d. 
Item lego Ricardo Dalby nnam peciam argenteam cum una 
arbore de Iwlyn in sculptura in fundo cum hoc verbo AgnoSy et 
unam murram secundam, et sex cocliaria argentea cum knoppes 

* A native of Beverley, who had been educated at Cambridge and benefioed 
in Bedfordshire. He made his own wiU. 


vocatis garlekhed. Item lego Elisabeth Dalby, uxori dicti 
Ricardi) unam cistam de cipero coopertam cum ferro. Item 
lego lectum plumale melius quod jacet in parlura, cum cervi- 
calli eidem pertinente. Item lego eidem Elizabeth unum 
optimum par lintheaminum. Item lego Francisco Dalby unam 
peciam argenteam parvam, stantem, partim deauiatam, cum 
pede cum uno flore argenti in fundo, cum uno wreiih deamato 
circa florem. Item lego dicto Francisco meam murram cum 
coopertorio ejusdem. Item lego dicto Francisco unam magnam 
rubiam archam in mea camera* Item lego Laurencio Foster de 
Skerne, consanguineo meo, unam peciam argenteam cum uno 
day^ deaurato in fundo, et habet tuche de Turri. Item lego 
Jobannse, uxori dicti Laurentii, unum par precularium de corall 
et arvfier^ cum gaudiis de argento, cum lapide jasper. Item 
lego tribus filiabus dicti Laurentii, viz. Margaretse, Elisabeth, 
et AnnsB, unicuique earum, unimi cocliar argenteum. Item 
lego Elisabeth Dalby, matri Ricardi Dalby, unum cingulum de 
serico rubei coloris cum iiij scripitis argenteis, unum par linthe- 
aminum, et unum par precularium quod habet, quod ei prsestiti. 
Item lego domino Ricardo Grante capellano unum cocliar argen- 
teum. Item lego domino Roberto Sonley, rectori ecclesiae Sancti 
Nicholai de Beverlaco, unam murram cum parva ligatura argen- 
tea, et tria cocliaria argentea, et unum par lintheaminum, et, si 
contingat me mori Beverlaci, eligo sepulturam meam in ecclesia 
coUegiata Sancti Johannis Beverlaci in insula australi, juxta 
chorum dictsB ecclesiae, prope sepulturam Domini Thomae Hali- 
treholme, avunculi mei, quondam personse in praedicta ecclesia. 
Item lego reparationi ecclesisB Beatae Mariae Beverlaci xx s. Item 
volo quod emant unum lapidem cum data et convenienti scripto 
ad ponendum super corpus meum. Item pego] Elisabeth 
Dalby, consanguineae meae, unum magnum comntier stans in 
aula. Et caetera bona mea, ulterius non legata, post debita mea 
soluta, ac funerales expensas meas solutas, do et lego Ricardo 
Dalby et Elisabeth Dalby, uxori dicti Ricardi Dalby, et Roberto 
Sonley capellano, rectori ecclesiae Sancti Nicholai Beverlaci, 
quos quidem Ricardum Dalby, Elisabeth, et Robertum Sonley, 
ordino, facio, et constituo hujns mei testamenti meos veros et 
legitimes executores, ut istud meum testamentum fideliter 
perimpleant, et caetera bona mea, non legata, disponant pro 
salute animaB meae, animabus parentum meorum, fratrum et 
sororum meorum, ac animabus benefactorum [ac] omnium 
fidelium defimctorum, sicnt eis melius videbitur placere Deo. 
Hiis testibus Domino Ricardo Grantt capellano, R. Browne, 
serviente meo, Laurencio Forster. Datum Beverlaci, xiiij** die 
Aprilis, anno Domini millesimoquingentesimo vicesimo quinto. 
Scriptum manu mea propria. 


[R^.Wolsey, 168 a.] 

May 2, 1526. I Richarde Willoughby,* preiste, in hoole 
mynde, makes my testament in this maner folowyng. First I 
gif and witt my saull to Almyghtie God and to oure Lady 
Sancte Mary, and to all the Sanctes in heven, and my body to 
be beriede in the parishe church where soo ever it shall please 
God to visett me ; and if it forton me to be visitt within the 
lordship of Hynderskelf, that then my body to be beriede at a 
thome tree in the churche yerde that I set my self. And I gif 
and witt in the name of my mortuary my best horse, under the 
forme as be accostomed, and my marble stone that nowe lithe 
there to be lade apon me. Also I witt to the amendyng of the 
omamentes within the saide church xx s. Also I witt that ther 
shalbe ezpente als moche at the day of my beriall [as cometh] 
to iij s. iiy d. and my xij*** torches to be expente the saide 
daye, and to ichon of the xij olde men that berith them iiij d., 
Summa iiy s. Also I will that every persone, vicar, and preist 
that visitt my body the day of my Serial, syngyng or sayng 
Mease and Dirige for my saull, xij d,, parishe clerkes iiij d., 
scolers ij d., and every man, woman, and childe j d. Also I gif 
to the prior of Kirkham 2a s. ; to Sir Thomas Yorke vj s. viij d., 
and to every broder and novice xij d., and maistir sacristayne 
for ryngjmg of ther belles to ther costome, and they to syng 
Messe and Dirige for my saull. Also I witto the iiij Orders 
of Freres within the citie of Yorke xiij s. iiij d. to be divided by 
evyn porcions. Item to the iiij colege churches iiij s., ychon of 
them xij d. Item to Sancte Petir warke xx d. Also to one 
ymage of oure Lady standding be northe [sic] the where dore 
in the Mynster of Yorke xij d. Also I witto Sancte Margarete 
altar in Huton my Messe buke, vestiment, and chales. Also 1 
will that my executours fynd iij serges before the ymage of 
Sancte Margarete by the space of vij yeres. Also I gif to ther 
bye waes and ther commonnotte vj s. viij d. Also I gif to the 
upholdding bothe the chappels xxs. Also to my suster Elisabeth 
iij li. vj s. viij d. Also to Nicolas Newsome xl s., q oxon ; and to 
his wif a cowe. Also to Robert Wright and his wif and his childer 
XX s., ij oxon, and a cowe. Also to Jenett Mylner of Malton on 
cowe or x s. Also Richarde Daye and his wif a cowe and iij s. 

♦ The testator seems to have been attached to the household of Lord Grey- 
stock at Hinderskelfe, an ancient choich and TillBge» swept away to make 
place for Castle Howard. 


iiij d. Also I will have a preist to saye Messe at Sancte Mar- 
garete chapell for on yere, of the feriall dayes to say Dirige for 
my fiirder*s sauU, my moder saull and my owne, withal my 
kynsfolkes saules whos bones lieth there ; and whan he says not 
Dvrigtj as Festivall dayes, then to say the vij Psalmes with the 
Latany, and he to have for his wages iij li. yj s. viij d. Also to 
on preist to syngat Hynderskelf by the space of ij yeres, and he 
to have like payment, and to serve under the same forme, sayng 
Messe the Sonday of the Trinitie, the Monday of th'Angels, the 
Tuysdaye of the Holye Gost, the Weddensday of Requiem^ 
Thursday of Corpvs Ohristij the Friday of the Crosse, the 
Satturday of oure Lady ; and the preist to have to his wages to 
the saide ij yeres viij li. xiij s. iiij d. and he to be charged as 
aforesade. Also I gif to the kirke warke of Thorpbassett xx s« 
Also to ychon of my god childer xij d. Also Jenett Hudson 
xls. Jenet Browne xxs. Isahell Foster a cowe or els xs. 
Item to John Symson, auditor to my lorde, that I may have 
rightwise jugement and true justice betwixt my lorde and me, 
xl 8. Also I gif to my Lorde Dacre, my Lorde Graistoke, my 
good maister Sir Cristofer Dacre, by evyn porcion to be deliverid 
emonge them, iij horses, or els yj li., to the intent that thay be 
als good to my executours and to my saull as they have been 
hertofore to my poore persone. Also to my Lorde Deyne nowe 
beyng xl s. or els my best horse next my mortuary and he to be 
supervisour of this my will. The residue of my goodes not 
legated I bequeath to Maister Houghton and Sir William 
Jefirason, and they to dispose and distribute the saide goodes 
to the helth of ther saulles and myne as they will aunswer afore 
the hye Juge, and they to have for ther labours xx nobils divided 
by evyn porcions, the day and yere abovesade. 

[Pr. 28 Aug. 1625, adm. to Mr Wm Houghton k Dan Wm Jeffraaon, vioar of 
Folkton, chaplains, ex".] 

[Beg. Test. iz. 816 5.] 

May 15, 1525. Thomas Lacy,* gentilman, prist and stable 
of mynde.. To be beriede within the parishe cburche of Folton, 
in oure Lady where. To Sir Brian, my preist, if he be contente 
therwith, or els, some other to syng for me and my anteces- 
sours the space of iiij yeres complete, iiy li, every yere. To the 

* The Lades of Folkton, B.B.Y., were an ancient Yorkshire family. Cf. 
Glover's Visitation of Yorkshire, 160-1. 


executours of Sir Cristofer Diirbatn, late the vicar of Folton, for 
the forgifhes of tithes forgettyn, xs. To Koberte Lacy, Elisa- 
beth, my doughtour, with the x li. that Sir Boberte Constable 
owe me, & the yj li. that Sir William Ellercar owe me, with all 
the raymentes that was hir moderns, beside hir parte, with the 
half my inwarde goodes of Folton. To Lancelote, my sone, 
my goblett with the coveryng. To Roberte, my sone, my 
goblett, and half the dossan spones that ar called the xij^ 
Apostels ; and the oyer half I gif to Lancelote, my sone. To 
Rauf Lacy, my sone, beside his parte, v li. xiij s. iiij d. that 
Maister Gower owe me, and v marc that Maistir Laton owe me, 
and xl s. that Mastres Laton owe me, & vij nobles that Frere, 
the balye of Bridlyngton, owe me ; I bequeath my sone Rauf 
with his parte to my sone Robert, he to fynde sufficiente 
surtie to Sir Rauf Eure and my cousyng Gower to fynde hym 
at the scole, & to have his parte ; and Roberte to have the 
money above namyd for the fynddjmg of the said Rauf at the 
scole. To Watir Rudstone, my sone in lawe, x li. To Lance- 
lote, my sone, my leise & take of my fermehold of the hall, the 
crops grovyng at the hall, etc.; also my leise of the Clif close 
for payng of such dettes as is not knowen, and for goyng of 
pilgramage for me. To Maistres Jane Eure xx yowes with 
ther lames. To Matild, my bastard doughtour, v marc. To 
Rauf Lacy a flat silver pece. To Sir Rauf Eure my whit dc^ 
and my blake, and my halke. To the Prior of Bridlington, for 
all the offences and displeasours downe betwixte hyme and me, 
and for a forgiffenes, x s. To my sister, Matild, xl drape 
wedders, & to Thomas Milner, hir sone, a file with a whit foite. 
To Rauf Lacy v marc for his parte. To Anne Lacy & Margarete 
V li. vj s. viij d. for ther parties. To Isabell Lacy v marc for 
hir parte, she to be delyvered to Roberte Lacy. To Lancelote 
Lacy all my horses at the hall. I forgif such poore men as is 
not able to pay me. To TyndaU wif iny bore and a sue with 
pig. To the Freres of Scardeburgh, to have one yerely obite, 
the house that Gyhnyn wif wonnt in, the which Freres maide 
clame therto. To the house of Sancte Roberte's, for' absolucion, 
iij s. iiij d. The residue to Lancelote and Rauf, my childer : 
they ex": Sir Rauf Eure, supervisor. 

fPr. 2S July, 1626, adm. to Lancelot Lacy, res. to other.] 


[Reg. Test. Dec. Sc Cap. Ebor. ii. 142.] 

June 22, 1625. Be it knawen over all that I, William 
Smyth, of Rowclif besides the citie of Yorke, notarie, hooll of 
mynd and seik of bodie, maik & ordeigne my testament & 
last will in maner and forme following. To be bur. within the 
metropolitane church of Sainct Peture of York, afor the ymage 
of our Blissid Ladie, ney besides Isabell my wi6F lait decessed, 
whos soull God pardone. To my parich church of Belfray, for 
my mortuarie, my best horse. And I will that myne executores 
doo for me at my buriall in like maner as I causid to be doyne 
abowt the buriall of my wiff, in every behalve. To the mona- 
starie of our Blissid Ijadie of Yorke fortie wedders. To the 
foure Orders of Freers of the said citie xx s., so thay goo before 
me to the church; & to every of the Spittall howses of the same 
citie a bussell of wheit. To my brother, William Conyers, my 
bay gelding, and my tawny sattan dublet ; and to Issabell, my 
doghter, a challes, w* a westament and a alb y* belongeth the 
same. To my freind, Thomas Skirrow of York,armerer, twoqwies 
of iiij yeres old, and my new Kendall jakket. . . • To Thomas 
Gillow my musterddevillous jakkit, & my awmebling bay horse, 
which remane in his keping. To John, his sone, a blak trot- 
ting stag which goith at Dighton. To Richard Tarte my white 
sattan dublet. To every of my servandes a gymmer lame, who 
amountithe the nowmbre of xxx persones. I wooU that my 
two yongest children, Thomas & Elizabeth, be w* my doughter 
Margaret, with thair porcions, and she shall have my take of 
Fulford tiethis for the findding and upbringing of my said two 
children, and shall mynysche noe part of yer porcons yerfor : 
and, furthermore, she shall yerely, during the said taik of 
Fulford, cause to be doyn for me ane Annyversarie w* Masse 
and Derigie their as she dwellith, and ane other for my said 
wiff, hir mother, the dais of our departoures to the mercy of 
God. I will that my doughtour Isabell shalbe with my 
brother e law, William Conyers, and he to have hir feofemente 
goyng furth of Thomas Mounteford landes to she come to yeres 
of discression, and, besides that, my said brother e law shall 
have XX marces, or gooddes to the valow thairof, in his cus- 
todie, to be deliverd to John Mounteforde and my said doughter 
Isabell at yer mariage . . . according to my condicon maid 
with the said Thomas Mounteforde. I will that S*" John Con- 
yers prest haye the guyding of my thre sones, Richard, Robert, 


and George, w* yer porcions, and he to bring theym up in 
lemyng to they may come to yere of discrescion, & then to 
deliver unto thame their said porcions w^owt any mynyshemente 
• • . I woll that my executours cause to be doyne yerely for 
me and my wiflF during the terme of xx** yeres now next folow- 
ing, at my said parich church of Belfrais, within th'uties of 
Corpus Ghriatiy ten Masses of the v Wounddis, for ather of us 
fyve Messes; and other ten Messes of the Visitacion of our 
Ladie, for ather of us v ; to be doyn within the church of 
Belfraies ; & other ij Messes of Requiem to be doyn for us 
every yere during the said xx** yeres at Belfrais aforesaid upon 
the feast of All Senilis, for the which I lynmiyt to my said 
executours, to be taken owt of my guddes, vij li. vj s. viij d. To 
Sir John Conyers prest my best gowne funred with fox, my 
velvit doublet, a bay awmbling stage, and ane himdrith gymmer 
lammes. To the parson of Skelton, now being, ane awmblyng 
gray stag going in the Gowe clois at Rowclif ; and to Skelton 
church, for honourmente of the crucifix their, yj s. viij d. ; and 
to the same church ane altar cloth, which was my wiflfe's mynd. 
To the parich church at Craik ane aulter cloth. To Belfrais' 
church ane aulter cloth. To Petur Welles of Skelton a bay 
fiUie stagge. To Margaret Frost ten sheringes, or els a cow. 
To WilliMn Lewit, my kynsman, my swerde and my bukler, 
and ten yowes. Ex" John Conyers clarc, & my sone, Richard 
Smyth,* and my lord, Edmunde, abbot of the mon' of our 
Ladie of York, supervisour ; and ever besuch his gud lordship, 
as my single trust haith beyn in the same, to be gud lord unto 
my said children. 

[Fr. 21 Aug. 1625, adm. to ez~.] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 381.] 

In the name of God, Amen, the x*** day of July in the 
yere of oure Lorde God, m*. D.xxv*^, I, Thomas Fyndrone,t 

* 11 Apr. 1633. Richard Smyth of RowcUff hall, being in seknes, dreding 
deith. To be bar. within the parish chnrch of Sanct Michaell, called the 
Belfray, as nygh the high where as may conveniently be snfferd. Soster 
Issabell S. Brother Rob^ S. Res. to Issabell my wiff & Thomas & Anne mj 
childering ; they ex'*. Thomas Yavasoor of Conpmanthorp gentilman, & John 
Jakson, my wiffe's father, snpervisonrs. [Pr. 13 May, 1533.] (Reg. Test Dec. 
& Cap. ii. 166.) 

t The Findems were a very ancient family, and have been long extinct. A 
few garden-flowers still bloom on the site of their ancient residence, and are 
called by the country-folk *the Findems' flowers.* 

Radcliffensn-Soar belonged to the Sacheverells, two of whom are mentioned 
at the dose of the present wiU. 


of Badclif oppon Sore in the Countie of Notingham, Esquier, 
beyng of hoole and perfitte memory, thanked be God, make my 
last will and testament in forme folowyng. First, I bequeath 
my saull to Almyghtie God, our Lady Sancte Mary, and all the 
Sanctes, humbly beseching Hyme to accepte it to His mercy 
and grace ; and my symple body to be beriede in the parishe 
church of Badclif oppon Sore aforsaide, byfore the ymage of 
the Soode, in the northe ile of the same churche, if it fortone 
me to dicesse there : and, if I decesse in any oyer place, than I 
will my saide body be beried in suche place as my executours 
shall thynke most conveniente, if I appoynte no place certayne 
therfore in my lif ; and to have a conveniente stone of albastour 
for me and my wif. Also* I will that every preist that shall 
saye or syng Mease for my saull the daye of my beriall in the 
church where my body shal be beried, have for ther labour 
iiij d. ; and in likewise oppon my vij*** daye ; and every clerke, 
beyng within Orders, seyng Placebo and Dirige for my saull 
the daye of my saide berial in the same churche, j d. Also I 
will that every man, woman, and childe commyng to my beriall 
that will receyve dole, have an halpeny white loffe and a shiflfer 
of chese ; and, as for the wax that shal be occupied abouffht 
my herce the day of my saide beriall and vij^^, and also al otner 
coBtes and charges funeralles, I will they be ordered, maide, 
and downe by the advice and discretion of my executours, or 
the more parte of them, as they shall thynke most conveniente, 
at my oonly costes and charges. Also I hertely require my 
executours that they contente and trulye paye all my dettes to 
every body that I am indetted to. And also that they recom- 
pense all maner of persones that I have hurted or wronged in 
any maner of wise in al the hast they conveniently can or may 
after my decesse, accordding as they shall see cause resonable 
after theire discretions. Also I will that my saide executours 
shall bargeyne and sell at theire pleasours frome tyme to tyme 
all my goodes and cattalles, as well moveable as unmoveable, 
and with suche sommes of money as they shall take and receyve 
for the same that they shall make my fimeral expenses, and 
also contente and paye al my dettes, and recompense the for- 
saide hurtes and wronges ; and if my saide goodes and cattail 
will not extende therto, then I will my executours shall receyve 
and take all the reveneus and profittes of all my purchased 
landes in Darlye, Reppyngden, and Aschebe de la Sowche in 
counties of Derbye and Leicestre, unto suche season as they 
have perceyvyd and takyn of the isshues and profittes of the 
same all suche summes of money as my forsaide goodes and 
cattail lake and wante of the full contentacion and payment of 
VOL. V. p 


my saide funerall expenses, paymentes of my dettes, and recom- 
pensing of the forsaide hurtles and vrronges, and every of them ; 
and, that done, I will that the isshnes and pnofittes of the same 
purchased landes goo yerely to the maynteynyng of Divine 
service at my newe chapell in Potloke for ever. Also I be- 
queath to the releyve of the church of Badclif appon Sore 
s^orsaide a cowe. Item I bequeath to Agnes Hussy, to pray 
for my saull, a cowe on calf, a yowe and a lame, a pare of shake 
downe sheittes, a borde dothe of the same, a new coverlett, 
half a quarter of malte, and a bushell of wheate. Item I 
bequeath to William Bowman, to pray for my saull, my baye 
rackyng geldyng, a saddill and a bridell. Item I bequeath to 
the Gonvente of Beppynfifden, to pray for my saull, and to doo 
Divine service for me as mey shall thinke most expedients, vj s. 
viij d. Item I bequeath to the releyve of the church or chapell 
of Fyndron, to praye for my saull, a heflFour in calf and ij yeres 
of age and more. Item to the releyve of the church of Willing- 
ton, to pray for my saull, a quarter of malte. Item I bequeaUi 
to John Lacy, to praye for my saull, the cowe that cam frome 
Keigworth, and annuitie or annual rente of viij s., yerely goyng 
oute of the maner of Long Sitone in the counte of Derby, nowe 
in the holdyng of Johne Pyne, duryng suche termes as I have 
in the same, and to be paid yerely at the festes of Sancte 
Michaell and tb'Annimciation of oure I^y by evyn poreions ; 
and, for defalte of paymente, to entre and distreyne. Item I 
gyve and bequeath to George Findron, my sone and heire ap- 
parente, God's blissing and myne,chargyng hym opon my saide 
blissing that he doo his diligence that tins my saide last will 
and testament may be performed withoute delaye; and to 
th'entent he shall the rather so do, I gif and bequeath to hyme 
my fetherbed, bolster, and coveryng nowe lyeng on the parlour 
bede at Badclif, and all my hames, bothe breggoners, gestrons, 
jackes, salettes, splentes, bowes, arowes, billes, and other har- 
nes ; and, forther, I will that the saide George have any of my 
householde stuf opon a resonable price by the oversight of my 
executours, or the more parte of them, if he desire the prefer- 
mente therof, or it be sold ; and also will make rede paymente 
for the same, or els note. Also I bequeath to ychon of my god 
childer dwelling within the parishe of Sadclif aforesaide, to 
pray for my saull, a lambe. Also I bequeath to the house of 
the Freres Austyns of Leicetour, to pray for my saull, a quarter 
of malte, and a ronte stere. Also I will that my saide execu- 
tours contente and paye to the churche wardens of Saddington 
in the countie of Leic' that I owe to theire common box for a 
crosse clothe and a bull seg (while) I dwellid there, x s., and if 


the saide churche wardoDS tbeire thinke in theire consciencie 
thay ought to have more, I will my executours agrey with them. 
Also I bequeath to Sir Thomas Wynter, vicar of Eadclif opon 
Sore aforsaide, to praye for my sauH, iij quarters and a half of 
blake carsaye, half a quarter of malte, a bushell of rye, a blake 
buttond bonnett, and a tawne saddill. Also I will that if my 
executours, or oversears, or any of them, be putto any costes or 
charge for the performacion of this my last will and testament, 
the same costes and charges shalbe takyn and borne of my 
oonly goodes and cattcdles. Item I bequeath to William Briges 
a rouiied colte and a quarter of come, my fustyan dublett, my 
peticotte, and a paire of hoise that I ware day lye. Item I 
bequeath to my doughtour Mary my best kerchef, and to Agnes 
Hussy the secunde kerchef. Item I bequeath to Richard 
L<athebere a blake stalkyng mare which is in the handes of 
Roberto Fyndron. Item I bequeath to the same Boberte 
Findron, in recompense therof, my blake balde felye and hir 
fole* Also I order and make my sone George Fyndron, my 
cousyng Sauf Sachferell, and my cousyng, John Crewker, my 
executours, hertely requiring them to be lovyng to my saull, 
and to se this my last will performed withoute delaye, as my 
especiall trust is in them. And also I make Sir Bichaiti Sache- 
ferell and Sir Henry Sacheferell knyghtes supervisours of this my 
saide will, besechyng them to be lovyng and kynde to my soule, 
and to my poore childer, and that they will aide and supporte 
niy saide executours in all causes resonable concemyng the per- 
formation and execution of this my saide will, and every article 
conteyned in the same. Also I will that all suche costes and 
charges that my executours, and every of them, shall susteyne 
or lay done for the performacion of this present will, or any 
thyng concemyng the same, be at my oonlye costes and charges. 
In wittenes wherof Sir William Browne prior of the Aynstens 
Freres in Leicetour, Sir Thomas Wynter vicar of Badclif afor- 
said, Sir William Mannsfeld preist, James Else, John Ade, 
John Pyne, William Howett, Bartrame Marley. 

[Pr. 12 Oct. 1625 & adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. Bbor. ix. 328.] 

Sept. 14, 1625. John Henryson, th'elder, Alderman of the 
Kynge's towne upon Hull, beyng in good mynde and perfitte 
remembrance, thanked be God. To be beriede in the southe 

p 2 ' 


ile within the chiirche of our Lady. Also I bequeath far my 
corce prisaunte my best gowne. I gif also to the Blissid Sacra- 
mente, for oblacions and tithes forgettyn, vj s. viij d. Item I 
gif to the church warke of our Lady zx s. Also I will that 
when the money that is owyng to me in Fraunce for the Peter 
(come in), that then my executours shall cause a cope to be 
maide to the valour of xxx", and it to be gyven to our Lady 
church for a memoriall. Also I will that my executours shall 
cause a case of velvett to be maide for the BUsside Sacramente, 
to hang over the hye altar. Also I gif x li. to be gyven to x 
madyns to ther mariages, that is to say, to every on of them 
XX 8., to be delyvered to them vj dayes or they be maried. I 
will also that my chaplayne, Sir Thomas, shall have a fether bede, 
ij sheittes, and a coveryng to the same. I gif also to my sust^ 
Agnes, of Hedon, xl s., and to the litle lady withe saide Agnes 
iij li. vj 8. vi\j d. at the sight of John my sone. Also I gif to 
William Heryson, the carver, at the next comyng of the hulkes 
oute of Danske, a c wayne scottes, oppon his good aberyng, at 
the sight of my sone John. Also I gif to William Haryson, 
the taliour, xx s. I gfif also to Isabell Haryson, William Hary- 
son is moder, the carver, xx s. . • . To Rauf, my servaunte, my 
werke day gowue, doblett and jackett. To Roberte Biston 
my rydyng gowne. To Thomas Haibome, my apprentice, 
vj s. viij d. To my son John all my astate . . in certeyne 
closes, tenementes, & pastours within the lordeshipe of Miton 
. . and my tenementes in the Hye Strete, with a grete siler 
bowndyng next to Cristofer Lurte . . also my oile mylne, with 
the garthyng, with all the cistemes of leede that I have, and 
all my horses and meires. I will that John, my sone, shall 
paye, or cause to be paide, yerely to Agnes, my wif, xxvj s. viij d^ 
for the terme of hir lif. I will also that by the provision of my 
sone a parte of my landes shalbe bound to fynd an obite in 
cure Lady churche for ever, to pray for my saull, my fader saull, 
my moder's, my wife's sauUes, and all Cristen sauUes, and ther- 
fore to pay yerely iij s. iiij d. Also I will that Agnes, my wif, 
and John, my sone, whome I make full executours of this pre- 
sente testamente and last will, shall fynd a honest preist, to 
syng for ray saull and all Cristen saules by the space of ij yeres, 
and the saide preist to have yerely v li. for his wages ; and the 
said preist to be redy at all seasons to helpe to maynteyne the 
serves of God in the church of cure Lady aforesaide. I will 
also that John, my sone, shall delyver to Agnes, my wif, half 
the oile that shalbe maide of the s^e that I have of this yere, 
and she to here half the costes and charges therof. Also I gif 
to aither of the houses of the Freres iij s. iiij d. The rest . . to 


my wif & SOD John, & I make Sir Thomas Lymbeden, parishe 
preist of our Ladye chmrche, and William Thewe of Hedon, 
supervisonrs opon this my presente testamente. Hiis testibus, 
me, Thoma Lymden, indigno corato, Johanne Browne mercatore, 
et Jaoobo Johnson, cum ceteris astantibus, at Johanne Cokett. 

[Pr. 11 Mar. 1635-6.] 

[Reg. Test. U. 327]. 

Nov. 13, 17th Hen. VIII. (1526). John Norman,* citizen 
and alderman of the citie of Yorke. To be beried in the mydde 
parte of the church of All Sanctes upon the Payment, as nye 
unto the body of my late welbelovyd wif, Jane Norman, as 
is possible. To Sir George Richardson, my curate, my best 
garment for my mortuary, & xxvj s. viij d. for my tithes, as any 
tyme hertofore unpaide, or oblacions forgettyn. To xiij olde 
men, for beryng xiij^ torches at the day of my beriall xiij*'' 
white gowne. I will that xiiijth pounde of wax shal be bumyd 
then over my herse, & that the same day their shalbe gyven to 
poore people ob. dole, to pray for my saull. I will that my 
ex", the viijth day next aftir my beriall, or as nye theroppon as 
they can be in conveniente redynes, shall cause a solenne 
Dirige and Messe of Requiem to be doyne within my parishe 
church for my soulle, and to gyve to every preist of the saide 
parishe, beyng then & there present, xij d. ; and to the maister 
of Corpus Christi gilde, beyng there likwise present, other xij d.; 
and to every keper of the same gilde vj d. ; and to all other 
preistes, helpyng and maynteynyng God service with in the saide 
church that daye, iiij d. ; and to every parishe clerke iiij d. ; to 
every under clerke ij d. ; to every childe of the saide parishe, 

* He was a son of John Nonnan, Sheriff 1490-1 , and was adm. to his freedom 
in 1603; Chamberlain 1512; Sheriff 1514-16; on Jan. 12, 1516-17, he was 
elected alderman, to the great displeasure of the king, whom he seems to have 
offended, and who dischs^ed him from his office on Mar^ 26. He was re* 
elected alderman in Jan. 1520-1, and was chosen M.P. for the city in Feb. 
1622-3, and Lord Mayor in 1524. 

In 1501 he was adm. into the Merchants' Guild, of which he became con- 
stable in 1507 and master in 1515 and 1616. He and Catherine, his wife, 
joined the Corpus Christi Guild in 1612. (Beg. of Guild, 176.) 

John Norman was thrice married, his last wife being Anne Birley of Gate- 
forth. Their marriage licence, dated Jan. 2, 1524-6, is in Wolsey's Register 
(/ 80). From him descends the Visitation family of Norman of Gateforth 
and Burton Salmon. 

The will is full of pious and charitable bequests 


helpyng to do divine service, j d. I woll that ther shalbe 
burned ziiij li* of wax over my herce that same day. To xiij 
olde men xiij^ blake gownes, to pray for my saide saoll ; and 
also for beryng of zi^^^ torches the same eightyn daye witJi the 
above named xiij olde men on white gowne* I will that my 
ex" make ob. dole to poore people the saide daye. More over 
I will that my ex" shall make a worshipfull dynner to my 
breder aldermen of the saide citie, and to my sisters ther wifes, 
and to such other worshipfoll & honeste persones as they shall 
thynke best to have there, Forthermore, I will that my 
executoxirs, the day xij^ monethes after my saide beriall, or as 
nye theroppon as they can be in a conveniente redynes, shall 
make like expenses for the helthe of my saull, accorddingly as 
they shall doo at the saide eightyn daye, savyng oonlye that 
they shall gif non gownes then ; and as tochyng all other piety 
and necessary expenses to be then maide & had, I referre it to 
the discretion of my ex". To the Graye Freres of the said 
citie, to praye for my sanll, and for beyng at my beriall, 
xiij s. iiij d. To the other iij orders of Freres, to praye & doo 
for me likewise, xx s. I will that my ex" shall cause a thrugfae 
of marble to be laide opon my grave, & theropon the ymage 
of a man and iij women ymages with scripture to be gravyn in 
the same stone & tbrugh. To the ankores of Bishophill of 
Yorke, to praye for me, iij s. iiij d. To the poore headmen of 
of the Trinitie hauU in Yorke, Use brig, Sancte Cristofer house, 
and Sanct Antony house, vj s. viij d. ; to every house zx d. ; & 
to every poore beade house of the saide citie xij d., to pray for 
my saulL To the prisoners of the citie iij s. iiij d. ; to the 
prisoners of Yorke castell iijs. iiijd. To the Chamberlayne 
iiij li. to be emploied for the common well of the citie ; that is 
to saye, xl s. towards the reparacion of the common staithe, & 
xl 8. towardes the amendyng of the Kynge's hye waye aboute 
Sanct Nicholas churche, agaynste th'est ende, withoute Walme- 
gate Barre, I will that my ex" have xl marc to purchase a yerely 
anuy tie of xl s. furth of some religiouse house, or els xl s. land 
by yere, towardes the supportacion & mayneteynyng of a certayn 
chauntre foimddit within the saide parishe church in the honour 
of God, Sancte John, & Sancte Katerine, wherof Sir William 
Symson preist is nowe chaplayne ; and for the whiche xl s. by 
yere soo annexed • • • the same Sir William and his successours 
shall daylie praye for my saide saull, the saulles of John * & 

♦ A youDger son of John and Isabel Norman of New Malton. He was free 
of the city in 1469 ; Chamberlain 1487 ; Sheriff 1490-1 ; Master of the Mer- 
chants* Guild 1496. 

On June 30. 1497, Agnes his widow adm. to his effects (Rog. Test. T. 497). 
She died in 1533 and was buried at All Saints near her husband. 


Agnes, my fader & moder, the saulles of Kateryne, Jane, & 
Anne, my laite wifes, the saulle of Maister BichiBurde Wiott* 
clerke, & for the saidles of all my benefactours & all Cristen 
saulles, in sayng within the forsaide churche dailie the Psalmes 
of De ProfunSiSy & Miserere Psalme ; &, affcir thies sade, to 
cast holy water opon my saide grave ; provided also aye that if 
the sade parishynners & chnrchwardyns herafler do refuse & 
will nott permitte my heires to presente the clerke unto the 
saide chauntre, at every secnnde vacacion, by reason of my saide 
gifte, then the zl s. by yere to be emploied in other deides of 
charitie & almes. My ez*^ shall fynd an honeste & discrete 
preiste to syng for the saide saulls at Sancte John altar within 
my sade parishe church, the space of iij yeres next after my 
departour forth of this transsitory world, & they to pay hyni 
yerely vli. To Agnes Norman, my moder, to pray for me/^ 
xiij li. vj 8. viij d. To Antony Norman, my sonne, & his lawfull I 
heires, my messuages, lands, etc, in Yorke, the towne & borowe / 
of Ripon, & Dancastre • • • then to George Norman, my eldest ( 
sone* To my son Antony c li. ; & Myles Newton & my broder. 
Sir Thomas Norman, to have the custodie & tuycion, indif- 
ferently, of the saide Antony, & also of Anne Norman, my 
doughtour, & ther porciones. To George Overend & Isabell 
his wif, my sister, z marc. I pardoneunto William Maxwell & 
my sister, his wif, al such dettes as they owne me. To Mawde, 
my sustir, iij li. vj s. viij d. To John Tankerd, my apprentes, 
XX s. Ex" George f my sonne, Jane & Anne my doughtours, 
Sir Thos Norman & Miles Newton. To the same Sir Thomas 
for his payne z li., & z li. to Miles Newton.J My broder, John 
Thometon,§ & my broder, John Basyng || alderman, super- 
visours, to whome I gif zz marc. 

[Reg. Test. Ebor. iz. 327.] 

* Precentor of York 1519-22, and a brother of Sir Henry Wyatt of Alllngton, 
CO. Kent. By hig will, dated July 8, 1522, he leaves 100 marks to Joan, dan. 
of Mr. John Norman, alderman of York, towards her marriage. 

t On Jan. 16, 1528-9, the corate of Rothwell had a licence to marry Geo. 
Norman, par. A. S. P., and Alice Lee, par. Rothwell ; banns once. (Test. Ebor. 
iii. 375.) 

X Son and heir of John Newton of Thorpe, near Ripon. Town Clerk of 
York, elected 1619, and made free of the city in that year. He died in 1550. 
He married Rosamond Rnos of Ingmanthorpe. 

§ Merchant; free 1604; Chamberlain 1505 ; Sheriff 1508-9; elected alder- 
man 1510-11 ; Lord Mayor 1514. He was eldest son of Richard Thornton, 
Lord Mayor in 1602. 

Q A son of Thos. Rasyng of New Malton, and a merchant m York. Free 
1499; Chamberlain 1513; Sheriff 1515-16; alderman 1522. He married 
Joan, d. John Norman. She remarried Wm. Harrington. 



[Reg. Test. iz. 344 a.] 

Jan. 10, 1525-6. John Boswell, alias Jenkyn Smyth, of 
Sherebume in Elmete. To be beried in the parishe churche 
of Alhalowis in Sbirebome, in the midle ale, afore the Kode. 
To my mortuary, my best beast, after the costome of the same 
churche. To the hie altar, for my tithes necligently forgottyn 
or witholdyn, xxd. To Sancte Peter of Yorke, our moder 
churche, vj d. To the Bode light in the parishe churche of 
Shirbume iij s. iiij d. To the light in oiur Lady chapell there 
zx d. To the fyndyng of a serge afore the Rode in the same 
churche, half a quarter of barle. To the iiij Orders of Freres 
within the citie of Yorke, to pray for my saull, and to everichon 
of the same Orders a wyndle of wheate, or the price therof. To 
the churche of Sherebume, for a baner clothe with the ymage 
of our Lady and on crosse of Sancte George, with other warkes 
in the same, as shalbe di vised by the curate, churche wardyns, 
and my executrix, to the sum of vj s. viij d. ; and if the said sum 
of vj 8. viij d. will not make it the best baner in the churche, 
that then my executrice to lay downe iij s. iiij d. more to the 
sum of X sj, for performacion of the same ; provided that if I 
make it in my lif dayes, that then my executrix therof to be 
acquiete . . Thies wittenes Maister John Haull clerke. Sir 
John Taliour preist, John Boswell,* scolemaster. 

[Pr. 12 July 1526.] 


[Reg. Test, ix, 359.] 

In the name of God, Amen, the xix*** daye of February, the 
yere of our Lorde God, m* d. xxvj^**, I, John Smyth,t of Shup- 
ton in Galtres, of hoole mynd and good remembrance, maketh 
my testamente and last will in forme and maner folowyng. 

* Another person of the name of Boswell, Thomas Boswell of Sherborne, 
made his will Jan. 26, 1526-7. 

To be bur. in the churche of Alhallowes in Sherebume. To onr Ladie 
light xij d. To Sancte Rooke light xij d. To Sancte Antony light viij d. Son 
Henry, dau. Eufamye. [Pr. 16 Feb.] (Reg. Test. ix. 358.) 

t The deceased was a tanner. He was a chamberlain of the city of York in 
1618. In 1526 he was elected Sheriff, but refused to serve, and retired from 
the city of Shipton. Margaret, his widow, remarried Robert Nonnys. 


First, I bequeath my sauU to God Almyghtie, to our Lady 
Sancte Mary, and to aU the Sanctes in hevyn, and my body to be 
beried in oure Ladye where at Overton. Item I bequeath for 
my mortuary my best beast. Item I bequeath v poundes of 
wax, to be burned aboute my body the daye of my berialL 
Item I bequeath x s. in mayne breid, to be delt to every busier 
in Overton parisbe ob., and a q*' in other brede. Item I be- 
queath to every man and woman, beyng at Mease the daye of 
my beriall, j d. Item I bequeath iij s. iiij d. in spices, and 
iiij 8. in wyne, to be ezpente the daye of my berialL Item I 
bequeath to Overton churche iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeath to 
the Vicar of Oureton iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeath to Sir 
Christofer Scroby xijd. Item I bequeath to Corpus Christi 
glide iiij s. Item I bequeath to Sancte Petir warke xij d. Item 
I bequeath to Sir Robert Morwyn iij s. iiij d., and xiij s. iiij d. to 
said Sir Roberte to dispose in a Dirige to his parishjmners as 
he thynketh best. Item I bequeath to Hery Nixon a whie 
that is with Bukbaroo. Item I bequeath to John Nixson 
vj s. viij d. Item I bequeath to Margarete, my maide, xxvj s. 
viij d. Item I bequeath to John Smyth x s., to be gy ven hym 
when he commys to able age. Item I bequeath iiij li. xiij s. 
iiij d. to a well disposed preist to syng for my sail, my fiwier 
sail, and my moder sail, Sir Edmond Baxter sail, and all Cristen 
salles, a hoole yere. Item I bequeath to John Bukebaroo 
vj s. viij d. Item I bequeath my house in Yorke to Margarete 
my wif for terme of hir lyve, and she stand nede to sell it to 
^elpeJur with all ; and, if she stand non nede, I bequeath it to 
(Thomasy ^y son, and to the heires of his body lawfully be- 
gotten; and if he dye afore his moder, I will the said house be 
sold, and the money to be disposed after the discretion of my 
wif. Item I bequeath to every awnte sone of myne a silver 
spowne, and my awntte's doughtours a silver spowne. Item I 
bequeath to Margerete, my wif, al maner of insight within my 
pla^e at Shupton, and all my plate. Also I bequeath to 
'Thomas, my sone, in recompense of the said insight and plate, 
ij gelde nowte aod iij stages. Item I bequeath to Margarete, 
my wif, an amblyn maire. Item I bequeath iiijli. to my 
wif, to make a thwelmonthe daye with all, as she thynkes best. 
Item I bequeath to James Wigan my white furred gowne. 
Item I bequeath to William, my servaunte, a bukskyne cote, 
and a pare white hoise. Item I bequeath to the iiij Orders of 
Freres of Yorke iiij s. Item I bequeath to Roberte, my boye, 
a lambe, or xij d. Item I bequeath to the recordes of my will, 
ichon of them, iiij d. Item I bequeath to ichon of them that 
berethe my body to the churche iiij d. Item I bequeath the 


reversion of Shupton hall, that I have taken for yeres, to Mar- 
garete, my wif, and Thomas, my sone. Item I bequeath to 
Peter Jacson of Yorke, marchaunte and alderman, zxx s. And 
I will tiiat he be supervisour of my will. The residue of al my 
goodes, my dettes and funerall expenses fully paid, I bequeath 
to Margarete, my wif and Thomas, my sone, whome I make my 
ezeeutours. Wittenesseth Thomas Parkynson, William Gil- 
bume, Thomas Dixson, and other. 

[Pr. 12 March 1626-7.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 366.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The first daye of the moneth 
Marche, the yere of oure Lorde God m^ d. xxyj'**, I, Roberte 
Wildon, preist, perfitte and constante of reason, maketh and 
ordineth my testament and last will in forme folowyng. First 
I bequeath my sail to Almyghtie God, my Bedemer and Saviour, 
to His gloriouse mother, Mary, and to all and singler the holye 
company in hevyn, and my bodie to be beried within the 
churche or churche yerde of Alhalows of Kirkby Moreshed, or 
where is the pleasour of God. Also I bequeath my best whike 
good for my mortuary according to the lawe. Item I will ther 
be celebrate the daye of my beriall a hoole trentall, if so mony 
may be had, if not, the residue to be supplied as shortely as 
can be. Item I will the daye of my beriall at Dirige and Mease 
every parishe clerke have ij d., and every scolar with rochett j d. 
Item I bequeath to Sir William Cowper, dene of Bidale, a golde 
ryng. Item to Thomas Tippyng iij s. iiij d. Item to Sir William 
Watson a worsett dublett and a chamlett jerkyn, my Portas, 
and suche other bookes as he likes. Item to Bic' Richardson 
a doo skyne dublett. Item to Jei\ett, my hospes madyn, a 
coverlett. Item to Sir Boberte Milner of Stayngrave a serce- 
nett tippett beyng in the retyne of my maister the vicar. Item 
to every of the Orders of Freres of Scardeburgh xij d. Item to 
the howse of Sancte Boberte of Knaresburgh xij d. Item I will 
ther be done at Settryngton Dirige and Meaae after my detbe, 
and the persone to have xij d. and every preist vj d. Item to 
Bic' Walker iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeath my velvett hode to 
the churche of Kirkby Moreshed, to make a corporax. Item I 
bequeath to Gilberte Bichardson and his wif all other goodes, 
moveable and unmoveable, for good trust I have in them, and 


to pray for my sail. Item I will that the said Gilberte and his 
wif gyve unto Emote ther doughtoor at the daye of hir manage, 
if she lyve therto, xxs. Item to Peter Chamer my mssett 
bonnet. Item I will that all suche dettes as is owyng to me be 
taken and distribute for the well of my sail. Item I will that 
all suche wages as the vicar doith owe me, I will that it be 
takyn and distribute for the well of my sail. The residue of 
my goodes, my will fulfilled and dettes paid, I witto ezecutours 
of my will, Gilberte Richardson and his wif. Wittenes herof 
Sir William Watson, Maister Thomas Lepton, Nicholas Foster, 
and Thomas Hawkriges. 

[Pr. 10 Apr. 1627.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 349.1 

In Dei nomine. Amen. I, James Carre,* of hoole mynde 
and will, make my last will and testamente after this maner. 

* The Gam of Thornton were a branch of the Carrs of Stackhonse, &c., in 
Craven. The testator uses some Latin words in a curious way. If this was 
all he knew of that language his knowledge was small. 

July 5, 1509. Thomas Ear, vicarius de Kant on. Sep. infra cancellum 
eccl. de 8. in parte boriali ez opposite comu altarist, juzta parietem. Ecdesis 
de S. unnm calicem arg. et xx oves matrices ad sastentandum obitum. Be- 
elegise de Gigleswick unum calicem arg. ut oretur pro anima mea, etparentum 
meorum, diebns Dominicis. Fratribus juzta Westwod Beverlaci j bibliot he- 
cam. Roger & James, my brothers. Sisters. Cristabellie Kar, mecum oom- 
moranti, z li. Roberto, fratri meo, j librum voc. Maudlay Sermons, & meum 
Portale. Dom. Adam E. Sister Alice. Uzor Thom» E. quondam de SetUl 
Sc Marjoria filia. Willehno E., mecum commoranti, quasdam terras. To Thos 
8. of James E., my bro', lands in Stockton on the Moor. Dan Robert Ear 
vicar of Weighton, Dan Adam E. curate of South Cave, etc. ex'*. (Pr. 7 Nov. 
1609.) [Reg. Bainbridge, 136.] 

March 26, 1528. James Car. To be bur in the churche of Oigleswike of 
the holie & blissed Yirgyn Sancte Alkild. To our Ladie g^de, if it go forward, 
vj s. viij d. To our Ladie howse of Appilby zij d. Richard, my son, 5 s. land 
at Settell. Thos Car my son. Res. to son Richard, he ez% k, Dane Chr Car, 
my son, supervisor. The title of my farmehold to Thos my sone. (Pr. 29 July 
162S adm. to ex".) [Reg. Test. iz. 406.] 

July 20, 1649. Thomas Carr of Staykus. Bur. church of Gygleswek, I will 
every prek beyn at my bereall & prayng for my soull, etc., have iiij d. a peysh & 
theyr denar at Saylbianke wyffe's or in S' Thomas chamer, w* ij or iij honest 
men w* theym, yff they pleysh. Ranold Earr my tmkyll son. I wyll y* Ch' Thorn- 
ton k. Adam, my son, shall have my brother's chyldren k, ye farmold at Lang- 
schawe. To Adam, my son, my lands in Hold Wenyngton, Lawkland, k in 
Gygleswek k Settyll. Son Jamys Carr a house at Wold in Sutton k a ten* in 
Staykus. I wyll y* ye mazer k iiij sylver spones remayn heyr (lomes) styll, k 
Adam not to mell w* theym, &, yf Jamys wyll schyff an arke k a alm€a*ye, then 
shall he have all other husbandrey stoyffe y* is heyre w* arke k almery. Res. 
wife Eath. k son Adam. [Taken from a copy of the original, kindly lent to me 
by Mr. Wm. Carr of Gomersal, the present representative of the family.] 



First, I bequeath my saull to God, onre Ladie, and to all the 
Sanctes in hevyn, and my bodie to be beried in the chorche of 
Sancte Oswalde of Thometon besides my wif. And also I gif 
to the church of Thornton for suche use as is most necessarie 
by the churche maisters, ety specialy, to amending of the steple 
wyndoos, xx s. And, also, I will toat at my beriall there be 
xiij prestes to syng for me, and to have every on of them, iiij d.^ 
and theire dyners, and my best beast to be my mortuary. And 
I will that my wifFe's moneth daye and myne bothe be kepte, and 
V preistes to syng for aither of us that daye, and everychon of 
them to have iiij d., et theire dynars ; aut at the yere's ende 
aither of us to have xiij*** preistes acordyng as at oure benalles. 
And I will that every poore house within the parishe, at th' 
advise of my sone, have iiij d,, to pray for me. And I gif to 
Thometon, Ereby, and to Kelbroke, every towne, a bull marked 
after my buUe, so that my aone shall alwaye, when he decayes, 
take in every towne a calf of the same marke for a bull, and 
the towne to pay resonably for hym, or els my sone to take the 
olde bull agayne. And I will, by th'advise of my sone, have a 
prest to syng for my saull a yere. And I gif John Tempest my 
blake jackett, and Laurence Sterkey my white fresed jackett 
and a nag, and to his childer ; And I make my sone Emer my 
hoole executour and mynystre of all my goodes. And also I 
assigne and leve my fermehold and my tenaunte right therof in 
Kettilwell to my sone Emer. Thes witnes, Henry Wilkoke, 
Brian Staw, John Constantyne and Ric' Swyer. 

[Pr. 6 Sep. 1626 adm. Audomaro Carre ex**.] 


[Reg. Test. Dec. & Capit. Ebor. u. 146.] 

Oct. 4, 1526. Eobertus Barra,* decretorum doctor, cano- 
nicus et prsebendarius in ecclesiis Beati Petri Ebor. ac Beatas 

* Robert Barra was ordained Deaoon at York, Apr. 6, 1482, getting his 
title from the priory of Cartmell. He was afterwards for some time a chwtry 
priest and vicar choral in York Minster. On June 24, 1492, he was coU. to the 
vicarage of Nafferton. On Oct 8, 1498, he was colL to the prebend of Osbald- 
wick at York, and on Aug. 25, 1499, to the prebend of Duxmam at South weU, 
resigning a staU in St. Sepulchre's Chapel. He held several Uvings in York- 
shire besides. 

In 1627 Laurence Stubbes, writing to Cardinal Wolsey, says, • Dr. Banye, 
late residenciary of SouthweU, is deceased, by whos death ther is in your oolla- 
cion a prebend in York callid Osbewyk of the yerly valor of xliiij markes, & 
another prebend in Southwel of like valor callid Dunham ; k also a parsonage 


Mariae Virginis Suthwellensis. Lego animam Omnipotenti Deo, 
Creatori meo, Bedemptori meo, Beato Marue Virgini, et Omni- 
bus coeli CivibuSy humiliter snpplicans Bedemptori meo ut 
animam meam dignetur recipere Suae gratiosissimse misericordide 
tempore Sibi placabili. Lego corpus meum sep. inter Cbristian- 
orum corpora infra parochiam in qua anima mea egredietur de 
corpore meo. Et, si moriar apnd Suthwell, tunc volo quod 
corpus meum sepelietur ubi rectores chori in Matutinarum 
principio cantant Venite^ etc. Et volo funeralia mea fieri 
decenter sed sine pompa, pro salute animse mese. Lego 
xxziij s. iiij d. pro centum Missis eel. quamcitius poterunt cele- 
brari post mortem meam pro anima mea. Lego ad omamenta 
eccL mese S. Andre® de Medilton xx s. Ad omamenta eccl. 
meae de Hemylsay xx s. Lego decenter expendi circa sepul- 
cra parentum meorum xx s. Johanni Barra, fratri meo, xx s. 
EdwardOy firatri meo, xx s. Boberto Barra de Suthwell, nepoti 
meo, xl s. Boberto Barra, servienti meo, nepoti meo, v marcas. 
Ad omamenta eccl. meae praebendalis S. Petri de Donham xx s. 
. . Johannae Banys, nepti meae, uxori Jobannis Banes, xxs. 
Boberto Barra, filio Edwardi B. fratris mei, equum cum sella. 
Fratri meo, Domino Jacobo Barra presbytero, omnia utensilia 
in domo mea apud Medilton, in sua custodia. Margaretae, 
nepti meae, relictae Thomae Pigge, Johannis PhiUipot, et nuper- 
rime Willelmi Meir de Newark, xx s. Fabricae eccl. coll. B. M. 
Suthwell xl s. Uxori fioberti Cade de Newark, consanguineae 
meae, unum cocliar argenteum deauratum quod prius dederat 
mihi. Edwardo Barra, scolari, nepoti meo, si vult fieri pres- 
byter, xli. et omnes libros meos grammaticales, legales, et 
Cursum Juris Canonici, cum Domino Abbate super Decretalibus, 
si velit leges vel jus canonicum addiscere, aliter non. Domino 
Johanni Episcopo Elphinensi et Abbati de Welbek meum 
optimum coopertorium lecti et sex optima pulvinaria mea. 
Besiduum executoribus meis . . pro salute animae meae, sicut 
vellent me pro eis bona sua disponere. Executores meos facio 

caUid Mydilton of the yerly cler valor, as I here, of x li.' (Bllis's Letters, Third 
Series, ii. 62.) 

June 26, 1525. Agnes Bana, wyddoo. Bur. within the chiivhe of our Lady 
of SouthweU before our Ladle of grace, & my best whike good to be my mor- 
tuary. To oare Ladie warkes ij leedes that standeth in my wheme house. 
To Robt B. my husband best gowne, & to his wlf my best gowne. I will that 
the xvj** vicars have my house that I dwellyn in, for iii]*« yeres & xix**, and 
they to kepe my obite yerely. To the xiij'* chauntre preistes my house called 
Sherebroke house. I will that the house k, the grownd within the pale be 
maid a beade house. To the xvj»"« vicars vij whissyns with hertee wroght of 
them. To Mr Doctor Barra a cbawfour. To the rvj*'' vicars a cressett. To 
our Lady warke a girdle and a paire beades of amber with silver gaudes. CPr 
11 Nov. 1526.) [Reg. Test. ix. 351.] 


rev. patrem dominum Job. Elpliinensem episcopum, et pro 
labore suo habebit meum optimum ciphum arg. deaur. stantem 
et coopertum, ad valorem iiig li. — ^item dom« Jacobum Barm 
presbjterum, fratrem meum, Bobertam Barra, nepotem menni, 
filium fratris mei Jobannis Barra, et Bobertam Barra, nepotem 
memn, filium fratris mei Edwardi Barra • • In cuju8 rei testi- 
monium ego, prsadictus Robertus Barra, omnia hsdc prsdicta 
manu propria conscripsi. 

[Pr. at Southwell 28 July 1527. & at York 21 Jan. 1627-8.] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 368.] 

Oct. 16, 1526. Brian Lorde, of the parishe of Sancte Michaell 
Archaungell at Use briff ende, in the citie of Yorke, marchaunte. 
To be beried bifore the blissed Sacrament in the hie where, 
and my best gowne to my mortuary. To the parsone for for- 
gettyn tithes ij s. To Sir Henry Gelsthrope, my curate, to 
pray for me, xx d. To my broder, Edwarde Lorde, vj s. viij d. 
To my broder Edmondson, vj s. viij d. To my broder, Henry 
Wilson, vj s. viij d. To Sir Thomas Lorde a silver spoyne. . . 
I bequeath xiij s. iiij d. yerely, the terme of fyve yeres ... to 
cause a Mesae of the Holie Gost to be song within my parishe 
churche everye Mondaye. I bequeath yerely, duryng the said 
fyve yeres, yj s. viij d., . . to do an obite yerely for ttie helthe 
of my sail and all Christen saulles. To Sir Edmunde Middilton 
V s. To my Lady Prioresse of Clementhorpe and her susters 
vs. To my Lady Prioresse of Wilberfosse and her sisters 
vj s. viij d. • • . I bequeath xx s. to cause ij trentals of Meases 
be celebrate within my parishe churche, that is to saye every 
Fridaye, fyve MesseSy whilst the said ij trentals be fynyshed. 
To the iiij Orders of Freres, ichon of them xx d. To the Kid- 
cottes, and the Castell, and the Bushope prisons, iij s. to be 
divided emong the prisoners. I will that x s. be geven to the 
neighburghes of the parishyng to make mery with all. The 
residue to my wif & childer. My ladie Prioresse of Wilber- 
fosse and my broder, George Gale, supervisours. And my Ladye 
Prioresse to have my best horse, & my broder, George Gale, 
XX 8. for their labours. Moreover I will that my suster, the 
Ladie Prioresse of Wilberfosse, shall have my doughtour Isa- 
bell with hir childe's porcion, & vj li. xiy s. iiij d. To my nece, 
Dame Mabell of Wilberfosse, to pray for me, v s. Broder, Sir 


Thomas, I require yone for Ood sake to take my sone and 
yours, and make hym youre owne, and pray for me for Q-od sake. 

[Pr. 11 Maj, 1627.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 382.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. The xxij*^ day of the moneth of 
Octobre, in the yere of our Lorde God m* d. xxvj*^, I, Thomas 
Hunttyngdon in Kyngstone opon Hull, marchaunte, makes 
and Oldens this my present testament and last will undir this 
maner and forme herafter folowing. In primis I gyve and be- 
queath my sail to God Almyghtie, to oure Ladie Sancte JSiarie, 
and to all the celestiall cowrte and company of hevyn, my body 
to be beried in the kirke of the Holie Trinitie within the 
towne aforsaid, and in the north ile, under a blu stone nere as 
I sitte, if it may please God. Item I gif and bequeath for 
mortuary my best garment, accordyng to the custome of the 
kirke. Item I gif and bequeath to the White Freres, for 
Di/rige and Mease of my beriall day and vij*** daye, ^ s. viij d. 
Item I gif to the Blake Freres, they to do in like maner Dirige 
and Mease^ yj s. viij d. Item I gif and bequeath to a preist to 
syng for my sail, and my first wif sail Jenet, and all Cristen 
salles — . Item I gif and bequeath to the Freres in Pontefiracte 
zx s., and they to do for my sail Di/rige and if esse. I gif and 
bequeath to Sancte Oswalde's xx s., and they for to do for my 
sail Dirige and Meaae. Item I gif and bequeath to Ponte- 
firacte abbay for Dirige and Meaae for my sail, and, for God 
saike, xiij s. iiij d. Item I gif to Pontefracte parishe kirke with 
Sancte Giles chapell, for Dirige and Mesae^ xiij s. iiij d. Item I 
gif to the Trinite's in Pontefiracte, for Dvrige and Meaae^ v s. Item 
I gif to Chyppyn kirke, where I was cristened, for reparacion 
of the kirke, xx s. Item I gif and bequeath for amendyng of 
the wayes aboute Pontefiracte yj s. viij d. Item I gif to amend- 
yng of the wayes aboute the towne of Hull vj s. viij d. Item I 
gif and bequeath to my broder doughtour that is with me xx s. 
Item I gif to Mftfgarete Bower, my servaunte, iij s. iiij d. Item 
I gif to Agnes Tbomson, that was my servaunte, xiij s. iiij d. 
Item I gif and bequeath my grownde that I have taken of the 
towne in the Tripett for Ixxx yeres, if my masters be so good to 
me, for of my conscientie it is my dere take, to my wif, and she 


to doo for me and for my first wif sail, Jenet, and for my wif 
sail that nowe is, ons in the yere Dvrige and Mesae^ and for all 
Cristen salles. Item I gif for Mesae and Dvrige at Pontefinact 
in the Freres for my sail, and for my moder ^1, and my wif 
Jenet sail, and all Cristen salles, iij acr* land at Sancte Thomas 
Hill, and ij acres land on the Chekers in the tenure of my sone 
Boberte Hunttyngdon, and thies landes to be maide sure to the 
Freres, if my frendes will, and Boberte Hunttyngden, if he be 
good therto, he shall have my daile blissyng. Item I will that 
the belman goo with the hand bell for Richard sail, and Mar- 
garete, and for Thomas sail, and Jenete's, and for all Cristen 
salles, and he for to have yerely for his labour ij d. Item I gif 
to Henry Tiffyn ij s. Item to John Barbo;ir ij s. Item to 
John Blake ij s. Item I gyve to John Billope ij s. Item I gif 
to Bauf Hosier ij s. Item to Thomas Sadlar wif ij s. Item I 
gif to my doughtour Dorotiie my litle cremysen gowne. Item 
I gif to fader John, every Sondaye whilst he ly veth, j d. of my 
parte of goodes. Item I gyve to Henry Dyneley my cremysen 
gowne furred with fitches. Item I gif to Boberte Hunttyngden 
my cremysen gowne lyned with sarcenett. The residue of all 
my goodes undisposed I gyve and bequeath to Jenet my wif 
find to Ambrose my sone, whome I make my full executours, and 
they to dispose for the health of my sail as they thinke best. 
And I make supervisours of my said will my ij sonnes, Henry 
Dyneley and Cristofer Hunttyngdon. Thies wittenes Boberte 
Benyfeld, John Haryson, Sir Thomas Peith, and Sir Thomas 

[Pr. 7 Nov. 1527.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 377.] 

Dec. 12, 1526. Cecilie Lepyngton, of Beverlai*, wyddo.* 
I bequeath to Almyghtie God, and to His blissid mother om- 
Lady Sancte Marie, and to all the celestiall courte of hevyn, 
my sail, my body to the kirke or chapell of Sancte Marye in 
Beverlay, there besides the grave of my husband last departed 
to be beried. Also I bequeath to the said kirke my best over- 
see bed called the Baptest os an ornament to the sepulcre of 

* Mar. 14, 1527-8. William Jenkynson of Cottyngbam. To have Me99e of 
Requiem with diacon and snbdiacon with a solempne JHru^e and the Suffroffie 
song at my grave with seaU as the nibriea shewith. I bequeath, to be 
praid for every Sondaye in the beide rolle when common beades ar reherced, 
xiij s. iiij d. 


cure Saviour Criste Jhesu at the fest of Ester. Also I bequeath 
sknd gyve to the altar of our Blissid Ladie in same kirke a 
silver salt, to make of it a ehales to belong to the forsaid altar. 
Also I bequeath and gyve to the shryne of Sancte John of 
Beverlay my brod girdle of biewe, & in money vj s. viij d. 
To the iiij massendewes w4n the towne of Beverlay, ichon of 
Uiem xij d. 

[Pr. 6 Oct. 1627.1 

[Bef;. Test. ix. 420.] 

May 29, 1527. Roberte Petie,* par. Sancte Dionise, Yorke, 
tappeter & alderman. To be ber. in my par. churche bifore 
the altar of Sancte John Baptiste, or nye ther unto. I wit to a 
preist that can syng his plane song, to syng within Sancte 
Dionisce church by the space of ij yeres for my sail, Beatrice & 
Alice my wif salles, of my fader & moder and al Cristen salles, 
xiij mark. To Sir Roberte Pety a silver spone callid Peter. To 
Sir Wm Buckebarowe a silver spone called Paull. To the 
parishyngers of Sancte Dionisie ISL 6«. 8d. to by a silver crosse 
to the honour of Almyghtie God within Sancte Dionisie kirke 
with all for ever more. To Sir Christofer Petie sex silver 
spones with knopis of oure Ladie, a standyng pece parcell gilt, a 
standyng macer & fy ve marc. To Urswike kirke, where I was 
borne, 61. 13«. 4ci. To the kirke wardjms of Sancte Dionise 
6/. 13«. 4d. to a sute of vestymentes. Res. wife Alice. 

[Pr. 10 Dec. 1628.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 405.J 

July 1, 1527. Thomas Rither of Rither, Esquear.f To be 
beried in the parishe churche of Rither nye unto my fader, with 
a tuTnba conveniente, as shalbe thought by my executours, and 
my best whike good to be my mortuary. To the parsone for 

♦ Chamberlain of York 1496; Sheriff 1499-1500; elected aldennan 
1 526-7. He was brother of John Petty, glazier and alderman, whose will has 
been already printed. 

Robert Petty 's widow remarr. Henry Day son, dyer and alderman, and died 
in 1654, desiring in her will to be baried at St. Dennis, near her first husbaud. 

+ The will of the father of the testator, Sir Ralph Ryther, has already been 
printed in this volume, pp. 125-7. 

VOL. V. Q 


tithes forgettyn xl s. I will that the daye of my beriall ther 
be Mease and Dirige for my sail in the churche of Either, and 
every preist to have vj d. ; every clerke ij d. ; and every poore 
bodie j d. Where William Percy knyght & other his cofeoflFes 
herto afore was enfeoflPed by Sir Rauf Kither, my fader, decessid, 
Oct. 7, 3rd Henry VIII, . . to the use and behove of Dame 
Matilde, late wif unto the said Sir Kauf, for terme of hir lyve 
of the maners of Kelcottes & Alford co. Lincoln . . than, to the 
use of the said Sir Rauf & of his heires for ever, whose heire 
I is . • • the said maners to the use of my executours duryng 
the tyme they shall have receyved a thowsand markes. Also I 
will that my executours with the said simi of one thousand 
markes shall purchase landes and t-enementes to the yerely 
valour of xl markes over all charges to the establissyng and 
foundjmg of iiij beademen and on beade woman at Bither for 
ever, to pray for the salles of me the said Thomas, Sir Bauf my 
fader, and my moder, and all other my auncetours' salles, and 
the to have mete, drynke and clothe as shalbe thought reason- 
able by the discretion of my executours, and the establishment 
... of the said iiij beademen and on beadewoman to be maid 
. . by the discretions of my executours. Where I have 
enfeoffed Henry Lorde Scrope knyght & other his cofeoffes, 
12 Oct. 15th Hen. VIII, in my maners of Bither, Ossyndike, 
Kirkby opon Wharf, Scarcrofbe, Shadwell, and Stockbrig or 
Stokebrigefeld co. Yorke . • to suffer my ex" to take the 
ishues for xxj yeres next after my deith. Where as my fader, 
Sir Bauf Bider, whos sail God pardon, sufferid Henry Lord 
Scrope & other to recover the maner, etc, of Homyngton by 
writ of entre in le post . . to the use of me & Agnes my wif & 
of the heires of me the said Thomas, I will that they suffer my 
ex" to take the ishues for xx yeres. My feoffes to make on 
astate to the yerely valour of xl s. to Bichard Litster, Esquier, 
and attomaye to the Kyng our sovereyng lord, for terme of his 
lyve . . also annuities of xiijs. iiijd. to Boberte Ghaloner 
and Walter Bradford ; & of xxxiij s. iiij d. to George Thwaites, 
my servaunte. . . To William Levett of xxxiij s. iiij d. ; to John 
Bynkes of xxvj s. viij d. ; to Bichard Trowhite of xxvj s. viij d. 
To John Preston of xxvj s. viij d. To William Erie of xx s. To 
John Fishe of xx s. To Jenet Howden, nursse to John Bither 
my sone, of x s. To John Holgate of xiij s. iiij d. To Adam 
Metecalf of xiij s. iiij d. . . Also I will that my said servauntes, 
as many of them as shall fortone to be of lyve at such tyme as 
it shall fortone my heire, who so ever it shalbe, when he shall 
come to full age, shall do service to my said heire, if he will 
accepte them with suche service as shalbe convenient for them 


to do to hym. To the buyldyng of the stepils opon the churche 
of Either xx li. Toamendyng of hie waies aboute Either xl s. 
To the manage of poore madyns xl b. To the iiij orders of 
Freres in Yorke, ichon of them xiij b. iiij d., and they to sing 
Mease and Dirige for my sail. To the Priores and Covente of 
Appilton, to be delyvered emong them, xxvj s. viij d. To Dame 
Johan Gower x s. over and besides hir parte of the said xxvj s. 
viij d. Also I will that my executours shall fynd an honest prest 
to sing for my sail, my fader, my mother, and all my aunce- 
tours, as conveniently as maye be after my deith, in the church 
of Either, for the space of xx yeres, and he to have yerely 
V li. vj 8. viij d., and he to be orderid as concemyng his service 
for t'health of my sail by the discretion, and a composicion 
therof maide as sbalbe thought by my executours. Also I will 
that my executours shall kepe iiij beademen and on beade- 
woman with mete, drinke, clothe, mansion, and al other thinges, 
as they have ben found in the tymes of my uncle Sir Eoberte 
Either, and Sir Eauf Either my fader, and in my tyme, and 
they to pray as they have ben accostomed bifortyme ; and so 
they to be keped by my executours to suche tyme as they have 
purchaced the said sum of xl markys landes to th'entent afor- 
Baid. And if it forton any of the said beademen or woman to dye 
before the said tyme of the purchase, than I will that my exe- 
cutours shall put in on other beade man or woman as shortely 
as may be conveniently, and as oft as ther shall any of the said 
beademen and woman dye duryng the said tyme. To my 
suster, Elisabeth Either, fyftye markes to hir manage, if she be 
orderyd by my ex" in hir manage. To my broder, Henry 
Either, xlvj li. xiij s. iiij d. over and besides xx li. bequest unto 
hym by my fader. Also I will that if the landes and tene- 
mentes, the whiche my fiader did yeve hym for terme of his lyve, 
amounte not to the sum of x li., and above al charges born, than 
I will that my feoffes shall make on estate to my said brother 
Henry of as moche landes and tenementes as shall make it up 
X li. over al charges and reprises. Also I bequeath to every 
ichon of my watyng servauntes on hoole yere wages with mete 
and drinke duryng on hole yere after my deith. Also I will 
and charges my executours to paye. and discharge all maner of 
dettes and other charges due to be paid by my fader. Sir Eauf 
Either, and me, and my said fader's Will to be performyd and 
fulfillid in every poynt accorddyng to the true entente of the 
said Will, that my executours shall yeve to the fyndyng and 
exhibicion of iiij scolars at the Universities, ij at Oxforth, and 
ij at Cambrig, duryng the terme of xx yeres imediatly after my 
deith, and they to have every on of them x marc by yere, to be 

Q 2 


paid by the handes of my executours ; and the scolars to be 
apoynted by my executours duryng the said terme of xx yeres ; 
and ij of them to study Divinitie, and the other ij the Lawe ; 
and if any of them shall forton to die (or) to be promoted 
otherwise, than I will that my executours shall alwayes putt in 
an other duryng the terme of the said xx yeres. And also I 
will that Sir John Levett, my chaplayne, shalbe on of them that 
shalbe found soo duryng the said xx yeres. Also I yeve to Sir 
John Levett, my chaplayne aforsaid, the voysome and next 
avodance of my personage of Either, the whiche I am patrone 
of. Also I bequeath to the kirke warkes of Cawod xx a. Also 
I will that ther be dalt yerely duryng xx yeres to poore 
folkes in Cawod, yerely x s. To the kirke warkes at Fenton 
vj s. viij d., & to the poore, duryng xx yeres, v s., yerely. To 
Kirkby opon Wharf churche warkes vj s. viij d., & to the 
poore duryng xx yeres, v s., yerely. To the churche warkes of 
Bolton Percye vj s. viij d., & to the poore duryng xx yeres v s., 
yerely. To the poore people of Either parish v s. yerely duryng 
XX yeres. To the kirke warke of Harwod x s. To the Freres 
of Pontefrete vj a. viij d., at they may syng Mease sjxd Dirige for 
ray sail. Also I will that my executours cause Messeaxid Dirige 
to be song for my sail within the parishe church of Either yerely 
duryng xx yeres ; and every preist that commeth to have vj d., 
and every clerke ij d., and poore folkes j d. and a dyner to be 
maid to suche as shall come. To the amendyng of Friston hie 
waye and caucey xl s. Also I will that my executours cause to 
be delt every Frideye or Saturdaye to the prisoners at Yorke, 
and to the poore masyndowes ther in breid duryng xx yeres, 
yerely, xx d., some tyme in on place, some tyme in an other, as 
they shall thinke most nede. Also I will that my executours 
cause xiij matres to be maid and all thinges that belongith xiij 
beddes, and they to be yeven to poore folkes beyng yong that 
doth marye and haith none of ther owne. Also I will that my 
executours shall leve unto my heire, at suche time as he shall 
enter to his landes, by this my will xvj oxen, iiij mares, with wayns 
and plouthes and all thinges therto belongyng, vj kye, the crope 
of the ground sowen, and the house at Either, to be kept suffi- 
ciently repareld as it is at the hore of my deith. Also I will 
that my executours shall rewarde all my servauntes, the whiche 
is not in my will reherced, by ther discretion. Also I will that 
where I do owe unto Thomas Beverlay the sum of Ixvj li. ix s., 
whiche I will that my executours shall paye to the said Thomas 
. • in as shorte tyme as the said sum. may be conveniently 
leyved . . Also I will that wher as Thomas Beverlay haith 
by me on lease maid of and opon the maner of Stokbrigfeld, 


for the ende and tenne of xxiiij*** (years) beryng date the viij**" 

daye of Octobre in the xv*** yere of . . Kyng Henry the 

viij*** . . , payng yerely xvj li. xvj s. . . I will the said 

Thomas shall occupie the said fermehold without^ any intenip- 

tion. Also I will that Charles Hedon, my servaunte, be paid 

all sache summes of money as I am to hym indettid, • . and 

enyoe all such grauntys of annuities . . . graunted by me or by 

my fader . . . Where Sir Bauf Either, my fader, safferid Henry 

Lord Scrope and other to recey ve certen landes in Harwod callid 

Brigfeld, to the use of me . . and Agnes (my) wif & my 

beires . . my exec" shall peasably occupye the same for the 

tru performacion of this my entent & will. And also I will 

that all suche leases and grantes by me maid, or by my fader, 

shalbe good and effectuall, and every man to occupye ther 

leases and grauntes accordyng to ther yeres and tyme . . . My 

feo£fes shall stand seased of . . my maners, etc., in the counties 

of Lyncoln & Yorke & in the couutie of the citie of Yorke to 

the use of John Either, my son, & to the heires males of his 

bodie lawfully begottyn ; and for defalte . . to the use of my 

right heires . . . The residue of all my goodes . . to my 

broder John Aske esquyer, W"* Babthorpe, John Constable 

son of Marmaduce Constable, Henry Either, Thomas Beverlay, 

and Charles Hedon, whome I do make my executors . . . and 

they to dispose it for the health of my sail ; also I yeve to 

ichon of them my ex" byforsaid xl s. yerely for ther labour 

duryng the said terme of xxth yeres, over & besides ther costes 

& expenses . . Also I orden & make Edmunde Whalley, 

abbote of the monastery of our Ladie Sancte Mary withoute the 

walles of the citie of Yorke, Maister Brian Higdone, dene of 

the cath. churche of Yorke, Maister Thomas Magnus directour 

to my Lorde of Eichmont grace, & Thomas Fairfax sarjante 

at the lawe supervisours . . and I desire them in the waye of 

charitie to se it be well and truly performyd and fulfillid, and 

I do yeve ichon of them a horse, of my breid, & ther costes 

• . Also I will that my ex" yeve xx li. to the edifyeng and 

foundding of on place of Freres Observauntes in Sancte John 

churche in Wakefeld ; and, if none herafter be edified there, than 

to bestowe the said xx" for the health of my sail. Also I will 

that my ex" shall make on true accompte yerely duryng the 

terme of xx yeres, of all the receytes and other profittes as shall 

come to ther handes, before my said supervisours, iij, ij, or on of 

them, as they will apoynte them self, within on moneth next after 

the yere behynd, and so yerely duryng the terme of xx yeres 

aforsaid. And I will that every on of my said supervisours, 

beyng ther at the accompte makyng, shall have xl s. by yere 


during the said yeres. Thies beyng witenes, Sir Thomas Sicall 
parsone of Either, Sir Richard Harpham, William Aleyne, 
Edmunde Makley, Johne Burgh of the Stokyn, John Burgh of 
the Hill, and Thomas Burgh of the Hill, with oUier moo. 

[Pr. 25 Sept. 1628 ; adm. to Wm. Babthorpe sen. & Chas. Hedon ex".] 

[Beg. Test, ix. 390.] 

July 20, 1527. Dame Jane Hilliarde, voisse, som tyme wif 
of Peter Hiliarde Esquyer.* To be beriede in such place as it 
shall please Almyghtie God to call me unto His mercy ; and my 
best whike good to my corce prisaunte. I will that my feoffes 
stand sole enfeofed in and of my lordship of Gymlyng, and in 
my londes & tenementes in Belley, Orome, and Beforth . • to 
the use of my last will . . that is for to say, Peter Hiliarde 
th'elder & Richard Hiliard, my sones, and Sir John Croftes 
preist, wbome I make executours . . take of the said lordship 
. . . cvj li. xiij s. iiij d. to be distribute as herafter folowith in 
parcels ; & that this my last will may be the souner and better 
performed, I will that my son, Christofer Hiliarde, Esquier, 
be supervisour, to call of the executours for performyng of the 
same. First I will that vij marc be yeven to Sir John Croftes 
prest, to syng for my soil the space of on yere next after my 
deith. Item to Wynestede churche x s., that is vj s. viij d. to 
the ile and iij s. iiij d. to the churche. To Little Cottes churche 
XX s. To Bamstone church vj s. viij d. To the iiij Orders of 
Freres, iij s. iiij d. a pece, so the Graye Freres in Grymsby be 
on, and the other iij places in Beverlay and Hull. To Frere 
Dowson iij s. iiij d. . . To my doughtour Elisabeth, for hir 
manage, xl marc. To my doughtour Jane, to hir manage, xl 
marc. ... To my sone Christofer xx s., & to my doughtour, his 
wif, XX s. To Martyn Hiliarde and to his wif, when he settes 
upe house, v marc. To my sone, Peter Hiliarde, xx li. To my 
son, Ric' Hiliarde, vij li. To my doughtour Legerde xx s. To 
my doughtour Homes x s. To my doughtour Fotherby x s. 
To John Homys xx s. To Peter Hiliarde, the yonger, xx s. To 
John Hiliarde xx s. . . I will that the costys of my beriall and 

♦ Widow of Peter Hildyard of Wlnestead, and one of the daughters and co- 
heirs of Sir Martin del See, knt. This will makes varioos additions to t^e 
pedigree of the family. 

The testatrix had taken the vow of widowhood. Her husband died so far 
back as the 16th of Hen. VIL 


probating of my will, and suche other charges, to be takjn of 
my stokke and of my goodes moveable. The residue • • to be 
distribute for my sdl as my executours thinkes best. 

[Pr. 7 Apr. 1628.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 383.] 

Sept. 4, 1527. John Rasjmg,* of the citie of York, mer- 
chaonte and alderman. To be beried within the parishe 
churche of Sancte Sampsony's. To the churche warke iij li. 
vj 8. viij d. To the churche of Sancte Michael's in New Malton 
xl 8. To every masyndewe and beadehouse within the citie of 
Yorke and suburbes, to every persone abyding within them, 
beyng beade folkes, ij d. a pece. . . To every childe of Eicharde 
Raisyng of Malton, my broder, a silver spone. To every alder- 
man of Yorke that helpethe to here my bodie to the churche, 
xij d. To be distribute and dalte to poore people the day of 
my beriall, v li. I bequeath to be appensed in expenses of my 
xviij*** daye x li. To Bichard Sasyng of Malton, my broder, 
iij li. vj s. viij d. and my fox furred gowne. To my Lorde 
Abbott and Convente of Sancte Mary abbay, for doyng an obite 
for my sail and al Cristen salles, xx s. To my broder, Maister 
John Thorneton, my blake gowne furryd with blake cony. To 
John Shadloke, my sone in lawe, a flate silver pece that was my 
feder's, and my best velvett dublett. My howse that I dwell in 
to Johane my wif, for terme of hir life, and after hir decesse to 
dispose and gyve it to whiche of my iij childer that she will 
. . a nest of goblettes silver & gilt. To Margarete JRasyng, 
my doughtour, of my parte and porcion, xx li. To John Shad- 
loke, my doughtour, a flate silver pece. To Maister Doctor 
Kellett a damaske jackett. To the Blissid Sacrament of cure 
churche of Sancte Sampsony's x s. I bequeath that I may have 
a preist to syng for my sail after the owre of my deith within 
the churche of Sancte Sampsony's a full yere, and he to have for 

* Son of Thomas Rasyng, or Rasen, of New Malton. Adm. a freeman in 
1499. In 1500 he entered the Merchants' Guild, and was Governor of the 
Company in 1621 and 1522. He marr. Joan dan. of John Norman, merchant, 
who remarr. Wm. Harrington, gen., in 1628. 

There was a Visitation family of Rasen of New Malton. 

The testator had two daaghters, i.e, Joan, who marr. John Shadlock, Lord 
Mayor of York in 1552. After her husband's death she fell into great poverty, 
and the city in 1674 granted her an annuity of 26s. 8d. 

Margaret Rasyng, her sister, died Nov. 28, 1554, and was bur. at All Saints 


Ms labour vli. To Thomas Rasyng, my son, of my pcnrdon^ 
besides his owne parte, x li. The residue tx> Johane my wif^ 
Margarete and Johan my doughtours, whome I makes ex" ; & 
Maister John Chapman of Yorke, notary, and Miles Staveley 
Ripon Park, gentilman, supervisours. Wittenes Maister 
Roberte Wilde maire of the citie of Yorke, Bauf Sympson 
maister of Sancte Cristofer gilde etc 

[Pr. 22 Nov. 1527.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 407.] 

Oct. I, 1527. In Dei nomine, Amen. I Ninean Markyn- 
feld,* knyght, of hoole mynde and good memory, makes my 
testament and last will in maner and forme foloing. First I 
bequeath my sail to Almyghtie Grod, oure Ladle Sancte Marie, 
and to all the Holie Company of hevyn ; my bodie to be beried 
afore the altar of Sancte Andre in the college churche of Sancte 
Petir and Sancte Wilfride of Ripon. Also I bequeath to the 
churche of Ripon my best horse, bridell, sadle, with other 

* The son and heir of Sir Thomas Markenfield of Markenfield, near Ripon, 
and Anne his wife, dan. of Sir John Conyers of Hornby. 

Sir Ninian was one of the commanders on the English side at the battle of 
Flodden. He was twice married, Ist to Dorothy d. Sir Wm. Gascoigne by 
Margaret d. Henry Earl of Northumberland ; 2nd to Eleanor d. Henry Lord 
Clifford by Anne St. John, cousin-german to Henry VII. 

Sir Ninian died on March 26, 1627-8, leaving Thomas his son and heir, 
then aged 14 years and more. This Thomas marr. Margaret dan. of John 
Norton of Norton, Esq., and, dying on Apr. 18, 1550, left another Thomas his 
son and heir, then aged 17 years and nine months, with other children. 

This Thomas sought refuge abroad in the reign of Elizabeth, so strong were 
his wishes for a change in religion and politics. He came back to England and 
was one of the three planners and leaders of the rising in the North in 1569. 
In Thos. Norton's * Address to the Quene's Majestie*s poore deceived snbjectes 
of the North ' there is a passage relating to the three. * The residue of your 
doltish Captaynes, what be they ? Tbinke you they be men able to beare you 
out against the power of a Prince, all his Nobilitie, Cities, Realme, Snbjectes, 
Frendes, and Allies ? One with little witte far set (Swynbome) another in 
his old age weary of his wealth (Norton) ; an other, a runneaway with a young 
wilde braine tickled to see fashions * (Markenfeld). 

This extract is taken from the copy in the Minster Library, York, in which 
Archbishop Matthew has inserted the words within brackets. 

Markentield fled abroad, forfeiting all his estates. He was living in 1593 a 
pensioner on the bounty of the King of Spain. He marr. Isabel dan. of Sir 
Wm. Ingleby of Ripley. 

John Markenfield, bro. of Thos., * very young, under 20 in 1569, was attainted 
onely to bring his title to his brother's lands (if he have any) to the Queen, and 
it was not meant he shold dye, for that he hath no land/ What a pitiful confes- 
sion to make 1 He was pardoned in 1574 at the request of the Earl of Leicester. 


apparel], accordding to the costome of the said churche of Ripon, 
in the name of my mortuary. Item I yeve to the hie altar of 
KipoD, for tithes forgettyn, xx s. Moreover I will that my 
f eoffes . . • of all & every of my maners, landes • • . stand 
and be seased to the use and entent herafter ensuyng . . . 
And where it is so that, to my estymacion & jugement, I 
have maid a sufficient assurance of my maner of Romondby 

• . . to the use of Elinour my right welbeloved wif, for terme 
of hir lyve, in so moche as I being unlemed and havyng no 
knowlage of the lawe, and tienderly entendynge the assurance 
of the said maner and other the premisses in Romondby to my 
said wif for terme of hir lyve, I wilJ, if the same herbifore be not 
sufficiently assuryd to my said wif for terme of hir lyve, and by 
this my testament and last will may be to hir assuryd and 
yeven, than I will that she shall have the same maner and all 
other the premisses in Romondby to hir for terme of her lyve 

• . . My executours . . to take leve & receyve yerely all the 
ishues . . of and opon my maner of Markynfeld ... to fynd 
Thomas Markynfeld, my sone and here, to suche tyme the said 
Thomas come to his full age. And, over that, . . to receyve, 
leve, & take xxU. yerely of the ishues & profittes of my 
maner of Aymonderby . . . towardes his fynddyng to suche 
tyme he come to his full age of xxj*** yeres. Also I will and 
yeve to Elynour Markynfeld, my doughtour, nowe unmaried, 
fyve hundreth marc ... to be taken of my maners, etc., of 
Scrutton, Eryhom, Ereby, Newsome, and Unthanke . . for 
her mariage. Also I will that my said doughtour Elynour be 
ruled, maried, and ordered by Dame Elynour, nowe my wif. 
And, over that, I will that if it fortune the said Elynour, my 
doughtour, to decesse afore she be maried . . the said sum 
to go to Thomaii my sone . . . Also I yeve to the churche 
warke of Ripon vj s. viij d. Also I yeve to the Abbot e of Fon- 
tance and to the Covente of the same to yeve to me Absolucion, 
syng and say Messe^ Placebo and Dirige^ and Messe of Re- 
quiem for my sail and the salles of my auncetours, Dorothe my 
wif, and all Cristean salles, xl s. Also I yeve to the Mynyster 
of iSancte Robertes' and the Covente of the same xs., to say or 
syng Mease for my sail and all Cristyn salles, x s. Also I yeve 
to the Ordre of Sancte Francesce in Yorke, to pray for my sail 
and all Cristyn salles, x s. Also I yeve to the iij Orders of 
Freres in Yorke aforsaid, every on of them v s. Also I yeve to 
the Freres of Richmond v s. Also I yeve to the Priores of 
Arden and the Covente of the same, where I am founder, to 
pray for my sail and all Cristen salles, xs. Also I will that my 
executours sutfre Thomas, my sone and heire, to take and 


recey ve all my heirelomes at Markynfeld, that is to saye all my 
hangynges, beddynges, pottes, pannes, ledes, napraye, pewder 
dishes, dublers, ewers, burdes, chares, formes, stoles, spittes, 
and tubbis, stepefettes, and cestemes, with all artilery belongyng 
to the war and mete for the same. Also I yeve to my sone, 
Thomas Markynfeld, on vice and Agnus of gold. Also I will 
my said feoflFes sufire John Markynfeld of Salley to take of the 
profettes of my landes at Dawlebanke yerely tx) the valour of 
xl s., duryng his naturall lif. (Directions to the ex" to suffer 
the following persons to have the following annuities), Nicholas 
Thirkeld, xx s. of my landes & ten*^ in Gilderscrofte, where 
he dwelleth : Wm Markyngfeld, my uncle, xl s. out of my 
landes, etc., in the lordshipp of Aymonderby: George 
Horner of Caton xx s. of my landes, etc., in Ereholme : 
Wm Atkynson xls. of my landes, etc., in Markynton & 
Wallerthwaite. Wm B^axstane xx s. of my landes, etc. at 
Hundgate. Wm Luter xiij s. iiij d. of my landes, etc., in 
Eipon where he dwellith. Wm Gaille, xiij s. iiij d. of my 
landes, etc., in Scrutton. Richard Bleasdall xiij s. iiij d. of my 
landes, etc., in Scrutton : John Markynfeld, scravener, xx s. of 
my landes, etc., in Bushopmonketon. Chr Lyndley xiij s. iiij d. 
of my landes, etx3., in Markynton. Wm Matho to t^ke in his 
house ferme in Yngerthorpe vj s. viij d. Dame Anne Markyn- 
feld xiij s. iiij d. of my landes, etc., in Ereholme. John Clerke- 
son xiij s. iiij d. of my landes, etc., in Grauntley. Eoberte 
Kettilwell vj s. viij d. of my landes, etc., in South Stanley. 
Ric' Brere xx s. of my landes, etc., in Ereholme : John Mar- 
grave xiij s. iiij d. of my landes, etc., in Bushopmonketon : & 
Agnes Flemyng xx s. of my landes, etc., in Bushopmonketon. 
My feoffes to suffre my ex" to recey ve yerely of my maners 
. . . fyvre poundes . . to the use of Eleynour, my dough tour, 
to suche tyme the said Elynour be maried, for & towardes hir 
fynding. My feoffes to suffer my ex" to receyve . . yerely 
of my maners . . v li, for the stipende . • of a preist to syng 
and saye Mease and other Dy vyne service for my sail, the salles 
of my iader & moder, Dorothe my wif, and all Cristen salles, 
duryng the terme of vij yeres. Also I yeve to every on of my 
yomen, to whome I have yeven non annuitie nor yerely rent, 
over and besides his wages, vj s. viij d. Also I yeve to every 
grome, be3rng my household servaunte at the daye of my deith, 
over & besides ther wages, every on of them iij s. iiij d. Also 
I yeve to John Raner, childe of my kechyn, iij s. iiij d. . . . My 
feoffes to sufire my ex" to receyve . . v li. yerely to the use 
of Christofore Buke towardes his fyndyng duryng his lyve, and 
if the said Christofer at the age of xvij yeres do applye hym to 


leme the temporall lawe of England, or do applye any other 
laudable & profittable lemyng at Oxford or Cambridge, than I 
will that my said feoffes suSre my ex" to recey ve . . other v li. 
yerely to the use of the said Christofer for terme of his lif. 
Also I will that my feofes make, seall, & delyvere a lawfuU 
astate & graunte of ther annuities ... to all persons . . men- 
tioned . . so that they here ther good mynd and favour 
toward my said soue and heire. Also I yeve to Dame Elynourj 
my wif, all my beddyng & houshold stuf within my maner 
of Romondby . . I orden Dame Elynour my wif, Thomas 
Markynfeld my sone & heire, John Markynfeld of Aysmon- 
derby, and John Staveley gentilman, my executours. I will that 
Dame Elynour, my wif, have the residue of my goodes to hir 
owne use. . . Writyn at Markynfeld. . . Thies beyng wittenes 
Miles Staveley the reeeyver of Sipon, John Burton, Ric' Perci- 
vall gentilmen, and Sir John Haddilsay, on of the vicars of 
the college churche of Bipon, Sir William Thomlyngson, Sir 
George Newton, chaplaynes, William Atkyn son, George Thake- 
wraye, and John Markynfeld scryvener, with other moo. 

[Pr. 5 July 1628, & adm. to Thos M., son & heir of the testator.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 39fi.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The secunde daye of Decembre, 
in ,the yere of oure Lorde God, m* d. xxvij^**, I Thurstane Hall,* 
of Waith, hoole of mynde and good of remembrance, makes 
this my testament and last will in maner and forme foloing. 
First 1 woU that all other testamentes by me maide in tymes 
past be void and anullid. and of non effecte. Also I bequeath 
my sail to Almyghtie God, and to the gloriouse Virgyn oure 
Ladie Sancte Marie, and to all the holie company of hevyn, and 
my body to be beriede in oure Ladie where in Waithe of Al- 
hallos, at Sancte Nicholas altar ende. Also I bequeath to the 
hye altar, for tithes forgettyn, xvj d. Also I bequeath to Sancte 
Kateryne light xvj d. Item for my mortuary my graye stoned 
horse. Also I bequeath all my landes, as well copiehold as 
freehold, to a chauntre of Sancte Nicholas founded within the 

* An interesting addition to the account of Wath-upon-Dearne given by 
Mr. Hunter. 

Tbarstan HaU was a man of substance and landed estate, marrying Eliza- 
beth, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Wm. Fleming, Esq., of Wath. Of 
their two daughters Catharine married Kalph CoUinson, and Elizabeth, Henry 


parishe churche of Waith where my bodie shalbe beried, to 
th'entent to fynd a preist for evermore to syng and saye divine 
service in the where, of the Holie daye, with notte, with on 
honest smrples of his owne fyndyng and propre costes, and 
dailie to saie Masse at the said altar of Sanete Nicholas when 
he is disposed, with the De Profundia after the Gospell at the 
first lavatory, praying for my sail, my fader sail, my moder sail, 
my wif salles, my childe salles, and for the salles that we ar 
boundon to praye for, and for all Cristen salles. Also I will 
that all my feoflfes that nowe er and standith feoflfed shalbe 
feoffes to the use of my chauntre and performacion of this my 
testament and last will, as more planely doith appere by a dede 
of feoflfament maid, sealed, and annexed unto the buke of the 
fondacion of my chauntre. Also I will that all they that I have 
maide a surrender of my copie holde landes shall stand to be 
feoffes to the use of my chantrie and performacion of this my 
testament and last wilU Also I yeve the forsaid chauntre and 
all yt therto belongyth, both free hold and copie hold, and all 
that therto shalbe purchased to the performjmg and profight of 
the said chauntre, to Sir William Mosley preist, he to hkve it 
for terme of his lif, and, after the decesse of hym, than I will 
that my ij doughtours, Kateryn and Elisabeth, and their heires 
of their bodies lawfully begottyn, shalbe the patrones and yevers 
of the forsaid chauntre, with all the landes and tenementes, 
ishues and profit tes therto perteynyng and belongyng ; provided 
alwaye that they shall, or ther heires, incontinent and ime- 
diatlye after the decesse of the said Sir William Mosley 
within moved, next after, shall present on honest preist, and 
sufficient in good condicions and lemyng, ther to syng and 
saye dyvyne service daylee accorddyng to the constitucion and 
costome of the said churche as the lawe doith require ; and if 
the said patrones do not present w4n tyme and daye above 
named, I will the Priour of Burton abbay and the Co vent of the 
same place, by ther gifte wiitt3m under ther Covent seale, shall 
yeve the forsaid chauntre with appurtenaunces to an honest 
preist for that tyme onlye. And if it happen the said Priour 
and Covent to be slake and necligent, and do not present 
within the tyme and space as abovesaid, than I will that gift 
and presentacion of the said chauntre retume to the next 
heires of me, the forsaid Thurstane, founder of the said 
chauntre. Also I bequeath to Jenet my wif x li., to dispose at 
hir pleasour. Item I bequeath xli. to by a ma(r)ke land to 
my chantre, and that marke land I will Jenet my wif have it 
for terme of hir ly ve ; and, after hir decesse, I woU it goo to 
my chantre. Also I bequeath to the bryngyng upe of my 


bastard childe, v markes, and to the mother of the same x s. 
Also I bequeath yj markes to bye ij vestymentes to my chauntre, 
and that at belongeth therto. Also I bequeath the spryng in 
Alane clif to bye a chales to my chauntre. Item to Byby wif 
and to Elisabeth Dransfeld, aither of them iij s. iiij d. Item to 
Rauf Colynson and to Henry Say veil iiij marces of Whitsandaye 
farme last past in the lordship of Dalton, and all my hames, if 
they can salve it. Item to Rauf Colynson and Henry Saivell, 
aither of them xx s. ; and to aither of tbeire wifes a cowe. Also 
I bequeath to everychon of my godchilder iiij d. Residue of 
my goodes, not gyven nor bequeathed, I yeve to Jenet my wif, 
whome I make my full executrix, to dispose the residue of my 
goodes as shalbe divised by the counsell, mynd, and advisa- 
ment of Maister deyne of Doncastre, and Maister Thomas Strey, 
and Thomas Wod, whome I make my supervisours, to se that 
this my said testament and last will be trulye fulfillid, and 
every on of them to have for ther labours vj s. viij d. and ther 
costes borne. Thies beyng wittenes Rauf Colynson gentilman, 
Sir William Mosley, Sir John Silvester, Thomas Browme, 
Thomas Wod, Roberte Bacon, and Roberte Mathev^nutn. 

[Pr. 2 May 1528, adm. to ex«.] 

[Reg. Teit. Bbor. ix. 389.] 

Jan. 29, 1527-8. I, John Genres of Homese-beke, maketh 
my testament with a hoole mynd and a sownde. To be beried 
in the churche of Nicholes at Homesce in the ile afore our 
Ladie and Sancte Anne. I witt my best beast to be my mor- 
tuary. To the Holie Sacrament for all forgettyn tithies iij s. 
iiij d. I will that there be said for my sail in Homese at Scala 
GoeUy by the auctoritie of our Ladie gilde of Boston, a c Messes, 
opon the Wedynsdaye, Fridaye, and Saturdaye, for my sail, 
and all my frendes' salles, and all that ever I had any goodes 
opon als sowne after my beriall, as can be possible. I witt for 
my beriall x s. To Sancte Marie abbay of Yorke vj s. viij d. 
I will that ther be distribute for me at the daye of my beriall 
in the waye of almos to every house in Homese beke ij d. To 
the iiij Orders of Freres in Hull and Beverlay, every house ij s. 
To the iiij moder churches iiij s. To Edmunde, my sone, yj 
silver spones with Sancte John heddes of them; and if any 
thyng come at the said Edmunde bot good, that William 
Gerves have them. To the said Edmunde a coble called the 


Margarete, and my galbadyne. To the churche warke of 
Swyne vj s. viij d. To oure Ladie gilde of the same Swyne 
xiij 8. iiij d. To Thomas Gerves my litle newe macer. To Amie, 
my wif, my best silver pece, my best girdle with pennand and 
bukle of silver, &, if any thing come to hir bot good, she shall 
resigne the said girdle to Peter Gerves, and he be of lyve ; and 
in defalte of hyme to Edmunde my sone ; and in defalte of 
Edmunde that William Gerves and Thomas Gerves, and they 
for to sell it and cause a prest to syng for me and for my 
frendes as long as the money will reche. To Thomas Heryson 
of Hull brig, and my hospes his wif, Petir Gerves my sone and 
his childe parte, & to the said Thomas my best bucler. To 
Thomas Esbum a nett, ij ores, a smale lyne of the best in the 
house. I witt a quarter wheate and ij barils here to be delt in 
the kirke of Hornese opon my sevynt daye. 

[Pr. 4 Mar. 1527-8.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 392.] 

Feb. 4, 1527-8. Bryan Bradley, citizen and wax-chaunler 
of the citie of Yorke, in the parishe of Sancte John Apostell & 
Evangeliste at Use brig ende. To be bur. in the churche of 
Sancte John, in the north side, afor the pulpitte. I bequeath 
for my mortuary my best clothyng. I bequeath the daye of my 
beriall v'* candils & v torches, to be burnyd the daye of my 
beriall, xvj d. a pece. To William, my son, a silver salt, with 
all my workyng gere and my grete panne, if he goo to the 
occupacion ; if not, I gif it to my wif, with my bow and my 
shafftes with all my hames. I bequeath the daye of my beriall 
a trentall of MeaaeSy I will the Maister of Corpus Christi gilde, 
with his sex kepers, havyng ther duetie. To Cuthberte Birt- 
beke a sattan dublett fore-stokked with velvett. To Henry 
my servaunte, iij jonyng ymes, a wax ladle, a wax burde, half 
a dossen wax, the borde being at Bushophill. 

[Pr. 3 March, 1627-8.] 

[Reg. Wolsey, 161.] 

Feb. 12, 1527-8. I John Johnson, vicar of Madersay, of 
hoole mynde and full remembraunce, makith my will in this 


maner and forme foloing. First I yeve and bequeath my sail 
to God Almyghtie, to omre Ladie Sancte Marie, and to all the 
Sanctis in hevyn, and my bodie to be beried in the chauncell 
of the parishe churche of Madirsay aforsaid, of the left hand of 
Sir William Holme, some tyme vicar of the same. Also I 
bequeath for my mortuary as the contre is indued. Also I 
will that there be iiij" wax made in xiij perchis, and they to 
be light at the daye of my beriall, and at the vy daye after. 
Also I bequeath to the Roode light yj d. To oure Ladie light 
vj d. To Sancte John light yj d. To Sancte Antony and 
Plough light vj d. To Sancte James and Sancte Sithe iiij d. 
Also I bequeath to the house of Sancte Gilberte in Madirsaye, 
to registre my name as a broder, vj s. viij d. Also I bequeath 
to the Covente of the same place, at the disposicion of the 
Subpriour, iij s. iiij d. Also I will that there be a through 
stone laide opon my grave ingravid with scripture as testifyeng 
what tyme that I depart from this present lyve. Also I will 
that the house beside the chapell be yeven to on armette or 
bede man at the will of the vicar and churche maisters as oft as 
it is voide, and the said armete or beademan to yeve yerely to 
the vicar of Madirsaye aforsaid a Mease peny, and to the clerk 
ij d. for a mynyng ; and that to be done at my twelmonth 
daye, and so yerely to continue. Also I yeve to the brig over 
the water called the Eyand, to the amendyng of the hie way 
aboute it, iij s. iiij d. Also I yeve my pix to be used in the 
honour of the Sacrament in the forsaid churche of Maddersay. 
Also I yeve toward the byeng of on sute of vestymentes in the 
forsaid church xx s. Also I bequeath to Bawtre churche iij s. 
iiij d. Also to Sherebum churche iij s. iiij d. Also to Abirford 
church iij s. iiij d. Also to Hesilwod chapell iij s. iiij d. Also 
I yeve to Elene Johnson, my broder doughtour, iij li. vj s. 
viij d., on ambre, one laver, and a stone morter. Also I yeve 
to Jenet Paskell a quarter of rye and iiij shepe. Also I yeve 
every on of oure iiij moder churches xij d. Residue of all my 
goodis not above bequeathed, my will truly fulfillid, I yeve and 
bequeath to Sir William Wright chaplayne, Richarde Johnson, 
and Henry Johnson, my breder, whome I make my executours 
of this my last will above writtyn. Thies wittenes, William 
Vescy, Richard Kepas, Richard Biuton, and James Rither. 

[Pr. 16 May, 1628, ad. to ex".] 



[Reg. Gapit. Ebor. ii. 168 ; Reg. Test. x. 52 b."] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Quarto die mensis Mareii, anno 
Domini millesimo quingentesimo, vi^esimo septimo, Ego, Jo- 
hannes Chapman,* de Eboraco, notarius publicus, civis et mar- 
cator civi talis Ebor., ae sacri Lateranensis palacii comes palatinus, 
reverendissimi in Christo patris et domini, Domini Thomae 
Cardinalis legati de latere et archiepiscopi. Ebor., in civitate 
et diocesi Ebor. registrarius, adnichilando et irritando omnia 
et singula testamenta ante dictum quartum diem mensis 
Marcii per me condita et facta, jam condo testamentum meom, 
ultimam voluntatem meam in se continens, in hunc qui 
sequitur modum. In primis do et lego animam meam Deo 
Omnipotenti, Oeatori meo, Beatissimse Marias Virgini, Sancto 
Michaeli Archangelo, Beato Petro, Sancto Laurencio, Sancto 
Sebastiano, Sancto Nicholao, Beatae Marise Magdalense, Sanctaa 
CecilisD, Sanctae Elenae, Omnibusque Sanctis cselestis exercitus ac 
curiae, ac corpus meum sepiliendum coram imagine Beatissimse 
Mariae Virginis, ante capellam Sancti Stephani in ecclesia 
metropolitica Ebor., ex parte boriali ejusdem, si contingat me 
infra civitatem Ebor. ab hac luce migrare ; alioquin in choro 
ecclesiae infra cujus parochiam debitum naturae persolvam. 
Item lego pro meo mortuario, prout mos patriae requirit. 
Item lego ecclesiae meae parochiali, pro decimis meis oblitis, xl s. 
Item volo quod post mortem meam infra civitatem et diocesim 
Ebor. mille Missae per capellanos stipendiarios, seculares et 
regulares, praecipue Ordinis Cartusiani et Mendicantis, pre&- 
bjrteros, celebrentur quam celerrime fieri poterit post mortem 
meam, pro anima mea ; et volo quod quilibet sacerdos, sic 
celebrans, percipiat de bonis meis iiij d. Item lego Priori et 
Fratribus domus Cartusianae Sancti Michaelis juxta Hull, pro 
Obsequiis, Missis, et SuflFragiis pro anima mea dicendis, xxx s. 
Item lego Priori et monachis domus de Monte Graciae ejusdem 
Ordinis Cartusiani, pro consimilibus Missis, exequiis, et ora- 
tionibus dicendis, xxxs. inter eos dividendos. Item lego Priori 
et monachis domus Cartus' de Bellavalle pro consimilibus . . 

* The testator was a confidential 8ervant of the Archbishops and Dean and 
Chapter of York. His position gave him the opportunity of accumulating a 
larg:e fortune, and he availed himself of it. His will is drawn up with g^reat 
precision and care. 


dicendis, xxs. Item lego Priori et Fratribus domus Cart us* 
juxta Coventre, pro consimilibus . . dicendis, xxxs. Item 
lego cuilibet Domai Fratrum Mendicantiatn infra civitatem 
Ebor., ut orent pro anima raea, et intersint in delacione cor- 
poris mei ad ecclesiam die sepulturae mese, dicantque in 
domibus suis Exeqaias Mortuorum et Missas pro anima mea, 
vj s. viij d. Item lego Fratribus de Observancia nuncupatis, 
apud Newarke, pro consimilibus Exequiis, Missis, et aliis suffra- 
giis dicendis, xxx s. Item lego Priori et Conventui Monasterii 
de Gisbume, pro consimilibus . . dicendis, xl s. Item lego 
xiij pauperibus portantibus cereos, sive torches^ circa corpus 
die sepulturae mese, cuilibet eorum unam togam albam, et 
cuilibet eorum, in pecunia, iiij d. Item volo quod die se- 
pulturae mesB, vel infra octo dies postea, xiij li, vj s. viij d. 
distribuantur inter pauperes infra civitatem Ebor., in domibus 
suis, et non publice in ecclesia aut alio loco. Item lego in- 
carceratis infra castrum Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Item lego incarceratis 
convictis domini archiepiscopi Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Item volo 
quod exequiae mese et funeralia fiant absque pompa, ita quod 
honeste deserviatur ministris curiae Ebor. die obitus mei, vel 
octava die. Item lego fabricae ecclesiae Metropoliticae Ebor., 
pro sepultura mea, xl a. Item lego Priori et Conventui de 
Hextildesham, pro Exequiis Mortuorum, Missa, et aliis ora- 
tionibus et suffragiis pro anima mea dicendis, xl s. Item volo 
quod unus capellanus idoneus celebraturus Missas et alia 
divina oflBcia infra ecclesiam par. de Knesall, ad altare Sancti 
Nicholai ibidem, pro anima mea, animabus parentum meorum, 
Aliciae etMargaretaesororum mearum,et M. Willelmi Claiburgh,* 
juris utriusque doctorin, nepotis mei, ac animabus dominoruni 
recolendae memoriae Cristoferi Baynbrig, olim Cardinalis tituli 
Sanctae Praxedis, et Thomse Savage, Ebor. archiepiscoporum, 
omnium benefactorum meorum, et omnium fidelium defuncto- 
rum, per executores meos ftmdetnr, erigatur, et de novo 
stabiliatur. Item volo quod omnes et singuli redditus, fructus, 
et proventus omnium et singulorum terrarum, territoriorum, 
pratorum, pascuarum, et pasturarum mearum jacentium in villis 
et territoriis de Knesall, Ampton, et Allerton in Shirwcd 
in com. Nottingham, necnon terrae, tenementa, prata, pascua, et 
pasturae mea jacentia in villis, solis, et terris in Fokerthoq>, 

♦ This is, as I suppose, the person who was Archdeacon of Worcester, and 
died in 1634, desiring to be buried in the Charterhouse, London. He was a 
prebendary in St. Sepulchre's Chapel at York, and at Howden, Ilemingbro', 
Southwell, and Lincoln. He was also, for a while, rector of Easington. 

Another William Clayburgh was B.A. at Cambridge in 1527, M.A. in 1530, 
B.D. in 1645, and D.D. in 1549. In 1549 he became prebendary of Ampleforth 
at York, in which diocese he held other preferment. 
VOL. V. K 


Escrike, et North Dalton in com. Ebor^ ad supervisionem ezecn- 
torum meonim, applioentur et convertantur per feofiatos meo6 
in eisdem terris et tenementis ad erectionem et fiindacionem 
dictae cantarise mem. Item volo quod huja^modi feoffatores 
terrarum et tenementorum meomm hujusmodi remaneaot 
seisiti in terris et tenementis prsedictis ad ezhibitionem eapel- 
lani in dicta cantaria stabilienda et erigenda, et perimplecionem 
hujusmodi testamenti et ultimsB voluntatis latins exprimen- 
dam. Item lego Domino Roberto Hardie prozimam advoea- 
cionem medietatis ecclesisB parochialis de Cotgrave, in casu quo 
vixerit ad proximam vacacionem ejusdem ; et Domino Willebno 
Mooke,* consimili modo, advocacionem ecclesiae parochialis de 
Foston juxta Lecestre ; alioquin volo quod remaneant disposi- 
cioni Magistri Willelmi Claiburgh ad usum Willelmi Mooke et 
aliorum consanguineorum meomm. Item volo quod Magister 
Willelmus Claiburgh habeat proximam advocacionem ecclesise par. 
de Baraby. Item lego eidem M. Willelmo Claiburgh optimmn 
coopertorium meum pro lecto sno, optimum plumale cum 
cervicali, par lodicum de fustyan, duo paria optimorum linUii- 
aminum, celluram cum le3 testour quod habui ab executoribus 
Magistri Henrici CamebuU. Item lego Magistro Thomse Grod- 
salve de Norwico, seniori, consanguineo meo, unam peciam 
argenteam stantem, deaiuratam, cum coopertorio habente unum 
le water-flore in fundo, pond. xxv. unc. et di. Item lego 
Magistro Willelmo Claiburgh, pro termino vitae suae, unam 
bassam cratheram argenteam et deaur.,in toto pond.xxiiij. unc 
et di. ; et, post mortem ejusdem, volo quod Willelmus Mooke 
habeat eandem cratheram. Item lego Aliciss Mooke, nepti 
mese, unum salsarium arg. et deaur., pond, xxij unc, cum 
coopertorio. Item lego Aliciae, sorori mese, duo plumalia com 
servicalibus suis, quatuor paria lintheaminum de optimis non 
legatis, cum ij coopertoriis, ad terminum vitae suae ; et volo 
quod post mortem suam remaneant duabus filiabus suis seniori- 
bus. Item lego eidem Aliciae, sorori meae, xx li. sibi deliberan- 
das ad visum et discretionem Magistri Willelmi Claiburgh, et 
Domini Roberti Hardie, in vita sua, si eis visum fuerit ; et volo 
quod hujusmodi pecuniie, sibi non deliberatae in vita sua, post 
ejus mortem remaneant duabus neptibus meis senioribus inter 
eas aequaliter dividendse. Item lego dictae Aliciae, sorori mese, 
unum salsarium arg. et deaur., pond, xij unc et di., et xij 

♦ In July 1528 he was instituted to the rectory of Aldbrough, in the East 
Riding ; and on April 12, 1631. he was collated to the prebend of Tockerington, 
at Yt^rk. He died on May 30, 1 546, and was buried in the chancel of the church 
of Welbourne. in Lincolnshire, where he was rector. Browne Willis calls him 
William Mike. 


C30cliaria arg. cum le knoppes deauratis, pro termino vitae suae ; 
et yok) quod hujusmodi salsarium, post mortem suam, re- 
maneat Willelmo Mooke, et dicta xij cocliaria, post mortem 
Buam, remaneant duabus neptibus meis senioribus, inter eas 
dividenda. Item lego Domino Roberto Hardy unum plumale 
in custodia sua remanens, et unum salsarium argenteum in 
parte deaiur., pond xij unc. Item lego M. Willelmo Claiburgh 
omnes libros meos, tam practices quam alios, per ipsum postea 
distribuendos inter filios neptum mearum. Item lego M^stro 
Willelmo Claiburgh, et Aliciae, sorori mese, omnia utensilia 
domus mesB, prseter aurum, et argentum, jocalia, et le plait, 
qua nee superius nee inferius legantur, per ipsos sequaliter 
inter neptes meas post mortem dicto sororis mese distribuenda ; 
ita quod soror mea, pro termino vitse suae, habeat dimidiam 
partem eorundem, si voluerit, et cujuscunque parcellae eorun- 
dem. Item lego Domino Willelmo Mooke, et Johanni Rayner, 
servienti meo, pro termino vitse suae, et eorum alterius, totas 
mineras meas infra fr^nchesiam, regaUam, et dominium de 
Hextildesham, Swaledale, et Craven ; • et, post mortem eorun- 
dam, volo quod remaneant proximis hseredibus meis masculis. 
Item lego Willelmo Fawkes, servienti meo, iij li. vj s. viij d. et 
unum equum, secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. 
Item lego Willelmo Tyas iij li. vj s, viij d. et unum equum 
secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego 
Johanni Rayner iij li. vj s. viij d., et unum equum, vel xl s., et 
firmam meam de fVerefall infra parochiam de Laxton, et firmam 
meam quaestoriae de Southwell ; et totum lectum in basso 
studio meo cum omnibus omamentis eidem lecto pertinentibus. 
Item lego Willelmo Fawkes unum lectum assignatum servi- 
entibus meis in secunda camera mea prope magnam cameram 
super aulam meam, cum omnibus omamentis ^idem lecto 
pertinentibus. Item lego Willelmo Tyas lectum in camera 
super coquinam, cum omnibus omamentis eidem per- 
tinentibus. Item lego Magistro Thomas Magnus unam 
magnam bassam peeiam, argenteam et deauratam, absque 
coopertorio, quam emi de Georgio Gaill de Ebor., et unum 
annulum cum lapide vocato a jadncie. Item lego Magistro 
Edwardo Kellet f unum le cuehe argenteum, et in parte 
deauratam. Item lego cuilibet servientium meorum unum le 

♦ The testator had got into his possession the greater part of the lead 
mines in the north of England. 

t Prebendary of Langtoft, and afterwards Precentor in York Minster. He 
held also the livings of Dewsbory and Haggate and a stall at Howden, and 
was domestic chaplain to Archbp. Bainbridge. Fuller says that he was edu- 
cated at King's Coll., Cambridge, and speaks of him as a profound scholar. 
He died on Sept. 5, 1539, and was bur. in the nave of York Selinstcr. 

R 2 


Alman ryvet. Item lego Willelmo Man menm le jacket de 
velvety et uxori sum unam le apHnkill argenteum ad spergen- 
dum aquam ro8£urum, et unum le epicebox de every. Item lego 
Willelmo Man meum optimum le stag. Item lego eidem Wil- 
lelmo unmu le Alman ryvet ; et Christofero Conyers unum le 
Alman revet y et uxori suae unum annulum cum lapide rubeo. 
Item lego Roberto Man unum le Alma/n revetj et uxori suae 
unum annulum cum lapide rubeo. Item lego Magistro Willelmo 
Claiburgh unum annulum cum le torcha^j et unum le diaTnand 
vocatum a losingeVy et unum annulum cum lapide vocato an 
emorade. Item lego Domino Decano Ebor. unum annulum 
cum le^ diamondy mihi datum per Magistrum Willelmum 
Claiburgh. Item lego Priori et Conventui de Feribie, pro Exe- 
quiis, et Missis, et aliis Orationibus pro anima mea dicendis, 
XXX s. Item lego Domino Willelmo Mooke disposicionem ad- 
vocacionis ecclesias de Langton super Waldam, cum secunda vice 
vacaverit. Item lego cuilibet filiolorum meorum, ubicunque 
inventi fuerint viventes, iij s. iiij d. Residuum — Magistro 
Willelmo Claiburgh . . , Domino Roberto Hardie de Southwell, 
Magistro Willelmo Mooke, capellanis, quos ordino . . executores, 
ut ipsi ordinent et disponant pro salute animse mese, prout 
respondere voluerint secundum eorum conscientias in die 
Judieii ; et lego cuilibet eorum onus execucionis hujusmodi 
testament! in se suscipienti, x 1., cum moderatis expensis suis. 
Item facio . . Magistrum Brianum Higdon, legum doctorem, 
decanum Eccl. Metrop. Ebor., et Magistrum Thomam Magnus,* 
Archidiaconum Estridding, in quibus mea firmissima spes est et 
fiducia, super visores ; et lego utrique eorum decem marcas. Item 
propter fidem et firmissimam fiduciam, quam habui et habeo 
in executoribus meis prsedictis, et alias causas legitimas me in 
hac parte moventes, remitto dictis executoribus meis confec- 
tionem inventarii bonorum meorum ; et sic ordino et volo quod 
a nuUo judice, ordinario, sive ecclesiastico, aut aliqua alia per- 
sona quacunque, dicti executores mei, aut eorum aliquis, ad 
confectionem alicujus inventarii de bonis meis artentur, com- 
pellantur, aut coherceantur . . arteturve, coherceatur, aut oom- 
pellatur aliquis eorum executorum meorum, nee ad prsestandum 
aliquod juramentum de hujusmodi inventario conficiendo a 
quoquam valeant coartari ; et volo quod debita mea coUigant et 
etiam bona mea, ac leventur per executores meos, et reponantur 
in thesauraria ecclesiae colleg. B. M. Southwell, et aliis locis 
tutis et securis, quousque ultima voluntas mea impleatur, et 
cantaria mea praedicta stabiliatur et erigatur apud Knesall prsB- 

* It is impossible to speak adequately of these two dignitaries within the 
compass of a nota. 


dictam. Et volo quod hujusmodi pecunte, sic remaneBtes post 
fandationem cantariae mead prsedictae, disponantur in caritatis 
et aliis piae devotionis operibus per executores meos quam 
celerrime fieri potent. In cujus rei testimonium sigillum 
meum prsesentibus apposui, hiis testibus Domino Laurentio 
Hall eapellano parochiali Sancti Mlchaelis Archangeli infra 
clausum eccl. Metrop. Ebor., Magistro Willelmo Wright, notario 
publico, aldennanno civ. Ebor., Georgio Craill, et Boberto El- 
walde,* marcatore. 

[April 7» 1530. Ck)dlci1, making Pan Thos Fox an ez'.] 
[Pr. 20 May, 1681.] 

[Reg. Test ix, 38S.] 

March 9, 1527-8. JRadulphas Eere8by,t armiger. Sep. 
in eccl. par. de Thribarghe, ante altare B, M. V. To the hie 
altar of Thribargh churche, pro deci-mie oblitis, vj s. viij d. I 
will that my executours trulye, within zl dayes next after my 
decesse, paye, or cause to be paid, to everichon of my servauntes 
theire wages due to every on of them for theire good servise 
and wages, and to every on of them for on half yere after ther 
terme, after there rate of ther wages. I make my executours . . 
Thomas Wentworth of Wodhouse hall, my sone in lawe Ed- 
warde Eire, and my sone, Thomas Boswell of the New Hall, 
Esqueours ; & Thomas Reresby, my sone and heire apparente, 
Bupervisour. To Thomas Eeresby, my sone apd heire appa* 
rente, a standding (cup) of silver pounced and a cover for the 
same, and all the stuf that is in the greate chamer, and all my 
hames, excepte my corce presaunte, and all my good beyng in 
the lege in my parke ; and all the landes sawenne at Thribargh 
hall which belongith to the maner of Thribarghe, the daye of 
my deith, & viij oxen and a wayne and yokes and temes to 
them belongyng ; all the tithe belongyng to Brymforth, bothe 

♦ Three dvlc worthies at York. 

Wm. Wright, son of Wm. Wright notaiy, was Lord Mayor in 1518 and 1535, 
and M.P. in 1514^15. On May 1, 1523, Cardinal Wolsey appointed him 
master of his mint. He died in 1549« 

George Gale, a direct ancestor of Dean Gale, was Lord Mayor in 1534 and 
1649, and M.P. in 1532>3 and 1541. In 1548-9 he was vice-treasurer of the 
royal mint at York. He was a rich goldsmith, and died in 1566. 
, Robert, son of John, Elwald, was Lord Mayor in 1539. He married a niece 
of Cardinal Bainbridge, Archbishop of York, 

t The i»ead of the Reresbys of Thribergh, near Rotherham. He marr. 
Margaret dau. of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam of Aldwark. 


in towne and feld, & all the sawne tymbre that I have in any 
X)lace : & to my doughtour his wif iiij of the best kye that I 
have. To my sone, Sir William, a riall of gold. To Baof 
Reresby, my sone sone, a pece with a pale aboute the fote, and 
an other aboute the cover of the same. To Bauf Wentworth 
my god sone, Rauf Westby my godsone, & to my godsone, his 
sone (each) a riall of gold. To Thomas, sone of Henry Westby, 
a riall of gold. To my kynsman, Rauf Claiton, v marc. To 
Alicie Clarell v marc. To Lionell Reresby a flate pece of silver 
with a cover clene gilte. To Elene Reresby a cowe. To Fran- 
cisce Reresby a goblett of silver withoute cover. To Rauf 
Leeke, my godsone, yj s. viij d. To Sir Rauf Holme vj s. viij d. 
To my doughtour Eire a spone for grene gynger and my best 
white pece, single. To Rooke Reresby my secund white pece 
of silver. To Leonard Reresby the thirde white pece of silver. 
To my doughtour Evers my goblet of silver with the cover parcell 
gilt. Also I will that my executours dely ver to the doughtours 
of Roberte Evers xx li. in rials, and x s. when they er maried, 
to helpe to marie them with all. To Rauf Clidderowe & Rauf 
Baxter (each) a riall of golde. To Sir John Parker, my prest, 
X 8. To Sir Richarde Ranefeld, the curate of Thribsurghe, 
vj 8. viij d. To Sir Coward yj s. viij d. Also I bequeath to iij 
yong folke that er at my fynddyng, that is to saye, Thomas 
Caplewod, Peter Castilforth, and his suster, ichon of them 
yj 8. viij d. Where afore this tyme I have enfeoflFed Thomas 
Wentworth of Wodhouse esquier, Edwarde Eire esquirer, nowe 
lyvyng, and also John Baxter and Thomas Reresby, nowe deid, 
of and in maner of Asshere, & in all other my landes . . in 
Asshore . . to performe my Will . . they to fynd Rauf & 
Lionel Reresby, sones of Thomas Reresby, to the scole, and all 
other thinges necessary for ther lyvyng, to suche tyme as the 
said Rauf and Lionel shall come and be of the age of xxj yeres, 
& then to make astate to him & his heires for ever to the valour 
of XX markes . . . Also of xx markes to the same Lionell, when 
xxj, terme of his lyve. My said feoffes, when the churche of 
Asshore shalbe voide, to suflFre Thomas Reresby, my sone & 
heire, to present. My executours to expende for my funerall 
expenses and other charitabill deides, the tyme of my buryeng, 
XX li., and the residue . . I woll my executours dyvyde emong 
them, and pray for my sail. Thies wittenes. Sir John Parker, 
chauntrie priest, etc. 

[Pr. 18 Apr. 1628 & ad m. to Thos Wentworth of Woodhonse hall, Edward 
Eyre of Howme hall, &. Thos Boswell of Newhall Esq", ex".] 



[R^. Test. iz. 401.] 

Apr. 24, 1528. John Wikersley* of Brome Hall in the 
parishe of SheflFeld, esquyer, of hoole mynde and good memorye, 
al thoughe I be seke in bodie. To be beried in the Eoode 
chapell within the parishe churche of Sancte Peter in SheflTeld, 
as nye unto the ymage of the same Eoode as conveniently 
maye be. And that my best whike beast be taken for the said 
churche as in the name of my mortuary. And, as toching the 
order and disposicion of everything to be done aboute my 
funerall expenses and obsequies, I will that Elen, my wif, and 
my cosyng, Richard Everyngham, whome I orden, constitute 
and make my executours . . shall ordre and dispose for my 
sail and all Cristen salles at the same, like as they by ther 
discretions shall thinke mete and conveniente for a man of my 
degre. Feoffes, Maister Richard Talbott, one of the yonger 
Bones of the right honorable lorde George erle of Sherowsbery, 

* The Wickersleys were an anoient Weat Biding family, long extinct. I 
throw together some notices of them derived from the wills. The wiU of the 
rector of Dartfield throws considerable light upon the architectural history of 
that church. 

July 10, 1434. Thomas Wykerslay, rector med. eccl. de Derfeld^ Romanam 
ecclesiam et S. Jacobum proponens pro salute animso mese visitare. To 7 
priests 60 marks, to eel. for a year for me, my parents* souls, & those of Sir 
John Scott knt, Rob* Schore, Mr Thos Derfeld, John Femoll, John Clay, Sir 
Wm Melton knt, John Draz, Thos Barley & Isabel his wife, Dom. Tho. de 
Toveton presb. & my parishioners. Bed. me» de D. pro deskys in eocl. 
X marcas. Pro iiij filials super campanile x marcas. Pro magna campana 
facienda de minima campana ibidem xx marcas. Pro revest r* faciendo 
X marcas. To my poor parishioners at D., Burton in Wyshall com. Cestr', & 
those at my burial, 80 marks. Poor at Burton 10 2. Isab. & Maig*, daughters 
of my brC Wm, lo marks each. Joan, late wife of my bro* Wm de W.^ 
4 marks. Cousin Thos Smyth of Wykersley, & Thos Smith of Gilthwate 
10 marks each. Magistro Dawnay de Doncastre 20 s. Thomas de Hail, servo 
meo, 80 marks, to find him at Oxford or Cambridge, if he would b^ a priest ; 
or ' pro bona uxore sibi adqulrenda,' Sc to find him at Stapill Inne. Eccl. 
matrici de Ebor., viz. pro stipul* ^iendo»408. To prisoners 20i. j coverlet t 
ad serv. in chore eccL de D. et j coverd pece ecclesiae. [Pr. 28 Sept. 1434.J 
(Reg. Test. iii. 396 a.) 

May 20, 1471. Roger Wykerslay of Wykerslay. Sep. in capella B. M. infra 
eocl. de W. Res. to Margaret my wif & Wm my son— they ex". [Pr. 8 Oct. 
1471.] (Reg. Test. iv. 172 a.) 

Apr. 3, 1505. Nicholaus Wikerslay. Sep. in parto boriali eccl. par. de W. 
Ellen, my wife, ex«. Witn. Thos W. [Pr. 16 Apr. 1506.] (Reg. Test. vi. 

Apr. 18, 1532. Admin, of Margaret Wickersley par. Wath, widow & gentle- 
woman, to Wm Grene gen. k Eliz. his wife, her daughter. (Reg. Test. xi. 4.) 


James Savage, Richard Everyngham, and John Holland . . 
for the more surance of this my last will. My fader by his last 
Will declared that Margarete, my moder, shulde have certen 
landes and tenementes in Sheffeld, Kymberworth, and Halome, 
for terme of hir lyve, in the name of hir jonctour. They to be 
seased of my maner of Wikersley &in on messuagie in Sheffeld, 
to the use of Elene, my wif, for terme of hir lif . . to percey ve 
yerely hir joinctour & dowre of xx** marc. My feoffes to fynd 
an honest prest to serve in the churche of Sancte Petir of 
Sheffeld, to praye for the galles of me,. and my frendes, and all 
Crist en salles for ever; & to pay v li. to Sir John Craw8ha,nowe 
my cha[)lane, to pray ... at the said churche for an hoole yere 
after my decesse. I will that my said ex" • . cause the loft 
in the Roode chapell, wher th'organnes now standes, to be new 
buylded, & by on sute of vestymentes to be used at the Roode 
altar for the well of my sail, and all my frendes' sauUes. My 
maners, landes, et<;., to the use of my nece, Elinour Went- 
worth, doughtour of my broder Nicholas Wikersley decessed, & 
to the heires of hir bodie lawfully begotten. For defelt . . to 
my susters, Elisabeth & Margarete . . . And wher as I put my 
said cosyng, Richarde Everyngham, to payne aswell in diverse 
my causes and sondrie and many tymes now passid, as also pur- 
pase, God willing, to putt hym to a further payne in th'execu- 
cion of this my last will and testament . . I yeve unto hym, and 
toward the preferment of my yong cosynges his childer, xxxli. 
to be allevied and takyn of my goodes and cattalles or landes. 
My verrey good lord Francisce lorde Talbott, sone and heire 
apparente of . . George Erie of Shrewesbury, supervisour, & I 

give him xl s. 

[Pr. 1 July, 1528, adm. to ex".] 


[Reg, Test, Dec. & Cap. Ebor. ii. 146.] 

June 3, 1528. Eichard Laikoke,* vicar of EUughton. To 
be bur. before my stall in the hie wheire of oure Blisside Ladie 
in the pariche church of EUughton. To the mending of one 
crasid chaliche belonging to the said church, xs. To by ij 
cruyttes to the said church, xij d. To the buylding of Ellugh- 

* I give a brief note of the will of the predecessor of the testator at 

Dec. 20, 1519. Johannes Spencer, vicarius de Elughton. Sep. in choro 
eccl. fie E. [Pr. 19 Jan. seq.] (Reg. Test. Dec. et Cap. ii 120.) 


ton church steple xxs., besides xxs. that I owe thame. I 
bequeith x lb wax to be bumte before the Holie Sacrament and 
our Blissid Ladie in the wheire, and the pictour on the Kood, 
and the ymages of our Ladie in the south ille, and th'emage 
of Sanct Katerine in the north ille, at the discretion of John 
Sympson, th'elder. I bequeith ix marc to Sir Oswald Wed- 
derade, to syng and say Masse in Ellughton church for my 
saull, for my father saull, and all Christen saulles, and to doo 
Ruch other thinges as he and I is agread of, for the space of one 
yere, when God induythe hyme mett^'to say Ataaee. To 
Saxton church vj s. viij d. To mending of the great bell at 
Bolton Percy vj s. viij d. . . To the iiij Orders of Frears of 
Beverlay and Hull, to pray for my saull, to every howse iij s. 
iiij d., to be devidet emonges the covent. To the proctour of 
Sanct Lazarous yj d., & to the proctour of Sanct Robert of 
Knaresburght vj d. The residewe of my goodes, within the 
howse and garth, to my oist, Richard Sykes. Sir John Reddall 
of KillinghaJl, supervisour, 

[Pr. 13 June, 1628.] 

[Beg. Test. ix. 409.] 

July 7, 1528. William Swanne of Swanneby in Whorleton 
parishe. To be beried in the kirke of the Holie Roode in 
Whorleton. I yeve x li. to Whorleton kirke, to by a bell,* the 
whiche x li. is in Maister William Grene hand, and this bell to 
be halowed, and caried, and hongyn of my propre costes. 

[Pr. 20 July. 1528.] 

♦ I give several other notices of bells. 

Sept. 1521. Alex. Mattason of Londesbro*. Ad unam campanam emendam 
praedicta in ecclesia pendentem xxvj s. viijd. (Reg. Test. ix. 191.) 

July 6, 1621. James Holyngley. To the byeng of a grete bell, at Spofford, 
vjs. viijd. (Id. 231.) 

June 12, 1524. John Awstyn, balie of Topclif. Toward byeng of a beU 
which shall be the iiij*'* bell to the other thre ther beyng, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
(Reg. Test. ix. 358 b.) 

Nov. 7, 1527. Thos Goldsmith of Hull, glover. To Sancte Cuthberte kirke 
in Carlile xxs. to amendyng of the belles ; and the parishe preist to praye for 
the salles of my fader & my moder in the pulpitt. (Id. 393.) 

Nov. 26, 1530. Wm. Elyngworth of Pontefract. To my paryshe churche 
iiij 8. to bye a sacryng bell for the hygh alter. (Id. 477.) 


[Reg. Test x. 94a.] 

In the name of God, Amen, the xvj*^ day of the month of 
August, in the yere of our Lord God a thousand fy ve hundreth 
twenty and eght, Edward Basford, otherwysse callid Beresford,* 
of Wyrkesworth in the counte of Derbe, seke in body, and off 
perfiett memorie, make, shew, & declare my mynd and last will 
after this maner and forme folouing. Where ther is a draught 
of a Will of myne maid in my wedowhode, afore I maried this 
gentilwoman, my wyflF, remanyng in the handes of the vicar of 
Chesterfeld, I have send for the said vicar, and, God willing, 
intend to make this my will in writing for the profett of my 
wyff and childer ; and seyng I am in an extreme heit, and also 
in dowt and daunger whether it shall please God to call me to 
His mercy before the said vicar come, before that my testa- 
ment and last Wil be fynyshed in writyng, I declare unto youe 
that Maister Metham, my fethir-in-law, doith awe unto me 
neyn hundreth markes, if he have the warde of Maister Brad- 
bume, and, if he have hym nott, sex hundreth markes ; and I 
will if the neyn hundreth markes, or sex himdreth markes, aw- 
ther of the said sommes, after condicion aforsaid, be paid, 
that my wyflF have fourty poundes in land by yere duryng hir 
naturall lyff for hir joyntour, and it to remayn over to my 
oldist son had by hir according as it is covauntid betwyx my 
father in law and me; and if it shall happen it never to be 
paid, I will that she have butt fourtie markes by lond by yere 
duryng hir naturall lyeflF for hir joynctour. Also I will that 
my other Will, wherof a draught remanyth w*** the said vicar 
of Chesterfeld, shall not stond but be utterlie void. Also my 
mynd and will is that Jane my wyflF have the dispossing of my 
guddes, and execute this my will for the well of my saull & 
profytt of my childer ; and herof I desyre and pray youe that 
be present, and charge youe in Godde's behalf, to bere witnes 
and certifie this my wyll and mynd when neid shall require. 
Thes beyng witnes, fiaphe Wordysworth, William Oydes, 
Eaphe Glossoppe, and Thomas Scaryng, with other. 

[Pr. 13 Nov. 1631 ad. to ex'.] 

* A Derbyshire gentleman whose will is registered at York, through his 
connection, by his second wife, with the Methams. He seems to have died of 
the sweating sickness. 




[Reg. Test. Dec. & Capit. Ebor. iL 166.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ultima voluntas hominis Cristiani et 
sacerdotis, Willelmi Melton,* anno Cristi miilesimo quingente- 
simovicesimo octavo, vicesimo die mensi 8 Augusti, apud Acclum. 

In gratiam et misericordiam Omnipotentis Dei, Creatoris 
omnium, et fiedemptoris nostri, spiritu meo primum commendato, 
8ub spe crueis et sanguinis Jhesu Christi, et per intercessionem 
Ejus genetricis Mariae, Sanctorumque Omnium et Spirituum 
Coelestium ; corpore quoque meo commendato fidelium sepul- 
turse ; hsec sit gerenda ratio rerum et facultatum mearum, ut 
primum ex hiis, quoad fieri possit, omni juri ecclesiastico et 
omni justicise mortalium satisfiat. Post funeralia, videlicet, 
mihi catholice exhibita, pro reputatione mea non sumptuosa 
Bed mediocria, delude post justa omnia debita mea secure 
soluta, si nulla videtur executori vel executoribus aut ministris 
instare molestia, quin sine suo detrimento bene fieri possit, 
tunc ex smnma omnium vasorum argenteorum de le plate quas 
reperientur, non designata scriptis, nee nuncupata verbo, detur 
exhibitio annua septem marcarum, quoad summa tota com- 
pleatur per annos vel ndenses, sacerdoti idoneo pro arbitrio 
ministrantium ; qui quidem sacra celebraturus est ad altare 
Nominis Jhesu in ecclesia Ebor. pro anima mea, animabus 
parentum meorum, amicorum, et propinquorum, pro anima 
quoque Hugonis Trotter t et suorum, similiter animabus 
parentum, amicorum, atque simili modo pro anima Domini 

* A learned and distingnished scholar. 

He was ordained aoolyte at York March 11, 1486-6; deacon, May 20» 1486, 
being then M.A., Roche Abbey giving him a title, and priest on Sept. 23 in the 
same year. Melton was M.A. of Cambridge in 1479, B.D. in 149U, and D.D. in 

On May 18, 1489-90, he was inst. to the rectory of Clayworth, and on Jnne 
6, 1496, to that of Aston on the presentation of Sir John Melton. This he res. 
in Feb. 1616-17. 

In York Minster he was prebendary of Tockerington, and afterwards, in 
1496, Chancellor, in which position he had full field for the use of his learning. 
One of his sermons as Chancellor was printed, I think by Wynkyn de Worde. 

Melton's will is his own composition and travels very far out of the usual 
groove. The list of his books and furniture, etc, is very suggestive. Except in 
his books there is no sign of any expenditure. Everything is of the most 
simple kind. The will was made at Acclam on the Wolds, a small living in 
his gift. The will of the Vicar of Acclam, his friend and prot^g^, Edmund 
Cook, will soon follow. 

t Sometime Treasurer of York and a weU-known man. 


ThomsB Rotherham archiepiscopi, et animabns saoram, omni- 
umque fidelium defonctorum. Csetera vero legata mea qosedam 
in billis de papiro mea manu 8cripta patebunt ; qusedam, Deo 
propitio, viva voce annuntiabo. Exequantur autem plena mea 
anctoritate hii vel ille, unns vel plures, qnem vel qnos pro 
Dei dementia maturius nominabo ex tempore, residue rerum 
mearum eis, vel ei, relieto; nee post funeralia feicta, debita 
soluta, et impleta legata quae vel scripto mandantur vel aperte 
nuncupantur, amplius pro meis rebus quisquam oneretur pro 
tali residuo quam sibi ipsi videatur ex sua erga me pietate. 

Billa deposit' Prions de Watton omnino servetur et perLm- 
pleatur. Item pro capa necesse est solventur viginti marcae, si 
non sint solutae. 

Item capellano meo et Csimulis solvetur omnino integrum 
stipendium quarterii in quo decedo ab hoc saeculo. Et ulterius 
lego cuilibet eorum vij s. vj d. Item do et lego Willelmo 
Baxster, servienti meo, unum ciphum argenteum et deauratum 
cum nubibus, post meum decessum* Item volo quod omnia 
omamenta corpori meo pertinentia sequaliter dividentur inter 
servientes meos et bonorum meorum administratores. Item 
do et lego Nicholao Melton, nepoti meo, meum optimum plu- 
mare cum pertinentiis. Item do et lego Johanni Eyre, ser- 
vienti meo, secundum optimum meum plumare. Item do et 
lego Antonio Mountenay plumare meum in quo jacere solebat* 
Haec in omnibus serventur per Dominum Thomam Fome sub- 
thesaurarium eoclesise Ebor., Magistrum Nicholaum Melton, 
Johannem Eyre, Dominum Thomam Baite presbyterum, et 
Eobertum Mountenay, quos fecio executores, sive bonorum 
meorum administratores mobilium et immobilium mihi perti- 
nentium, et praecipue eos, eo quod in vita mea ipsi onmino 
domam et res meas mobiles et immobiles rexerint et gubema- 
verint, igitur ea intentione volo eos post decessum meum pree- 
dicta ordinare et gubemare, et haec est mea ultima voluntas. 
In cujus rei testimonium prsesentes sunt Magister Doctor Haill 
rector ecclesise de Skirpenbek, Dominus Edmundus Cook 
vicarius de Acclame, Dominus Robertus Gilis presbyter, et alii, 
ut Willelmus Backster, Galfiridus Frankelande, Edwardus Dar- 
wentwater, et Thomas Wilson, 

[Pr. 19 Ang. 1533,1 



In THE PRASSE. In primis a gowne of rede scarlet, furred 
w^ meny vere, and a hoode, xxvj s. viij d. A cremysyn gowne 
and a hood furred w**' foones, Ixxviij s. A scole abite furred w**^ 
meny vere, xvj s. A blak abite for the ehurche, w*'' grene ser- 
cenet in it, xv s. Thre gray amysses, liij s. iiij d. Two sur- 
plusses, xxvj 8. An olde pillowe wroght w*** silke, xx d. Two 
curtanes of blewe clothe, xvj d. Two peces of olde furre, white 
and gray, ij s. A newe violet gowne, xl s. Two olde surplusses, 
viij d. Sumrrui xiij li. viij d. 

In THE GREAT CHAMBRE. Item a teister of damaske worke 
w*** a sparver of sarcenet, vj s. viij d. A fedder bed and a 
bolster, xvj s. A pare fustian blankettes, ij s. viij d. A fyne 
shete and a doble shete, xv s. iiij d. A coverlet w*** white and 
blak, xij d. A coveringe for a bed, white and blak, Ixvj s. viij d. 
Two Flaunders chistes, and ij other chistes, \j s. viij d. Four 
peces of hangynge, say, w*** rede and grene, xij d. A pewtre 
bason and ij formes, yj d, A pece of hangynges w^ flours, and 
a pece rede say, xq d. An olde borde, iiij d. Summa v li. 
xviij 8. vij d. 

In THE CHAPLE CHAMBRE. Item an old sparver of domyxe, 
xij d. A litle fedderbed w*** a bolster, vs. A pare olde lynon 
shetes, xvj d. A coverlet, white and blak, xij d. A covering, 
with an antilope, iij s. iiij d. A great chiste, yrne bounde, yj s. 
viij d. Summa xviij s. iiij d. 

In THE CHAPLE. Item a litle clothe staned w*** Christe, 
Marie, and John, iiij d. A super altare, w*** ij old alterclothes, 
xvj d. A pece of staned work w*** an ymage of o' Lady, yj d. 
Two curtanes of clothe, staned after damaske worke, viij d. A 
paynted clothe w*^ Christe and ij thefes upon it, iiij d. A trus- 
singe coffre, a hamper, and ij litle coflTers, yrne bounde, ij s. A 
halywater fat, a strenkle, and a sacringe bell, viij d. A Masse 
book w*** silver claspes, writen, xx s. A vestment of rede sattan 
w*** an albe, vj s. Five corporaxe cases with iiij lynon cor- 
poraxes, iij s. A pare curtanes of rede sarcenet, xvj d. A pare 
curtanes of taffatay, viij d. Two pillows of silke, the one xvj d., 
the other viij d., ij s. Two peces of silke above the alter, xij s. 


Two peces of silke beneth the alter, viij s. Two peces of blak 
sarcenet for the altar, ij s. viij d. Two peces of rede silke and 
blak, rawed, for the alter, iiij s. A litle table that was Mr. Doctor 
Colette's,* XX d. Summa Ixvij s. ij d. 

In more chambre. Item a round male, yj d. Item ij 
pare trustilles, ij boordes, and j olde forme, yj d. Summa 

In Nich. Melton chambre. Item a prassar, vs. A boorde 
and a pare of trustilles, viij d. Summa v s. viij d. 

In ms owne chambre. Item a sparver of grene and rede 
say w* curtanes of bukrham, xij d. A canvaxe clothe under 
the fedderbed, xij d. A fedderbed and a bolster, xx s. A rede 
mantle, xxj d. An olde hangynge w*^ flours, xij d. Two peces 
of staned worke w*** Saint John, xvj d. One yme bounde chiste 
w*** j hamper, yme bounde, xijd. A hamper of wikers w*** 
writinges in y*, j d. A prevey stole, iiij d. A boorde, a pare 
trustilles, and a clothe of grene say, xvj d. A litle coflFre w^ 
a deske cover, vj d. Two formes, j d. A litle cofiFre, ij d. A 
pare tonges, yd. A towell of harden clothe, ij d. Sv/m^ma 
xxix 8. 3CJ d. 

In Mownteney chambre. Item a fedderbed, w*** a pillowe 
uncovered, vj s. viij d. Two coffers, yme bound, w*** bothums 
oute, ij d. A pare trustilles w*^ wanescot boordes, viij d. 
Summa vij s. vj d. 

In Eyre chambre. Item a cover of wood for a cownter, 
ij d. A pare trustilles, j d. Summa iij d. 

In his owne parlodre. Item a cupborde carved, xxvj s. 
viij d. A counter w*^ a cover clothe, viij s. A cupborde w^ 
a carpet, xij d. Five peces of olde rede say, xx d. Two formes, 
ij d. Seven chares in all places of the house, ij s. Six of the 
best qweshinges, vj s. viij d. Six of the worste queshinges, iij s. 
Four qweshinges of carpet worke and j olde qweshing, iiij s. 
In the entree, j forme and j olde bourde, ijd. Su7nm,a 
Iiij s. iiij d. 

In the Hall. Item j olde cupborde and ij great hordes, 
iiij s. iiij d. A clothe of rede say for the hye dease, xxij d. 
Summa vj s. ij d. 

In the Pantree. Item vj napkyns of diaper, vj d. Two 
towelles of diaper, great and longe, xv s. Two litle towelles of 
diaper, and j of lynon clothe, xij d. Two great horde clothes 
of diaper, xv s. Three olde horde clothes of lynon clothe, iij s. 
A bason and ewer of pewtre, xij d. One olde cupborde clothe, 
ij d. Four candlestikes and one foote, xx d. A scomer for the 

♦ a memorial of the famous Dean of St. Paul's, who had a prebend at 


fire and a greate pare tonges, xyj d. One olde cupborde carved, 
and j olde arke, x^ d. Two pare trustilles and ij wanescot 
boordes, xij d. Two chippinge knyfes, ij d. A landyme and a 
halfe for the fire, vj s. viij d. Summa ^vij s. vj d. 

In the Buttree. Item vj hoggeshedes and ij lease barelles, 
ij 8. iiij d. Summa ij s. iiij d. 

In the kytchyn and larder. Item ij great chargers of 
pewtre, a doss, salsers, ix dishes and vij doblers, ponderinge ix 
doss., xxvij s. A scomer of lattone, ij d. Five brasse pottes, 
wherof ij gret, y* oyer iij lesse, xvij s. viij d. A litle kettle, v d. 
Three pannes, pondering xxx IL, iij s. ix d. A brasen morter 
w*** a pestle, ij s. vj d. Six spittes, more and lesse, iiij s. viij d. 
Six flit crookes and iij pare pot crookes, xij d. Two cobymes, 
iij 8. A grater for brede, x d. A chawfer of brasse, ij s. iiij d. 
A longe brandrithe of yme, ij s. A fidenge pan, iij d. A laver, 
xiiij d. A girdyme, xij d. A borde and ij trustilles, vj d. A 
boultinge toon, a knedinge troghe w*^ oyer tubs, ij s. iiij d. 
In all the parlors and chambers of y* house vij pare bedstokes, 
xyj d. A bushell for metinge come, vj d. 8wmm/i Ixxij s. v d. 

In the salte fyshe chambre. Item xlvj wanescote hordes, 
xix s. ij d. Summa xix s. ij d. 

In fuell. Item vj chalder, j quarter and di. coles, xxj s. 
In woode, xx s. Summxi x]j s. 

In plaite. Item ij saltes of silver parcell gilte w*** j cover, 
I)onderinge xxxvij unc, pret. le unc. iij s. vj d., vj li. ix s. vj d. 
Two lesse saltes of silver, pond, xxij unc. et di., pret. le unc. 
iij s. vj d., Ixxviij s. ix d. A plane pece of silver, pond, viij unc. 
et di., at iij s. iiij d. unc, xxviij s. iiij d. A white goblet of 
silver w**" a cover, pond, xv unc. and iij quart., at iij s. iiij d. le 
unc, Iij s. vj d. Six shorte started silver spones, pond, vj unc. 
and di., at iij s. iiij d. le unc, xsg s. viij d. Six sliped silver 
spones, pond, v unc. and quart., at iij s. iiij d. le unc, xvij s. 
vj d. Six silver spones, wherof iiij w*^ septours, j w*** a knoppe, 
the other plane, pond, vj unc. and di., at iij s. iiij d. le unc, 
xxj s. viij d. Eight silver spones gilt, pond, viij unc and di., 
at iij s. X d. le unc, xxxij s. vij d. A chales of silver w*^ a vice 
gilted, pond, xv unc, at iiij s. le unc, Ix s. Two silver cruettes, 
pond, viij unc. & quart., at iij s. iiij d. le unc, xxvij s. vj d. 
A silver paxe w*** a berall stone, pond, viij unc. and quart., ad 
iij s. X d. le unc, xx3g s. viij d. A bason of silver, parcell gilte, 
w*** an ewer, xj li. A litle pece of silver w*^ cloudes gilte, xl s. 
Summxi xxxviij li. xx d. 

Summa honorum Ebor. — Ixxv li. xij s. viij d. 



In the Hall. In primis j counter and an olde carpet 
clothe ryven, ij 8. yj d. A pece of olde rede say and ij lease 
peces, XX d. Item x qweshinges, wherof iiij carpet worke and v 
arres worke, vs. A borde w*** foldyn fete, xij d. Four chares, 
xvj d. Four formes, viij d. Summa xij s. ij d. 

In the parlore. Item a fedderbed and a bolster, vj s. 
viij d. A pare blankettes of white clothe, xvj d. Two cover- 
lettes, the one w*** rede flours, y« oyer w*** crowned M, xij d. A 
rede say, iiij d. A pillowe w*** a cover, iiij d. A sparver of 
lynon clothe, xij d. Summa x s. viy d. 

In Eyre chambre. A mattresse, a bolster and a pillowe w*** 
oute cover, iiij s. A blanket, a coverlet and a twilte, iij s. iiij d. 
SumTna vij s. iiij d. 

In the chambre at grece hede. Item a sparver of 
domyxe, ij s. viij d. A pillowe w*** a cover, iiij d. A yalowe 
coverlet w*** swannes upon it, ij s. An olde coveringe of arres, 
ryven, w*** ymagerie, xxd. A mattresse, a bolster of y« litle 
bed, ij 8. viij d. A pare blankettes of white clothe, xij d. Two 
coverlettes, the one white y® other white and rede, xx d. Three 
olde peces of roten paynted clothes, iiij d. One olde dore, ij 
trustilles, and a pece of wanescot sawen, iiij d. Sum/ma xij s. 

In his owne chambre. A litle counter, ij s. vj d. A 
painted clothe over the bed w*** ij oyer peces, xx d. A fedder- 
bed and a bolster, vij s. yj d. A pare blankettes of white 
clothe, iij s. A coverlet w*** rede swannes, ij s. A coveringe of 
ymagerie of arres and a horse upon it, vij s. A pillowe w*** a 
cover, iiij d. iij curtanes of blak bukrham and ij litle peces, 
viij d. One longe borde, ij trustilles and a forme, viij d. A 
velvet tipet, an oyer of sarcenet furred, xiij s. iiij d. A gowne 
furred w^ gray and a hood musterdeveles, xxs. An olde 
sangwen gowne w^** cipres and a hood, x s. A tawny gowne 
lyned w*** cipres, xiij s. iiij d. A violet gowne lyned with clothe, 
X s. Upon the flore, a fedderbed w*** a bolster, vij s. A carpet, 
iij 8. iiij d. A pare white blankettes, xvj d. A coverlet of white 
w*** flours, and an other rede and white, xij d. A pillowe w*** a 
cover, iiij d. A rede say, iiij d. Item v hordes and a litte 
clothe, iiij d. Summa v li. v s. viij d. 


In the great chambre. Item a mattresse, xij d. A pare 
blankettes of white clothe, xvj d. Two coverlettes, the one 
^hite and blak, the other blewe and rede, ij s. An olde rede 
say, vj d. Two olde mattresses, ij pillows w%ute covers, ij 
olde coverlettes rede and yalowe, xvj d. A longe borde and ij 
trustilles, xij d. Summa xij s. ij d. 

In the cx)OKe's chambre. Item ij olde mattresses, a bol- 
ster and ij blankettes, iij s. iiij d. Two coverlettes, one of grene 
and white, the other grene and white w*** an M, viij d. Nine 
pare bedstokes in all places, vj s. iiij d. A litle arke, x d. 
Summa xj s. ij d. 

Shetes in all places. Item one pare shetes, vj s. viij d. 
An other pare shetes, the one w*^ noo seme, viij s. A pare 
shetes of iiij breden, xiij s. iiij d. A pare shetes, iij d. a yerde, 
ij s. An other pare, xij d. An other pare, xx d. An other pare, 
ij s. iiij d. An other pare, xvj d. An other pare, viij d. An 
other pare, viij d. A shete, iiij d. A pare shetes, ij s., and ij 
old pare shetes, xviij d., xxvj s. x d. Summa xij s. vj d. 

In the Buttree. Item a borde clothe of diaper, iiij s. Six 
olde borde clothes of lynon, ij s. iiij d. Four towelles of diaper, 
iij s. iiij d. Six olde diaper napkyns, vj d. Six olde napkyns 
of lynon clothe, vj d. A bason and an ewer of pewtre, xvj d. 
Two olde bottelles of pewtre, xij d. Six candlestikes, iij s. A 
barell to toon in, vj d. A soo to here water in, vj d. Three 
litle tubs, iiij d. A longe borde and ij trustilles, xij d. A toon, 
a forme, a pare tables and iiij shelfes, viijd. A chippinge 
knyffe, jd. Four vesselles, to toon in, xiiijd. Summa 
XX 8. iij d. 

In the kytchyn. Item xij olde doblers and a charger, 
viij 8. Item xv dishes, xij salsers, and ij olde holowe basyna, 
yj s. viij d. One olde chawfer, a chawfingdish, a broken ladle 
and a scomer, ij s. A great brasse pot and iij lesse brasse pottes, 
vj s. viij d. A kettle and iij litle olde pannes, vs. A bran- 
drith, a frienge pan and gyrdyme, xij d. A pare cobymes, xvj d. 
Two litle spittes, vj d. A pare yme gallows, ij 6jt crookes and 
ij pot crookes, xx d. An ambry, an olde arke, and a borde, or a 
clogge, xviij d. Summa xxxiiij s. iiij d. 

In the brewe house. Item a bruenge leade, viij s. A 
mashefat, a gilefat, one olde tubbe, and a boultinge toon, 
y 8. viij d. A knedinge troghe and a litle stole, iij d. Two 
hordes and a trustle w*** a clogge, xij d. Summa xj s. xj d. 

In the hey lathe. Item tj peces tymbre, iiij s. Four 
lodes of hey, viij s. Hey in the stak, iiij s. Five wedders and 
iiij ewes, ix s. viij d. Summa^ xxv s. viij d. 

In the great lathe. Item in come at Acclame, xviij li. 

VOL. V. s 


xij d. A wyndoclothe and x olde sakkes, ij s. viij d. SuTnma 
xviij li. iij s. viij d. 

Summa bonorum apud Acdame^ xxxiij li. iiij s. ij d. 

Summa omnium bonorum, tarn Ebor. quam apud Acdame^ 
cviij li. xvj 8. X d. 

LiBRi Dicn DEFUNCTi.* In primis iiij*" Summarum in 
pergameno, xij d, Originis contra Celsum, xij d. Opus fira- 
tris Johannis de Lapide, Ordinis Cartuciensis, ij s. An olde 
booke, incipiens, post a me, ij d. Biblia cum Concordanciis, 
iij 8. Opus Sancti Ambrosii, pars tertia, xij d. Opns Maici 
Tulii Ceceronis, iiij s. Lectiones Greaco[-]l|atin8e,ij s, Dominus 
Plato, XX d. Opus Sancti Thomse de Aquino primo super Epi- 
stolas ad Romanos, vj s. viij d. Liber Omeliarum Origenis 
in Veteri Testamento, ij s. Palina Derecta, ij s. Decreta 
Patrum, xij d. Concordancia Bibliae, iij s. iiij d. Cains Plenius, 
xij d. Liber Epistolarum Beati Augustini Episcopi, xij d- 
Josephus de Antiquitate, xijd. Pars prima operum Sancti 
Ambrosii, xij d. Liber Novi Testamenti, ij s. Annotationes 
Novi Testamenti, xvj d. Valerius Maximus sine comento, yj d. 
Textus Terencii et Ceceronis, vj d. Paraphrasim Erasmi, xx d. 
Epistolse Beati Cipriani, viij d. Quincuplex Psalterium, xx d, 
Isachus in Livitic', xviij d. Heptaplus Johannis Pici Meran- 
dula, iiij d. Liber pergameni secunda secundae Sancti Thomae, 
iiij d. Tabula • . . . de Quolibet magistri Henrici Grardiner, 
\j d. Epistolae Plenii in pergameno, xx d. Secunda pars 
Operum Sancti Ambrosii, xiiijd. Omeliae Chrisostomi super 
Johannem, viij d. Psalterium in pergameno, iiij d. Actus 
Apostolorum, iiij d. Epistolae Pauli in pergameno, iiij d. His- 
toria de Vita Pontificum, iij d. Liber primus Valerii Maximi, 
iiij d. Novum Testamentum parvum, iiij d. Aliud Novum 
Testamentum, iiij d. Dicta Pluterchi, ij d. Liber primus 
Epistolariun Ambrosii, iiij d. Omelia Origenis in Veteri Tes- 
tamento, viij d. Utopia, vj d. Soliloquia Sancti Augustini, 
ij s. Biblia super Ysayam, iiij d. Disputationes Johannis Pici, 
vj d. Prologus Jeromini, ij d. Scaccarium, j d. Liber Sanctae 
Matildae, j d. Liber Domini Johannis Chrisostomi, iiij d. An- 
notatio Natalis Bedae, vj d. Tractus nobilis super ortum Scis- 
matis, ijd. Novum Testamentum ad Grecam, vjd. Liber 
pergameni incipiens, Beati Immaculatiy j d. v Paraphrasis 
Erasmi ad Corintheos, ij d. Liber de Moribus Hominis, j d. 
Epistolae Aurelii Augustini Episcopi, ij d. Liber Urbani Bell- 
men, ij d. Epistolae Johannis Chrisostomi, ij d. A Franche 

* This list is given as it appears in the original. Great allowance must be 
made for want of knowledge on the part -of the appraisers. All such lists of 
bfioks abound with errors. 


booke, j d. Missale in pergameno, Liber Vita3 Hugonis de 
ILiincoln, liber Johannis Scote in iiij***" librum Summanim, 
XX d. Biblia cum Coneordancis, xxd. Liber Beati Jeromini 
super xij Prophetas, xx d. Liber Jeromini super Psalterium, 
xxij d. Praefatio Proclamacionum Isayaa Prophetae, xvj d. Liber 
Koberti Ganguinii de Gestis Francorum, xij d. Liber Operum 
Aurelii Augustini, xvj d. Epistolse Pauli, xx d. Liber trium 
Yirorum et trium Spiritualium Virginum, xvj d. Athanasius 
super Epistolas PauK, ij s. Opera Sancti Gregorii in Moralia, 
XX d. Cathena Aurea super iiij®*" Evangelia, ij s. Liber vocat, 
Commentariorum Ruperti, ij d. A parchement coveringe con- 
ten jnge litle bookes, iiij d. Cassodorius de Regimine Ecclesiie, 
xij d. Liber Augustini super Psalterium, iij s. Liber ThomoB 
de Aquino super Epistolas Pauli, xvj d. Liber de Disputatione 
contra Lutherium, ij d. Liber Bedae de Gestis Anglorum, ij s. 
Liber de Historia Ecclesiastica, iiij d. Liber de iiij**^ Evangeliis, 
iiij d. Liber vocat. Laurentius Valla, iij d. Liber vocat. Brin- 
nos super Psalterium, ij s. Liber de Epistolis Bernardi Abbatis, 
vj d. Dialogus Beati Gregorii, yj d. Dionisius de Situ Orbis, 
vj d. Cassodorius super Psalterium, xx d. Johannes Comelii, 
iiij d. Liber Des(id)erii Erasmi, vj d. Liber Johannis Chriso- 
stomi, vj d. Liber Johannis Andrese Episcopi, vj d. Liber 
vocat. Dionisius Celestis, viij d. Liber, sacri Sacerdotii defencio, 
iij d. * Liber de Veritate Corporis Christi, xij d. Theologia 
Damascenae, ij s. Vigintiloquium invent', j d. Eicardus de 
Trinitate invent', viij d. Eusebius super Evangelia, vd. Trac- 
tatus Nichulai de Visione Dei, xij d. Opera Mantuani, xviij d. 
Expositio super librum Psalmorum, xvjd. Euffenc' contra 
Lutherium, ij s. Beda super Marcum, xij d. Athanasius in 
librum Salmorum,xd. Liber pergameni de Sermonibus Jacobi 
Jannansis, yj d. Liber Cronicorum Volotherea, iij s. Epietolae 
Pauli ad Romanos, ij s. Epistolae Augustini per Bartholomeum 
Sinkefero, cum Laurentio Vallo, xx d. Et Origenis Presbiteri 
super Epistolas Pauli, xij d. Summa libroruTn, v li. xiiij s. x d. 

Summa toUdis tarn omnium bonorum quam lihrorum^ 
cxiiij li. 3g s. viij d. 

Debita DiCTi DEFUNCT! LEVANDA. In primis, for the edishe 
of ij closes at Acclame, v s. For the firme of the parsonege of 
Laghton, 1 li. For the fi/me of the parsonege of Waghen, xli. 
For the firme of the parsonege of Claworthe, xxiiij li. 


Summa debitorum levandorum^ iiij iiij li. v s. 

Summa totalis tam omnium honoriim, et lihroi*um quam 


debitorum levandorumy ciiij xviij li. xvj s. viij s. 

s 2 



In primis in the handes of Sir William Parre, for the firme of 
the parsonege of Wathe, xxix li. vj s. viij d. In the handes of 
my Lady Evers, xv li. yj s. viij d. In the hands of Mr. Borgh, 
the parson of Spenythome, viij li. In the handes of JeflFraie 
Beidman, x li. In the handes of Leonerde Warcoppe, xlvj s. 
viij d. Suvima debitorwm nan levand, nee recuperabUiumy 
Ixv. li. 

Surwma totalis taw, omnium bonorumy librorumy et debi- 
torum levand. quam debitorum irrecuperabiliumy cclxiijli. 
xvj s. viij d. 


Item in primis to my Lorde of Saint Marie's in Yorke, for the 
pension of Wathe, iij s. iiij d. To Sir Marmaduke Constable, 
for the firme of ij closes, xxxiij s. iiij d. To M"" Tristram Teshe, 
for his fee, xxx s. To M** Brian Lewtie, for his fee, xx s. To 
M** Doctor Kellet, for firme of his house, iiij li. xv s. To M' 
Traforthe, chamiceler of the churche of Yorke, for dilapidations 
of Acclame and Laghton, viij li. Paid to M"^ Fome, for wood 
and coles, Ixvj s. viij d. Item for a cope to the Chapitor, 
xiij li. vj s. viij d. To M' Pynder, for dilapidations of the par- 
sonege of Wathe, vj li, xiij s. iiij d. To the parson of Claworthe, 
for dilapidations yer in money and may'n, xxvj li. Paid to the 
handes of W Water, for M** Withers, xl s. To the vicar of 
Laghton, xviij s. To Sir Thomas Baite, xv s. vj d. To Sir 
Henry Stafford, ig s. iij d. To William Baxster, for det owen to 
hym by M"^ Trotter, to whome M"^ Doctor Melton was executor, 
Iiij s. iiij d. To Miles Colthorpe and Charter, for the firme of 
ij closes, iiij s. To Smythson, for ledinge come at Acclame, 
vj 8. viij d. Summ^a debitoi'um^y Ixxiij li. xvij s. j d. 

Sum,mxi totalis tam om,nium bonorumy librorumj quam 
debit, levand^ et irrecvperabil.y debitis deductis et soluiis^ 

ciiij ix li. xix s. vij d. 

Summa totalis tarn, omnium, bonorum^ librorum,y quam, 
debit, levand.j debitis primitus deductis et prceter debita dis- 
parata et irrecuperabilia^ cxxiiij li. xix s. vij d. 

Legata DICTI DEFUNCTI. In primis to Sir Robert Norham, 
for singinge y* space of hole yere, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. To 
Michaell House in Cambrige, and to the chaunceler of the 
churche of Yorke, certan bookes, as apperith by a bill of his 
hand. To the Prior of Watton the contentes of a bill of M"* 
Melton owne hand. To M^'NicholesMeltonafedderbed, xvj s. 
To Sir William Singleton, his chapleyn, vij s. vj d. To the 
same, for his quarter wages, the tyme of his departour, xiij s. 


iiij d. To the same, for his parte of the apparell, xl s. To M"" 
Thomas Fome, for his parte of the apparell, xl s. To Sir 
Thomas Baite, for his parte of the apparell, xl s. To John 
Eyre, his servaunte, vij s. vj d. To the same, for his quarter 
wages the tyme of his departor, vj s. viij d. To the same, for 
his parte of the apparell, xl s. To the same, for a fedderbed, 
XX s. To Roberte Mownteney, his servamite, vij s. yj d. To 
the same, for his quarter wages ye tyme of his departor, x s. 
To the same, for his parte of the apparell, xl s. To Anthony 
Mownteney, his servante, vij s. vj d. To the same other x s. 
To the same, for his quarter wages the tyme of his departor, 
v s. To the same, for his parte of the apparell, xl s. To the 
same for a fedderbed, vj s. viij d. To William Baxster, his ser- 
vaunte, vij 8, vj d. To the same, for his quarter wages the 
tyme of his dethe, vs. To the same, for his parte ot the 
apparell, xl s. To the same a standinge pece silver and gilte, 
xl 8. To Edward Darwentwater, his servaunte, vij s. vj d. To 
the same other iij s. iiij d. To the same, for his quarter wages 
the tyme of his dethe, v s. To the same, for his parte of the 
apparell, xl s. To John Bewly, his servaunte, vij 8. vj d. To 
the same, for his quarter wages the tyme of his dethe, v s. To 
the same, for his parte of the apparell, xx s. To Thomas Wil- 
son his servaunte, vij s. vj d. To the same, for his parte of the 
apparell, xl s. To Nicholes Mylner, his servaunte, vij s. vj d. 
To the same, for his parte of the apparell, xl s. — Swm/ma lega- 
torv/m xxxvj li. vj s. x d. 

Expense funerales. In primis for one obite in the 
churche of Yorke, xiiij li. xj s. iiij d. For the dyner maid the 
same day, iiij s. To the ordinarie, for a letter ad coUegendurriy 
ij s. viij d. For the probacion of his testament, v s. To M*" 
Water, for makynge an indentor and j acquietaunce, xvj d. 
For a stone w*^ ymagerie and scriptor in plaite, w*** the work- 
manshippe, to ly upon his grave, xl s. For the vacacion of the 
parsonege of Waghen, xxxix s. Summa eocpensarum funera- 
Hum, xixli. iij s. iiij d. 

Summa totalis tarn omnium legatorum quam expensarum 
funeraliumy Iv li. x s. ij d. 


primis to Sir Robert Norham, for syngyng for his saull the 
space of on quartor of a yere, xxiij s. iiij d. To the prisoners at 
the Castell and Bishope prison, wookly, iiij d., by the space of 
V yeres, iiij li. vj s. viij d. To the churche of L^ghton j cope, 
iiij li. vij d. To powre people ij litle towelles, a dyoper, and on 
of lyne cloth, xij d. To powre people, in wod, xx s. Distri- 
butid iij old peces of payntid clothes, iiij d. Distributid to 


Sir Robert EUerton of Adam a violet gowne lynid w* cloth, i s. 
To poor people, ij old mattres, ij pillous w*out coveris, ij old 
coverlettes, red and yolo, xvj d. To poor people, vj old horde 
clothes of lyB, ij s. iiij d. To poor people, on old coborde cloith, 
ij d. Dispocid to the alter of Jesu in the cathedrall churche of 
Yorke, a westement of satan and ij hangjnges of hlake saten, 
viij 8. viij d. To Aston churche on westement, xxvj s. viij d. 
To Acelam chm-che on westement, xiij s. iiij d. To ij poor 
scolers, toward ther exhibicion, xv s. To poor people of All- 
halowe day and Sawmos day, anno Domini millesimo quingen- 
tesimo xxxiij***,xxiij s. iiij d. To iij westementes, to the churches 
of Waghen, Tanfeld, and Swyne, xl s. Diliverid, as aperid, to 
be disposid to the parsons in Yorke, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. To Sir 
Eobert Croke, prest, for syngyng on yere at Laghton for M' 
Doctor Melton, iiij li, xiij s. iiij d. To the mendyng of Kawmarse 
cause, yj s. viij d. A Messe booke in parchemente, yeven to 
Claworth. Summa xxvij li. vj s. j d. 


CUTORES DiCTi DEFUNCTi. In primis the said executors deman- 
dith to be allowid for ij pece of furre, whitt and gray, yeven to 
the prasers of the stuffe, ij s. For a fyne sheit deliverid to Sir 
George Dercy by M*" Fom, yj s. viij d. For a coveryng of a 
bed, whyt and blake, diliverid to the same by M"" Fome, 
Ixvj 8. viij d. For a borde and ij pare trustelles left in M"" 
Doctor Kellet house, viij d. For vj of the best whyshynges of 
carpet warke, diliverid to my Lorde Deyne by M*" Fome, vj s. 
viijd. Towelles of dyaper, great and long, diliverid to Sir 
George Dercy by M** Fome, xv s. Two hordes and ij trestilles, 
left in M** Doctor Kellet house, vj d. Two greate horde clothes 
of diaper to the same, xv s. For a boltyng toon, a knedyng 
trough, w* oder ij tubbis left in the same house, ij s. iiij d. For 
a basen of silver, parcell gyltid, w' on ewer deliverid by the 
executors to Sir John Melton, xj li. For a pare of sheites 
deliverid to Sir George Dercie, vj s. viij d. For a pare of 
sheites, the on w* seme, the other w*owt, deliverid to the same, 
viij s. For a mattres, a bolister, recevid by Bakister in the 
name of M*" Doctor Trotter, iiij s. For the expenses of Sir 
Thomas Baitt, as aperid by a bill, xlvj s. vj d. For the expenses 
of M*" Mownteney, as aperid by bill, xxvj s. viij d. For the 
expenses of John Eyre, as aperith by bill, xl s. Paid to Sir 
John Glasen, by awarde maid by my Lorde Deane of Yorke, 
xl s. Paid to Sir John Derley, for wrytyng and other thynges, 
»j s. vj d. In expenses maid abouth the prasyng of the stuffe, 
to prasers and otherwyse, ij s. To JP Fawkes, for his counsell 
and wrytynges, iij s. To a golde smyth for weyng plait, ij d. 


For a barell to toon in, deli vend to John More wyfe, yj d. For 
a xj pece of tymbre deliverid to M^ Chaneeler of Yorke, opon 
agrement for dilapidacion, iiij s. In regard to M*" Nicholes 
Melton by M'" Fome, xl s. To his servaunt, Thomas Davell, 
iij 8. iiij d. Paid to Sir Thomas Wardell, vicar corall, for the 
babet of M^ Doctor Melton, xx s. Paid to Sir William Syngle- 
ton by M*" Fome, iij s. iiij d. Alowid to M*" Fome, for his 
expenses maid at Acclam, xxd. For the expenses of M*^ 
Fome, of M*" Apilgarth, and M*" Cokket, on other tyme, vs. v d. 
Alowid to M*" Fome, for expenses maid to Sir John Melton, 
viij s. Alowid to the same when he rode to Sir John Melton, 
vij s. Paid to spend by M*" Fome for kepyng M*" Doctor 
house, ij 8. For on sheite w* no seme, and one pare sheites of 
iiij breddes, deliverid to Sir John Melton, xxj s. To the same 
opon agrement maid in redy money, iij li. xiiij s. ij d. For iiij 
lodes bey at Acclam that was paid to the handes of M*" Fome, 
viij s. The said executors demapdith alowance of a litle 
(blank) geven to my Lorde Deyn, price, xx d. Summa aUoca- 
tionum et cdiarum expensarum^ xxxvj li. v s. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 420.] 

August 31, 1528. Eoberte Gest,* of Bromptonin Pikeryng 
lith, yoman. To be beried in holie moldes in the where of the 
churche of Brompton, afore the ymage of Alhallos there, after 
laudable costome. To the fyndyng of a light byfore the said 
ymage of Alhallos standyng in the bodie of the churche, x s. in 
money, and a bee hy ve, to be dely vered to the churche wardens 
for the tyme beyng, and they frome yere to yere for evermore 
fynd the said light. I yeve & bequeath to the churche warkes 
of Brompton iij s. iiij d. To the warkes of the chapell of Santon 
xij d. To the house and convente of Yeddyngham vj s. viij d. 
To the churche warkes of Settryngton xij d. To the churche 
warkes of Birdsall xij d. To John Berwike a horse whiche was 
George Daye is mortuarie. I yeve to every of my men servauntes 
and women servauntes, nowe beyng in my service, a gymer sher- 
yng. To my mother, Anne Gest, xx marc, oute of whiche I will 
Eoberte Gest, my nephye,have xl s. dely vered to hym at tymes 
necessarie when he will call for it. To every Order of Freres in 
Scardeburgh xij d. To Sir John Lister, parishe preist of Bromp- 

* The testator was the father of Edmund Gest, Bishop of Rochester and 
Salisbury. The discovery of this will corrects several mistakes as to the 
bishop's parentage and birthplace. 


ton, to pray for my sail and all Cristen salles — . To every preist 
belongyng to the churche of Brompton the daye of my beriall 
xij d. I yeve to my wif, duryng hu* widdohed, my parte of the 
house lyeng in Brompton, whiche I purchased and bought of 
on John Hawken ; and, if she marie and take an husband, than 
I will Edmunde Gest, my yongest son, have it ; &, if the said 
Edmunde die, than I will that Eoberte Gest, my eldest sone, 
have it. To an honest preist, to syng for my sail, my fader 
sail, and all Cristen salles, a hoole yere imediatly after my 
decesse, iiij li. To every on of my lawfull begottyn childer fyve 
marc. The residue to Agnes my wife, Roberte, William, Edmunde, 
Alicie, & Elen my childer. My wif executrice. To Sir Wil- 
liam Bulmer th'elder, knyght, an amblyng nag, whome I mak 
supervisour . . besechyng hym to be good maister to my poore 
wif and childer, and to se that every of them have that at of 
right they owe to have, so y* non of them do other wrong. 

[Pr. 18 Sept. 1628, the ex\] 


[Reg-. Test. ix. 438.] 

Oct. 2, 1528, Brian Palmes.* To be beried in our Ladie 
where of the churche of Otteley, dedicate in the honour of Al- 
hallos. I will that my executours cause a stone to be laide 
opon me, and an ymage of the Nativitie of our Ladie set opon 
the same, and an ymage of myself maide knelyng under hir. My 
maner of Aswell. My doughtours, Maude & Jane, aither of them 
100 marks, & my son Thomas, when he cometh to xx yeres, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. My son Frances to have the said maner & 
other my landes according to my fader's will. Wm Babthorpe 
to enyoe the grante of an advocacion of the churche of Aswell, 
according to my grante. Exr*, Nich. Farefax, Wm Thwaite, 
esquyers, Tsabell my wif, Wm Babthorpe, & J^ur. Kigheley 
gen. I will that Ric' Palmes have all that is in my chist at 
I^ndon excepte my evidence. 

[Pr. 14 Apr. 1529, adm. to wid & Wm Babthorpe.] 

♦ Brian Palmes of Ashwell, co. Rutland, son of Guy Palmes, serjeant-at-law, 
and grandson of Wm. Palmes of Naburn, near York. He man. Isabell d. andh. 
of Thos. Lindley of Lindley, Esq. 


[Reg. Test. ix. 424.] 

Oct. 12, 1528. John Eose, on of the aldermen of the towne 
of Notingham. To be beried in the churohe of oure Blissed 
Ladie Sancte Marie, nere unto the ehapell of the Holy Trinitie 
within the same churche. ToJohnjjnyJwf^ al my goodes and 
iinplementes of my honse . . providede that she yeve ij saltes, 
on dossen of spones, and ij goblettes of silver to WiUiana^" 
(fejofaji-B rcdon, to be divided betwixt them. I^wHTthat she 
lave for the terme of hi'r ly ve the house that I nowe dwell in, & 
a ten* on the Long Eowe . . the reversion therof to Wm 
sone of Thomas Eosse decessed . • . also a close called Tayn- 
teryerd, and a ten* called the Corner house. To Wm Eose 
(& his heires), at suche tyme as he shall come to the age of 
xxjth yeres, all my landes, etc., in Notingham, the house called 
the Dolphyn, & on ten* in Sancte Marie gate . . • then to 
John Bredon, son of Thomas Bredon, & his heires . . then 
to Thomas Guymer, & his heires . . then to the Maire of 
Notyngham for the tyme beyng and ij of his eldest brether, 
aldermen ... to the intent that the said Maire & aldermen 
shall aliene & sell the said landes & tenementes ; & of on 
half of the money fynde a conveniente preist to syng in the 
church of oure Blissid Ladie in Notingham for my sail and all 
Cristen salles, alslong as the said money will or shall suflSce ; 
and the other half to be divided in thre partes & to be disposed 
in maner and forme that ensuyeth ; that is to say, the first 
parte therof to be yeven to the houses of the Freres in No- 
tingham, Derbye, and Newarke, to praye for my sail and all 
Cristen salles ; the seconde parte to be disposed opon mending or 
reparelyng of certen highe wayes aboute the said towne of 
Notingham ; and the thirde parte to be disposed amonge the 
poore people of the said towne in clothyng and victualles . . 
If William Eose die withoute issue lawfully begottyn, the 
whiche God forbede, I will the close called the Tenteryerde, ij 
shoppes in the Wekeday-markett or Bochery, and the house of 
the Long Eowe shall remain unto ij honest persones, brether of 
the said gilde of the Holy Trinitie, such as the aldermen of the 
same gilde for that tyme beyng shall name, to . . th'use & pro- 
fitt of the said guylde . . I will that my ex" shall cause to 
make the best crosse now belongyng and beyng in the forsaid 
church of oure Blissid Ladie Sancte Marie to be of more valour 
that the best crosse in Sancte Peter churche of Notingham by 


the somme of ten unces of silver.* To the ij houses of the 
-Freres of Notingham x li., that is to saye to the Graye Freres v li., 
& to the White Freres vli. I will that my ex" delyver to the 
churches of Brigford at the brig end, Adbolton, Holme, Kjnnal- 
ton and Colston ebassett, to every of them a cope of the price of 
XXX s. To my poore kynsfolke at Gretham in the countie of 
Yorke,t where I was borne, vj li. xiij s. iiij d., & to the 
parishe churche there on cope, the price xxvj s. viij d. I will 
that my ex" do gyve so many gownes unto poore people to the 
valour of xl s., & opon the hie wayes about Notingham x IL, 
by the oversight of Henry Stathum of Notingham. To William 
Rose & John Bredon, each an hundreth marcs. To Roberte, 
my servaunte, I do yeve x li., the whiche thoro his necligence he 
did lose, and, over that, I bequeath to hyme xl s. The residue 
to Maister Walter Wright clerke, & John Kerchever of Or- 
stone, yoman, whome I make executours . . to dispose the 
same for the helth of my sail and all Cristen sails. 

[Pr. 11 March, 1528-9.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 432.] 

Dec. 12, 1528. Edmunde Pilkyngton,J of the parishe of 
Sancte Nicholas of Notingham, Esquyer. To be beriede bifore 
Sancte Peter, in the parishe churche of Staunton. I will iiij li. 
wax be maide in tapers to bum aboute my herce the daye of my 
beriall and at my vij'** daye ; and also that iiij torches of xij s. 
price be bought to bum aboute the said herce at the daye of 
my beriall and at the vij*** daye ; and, after the vij** daye be 
done and past, than I will that ij of torches be yeven to Staun- 
ton churche, and on to Selston churche ; and the iiij** torche 
to the parishe church of Sancte Nicholas in Notingham. To 
the hie altars of the churche of Staunton & Sancte Nicholas, to 
aither of them viij d., for tithes forgettyn. Also I will that on 
Frere, Simond Clerkeson, or els some other honest preist, do 
syng for me, and for the salles of my fader and moder, and for 
all Cristen salles, the space of on hoole yere, in what place my 
wif will assigne hym to syng ; and for to have to his wages xl s. 
and mette and drinke with lodgyng. Also I will that an 

• A little justifiable, althongh somewhat amusing, rivalry, 
t Gretham is in the county of Durham and not in Yorkshire. 
{ I cannot attach the testator to any known pedigree of PiUdngton. Cf. 
Test. Ebor. iii. 238. 


alblaster stone, graven, be laid upon my grave. To the Freres 
of Derby ij s. To the Graye Freres of Notingham ij s. To 
Henry, my son, my best areyment, and my wodknyf, and my 
best hamas. To Antony, my son, my secunde areyment, and 
my secnnde hamas. To Margarete, my wif, hir hoole dore 
of all my landes . . . she ex*. Bauf Sacheverell & Hughe 
Willoughby, esquiers, supervisours. To Eoberte, my son, on 
annuitie of zl s. Edmunde, my son* 

[Pr. 11 Mar. 1528-9.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 435.] 

Jan. 14, 1528-9. Thomas Ewre, otherwise called Thomas 
Godsalve, of the citie of Yorke, waxchaundelar.* To be ber. in 
the eathedrall churche of Sancte Peter in Yorke als nere the 
sepulture of my Lorde Savage as may conveniently be suffered. 
To Anne Godsalf, my doughtour, y cakes of wax, on cake 
weyng ciiij quartrons xxj li., and the other cake weyng c di. 
xxi Ij. 

[Pr. 9 Apr. 1629.] 



[Reg. Test. ix. 448.] 

In the name of God, Amen, the xxviij*^ daye of the monethe 
of January, in the yere of our Lorde God m.d. xxviy'**, I Thomas 
Drawswerde of the citie of Yorke, alderman,t hoole of mynde 
and witt, maketh my testament and last will in maner and 
forme foloing. First I witt, bequeath, and commende my sail 
to Almyghtie God, and to the Blissid Virgin, His moder, 
Sancte Marie, and to all the holie company of hevyn, and my 
bodie to be beried in the parishe churche yerde of Sancte Mar- 
tyn's in Conyngstrete, bifore the roode. Item I bequeath for 

♦ A very profitable trade in a large mediaeval town. 

Dec. 22, 1628. Thomas Robynson, par. St. John at Use brig end, wax-chande- 
lar. To the yong men light of my perishe churche iiij litill torches. [Reg. 
Test. ix. 469.] 

t A carver by trade. He was free of the city 1496-6, Chamberlain in 
1.501; Sherirr 1505-6; elected alderman Nov. 10, 1508; M.P. Jan. 2, 1511-12; 
Lord Mayor 1516 and 1523. 


my mortuarye as the lawe of the kirke requireth. Item I 
bequeath, for forgettyn tithes {blaTiky Also I witt and be- 
queath to be expent for the welth of my sail the daye of my 
beriall, after the discretion of my executrice. Item I bequeath 
and witt my house at Jubergate, nowe in the holdyng of 
Eoberte Lowther, mylner, after my wif deith, to Saucte Mar- 
tyn's kirke warke. And 1 will that ray wif make a Dirigt 
the same daye it shall please Almyghtie Gt)d to call me unto 
His mercy, every yere, duryng hir naturall lif, to the valour of 
ix 8. First to the curate for Mesae aAd Dirige vj d. ; for wax 
viij d. : a hed mas peny ; for ryngyng vj d. ; to the undre 
clerke ij d. ; to scolars of the parishe iiy d., to xiij poore folkys 
xiij d. The residue to be disposed in brede, aile, and chese ; 
and, after my wif decesse I will that the kirke wardyns for tyme 
beyng performe the same Dirige in maner and forme aforsaid : 
±he residue of the money to go to the upholdding of the roode 
/as it shall nede. Also I witt and bequeath to George Draw- 
i swerde, my sone sone, the house in Bothome called the Bell, 
\ for hym and his heires of his bodie lawfully begottyn for ever 
more. Item I witto Margarete Hacbaroo my house in Stayne- 
gate, in Sancte Elene parishe, to hir and hir heires of hir bodie 
lawfully begottyn ; and, if she die withoute issue, than I will 
that it remane to Maude, my doughtour , an d to hir be ires. 
Item I witto Cristabell, my sone wif, a house with appertenaunce 
in Sancte Andrewgate, for hir ly ve ; and, after hir deith, to remane 
to my heires. Item I witt after my wif deith to Sancte Cristofer 
gilde ij tenementes, lyeng in Jubergate and Feisgaill, for ever- 
more ; the maister for tyme beyng every yere to make a 
Dirige in Sancte Marty n kirke evermore, opon Mondaye next 
after the Translacion of Sancte Thomas, and Messe opon Tuys- 
daye after, in this maner foloing : first, to the curate for Messe 
and Dirige vj d. ; to the clerke, Messe, Dirige, and ryngyng, 
X d. ; to every preist in the parishe iiij d. ; to the under clerke 
ij d. ; to scolars iiij d. ; to the parsone for wax viij d. and a 
hed mes peny ; to every poore bodie in the Massendewe j d. ; 
and every yere iiij loode of wod : and, if the maister for tyme 
beyng will not make it, than I will that the maister of CJorpns 
Cristi have the land to the use of Corpus Cristi gilde, and per- 
forme the obite as is aforsaid. Also I will and bequeath, after 
the deith of my wif, iij tenementes lyeng in Sancte Martjme 
parishe, nowe in the holdyng of Roberto Bog, Roberto Ov3nig- 
ton, and Sebastiane, for the sustentacion and fynddyng of the 
chantre preist, to praye for my sail, my wiflFes' salles and all 
Cristen salles, for to syng every nyght Sancte D&uSj Sancte 
Fortisy frome the Trinitie Sondaye to Michaelmes, after the dis- 



cretion of the curate ; and for to teehe vij childer of the parishe, 
and to take nothyng of them ; and every weike ons to saye 
Placebo and DirigCj with CoTnmendacion and Mesae of 
Hequyem for all Cristen salles. Also all other my tenementes, 
reversions, and ferme holdes I witto Mawde, my wif, duryng 
hir naturall lyve ; and, after hir dethe, to Mawde, my dough- 
tour, and to hir heires of hir bodie lawfully begottyn ; and, if 
my wif fortone to be with childe at my departyng, than I will 
that the forsaid tenementes, reversions, and fenneholdes, be ^\ 
equal porcion, be departed to my childer and there heires. The 
residue of my goodes, not bequeathed, I witto Mawde my wif^ 
whome I make my sole executrice of this my testament and 
last will ; and all testamentis and willes bifore maide by worde 
or writyng, I revoce and utterly forsakes ; and this I will to hfi^ 
my last will and testament. Also I will that it shalbe lawfull 
to my said wif to sell any parte of my said landes or tenementes 
for to discharge my dettes, or any other necessary expenses or 
causes for the well of my sail, as shalbe thought by my said wif. 
In wittenes wherof to this my testament and last will I have 
setto my scale. Thies beyng wittenes, requisite ande desired, 
Sir Thomas Ovyngton, my curate, Thomas Lound chamerlayne, 
Thomas Mason, Thomas Flemyng clerke of the parishe, Roberte 
Ovyngton, William Rowsse, William Couper, Cristofer Hertel^y, 
with other moo. Also I make Martyn Metecalf to be super- 
visour of this my last will, to se the premisses to be fulfilled in 
every condicion. 

[Pro. 30 July 1629, admin, to the ex'.] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 436.] 

In the name of the Holie and Blissid Trinitie indivisible, 
the Fader, the Son, and the Holie Gost, I Thomas Mason of the 
citie of Yorke, alderman,* hoole of mynde and of clere memorie, 
the ix*'* daye of February, the yere of oure Lorde God 
m* d. xxviij'^, revolvyng and thinkyng the freale astate of man 
and condicion, and also the incertitude of my last daye, nyght 
and daye revolvyng, and thinkyng, and by the grace of God 
willing and purposyng the convenientes and accidentes therof 
to shonne, and a perfitte remedie to provide and putto, makith, 
ordineth, and disposith this my testament, and my last will 

* Son of Wm. Mason, Chamberlain of York in 1493. Free of the city in 
1508; Chamberlain 1514; Sheriff 1618-19; elected alderman Jan. 1522-3; 
Lord Mayor, 1528. He was a hosier and glover. 


therin conteyned, in maner and forme foloing. First I witt 
and commendes my sail to Almyghtie God my Creatour, and to 
that Blissid Virgin Mary and Moder of mercy, and to all the 
Sanctes of celestial! courte of hevjm, and my bodie to be beriede 
in my parishe kirke of Sancte Nicholes in Mykilgate, beside the 
bodie of Alison, my wif, of late decessed. Also I wit vij li. wax 
and a di . . , to be maide in v candles and to burne aboute me to 
my grave the daye of my beriall ; and I wit fyve torches for to 
burne aboute me the tyme of my beriall. Also I wit on trentall 
of Messes for to be done the daye of my beriall, for my sail, and 
all Cristen salles. Also I witto my parson, for forge ttyn tithes 
and oblacions, yj silver spones, or, els, the valour of them in 
money. Also I wit all other expenses, maide aboute me the 
daye of my beriall, to be maide as it shall please Agnes my wif 
and John my sone. Also I witto the iiij Orders of Freres 
within the citie of Yorke, unto every on of them v s., to pray 
for me. Also I witto the brether of the monastery of the 
Blissid Trinitie vij s. iiij d., and they for to do a Dirige and 
Messe for my sail and all Cristen salles the daye of my beriall. 
Also I witto Sir John Symson, my curate, iij s. iiij d. Also I 
witto Agnes, my wif, duryng hir naturall lyve, a house within 
the Bar, late in the holdyng of Ric' Sawer, baxter, within the 
saide parishe, and a wyndmyln in Grundalle feld ; and, after hir 
decesse, I will they remane unto John, my son, duryng his 
naturall lif. And, after the disesse of Agnes, my wif, and John, 
my son, I will that the forsaid house and wyndmylne, with a 
close in the said feld, remayne unto Sanct Thomas chantre 
within my parishe kirke aforsaid, to make it forth a prest 
lyvyng. And I will that the said preist say Messe within the 
said kirke as ofte as he shalbe disposed to say any. And I 
will that he helpe to maynteyne God service within the said 
parishe kirk, and to syng it every holiday in the yere, unto 
what preist soever it shall happen the said chantre to fall. And 
I will that the said preist pray for my sail, and for Alicie and 
Agnes my wiffes', and for John, my sone's, and for my fader 
sail, and my moder's, and for all good frendes' salles, and all 
Cristen salles, for evermore. The residue of my landes I witto 
John, my son, for evermore. Also I witto Sir Nicholes Ben 
xl 8., to amende his chauntre w*, and he to syng for my sail and 
all my good frendes salles, at the forsaid chauntre by the space 
of a hoole yere next after my decesse. Also I witto the gilde 
of Sancte Cristofere and Sancte George iij li. vj s. viij d., and I 
will that the said iij li. vj s. viij d. be takyn of on fodder of 
leede y* Blumer is surtie for. Also I witto Thomas Mason in 
Conyng strete x s. Also I witto Alexander White x s., or the 


'worth of it. Also I witto every on of my servauntes, beyng 
with me the daye of my beriall, iij s. iiij d., or the worth of it. 
Also I witto the prisoners in the Bushop prison xij d. Also to 
the prisoners in the Castell xij d. And unto the prisoners in 
the man kidcote iiij d. And to the prisoners in the woman's 
kidcote iiij d. The residue of all my godes, not wit, my dettes 
paid, and all my funerall expenses well and honestely maide, I 
-witt and giflFes unto Agnes, my wif, and John, my son, whome 
I make and orden junctely togethers my executours of this my 
testament and last will, for to dispose in dedes of charitie as 
they thynke the best for my sail, and all Cristen salles. In 
wittenes herof I setto my seale, the day and yere afore said. 
Also wittenes Sir John Symson, Thomas Shawe, and Thomas 

[Pr. 9 Apr. 1529, adm. to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. ix. 440.] 

In the name of God, Amen, the xxviij*** daye of Aprill, in 
the yere of our Lorde God m^ dxxix***, I, John Swift,* son and 
heire of John Swift of Esington, of hoole mynde and good 
memory, makes, and orden my testament and last will in this 
maner and forme foloing. First, I bequeath my sail to Al- 
myghtie God, our Ladie Sancte Marie, and to all the holie 
company of hevyn, and my bodie to be beried within the churche 
of Sancte Michaell at the Charterhouse. And I will that 
JMaister Priour have for my beriall there xx s. ; And to by a 
ston, to leye opon me with scripture in Latine, xxx s. And I 
yeve to the monkes of the forsaid Chart erhowse, to have a 
trentall done for my sail, xx s. Also I witt my best garment 
for my mortuary. And I will at the daye of my beriall have 
Messe and Dirige within Sancte Marie churche, with all the 
preistes of the towne, and bothe the Freres, and, after MesaCy 
they to bryng me to the Charterhouse, and to be rewarded for 
their payn as the costome is. Item I witto my uncle, recey- 
vour, XX s. Item to my aunte his wif my moder's best gowne. 
Item to my awnte of Waghen xx yerdes of lyne clothe, price of 
iiij d. the yerde. Item I witto Thomas Yong, vicar of Esington, 
my fader's sangwyn gowne, and the damaske dublett. Item to 
my cosyn, William Frankkishe, my fadder's best russett gowne, 

♦ A young man, who had some landed estate, makes his will, apparently at 
the Charterhouse, Hull, where his ancle, Ralph Smith, was Prior. 


and a blue worstede dublett. Item to my cosyn, Agnes 
Frankishe, a kirtle. Item to John Frankishe a jackett. Item 
to William Cooke a jackett. Item to the iiij moder churches 
iiij 8. Item to the iiij Orders of Freres iiij s. Item to Robert 
Jacson a gowne of violett, a blake dublett of worstede, and 
the best jackett of clothe. Item to Margarete Robynson, 
clothe to make hir a garment. Item to the parishe church 
of Esington, to bie ij frontes for the hie altar, on of redde 
velvett, an other of whit damaske, iiij li. Item I yeve to 
amendyng the hie waye betwyxt Bilton and Hull iij b*. vj s. 
viy d. Item I yeve xx** yerdes of harden clothe to be 
distributed amonges poore women, to every of them a smoke 
clothe als fer as it will goo. Item I will that myn awnte of 
Waghen have the howse that William Blashell dwellith in 
during the terme of hir lyve naturall. Item I will that my 
uncle, James Smyth, have xli. of the money that is in Maister 
Prior's handes, and my uncle William Warde and Agnes his 
wif to have the residue of the same money, to occupie to ther 
most profitt, for the space and terme of thre yeres. And at the 
thre yeres ende, I will they restore and paye the aforsaid 
money to Maister Prior or his assignes, and he to fynde an 
honest preist to sing within the parishe church of Esington soo 
long as the hoole money will extend, to payment of his wages, 
for my fader and moder salles, my sail, and all Cristen saUes. 
Item I yeve to John Juwetson my best dublet and a shirte. 
And the rest of my rayment, I will that my uncle Prior dispose 
amonges our poore scholars as he thinke most expedient for 
the health of my sail. Also I will that my broder, Cristofer 
Overton, Alicie my suster, and ther childer have all my landes 
freeholde and copiehold. The residue of all my goodes, not 
yeven and bequest, I yeve to my trustie and wellbeloved uncle, 
Rauf Smyth, Priour of the Charterhouse, whome I make and 
orden executour of this my testament and last will, he to 
dispose it after his discretion as he shall thinke best for t'helth 
of my sail, my fader and moder salles, and all Cristen salles. 
Thies wittenes Sir William Walker deyne of Holdemes, Cristo- 
fer Richardson clerico, Willelmo Crokehaye, Roberto Hall. 

[Pr. 6 May, 1629, adin. Fratri Had. Smyth, Priori domus Cartus' iuxta 
Hull, ex'.] 


[Reg. Test. ix. 460.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen* The xix*** day of June, the yere of 
OUT Lorde God m* d. xxix^\ I, Eoberte Becwithe, of Stilling- 
flete, hoole of mynde and of good memory, ordineth and makes 
my testament and last will in manyer and forme foloing. First 
I bequeath my sail to God Almyghtie, and to that Blissid 
Virgyn, our Lady Scuacte Marie, and to all the Sanctes of hevyn ; 
my body to be beried in suche place as my ezecutours herafter 
shall thinke convenient to be named. Also I will that my 
best beast shal be my mortuary, accorddyng to the costome. 
Also I bequeath to the sepulcre light of the churche there where 
my body shalbe beried, xij d. Also to our Ladie light of the same 
churche xij d. Also to the Boode light of the same church xij d. 
Also to the torche light of the same churche xx d. Also I be- 
queath to the iiij Orders of Freres within the citie of Yorke, by 
evyn porcions, iiij s. Also I bequeath to the hed house of 
Sancte Nicholas and Sanct Thomas foundded withoute Mykle- 
gat« barre, with out walles of the citee of Yorke, by evyn por- 
cions, viy d. Also I bequeath to every prest that commeth to 
my beri^ iiij d. Also to every parishe clerke ij d. Also to 
every scolar a penny. And to every man and woman and 
childe that commyth to the beriall, I remitte it to the discretion 
of my executours herafter to be named. Also I bequeath to 
Constancie, my vdf, a salt of silver shwared, sex silver spones 
with knottes of ther endes, gilt, a plane pece of silver, during 
hir lyve, and, after hir decesse, than they to come and be 
imediately after ther decesse to ij of hir childer which it shall 
please hir to yeve them unto. Also I bequeath to the said 
Constancie a fether bed and a bolster. Also I bequeath to 
Leonard, my sonn, ij silver spones and a litle pece of silver 
pounsid. Also I bequeath to Ambrosie, my son, ij silver spones. 
Also I bequeathe to Jane Alen, doughtour of William Aleynmy 
son in law, iij li. vj s. viij d., to be paid to hir by the handes of 
my executours herafter to be named at suche tyme as she shall 
accomplishe the age of xx*® yeres : and if it forton the said Jane 
to decesse bifore the said age of xx** yeres ; than I will the said 
iij li. vj s. viij d. to be at the ordre and disposicion of my execu- 

♦ The father of Sir Leonard Beckwith who made a large fortune by traffick- 
ing in Abbey lands From the testator's son, Ambrose, descended the Beck- 
withs of Handal Abbey, who became extinct in 1782. The testator probably 
held one of the leases of Stillingfleet. 
VOL. v. T 


tours herafter to be named. Also I bequeath to Marie, the 
doughtour of the said William, a whie, or els yj s. viij d. of 
money, to be delyvered to hir by my ezecutours at suche tyme 
as the forsaid Marie shall accomplishe the age of xiij^ yeres. 
Also I bequeath to Margerie, an other of the doughtours of the 
said William, a whie, or yj s. viij d. of money, to be delyvered 
to hir by my executours at suche tyme as the said Margery 
shall accomplishe the age of ziij^ yeres. Also I bequeath to 
Elisabeth, an other doughtour of the said William, a whie or 
yj s. viij d. in money, to be delyvered to hir by my executours 
at suche (tyme) as the said Elisabeth shall accompUshe the age 
of xiij yeres. The residue of my goodes, not bequeathed, my 
dettes paid, my will fulfillid, be at the disposicion and ordre of 
my executours, whom I make and orden my wel belovyd wif 
Gonstancie, Leonard and Ambrose my childer. Wittenes herof 
Six John Bicarton, Sir Robert Grrenwod, Sir John Beyn, and 
Sir John Herteley, with other moo, as William Faceby, Georg 
Fisher, and William WalL 

[Pr. 16 Oct. 1629, adm. to the ex".] 

[Reg. Test. Dec. Sc Cap. Ebor. ii. 152.] 

July 9, 1529. John Hertley,* prest. To be buried in the 
cathedrall church of Sanct Peter in York, in the north ile, nie 
unto the chappell dore there. I bequeath to Richard Lame of 
Appleby a fox fure and a mantell of reid lame, being in my 
chfiunebre at Appelbie. Also I will the said Bichard Lame have 
the bill of dettes which is owing unto me to the some of xiij li., 
of the which xiij li. I will the said Eichard shall gyve unto an 
honest and wel disposed preist to sing for my sauU at Sanct 
Michael's church in Appleby, for the space of on yere, £yve 
pounddes ; and also xl s., parcell thairof, to Bichard Lame his 
wiflFe and his childer, to prey for my saull ; and to every one of 
his servauntes, x^ d. ; and the rest of the said xiij h. I be- 
queith to my twoo susters, and also xl s. which lies in my chist 
at Appleby in the howse of the forseid Richard Lame. Also I 
bequeith to my said two susters ij fetherbeddes, wherof the on 

* The testator was a prebendary in the chapel of St. Maiy and the Holj 
Angels at York, and died in St. William's College. 

The late Mr. Leonard Hartley, dear to bibliomaniacs, sprang remotely from 
Appleby, and held at the time of his death some of the property of his ances- 
tors in that town. The testator was probably one of his fore-elders. 


fetherbed is at my chambre at Appleby, and the other at Yorke ; 
and all my rayment that is in my chambre at Appleby, my will 
fiilfillid. Also I bequeith unto the forseid Kiehard Lame v 
skynnes of tanned ledder, and he for to dispois all my goodes, 
besides that is within the countie of Appleby, Item I bequeith 
to Sir Robert Lorde a tippet furred with fitches. Item to Sir 
Robert Nuttle a cloith tippit. Also I will that my corce be 
borne into Sepulcre chappel, and their to have Derige and 
Mease song for my saull. And I bequeith to every prebendarie 
of the seid chappell, then being present, viij d. ; and every 
preist yj d. ; and cQacon iiij d. Also I bequeith unto Sir Thomas 
CliflFord knyght the half of xliiij markes, zxxiiij li., which Mr 
John Withers doith awe tmto me, if it will please hyme to take 
payne to attempte the lawe for the same ; and the other half 
theirof to be disposed by my executours within the parich of 
Appleby for the helth of my saull and all Christen sauUes ; and 
if the said Mr Clifford will and canne recover the same. Also 
I will that my Lord Bushope of Carllell have on half of xxiij li. 
whuch Sir Henry Hertley,* vicar of Appleby, my brother, owe 
unto me, if it please his lordship to take paynnes to recover the 
same ; and the other half, to be disposed by my said executours 
for t'helth of my saull. The residew of all my goodes, my 
dettes paid, and my funerall expenses maid and done, I gyve 
and bequeith unto Sir John Caiicefeld and Sir Robert Petie 
preistes, and Steven Wynfeld of York, brotherour, whome I 
maik my executoures. And I bequeith to Sir John Cancefeld 
yj 8. yj d., and to Sir Robert Petty vij s. yj d. ; and to Steven 
Wynfeld, xl s., and my rayment in my chambre at York, for 
their paynnes taking. Theis witnes. Sir Robert Atkirk prest, 

John Yonge. 

[Pr. 6 Aug. 1629.J 

[Beg. Test. iz. 459.] 

In the name of God, Amen, the ix*** daye of Auguste, the 
yere of our Lorde God m' d. xxix**», I Nicholas Riche of Bawtre, 
hoole of mynd and good of remembrance, makes my testament 
in this manyer foloing. In primis I bequeath my sail imto 
Almyghtie God, and to all the holie company in hevyn, and my 
body to be beried in the churche of Sancte Nicholas of the said 

* An ingenious way of recovering a debt. The vicar of Appleby would not 
like to refuse his bishop^s claim, and would probably repay the money which 
his brother had pleaded for in vain. 

T 2 


Bawtre afor Sancte Rooke and Sancte Sebastian. Item I be*- 
queath, in the name of my mortuary, my best good, after lawd- 
able costx)m. Item I bequeath to the hie altar, for tithes 
forgettyn, ij s. Item I bequeath yj d., to be takyn yerely of 
the howse that somtyme was Leike wife's, and after that olde 
John Biehe's, y^ is to say iij d. in brede and aile, to be disposd 
of the Ascention evyn at the crosse callid Nicoles Riche creese, 
and ij d. in brede to poore people the same day, perpetualy to 
endure, opon this eondicion that the prest for tyme beyng ther 
shall say De Profwudis for the sauUes of the said Nicoles Riche 
and Alicie his wif, and all Christen salles. Item I bequeath to 
the churche wardyns in Bawtre and to ther successoors for ever 
more, ij s. yerely, to be takyn of a house callid the Mylne house, 
toward the manetenyng, upholdyng, and reparellyng of the 
causey at Bawtre bridge, and this not to be fiilyd, as they will 
make me answer afor G-od and man* Item I bequeath to 
George Riche, my broder son, xiij s. iiij d., opon this eondicion 
that he be good, favourable, and kynd unto his aunte, Alicie 
Riche, my wif, and if he do the contrary, than I will that he 
have no penny. The residue of all my goodes, afor not be- 
queathed, I gif and bequeath to the propre use of Alicie, my 
wif, withoute any accompte, excepte the charges ordinary, the 
which Alicie I make my sole executrice, and she to dispose 
them, as it shall seme hir the best, for the helth of hir sail and 
myn both. Item I bequeath to William Hudson clerke vj s, 
viij d. Item I bequeath to John Sherewod yj s. viij d., whiche 
WiHiam and John I make my supervisours of this my last wilL 
Thies beryng wittenes, Alverey Byngham prest, Gregorie Ranby 
prest, Thomas Oliver Bawtre, with other moo. Yeven the day 
and yere. 

[Pr. 7 Oct. 1629, adm. to ex«.] 

[Reg. Test. xi. 12.] 

Oct. 25, 1529. Eobert Roos,* of Yngmanthorpe, Esqnyer. 
To be beriai m the hie where of the churche of South Digh- 
ton, dedicate to the honour of Al Sanctes, under a crossed stone 
bifore the ymadge of Sancte Georgie, betwixt my grandfather 
and my fieuler, of whos sauUes Jhesu have mercy. Also I 
bequeath, for my mortuary, my best beast, in the name of my 

* These volumes contain a series of the Wills of members of this ancient 
family, to which ihls makes a valuable addition. 

EB0RACEK8U. 277 

ikiortiiarie, with my cotte annour borne bifore my bodie the 
daye of my beriall accordding to my degre. Also I bequeath 
unto the parson of South Dighton, for tithes and oblacions 
forgettyn, x s,, besechyng hym to accept it, and to pray espe- 
cially for my saull. To the churche warke of South Dighton 
iij 8. iiij.d. To the bouse of Sancte Roberte's of Knaresburgh 
iij 8. iiij d. To the reparacions of the parishe churche of Ripley 
iij 8. iiij d. Unto the Rood gild of Ripon iij 8. iiij d. To the 
iiij Orders of Freres of Yorke yj s. viij d., eqally to be divided 
einong them • • to pray especially for my saull. To the 
chambre of Yorke iij s. iiij d» To the glide of Sancte Cristofer 
and Sancte Georgie in Yorke iij s. iiij d. To Corpus Cristi gild 
in Yorke iij s, iiij d. To our Ladie of Bostone iij s. iiij d. To 
Jane, my wif, iij beddes belongyng to the knyghte's chamer, 
ij arkes, ij chistes with a caskytt, a lymbeke for stilling of 
watters, a hyngyng panne, a staxtid panne, ij pare of lyn 
sheites, etc. To my son Robert al maner of ornamentes 
belongyng to the chapell of our Ladie and Sancte Nicholas 
of Yngmanthorpe, as chales, booke, vestymentes, bellis, cor- 
poraxes, altar clothes, hyngynges . • a fedder bed in the 
parlour, . • a grette cownntter, one langsettill, one borde 
dormant, one forme, . . the hjnagynges in the haull, al maner 
of armour, as jaekes, salettes, splentes, polaxes, speris, leden 
malles, billis, bowis and arrows, with other wepynges defen- 
sible; vj silver spones wherof one haith a bosshe of silver 
giltid, a flate pece of silver, ij grete braspottes in the 
kechynne, . • . viij oxen with yokes and temes, ploughe, 
harros, wayne and cowpe ; also tymbre lyeng drye for the use 
of husbandrie, with al maner stone and lyme, beyng redie for 
the reparacions of the said Yngmanthorpe ; one bruyng leede, 
a maske fatte, a gile fatte, a taprtroughe, iiij standis to 
towne in, and ij gylyng leedes, beyng in the brue house, and 
also a standard in the closett, with t/oo ambres, with all maner 
lokes & kees within my maner of Yngmajithorpe. To the 
parishe churche of South Dighton my craixe coleryd damaske 
gowne, to make a vestymeut, or other necessaries aperteynyng ; 
with my dublett of cremysyne sattyn, to make thereof corprax 
cases, or other necessaries, to the behove of the said churche. 
I wil that Thomas Mydleton, and other my feoflfers to my use 
of my landes in Fameham, Asarlaughe, Sussacres, and New- 
pome, stond and be peased from thensforth to th* use and per- 
formance of this my will and testament ; that is to saye, I will 
that Peter Roos, my sone, shall have annuitie of v li. iij s. iiij d., 
. , my son James Roos one annualle rent of v li. iij s. iiij d. 
. . they to suflFer my ex", to receyve • • xlU. x;viiis. yerely 


for XV yeres to the use . • of my will, etc. Also I will thai 
my ex", do fynd and cause on honest prest to sing for my 
saull, my frendes' sauUes, & al Cristen saulles at our Lade's 
altar in the parishe churche of South Dighton, duryng xv yerea 
next after my decesse • . . havyngandperceyvyngiiijli.yerely. 
To my doughtour, Jane Eoos, too kye • . To my sone, Peter, 
a horse ; & to my sone James a horse ; to my doughtour 
Dorothe a mylke cowe, and iij s. iiij d. to bye hir a cotte or a 
kirtle. I will that my ex", shall yeve unto every on of my 
servauntes that doith me servicie a quarter wadge, . • besides 
suche wadge as to them or any of them is due at the daye of 
my decesse, to th' entent that they shall praye for my saulle, 
my frendes' saulles, and al Cristen saulles. My landes to my 
sone & heire, Robert Roos. The residue of my goodes for the 
helth of my saull & all Cristen saulles. Roberte Roos my son 
and Antony Roos, gentleman, ex". 

[Pr. 23 Oct. 158?, admin, to ex".] 

[Reg. Test. iz. 462.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen, the xij*^ day of Decembre, in the yere 
of our Lorde God mki xxix***, I, John Williamson,* of Noting- 
ham, beyng of hoole and good mynde, not knowing the daye 
of my departing, orden and make this my present testament 
and last will as herafter folowith. First I bequeath my sail 
unto Almyghtie God my Maker, and to His blissid moder of 
mercy oure Ladie Sancte Marie, and to all the celestiall com- 
pany of hevyn ; and my bodie to be beried in the churche of 
Sancte Peter's, in Notingham, afore the blissid Rode's fote, in 
Sancte George where. Item I bequeath to my mortuarie as 
the costome of the church requireth. Also I wil that Sir 
Edwarde have viij marc by the yere, to the tyme that John 
my sone come to the age of xxiiij*** yeres ; and it fort on that 
he departe or then, that then he sing oute ther xx*"* yeres. 
Also I will that my executours shall imediately within one 
moneth after my beriall, shall make a feftment, whiche feft- 
ment is maide over redde, and if my wif frendes thinke that 
it be not sure, I will they make it as sure as they can, so that 
they change no landes ; and so then to gif them possession in 

♦ The very-nicely worded wiU of a Nottingham tradeBman. The wills from 
Nottingham are now becoming more numerous. 


^very shire. Also I will, moreover, that she shall have hir 
owne goodes ; I sold hir xx oxen, and she shall have xx^ smaler 
beastes for them, and all my shepe that I bought, to mende 
them with all. And I will that one *able preist, that be of 
good conversacion and a good where man, I will he have fyve 
markes a yere towards his stipende, and that he say Mesae at 
Sancte Gregorie altar every day when he is disposed; and 
after the Gospel for to say De Profvmdia every day for my 
sail, and all Gristen salles, and the parish to gif hym the rest. 
And at my berieng every preitt of oure own church to have 
xij d. a pece, and strangers yj d. I will and dispose at my 
beriall x IL Also I will that my executours, when they have 
castyn these heddes together and seyne what my substancie 
will amounte to, my dettes paide, that they every yere make an 
obite, and ther at to deile iij li., where most nede is. Also I 
will that John Morton have tenne marc, the whiche I owe hym 
for shepe. Also I bequeath hym xl s. ; and John Wilde xl s. ; 
and Jespar xl s. ; so that they be with my wif and my execu- 
tours one yere, to make them in redynes in suche thinges as I 
have, and to sell my goodes to the best advantage, and to 
instructe them of my obligacions and my dette booke. Also I 
will that Dorothe have xx marc to hir manage. Also I will 
that hir moder, if she will tarie with my wif where as she shall 
thjrnke necessarie, that she shall have hir findding; and, if 
not, she shall have v marc a yere to be paide by my executours. 
Also I will that John, my son, shalbe put to leme, unto such 
tyme that he be xv yeres olde, and to put to some good scole, 
and he to have every yere to his exhibicion fyve marc ; and, 
after that, to be putto Oxford or to Cambridge, to he com to 
the age of xx** yeres, every yere having fyve poundes. And 
after he be xx***, to be put to the Innes of Courte, to he come 
to the age of xxiiij*^ ; and he to have every yere tenne marc ; 
and the rest of my landes to be keped by my executours to the 
use of John, my sone : and than my executours to make hyin 
acompte of my landes and goodys. And, moreover, I will that 
my executours shall make non acquietance to no man by 
colour nor fraudes nor gile for to disheirite my childe of his 
right, iche of them soo doing shall forfett a c markes. Also I 
will that no man clame of me of right nothing, but I will that 
my executours do pay it. And also I will that grete men be 
compellid by the lawe to paye suche dettes as they owe me, 
and the costes ther aboute to be borne of my one goodes ; and 
poore men to have dayes by discretion. Moreover, I will, after 
the decesse of my wif, the hoole landes to remaneto John, my 
eon : and, if die without ishue, to remane to the next of my 


kynne. Also I will, al other wordes not withstandyng afore 
spoken, and God send my wif ait her with sone or dooghtour ; 
if it be a sone, I will it have xx li. ; if it be doaghtour, xlli. ; 
ind if they forton to departe when they come to the age of 
manage, than the lande and the money to remane to my sone, 
or els to the next of my blode. Also I will that my wtf shall 
remane heire in this house a fall yere after my beriall, and 
then she to have all my wife's rayment; and I will she have 
too gilted salttes with a cover whiche ware lately John Altoftes, 
and three goblettes, whit, with a cover of the lest, and a dossen 
of my best spones. And I will she have ij drinkyng coppis of 
silver with on cover. Also I will that by the space of tenne 
yeres that SleflForth churche have an obite for the salles of my 
fadder and my modder, and al Cristen salles, and Mease of 
Bequiem in the momyng ; and they to have xl s. in the yere, 
at that I will it be about Sancte Laurence daye ; and that I 
will Sir Edward have the over sight of it. Also I bequeath to 
inhon of my wife's women servauntes to have yj s. viij d. ; and 
in like the men servauntes. Also I do make my full executors 
of this present testament and last will John Leeke Esquyer, 
John Ploughe, parsone of Sancte Petir's, Henry Statham, and 
Thomas Leike ; thies beyng wittenes. Sir Edwarde Ersden, 
Richard Buttyng, and Jesper Flowre, with others. 

[Pr. 5th Jan. 153CU1, adm. to the ex".] 

[Reg. Te«t. ix.461.] 

April 14, 1530. Nicholas Eicard,* of Kirke Sandall, gen- 
tleman. To be beried oon the south side or parte of the parishe 
church of Kirke Sandall, nighe unto the place where as my 
late fadder, whos sail God pardon, doith lie beried. Also I 
will that Margarete Ricard, my moder, shall have, incontinente 
after my deith, in discharge of my mortuary, allmy whikebeastes, 
and . . XX markes of lawfuU Englishe money. Also I will that 
my feoflfes of all and singular the landes and tenementes with 
appurtenaunce in Sandall and Hatefeld, whiche I purchased of 
Eoberte Hounter, Christofer Thomlynson, and Briane . . . 
shall suffre and permitte all and singlar the rentes . . to be 

♦ ThiF will must be read in connexion with that of William RoVeby, arch- 
bishop of Dublin, which has been already given in this volume. For a charm- 
ing account of Sandal myreaiers must look at Mr. Hunter's ' South Yorkshire/ 
vol. i 198, etc. 


Applied . . towardes th' exhibicion and fynddyng of on hable, 
substanciall chauntre preist within the said parishe churche 
of Kirke Sandall for ever, where as I have, God willing, deter- 
mined to be beried ; which said landes be nowe in tenour and 
lease unto my broder, Richard, for terme of yeres at will. My 
landes • • in Sandall to th'use of the said Margarete Bickard, 
my moder, for terme of hir liff naturall ; and, after . • . to 
th' use of Henry Rokeby, oon of the sones of Rauf Rookby, my 
uncle decessed, & the heires of his bodie lawfull begottyn for 
ever : and for lake . . to John Rokeby, sone and heire of the said 
Rauf Rokeby, and the heires of the said John for ever, so that 
the said Henry and John . . paye . • towardes the fundacion 
of my said chantre and th' exhibicion of the said prest for ever 
xiij s. iiij d. . • • at too usuall yerely termes. Where as of late 
opon a bargan concluded with on William Gierke, and on cer- 
teyn summ of money betwixt the said William and me agreid, 
wherof on parte is paid aforehand, and the other to be paid at 
dayes limited in writyng therof betwixt hus maide of on capital 
measuage with th'appurtenaunce in Camerton and Rihill . • I 
will that my mother & Henry Rookeby, bifore named, & the 
heires of the said Henry, shalbe sole recoverers of the same 
• . • to th'use of the said Henry . . . yelding and payeng 
yerely oute of the same towardes the fyndyng and exhibicion 
of the said chantre preist for ever iij li. over and besides foorty 
shelynges rent or about the rest of the same ; whiche clerely 
I yeve and bequeath unto the said Henry Rookeby and the 
heires of his bodie lawfully begottyn, in and towardes the dis- 
charg of my consciencie— (rem"^ to said John Rookeby etc — 
rem. Rauf Bameby the yonger etc — rem. Thos Dilcoke, etc in 
^efaM of pajrment) than I will and require hym whiche atte 
suche tyme shall forton to be chantree preist of the same, to 
whome I committe auctoritie in that behalf, to approperate all 
the said mesuag and landis in Camerton and RihUl forsaid to 
be mortised for ever unto the said chantre whiche I have 
ordyned to be founded within the said churche of Kirke Sandall 
at the altar of Sancte Nicholas there, nyghe unto the whiche 
my said fader lieth beried : and the said preist and his succes- 
sours . . to syng and saye Messe^ as every of them maye, or shalbe, 
best dispose them, at th^ said altar of Sancte Nicholas, and not 
els where within the said churche, except every Friday e, wekely, 
whan I will that the said chantre preist shall syng Messe in the 
roodlofte within the said churche, De Nomine Jhesu ; whiche 
said chantre preistes, or preist, ever for the tyme beyng shall 
pray for the sail of my said fader, for the good prosperitie of 
Margarete Ricarde my moder whilst she is of ly ve, and, after hir 


decesse, for tlie sail of my said mother, and for the sail of m« 
the said Nicholas ; and, in especially to have in good remem- 
brance the sail of the late Lorde William Rookeby, somtyme 
archebushop of Dablio, who was my especiall good lorde, xincle, 
and brynger npe. And I will that nether of the said chantre 
preist, nor non of his snccessours chantre preist of the same, 
shall at any tyme from hensforth syng or saye Mesae at any 
other place within the saide chnrche, but as is bifore m^i- 
tioned ; for I will not that this same chantre, thus founded fay 
me as above, shall in no wise discharge my broder Thomas 
Bicard, as concemyng the fundacion of another chantrie to be 
founded within the same for the sail of the late Lorde William 
archebushope of Dublin, oure said uncle, for the whiche the 
said Thomas, my broder, haith imdertakyn in his charge, and 
my said broder accorddingly for the same c li. in gold, and 
nothing as yett executed in the same. And I will also that the 
said Henry Rokeby and the heires of his bodie lawfully begottyn 
shall have the free gifte and presentacion of the said chantre 
prest, and every of them, in manyer as a free donatyve, to be 
used withoute interruption. (Same entail as before.) And I 
will that Margarete fiicard, my moder, shal have to hir and to 
hir assignes, for terme of hir lyve, all my landes ... at Sike 
house, whiche of late I purchased of Christofer Williamson, and 
also my land and closes at Stainfbrth, purchased of Hugh 
Mapils ; and also my land and closing at Hatefeld, purchased of 
on Handley • • • to descende to the said Bauf Bameby & 
Thomas Dilcoke • • Also where as John fiicard, clerke, the late 
deyne of Dublin, at my costes and charges, and also to my use, 
byfore this purchased of our sovereing lord the kyng the 
wardeshipe and manage, without dispargement, of John 
Rookeby forsaid, the sone and heire of Bauf Bookeby deceased, 
nowe almost at poynt of his full yeres, whiche accordcUngly unto 
this daye I have had in my possession and use without any pre- 
tense to the contrarie ; I do frely and hertely remitte the same 
unto the said John, yevyng the same hartely unto the said 
John Bookby, with the patent and grante of the same • • • 
where in I clerely put hym by this my last will at his libertie, 
so that he be apartely rewled and governed by my said moder, 
as I require he be. And I will that the said Margarete Bicard, 
my moder, & the said Henry Bookeby shall content and paye 
unto one William Clerke in full contentacion and payment of 
lxxr\g li. xiij s. iiij d., xx li. vj s. viij d. in full payment of the 
new purchase . . in Gamerton and Byhill. To the said 
Henry Bookby xl li., for the redemption of one messuag & cer- 
teyne landes in Thomegembald. I will that my modder shall 


have the toicion and rewle of Margarete Bookeby, the dongh- 
tour of the above named Banf Bookeby deceased, towardes her 
manage, with a c markes • • whiche the said Banf, hir &der, 
whose execntour I was, beqnested onto hir manage • • Also I 
clerely remittfe and forgif unto my broder in lawe, Bauf Bar- 
neby, thwentie poundes, whiche I lent hym. To Margarete 
Dilcoke, the doughtour of Boberte Dilcoke, towardes hir pre- 
ferment, tenne markes. To the college churche of Pynkreg, 
for and towardes on suite of vestymentes, thwenty nobles. To 
Anne Bameby fyve poundes of good money, or one pece worth 
the same, to pray for me ; which v li. I will that John Bookeby 
Bhall have, if he will undertake to fynde the said Anne, whiche 
is bot one ideote, mete, drinke, and other necessaries diuryng 
hir lif. Also I gyve unto the church and towardes the nedes of 
the church of Kirk Sandall, to be bestowed by the discretion of 
my said moder, tenne markes. The residue . . unto my deirly 
welbelovyd modder, Margarete Bicard, whome I orden, make, 
and constitute to be my sole executrice, she to dispose as she 
shall seme best for the pleasour of God and the health of my 
saull. This beyng wittenes, Nicholas Bookeby parsone of the 
said Kirke Sandall, John Colson derke, parishe preiste of the 
same, John Bookeby, gentleman, James Morley yoman, Bychard 
Parkjnson husbandman, and Boberte BeaUe husbandman. 

[Pr. 6 Maj, 1630, adm. to iheez».] 


[Reg. Test.!. 3/.] 

In nomine Sanctae et Individuse Trinitatis, Patris, et Filii, 
et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. I, Water Bradford,* of Houghton 
besides Fount', in the countie of Yorke, gent., beyng of goode 
health and sayne memorie, the xxviij daye of Maye, in the 
xxij"* yere of the reigne of oure soverain lord Kyng Henry the 
Eighht, ordanyth and makyth thys my testament and last wyll 
in manner and forme foloyng. First, I bequeith my soule to 
Almightie God, and to Hys more blessed mother, our Lady 
Sainct Marie, and to all the hole company of heven, and my 
body to be buryed in my parishe churche of Castilford, in our 
Lady qwere there, bysydes Margaret, my wiff, deceassed. Item 
I bequeith to my curate of the churche of Castilford that as 
right belongyth, accordyng to the kynge is Acte of the Parlia- 
ment, for my mortuarie : and to the hygh alter iij s. iiij d. for 
oblacions and tithes forgotten and not payd : and to the hygh 
* A rich lawyer, and a farmer likewise. 


aulters of Wakefeld and Warmefeld parishe churches, th^re, to 
ayther of yame ij s. Also I beqaeith to the amendyn^ of the 
hygh wayes aboute Stanlay and Wakefeld xiij s. iiij d., viz^ to 
aither of yame, vj s, viij d. Also to the hygh ways aboute 
Fount' and Hoghton, Castilford and Warmefeld, to every of 
yame, yj s. viij d. Item to the Frears of Fount', and to the 
Grey Frears of Doncastre, to ayther of yame, yj s. viij d. Also 
to the Friores of Hampolle and to the Convent yj s. viij d., vix^ 
to the Friores xx d., and to ye Convent and prestes there v s^ to 
be divided eqally amonges yame. Also I bequeth to Dame Jane 
GaRcoign, oonof the nunnes there, vj s. viij d. Also I beqaeth to 
my Lord Frior and Convent of Sainct Oswalde's, to the Prior and 
Convent of Kirkestall, to the Frior and Convent of Monkburton, 
and to the Frior and Convent of Sainct John in Foimtefireit, to 
every of the aforesayd monasteries, xs. ; and they to sing 
Dirigie and Masae of Requiem for my soule ; and I beseke 
yame of forgifnes, if I have at any tyme oflFendyt to yame. 
Also I woll that every poore man, womand, and child, vrithin 
the parishenges of Castilford and Warmefeld, have oon penny, 
the daie of my buriall or afore, and myn executours to dispose 
ferther, the sayd daie, as they seyme expedient for the health 
of my soule. Also I bequeith my chales and corprax and patene, 
after my deceas & Elisabeth my wifF, to the churche of Castil- 
ford ; and if a preist fortune herafter to be at oure Lady alter 
there, he to occupie the same. Also I require my broder 
Ciist', Jane SheflTeld, Beatrix Tt-mpest, and the heyres of every 
of theym, se that the Warden and Convent of the Gray Frears 
of Yorke say Mesae of Requiem and Dirige the day of my 
buriall, accordyng to the tenour of one composition astablesshed 
betwixt yame and me of and for an annuitie of viij s. which I 
have giffyn to theym for ever. Also I will that my executours 
purchase landes to the valour of v s., to be giffyn to the Prior 
and Convent of the Blak Frears in Fomfrete, for oon obit yerely 
to be doon for ever the daye of my buriall, viz., every Frere 
beyng a preist iiij d., and every Frere beyng no preist ij d. ; and 
the residew to the Frior for the anomamentes of the churche 
there. Also I bequeyth to my brother, Crist', my great rynge 
of gold wherin is gravyn Brad with a furth, and, after hys 
decease, to hys sonne Thomas Bradfurth and to hys heyres 
male ; and for defaute to John Bradford, my nevy : and to my 
brother, Crist', my gowne furred with foens, and, after hys 
deceas, to be delyvered to Thomas, hys sonne and heyre : and 
to Bawdwen Yonge a furre of fychey whiche he hayth. Also I 
giff and bequeath to John Sheffeld and Jane his wiff iiij li. in 
money or penny worthes ; and to Nicholas Tempest and Beatrice 


his wiflFiiij li. in money or pennjni^orths. Item to John Brad- 
ford, my nevy, iiij li. in money or goodes. Item to Brian 
Bradforth of Stanley and to hys sonne Brian a gilted coppe 
whiche I had in plege of hys moder. And I forgiff hym all 
dewtyes betwixt hym and me. And I giff to Brian, hys sonne 
and my godson, ij silver spones. Also to Water Jepson, my 
godson, xl 8. in money or goodes. Also I will that oon honest 
preist, to be named by myn executours, do syng for me imme- 
diately after my death, by the space of v yeres, and he to have 
yerely for his salarie and wages every yere iiij li. xiij s. iiij d., 
and to praie for the souUes of my graundfadirs and graund- 
modirs, my fader and model* soules, my soule, and my wilHFes* 
Boules, et apecialiter pro aniTnabua illis pro quibvs Walterua 
Bradford maocime obligatur et orare tenetur^ et pro animabua 
omnium fidel^Aim defv/nctorum. Also I giflF to the churehe of 
Castelford one vestiment, to be boght by the discrecion of myn 
executours. Also I giff to Dorothe Pagett, my neyse, v markes 
in money or goodes. Also to Anne Lokkay, balye wiff of Brad- 
ford, X s. Item to Jane Banke, my wiffe's doghter, v li. in 
money or goodes ; and to Fraunces Peircy, now beyng with me, 
oon horse, and xxs. in money or goodes. Item to every of my 
servauntes, bysides there dutyes, a quarter beyns or peys or 
barly, if they be trew and diligent servauntes to my wyff. Also 
I giff to Sir John Smyth, my preist, in money xx s., and a horse 
or a meyre. Also I bequeith to Thomas Gryce vj s. viij d., and 
to hys clerkes ij s. To Mr. Chaloner, Mr. Fairefex, John Pullan, 
every one yj s. viij d., and to y*^ clerkes ij s. And to Thomas 
Strey v s., and to hys clerkes ij s. Also I giff and bequeith to 
Thomas Bawson xl s. in money, and ij quarters barly and ij 
quarters beyns. Also to every of my godsons and doghters, 
every of yame ij s. Item to Isabell Bradford, my brother Crist* 
doghter, xx s. in money or goodes. Also I giff to John Saynt- 
poU and Anne hys wiff a litle cheyn with a crosse of gold sett 
with peerle. Also to Jane Halyday of Acworth ij quarters 
barly or malte. Item to Alice SeyntpoU. oodc of the systersin 
Seynt Nicholas in Pount', one quarter malte. Also to Margarett 
SeyntpoU, my cosyn, iiij li. in money or goodes. Item to the 
poor folkes in Acworth x s., to be disposed amonges yame. 
Also to Bawdwen Yonge wiff a quarter malt, a quarter pese or 
beens. Also to Jane, her syster, a quarter barly, a quarter pese 
or beens. Also to John SeyntpoU eldest sonne, my godson, 
a quarter malt or barly. Item to Katharyn Jepson a ryng 
of gold, and to every of her childre, not aforenamed, a 
quarter barly or malt. Also to Beatrix Bradford, my bastard 
doghter, a kow and iij quarters malt, and a bed, with al 


thinges belongyng. Also to Nicholas Lokkay too jongeA 
sonnes, to ayther of yame a quarter malt. Also I beqneith to 
Thomas Baynold, my clerk, my gowne lyned with chamlett, and 
iij quarters malt and iij quarters beyne. Also to John Brad- 
ford ij doghters, to ayther of yame, one quarter nMtlt <Mr barly. 
Item I bequeith to my syster in law, my broder John wiffe, 
ij quarters malt and ij quarters beens. Item to John Sherwodd 
yongar, and hys chil(hren, now beyng in Thomour, to every <rf 
yame a quarter barly or beens. Item to IsabeU Frankishe, 
John Sherewod doughter, too quarters barly or beyns. Item to 
John Watterton, and to John hys brother, to eyther of yame 
zl s. in money or goodes. Item to Elisabeth Boswell, my oosen, 
too quarters barly and one quarter of beynes or peyse. Also I 
bequeith to Thomas Lascy, in recompence of hys mariage 
goodes, nott all payd to hym, and for hys apparell at hys manage, 
the whiche he wold have had me to pay fore, the some of 
yj li. xiij s. iiij d. in money or pennyworths, and thys some to 
be payd to hym over and bisides othir thinges before bequest to 
Beatrice hys wiflF. Item I bequeith to every of my women aer- 
vauntes, takyng no yerely wages in reward, at the discrecion of 
Elisabeth my wif. Item to Crist' and to William, my servauntes, 
viz. to Crist' x s., and to William yj s. viij d. Item I bequeith to 
Holbek childim a lok of gold and xx s. Also Item I bequeith 
to an honest preist xl s., to synge oon half yere for the soule of 
Edmond Dudley. Item to Cristofer Conyers iiij markes. Item 
to Herry Esheley v s. Item I bequeith x s., to dispose for the 
soule of William Levet. Item I bequeith xiij s. iiij d. to dis- 
pose, for the soule of Vicar Meiryng, amongest the poore folkea 
in Brotherton. Also I giflf to Elisabeth, my wiflF, all my goodes 
and plate w*in my howse, and her parte of all othir my goodes 
nott before bequest. Also I will that the said Elsabeth, my 
wiff, shall have my &rmehold at Houghton, duryng all suche 
termes as is graunted to John Sekker by Convent seall, besekyng 
my seyd lord to be gude unto her, in recompence of suche 
costes and charges as I have susteyned of the same. Also I 
bequeith, graunt, and giflf to John Bradford, my nevye, the 
half of my farme hold at Wrenthorp, wherein Q-eorge Snathe 
doth now dwell in, whiche my Lord Cheif Baron faithfully dyd 
promyse me at suche tyme as I send hym my leas by Henry 
Brome, made to me by the feoflfez of the same landes. Also I 
bequeith Cristofer Santpoll oone quarter barly and oone quarter 
bejrnes. Also I bequeith to the churche of Castilford, if the 
neburs sett furth cure Lady qwere, xl s. Item I bequeith to 
my lady ancres in Pounfreit a quarter of malt. And to the 
ancres of Wakefeld a quarter malt. Item to Thomas Killyngbek 


one meyre at the discrecion of myn executonrs. Item to old 
Stor one of my jakkettes^ to desyer hym to pray for my soule, 
and to be goode frend to my wif. The resydew of my goodes 
to be disposed by Elsabeth, my wyff, Crist* Bradford, Thomas 
Bawson, and John Smyth preist, whome I ordeyn and make 
myn execntoura. And I will the sayd Elsabeth and John Smyth 
preist shall dispose the said residew att there discrecions for the 
health of my sonle. And, feurther, I make Byohard Lyster, 
Lord Cheif Baron, Alvery Comyn, Lord Priour of Seynt Os- 
wolde's of Nostell, and Robert Chaloner, supervisoors of thys 
my Will, they and my said executours to have there costes and 
charges for executyng thys my said Will. And I beqneith to 
the said Lord Cheif Baron my grey stond horse ; and to my 
Lord of Seynt Oswolde's oone gold rynge with a poynted dia- 
mond ; and to Eobert Chaloner oone gold rynge with a town 
gravyn therein ; besekyng theym to be goode lordes to my wiff 
and to myn executours. Into wjrtnes herof, to thys my last 
will and trew mynd, I the sayd Water hayth setto my seall, the 
daie and yere abovesayd. Thes beynge wytnesses, Hugh 
Atkynson, Thomas Bradford, and Sir John Watson, my curate, 
with others. 

[Pr. 17 Jan. 1530-1, adm. to the ex".] 


[Reg. Test. zi. 3.] 

June 24, 1530. W^alter Griflath,* late of Annas Burton, in 
the diocess of Yorke, Knyght, beyng of hoole mynde and salve 
memorie. My bodie to be beried in the new chapell, annexed 
to the churche of Sancte Martyne at Annas Burton, where my 
ladle, my moder, lieth. I will y* all suche landes . . within 
the countie of Yorke and Lincoln as I have put in feolHFament 
• • do stand . . and my broder, Esachie Clifton, one of my said 
feoffes, .. shall take . • the rentes . . of Annas Burton per- 
sonadge, with Litle Kelke and Swaithorpe, to performe this my 
last will. ... To Jane GriflBth, my wif, an hundreth markes, 
& to my yonger son, John Griffithe, cc li., over and besides his 
annuitie of xxiij li. vj s. viij d. To my doughtour Agnes, late 
wif of John Egerton Esquyer, fortie markes. To my doughtour 
Margarite GriflSth, for hir mariadge, fyve hunddreth marces, if 
she be orderid after hir moder ; and, in reward to my sone and 
heire, GriflSth & Elisabeth his wif, fiftye poundes, with my 
tent hool, ye hames, and as moche of my houshold goodes as he 

* Bee the wiU of his father in Test. Bbor. ui. 269. 


haith nede of, after the discretion of my wif, in reoom]>eii8e of 
fynes and garsomes that I toke of his tenementes at Annis 
Burton. • • To my broder, Ezache CUfton, tenne markes. To 
Sir William Webber, vicar of Annas Burton, c s. Also to every 
one of my godsones, Walter Cawod, G-ervasie Cawod,and Walto 
Nicholson, xl s. Also to my godsone, Walter Wright, yerelj 
XX s. to he come to the age of xxiiij***. To Thomas Goldsmytfa, 
balif of Alrewas, xl s. I will that every one of my houshold 
servauntes . . have in reward over their wadges for a half yere 
after my decesse after the valour of ther hoole yere wadges. 
Also I will that a prest be wadgyd to pray for the helth of mj 
saull, my fader s and moders • • in the churche and chapell of 
Annas Burton, where my said moder is beried, for the space of 
fortie yeres after my decesse, & to have yerely for his wadges 
eight marces, supposing that by suche space as thies yeres shal 
be ended, myne heires, of there charitable mynd, will devise for 
the helth of theire saulles and ours in likewise ; and so frome 
heire to heire for ever, so to be continued, whiche I pray God 
grante them grace for to do, accordding to the good example of 
my moder that this did begyn. Also I will that my chapleyn, Sir 
Bobert Alsope, have yerely xl s., to pray, as by my ex" he shal 
be appoyntid and assignyd, unto suche tyme as he shal be 
promotid to a chauntre or beneBce, duryng his lif. Also I will 
that if Sir Koberte Barlowe will lerne and studie in aither of 
the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge, that my said feoffes 
and executours do gif imto hym yerely his honest exhibicion, 
unto suche tyme as he be graduate or promotid to some bene- 
ficie, as prebende, parsonadge. • • I will that my broder, 
Ezachie Clifton, • • make a . • graunte • • of one annuitie of 
XX marces, goyng out of my maner of Oreby, to John Grifl5th, 
my yonger son. I will that my said feoffes and ex" over the 
convenient chardges of my beriall and yere's mynd, do cause 
yerely that for xxj*** yeres foloing too obites to be done in the 
churche of Annas Burton, for me, my fader, moder, and suche 
as we be boimdon to pray fore ; the one obite to be alwayes as 
it shall fortone my aniversarie to be ; and th'oder opon the 
morowe next after Al Saules daye ; and when Al Saulles daye 
is diflferrid to Mondaye, then it to be opon the morowe next 
after that, and that naither obite shall excede the costes of 
thwentie shelynges ; and towardes the same obittes to have and 
perceyve the ishues and profittes of my landes purchased in 
Scardeburgh, and after the said xxj yeres be past, then myn 
heires to have the same landes, and to be charged therefore to 
bestowe the yerely valour of the same for the said too obites 
yerely, to continue for ever, and to be done in the churche of 


Annas Burton^ in maner and forme as is aforsaid, for them- 
selffes, me, my wif, my fader, my moder, etc. Also I will that 
my feoffes and ex" do purchase landes and ten**, to the yerely 
valour of rdiij li., or els as moche landes as foure hundreth and 
fiftye marces will purchasse, and the same surely to intaile to 
my heires generall for ever, in satisfiEiccion for sucbe landes as I 
did cell in Wales to Sir Byse ap Thomas knyght. . I will that 
fyve marces be disposid and waryd of too latyne candilstickes, 
to be set byfore the hie altar in the chauncell at Annas Burton, 
in t'honor and wirshipe of God and Sancte Martyne. I will 
that my feoffes & ex", within xx** dayes after my decesse, do 
delyver the castell of Scardeburghe to the kynge's grace, or his 
heires, for so I am boundon in a thousand markes for to doo. 
Also I will that al suche offerynges as er in a litle redde puree, 
whiche er inclosid in paupers, be offeryd to our Ladie of Wal- 
singham, and to al other suche Sanctes as the intitilyng of every 
one of the said paupours will appere. Also I will that their be 
bestowid opon Whichenour briggs, and the chapell their, and 
in the waye at Lopyn chapell, iiij li. • . The residue • . to Jane 
GriflBth, my wif, Antone Babyngton Esquyer, my broder, 
Ezache Clifton, Sir William Webster, vicar at Annas Burton, 
Roberte Tovie, balif theire, and Thomas Wriffht of Whichenour, 
whome I make my executours : if non of them this refuse, to 
have C.S. . . every one of them as for their reward. 
[Pr. 17 Dec 15310 


[JReg. Test. Pec et Gapit. ii. 156.] 

Aug. 7, 1530. Johannes Fewlare, clericus. Sep. in eccl. 
oath. B. Petri Apostoli, coram imagine B. M. ad altare S. 
Stephani. In hreid & haily ad discretionem executorum. Lego 
Domino Willelmo Bait, vicario, librum vocatum de Eliganciis 
cum contentis : item librum Hujo Arra animse [wc] ; item li- 
brum de Ethemologiis Isodori ; item Primarium cum Exequiis, 
de pergameno ; item librum vocatum Mercolphum. Lego 
Domino Johanni Hawll librum vocatum Aldred ; librum de 
Meditacionibus, de pergameno ; librum de Vita Sancti Cuth- 
berti, unam quarteriam EpistulsB Pauli glosatse; librum 
vocatum Rationale Divinorum. Lego Domino Eoberto Mur- 
hows Ijbrum vocatum Catholicon, Legendam Auream cum 
cseteris libris non legatis. Uxori, quae vocatur Cheri, iij '^, iiij d, 
et coral viride. 

[Pr. 17 Aug. 1530.] 
VOL. v. U 


[Reg. Tost Dec. et Capit. ii. 161.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen, xrj day of August, in the yere of 
our Lord Jhesu Christ m.occccxxx, I, Sir Edmund Cook,* the 
vicar of Acclome, whartfuli the mynd, and compleit in remem- 
brance, and not knawyng my last day, ordayns and makes m? 
testament in to this forme and maner. In the first, I gyff and 
I witt my saull unto All myghty God, the whilk create aod 
maid me of noe thing, and to y* Blissid Viigyn His moder, and 
to All the Sanctes of heven. Also my body to be beried in the 
porche of the parishe kirk of Acclome. Also I wit for my cots- 
presentt my best beest. Item I wit unto the parishe kirk <rf 
Acclome yj torches, price zx s., equally to be devidid, y* is to 
say every torche iij s. iiij d., and tnay to bime abowt my body 
the day of my beriall. Item I witt vj pound of wax, w* one 
half pound, to be bimd abowt my body the day of my beriaL 
Item I witt to one gud, vertuosse, and weill dysposed preist, y* 
he may syng and say Messe for me, and for all my gudd fiyndes, 
and gud doers, and also for all Christen sauUes, y^is to say, the 
space and tyme of iij yeres togeder, xiiij li. x s. Also I will, 
moreover, that the preist, the whilk shall syng for me and my 
fryndes, shall syng dailly, except it [be] appon one day in the 
weik, y* he may have it in his owen will whedder he will doo 
Messe or nay, os he thynkes hym self dyspossid. And also I 
will, more over, y* if the preist faill of doyng of Messe moo days 
than one, that he loosse for every day iiij d., and that to be 
gevyn unto other well dispossid prest, the whilk is dispossid to 
doo Meaae^ or els that it be gyffjm emong poor people whar os 
most neid is wHn the parish. Also I witt to the kirk of 
Acclome xl s. Item I witto every prest, being at my Derive 
the day of my beriall, vj d. Item to every parish dark iij d. 
Item to every other man synging in mane's voce ij d. Item to 
every other child j d. Item I wit to the iiij moder kirkes, 
equally to be devidid, xx s. Item I witt to the iiij Orders of 
Frears, equally to be devidid, xv s. Item I wit to Sf^nct Robert 
of Knaresburght v s. Item lego to every hospitall wHn the 
citie of York, and also unto the subarbars of the same, whar qs 

* In some respects this is the most interesting Will in this volame. It is 
the composition of the testator, and, whether as a specimen of simple English, 
or as an evidence of the writer's piety and simplicity, it is beyond praise. 
The Will and Inventory of the testator's patron. Dr. Melton, have just been 


hospitalitie is daly kepid, to every ilk one of thame, yj d. Item 
lego to every extraungery man or woman, helder or yongar, 
putting furth tbar handis for almosse be the way of charite, j d. 
Also I witto every hows w*in the parisheing of Aeclome, whar 
OS fyer is dailly used, xiij d. Item to every serge berar ij d. 
Item to every torche berar y d. Item ecclesisa paroch* de Bug- 
thorp X s. Item to every hows wHn the parishing of Bugthorp, 
dailly fyer using, vj d. Item to every sone and doughter of 
Alice Keld, my moder e law, xl s., and ij sylver spones. Also I 
witto every sone and doughter of Bychard Barboore's v) s. vi^ d. 
Item to every sone and doughter of the aforsaid childer of my 
moder e law, lawfully gotten, ij s. Item I witt to my Maister, 
Maister Ghaunceller of York monestery and parson of Aeclome, 
that his maistersheip may be gud, and also pray for me, xl s. 
Item I witto my supervisour, who so ever it happyn to be, 
ij 11. xiij s. iiij d. Item I witto my iij executours, for ther 
labour, equally for to be devidid, iiij li. x s. Item I ordan and 
also constitutes my trew and fidthjjful] executours. Sir Robert 
Hellerton presbyterum, and John Herryson husbandman, and 
William Smythson husbandman, and that thais iij executours 
a for named trewly execute and fulfill my will, os my speciall 
trust is in thame, and thay to allow thame self trewly, and also 
sufficiently, for ther expense3« Item lego Roberto Tailyour, 
filio meo spiritual!, v s. Item lego to Johanne Agawbron, 
wonyng some tyme at Nonnebrynholme, v s. ; and if the afor- 
said woman be deid, I will that the aforsaid v s. be disposid for 
bir souU os Messe^ said for hir ; and other some part to be dis- 
posid emonges poure people os the best may be for the well of 
soull. Also r wit my book callid Chatholicon untto the parishe 
kirk of Aeclome. Item I will y* my Portus w* silver claspis be 
sold and disposid for the weill of my soull and all Christen 
soullis. Item I witto Corpus Christi gild in York x s. Item I 
witt untto the expense3 enens the dynner at the day of my 
beriall xx s., and more, if neid require ; and if y* lesse seryff, 
that at leves over the xx s., gyff it to powre people. Also I 
witto the preist that synges the Eye Mease one the day of my 
beriall, and so fulfiUis all the Observans after Mease and bowt 
my body to be beried, ij s. Also I will that the Hie Meaae one 
the day of my beriall be on the Blissid Sacrament of the alter, 
scilicet, Cibaviteoaj etc. Item I witto the parishe kirk of Set- 
terington xld. Item to the parishe kirke of Bushopwilton 
iiij fl. Item lego for iiij trentall off Meaae'^ to be said for me, 
and all my gud doars and fryndes, xl s. Item lego to the sup- 
portacion of ley Stan furth brigges iij s. iiij d. Item I wit to 
the supportacion of ly Buttercrame brigges iij s. iiij d. Also I 


witto the supportacion of ly Thomthorp brigges iiij s. Item I 
witto the expense5 in my viij day xvj s., and also more, if neid 
require. And if it happyn so that any thing remayn or leaff 
thar of, than it to be distributid emonges pore folk whar is 
most neid wHn the parishing. Also I witto to the expenses of 
my xij raonyth day unto my Derige^ wax, bread, and aill when 
the Derige is doyn, and also unto the dynner for preistes, 
clarkes, and other honest persons appon the mome after, 
XX vj s. viij d. and more, if neid be, at the gud and £EdthfalI di^ 
cretion of my executours ; and if that any thing leaff or remayn 
thar of, it to be distribute emong powre pepiU w4n the parish- 
ing. Also I witte unto the begynnyng uppe agayn of the 
stanys of the wallis of the porche of the parishe kirk of 
Acclome, after my beriall, x s. Item I witto ij or iij men that 
maikes my graiff in the day of my beriall, to ilk one of thame, 
iiij d. Item I witto unto ij or iij gud and discreit women that 
wyndes and lappis my body in one sheit, when y* I am departid 
of this world, to ilk one of thame, iiij d. Item to ilk one of 
thame that beris me to the kirke to be beried iiij d. Item to 
ilk one of my goostly childer xyj d. Item I witt to the haill 
howsald of my maister's, Maister Ghauncellor of York monas- 
terry and parson of Acclome, equally for to be devidid, xx s. 
Item lego to every fyer hows w4n the parishing of Aoclome, 
appon my viij*'* day, iiij d. Item lego to every fyer howse wMn 
the parishing of Acclome, apon my xij monyth day, viij d. Item 
lego to Mylis Bulmar, aquibajulo nostro, ij s. Item to the 
parishe preist of Ijcppington iij s. iiij d. Item to the Abbot, 
or to the Prior, of Monnkbreton, x s. Also I witto every monnk 
or chanon of the same howse xx d. Item lego to the chappell 
of Leppington iiij s. Item lego to my woman servand xiij s. 
iiij d. Also hir haiU yere wage w* hir bounthes of the same 
yere. Also I witto every sone and doughter off Robert 
Cooke's of Berthorp iij s. iiij d. Item to Richard Androw of 
Birdsall, some tyme beyng sone to Hellyn Andrew of Payscrofk, 
iij s. iiij d. Item lego to Sir William Busk, the vicar of Bug- 
thorp, iij 8. iiij d. Item to Sir Robert Herison iij s. iiij d. 
Item to Sir William Smythson iij s. iiij d. Also I will y' the 
preist, the whilk shall syng for me, and my good doars, that he 
syng for me at Bugthorp the secund yere, y* is to say, the first 
yere at Acclome, the secund yere at Bugthorp, and the third 
yere at Acclome agayn. Also I will y* thar be kepid als mekill 
in stoir os may serve unto the expenses boith for my Derige 
and Mease at Bugthorp, and also for wax apon the herse ; that 
is to sjiy, iij serges to byme appon the hyrsse the Derige tyme 
and Messe tyme, and also breid and aill unto thauie that be at 


Derigey and even of the lyek wyae I will it be the thir»l yere 
apud Acclome. Item lego to Kateryn Spendillow tria nobilia 
aurea, unum suppellectule, and on pare of lynnon sheittes. 
Item lego unto the chappell of Sancte Agathe at Skirttynbek 
V 8. Also I [wit] to the chanon y* synges at the forsaid 
chappell at Skirttenbek xij d., and if y*^ syng two thar, than 
unto aither of thame xij d. Item I wit to the iij or iiij gud 
men y* efter the day of my beriall praisse my guddes, to ilk one 
of thame, xij d. Besidumn certanely of all my guddes, heir 
w4n this testament noght witt, my dettes, if thare be any, first 
trewly paid, also my funerall expenses for tfie tyme of iij yore 
Weill and justly takyn owt, I will y* it be shortly sold and 
shortly turned and gotten in to money, and it to be equally 
devidid onto Sanct John Baptist and Sanct Androw the 
Appostell, capital Sanetes under God of the aforsaid kirkes above 
named, that is to say, Acclome and Bugthorp, imto the wor 
shipp of God and thame, for ever more. Amen, etc. In to the 
witnes of the whilk writing I have putto my scale, thais men 
bering witnes, Sir Robert Hellerton chappelayn, John Herri- 
son, Thomas Garbot, William Hellenys, William Smythson, 
John Rychardeon, William Welbom, Mylys Cowthorp, William 
Acclome, Patric Johnson, Mylis Bubnar, aquibajulo, cum aliis, 

Also, more over, I will that if my aforsaid executours will 
take on hand to occupie and performe my aforsaid testament 
and will w* owttyn any supervisour, os I trust to God thay may, 
that thay have the same xl s., xiij s. iiij d. above named unto 
thair owen behove and unto thame self, for to doo y"" owne 
neides y*' vrith, os y** thynk the best. Also I woU y* my mor- 
tuarie, if so be y* it goe not forth nedfully after the old costom 
and maner, than it to be sold and delt emonges powre people. 
Also I will y* the preist, the whilk shall syng or say Messe for 
me and my gud fryndes, os above aperis, y* he enter shortly 
frome hand after y* God have takyn me unto His mercy, y* is to 
say als soyn after os possible requiris. Item lego Margaretse 
Cooke, quondam uxori Johannis Cooke de Berthorp, iij s. iiij d. 
Item lego domino Henrico Keght, magistri mei capellano, 
unum nobile aureum. Item lego Badulpho Savygie, procura- 
tori de Acclome, v s. Item lego domino ThomsB More, vicario 
Lekyngfeld, iij s. iiij d. Item lego domino Johanni Waird, 
presbytero parochiali de Skirttynbek, iij s. iiij d. Item lego 
Annae Levenyng, v s. 

Item, OS fore enens my dettes, I aw noyn, bot if it be unto 
the vetuler's howse, os may happyn, some halfpenny or some 
penny, wher I bought my caittes ; for why, I usid all way, I 


thank God, to pay even frome hand, and tharfor if thar be aoj 
noghty or injnst person, what so maner of man or woman oe 
ever y** be, y* is to saye sibbe or forinend, spiritaall or temporall, 
y* wald chaunlegeg dett, whar os nojrn is, trust thame never, ior 
y»* ar noght worthy to abide emong the trew Christyn people of 
o"" Saviour Christ Jhesu. 

Per me dominum Edmund Cooke, vicar de Acclome* 

[Pr. 7 Aug. 1531, adm. to ex^.l 

[Reg. Test. x. 38.] 

In the name of God, Amen. Memorandum that I, John 
Mawpas of Bilton in Holdemes in the countie of York, laborar, 
in the yere of our Lord God mW^'ixx, the xxx day of August, in 
hooU mynd and in good remembrance, makith my will in maner 
and forme folowing. I bequeith my sauU to God and his 
mother Sanct Mary and to All Sancts in heven, and my bonys 
to be moldid wHn the sanctwary of Swyne. Also I wit to the 
Priorise of Swyne one ambling colt foall. Item I wit to the 
Sacrament in Bilton chappell my wiff best kirtche. Item I 
wit to Alison Wadingham, for seing to my wifiF and me in ouer 
siknes, my swyne hog. Also I wit to my suster Elizabeth ij** kye. 
Also I wit to my brother Petur one amblynne mare and one fooll. 
The residew of my goddes, my will fulfillid, my dettes paid, I 
gyve to Janet my doghter whome I maik my executrix and she 
ly ve, and, if shew dee w4n age, I will the best cow be geven to 
the uphold of the chappell of Bilton ; and the residew of the 
goodes my sustur Elsabeth to have for to dispose for ouer sauUes. 
Witness Sir John Bell, preist 

[Pr. 81 Mar. 1631-2.] 


[Reg. Test. x. 1.] 

In the name of our Lord God, Amen. I, Thomas Strey, off 
Doncastre,* hole both of bodie and mynde, louing to God my 
Maker and Eedemptor, the xiiij***® day of Novembre, the xxij 

♦ A wealthy lawyer, practising at Doncaster. He was commemorated in 
the old church of Doncaster by a chantry and a tomb. See Hunter's * South 
Yorkshire.' i. 41. 

I give, as a note, the will of the testator's brother, Robert Strey, chantry- 
priest at Sprotborough. 


yere of the reigfn of Kyng Henry the viij'** (1630), makyth, 
ordyneth and declareth my last ^1 and testament in maner 
and fourme foloyng. In pnmis, I bequeythe my sauU to 
Allmyghty Gode, Creator and Redemptor of the same with His 
preoiouse blode, and to our Lady, mayden and moder of our 
LfOrde Jhesu Criste, and to all the holie companye of hevyn. 
Item, my oariouse bodye to be beride in the Trenite qweir, afor 
the image of the Blessede Trenyte, within the parisshe churche 
of Seynt George in Doncastre, if it happe me to departe frome 
this niiserable warlde within the seid parisshe ; and, elles, at 
the pleasure of God. Item I bequeythe for my mortuary x s. 

1545, May 6. I 8' Robert Strey, preste, hole of mjmde, and of good 
memorie, gyves thankes and loninges to Almightie God, makes my last will 
and testament in manner and forme followinge: ffirst and principally I 
bequeath my sooll to Almightie God, oure Ladie Sancte Marie, and to all the 
celestiall company of heaven, my bodie to be buried within the churche of 
Sancte C^eorgie in Doncaster, in the Trinitie qnere ; and, for my principalles, 
accordinge to the Statute. To the church warke of Doncaster iij s. iiij d. To 
the vicar xij d. To every other preste of the churche of Doncaster beinge at my 
Dirige and burial viij d. To every preste of the oountrie at my Dirige vj d. 
To 8' William Copley knyght one pare of bedes of tenne beades. To Frauncys 
Frobyser my oounterpoynte, and one blake velvet jackett. To William 
Hothome one litle ilnge of golde with a diamonde. To S' Robert Hobson my 
best gowne, and one booke called Vita ChrUH. To John Hobson, alderman, 
one jacket of tawney velvett, and one nute. To John, Frauncys, Thomas, 
Richard, and William [Hobson] every one of theme vj s. vi^ d. To Alicie 
Richardson iij s. iiij d. To Jennet, Agnes, and Elyn Mounte xx li. to bo 
devyded emonges theme, wherof ther is x 11. in the handes of John Warde, 
and viij li. in the handes of M' John Hobson, which viij 11. shall be in his 
oustodie to Agnes Mounte be eighten yeres of age ; and the rest to be taken 
of my dettes, and it to be paid to theme at the age of xviij yeres by myne 
executors ; and, if any of theme die, her parte to remayne to them that over- 
liveth the other. To the said Jennet Mounte one grete silver salte with a 
cover all gilte. To the said Agnes one standinge peoe with a cover all gilte. 
To the said Kllyn Mounte one goblett with one cover all gilte. Item I give to 
S' Geoigie Anderson, preste, xxvj s. viij d. to pray for my souU in Doncastre 
church. To 8' Thomas Grene, preste, xiij s. iiij d. to pray for my soulL To 
Agnes Mounte, wife of Roger Mounte, a\l my messuages, lands, &c., in Don- 
caster, Balbie, Exthorpe and Kewton for her life (then to the heirs of her 
body : if none, to remain to John Hobson and his heirs for ever). I give one 
dose in the lordshipe of Bentley, called Appill Holme, to S' John Rpinke, for 
tenne of his lif, to pray for my soull, and all my frendes' soules in the parish 
church of Doncaster : and, f erther, the said close to be used accordinge to the 
dede of f eoffament and a scedule thervnto annexed by me of it and other 
landes therof maide. I will that one yere*s rent of Appilholme, beinge in the 
hande of M' Hobson and due at Witsonday next, be bestowed of the repara- 
cions of the bankes of the saide dose. The residue to Jennet, Agnes and Elyn 
Mounte whome I make my executors, and they in the disposicion thereof to be 
ordered by Roger and Agnes Mounte, their ^ther and mother. Supervisors, 
Frauncys Frobyser, John Hobson, and 8' Robert Hobson, preste, " and every 
one of theme to have for his labore x s." Witnesses : 8' John Spinke preste, 
Richardc Brayton, Robert Dobson, preste, and Frauncys Hobson. [Pr. 9th 
June, 1545.] 

[Reg. Test. xiii. 24.] 


according to the Statute. Item I bequeythe for tithes for- 
gotyn iij s. iiij d. Item I bequeythe to oure Lady alter, to 
Seynt Thomas alter, to Seynt Nicholas alter, and to the Trjnytc 
alter, and to Seynt John Baptiste alter, to iche of thejm a 
vestiment to syng Masse in, the price of ychon of theym xl §. 
And also I bequeithe to Sir Robert Denton a c s. to the re- 
paracions of his chauntre. Item I bequeithe to the Freres 
Carmelettes of Doncastre, to pray for me, and for Alioe and 
Elizabethe, my wyffes, xx s. in money. Item I beqneith, in 
like maner, to the Preres Mynors xx mrc. Item to every preist 
whiche shalbe present at my Dyryge and Masse the day of my 
beriall, shall have for their labur viij d. Item I bequeith to 
Agnes Nutter, my syster doghter, v li., to her manage, if she 
be ordered therin by my broder Sir Robert ; and, elles, myn 
executors to dispose hit for the welthe of my saulL Item I 
bequeith to Francis Frobiser, Richard Pek, and Hewe Cressy, 
my clerkes, to every on of them x mc. And to Richarde Dawson 
and James Frankisshe, to eyther of theym xl s. And to every 
on of my woman servaunt, beyng in my service at the day of 
my departour frome this transitorie worlde, xx s. Item, to my 
executours a c marc, to by a sewyt of vestimentes to the 
church of Seynt George of Doncastre. Item to too children of 
Roger Mount xl. angell nobilles. Item I will my broder. Sir 
Robert, make on estate of landes and tenementes to the yerely 
value of viij marc vj s. viij d., for my chauntre and maynteyn- 
yng of my light over my tombe. Item to James Westby xx 11. in 
money. Item to Anne Reyne x marc. Item to John Ilawlynson 
X marc. Item to Sir Hobson, bachelor of arte, vij marc a yere 
to his exhibution at Cambrige, unto suche tyme as he be pro- 
motede to a lifiFyng. Item to Thomas Fulwode a drynkyn pott 
of silver. Item I bequeythe to the mendyng of the high wais 
betwyx the Frere brige and the Marie of the brige xl s. Item 
I bequeyth my broder, Sir Robert, all myn apparell belongyng 
to myselflF. Item I bequeyth to my cosyn Hobson on gown. 
Item I bequeythe to Seynt Oswalde's abbey. Burton abbey, 
Pountfret abbey, and Roche abbey, to yche of theym xx s., to 
pray for my saull. Item I bequeythe to the Freres of Pount- 
frett & Tikhyll, to yche of theym x s. Item to my broder. Sir 
Richarde, iiij li. Item I bequethe to Braywell churche, & 
Connesburgh churche, to eyther of theym iij s. iiij d. Item I 
bequeyth xx li. to the mariage of pore maidens. Item I be- 
queth to Master Doctor of Grey Freres xxvj s. viij d., to bie 
hym a cotte. Item I bequeythe to Thomas Ellis my weddyng 
^uwne. The residewe of my goodes, not bequethede, I giff & 
bequyth to Sir Robert Strey, Thomas Ellis, Frauncis Frobiser, 


and John HobsoD, whom I make myn executors of this my 
present testament and ]ast will, to dispose for the healthe of 
my saull, and so that every on of theym shall have xx li. for 
his labur. Tbeis beyng witnes of this my said will Sir Thomas 
Kirkham, doctor of dyvinyte and warden of the Freres Minours 
in Doncaster, Thomas Fulwode, Hewe Cressy, and John 

[Pr. 30 Dec. 1630, adm. to the ex'".] 


TReg, Test. x. 28.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen, the xxj daie of the moneth of 
Novembre, the yere of oure Lord a thowsand fiyve hundreth 
and thirty, Dame Margaret Zowche, wydo, late the wiff of Sir 
John Zowch Knyght, make my testament or last will in maner 
and fourme foloyng. First I bequeith my soull to Almyghty 
God, and to Hys blessed moder Saynt Mary, and to all the holy 
company of hevyn, and my body to be beried in the parishe 
churche of Honor. Item I bequeith for my principall that at 
ys dew of right. Item I bequeith to my sonne, George Zowch, 
that part of a bed that he clamed for an heyr lome. Item my 
weddyng rynge. Item a dagger with stones. Item to hys wyff 
my crysom laces. Item I bequeath to my sonne, Henry 
Zowche, a flatt peyce of sylver, ij sylver spones, a trust bed 
with a fedder bed, blankettes, sheyttes and bolster with 
hyngynges of rede and yalow, and a bed coveryng of domyx. 
Item I bequeith to my doghter, Mary, a goblet with a cover, 
and my warst salt with a cover, a kyrtyll of blak satten, iiij 
sylver spones, my best velvett bonett, an em of gold, a bed of 
domyx, my best fedder bed with al thinges longyng therto, 
and all the hyngynges yat longes to the great chambre at Cod- 
nowre. Item I bequeith to my doghter, Elisabeth, a trust bed 
with a teester of grene and rede, my secund fedder bed, a ryng 
of gold, iiij sylver spones, a goblet w*oute cover, my best salt 
with the cover, a wolsted kyrtyll unmayde, and all my hyng- 
ynges of grene and rede, and al thing perteynyng to the fore- 
sayd fedder bed. Item I bequeith to Elisabeth Curson a fedder 
bed that she lyeth in, a blanket, a pare of mydlyng sheittes, a 
bolster, and a coverlett. Item I bequeith to my suster ShefiFeld 
a brache of gold. Item I bequeith to Cicyle Zowche the fur 
that is in my damask gowne ; and to my son Henry the damask. 
Item to my two doghters a velvett gowne, Mary to chose 
whether she will have the gowne or the fur. Item I bequeith 


to Edward Thurland a litle crosse of gold with stones in it. 
Item I wyll that all my napery ware, diaper, and othir, be 
divided bettwene my two doghtors. Item I bequeith to Elisa- 
beth Hunt my secund velvett bonett, and x s. Item to my 
cooke xs. Item to Richard, my servaunt, a bay nnggj and 
vj 8. viij d. Item to Clerk, my baylye, a yong colte. Item to 
John, my servaunt, a yong best^. Item to the madyn that 
came to me last, xij d. Item to the othir that came before her, 
ij 8. Item to everychon of my hynes iiij s, iiij d. Item to 
Margarett Lane a calf. Item to Margaret Danport a calf. Item 
I will yt at the daie of my bereall that I be ba*oght home after 
my degre and power, at the discreccion of my brother. Sir John 
Willoghby, and myn execntours. Item I will that a hole yere 
after my depart^yng, fy ve tapers bume over me every holy daie 
in service tyme that yere. Item I bequeith to a preist, to syng 
a trentall of Masses for my husbond saule and myn, x s. Item, 
when I am broght home, and my dettes payd, if the residew of 
my goode will extend, I wold have a preist to syng a hole yere 
for my husbond soule and myn. Item I beseke my sonne 
George of my blessyng to be goode brother to my two doghters, 
and naturally help yame to hys power. The residew, forsoth, 
of my goodes, abuff nott beqweithed, I leve with my sonne, 
Henry Zowche, and my cosyn, Henry Grey Esquier, and my 
twoo doghters, Mary and Elisabeth, whiche foure I make myn 
executours, to dispose the resydew of my goodes, above not 
bequeithed, as they thynk best, to the pleasour of God and 
helth of my saule. Item I beseke my brother. Sir John 
Willoghby, to be supervisour of this my last wyll, and se myn 
executours trewly performe itt. These being wytnes Sir Wil- 
liam Halam preist, Richard Wydoson, and Elles Badcok yomen, 
and Sir Richard Smyth, parson of Wollaton. Gyffen att Chil- 
well, the daie and yere aforesayd. 

[Pr. 8th March, 1530-1, adm. to Mary, one of the ex**, the others renouncing.] 


[Reg. Test. x. 82.] 

Dec. 22^ 1 530. William LeryfiFax of Beverlay, draper. To 
be buried in the chnrch of our Blissed Lady in Beverlay, nygh 
nnto the grave of Robert LeryfiFax, my father, if it pleasse 
Almyghty God yt I depart frome this world in Beverlay ; and, 
elly8, 1 will it be buried in the next holy ground, where it shall 
please Almyghty God to call me fix)me this wriched world. To 


Elyn Leryffax, my mother, x li. To Anne, my wyff, one half 
messe . . . so yt she upphold and reparacion it. If Robert, 
my son, dye . . . my supervisores shaU sell the forsaid howse 
• • • & by a cope of welwet and a westment of the same, with 
two tunieles, two copies to stand in the qwhere w* an ymage of 
gold of Sanct John of Beverlay of yche one of thame, and litill 
ymages of Sanct George in gold, and iiij lettirs of gold of yche 
one of thame, W and L., R and an L., y ff the money will mount 
BO far ; or, els, so fer as the money will goo ; iflF the money will 
mount fiirther, it is my will to have other two copies for ij 
clerkes to stand in of some other thyng nere unto the same 
colour ; and, iflF ony thyng remayn, I will that the said super- 
visores doo bestow it in such thynges as y** shall thynke moste 
necessary for the mayntenyng of the service of Almyghty Grod» 
I gyve unto my Lord, Thomas Prior of Watton, a woman's 
gowne of tawny damaske without sieves to his owen use, and 
to doo with as he will. To my Lord, Richard abbot of Meuxe,. 
a kirtill of tawny sattyn to his use, besechyng thame boith 
that thay wil be gud lordes with Robert, my son, yf it please 
thame to have his witword and porcion in keping, that y** 
may knaw how it is spendid in his bringing uppe, for I holy 
putt hym and it to thar ordering and oflf Maister Robert Waid, 
and in no way that he be in his mother' keping. 

[Beg. Test. x. 69.] 

Deo. 28, 1530. John WadeluflT, of the parishing of Darfeld. 
To be beried wHn the church of Alhalowis in Darfeld, betwene 
the pictor of Seynt Sonday,* and the pictor of Seynt Erasmus, 
in the north syde of the church. To the omamentes of our 
Lady alter xijd. To the omamentes of Seynt Jame3 alter 
viij d. . . . To the reparacion of a new Rode loft in Darfeld 
church X markes, yflf it be begune w4n thre yeres next comyng ; 
and, if it be nott begune w4n thre yeres, then I will that my 
executores disposse the said x markes, as they thynk best, for 
the helth of my soull. I gyff a hyeflf of beis to keip the lyght 
afore Seynt Sonday and Seynt Erasmus. To a preist, to syng 
for my soule in the church of Darfeld, the space of thre yeres, 
to be put in by my executores, xviij markes. To the repara- 
cion of Darfeld brige vj s. viij d. To the reparelling of Merle 
brig xiij s. iiij d. To the mending of Byllyngley bryge vj s. viij d. 
To the mending of the way at Hallfeld knoll x s. Son Robert 
W. his wife and children. Bror Mr Thos W. 

♦ This will Burprise many. There are other instances. 


[Reg. Test. x. 37.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The yere of onr Lorde God, a 
thowsand, fyve hundreth and thulye, the iiij*** dale of Fehr', I 
John Ledum,* burges of Whytby, being of hoole mynd and 
goode remembrance, ordeyneth and malqrth my testament and 
last will in manner and forme foloyng. Furst, I bequeith my 
Boule to Almyghtie God, and to Hys blessed mother our Lady 
Saynt Mary, and to all the celestiaUie company in hevyn ; and 
my body to be buryed within y® church of Whytby. Also I 
bequeith for my buriall vj s. viij d. Also to the hye altar, for 
my forgotten tythes, x s. Also to my Lord Abbot, for absolu- 
cion, X s. Also to M. Prior iij s. iiij d. and to echone of ihe 
brether ij s., to sai Mea and Dvrige for my saule. Also I will 
that the way betwixt my closse end and Floyrgate ciosse be 
mayd. Also to makyng owte of the way in Wharrell lone xx s. 
Also to my Lord Prior of Guysbum, for absolucion, vj s. viij d. 
And to the brethem, for Mease and Di/rigie^ xx s. Also to the 
Frears of Hertilpole v s. And to the Frears Observaundes of 
Newcastell v s. And to the Frears of AUerton v s. And to the 
Frears of Yarom v s. Also to the Frears Austen of Yorke, v s. 
Also to the Frears of Gromund vj s. viij d. Also to the thre 
Orders of Scardburgh, eche on yame, v s. Also I bequeith to 
John Pacok, for the behufe and kepyng of Agnes Johnson, 
yj li. xiij s. iiij d. Also Rycherd Johnson, xxs. and a jakkett. 
Also I bequeith to Elisabeth Sokysforth xl s. Also to Agnes, 
her suster, xx s. And to Janett Postgate xx s. And to Lau- 
rence Massom iij li. vj s. viij d. Also to Robert Dayll wyflF x s. 
And to thirtene poore madens manages iiij li. yj s. viij d. Also 
I bequeith a mattres, ij coverlettes, ij blankettes, iiij sheyttes, 
a bolster, and ij coddes, for to make a bed to refresshe poer 
people ; &, to the kepar of itt, iij s. iiij d. Also I bequeith to 
a preist, to syng for me and my wiff vij yeres, xxviij li. vj s. viij d., 
and to fynde hym breide and wyne, the whiche I wyll Sir 
Thomas Watson have so longe he pleas. Also to Sir John 
Roger V a. And to Sir Thomas Russell v s. And to Sir John 
Kyldale iij s. iiij d. And to the churche halowyng, if it go 
furthwardes, xl s., and, if nott, it to remayn to my supervisors, 
that they may dispose it for the health of my soule and my 
wifiFes. Also to the kyrk wark xiij s. iiij d. Also to the peir, 

♦ The wiU of an honest, charitable man, throwing much light upon the earlj 
history of Whitby. 

eboracensia: 301 

if it go fiirthwardes, xl s. Also to George Bushell my horse, 
or elles xl s., and to hys wyff a peyce of sylver. Also, for ten 
yere, ten chawder of coilles, for to be distributed to poore 
people, 1 8. Also to kepe vij U, wax vij yere in serges, one 
afore the Sacrament, one afore the Rode, one afore our Lady of 
Pitie, one afore Saynt John, one afore Saynt Kateryn, one afore 
our Lady byhynd the hye altar in the Abbay churche, an other 
afore Saynt Hylde, xxxs. Also xiij garmentes to xiij pore 
people, xl 8. Also to Fylyng churche iij s. iiij d. Also to Aws- 
karth chapell iij s, iiij d. Also to Dunslay chapell iij s. iiij d. 
And to Sander Jonnson a why. And to Herry Lasynby a 
sylver spone. And to Sir Bichard Lasynby a belt digbt with 
sylver. Also to Cristofer Soger a silver spone. Also to 
Gregory Pacok a masser and sex sylver spones. And to Agnes 
Pacok my best masser, my best peyse, & x sylver spones. Also 
to Elisabeth Pacok a masser, and vj sylver spones. Also to 
Alison Marchand iij s. iiij d., or, elles, a belt dight with silver. 
Also to Robert Rede, sonne of John Rede, a whye. Also to 
Margaret Rede, hys suster, iij s. iiij d. Also I will that Robert 
DayU wyff and her ij sonnes have xij yerdes of the aforesayd 
garmentes. Also Agnes Pacok my best belt and my best 
beedes. Also to Elisabeth Pacok my next best belt and beedes. 
Also Elizabeth Wryght a yonge cow. Also Janet Baxter a cow. 
Also to Gregory Pacok x li. And to Agnes Pacok, hys suster, 
X li. And Elizabeth Pacok x li. Providit alway that and if the afore 
sayd Gregory, Agnes, & Elizabeth depart furth of this world to 
the marcy of God, then I will that the goodes of theym that so 
departyth shal be divided in thre parti ez, that is to say, ij 
partes to the othir childer then beyng alyve, and the third 
parte to be distributed for my soule and my wiffe's soule. Also 
I giff to Robert Merley ij yonge oxen. And to Cristofer Post- 
gate child a why. And to yonge Richerd Johnson vj stone of 
hemp and a nett and a warrope. Also to Janet Pacok iij s. iiij d. 
Also I giff to Saynt Nynian in Scotland yj s. viij d. And 
twenty stone bempe to be delt to pore fyshermen. Also I 
bequeith to iche altar in the Abbay churche one pound wax. 
And to Handell abbay vs. And to Margaret Wright iij s. iiijd. 
And to William Fletchar a whye. And to John Roger a stott. 
And for v Meaaehookes xs. And to the stallyng of the parishe 
church X li. And to Herry Herryson a quarter of whete. And 
to Sir Thomas Watson a jakket. * And to Herry Wower a 
jakkett. And to George Sykysworth a jakket and a payre of 
hoose. And to iche of Robert Merley childre a wedder or a 
yowe. Also I will that all suche bargans as George Bushell 
and I er compercioners att, thatt Sir Ryohard Merley and John 


Paook shall have and oscryame to y' most profett and advauni- 
age. Also I ordeyn and make Agnes Pacok to my ftill and 
hoole executrix of suche goodes as shall remayn after my will 
be fulfilled, and othir thynges, whiche I put unto the discrecdoii 
of my supervisours of this my testament and last will ; whome 
I ordeyn and make Sir Rychard Marley and John Pacok. And 
eyther of yame to have for there labour xl s. and all y"* costes 
bom. And the said Sir Bychard and John to be fdU and hooU 
mynysters, to order and ftdfyll thys my hooll and last wyll, 
who I putt in full strength, power, and auctoritie, as well to 
have the order, rewle, and guydyng of the sayd Agnes Pacok, 
Gregory Pacok, and Elizabeth Pacok, as of the goodes cont' 
mitted \into yame by thys my will. And if the sayd Agnes^ 
Gregory, and Elisabeth, or any of yame, wil not be orderf by 
the said Sir Bichard and John, then the sayd Sir Richard 
Marley and John Pacok to order and dispose the goodes assigned 
and limitted by thys will to yame who vrill refuse to be at y* 
order and rewle and guydyng as the said Sir Bichard and John 
shall thynk best. Theis witnessys, George Bushell, John Agar, 
Richard Clerk brewer, John Cokay, with many oyer moo. 


[Reg. Test. x. 91.] 

Feb. 1 4, 1 530-1 . Thomas Smyth, of Pontefret, Alderman.* 
To be beried w*in the parishe chirch oflf Allhallowis in Ponte- 

* i Aug. 1529. William Mares, oderwise called William Purser, of Pom- 
frete, alderman. To be beiyed within the parishe kyrke of All hallowea in 
Pomfrete, of the sawthe side the gilde qaere. To mj mortoarie, my beste 
beiste and my hames, of free will, to bee prayed for. To Jhesos glide xij d. 
To Saincte Thomas alter vj d. For iiij candles at my Dirigie and Maule Mcste 
vj d. To the parishe preiste, the Ladle preiste, and the gilde preiste of Saincte 
Giles chapell, to every one of theme being at my Savle Meme and JHrigie^ 
iiij d. I will that the iiij kirke maisters, being at my Obite and Saule Meste, 
ij of theme to offer an halfpenye, and th'oder ij an oder halfpenye of theire 
owne purses, & one of my feoffes to offer my hede messe penye. The residew of 
the viij s. to be disposed in brede and aile to poore people. [Reg. T^t. iz. 472.] 

[Pr. 2 Dec. 1529.] 

25 Nov. 1629. Roger Ward, alderman of Pontefract. To bee buryed in 
my parishe chorche yearde of All halowes in Pomfrete, nygh northe dore. I 
bewit to everye preiste at Saincte Egidie chapell viij d., beside dutyes of 
churche, to saye Mimrere PsaZme and De ProfundU for my saule. I wit to 
Acworthe churche for ever one house w* a garthing in Nether Acworthe, at 
Meresjde, wiche John Warde, my uncle, dwelles in. [Reg. Test. ix. 478.] 

[Pr. 4 Apr. 1530.] 

BB0RACEN8U. 303 

fret, in the south syde of the said church, nere unto the gylde 
qwere of Corporis Christi. Also I gyve and bequeth to the 
Prior of Monastary of Sanct John the Evangelist, and to the 
Convent, to the intent to be absolved in the chapitour hows, 
and to have one Derige and one SaU Mease the day of my 
beriall, or else"W*in the space of ij dayes then next foloyng, x 8» 
Also I gyff and bequeith to every preist in the parishe church, 
and in the chappell of Sanct Grylis, beyng at my Derige and 
SavU Meaeej the day of my beriall, yj d. Also I gyve and 
bequeith to the Freers in Pontefret, to the intent to have one 
Derige and one Saull Mease the day of my beriall, or els in the 
momyng next fblovdng and insewing, v s. Also I gyve and 
bequeith to the chappell of Sanct Antony in Cartmell feld, in 
the parishing of Cartmell, one chales, in valow xl s. Also I 
gyflf and bequeith to the mendyng of the caussay in the layn y^ 
goeth to E^thirstone more v s. Also I gyve and bequeith to 
our Lady service in the chappell of Sanct Gillis in Pontefret one 
Utill crosse of Isilver, to the intent to have my name regest in 
our Lady Messe boik in the Canon, that my saull, and my wyff 
saull, w^ all Christen saullis, may be praid for by the preist y^ is 
now in present; and w^ all other y^ is to come, as long as the 
service doith indure and last* Also I gyff and bequeith to 
every one of my god childer iiij d. Also I gyff and bequeith to 
Margarett Anderson, my servaunt, one reid whye. Also I gyff 
and bequeith to Alyson Elslay, my servaunt, on blak whye. 
Also I gyff and bequeith to Agnes Cowhill, my servaunt, on 
yong reid whye. The residew of all my guddes, not bequethed, 
my dettes paid, and my funerall expense} maid the day of my 
beriall, I gyff thame hoolly and frely to E3abell Smyth, my wyff, 
the which Isabell I ordan and make myn executrix off this my 
testament and last will. Thes beyng witnes, Sir Thomas 
Looge, Lyonell Boulston, Robert Gregson, Nycholes Akland, 
and John Rodley, w* other moo. Maid and gyvyn at Ponte- 
frett, the day and yere above writtyn. 

[Pr. 26 Sept. 1631.] 


[Reg. Teat. x. 99.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. Anno Domini, m"® quinquagesimo 
xxxj™**, octavo die mensis Augusti, I, Sir Robert Denton, of 
Doncaster,* preist, beyng of hoill wit, ordans and makes my 

* One of the clerical staff at Doncaster His will is evidently self-made, 
and is interesting in language and feeling. 


testament and last will in maner and forme foloayng. In 
primis, I gyflf my sauU to Almyghty Qt)d, our Lady Sanct 
Marie Virgin, and all the Blissid Compeny of Hevyn ; and my 
body to be beried in the parishe church of Sanct (Jeorge of 
Doncaster, betwixt Sanct Christofer and the fount ; and the 
day of my beriall a principall Derive wHhe Suffrage^ and every 
preist of Sanct George kirk to have vj d. and the cursse viij <L 
and the parishe preist xij d. And to the Vicar, to say Messe^ 
Plcbceboj and Derige for my sauU, xij d. ; if he will not, I will he 
have nothing. Item I wit to Sanct Peter wark of York myo- 
ster iij s. iiij d. Item to the Gray Freeres, for one Mease of 
Requiem yerely to be said, and the belman to go, after the cua- 
tome, xiij d. Item I wit to the Freers Carmeltanes, after the 
said maner of the Gray Freers. Item I wit to the jiarishe 
church of Sanct George of Doncaster, after the said maner, one 
Obit Meaee of xiij d. to the day that I am beried appon, and the 
Messez at the Freers on ij holy days next after as long as my 
feoffees lyffes ; and, after the deth, I will at the Messez at the 
Freers sease at boith the Freers, and shall retome into a prin- 
cipall Derige in Sanct George kirk of Doncaster, to be selebrait 
w* a Obit Mease yerely for ever more, for my saull and my 
factores, and all Cristen saullis, and yes Messez and my princi- 
pall Derige be doyn yerely of all my landes, as is afore writtyn, 
be my feoffes, Thomas Ellis and Sir Edmund Smyth preist, 
duryng yer lyffes. Item [I] will y* Elizabeth, my brother 
doughter, have prophettes of my howse in Marsegate to hir 
releiff, when she commys to yeres of mariege, or is maried, for 
terme of hir lyeff ; and, after hir deceasse, then I will the said 
mease retume agayn to my said feoffes, Thomas EUys, and Sir 
Edmund Smyth, she bering charge of the said mease for hir 
quantetie, and all charges concemyng my testament. Item I 
will y* my said feoffes have all my landes to ther owne use 
duryng ther lyffes, except the meysses afore writtyn. Item I 
will y* my said feoffes deill in almose in v principall feastes in 
the yere, in every feast iiij d. Item I will y* my feoffes make 
sure all my landes, when y** ar in helth, y* after the decease of 
thame, my afore writtyn principall Obit may be doyn trewly 
every yere perpetually after ther decease, as is before writtyn, 
yerely, the valour of it vj s. viij d. : and to be takyn owt of all 
my holle landes for ever more, and yai to put all the residew of 
my landes to some charitable warkes in the parishe church of 
Doncaster. Item I wit to Sanct George church a cope of reid 
silke, ye price of xl s., and written on theorfray of thebak Den^ 
and, be neith, an torme^ for my name. Item I wit to M. Ellis 
my best gowne. Item I wit to Sir Edmund Smyth my gowne 


t>e8t bot one. Item I wit to Maistres Ellis my fether bed, so 
f^ she gyflf Elizabeth Denton a mattres, when she commys to 
ige of mariege. Item I wit to y* Eychard Denton and Elizabeth, 
tiis syster, certan guddes, which shal be named, w*in my 
3liaumbre, y* is to say, all my nappre wair, beddyng, rayment, 
y^ is not gevyn, w* pewder vesell, pottes and candil stikes, 
3liistes, formes, chares, payntid clothes, stuylis, and bedstokes, 
y* is not in my chaumbre ; and all my bookes, except iij y* I 
w'it to Sir Edmund Smyth ; y^ be on Sanct August' ad Fratres 
In heremo, Landulphus de Vita Christi, and the Decretals; 
ind, after his deth, it is my will y* he wit y*"* to Doncas- 
bre church y* we may be prayed for. And all the residew of 
my said bookes to Eychard Denton. Also I will y* Thomas 
Ellis and Sir Edmund Smyth have the gyding of all the guddes 
anto the said Rychard and Elizabeth com to laufull age, as my 
trust is in thame. The residew of all my guddes, above not 
bequethed, I gyflf and bequeith to Thomas Ellis and Sir 
Edmund Smyth, and all my dettes y* is awyng to me y* y** 
gett thame ; whom I ordan and makes my trew and laufull 
executores, to dispose for the helth of my sauU as y** thynk 
best. Thes bering witnes. Sir John Silvester preist, Johannes 
Hobson, Johannes Dey ; and every vritnes oflF this testament I 
wit xij d., w* other mo, the day and yere above named. 

[Pr. 10 Nov. 1681.] 

[Reg. Test. x. 79 &.] 

Sept. 24, 1531. George Fuister,* of the parish of Kirkham. 
I bequeith my sauU to the gudnes of God, to our Blissid Lady, 
and to the holy compeny of hevyn, to be menars to pray for me ; 
my body to be beried in the church befor the pictour of the 
roid, in the south ile where Jhesus imese is downe. To my 
lord, the Prior of Kirkham, one nobill of the George. To every 
brother in the abba xij d., for synging Meaee & Derige at my 
beriall. To the hye alter, for my teithes necgligently forgotten, 
my best blak cowe that gois w* Rychard Assleby. To the 
chapell w* owt the gattes ij wedders. I bequeith one alter 
cloith before the roid in the south ile. Also I will y* my wyflf 
shall keip one serge byrnyng at the dyvyne service before the 
same roid appon my herse, the space of one yere. To my Lord 
Prior iij s. iiij d., for my assolment. To Umfrey, my brother, 

* A servant or retainer at Kirkham Abbey. 
VOL. V. X 


my levera jakett. To my suster Johan my jakitt that I maid 
of my wedding gowne. To Sir James, to pray for me, xij d. I 
will y* my wyff immediatly after my decesse gyve to evere 
howsse wHn Kirkham j d., & she shall disposse emonges my negh- 
bours such meit & drynk as she can provide at my berialL 

[Pr. 20 Oct.] 


[Reg. Test. x. 106.] 

In Dei nomine. Amen. The vj^ day of Octobre, the yere 
of our liord God a thousand fyve hundreth thirtie and one, I, 
Sir William Bulmer,* the elder, knyght, of hooll mynd and 
gud remembrance, ordenith and maldth my last will in maner 

♦ Thia ifl the first will of a Bulmer of Wilton that exists. 

May 1, 1444. Adm. Sir Ralph Bulmer, knt., granted to Wm. Lambert, 
chaplain (Reg. Test. ii. 79 a). 

Nov. 14, 1463. Adm. Sir Wm Bulmer, knt., to Bliz. Bulmer, his widow 
(Reg. Test. ii. 692 a). 

Sept. 19, 1486. Adm. Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton, knt., to Wm. Bulmer of 
Wilton, his son (Reg. Test. v. 291 b). 

It wUl be seen, therefore, that the father, g^randfather, and great-grand- 
father of the testator left no wills behind them. The present will, therefore, 
is of unusual interest and throws a flood of light upon the history of the 
Bulmers and of the district in which they lived. 

Sir William Bulmer was one of the commanders at the battle of Flodden 
and was a hold and skilful soldier. He married Margery Oonyers of Hornby. 
The ancient castle of Wilton stood on one of the most picturesque sites in 
Cleveland and was pulled down, not so very long ago, to make place for a 
modem structure, erected by the Lowthers. Every trace of the Bulmers has 
long ago disappeared from the district, with the exception of two or three fine 
effigies which are now exposed to wind and weather in the churchyard. 

Sir William's Will shows that he was a man of business, with a clear head ; 
proud, and justly proud, of his family; pious also and considerate for his 
retainers and domestics. The little chapel of St. EUen stood on the village 
green and had but a brief existence. Little did the testator imagine when he 
was devising almost every precaution to secure the permanence of his family 
and foundations, that, within six years, utter ruin would overwhelm his eldest 
son and his estate. 

The Inq. p. m. of Sir William Bulmer was taken on June 11, 24th Hen. 
VIII., in which Sir John Bulmer was found to be his son and heir, then aged 
40 and more. Sir John was twice married. His first wife was Anne dau. 
of Sir Ralph Bigod of Scttrington. His second wife (if he was married at 
all) was Margaret, said to have been an illegitimate daughter of Edward 
Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, by whom he had several children, bom before 

In 1537 Sir John and his wife were drawn into Aske's rebellion, influenced 
by Sir Francis Bi«;od, his nephew. Husband and wife paid the penalty for 
their offence. Sir John was hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, and his 
wife burnt at Smi'hfield. In the indictment she is styled * Margaret wife of 
Wm Cheyne late of London Esq ,' as if some doubt was thrown upon her mar- 


nd forme folouing. Furst, I gyve and bequeith my soull unto 
Ihnyghty God, and to His blissid Moder, our Lady Sanct 
darie, and to all the celestiall compeny of hevyn, and my body 

be beried in the church of Lethome, if I dye wHn the 
^arisfae. Also I gyff and bequeith [blank']. Also I will yt my 
lettes be furst.paid. Also I gyve and bequeith to the church 
►f Lethome sex poundes. Also I gyff and bequeith to the 
thurch of Wilton ten poundes. Also I gyff and bequeith to the 
lowse of Guysbom ten poundes, & to every of my brethem of 
xuysbom ij s., to pray for me ; and to the Prior vj s. viij d. Also 
; gyff and bequeith to the iiij Orders of Freers, every of thame 
c 8. ; and to the Observandes x s. And to the College of Stand- 
'op, to the priestes thare, x s. And to the Mowntgrace, to 
?very brother thar, ij s. Also I gyff to the Freers of Hertilpooll, 
\llerton, and Yarome, every of yame vj s. viij d. Also I will y* 

1 preist be found to syng for me, and for the saullis of my 
father and mother, and for my wyff saull, and for all the saullis 
Y^ I am bound to pray for, and all Christen saullis, for the 
terme of vij yeres imediatly next after my deth, and the said 
preist to have every yere seven marces, and this to be taken of 
my guddes. Also I gyff unto my son. Sir John Bulmer, my 
best chyne of gold which is in weght one hundreth poundes, 
and desyrith hym to leiff it unto his son and heir. Also I gyff 
unto my son. Sir Rauff Bulmer, my securid chyne of gold, 
which is in weght a hundreth marces, and desyrith hym in lyek 
raaner to leiff it unto his sone and heir, if he have ony ; if he 
be not otherwise charged that he may not, then he to bestow 
it as he shall seyme gud. Also I will y* my son. Sir William 
Bulmer, have one chyne of gold worth one hundreth marces, 
or els a hundreth marces to make a chyne of ; willing hym in 
lyek maner to leiff it unto Fraunces Bulmer, his sou and heir, 
in lyek forme as I have willid his brother. Sir Rauff. Also I 
gyff unto my son. Sir John Bulmer, my best gowne and my 
best dublet. And I gyff unto his wyff twenty poundes, and 
hertilie desyreth hym to latt hir doo w* it what she will w* owt 

riage to Bulmer. Sir John's eldest son, Ralph Bulmer, was also tried for com- 
plicity in the same offence, but was acquitted. He was afterwards restored, as 
far as blood was concerned, but his estates seem to have been forfeited and lost. 

Sir Ralph Bulmer, the second son, married Anne dau. and coheir of Roger 
Aske of Aske, near Richmond, but died without issue. This alliance explains 
Sir William's bequests to the Abbey of St. Agatha (Easby), near Richmond, in 
behalf of the Askes. 

Sir William Bulmer, the third son, married the heiress of the Elmdens of 
Elirden, co. Durham. He steered clear of the conspiracy which wrecked the 
fortunes of his eldest brother, but misfortune came upon his own descendants 
in the third and fourth generation. Their history, if it were told, would 
almost appear too strange to be true. 

X 2 


any displeasour, of my blissyng. Also I gyff unto my aoo, 
G-eorge Salvyn,* my best tawny velvet gowyn, and to his 
wyff twenty poundes, and desyreth hym to soffer hir to doo 
w* it what she will. Also I gyff unto my son, Sir Eanff 
Bulmer, my best blak velvet gowne, and to his wyff twenty 
poundes, and desyrith hym to suffer hir to doo w^ it what she 
will. Also I gyff unto my son, Sir William Bulmer, one other 
of my velvet gownys, and to his wyff twenty poundes, and 
praith hym to doo as I have willid his brothers to doc. Also I 
will y* Rauff Bulmer, my son Sir John Bulmer son, haith 
twenty poundes. Also I will y* my son, William Bulmer, 
have iij li. yj s. viij d. Also I will y' my son, Syr Rauff Bolm^, 
have, to his eldest doughter marieg, a hundreth marces, wherc^ 
twenty poundes is paid. Also I gyve unto my son, Mathew 
Boynton,t ten poundes, and to his wyff v marces. Also I gyve 
unto my son. Sir William Bulmer, fyve childer, every of y*»* 
XX li. towardes ther marieg. Also I will y* my nephay and 
godson, William Hedlame, have twenty poundes. Also I will 
y* my nephay, Rauff Hedlame, have twenty poundes. Also I 
will y* Frances Salven have [blank]. Also I will that every 
gentilman y* is my servaimt, takyng wages, or no wages, have 
XX s., and every yoman xiij s. iiij d., and every grome x s. Also 
I will y* every preist of Lethome and Wilton, and beyng not 
of my hushold, and dwellers in Willton and Lethome hare 
every of y*™® yj s. viij d. Also I will y* this my will be not 
prejudiciall nor hurtfull to noyn of my other willes* I will 
that whereas I had of myn uncle, William Bulmer, of Hertil- 
pooll, forty marces, to have paid unto Jeyn Robynson, bastard 
doughter of my said uncle, which forty marces I did pay unto 
my Lord of Wynchester for my said uncle, yitt, y* not w^stand- 
ing, insomych as I had the handling of the said money, I will 
y* myn executores either recompence the said Jeyn Robynson, 
or William Robynson, hir husband, for the same. Also I will 
y* myn executores gyff unto the hows of Sanct Agathe J fower 
poundes yerely unto the somme of one hundreti[L marces be 
ronne, w* that which I have paid sence the deth of my uncle 
Aske; and to the Abbot to cause a chanon to syng at the 
parishe church of Eisby according to the will of myn uncle 
Aske, unto such tyme as the said hundreth marces be ronne, 
w* that I have paid. And if the Abbot will not so doo, then I 
will that myn executores take as mych of myn guddes, over 

• Margery Bulmer marr. George eon and heir of Sir Ralph Salvin. 
f Matthew Boynton is said in the Visitation of 1684 to have marr. Anne 
dau of Sir Jokn Bulmer. 
I i.e. Easby Abbey, near Richmond. 


& above tbe resydew of the hundreth marces unspent, and as 
mych more as will porches fower poundes landes yerely for 
ever more, to a preist to syng at the parish ehm-ch of Eisby, 
for as mony yeres as the resydew of the hundreth marces wlQ 
extend unto by that which is spent ; and the said preist to 
pray for the saullis of myn uncle Aske, & myn awt Philice, 
and for all the saullis y* they wer bound to pray for, and for 
all Christen saullis ; and, after that the said hundreth marces 
be paid, w* y* which is paid allredy,^ then I will y* the said 
preist syng for ever more in one of the chappells at Wilton, 
which as myn heir or heres shall thynk gud ; & yer to pray 
for the saullis aforsaid, and for the saulis of my father and 
mother, my wyfiF saull, and for my saull, and for all the saullis 
y* I am bound to pray for, and for all Christen saullis, and the 
said preist to be at the nominacion of myn heir, if he be forth 
of wardship, &, if he be in wardship, then I will the nomina- 
cion of the said preist be at the next of my bloid beyng at full 
age, and if noe such of my bloid and named be, then I will for 
y* tyme onely, or for als oft os it shall soo forton, that the said 
preist shal be at the nominacion of the Prior off Gisbom for 
the tyme beyng. Also I will y* myn executores gyflF unto my 
cosyn, Thomas Dalarever,* ten poundes, whether he will, in 
money or in guddes, as it is prasid. Also I will y' fro the tyme 
my childer be servyd of the rayment which I have bequethed 
thame, that [6ZanA;] have the next best gowne ; and the resy- 
dew of my raymentes not bequethed I will y* it be bestowed 
emonges my servandes, by the discrescion of myn executores ; 
furst to my servandes of my chambre, and such other os haith 
taken payn for me, and to the other of my servaundes, ac- 
cordyng to ther deservyng. Also I ordeyn and make myn 
executores of this my last will my sonys Sir John Bulmer, Sir 
Banff Bulmer, and Sir William' Bulmer, to dispose the resydew 
of my guddes, not bequethed, for the well of my saull as y** 
shall thynk ; and my son. Sir John Bulmer, to have for his 
labour twenty poundes ; and my son, Sir Rauff Bulmer, for his 
labour, ten poundes ; and my son. Sir William Bulmer, for his 
labour, ten poundes. And I will y* all other charges abowt 
the performance of this my last will shal be borne of my 
guddes, so y* y^ take uppe thame to performe this my last will, 
by the advice and counsell of myn especiall gud lord, my Lord 
f Westmerland, my Lord Conyers, and my son, Sir Thomas 
Tempest, whome I orden and make supervisours of this my last 

* Feb. 8» 1469-70, marr. lie. between Mann. De la River and Agnes 
Bnlmer, in the chapel of Haddleeey. She was Sir Wm. Bolmer's aunt. 
Thomas De la River of Brandesbj was the eldest son of Marmadoke. 


will ; and I moost humbly besykes my said gud lord, my had 
of Westmerland, and my Lord Conyers, and my son. Sir Thomat 
Tempest, y* it will please thame to take the payn at this mj 
powr request so to be ; and, where as any dowt shall be eraonge 
myn executores for eny thyng declared in this my will, y* it 
may be determyned by thame ; and, if ony of myn executores 
will not so be ordred, then I will by y** my wilJ j* thay thai 
will not so be ordred shall mynystre noyn of my guddes. And 
I gyff and bequeith unto my said gud lord, my Lord of We^- 
merland, for his payn and labour takyn herein, twentie poundes, 
and my best horse, if he be worth twenty nobils ; and if he be 
not worth twenty nobils, then I will y* he have twenty nobils, 
to by a horse w* all. Also I will y* my Lord Conyers have for 
his payn and labour taken herein a nest off boUis of silver w* 
one coveryng, or els in money twenty poundes. Also I will f 
my said son, Sir Thomas Tempest, have for his payn and 
labour taken herein, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Also I will my said gad 
lord, my Ix)rd of Westmerland, my Lord Conyers, and my sou, 
Sir Thomas Tempest, have thare costes borne of my guddes, for 
all such costes and charges as y** shal be put to at eny tyme 
for the performaunce of this my said will. Also as I have 
named my son, Sir John Bulmer, to have beyn one of myn 
executores, I will y* he be noyn of thame, bot he to sufi&e his 
two brether luffyngly to occupy and mynystre all and every 
ray guddes favorably w^owten ony interrupcion of hym, and he 
to have for his so doyng and sufiFering thre hundreth poundes, 
and my chyne and hushold stuff at Wilt>on, which afore I have 
bequethed hym ; and in lyek maner he to suffer his brether to 
have melling w* my chauntre at Wilton, and to se the preistes 
and bead men thare to have at y^ shuld have, and all otiier my 
servandes, according as I have bequethed thame. In witnes 
herof, I, the said Sir William, hathe set to my seall and sub- 
scribed my name, the day and yere abovesaid. 


This Will Indentid, 1«* October, 23*'> Henry the Eght, wit- 
nessith that wher William Eure knyght. Sir Thomas Tempest, 
Eauff Bulmer, William Bulmer yonger, knyghtes, and Robert 
Bowes esquier, by force of Writt of Entre in le post, have 
recoverd ayenst me. Sir William Bulmer th'elder, knyght, 
twelf mesuages, ccxl** acres land, cc acres medow, and cc acres 
of pasture, w* the appurtenaunce, in Sutton Dripoill and Stayn- 
ferre, and also in the third parte of the maner of Sutton . . . 
to the use of my last Will. And where also the right honor- 


gtble and my gnd lord, Kauflf Erie of Westmerland, and other 
bis coefefiFe5, stand and be seasid . . of the maners of Sutcottes, 
A^ttynwyke, Foxston, Letle Buskby, Garton, et Langtoft, & 
Day landes . . . wMn the cetie of Yorke . . to the performance 
of my last Will, Be it theirfor knawen that I . . ordenyth 
• • . that they shall stand & be seasid of and in all and 
every the premises too and for the use of me, the said Sir 
William Bulmer th'elder, duryng my lyff natnrall . . excepted 
certan landes & tenementes, percell of the premisses, to 
yerely valour of xx**, which I will y* my son, John Bulmer, 
shall have, to sell or putt away at any tyme at his pleasour. 
After the deth of me . . . my feofiFe3 to receyre cxl'* for the 
payment of my dettes and performaunce of my legace3 . . . , 
then to be seasid . . to the use of Sir John Bulmer knyght, 
my son and heir apparent, for and duryng his lyff naturall ; and, 
after his deth, to the use of Rauff Bulmer, son of the said Sir 
John Bulmer, & the heirs of his body laufuUy begotten . . , 
then to William Bulmer, brother of the said Rauff, etc . . 
(The other lands, etc., to go in the same way.) Providid alway 
that yff at any tyme here after it shall happen eny servauntes, 
gentilmen, or yomen, belonging to me, to be hurted or maned 
in my compeny in the tyme off warre or otherwyse, that then, 
as well the said Sir William Eure & other his recoverers . . • 
stonnde & be seasid of the said landes & tenementes, to 
the yerely cleir valor of xl s., to the use and behove of eny 
gentilman that is so hurted or maned in my service; . • 
to the valor of xx^ s. viij d. to the use and behove off 
eny yoman . • • , for the terme of their lyves. Also I, the 
said Sir William, willith, • • they shall stand & be seasid of 
landes & tenementes lymitted by this Indentour of the 
performaimce of my Will, and for the performaunce & pay- 
ment of ccc*^ and xx** marces, to be paid to Thomas Layton 
Esquier, and his ex", of & for the mariege of Mathew Boynton, 
son and heir of the said Thomas, w* Anne Bulmer doughter of 
the said Sir John Bulmer, yf y* it happen the said Mathew 
and Anne to be maried togeders, • • and if it happen the said 
John Bulmer knyght to have any moo doughters, then . . to 
be seasid in ccc*** marces to and for the marieg of every doughter. 
. . I will y* y* saide sommes of money so delivered frome 
tyme to tyme unto the Prior of Guysbron, to keip for the 
suertie5 of the said Anne, and other doughter of the said Sir 
John Bulmer knyght, yf he happen to have any moo. Also I 
will that where uppon the convenauntes of mariege had betwyn 
me, the said Sir William, and Sir Rauff Bigod, of and for the 
mariege of John Bulmer knyght, my son and heir, and Anne 


doughter of the said Syr Rauff, it was agreid, for the jojntG 
and feoffement of the said Anne, lanndes & tenementes id 
Bulmer, to the yerely valour of xx li«, shuld be assigned and 
lymittid to the said John & Anne for terme of lyve . . I haw 
assigned that my feoffes of my manor and lordiship of Throp 
Bulmer shall . . be seasid of lanndes . . to the yerely valoor 
of XX**, to the use of the said John & Anne • • in recompence 
of lanndes • • in Bulmer ; always except and foresaved that 
such landes • • in Throp Bulmer as be assigned to & far the 
fyndyng of a preist be not parcell. My recoverers to be seasekl 
of lonndes . • to the yerely valor of xx^ marces, to the use of 
Kauff Bulmer knyght, my son, for terme of his lyve, pro- 
vidid alway y^ if the said Banff have lonnd, fee, or office to the 
yerely valour of xl** marces by me . • or els if y* the said Banff 
have • • the issues & profettes of lonndes & ten^ in Marrjke to 
the yerely valour of xl^ marces . . uppon covenauntes of mariege 
betwix hym and Anne Aske, that then my recoverers . • • stonnd 
seaseid of the premissej to the use of the said John • • • and of 
xx^ marces to the use and behove of William Bulmer, knjght, 
my son, for terme of his lyff • . provided alway (as just before) 
or els if the said William have • . yerely the issue5 . . d 
lanndes . • to the yerely valour of xl** marces hut William 
Elmden Esquier that then (as just before). . My feoffe3 to stand 
seasid of the reversion of all the lanndes . . lait William 
Mowbray, to the use of the said Sir John Bulmer for his lyff, 
& aftre his death to the use of Banff his son. I will that 
Dame Anne Bulmer wyff of my son Sir John Bulmer knyght, 
& Anne Bulmer wyff of Banff Bulmer, his son, by reason of 
noyn of thes recoverers • . be not barred of ther feoffinentes 
nor thyrdes. I will that my feoffes of the maners of Eysby, 
Boythorp, & Foxhallis be seasid therof, to and for the use of 
Banff Bulmer, son of the said Sir John Bulmer knyght, & of 
Anne wyff of the said Banff, for terme of ther lyves, and to the 
longar lyffer . . then to the heiris of the body of the said 
Banff lefully begotten . . for defeute to William, his brother. 
Thes witnes8e3 Jamys Prior of Gysbron, Thomas Percy esquier, 
Thomas Blith chanon, George Bulmer esquier. Sir Bobert 
Ward chapleyn. Sir Bychard Merley parishe preist off Wilton, 
Thomas Blenkynsope, John Elder, Thomas Delarever, Umfta 
Lysle, Jerret Herron, William Whitby, Bychard Whitby, Peter 
Percie, etc. 


Oct. 5th, 23rd Henry VIII. Feoffment of manors of 
Suttcottes, Afctynwyke, Foxston, Litill Buskby, Garton, & 


Liangtoft, etc., & of lands, etc. in York to Ralph Earl of 
Westmerland, Sir John Lumley knight. Sir Chr. Conyers 
knight, Sir ITiomas Tempest knt, Sir 'fiiomas Hilton knt, Sir 
Balph Buhner knt, Sir Wm Bnlmer jun. knt, Robert Bowes, 
Thos Delarever, Matthew Boynton, John Bentley, Esquiers, 
Thos Franke clerk, & Wm Belt. 


First, the said Maister shal be resident at the said chap- 
pell, nprysing and downe lying, and to say Messe dailie at the 
said chappell, when as he shalbe dysposid so to do ; or, at the 
lest, upon the Holy day, the Wednysday and Friday ; and at 
the lavytory of the Mease to tome hym abowt and say [2)e 
Profundis] on hyght, w' one humble, laudable voce, for the 
8aule3 of my fader and moder, my wyff, my uncle sanies, myn 
awnt saulle5, my breder saules, my suster sanies, and for all my 
elder saule3, and for the prospirite of our sufferand lord the 
King, and my lord legatt, and my lord of Wynchester, w* all 
other lordes of his counsell, and for my childer. 

Item the said Maister to say, two tymes in the weik. Placebo 
and Derigey w* the Cornmendacione, for all Christen saulls. 

Item uppon the Holy day the Maister to dispose hym to say 
Meese at such resonable tyme of the day, so y^ he may be at 
the church at Eye Mease^ ther to help to mynystre devyn 
service ; and the brether, beyng powre men, in lyk maner to 
be thar, havyng no resonable cause to the contrary. 

Item the said Maister shall not at noo tyme absent hym- 
self frome the chappell over the space of one day and one nyght 
w*owt licence, and not to be ofte. 

Item the said M'. being admit to the said service, shall 
leifif and depart &ome it to noyn oder promocion w^owten the 
assent and consent of [blcmk']. 

Item if the said M*" depart fiirth of this world, being maister 
of the said chappell, shall leiff the third parte of his gudde to 
goo to the mayntenyng and upholding of the said chapelL 

Item the said Maister shall enforme and teche such beidmen 
as shalbe at the said chapell to say thar De Profundis and 
the psalme Miserere, 

Item the said M% at sex of cloke at mome and sex of 
cloke at nyght, cause the bell of the said chapell to be ronngen 
by one of the breder of the said chapell, as his course shall 
come abowt, by the space of one quarter of one howre ; and the 


said Maister and brether do resorte unto the said chapell by the 
bell sease ryngyng, and ther the said Maister to sa j De Pro- 
fundia for aU Cristen saullis, and especially for my father 
sauli, and mother sauU, my wyff saull, myn uncle Aske sauU, 
and for my brother William Elmeden saull, and for ther wyffes' 
saullis, and for all the saullis y* I am bound to pray for, and 
for all Cristen saullis ; and the beidmen y* can say De JPro- 
fundisy and the said M*^ shall in a treitable manner, of mesar- 
able hight, y* every mane3 voce may be herd, say De Profundis 
and Miserere psalme. 

Item if ther be ony admitt to be brother y* cannot say De 
Profundia and Miserere psalme, to say ther Pater Noster, th«- 
Ave and Creid w* the Salter of our Lady, unto such tyme as 
y** can say De Profundis and Miserere salme. 

And then the said Maister to say Mattena, or what other 
prayers it shall please hym, to such tyme as he go to Meaae^ 
and at the lavitory of the same Messe the same Maister to say, 
as afore is said, De Profundis w* one humble, laudable voce, 
and the said brother in lyke maner to help hjma, or els to say 
thame self: and after Jf^««e, when the preist doith oflF his cloys, 
to say Miserere psalme. 

And at Evensong the preist to say his Evensong in the 
chapell, except one resonable cause, and, after Evensong, to say 
in the honour of our Blissid Lady, Salve Regi/na^ w* De Pro- 
fvmdis for all Cristen sauUes, in lyke maner as is aforsaid. 

And also to have in remembrance to pray for all my ser- 
vauntes' saules y* be departid furth of this world. 

Item such days in the weik as the Maister shall say Placebo 
and Derigej w* Commendacums^ for all Cristen saule3, the said 
Maister to say it in chapell, and the said brether to be present 
at the same tyme to say the Salter of our Blissid Ladie and 
the Salter of our Lord. 

And the oder preist, being brother unto the said M"", to say 
Messe daily at the church of Lethome, at our Ladye alter ther, 
or, at the lest, uppon the Holy day, Weddynsday, and Fryday, 
except a resonable cause to the contrarie ; and to use hym self 
at the lavytorie of the Messe in lyke maner as the Maister shall 
doo at the said chapell of Sanct Elen's ; and at such tyme as 
the M*" shalbe absent frome the said chappell of Sanct Elen's, 
then the said preist, being brother unto the said M% to say 
Messe at the said chappell of Sanct Elen's. 

And the said preist, being broder imto the said Maister, to 
use hym self in daily prayer after such maner as the Maister 
of the said chappell shall doo, and in all other causes like as is 


And the [blamJc] beidmen to do such thynges sls y** shalbe 
assigned unto, either to kepe gamers, yaittes, makyng of hay, 
or such other necessaries and lyght labors, by the Maister of 
the same chapell. 

And y* every of said brether, every day in the weik, aither 
in the said chappell, or in the feldes or oder place where y** 
shalbe, to say dailye Salter of our Blissid Lady, w^ the Salter of 
our Lord. 

And if ther be ony guddes or other thynges geven by ony 
person or persons hereafter to the mayntenyng and upholding 
of the said chapell of Sanct Elen's, or the M*", broder, or beid- 
men of the sanae, y* y** shall not y*" in ther prayers lykwyse as 
ther reward shalbe unto thame. 

Always provided that if any of thame, aither the M% brother, 
or beidmen, happen to be disseasid or seik, so y* at y* tyme thay 
may not come to the said chappell of Sanct Elen's, to say such 
prayers as y^ aught to doo, that to be maid knowen unto the 
parishe preist of Wilton for the tyme being, and he to shew it 
to me or myn heires ; and y^ to have licence to take ther 
easse for y* tyme, and to say such prayers as y^ resonable may. 

And when any of the said M% brother, or beidmen de- 
parteth, y* the said M', brother, to say Placebo and Derige with 
UorrimendacioTia for hym the day of his departing, or the 
morow next after ; and the resydew of the brether to be at his 
beriall, to pray for hym ; and, if he dye of no contagius seyknes, 
the said M% broder, and beidmen to go w* hym to church to 
his beriall. 

And ons in the moneth, the first yere y^ he departeth, the 
Maister and his broder to say Placd>o and Derige with (7om- 
mendadona for hym, and for all Cristen saules on oder day in 
the weik then is afore lymitid, and the residew of the breder 
to be present at that tyme, and to say such prayers as is meitlye 
for yame to say, and as y*^ shall thynk most pleasour to God 
and for all Cristen saulles. 


Sept. 2, 20 Hen. VIII. Makes to Sir Chr. CJonyers kt lord 
Conyers, Wm Eure, Thos Tempest, Thos Hilton, Balph Bulmer, 
& Wm Bulmer of Elmeden co. Durham knts, Francis Bigod, 
Thos Dalarever esq", Balph Bulmer clerk, Cuthbert Fox, Peter 
Marshall & Bichd Merley, chaplains, feoff* of a house lately 
built by him in Wilton near St Elen's chapel, the Salte- 
coit hilles & other property (enumerated) in Egton, Estco- 
tome, Marske, Kirklethome, Westcotome, Loftus, Leverton, 


Newby, Kepyk, Baddersby, Litill Broughton, Flaxton, Stres- 
sall, litill Barghe, Kirkby Overcar, Eston, & Normanby. 


In the honor of God, our Lady Sanct Marie, and in the 
worshipping of the holie Sanct Elyn, and to th'enteut that mj 
fader, my moder, my wyff, and all oUier my fryndes ajid lovers 
shuld and shall for ever be honored and prayd for in the 
chappell of Sanct Elyn's, wHn my heid severen of Wilton, w4n 
the countie of York, and for same entent, I, the said Sir 
William Buhner, knyght, willight and declaxeth by this my 
will, y^ thar shalbe elect and chosen one honest preist, which 
preist shalbe by me and mya heires for ever, he, and his suo- 
cessours, the Maister of Sanct Elyn chappell ; and the same 
preist so named by me to have to hym assigned one hows, 
chaumbre, w^ all tbynges to the same belonging ; and also y^ 
ther shalbe w^ hym associat one other honest preist, whidi 
preist shalbe named brother unto the said Maister : and the 
said Mr and brother, so named and appoyntid by me, to con- 
tinew during ther lyeffe3 naturall at the said chapel of Sancte 
Elyn's ; and to have to thame hows, chaumbre, and all other 
thynges necessary, at the same chappell off Sanct Elyn's during 
ther lyeffe3 naturall ; and, at the lest, the one or boith of thame 
daily to say Mesae at the said chapell of Sanct Elyn's, and 
ther to pray for me, my fader, my moder, my wyff, and all 
other my gud fryndes and luffers during ther said lyffes 
naturall. i^d for the continuance and prayers of the said 
Maister & bretheron soo doyng by the said Mr and brether, 
duryng ther said lyffes naturall, at the said chapell of Sanct 
Elyn's, I, the said Sir William, willith and moveth by this my 
Will, y* the said Maister shall have during his lyeff naturall, 
for his waigges and sellery, of the issue3, rentes, and profittes 
of the landes afore putt in feoffment, yerely, at two feastes in 
the yere, y* is to say at the fest of Pentecost and Martynmasse, 
by even porcions of the yere, iiy poundes x s., to be paid hym 
by the handes of the church maisters of Kirklethome and 
Wilton, for the tyme beyng, at the ferrest w4n viij dayes next 
after and immediatly folouing any of the said two feistes of 
Whitsonday and Martymaese ; and if the other preist, beyng 
brother unto the saide Maister, to have to hym yerely also 
paid to his salarie and wages, at the said two feistes of Whit- 
sonday and Martynmasse, of the landes afore putt in feoffment, 
foure poundes* Also I will y* my feoffe3 and myn heires for 
ever do suffer the said kirkwardens of Kirklethome and of 


Wilton to take, at the said two feistes of Whitsonday and 
M^rtynmes, of the fermes and occupiers of the landes afore 
put in feoilinenty the issue3 and revennewe3 of the same, to 
th'entent y* the said M' and brother may be trewly paid the 
said wages and sellarie, for the trew doyng of ther dewties and 
prayers at the said chapell of Sanct Elyn, duryng ther said 
ly ves naturall. 

Also I will y*, w*in the moneth next after my deth, my said 
feoffe3 shall maike, or cause to be maid, unto John Hudson, 
my servaunt^ a sure, suffycient estate, for terme of his lyflF, of 
landes and tenementes, parcell of the premisses, to the yerely 
clere valow of v merkes, over all charges ; and, if noo such 
estate be maid w*in the said tyme, then I will y* my said 
feoffe3 shall stand and be seasid of landes and tenementes, 
parcell of the premisses, to yerely clere valew of v markes to 
the use of the said John Hudson, for terme of his lyff. 

And, farther, I, the said Sir William, willith y* ther shalbe 
at the said chapell of Sanct Elyn's fowre powre men and a 
woman, to dailly pray for me, my father, my mother, my wyflf, 
and all oder my gud fryndes and lovers ; the which I will shall 
have for ther salarie and wages ethre cloith, meit and drynk at 
the said chappell of Sanct Elyn's, or, at the lest, one peny to 
yche one of tbame of the day ; and the said peny to be paid 
thame by the Maister and brother, and by the syght of myn 
heires and churchwardens of Kirkelethome and of Wilton, 
And to th'entent that the said Mr and brother, and all other 
foure poure men and woman, may well serve God, & the wages 
to thame and to yche one of tbame, according to th'entent 
and meanyng of me, the said Sir William, may be trewly paid 
and doyn, according to the same intent, I, the said Sir William, 
by this my Will gyffes unto the said M*" and brother, and foure 
powre men and woman of my said chappell of Sanct Elyn's, to 
the help of paying of ther sallaries and wages forty kye and ther 
calfes, the which kye and calfes, by the discrescion of my 
feofiFes and the church wardens of Kirklethome and of Wilton, 
and by the ordenaunce of the Maister and brother of the 
chapell of Sanct Elyn's, I will the said kye be latten, and the 
encreas of the said kye I will it be taken by the discrecion of 
the churchwardens of Kirklethome and of Wilton, Maister and 
brother, and goo to the payment of wages and reparations of 
lond, fynding lightes and wyne in the chapell of Sanct Elyn's, 
and other necessaries by the discrecion of my said feoflfes, 
church wardens, Maister and brotheron of the said chapell of 
Sanct Elyn's. And, further, I will that my said feoffes, church- 
wardens of Kirklethome and Wilton, Maister and bretheron, 


yerely, obs in the yere, take one hoill accompt of the revenues, 
rentes, and profittes of my landes putt in feofifment, and, als), 
of all thame that shall have the kye latten to thame, so y* the 
somme of y^ shall extend over and above y^ that shall go to the 
payment of the Maister salarie, and his broths, preistes at the 
said chapell ; and over and above the salarie for the fyndjmg of 
the bretheren callid fower power men and a woman, may be 
taken and putt into one box, to the next yere folowing ; and if 
y* next yere will not extend to so mych as shall pay the sellery 
and wages abovesaid, and discharge all charges and reparacions, 
deth of cattell, lyghtes, wyne, and other necessaries, then, for 
that entent the same charges may be well discharged, I will 
the said overplus, when any such ther beyn, be taken, and by 
discrecion of my feoffe5, church wardens, Maister, and brother, 
I will y** goo and discharge the selleries, wages of the Maister, 
broder, and foure powre men and a woman, and all other 
necessaries as by my said feoflFe3, M*^, and church wardens shal 
be thought resonable. Also I will y' my said feoffe3, church 
wardens content and pay yerely unto William Hethyng, my 
servaunt. duryng his lyff naturall, xxx s. iiij d. Also I will that 
my said feoffes and churchwardens yerely content and pay unto 
my servaunt Stephen Ward, during his lyff naturall, xx s. Also 
I will y^ my said feoffes ^^^ church wardens yerely content 
and pay unto my servaunt and godson, William Whorleton, 
during his lyff naturall, xx s. 

And, further, I will that after my deith, when so ever it 
shall please God to call me to His mercye, and that it shall 
also please God that the Maister, brether, or any of the said 
fowre powre men and woman doo dye, that, w4n a moneth next 
after the deth off the said Maister, brother, or any of the said 
power men and woman, myn heire shall assigne one such M., 
brother or power man or woman, as then shall fortune to be 
deid ; and if myn heire happen to be w* in age at the deth of 
any of the said M"*, brother, or power man or woman, or will 
not assigne or nayme such Maister, brother, or power man or 
woman, as then is deid, to th'entent y* this my will may take 
effect, I will that, wHn thre days next after the moneth passeth 
next after such deth, and noyn putt in by myn heire, my 
feoffe}, church wardens of Kirklethome and Wilton, or any 
of thame, putt in one M*", brother, or powre man or woman, 
as so shall happen to be deid ; and if the heire, feoffej, church- 
wardens cannot agre of one Maister, brother, or power man to 
be putt in, then I will the Prior of Guy[s]bome, for the tyme 
beyng, shall putt in such Maister, brother, or powre man, or 
woman, as shall fortune to dye ; and the said M*^, brother or 


powre man, or woman, so putt in by the said Prior of Guys- 
borne, to be M., brother, or power man, or woman, and thereto 
pray and be by all his lyflF, or hir lyff, at the said chapell of 
Sanct Elyn's. And when so ever it shall forton that thre, or 
two, of my said feoflfe} shall happen to over lyff the oder ther 
<5oeffeoffe5, that then the said thre, or two, of thame y* doith 
over lyff, shall, at the request and desyre of the said Maister, 
brother, and fower powre men of the said ehappell and ther 
successours, make, or cause to be maid, unto twolfe oder honest 
and substanciall persons one other new feoffment, of and in all 
the premisse5, thay to be therof seased to such lyke use and 
intent as is conteynd in thes present indentures ; and so fro 
tyme to tyme, so oft as shall happen bot two or thre of the 
said feoffes to be on lyve, y* a new feoffment to be bad and 
maid in maner and forme as is abovesaid, to and for the use 
and intent in the said indentur mencioned and expressid. In 
witnes heroff, as well I, the said Sir William Buhner, as Sir 
John Bulmer knyght, my son and heire, and Rauff Bulmer, 
son & heir of the said Sir John Bulmer, haith set to our 
seallis and suscribid our names, the xx^ day of Septembre, the 
XX** yere of the reigne of oiu* soverand lord Kyng Henry 
the viiij***. 

Robert Hathen, John Porter, 

Robert Marsk, Thomas Un^ 

thank, beidmen 
Agnes Haxthorp, beidwoman 

Willelmus Bulmer, John Bulmer, Rauff Bulmer. 

Sir Robert Waid M. of the 

said chapell. 
Sir John Lynescaill, broder to 

the said Maister. 

[Pr. 4 Nov. 1631 ; adm. to the ex", power being reserved to Mr. John 

[Reg. Test. xi. 181.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The sexte daye of Decembre, 
in the yeare of our Lord God, m*ccccc*** xxxj***, and in the xxiij^*^ 
yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lord, King Henry 
th'eight, I, John Roclyf,* of Colthorpe, knyght, beyng of hole 
mynd and perfyte remembrance, thankes bee to Almyghty God, 

• A most interesting will, probably drawn up by one of the Grey Friars of 
York, who so largely benefited by it. Their hopes, however, were completely 
frustrated, as the will fellto the ground, probably through want of assets, and 
the executors refused to act. 

The will of Sir Brian Rocliffof Cowtborpehas been printed alread}'. 


ordan and make thys my last will and testament in maner and 
forme folowing. That ys to saye, fyrst and principallie, I 
bequethe my saule unto Almyghtie God, and to our Ble^ed 
Ladye Hys modre, and to all the Holye Companye of heveo, 
my bodye to bee buried in the Gray Frears churche w*in the 
eytye of Yorke, as nyghe unto my fader's grave as may con- 
venientlye, on hys lyfte syde, opon the northe syde of the said 
churche. And I will that my executors cause the iiy Orders 
of Frears in Yorke, yf it please God wHn the cytye of Yorke to 
call me to Hys mercy, to bring my bodye to the Gray Frears 
churche within the said citie of Yorke ; and, yf I decease in 
any odre place, than the said iiij Orders to mete my body at 
Holgaite, and bring it to the said Gray Frears, and that every 
of the said iiij Orders to have for there labours vj s. viij d., so 
that they syng Placebo and Dirigey and Messe of Requiem for 
my sauU. AJso I will that my executors orden sex wax candels, 
and every of theme bee of one pound weight at the leiste, 
and, also, vj torches, and xij poore men with gownes to bere the 
said candels and torches aboute my bodye at the Dirige, Mease^ 
and buryall ; and yche of the said poore men to have for there 
labors iiij d. Also I will that there bee done and saide Saincte 
Gregorye trentall of Messes at the Gray Frears in Yorke the 
daie of my buriall, for my soule and all Cristen soules. Also I 
will that my executors cause to bee orden ed a dyner for my 
frendes the daye of my buryall, and also orden all odir thynges 
besydes thes here written tooching my funerall expenses, and 
all odre thinges concernyng the healthe of my saule to bee at the 
discrecione of my executors, as they shall thinke moste conve- 
nient for me. Also I will that my executors cause a throughe 
stone and one ymage of myself maide kneling undre the said 
ymage of the Trinitie, w* one scripture for me, in perpetuall 
remembrance for me, w4n one yeare after the buryall. Also I 
bequethe to the person of Colthorpe churche xx s. of coyne, in 
recompence of all my tythes, offrandes, and dewtyes of the 
churche, unpaide and forgoton, or odre heraftre not payde 
according to my dewtye, desyryng hym humblye so to accepte 
theme, and to pray for my saule speciallye. And also I will 
that my coyte armour and my best beist with my horse hames 
goe next byfore my bodye to the Gray Frears in Yorke the 
daye of my sepulture, and to bee oflFered to God at the altare 
next where I shall bee buryed. Also I will and bequeathe to 
every parishe w*in ij myles of Colthorpe vj s. viij d., wherof I 
will that the person, vicare, or paryshe preiste there resident 
in the same, have viij d., and every odre preste wHn hys paryshe 
iiij d., for the wyche I will, in as breve tyme after my departing 


out of thys worlde as may convenientlie bee done, all the said 
prestos w*in every of there paryshe churche shall saye Placebo, 
Dirige, GommendacionSf and Messe of Requiem for my soule 
and all Cristen soules, and the resydewe of the foresaid vj s. viij d. 
I will it shal bee distribute amonges the porest people of every 
of the sayde paryshes, by the discrecione of the curate of the 
churche and the churche wardons of the same ; and the poore 
people of every of the said parishes to comme to there parishe 
churches in lyke maner to pray specialye for my soule and all 
Cristen soules. Also I will and stratelye charge my executors, 
as they will answere afore God, that Kauf, my headman, have 
meite and drynke and clothe, as far as my goodes will suffre, 
duryng hys lyf naturalL Also where I have by my deade 
infeoffede Briane Palmes, William Bapthorpe, and odre my 
feofiFes, in my landes in South Endsall, to th'use and performa- 
cione of my last will, shall frome hensforthe stand and bee 
seased in the said londes, to th'use and performance of thys my 
last will and testament. And whan it shall fortune there bee 
of my said feofiFes lyving but ij or iij at the moste, than I will 
that those feoflTes make a leace and suflficient estate by the la we 
of the said londes to sex odre credeble persons, as shall bee 
deputed by the Wardon of the Gray Frears in Yorke than for 
the tyme beyng, to the said use & entent .... and so the 
said londes to bee for evermore . . to the saide use and entente, 
that ys to saye, that my saide feofiFes, or there assignes, shall 
yearely receve and take the hole rentes . . and yearelie gyf 
theme to the Wardone of the Gray Frears in Yorke and the 
Convente of the same for tyme being, ofiFringe uppe the said 
yearelie rentes and profettes to Almyghtie God at the highe 
altare within the said Gray Frears in Yorke ; for the wiche 
rentes ... I will that the said Wardone and hys successors 
every daye for evermore shall exhibite a brodre of the said 
house and Frears, at viij*** of the clocke in the momyng every 
daie to saie Mesae^ and praye for my soule, and the soules of 
my fadre Briane Roclyf, and of Margarete, my wyf and hir fader 
soule, and for soules of my children and good frendes and all 
Cristen soules in lyke maner and forme as they doe at thys 
daye for my fader, whose soule God pardone. Also I will that 
those Frears that sayes that Messe shall have yearelye xx s., 
equallie distributed amonges theme, according to the composi- 
cione therof maid betwixt the saide Wardone w* his Convent 
and me on that behalf; and the residew of the said 
yearlie rentes and profettes to bee bestowed in the repara- 
cions of the said Gray Frears churche in Yorke. Item I will 
that he that sayeth the sayde Messe one wooke shall not saye 
VOL, v, " V 


it agayne an odre weike, to his toume and course come aboute, 
excepte it bee to supplye an odre course that for impotencic 
may not supplye it hymself ; but that every Freare shall have 
hys toume and course about, as it shall fortune. Also I will that 
the said Convent of the said Gray Frears, for evermore, every 
Tuysday, shall singe the Antiphone of Jhesu about my grave 
that ys songe on the Fridaie for ray fader in the said Convent 
churche; after wiche ATUiphone so songon, I will that the 
said Frears and Convent, bowyng and holdyng downe there 
hedes, w* a petuose voce sing thys verse, Nunc^ Oriste^ te peH- 
mu«, miserere^ qucBsumuSj qui venisti redhnere perdiioa, noli 
dampnari redemptos. And, anone, after that, than one of the 
yong Frears sing thys versicle Quia per sanctam crucem tuam 
redemisti mundiim ; and than one of the odre Frears to syng, 
Oremua with one GoUecte according to the Antiphone^ w^ a 
perfects ende of all the Frears concludyng, singing Artien : and, 
ymediatelye after, the Convent to saye thys Psalme, De Pro- 
fundisy w* the Suffrage, and these Collectes, Miserere^ and 
Fideliumy for my soule and all Cristen soules, concludyng w* 
Requieacant in pace. Amen. 

Also I will that my feoffes suffre Richard Munketon, my 
servaunte, to recey ve . . duryng hys lyfe x s. oute of my landes 
in Snaythe, Cowyke, now in the holdyng of one Palmer ; and 
also ij s« out of Hensall, and after his decease . • my feoffes of 
and in my landes in Hensall, Cowyk and Snathe to . . . 
delyver the rentes yearelie to the Wardone and Convent of 
the Gray Frears . • My doughter Alice . . to receve the 
issues . . of iiij closes in Colthorpe, to the hole sum bee con- 
tent and payd for the covenauntes of manage and my fader's 
bequeste .... My ex" to receve the rentes . . of my landes 
in Hubie & Esyngwolde unto suche tyme as my said ex" haithe 
content and payed all suche summes of money as my dettes, 
legacyes, and funerall expenses shall admounte unto the daye 
of my buryall, w* all suche odre reasonable expenses and charges 
that my said ex" shal bee put to for the performacione of thys 
my last will and my fader bequest .... than to th'use of 
Briane Roclyf, and hys heyres for ever, upon thys condicione, 
that the said Briane ne hys wyf shall not interrupte, vexe, ne 
lette my executors or feoffes .... 

And thys is my last will, full mynde and trewe intent that 
my dettes be payed ymediatelie after my departure frome this 
transitorie lyf, Quia Tion dimittitur peccatum donee restiUuL-- 
tur ablatuviy trusting that youe, y* bee my frendes in thys 
transitorie worlde, that youe will bee, rather, my better frendes 
whan my soule is departed frome my bodie, where I nather can, 


ne maye, helpe my self, but shal bee at the wyll and pleasure 
of Almyghtie God, in to Whose handes I commend my soule. 
And I will that every one of my executors and supervisors of 
thys my last will and testament have of my goodes, for there 
busynes and labors about me, and for th'executione of thys my 
last will and testament, xxvj s. viij d. Also I will that the 
reside w of my goodes, not beq nested, after my dettes be payed 
and iegacyes yeven, and my will and testament performed, bee 
at the disposicione of my executors for the weale of my soule, 
as they shall answere afore Almyghtye God at the dredefuli 
daye of judgement. Also I will, ordane, and constitute, and 
make my welbeloved cosyng and faythfull, tristye frende, Wil- 
liam Bapthorpe of Osgoobie, Esquyer, the supervisour of thys 
my last will and testament, trusting he will bothe support e, 
ayde, and cause my executors of thys my last will and testa- 
ment to performe the same. Also, in like maner, I will, orden, 
constituto and make my executors of thys my last will and tes- 
tament, my welbeloved and faythfull fryndes I truste, William 
Thwaite of Marston esquyer, Robert Chaloner of Wekefelde 
man of lawe, jentleraan, Georgium Palmes legum doctorem, 
Georgium Crakenthorpe in artibus magistrum, hertilie and 
faithefullie desyring youe that this my last will and testament 
may bee executed and performed to the true en tent therof as 
my greate and faithefull tryste ys in youe ; and that thys is 
my last will and true entent : in the wittenes tberof, I, the saide 
abovenamed testator. Sir John Roclyf knyght, have set to this 
present testament and last will my seale of armes, the dale and 
yeare above written, theise beyng present and wittnes, S*" 
Eichard Knaresburghe vieare of Whyxley, S*" George I^mb 
person of Copgrave, Ric' Munketon, Authonye Rose gentleman, 
and odre moo. 

Also I will that, my dettes and Iegacyes payed, that my 
executors deliver in to the handes of the heyrf>8 of Colthorpe 
haule one chales with patene do!»le gylte, one standing cuppe 
of sylver with cover doble gylte, havyng a knope in the toppe 
with blew enamelled, a flatte peiee w* cover duble gilte, with 
trasells upon the covering blewe enamelled, one basing of sylver 
percell gylte w* an ewer white, and two cruettes of sylver percell 
gilte ; and yf that my goodes besides thys plaite rehersed will 
not extende to the payment of my dettes and Iegacyes, than I 
will my executors sell thys plaite before rehersed to the pay- 
ment of my dettes and performance of my Iegacyes. 

[Adm. gr., as intestate, the ex'", renouncing, to Brian Rocliff of Colthorpe, Esq, 

29 Sept. 1634.] 

T 2 



[Ex. Orig. penes Dec. & Capit. Bbor.] 

Inter aua. A baisinge withe Adam & Eve, & one ewar 
withoute lyde, xx d. A baisinge w* y* rose of it, & th'ewar, ij s. 
A tub, a hogeshed w* other trumperie, viij d. A paire of tent 
bealmes, vj d. 

Debita. To William Wilson, for a paire of silver beides, 
xl 8. ; ij baissinges, ij lavers, & ij greate candilstikes, of sevyn 
grotes of a coppill, xlvj s. viij d. To Mr Gabriell Warkcope, 
for iij yerdes of. Burges satan, vij s. To Alys Legh, somtyme 
wife to Michaell Makarell, for fienge hemmyngis of broderie, 
xxvj s. viij d. To Alan Aise, servante to the Duke of Somerset^ 
xj li. V 8. To John Weteman, for ij paire of cork shone, xx d. 
To William Tailbuia, for the warkmanshipe of a littil darke 
tawnye gowne, viij d., & for iij blak-lamskynnys viij d. ; & for a 
pursell of shankes, & v caulinge of shankes, ij s. vj d. — ^iij s. xd. 
To Natal Moralx for horse-meate & manne's meate y* he laide 
for his servante in the countre, & for bokes y* he sende to 
Biland abbay ; & for hay & fagotes, iiij s. iiij d. To Agnes 
Hilton, cremet of Sancte Leonarde's, in lente monye, xvj s. vj d. 
To Sir Richarde Dawson, chanon of Shappe abbay, for a masor^ 
Iiij s. iiij d. 



N.B. — The Iwcentoriei a/re Hutinguitihed by an asterisk 

AiKBBODK, William. 1618 
Alayn, John. 1609 
Amyas, John. 1616 

William. 1609 

Arkesav, Robert. 1621 
Askwith, Richard. 1520 
Awstwyke, Hugh. 1616 


Babington, Ralph. 1520 
Baines, Richard. 1611 
Barra, Robert. 1626 
Barton, William. 1509 
Basset, Sir Richard. 1622 
Batley, Thomas. 1621 
Baxster, John. 1622 
Beckwith, Robert. 1529 
Beresford, Edward. 1628 
Bigod, Sir Ralph. 1614 
Birdsall, Robert. 1613 
Biront, Maozice. 1610 
Boswell, John. 1625 
Boynton, Martin. 1518 

Thomas. 1620 

Bradford, Walter. 1630 
Bradley, Brian. 1527 
Brokden, William. 1518 
Browne, Robert. 1617 
Buhner, William. 1624 
Sir William. 1531 


Calverley, Richard. 1524 
Cambull. Henry. 1612 
Carr, James. 1526 
Chapman, John. 1527 
Clark, Alison. 1509 
Clervauz, John. 1510 






























Constable, Agnes. 1621 

Marm. 1623 

Sir Mann. 1618 

Cook, Edmund. 1530 
Copley, John. 1609 
Cowper, John. 1518 
Core, William. 1522 

Danby, Sir Christopher. 1617 

Q eorge. 1611 

Dawson, Bertram. 1616 
Denton, Robert. 1629 
Dodsworth, Margaret. 1620 
Doughty, Richard. 1513 
Draws werde, Thomas. 1528 

Eland, Robert. 1521 
Ellis, Stephen. 1514 
Esheton, Thomas. 1521 
Essex, George. 1510 
Everingham, Sir John. 1523 
Evers, George. 1520 
Ewre, Thomas. 1528 
Eyre, Roger. 1515. 



Fairfax, Sir Thomas. 
Fewlar, John. 1630 
Findem, Thomas. 1525 
Fitzwilliam, Thomas. 1513 

William. 1516 

Fome, Thomas. 1524 
Foster, Alexander. 1520 
Fox, John. 1519 
Freman, Maud. 1521 
Fuister, George. 1 53 1 
Fynwell, John. 1521 




























Gargrave, Thomas. 1514 
Gamer, Elizabeth. 1613 
Gerves, John. 1527 
Gest, Robert. 1528 
GilUot, Sir John. 1509 
GiUour, Paul. 1522. 
Girton, Richard. 1524 
Goodyere, Robert. 1521 
Gower, Sir John." 1513 
Greenhood, Thomas. 1521 
♦Grene, John. 1524 

William. 1524 

Grey stock, Elizabeth. 1502 
Griffith. Sir Walter. 1530 


Hatfield, Elizabeth. 1509 
Halitreholm, Robert. 1526 
Hall, Thurs'an. 1527 
Hamertcn, John. 1513 
Hansby, Robert. 1520 
Hanson, Edmund. 1511 
Hardcastle, George. 1521 
Harper, Lady Jane. 1512 
Henry son, John. 1525 
Hercy, Humfrey. 1511 
Hertley, John. 1529 

Robert. 1521 

Hildreth, Ralph. 1521 
Hiliard, Jane. 1527 
Holbeck, William. 1512 
Holme, John. 1513 
Huntiogdon, Thomas, 1526 
Huyk, John. 1514 

Jacson, John. 1524 
♦Jenkynson. Richard. 1515 
Johnson, John. 1527 

Robert. 1522 

Jowkyn, Sir William. 1516 

Lacy, Thomas. 1525 
Langton, Thomas. 1517 
Laycock, Richard. 1528 
Ledum, John. 1530 
Legh, Thomas. 1522 
Leppington, Cecily, 1526 



































Lerryffax, William. 1530 
♦Locksmith, Robert. 1631 
Lord, Brian. 1526 
Lutton, Stephen. 1515 


Maners, Humfrey. 1509 
Mares, William. 1529 
Markenfield, Sir Ninian. 1527 
Marley, James. 1624 
Marshall, John. 1524 
Mason, Thomas. 1528 
Mauleverer, James. 1517 
Maupas, John. 1530 
Mellers, Apnes. 1613 
Melton, William. 1528 
Middleton, Antony. 1519 


Nawton, Thomas. 1515 
Nelson, William. 1524 
Nevell, Robert. 1524 
Neville, John. 1515 
Norman, John. 1525 
Normanville, William. 1620 


Palmes, Brian. 1519 

Brian. 1528 

Guy. 1516 

Passelew, Alexander. 1513 
Peke, Richard, 1516 
Perot, John. 1518 
Pety, Robert. 1527 
Pilkington, Edmund. 1528 
Place, Cuthbert. 1513 
Procter, Geoffrey. 1524 
Pudsev, Ambrose. 1621 
1 Henry. 1517 


Rasen, John. 1527 
Rayner, Robert. 1513 
Rede, William. 1522 
Redman. Edward. 1510 
Reresby, Ralph. 1527 




Ricard, Nicolas, 
Riche, Nicholas. 
Robson. Thomas. 
































Boo&lej, Roger. 1522 133 

Bocliffe, Sir John. 1631 221 

KogersoD, John. 1524 154 

Rokeby, William. 1621 122 

Roos, James. 1514 50 

Robert. 1629 202 

Boose, Robert. 1520 94 
Rose, John. 1528 193 
Russel, WilUam. 1523 142 
Ryther, Sir Ralph. 1520 104 
Thomas. 1627 176 


Scargill, Elizabeth. 1525 169 
$:;erope. Lady Elizabeth. 1514 43 

Sir Ralph. 1615 53 

Shaw. Thomas. 1616 65 

Shepherd, William. 1610 15 

Skyrley, Robert. 1522 128 

sutler, Giles. 1521 117 

Smith, Catherine. 1522 124 

William. 1525 163 

Smyth, John. 1526 168 

Thomas. 1530 216 

Sothill, Alison. 1509 5 
Stapleton. Sir Brian. 1618 76 
Staunton, Thomas. 1517 72 
Stevynson, Thomas. 1521 105 
St. Paul, Thomas. 1511 21 
St. Quintin, John. 1614 46 
Strangways, Thomas. 1622 129 
Strey, Thomas. 163d 210 
Strickland, Thomas. 1516 64 
Sutton, Sir Thomas. 1520 89 
Swann, William. 1528 188 
Swift, John. 1529 198 
Sir Thomas. 1524 157 


Taylor, Su: Thomas. 1512 26 

Tee, Richard. 1524 14T 

♦Tennanrt, John. 1616 66 

Threscrosse, Geoffrey. 1520 93 

Thurescrosse, Joan. 1523 140 

Tbwaites, Sir Henry. 1520 93 

♦ Thwaites, William. 1612 27 

Thwengr, Marm. 1609 9 

Tocketts, John. 1519 85 

Tong,John. 1521 112 

Turner, WUliam. 1521 116 

♦ Underwood, John. 1516 57 

Vasey, William. 1614 49 

Vavasour, Henry. 1509 8 


Wadeluff, John. 1 5.30 21 3 

Walworth, John. 1519 88 

Wanseford, Gerard. 1513 81 

Ward, Isabel. 1522 136 

Roger. 1529 217 

Watton, John. 1509 10 

Wensdale, Brian. 1619 82 

Wentworth, Thomas. 1622 123 

Westby, Isabel. 1522 131 

Wickersly, John. 1528 186 

Wilcoke, Richard. 1520 102 

Wildon, Robert. 1526 169 

Wilflit, Richard. 1520 92 

Williamson, John. 1629 203 

Willoughby, Richard. 1626 161 

Thomas. 1524 148 

Wise, William. 1523 138 

Wortley, Sir Thomas. 1614 46 


Young, John. 1518 62 
Thomas. 1512 28 

Zouche, Lady Margaret, 1530 211 



N.B. — The lettei' n after the page re/eri to the note. 

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C. ' 

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173 » 

Cartwright, , 90 

Carver, Sir Job. 108 n 

Casseley, Thos. 179 

Casson, Sir Job. 40; Maud, 40 

Castilforth, Alex. 160, 161; Anne, 

160; Peter, 246 
Caswell, Wm. 42 
Caterall, Job. 45 
Cattail, Sir Chris. 179 
Cawod, Gervaise, 288 ; Walt. 288 
Chaloner, Robt. 226, 285, 287, 323 
Chamberlane, Isabel, 116, 179 
Chamer, Chaumer, Agn. 15 n ; Edwd. 

196 n ; Maud, Ion; Peter, 219 
Champagnac, Mr. 95 n 
Chapman, Alice, 241, 243; Job. 24 

and n, 65 and n, 134, 179, 232, 

240; Margt. 241 
Charlesby, Margt. 15 n 

Charter, , 260 

Chaworth, Sir Geo. 125, 149 

Cheri, Uxor, 289 

Cherleton, Jas. 105 

Cheston, Robt. 39, 100 

Chew, Rich. 46 

Cheyne, Margt. 307 n ; Wm. 307 n 

Chomley, Eliz. 77 n ; Sir Rich. 77 n 

Chymnay, Wm. 32 

Claiburgh, Wm. 241 and n, 242, 243, 

Claiton, Rauf. 246 ; Wm. 131 

Clarell, Alice. 246 

Clark, Clerke, Alice, 4; Sir Chris. 

110; Hugh, 4; Laur. 131; Marg. 

4, 5 ; Rich. 149, 302 ; Kobt. 140, 

141 n, 154 ; Thos. 151, 159 ; Wm. 

4, 5, 110, 281, 282; , 298 

Clatercotbes, , 66 

Clay, Job. 247 n 
Clederow, tee Cliderowe 
Clerkson, Job. 234 ; Simon, 266 
Clervaux, Alice, 21; Hen. 20, 21; 

Herbert, 20 n ; Humfrey, 20 n ; 

Jane, 20 n ; Job. 20 ; Rich. 20 n 
Cliderowe, Clederow, Rauf. 246 ; Rich. 

123 w 
Cliflfe, Robt. 39 
Clifford, Antony, 124, 188 ; Eleanor, 

232 n ; Lady Florence, 130 ; Sir 

Hen. 183 w, 232 n; Sir Thos. 

Clifton, Cath. 51 ; Esacbe, 287, 288, 

Cocroft, Sir Wm. 88 
Cokay, Job. 302 
Coke, Alice, 117; Job. 149; Rich. 

117; Robt. 117 
Cokeson, Sir Thoe. 175 
Cokket, Job. 34, 140, 213, 263 
Cole, Stephen, 190, 191 
Colette, Dr. 254 
Colla, Wm. 201 
Collinson, Rauf. 235 n, 237 
Colson, Joh. 70, 283 
Colthorp, Miles, 256, 260 
Coltman, Agn. 121; Joh. 178, 179; 

Sir Joh. 121 
Colville, Thos. 101 n 
Colyer, Joh. 253 
Colyn, Job. 82 
Colywell, Rich. 167 
C<^myn, Alvery, 287 
Constable, Agnes, 137 n, 138; Anne, 

1 w, 3; Barbara, 137 n, 168; 

Chas. 137 w, 138; Dr. (Dean of 

Lincoln), 90, 91 ; Eliz. 167, 170 ; 

Jane, 167; Jas. 167, 168, 169; 

Joh. 91, 93, 229; Sir Job. 116; 

Mann. 2, 229 ; Sir Marm. 10. 88, 

89, 91, 93, 116, 166, 170, 260; 

Matilda, 1,2; Ralph, 1 n ; Robt. 

55, 136, 166 and n, 168, 169; Sir 

Robt. 10, 56, 169. 206; Thos. 56. 

57 and n; Wm. 2, 47, 56, 57 

andn, 90, 91, 93; Sir Wm. 56, 

91, 133, 137 n, 170 
Constantino, Joh. 220 
Conyers. Chris. 104 w, 162, 191, 193, 

199, 200, 244. 286; Sir Chris. 

310, 313. 316 ; Jane, 94 ; Sir Joh. 



42 n; Lady, 119; Leon. 43; 

Margaret, 307 ; Marjory, 119 ; 

Sir Thos. 106; Wm. Lord, 43, 

82, 191 
CJook, Cooke, Cuke, Chris. 66, 133; 

Edm. 251 n, 252, 256, 290, 294 ; 

Edward, 69 ; Joh. 98, 293 ; Margt. 

293; Robt. 292; Wm. 79 w, 

Coolbrond, Hen. 157 
Coplay, Copley, Anne, 11 and «, 12 ; 

Edwd. 97; Eliz. 11; Hen. 11 

and n; Isabel, 11; Jenet, 11; 

Joh. 11 and », 12, 201, 202; 

Lionel, 11 and n ; Rich. 1 1 and n ; 

Thos. 11 ; Wm. 11 and », 12, 54, 

83 ; Sir Wm. 295 n 
Copper, Rich. 43 
Cordwyner, Sir Robt. 124 
Corwell, Thos. 98 
Cost, Joh. 42 
Cotes, Cottes, Jas. 169 ; Robt. 167 ; 


Covell, Agn. 78; Isabell, 78; Thos. 


Coward, Sir , 246 

Cowdrey, Morgan, 81 

Cowhill, Agn. 303 

Cowper, Joh. 95 ; Margt. 95 ; Peter, 

176; Wm. 173, 269; Sir Wm. 

Cowthor, Miles, 293 
Cowton, Joh. 134 ; Thos. 138 ; Wm. 

Craike, Margt. 135 
Crakenthorp, Geo. 323 
Cramwell, Eliz. 67 
Craucester, Edm. 61 n ; Rich. 61 n 
Craven, Joh. 16 
Crawsha, Sir Joh. 248 
Cressy, Hugh, 296, 297 
Crewker, Joh. 211 
Croftes, Sir Joh. 230 
Crofton, Sir Robt. 61 n 
Croke, Sir Robt. 262 
Crokehaye, Wm. 272 
Cromb, Thos. 57 n 

Crosseley, , 143 

Crowe, Joh. 73 
Cuke, see Cook 

Cure, Alice, 162; Beat. 162; Mich. 
162; Nich. 162; Peter, 162; 

Philip, 162; Wm. 98 n, 161 

Curson, Eliz. 297 
Curtas, Thos. 163 
Custance, Joh. 38 
Cutler, Robt. 31 ; Thos. 32 
Cutte, Joh. 51 ; Sir Joh. 51, 52, 105 


Dacre, Lord, 155 n, 156, 157, 205; 

Sir Chris. 205 
Dalby, Eliz. 203; Francis, 203; 

Richaid, 202, 203 ; Thos. 98, lOO 
Dalton, Thos. 171 
Danby, Agnes, 28, 86 ; Anne, 26 ; 

Antony, 28 ; Sir Chria. 27 Jt, 65, 

86, 87 ; Dorothy, 51 ; Ellen, 153 ; 

Geo. 27 ; , 83 n; Jas. 27. 28 ; 

Sir Jas. 27 ii, 86 and n, 87 ; Lucj, 

153 ; Mai^. 28, 86, 87 ; Robt. 27 ; 
Wm. 109 
Danport, Margt. 298 
Darcy, Dercy, Sir Geo. 86, 262 ; Sir 

Thos. Lord, 57, 64 
Dambnike, Daynbrook, Agn. 186 n ; 

Joh. 187 and n 
Darwentwater, Edwd. 252, 261 
Davell, Thos. 263 

Davies, , 40 n 

Davyson, Sir Rich. 61 n 

Dawnay, Sir Guy, 107 ; , 247 n 

Dawson, Bertram, 61 and n; Eliz. 

15 n; Jenet, 61, 62; Sir Harm. 

186 w; Rich. 162. 296; Sir Rich. 

324 ; Thos. 62 ; Wm. 187 
Daye, Sir Geo. 263 ; Rich. 204 
Dayll, Robt. 300. 301 
Dayson, Hen. 225 n 
Delaverer, De la River, Marm. 309 n ; 

Thos. 309, 313, 316 
Demps, Jas. 22 n 

Denman, Nich. 36, 66 ; Thos. 25 n 
Denton, Eliz. 304, 305; Rich. 305; 

Robt. 59 ; Sir Robt. 296, 304 
Derby, Lord, 128 
Dereluf, Sur Wm. 163 
Derfeld, Thos. 247 n 
Derley, Sir Joh. 262 
Dey, Joh. 305 ; Sk Wm. 164 
Diconson, Sir Thos. 151 
Dicson, Dixon, Agn. 159 ; Chris. 159 ; 

Sir Joh. 113; Nich. 15 w, 16; 

Robt. 159 ; Thos. 159, 218 ; Wm. 

Dikes, Hen. 28 
Dilcoke, Margt. 283 ; Robt. 283 ; Thoe. 

281, 282 
Dobill,Wm. 132 
Dobson, Robt. 295 n 
Doddington, Alice, 4 and n, 5 n ; Whl 

4 and n 
Dodman, Jon. 103 n 
Dodsworth, Cicilie, 119; Chris. 119; 

Dorothy, 119; Joh. 119 and »; 

Margt. 119; Roger, 87, 119 «; 

Wm. 119 



Dodworth, Galfrid, 43 
Dogeson, Mar^. 138 
Donnyngton, Thos. 98 
Doughty, Agn. 48 ; Rich. 47 
Dowman, Joh. 81 
Downeley, Chas. 142 
Dowson, Friar, 230 
Drake, 198 n 
Dransfield, Eliz. 237 
Draper, Edm. 98 ; Hen. 97, 98 
DrawBwerd, Christabelle, 2(>8 ; Geo. 
2G8 ; Maud, 268, 269 ; Thos. 267 
Drax, Joh. 247 n 
Drew, Joh. 135 
Drewer, Joh. 81 
Drury, Sir Bobt. 83 
Dudley, Edm. 286 ; Mr. 30 n 
Duffield, Jas. 34, 107 
Dunham, Sir Joh. 149 ; Joh. 149 
Durham, Sir Chris. 206 
Dyneley, Hen. 224 
Dysnay, Rich. 85 n 


Eden, Agnes, 98 n; Antony, 98; 

Eliz. 98 ; Joh. 98 andn ; Thos. 98 
Edward ni., Rex. 148 
Edward IV., Rex. 22 n, 89 n 
Egerton, Joh. 287 
Eland, John, 118; Mr. 117; Nich. 

135,136; Robert, 136 
Elder, Joh. 313 
Elizabeth, Queen, 232 n 
Elleker, EUercar, Rauf, 160 ; Sir Rauf, 

160; Sir Wm. 206 
Ellerton, Sir Robt. 256, 262. 291, 293 
Ellis, EUys, Elys, Joh. 58 ; Sir Joh. 

58 ; Mrs. 305 ; Nich. 164, 195 ; 

Sir Rich. 107, 123; Stephen, 57; 

Thos. 58, 296, 304, 305; Wm. 

145, 195 

Elmden, . 307 ; Wm. 313, 314 

Elphin, Joh. Bishop of, 221, 222 
Else, Jas. 211 
Elslay, Alice, 303 

Eltoftes, , 104; Chris. 11 n, 105 

Elton, Sir Thos. 25 and n 

Elwald, Joh. 245 n, Robt. 245 and n 

Elyngworth, Wm. 249 n 

Emmond, Robt. 154 

English, Wm. 41,42 

Erasmus, 72 n 

Erie. Sir Thos. 27 ; Wm. 226 

Ersden, Sir Edwd. 280 

Esbum, Thos. 238 

Esh, Antony, 189 « 

Esheley, Hen. 286 

Kshton, Helen, 134 ; Jane, 134 ; Marm. 
134 ; Thos. 133 

Essex, Anne, 24 and n ; Geo. 24 and n ; 
Johanna, 24 ; Matilda, 24 

Estuby, Robt. 166 

Eure, Eury, see Evers 

Everingbam, Sir Edm. 173 n; Eliz. 
8n; Hen. 64, 173, 174; Joh. 9, 
83 ; Sir Joh. 8 n, 54, 173 and n ; 
Nich. 173 n; Rich. 173 n, 247, 
248 ; Thos. 9 ; Wm. 173 n 

Evers, Eure, Eury, Alice, 120 n ; Beat. 
120 n, 121, 161 n; Cicilie, 121, 
1 62 ; Geo. 9 and n, 17, 120 and w, 
161 n; Jane, 206; Sir Joh. 201, 
202; Margt. 121; Mary. 120 », 
162; Sir Ralph, 56, 67, 206; 
Robt. 246 ; Wm. 120 n ; Sir Wm. 
67, 311, 316 ; Lady, 246, 260 

Ewre (or Godsalve), Thos. 267 

Exton, Thos. 137 

Eyre, Eire, Alice, 66 ; Chris. 66 ; Edwd. 
65, 66, 245, 246 and n; Geo. 36 
Isabel, 66 ; Joh. 252, 261, 262 
Lucy, 66; Sir Mich. 66; Mrs. 
246; Phil. 66; Sir Robt. 66 
Roger, 65 

Faceby, Sir Joh. 16 ; Wm. 274 

Fairfax, Agnes, 122 n; Anne, 122, 
123 »; Brian, 122 n; Dorothy, 
122 and n ; Eliz. 122 ; Guy, 67 n ; 
Isabel, 122; Jane, 122 n; Mr. 
285; Nich. 81, 122 and n, 123 
and », 264 ; Sir Nich. 124 and n ; 
Thos. 9, 59, 122 n. 123 n, 124 and 
n, 126, 229 ; Sir Thos. 81, 121 and 
n, 122 ; Robt. 122 and n, 123 

Farhaire, Wm. 9, 161 

Fawkes, Wm. 243, 262 

Federstanhaugh, Janet, 21 

Felton, Thos. 8 

Fenkyll, Hen. 61 n ; Joh. 61 « ; Thos. 
61 n 

Feme, Jas. 101 

Femoll, Joh. 247 n 

Fetherstone, Hugh, 176 

Fewlar, Joh. 289 

Findern, Geo. 210, 211; Mary, 211; 
i Robt. 211 ; Thos. 208 

! Fishe, Joh. 226 

Fisher, Geo. 214 

Fitzhugh, Lord, 88 » 

Fitzthomas, Joh. 163 

Fitzwilliam, Alice, 46 ; Anne, 45 ; 
Humfrey, 82 ; Joh. 45 and n, 83 ; 



Margt. 245 n ; Sir Rich. 245 n ; 

Thos. 45 ; Wm. 82. 83 
Flecher, Edwd. 189, 190, 191 ; Thofl. 

154 ; Wm. 301 
Flemyng, Agn. 11 », 234 ; Eliz. 235 n ; 

Thos. 2G9; Wm. 235 « 
Flento, Isabel, 21 ; Margt. 21 ; Wm. 21 
Flonders, Alice, 119 
Flowre, Jespar, 279, 280 
Foljambe, family of, 45 n 
FoUer, see Fowler 
Folyfate, Wm. 72 
Forae, Thos. 68, 177. 252. 260, 261, 

262, 263 
Fosgrave, Rich. 7 
Foster, Forster, Alex. 98 n, 120 ; Anne, 

203 ; Eliz. 203 ; Helen, 1 ; Isabel, 

205 ; Johanna, 203 ; Joh. 61 » ; 

Margt. 203; Nich. 61 w, 219; 

I^wr. 154, 203; Robt. 67 »; 

Roland, 166 
Fotehede, Joh. 27 

Fotherby, , 230 

Fowler, Foller, Robt. 153. 154, 155 
Fox, Cuthbert, 316; Joh. 100; Rich. 

100; Sir Rich. 101; Thos. 253; 

Sir Thos. 179; Wm. 100 
Frances, Joh. 295 n 
Francland, Ellen, 186 n; Galfrid,252 
Franke, Thos. 57 and «, 61 «, 313 ; 

Sir Thos. 56, 57 and n, 96, 190; 

SirWm. 112 
Frankisse, Agn. 272; Anne. 160; 

Isabel, 286; Jas. 296; Joh. 272; 

Margt. 107 n; Sir Nich. 198; 

Rich. 107 ; Wm. 271 
Franklyn, Agn. 178 ; Jeff. 178, 179; 

Thos. 178 
Frear, Frere, Geo. 123; Mr. 206 
Freman, Matilda, 139 
Freshwell, Arthur, 65 
Frikeley, Sir Roger, 53 
Frobisher, Francis, 160, 161, 295 », 

Frost, Joh. 57 n ; Margt. 208 ; Robt. 

18 and n ; Wm. 19 
Fuister, George, 306 ; Humfrey, 306 ; 

Johanna, 306 
Fulbonm, Francis, 62 
Fulwood, Fulwode, Rich. 59; Thos. 

296, 297 
Fynwell. Alice, 140; Jas. 140; Joh. 

140; Robt. 140; Thos. 140 


Gabitas, Sir Wm. 149 
Gafarer, Joh. 103 n 

Gale, Gaille, Dean, 245 n ; Geo. 222, 

243, 245 n; Wm. 234 
Gamyll, Sir Wm. 1©4 
Garbot, llios. 293 
Garford, Sir Hen. 188 
Gargrave, Geo. 52, 107 n, 108 ; Margt. 

62; Thos. 52, 53, 54, 1G4; Six 

Thos. 62 and n; Robt. 164 
Garland, Mr. 144 
Gamer, Eliz. 39, 48 ; Jenet, 48 ; Joh. 

39; Peter, 39; Robt. 39 and n ; 

Wm. 48 
Garnet, Jenet, 201 ; Margt. 201 
Garret, Robt. 78 
Garthome, Joh. 166 
Garton, Sir Thos. 71 
Gascoign, Anne, 121 n; Cath. 200; 

Dorothy, 232 n ; Eliz. 23 ; Isabel, 

200 ; Jane, 284 ; Rich. 82 ; Ralph, 

200 ; Wm. 9, 201 ; Sir Wm. 9. 19, 

23, 121 «, 232 n 
Gask, Sir Wm. 27 
Gatt on, Johanna, 171 
Gaytford, Joh. de, 26 n 
Gelsthrope, Sir Hen. 222 
GenkeU, Wm. Ill 
Gerike, Thos. 79 
Gerves, Anne, 238; Edm. 237, 238; 

Joh. 237; Peter, 238; Thos. 238; 

Wm. 237, 238 
Gest, Agn. 264; Alice. 264; Anne, 

263 ; Edm. 263, 264 (Bishop of 

Rochester); Ellen, 264; Robt. 

263, 264 ; Wm. 264 
Gibson. Mr. 193; PhU. 116 
Gilbum, Wm. 218 
Giles, Robt. 252 
Gill, Joh. 113 
Gilliot, Gylliott, Alice, 15 ft; Cath. 

12 n, 13, 16; Joh. 12 » ; Sir Joh. 

9, 12 and w, 160; Lawr. 15, 16; 

Margt. 18, 17; Matilda, 16 n; 

Maud, 13, 16 and n, 16, 17; Mr. 

200; Peter, 15 and n, 16, 17; 

Robt. 15 n ; Wm. 12 n, 16, 17 
GiUour, Gillow, Agn. 150, 151 ; Cath. 

151; Geo. 160, 151 ; Isabel, 150, 

161 ; Joh. 207 ; Paul, 160 ; Sitbe, 

151 ; Thos. 151, 207; Wm. 151 
Gilson, Alice, 162, 163; Etlz. 186 n 
Girton, Agn. 182; Eliz. 182; Hen. 

181, 182; Rich. 181; Robt. 182; 

Wm. 182 
Glasen, Sir Joh. 262 
Glewe, Rich. 144 
Gloasope, Ralph, 260 
Godsalve, Thos. 242 
Godwyn, Chr. 73 
Godyere, Robt. 129 



Gk>i8lie, Margt. 11 

Goldsbro, Johan. 119; Rich. 107 n; 

Thos. 1 10 
Goldsmith, Thos. 249 n, 288 
Goodfellow, Steph. 194 
Goodknap, Wm. 171 ; Eliz. 2 
Gower, Agnes, 160, 161; Anne, 47; 

Sir Edwd. 57 and n, 160, 161 ; 

EUz. 47; Ellen, 47; Geo. 47; 

Isabel, 47 ; Jane, 47 ; Joh. 47 ; 

Sir Joh. 47 and n, 56; Johan. 

227; Mr. 206; Margt. 47; Robt. 

47 ; Thos. 1 w, 47 and n, 160 ; 

Walt. 47 
Gowsill, Francis, 138 
Granger, Joh. 102 ; Sir Thos. 193 
Grante, Rich. 203 
Gray, Grey, Hen. 298 ; Joh. 73 ; Margt. 

51 ; Sir Ralph, 61 n; Thos. 51 

(Marqnis of Dor.set) 
Graystoke, Agn. 3; Beat. Lady, 84, 

115, 134, 136, 166 ; EUz. 3 ; Lord, 

134, 204 n, 205; Robt. 175 
Greenhood, Alice, 133; Eliz. 132; Sir 

Geoffrey, 133 ; Sir Richard, 132 ; 

Robert, 133 ; Thos. 132 
Greenside, Joh. 176 
Greenwood, Sir Geoflf. 133 ; Robt. 

124; Sir Robt. 274 
Gregson, Robt. 303 
Grene, Agn. 196 n; Eliz. 247 n; Joh. 

195. 198; Sir Joh. 186, 188; 

Margt. 195, 196 n; Robt. 196 n; 

Thos. 75, 114 ; Sir Thos. 31, 224, 

295 n ; Wm. 20, 114, 247 «, 249 ; 

, 106 

Gresham, Sir Thos. 115 
Greve, Sir Thos. 188; Wm. 188 
Griffith, Agn. 287; Eliz. 287; Jane, 

287. 289 ; Joh. 287, 288 ; Marg. 

287; Sir Walter, 287 

Qrocen, , 73 

Grunnell, Joh. 77 

Grymston, Thos. 2 

Oryse, Gryce, Joh. 22 n ; Thos. 285 

Guide, Mr. 193 

Guyll, Robt. 30 n 

Gu'vmer, Thos. 265 

Ouysbum, Jas. Prior of, 309, 312, 313, 

Gybbon, Sir Roger, 34 
Gymlyn, Mr. 206 


Hacbaroo, Margt. 268 

Haddilsay, Sir Joh. 236 ; Wm. 137 n 

llaibome, Thos. 212 

Haill, Dr. 262 

Haitfeld, Agn. 2 ; Antony, 1 n ; 

Dora, 1 n; Eliz. 1 and n; Joan, 1 n ; 

Joh. 1 n, 2 ; Margt. 1 n ; Matilda, 

1 n; Rich. 141 «; Robt. 1 n; 

Steph. 1 and n ; Thos. 1 and n, 2 ; 

Wm. 1 and n 
Hakfurth, Jenet, 21 
Haknay, Robt. 138 
Halam, Sir Wm. 298 

Haldenby, , 111 

Halitreholme, Robt. 203 ; Thos. 203 
Hall, Halle, HauU, Alice, 72 

(Prioress of Arlhington Abbey); 

Cath. 235, 236 ; Eliz. 235, 236 ; 

Hen. 154; Sir Hen. 188; Hugh, 

171 ; Jenet, 236, 237 ; Joh. 61 », 

216, 289; Sir Joh. 149; Laur. 

246; Margt. 135; Rich. 135; 

Robt. 272; Thos. 247 n; Thur- 

Stan, 235, 236 ; Wm. 22 n 
Halyday, Jane, 285 
Hamerton, Anne, 46 ; Eliz. 46 ; Joh. 

46, 68, 182 n; Lanr. 46; Rich. 

46 ; Sir Rich. 45 n ; Steph. 46 ; 

Thos. 46 
Hand, Sir Thos. 126 
Handley, Mr. 282 
Hansby, Agn. 118 and n ; Cath. 118 n ; 

Ellen, 119; Gilbert, 118 »; Joh. 

118 and n ; Margt. 118 n; Rich. 

118 «; Robt. 118 ;Wm. 118 
Hanserd, Sir Hen. 86 
Hanson, Edm. 26 
Harbottle, Ranf, 169 
Hardoastle, Chr. 128 ; Geo. 128 
Harding, Sir Wm. 63 
Hardy, Roger, 128, 162 ; Robt. 242, 

243, 244 
Haiigrave, Joh. 234 
Harington, Joh. 129 ; Wm. 98 », 168, 

215 n, 231 71 
Harland, Robt. 110 
Harling, Rich. 68 
Harper, Ellen, 136; Lady Jane, 36, 

37 ; Joh. 37 and « ; Simond, 49 ; 

Thos. 196 
Harpham, Sir Rich. 230 
Harrop, Adam, 140 
Haryson, Isabel, 212 ; Joh. 224 ; 

Wm. 212 
Hastings, Brian, 145, 151 
Hawkriges, Thos. 219 
Hantclitfe, Joh. 167 ; Robt^ 167 
Hawe, Sir Edm. 202 
Hawken, Joh. 264 
HawkrjTig, Robt. 96 
Hawksworth, Walt. 146 
Hawson, Rich. 31, 32 



Hawte, Cath. 3, 4 

Hay then, Robt. 176, 319 

Haxthorp, Agn. 319 

Hebden, Sir Wm. 162 

Hedlam, Rauf, 308 ; Wm. 308 

Hedon, Chaa. 127, 229, 230; Edm. 

127; Joh. 117:Tho8. 117 
Helay, Jenet, 38 
Heliwell, Percy, 188 
Henry, Rex, IV. 10 and n; VI. 131 ; 

VII. 42 n. 89 n, 232 n ; VIII. 144 
Hercy, Barbara, 25 n ; Ca*h. 25 ; 

Hiimf rey, 25 and n ; Joh. 25 n ; Sir 

Joh. 25 n ; Mr. 36 ; Thos. 25 n 
Hcrker, Wm. 138 
Hernyson, Henryson, or Herrison, 

Agn. 212; Hen. 301; Joh. 211, 

212, 213, 256, 291, 293 ; Sir Joh. 

87; Mr. 32; Robt. 11 n; Sir 

Robt. 292 ; Thos. 238 ; Wm. 212 
Herron, Jarret, 313 
Hartley, Alice, 129; Chris. 269; Sir 

Hen. 275; Joh. 274; Sir Joh. 

274 ; Leon. 274 n ; Sir Miles, 44 ; 

Robt. 32, 128 
Heslerton, Anne, 106 n; Brian, 106 and 

n; Edm. 106 n; Eleanor, 106 n; 

Eostacia, 103 n ; Guy, 106 and n ; 

Joh. 81, 106 n, 107, 154 ; Marg. 

106 n, 153 ; Thos. 106 and n ; Wm. 

106 n 
Hethyng, Wm. 318 
Hewerdine, Wm. 176 
Heweson, Heweteon, Joh. 22 n ; Mr. 

Hewett, Joh. 96 n 
Higdon, Brian (Dean of York), 85, 

121, 179, 229, 244 
Hildreth, Alice, 136; Jane, 136; 

Ralph, 136 
Hiliard, Chr. 230; Eliz. 230; Jane, 

230; Joh. 230; Martin, 230; 

Peter, 230 and n ; Rich. 230 
Hilton, Agn. 324 ; Mr. 132 ; Sir Thos. 

313, 316; Wm. 91,93 
Hobson, Francis, 295 n ; Joh. 295 ?t, 

297, 305 ; Sir Robt. 295 m; Wm. 

295 n; Sir ,296 

Hoby, Huby, Alice, 136 ; Wm. 17 
Hogeson, Joh. 15 n ; Robt. 100 
Hoggerde, Sir Wm. 55 
Holbeck, Dora, 33; Edwd. 33, 34; 

Mary, 33 ; Wm. 32 and n, 33, 34 
Holgate, Joh. 226 ; Thos. 199 
Holland, Joh. 248 
Hollingbrig, Sir Joh. 160 
Holme, Alice, 44; Edwd. 44 ; Joh. 44; 

Sir Joh. 135 ; Mr. 19 ; Sir Rauf, 

246 ; Rich. 46 ; Sir Wm. 239 

Holyngley, Jas. 249 n 

Hombeloke, Sir Geo. 160 

Homes, Joh. 230 ; Mrs. 230 

Hopton, Anne, 160; Rauf, 164 

Homeby, Hen. 27 

Homer, Chris. 165 ; Geo. 234 

Horton, Joh. 182 n 

Hoser, Rauf, 224 

Hothome, Wm. 295 n 

Houghton, Wm. 205 and n 

Howard, Sir Edm. 88 n 

Howbanke, Wm. 147 

Howden, Jenet, 226 

Howett^ Wm. 211 

Hoyser, Isabell, 150 « 

Huchonson, Sir Rich. 174 

Hudde, Margt. 61 n 

Huddllston, Hudleston, Sir Job. 23; 

Sir Wm. 87 
Hudson, Jenet, 205; Joh. 191, 317; 

Wm. 276 
Hugh, Joh. 22 n 
Hulley, Hugh, 5 
Hungate, Edwd. 161; Rauf, 160; 

Wm. 161 
Hunt, Eliz. 298 ; Sir Joh. 41 
Hunter, Hounter, Mr. 11 «, 141 n; 

Robt. 280 
Huntingdon, Ambrose, 224 ; Chris. 

224; Dorothy, 224; Jenet, 223, 

224; Margt. 224; Rich. 224; 

Robt. 224 ; Thos. 223, 224 
Hussy, Husay, Agn. 210, 211 ; Sir Joh. 

Hutchon, Sir Thos. 34 
Huwood, Roland, 154 
Huyk, Joh. 49 
Hynkersell, Joh. 30 

Ingleby, Isabel, 232 n ; Sir Wm. 232 n 
Ingram, Nich. 32 

Jackson, Jacson, Agn. 176, 177 
Alice, 177; Sir Chris. 176 
Edwd. 176 ; Ellen, 79 ; Geo. 176 
Joh. 176, 208 n; Lawr. 176 
Margt. 15 n, 135; Peter 15 n, 
218 ; Robt. 272 ; Wm. 123 

James IV., Rex, 12 n 

Jameson, Wm. 7 

Jeffrason, Sir Wm. 135, 205 and n 

Jenkynson, Rich. 68 ; Robt. 135 ; 
Wm. 224 n 



Jenyng, Alioe, 162; Robt. 147 
Jepson, Catb. 286 ; Walt. 286 
Jewes, — , 66 
Jobnson, Agn. 300 ; Alison, 166 ; Elii. 

166 ; Ellen, 239 ; Hen. 239 ; Jas. 

114. 213 ; Job. 238 ; Patrio, 293 ; 

Rich. 239, 300, 301 ; Robt. 102, 

166 ; Sander, 301 ; Wm. 166 ; Sir 

Wm. 60 
Jowkyn, Sir Wm. 71 
Joys, Sir Wm. 74 
Jndson, Sir Oliver, 188 
Jnwetson, Job. 272 


Eater, Agn. 38 ; Tbos. 39 

E^bt, Hen. 293 

Eeid, Ricb. 176 

Eeld, Alice, 291 

Eellett, Edwd. 121, 243 ; Dr. 117,231, 

260, 262 
Eem, Sir Tbos. 126 
Eendale, Cbr. 107 n 
Eepas, Job. 187; Sir Job. 186 n; 

Ricb. 239 
Eercbever, Job. 266 
Eettlewell, Robt. 234 
Eigbelly, Lawr. 264 
Eilbnme, Job. 136 
Eildare, Earl of, 142 
Eillingbek, Tbos. 2861 
Eillingball, Eleanor, 116 9i; Ellen, 

116 ; Wm. 116 n 
Eing, Eyng, Alice, 178; Job. 178; 

Ricb. 64 ; Tbos. 68 
Eirkby, Hen. 132 ; Job. 78 ; Marg. 78, 

178 ; Wm. 42, 131 
Eirke,Job. 138; Mr. 39 
Eirkbam, Sir Tbos. 297 
Enaresburgb, Sir Ricb. 323 
Enolles, Tbos. 76, 76 ; Wm. 24 
Eyddall. Tbos. 106 
Eyldale, Sir Job. 300 
Eytobyn, Tbos. 78 n 

Lacelles, Lasselles, Ricb. 36; Roger, 

113, 166 
Lacbe, Sir Edwd. 87 
Lacy, Lasey, Anne, 206 ; Beat. 286 ; 

Eliz. 206; Isab. 206; Job. 44, 

210; Lancelot. 206 ;Margt. 206; 

MatUda, 206; Rauf, 206; Robt. 

170, 206 ; Tbos. 43 «i, 206, 286 
Lake, Job. 9 

VOL. V, 

Lamb, Sir Geo. 323 

Lambard, Tbos. 77 

Lambert, Job. 73, 188 ; Wm. 306 n 

Lambley, Hen. 114 

Lame, Ricb. 274, 276 

Lameman, Job. 34 

Lancaster, Jane, 116; Joan, 12 n; 

Job. 12 n 
Lane, Marg. 298 
Langdale, Antony, 169, 170 
Langlay, Ranf, 79, 169 
Langston, Job. 60 n 
Langton, Eleanor, 84 ; Frances. 200 ; 

Jenet, 200; Job. 17, 48, 83 n, 84 ; 

Ricb. 201 ; Tbos. 83 and %, 84, 87, 

107 and n, 172 
Lasynby, Hen. 301 ; Sir Ricb. 301 
Latbebere, Ricb. 211 
Laton, Layton, Catb. 107 n ; Mr. 206 ; 

Tbos. 312 
Latymer, Lord, 27, 64, 87 
Laverok, Ricb. 27 
Laward, Tbos. 73 
Lawrence, Tbos. 47 
Laycock, Ricb. 248 
Leoe, Tbos. 60 

Lecestre, Earl of, 232 n ; Job. of. 56 
Lecbe. Ricb. 36 
Ledum, Job. 300 
Lee, Alice, 216 ; Tbos. 146 
Leeke. Leike, Job. 280; Rauf, 246; 

Tbos. 280 

Legerde, , 230 

Legb, Alice, 324; Eliz. 169; Thos. 

169; Wm. 169 
Lelom, Wm. 123 
Leman, Wm. 138 
Lenton, Eliz. 133 
Leppington, Cicily, 224 
Lepton, Tbos. 219 
Lerryffax, Anne, 299; Ellen, 299; 

Robt. 298. 299 ; Wm. 298 
Levenyng, Anne, 293 
Levett, Sir Job. 228; Wm. 176, 226, 

Lewit, Wm. 208 
Lewtie, Brian, 260 
Lewys. Mr. 36 
Leysdale, Sir Wm. 18 
Ligbt. Wm. 189 
Lincoln, Margt. 171 ; Wm. 171 
Lindley, Lyndley, Lynley, Cbr. 234 ; 

Isabel, 264 «i; Thos. 11 n, 174, 

264 n 
Linus, Wm. 102 
Lister, Lyster. Job. 144, 263; Sir 

Job. 263 ; Ricb. 287 
Lisury, Sir Job. 148 
Litster, Jobn, 138 ; Ricb. 145, 226 



Littledale, Mr. 132 n 

Lokkay, Anne, 285 ; Mich. 286 

Loksmith, Joh. 98 ; Robt. 32i 

Lokwood, Joh. 118 n 

Lonoastre, Joh. 77 

Long, Sir Hen. 81 

LoDglej, Jas. 53 n 

Lonsdail, Sir Joh. 98 ; Sir Thos. 135 

Looge, Sir Thos. 303 

Lord, Brian, 222 ; Bdm. 222 ; Edwd. 

222 ; laab. 222 ; Mabel, 222 ; Sir 

Robt. 275 ; Sir Thos. 222, 223 
Lorymer, Thos. 253 ; Sir Thos. 179 
Low, Hen. 65 
Lowike, Hen. 136 
Lownde, Lonnd, Cath. of, 171 ; Joh. of, 

171 ; Thos. 269 
Lowson, Sir Chas. 176 
Lowther, Robt. 268 
Loyn, Rioh. de, 17 n 
Lucas, Stephen, 139 
Lomley, Sir Joh. 313 
Luter, Wm. 234 
Lutton, Bliz. 62 ; Isabel, 62 n ; Jane, 

63; Margt. 62 n; Robt. 63; 

Steph. 62 and n ; Thos. 62 and n ; 

Wm. 62 n 
Lydy^rde, Elis. 2 ; Robt. 2 
Lyly, Agn. 49 ; Bdm. 49 ; Joh. 30 and 

n, 49 ; Rich. 30 n ; Robt. 32 ; Thos. 

49; Wm. 49 
Lymbeden, Sir Thos. 212, 213 
Lyndsay, Johanna, 58 
Lynscaill, Sir Joh. 319 
Lysle, Umfrey, 313 

Maohell, Hen. 95 

Maderson, Edwd. 118 

Magnus, Thos. 31, 229, 243, 244 

Mahew, Geo. 48 

Mair, Mr. 117 

Makarell, Mich. 324 

Malberthorp, Anne, 70 n ; — — -, 70 n 

Malson, Wm. 7 

Maltster, Joh. 21 

Man, Joh. 162 ; Milo, 162 ; Robt. 244 ; 

Thos. 162 ; Wm. 162, 244 
Mauby, Jane, 171 
Manors, Agn. 8; Janet, 8; Joh. 8'; 

Sibill, 8 ; Thos. 8 ; Umfrey, 7 
Mannsfield, Sir Wm. 211 
Mapils, Hugh, 282 
Mapley, Edm. 230 
Marchand, Alice, 301 
Mares, Wm. 303 
Margaret, Princess, 12 n 

Markenfield, Ag^ 234 ; Anne, 104 ii; 

232 n ; Dorothy, 233, 234 ; Elea- 
nor, 233, 234, 236; Job. 232 s, 

234, 235 ; Sir Ninian. 109, 232 and 

n ; Thos. 232 n, 234, 236 and n ; 

Sir Thos. 104 n, 232 n; Wm. 234 
Markham, Sir Joh. 86 
Marley, Merley, Bartram* 211 ; Jas. 

175; Sir Rich. 176, 301, 302, 313. 

316 ; Robt. 176, 301 
Marshall, Edm. 119 ; Hen. 162 ; Jas. 

64, 66 ; Joan, 191 n ; Joh. 14, 117, 

191 and n ; Mary, 193 ; Peter, 316 ; 

Wm. 24, 107 and n, 154, 191 «; 

Sir Wm. 133 
Marsk, Robt. 319 
Marsyngall, Thos. 154 
Martin, Joh. 117 
Marton, Chr. 112; Hen. 188; Robt. 

Mason, Mayson, Agn. 270, 271 ; Alice, 

270 ; Antony, 39 ; Hen. 201 ; Job. 

270, 271 ; Mrs. 147 ; Rich. 71 ; 

Robert, 68 ; Thos. 147, 269, 270, 

271 ; Wm. 144, 269 
Masson, Lawr. 300 
Matheson, Alex. 249 n 
Mathew, Archbishop, 232 n 
Mathewman, Robt. 237 
Matho, Wm. 234 
Mauleverer, Malleyerer, Anne, 83; 

Jas. 83; Joan, 83 ; Sir Ralph, 83; 

Sir Rich. 109 ; Wm. 69, 83 
Maupas, Eliz. 294 ; Janet, 294 ; Joh. 

294 ; Peter, 294 
Maxwell, Wm. 215 
Mayne, Agn. 202 
Maynman, Anne, 155 
Meath, Bishop of, 143 
Meir, Wm. 221 
Mell, Beat. 178 
Mellers, Agn. 41 'and n; Joh. 41 

Rich. 41 and n; Sir Rich. 41 

Robt. 41 and n, 42; Thos. 42 

Wm. 41 
Melton, Dr. 260, 262, 263, 290 h; Sir 

Joh. 251 n, 262, 263; Nich. 252. 

260, 263; Wm. 261 n, 256; Sir 

Wm. 26n;247n 
Menvell, Joh. 2 
Meryng, Meiryng, Joh. 195 ; Mr. 286 ; 

Robt. 195 
Metcalf, Adam, 226; Barbara, 6 n; 

Sir Edm. 5 n ; Emy, 6 n ; Janet, 

6 n; Joh. 5 n, 100, 193 ; Martin, 

269; Maud, 5 n; Mr. 5 n; Sir 

Wm. 38 
Metham, Mr. 250 
Meuxe, Rich. Abbot of, 299 



Mejrkly, Rich. 48 

Michelson, Wm. 114 

Middleton, Antony, 102 and n, 103 ; 

Sir Edm. 102 n, 103, 222 ; Jane, 

102 n ; Joh. 102 n, 103 ; Johanna, 

103 ; Margt. 102 n ; Maad, 102 n ; 

Miles, 103 ; Nich. 163 n ; Oliver, 

102 n; Peter, 60; Raynold, 103; 

Rich. 103; Robt 102 n; Roger, 

142 ; Simon, 102 n, 103 ; Thos. 

277 ; Wm. 59, 60 ; Sir Wm. 6 n, 

Migne, M. 96 n 
Mlklay, Sir Job. 201 
Mild, Mr. 30 n 
Milner, Mylner, Jenet, 204 ; Sir Joh. 

132 n ; Nich. 261 ; Robt. 135 ; Sir 

Robt 218 ; Thos. 132 n, 206 

Mirfield, , 140 

Molyneux, Robt. 86 

Monoeaaz, Joh. de, 173 

Montague, Isabel, 50; Joh. Marquis 

of, 50 
Mook, Mike, Alice, 242; Wm. 242, 

Moor, Joh. 135 ; Sir Robt. 135 
Moralx, Natal, 324 
More, Joh. 263; Margt. 103 n; Nich. 

81 ; Thos. 293 
Morley, Sir Rich. 41 ; Jas. 283 
Morton, Joh. 279 
Morwyn, Sir Robt. 217 
Moseley, Sir Joh. 100 ; Sir Wm. 236, 

Motinte, Agn. 295 n; Ellen, 295 n; 

Jenet, 295 n ; Roger, 295 n, 296 
Mountejoye, Lord, 64 
Mountford, Joh. 207 ; Thos. 207 
Mountney, Antony, 260, 261, 262; 

Robt. 54, 260, 261, 262 
Mowbray, Wm. 312 
Mownforthe, Mr. 129 
Munketon, Rich. 322, 324 
Murhows, Robt. 289 
Mnsgrave, Geo. 28 
Myre, Sir Wm. 84 


Nalton, Nawton, Alice, 67 n; Beat. 

67 n; Brian, 67 n; Oath. 67 n, 

68 ; Eliz. 67, 68 ; Hen. 67 ; Joh. 

67 n ; Margt. 67 »? Nich. 67 ; 

Philippa, 67 n ; Rich. 67 n ; Robt. 

67 «, 106 n; Wm. 67 and n, 68 
Neckall, Wm. 20 
Nelson, Agn. 198 n; Oath. 198 n; 

Chris. 198 n, 199,200,201 ; Jenet, 

199, 200, 201 ; Peter, 200 ; Rich. 

200 ; Thos. 198 n, 199, 200 ; Wm. 

8, 38, 39, 198 and n, 199, 200 
Nelsthorp, Sir Joh. 34 
Neville, Nyvell, Sir Bdwd. 63; Elia. 

50 n ; Geo. 25 n; Sir Hen. 115 n ; 

Isab. 175; Joh. (Marqois of 

Montague), 50 ft, 70, 87, 175 ; Sir 

Job. 43 n, 60 n, 86, 175 and n; Sir 

Rich. 64 ; Robt. 25, 149, 152, 175, 

197, 198; Sir Robt. 164, 175; Sir 

Thos. 70 n; Wm.22n 
Newam, Shr Robt. 110, 112 

Newby, , 16 

Newoome, Chr. 131, 132 

Newdegate, Amfelice, 71 ; Joh. 70 n, 71 

Newell. Robt. 187 

Newman, Andrew, 101 ; Rich. 98 

Newport, Sir Thos. 60 

Newsome, Nich. 204 

Newton, Sir Geo. 235 ; Joh. 215 n ; 

Miles, 15 n, 215 
Nicholson, Walt. 288 
Nixon, Hen. 217; Joh. 217 ; Wm. 201 
Noble, Sir Job. 115 
Nonnys, Robt. 216 n 
Norfolk, Duke of, 89 n 
Norham, Sir Rauf , 63, 179 ; Sir Robt. 

178, 179, 260, 261 
Norman, Agn. 214 n, 215; Anne, 215; 

Antony, 215 ; Cath. 213 n, 216 ; 

Geo. 215 and n; Isab. 214 n; Jane, 

213, 215; Joan, 215 9», 231 n; 

Joh. 213 and n, 214 and n, 215, 

231 A ; Maud, 215; Sir Thos. 215 
Normanville, Eleanor, 123 n; Joh. 

123 and«; Sir Joh. 123, 124, 126; 

Rauf, 19; Thos. 123 andn; Wm. 

123 and n ; , 106 

North, Thos. 17 

Northumberland, Hen. (Earl of), 99, 

127, 232 n; Maig. (dau. of), 

232 n 
Norton, Jenet, 198 n ; Joh. 1 1 n, 46, 

95, 146, 182 n, 183 n, 188, 232 n ; 

Marg. 232 n 
Nottingham, Joh. 144 ; Thos. 67 
Nutter, Agn. 296 
Nuttle, Sir Robt. 276 

Oke, Rich. 152 

Okeden, Adam, 146 

Oldman, Joh. 118 

Olyver, Sir Joh. 135 ; Thos. 136 

Ormesby, Chris. 93 

Otway, Sir Robt. 168 

z 2 



Overend, Geo. 216 ; Isabel, 216 

Overton, Chris. 272 

Ovington, Robt. 268, 269; Sir ThoB. 

100, 269 
Oydes, Wm, 260 

Padlej, Roger, 129 

Page, Job. 82 

Paget, Dorotby, 286 ; Tboe. 26. 

Pagman, Mr. 20 

Paicoke, Agn. 301, 302 ; Sir Chris. 42 ; 

Eliz. 301, 302 ; Janet, 301 ; Job. 

800, 302; Gregory, 301, 302; 

Wm. 138 ; Sir Wm. 42, 43 
Paldon, Job. 144 
Palmer, Geo., 32, 823; Margt. 74, 76; 

Mr. 322; Wm.74 
Pftlmes, Anaiita.«ria, 104 ; Anne, 106, 106, 

107 ; Brian, 80 n, 81, 103, 104 n, 

106, 106, 107, 264 and n, 321 ; 

Dorotby, 106 ; Bliz. 80, 81 ; BUen, 

104,106; Eustaoia, 103 «, 106; 

Frances, 80,81. 264 ; Geo. 80, 81, 

105, 107 ; Guy, 80 and n, 81, 103 n, 

104 n, 264 n ; Isab. 264 ; Jane, 81, 

264; Job. 81; Johanna, 80, 81, 104 ; 

Leon. 80, 81 ; Margt. 106 ; Maud, 

264 ; Nioh. 104 and n, 105, 106, 

107 ; Rich. 6 n, 106, 264 ; Steph. 

80, 81 ; Thos, 264 ; Wm. 80 1^ 105, 

264 n 
Pannall, Sir Job. 147 
Panyerman, Robt. 154 
Par, Sir Thomas, 77 
Pardo, Robt. 63 
Parker, Parkour, Cecilie, 119; Sir 

Job. 246 
Parkynson, Rich. 283 ; Thos. 218 
Parre, Sir Wm. 260 
Paskell, Jenet, 239 
Passelew, Alex. 43 and n ; Arthur, 43 n ; 

Ells. 43 n; Joan, 43 n; Sir Job. 

44 ; Maud, 44 ; Steph. 44; Thos. 

43 n 
Patershale, Job. 61 
Peacock, Robt. 86 n 
Peith, Sir Thos. 224 
Pek, Rich. 296 
Peke, EUz. 74, 76 ; Job. 76, 76 ; Rich. 

73,74,75,76; Robt. 75 
Pennington, Eliz. 77 n ; Wm. 77 n 
Pensay, Thos. 26 n 
Pepir, Job. 17 ; Rich. 21 
Percivall, Rich. 236 
Percy, Piercy, Eliz. 153; family of, 

127 n ; Francis, 286 ; Sir Hen. 46; 

Job. 73 ; Loid, 186 ; Mr. 153, 154; 
Perys, 153 ; Peter, 112, 313 ; Thos. 
313 ; Wm. 152 ; Sir Wm. 226 

Pereson, Edm. 61 n; Miles, 98; Sir 
Thos. 133; Wm. 116 

Perot, Job. 98 and n ; Mr. 6 

Perpont, Sir EdnL 26 n 

Petstan, Robt 133 

Petty, Alice, 226 ; Beat. 225 ; Sir 
Chris. 225 ; Job. 226 n ; Robt. 226 
and n; Sir Robt 226, 275 

PbOlpot, Job. 221 

Pickering, Robt. 147 

Pictb, Lord, 99 

Pie, Rich. 22 

Pigbum, Joh. 69; Isab. 160; WilfckU 
160. 161 

Pigge, Marg. 221 ; Thos. 221 

Pigot, Agn. 11 n; Sir Geof. 11 n 

Pilkington, Antony, 267; Bdnn. 267; 
Edwd. 266; Hen. 267; Ma^ 
267; RoU.267 

Pilley, Sir Thos. 4, 6 

Place, Barnard, 43; Cuthbert, 42; 
Joh. 42 n, 43 and n ; Margery, 43 
n; Robt 43 ; Roland, 42 n, 43 

Pleasington, Robt 131 

Ploughe, Joh. 280 

Plumpton, Sir R. 127 n 

Polan, Polen, Cath. 61 ; Rauf, 40 

Pollard, Rich. 6 n 

Pool, Thos. 96 

Popley, Robt. 202 

Porter, Job. 319 

Portington, Jane, 11 ; Job. 11, 145 

Postgate, Chris. 301 ; Janet, 300 

Potter, Hen. 6 ; Steph. 1 

Potters. Roland, 114 

Povy, Cath. 116 

Powell, Robt. 78 

Preist, Joh. 202 

Preston, Chr. 9 andn; Job. 226 ; Thos. 

Procter, Alice, 138, 186, 188 ; Barbara, 
185, 187, 188 ; Cath. 183 ; Cuth- 
bert, 185 ; Dorothy, 187 ; Dowsa- 
bell, 185, 187, 188; Eden. 182 n; 
Eustace, 184, 185, 187; Geof. 182, 
184, 185, 186 n, 187 and n ; Hen. 

183, 184, 186,187; Sir Hen. 185; 
Hugh, 186 n; Isabel, 182 n, 183, 
185, 188 ; John, 138 ; Mabel, 182fi; 
Rauf, 182 n; Rich. 183, 184, 186, 
186, 187, 188 ; Robt 182 n, 183, 

184, 185, 186, 188 ; Roger, 182 n ; 
Steph. 182 n, 183 n, Thos. 182, 183 
n; Wm. 182 n, 183, 184, 185, 186, 
187, 188 

Pudsay, Ambrose, 85 and n, 129, 132; 



Hen. 57 n, 85, 129 and n, 180; 

Margt. 130; Thos. 85. 129, 130, 131 
PuUey, Wm. 201 
PuUeyn, Job. 57 n, 60, 95, 286 
Parsell, Mr. 144 
Pynder, Mr. 260 ; Sir Wm. 78, 96, 111 , 

Pyne, Job. 210, 211 
Pyvell, Wm. 114 


Radcliffe, BatclifFe, Isabel, 182 .n; 

Rich. 106 n; Wm. 41 n; , 108 

Ranbj, Gregory, 276 
Ranefeld, Sir Ricb. 246 
Baper, Sir Tbos. 101 
Raseby, wee RereAby 
Rawlyn, Dan. 18 n 
Rawlynson, Job. 182, 296, 297 
Rawson, Tboe. 59, 285, 287 ; Wm. 69 
Rayner, Alice, 49 ; Catb. 48 n; Edm. 

48 n ; Bliz. 48 n ; Ellis, 48 n ; Em- 
mot, 48 n, 49 ; Job. 48 n, 49, 234, 

243; Nicb. 48 n; Ricb. 48 n\ 

RobU 48 ; Tbos. 48 n ; Wm. 48 
Raynfortb, Job. 26 n 
Raynold, Job. 162; Tbos. 286 
Raysing, Job. 162, 215, 281 ; Jobanna, 

232 ; Marg. 231 and n, 232 ; Ricb. 

231 ; Tbos. 215 n, 231 n, 232 
ReddaU, Sir Job. 249 
Redhed, Wm. 194 
Redman, Alice, 23 ; Edwd. 23 ; Eliz. 

23; Hen. 23; Joan, 23; Magd. 

23 ; Ricb. 23 ; Wm. 23 ; Sir Wm. 

Reed, Reede, Reld, Agn. 159 ; Anne, 

133; Cbr. 159; Job. 117, 301; 

Margt. 301 ; Robt. 301 ; Wm. 158 
Reidman, Jeff. 260 
Remington, family of. 116 
Reresby, Raseby, Reasby, Cbris. 26 ; 

Ellen, 246 ; Francis, 246 ; Leon. 

246 ; Lionel, 246 ; Ralpb, 36, 151, 

245, 246; Rooke, 246; Tbos. 32, 

151, 245, 246 ; Sir Wm. 246 
Reyne, Anne, 296 
Rioall, Sir Tbos. 230 
Ricard or Ricbard, Dr. 142, 144 ; Job. 

282; Margt. 280, 281,282,283; 

Nicb. 143, 144 and n, 280. 282; 

Ricb. 281 ; Tbos. 142, 143, 282, 

295 n 
Richardson, Alice, 296; Chris. 272; 

Eliz. 17; Emote, 219; Sir Gtoo. 

213; Gilbert. 218, 219; Job. 70, 

293; Ricb. 218 

Riche, Alice, 276; Geo. 276; Job 

276; Nicb. 275,276 
Richmond, Geo. Archdeacon of, 151 ; 

Lord of, 229 
Riddesley, Wm. 82 
Ridley, Nicb. 78 and n ; Robt 78 n 
Robinson, Agn. 135 ; Jane, 309 ; Jas. 

153 ; Job. 5 n, 83 ; Johanna, 138 ; 

Maigt. 272; Peter, 15 n\ Ricb. 

64, 135; Tbos. 267 n; Wm. 83, 

309; SirWm. 78 
Robson, Tbos. 101 
Rockley, Blis. 160 ; Robt. 160, 161 ; 

Roger, 159 n 
Rockliff, AUce, 822; Brian, 192, 322, 

323; Sir Brian, 320 n; Sir Job. 

320,323; Maigt. 322 
Rodley, Job. 303 
Roger, Chris. 301 ; Job. 301 ; Sbr Job. 

300; Peter, 114 
Rogerson, Job. 194 
Rokeby, Hen. 281, 282; Isab. 143; 

Job. 141 n, 281, 282, 283 ; Marg. 

141 n, 283 ; Nicb. 283 ; Ralpb, 141 

n, 142. 143. 144 and n. 281. 282, 

283 ; Sir Ralpb. 65 ; Sir Ricb. 144 

and n; Thos. 83, 142; Wm. 97 

(Arcbbp.), 140 and n, 141 n, 280, 

Rompton, Job. 184 
Rooksby, $ee Rokeby 
Roos, Anne, 60, 104, 106; Antony, 

278 ; Catb. 59 ; Dorothy, 278 ; Elia. 

60; Francis, 60; Jas. 9, 59. 95, 

277, 278 ; Jane, 60, 277, 278 ; Job. 

22 n, 42, 60 ; Margt. 60 ; Peter, 

277, 278 ; Ricb. 117 ; Robt. 60, 107. 

116. 276. 277, 278 ; Rosamond, 

215 n ; Tbos. 60 ; Wm. 60, 117 
Rose, Antony, 324; Job. 265; Jo- 

bazma, 265 ; Tbos. 265 ; Wm. 117, 

265, 266 
Resell, Wm. 25 n 
Rotberbam, Job. 26 n; Tbos. (Arcbbp.), 

28, 29. 30. 252 
Roulston. Lionel. 303 
Rownesley, Robt. 162 
Rowsse, Wm. 269 
Roxby, Wm. 63 

Rudstone, Job.81; Nicb. 170; Walt. 206 
Russel, Agn. 41 ; Alice, 174 ; Sir Job. 

143; Ricb. 39; Robt. 41; Sir 

Tbos. 300; Wm. 174 
Rytber, Agn. 226. 229 ; Eliz. 126, 227 ; 

Hen. 126, 227, 229 ; Jas. 239 ; Job. 

226, 229 ; Matilda, 226 ; Sir Raof , 

125 and n ; 225 n, 226, 227, 229 ; 

Sir Robt. 227 ; Tbos. 126, 192, 

225, 226 




Sachferel, Sir Hen. 211; Sir Rich. 

211; Rauf,211,267 
Sadlar, Thoa. 224 
Saier, Job. 43, 112 
Balvin, Frauds, 808; Geo. 308; Sir 

Rauf, 190. 308 
SampBon, Rich. 10 
SaDdall, Jas. 116 
Sander, Sir Thoe. 60 
Sandwith, Geo. 194 
Savage, Sir Humfrey, 31 ; Jas. 248 ; 

Lord, 120, 267 ; Rauf, 293 ; Thos. 

Archbp. of York, 98 and », 241 
JSaville, Seyvell, Savell, Effame, 6 

Hen. 11 n, 116, 161, 235 n, 237 

Sir Hen. 82 ; Job. 136 ; Robt. 46 

Tbos. 6 ; Rauf, 11 n 
Sawer, Ricb. 270 
Sawter, Wm. 110 

Saxton, Peter, 122, 194 ; Rauf, 194 
SayntpoU, Sampoll, St. Paul, Agnes, 

26 n; Alice, 26, 285; Anne, 193, 

285; Brian, 26 n; Cbris. 286; 

Job. 26 and n, 285 ; Margt. 26, 285 ; 

Mary, 26 n ; Tbos. 26 and n ; Wm. 

26 and n 
Scalby, Geo. 81 
ScargiU, ScergiU. Eliz. 201, 202; Mr. 

20, 106; Robt. 201; Sir Wm. 

9 and n, 174, 201, 202 
Scaryng, Tbos. 250 
Scbore, Robt. 247 n 
Scorbrtigbt, Job. 123 
Scotland, Arcbdeacon of, 153 
Scott, Sir Giles, 58, 131 ; Sir Job. 44, 

247 n 
Scroby, Cbris. 217 
Scrope, Bisbop, 4; Eleanor, 64, 65 

Eliz. Lady, 50, 65; Geoff. 64 

Sir Hen. Lord, 52, 226, 229 

Jobanna, 59; Lucy, Lady, 61 

Margt. 51; Rauf, 59; Sir Rauf, 

63 ; Tbos. Lord, 50 and n, 59, 65 
See, Sir Martin del, 230 
Seel, Sir Cbris. 98 
Sekker, Job. 286 

Selby, Catb. 40 ; Hen. 40 ; Margt. 39 
Selioke, Job. 66 ; Wm. 66 
Senior, Tbos. 134 
Sentwary, Job. 31 
Serlby. Mrs. 143 

Seton, Sir Tbos. 79 ; Sir Wm. 122, 123 
Settil, Sir Job. 101 
Sbadlock, Joan, 231 and n ; Job. 231, 

and n 
Sbafton, Mr. 10 
Sbagbe, Catb. 18 

Sban, Job. 98 

Sbap, Agnes, 187 n 

Sharpe, Eliz. 117 

Sbate, Agn. 79 

Sbaw, Eliz. 78 ; Job. 78 and n ; Maid, 

79 ; Sir Ricb. 58; Tbos. 78, 271 
SbefBeld, Jane, 284 ; Jas. 143 ; Job. 

178, 284 
Sbell, Job. 61 n 
Sbepberd, Wm. 21 
Sberipp, Robt. 107 n 
Sbirbnm, Tbos. 131; lUch. 131; Sir 

Wm. 17 
Sbirwood, Job. 276, 286; Robt. 191 
Shragar, Wm. 73 
Shrewsbury, Geo. Barlof, 30, 31, 110, 

247, 248 
Sbupton, Job. 20 n 
Silvester, Sir Job. 237, 305 
Simpson, Symson, Job. 30, 3 1 , 68 and «, 

69, 120 n, 206, 249 ; Sir Job. 201. 

270, 271 ; Ralpb, 232 ; Sir Wm. 

Singleton, Sir Wm. 260, 263 
Sivry, Mr. 95 n 
Skelton, Sir Ricb. 75, 76 
Skirrow, Tbos. 207 
Skynner, Wm. 73 
Skyrley, Eliz. 152 and n, 153; Ellen, 

152, 153; Genet, 153, 154; Joan, 

152 n ; Job. 152 n ; Margt. 153, 

154 ; Robt 152 and n, 153 ; Wm. 

152 and n 
Slater. Slatter, GUes, 137 ; Tbo6. 193 ; 

Wm. 137 
Sleford, Wm. 85 n 
Smalewood, Job. 110 
Smitb, Smytb, Anne, 208 n ; Bettrys, 

78 ; Catb. 146, 171 ; Sir Edm. 304, 

305 ; Eliz. 207 ; Geo. 11, 78, 208 ; 

Isab. 207, 208 «, 303 ; Jas. 272 ; 

Job. 147, 216, 217, 287 ; Sir Job. 

285; Luttkyn, 41; Margt. 207, 

216 n. 217, 218; Mrs. 171 ; Ralph, 

271 11, 272 and n ; Riob. 86 n, 207; 

208andn; Sir Ricb. 298; Robt. 207, 

208 n ; Thoe. 172, 207, 208 f^ 217, 

218, 247 n, 302; Wm. 27, 207; 

Sir Wm. 11 
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